Coming In For A Landing

As some of you may know… I recently traveled around the world in just seven days…

Airplane Taking Off

I stopped in Marrakech, Istanbul, Barcelona, South Africa, Auckland, Hong Kong and Rio De Janeiro…

Elephant in South Africa

We made a little friend in South Africa!

All with my sexy travel “companion” (if you catch my drift!) Ryan Gosling  in our own private G-4 jet.

Ryan Gosling Carrying Luggage

What a calorie-free muffin, carrying my luggage!

You can imagine how exhausted I am…

GiGi tired in bed

Ryan is such an animal… I’m exhausted. 

Ha! Yeah, how tired my eccentric imagination is!

Regardless as to whether you take a mental vacation or a real one, traveling can be quite exhausting and some even find that they need a vacation after they take a vacation!

Adorable Sleeping Puppy

The cutest piece of laundry ever! Rival’s my VS panties!

Celebrities are constantly on the go – for work or pleasure, yet look completely put together (well, okay, NOT ALL of them, but I am generalizing here) when photographed out and about. (Yes, they have make up artists, hair dressers, stylists, etc but still…)

All I know is that after deplaning from a 16 hour flight, I look about as sexy as…

Ugly and Angry Fish

I’m a smelly, hangry bi-otch!

I can almost guarantee a bulk of you look just as FETCHING as I do after traveling… But the worst part isn’t actually right after you get off that flying coffin (yeah, I hate flying). The WORST happens a few days later when the jet lag slaps you in the face, or your seat mate’s donkey coughing… Causes you to get nice and sick.

Gee thanks, Jackass!

Jackass or Donkey

You wouldn’t happen to have a tissue, would you?

Thankfully, while your head might literally be in the CLOUDS (ha, see what I did there?) there are ways to keep you healthy while flying (or driving, sailing, hovering?)!

  • Exercise: This tip refers to both before and after your flight or drive, although could you imagine someone lunging up and down the aisles in their spandex on the plane?
  • Pack Healthy Snacks/Plan In Advance: If you watched my videos, YOU KNOW WHY! 
  • Relax: Kick it with some mindless reality TV
  • Stay Hydrated/ Don’t Drink Alcohol: Getting tipsy at 30,000 ft is not a smart idea! 
  • Toughen Up Your Immune System: Kale can do the trick! 
  • Listen To Music: Nothing like Lil Wayne or Snoop Dog, excuse me, LION, to cure your lethargy. 
  • Pack Anti-Bacteria Wipes/Lotion: Personally, I like to wipe down toilet seats with these AMAZING germ murderers! 
  • Follow The Local Schedule If Changing Time Zones: There’s an app for that, the Jet Rooster App

With these awesome tips, who is ready to go to Taipei!? 

Taipei Sunset

So tell me…

  • Healthy Travel: How do you do it?
  • Are you going anywhere AMAZING anytime soon?
  • Do you wonder how celebrities stay looking so “put together” even though they’re always on the go?
  • Where was the last place you traveled to?
  • What’s your dream vacation?
  • Can you sleep on airplanes?
  • Do you like airplane food? 




  1. I don’t travel much, so when I do, I tend to give myself a bit more wiggle room for Mr. Greedy. He’s my favorite pal. The only amazing place I plan on going soon is to couch-azzing later tonight. No plane ticket required.

    • OMG! I cannot wait to travel to my couch later tonight too! Cheapest trip ever! 😉 No Orbitz required either.

  2. I travel a lot, and on long flights I’m guilty of aisle lunging (well, not guilty as I quite enjoy it and people don’t really seem to notice or care). I also travel with exercise bands to work on my quads/hams/glutes while in my seat. You think this is a game?!!!

    And of course, a mandatory pit stop in the lavatory pre-landing or at my seat if I remember my mirror for makeup touch-ups . . . and potentially a change of shoes in my purse. Because my biggest rule while traveling is: NEVER look a mess, you’ll never know who you’ll run into.

    • OMG your biggest rule is mine too!!!! I always make sure to look cute and wear big sunglasses that make me look mysterious!! It works! Oh and I also talk to EVERYONE! You never know!

  3. Airplane food..what airplane food? The free bag of peanuts or the million dollar hamburger that has been sitting on an airplane for god knows how long. NO thank you. While I do accept the peanuts, I HAVE to bring a grocery store with my on the plane. JUST IN CASE! Fruit, sandwiched, protein bars, more fruit. Drinking on a plane just sounds awful. I get a little anxious if I know I am going to be sitting for too long so I try to workout before I fly, and if not then definitely AFTER!

    Last place I flew……AHH California that time I totally didn’t contact you because I was on a romantic getaway and gave all my attention to my boyfriend but next time I come I am calling you and we are going to Disneyland and riding space mountain until we puke. There are no periods in that sentence you have to read it all at once to get the full effect!

    • I bring my fridge with me when I am on the plane! I’ve got my salmon, my bison… Pretty much everything you wouldn’t eat so if we ever traveled together, you’d need to bring your own separate fridge! LOL! OMG FOOD FIGHT!!! I think our plane would be grounded and we would be arrested. We would then be on the news and dubbed: Food Flight Girls!!

      Can we please do this?! And of course, Ryan Gosling can be our flight attendant, and his uniform would be nut huggers.

  4. Wow, what an amazing trip! I would love to go to those places ahh! My last vacation was to Puerto Rico and I am already eager to plan another. I always have a terrible travel bug.

  5. I LOVE traveling but I HATE the time/energy wasted getting to your destination. My advice if you’re traveling somewhere far is to take a red eye, sleep on the plane, and time your arrival to get in in the early am at your destination. Sleeping on planes is very difficult for me but some things that help are: neck pillows, melatonin, sleepy time tea, and like you said above, a good hard workout about 3 to 4 hours pre-flight. My last trip was almost 24 hours of traveling to South Africa and these are a few of the things that helped me make it through!

    • I completely agree with the hard work-out prior to departure! Those always keep me sane when I am in flight! If anything they make me tired so I can hopefully ZONK OUT for a little when I am on the flight! Melatonin is a great remedy as well if you want to pass out on the plane! :) You are def the girl to go to for travel advice, omg S. Africa took 24 hours? Shit, there goes my desire to go there… Uh, unless I decide to go with some dude who is LOADED and wants to pay for my first class ticket! LOL!!

  6. Ryan Gosling would be an amazing travel companion! haha Great tips, especially for the jet lag. I need to do that next time I’m changing time zones.

    • Ryan gave me back massages while in flight! LOL! Close your eyes and he could be your flight “attendant” too! Ah hha ha ah!

  7. Well, I used to travel a lot, mostly driving back and fourth, up and down all around this country. The Grand Teton Mountains are beautiful :). I carried food with me but I do have to say I found a great steak house in SD. I hate flying it reminds me of a CDC experiment on how germs make their way around the world. My dream would be to travel through Europe by train, stopping every where possible for about a month. The last place for me is when I lived in Monterey for a while, it was like a year long vacation. Ryan Gosling huh I figured you for a Adam Levine kinda girl.

    • Oh I definitely have a thing for Adam Levine too! 😉

      I love your Europe train idea! My mom actually did that when she was younger and loved every second… So much so that my brother felt the need to do it as well and I know it was an experience he will never forget – considering he is constantly telling everyone that he wants to move to Europe!

      And wait, I love that you said you think the Tetons are beautiful… Did you know that I am from Jackson Hole?

      • I remember you mentioning Wyoming but nothing specific, the most amazing thing I have ever seen was looking up at the sky at night, never saw so many stars. On a health note I remember eating four Vivarin and drinking two Jolt soda’s to stay awake and thought I saw Big Foot run across the road. To much caffeine not good, but made it to Cali in record time.

        • So many stars, I know! Definitely don’t see ANY stars in California – specifically LA – that’s for sure! LOL!

          Oh my, Jolt & Vivarin huh? No wonder why you saw Big Foot! Did you see Godzilla too? lol

  8. We’re about to head to Austin tomorrow! We listen this time to many of our friends advice and got healthy snacks to take on the plane. Ain’t nobody got time for bad food!

    • EXACTLY! Bad Food = Bad Mood!!! Definitely don’t need to be CRANKY PANTS when traveling! Only makes the whole situation worse!! Good luck, and have a wonderful time! I am sure you’ll be blogging about it! 😉

  9. I’ve done a fair amount of travelling and this is excellent advice. Must check into that “Jet Rooster App”. Thanks for the tip! To answer your questions:
    Healthy Travel: How do you do it? Haven’t really given this a lot of thought, but, I try not to eat or drink (alcohol) too much, (usually have a cocktail, though). Yes, drinking water is very important. I get up and go to the bathroom a few times. LOL This serves two purposes as my bad knee has a tendency to stiffen up. Always get an aisle seat!
    Are you going anywhere AMAZING anytime soon? YES! In Sept, we will be going to Greece, (bucket list item) Italy, (hubby’s birthplace) and Germany, (my birthplace), to celebrate our 40th anniversary.
    Do you wonder how celebrities stay looking so “put together” even though they’re always on the go? Lots of practice and don’t they usually travel with an entourage? Probably includes hair and makeup people. (A little speed or cocaine too, perhaps? 😉 )
    Where was the last place you traveled to? San Diego and Las Vegas, last Sept.
    What’s your dream vacation? Going to Greece!!! ♥
    Can you sleep on airplanes? Hell no! Wish I could. :-p
    Do you like airplane food? No, but, I don’t like lugging stuff with me, so, I put up with it. Air Canada’s sandwich wraps aren’t too bad.

    • I am completely and utterly jealous of your trip in September!!! Can… I… tag along? Ah ha ha! Just kidding, I wouldn’t want to intrude on your 40th anniversary (CONGRATS by the way, my parents are on year 32!!)

      Can’t wait to hear about your trip!! My parents are actually going to Italy in June – VERY MAD that they didn’t invite me, lol!

  10. Well, I’ve sure been there when it comes to those long flights! Flying over the pond used to be hard and now it’s harder! On the rare occasions that I have been able to actually fall asleep on one of those flights it made all the difference!

    On one trip with my dad to South Africa, we had a six hour layover in London. He asked me if I wanted to get some rest in the airport lounge or take a quick tour of the city? “Let’s tour, dad!” We jump on the Underground right at the airport, get off at Piccadilly Circus, do a double decker bus tour, walk around the historic building, visit the Queen- NOT, and zip back to Heathrow for our departing twelve hour flight over Africa!

    It was a great decision because even though we were dead tired for that adventure, in my memory, I can’t remember being tired, just a jolly good time in merry old England!

    • Wow! You and your father had quite the adventure! When you go to places that you’ve never been to before, it doesn’t care how tired you are – if anything the new surroundings energize you to GO! :)

      How was South Africa? I have always wanted to go!

  11. Oh yeah, Santorini for the dream!

  12. Ahhh I am always SUCH a mess before/during/after travel! For me, the hydration tip is SO important. I get headachy almost immediately if I don’t drink enough water.

    • I never drink when I am flying because it leaves me bloated! So annoying because I tend to get so tired when in flight too! :( But I am glad that hydrating works for you!! Also, I honestly think EVERYONE is such a mess when they fly, regardless of how “put together” they may look! LOL!

  13. I totally feel like I need a vacation after a vacation. Time to unwind and do absolutely nothing. :)

    • OMG I need a vacation RIGHT NOW! lol… I think we should redefine vacation as – time to stare at the wall and think about nothing! lol

  14. I really hardly ever travel but when I do, I don’t eat airplane food & my carry on is mostly food I can take on the plane & then I put stuff in the suitcase too! 😉 I also like to keep active where I go & I still am careful with eats – I enjoy but not to excess. :)

    My sis took me to Hawaii last December – I want to go again & forever! 😉

    • I am just like you! I always carry a FRIDGE in my carry-on bag! lol… I am known to have a burger in my purse at all times, lol!

      Oh man, Hawaii, I could use a nice iced tea on the beach in Hawaii right now too! :)

  15. I always take a load of healthy snacks! It’s worth the crazy stares I get haha

  16. While I love to travel, I haven’t really done much in a few years. I bought a house instead, redid some rooms and there goes the vacation budget. But, I am planning a trip to Belgium soon so your tips are going to come in handy. I will be doubling my vitamin C consumption before and after boarding said aircraft and now I plan on getting in some kale too. And scoring Ryan Gosling as my travel partner, of course.

    • Traveling is fun, but it’s definitely a luxury. Buying a home and making it your own is definitely # 1 on the priorities list… But in the future you will certainly be able to travel more :) Perhaps with Ryan!

  17. I am soo happy you commented on my blog today so that i could find the hilarity that is your blog! Seriously you have made my day.

    Oh and I bring a water bottle to fill up once past security and guzzle it throughout the flight.

    • Ah ha ha ha ha! Thanks for stopping by! Post new updates EVERY Tuesday. WEEE!!! A bunch of celebrities make special guest appearances, and they’re always super last minute, so even I am amused when they stop in! LOL!!!!

      And water is a DEFINITE when flying and just in general too! :) I definitely DON’T drink enough!

  18. I’m currently on the road and keeping up with my program :)

  19. True story: I once did sit ups in the aisle of a plane. And you KNOW I pack all the foods when I travel. Unless I’m on vacation… when in Rome. :)

    • LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG if I were on the plane with you when you were doing sit ups, I probably would have joined you! Did the flight attendants or anyone say anything?! That’s tooo funny – A girl after my own heart 😉

  20. Hydrating is huge for me when we travel! Hmmm, exciting travels… nothing overseas, but I’m excited to go to Utal for the Blend retreat (never been to UT!) and then moving to NYC this summer. Trips for purpose more than pleasure, but still fun!

    • Where in UT are you going? I was just in SLC last week! I actually really do like UT! Have fun! I presume you will blog about it?! :)

  21. Almost every time I fly somewhere, the person directly in front of (or behind) me is sick. It never fails. Within 3 days of arriving, I get sick too. I guess it’s a good thing that we lost our passports and had to cancel our spring break flights to Vegas and Arizona. Sniff, sniff…

    • OMG NO! :( That sucks! When were you going to go? Get new passports ASAP missy, although MUCH EASIER SAID THAN DONE! ha ha ha!

  22. Cute! Some your tips work well for me too: exercise, planning ahead, and down time keep in in check.

  23. I make travel my bee-atch. Nothing like new faces, new body’s, and new sexiness to check out. New cities excite me!

    • This is why you were so excited to visit LA! Lots of scrumptious bodies… The most mouth watering being MINE of course! AH HA HA! When are you coming back?

  24. The farthest I’ve traveled lately was Vegas (4.5 hours by car) and I still feel pooped the day after arriving home. Around the world in a week! Youza!

    • I find driving to be more tiring than flying actually so don’t feel badly at all! I hope you at least had some fun in Vegas! :)

  25. I’m getting a kick from your blog, GiGi. “GiGi” was my all-time favorite movie character when I was (much) younger. You are, like, her American version! The film was selected for preservation in the United States National Film Registry by the Library of Congress as being “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant.” The music is so romantic! I’m sure you’ve seen it. Just thought I’d reminisce…

    • Ha! Of course I have seen GiGi! I remember when I was little I hated the movie because I was so mad that someone else had the same name as me! I need to rewatch the movie very badly though because I feel the last time I saw the movie was back when I was 7! And thank you so much for stopping by my site!:) I have new posts every Tuesday!

  26. I am driving 9 hours, each way, to Nashville, TN in a month for the marathon and will be following many of your tips. I am packing tons of healthy foods and water and will be working out/staying active while I am there.

    • Good luck with your drive! When I was in college I used to drive home (8-12 hours, depending on snow) a few times a year… I always brought lots of snacks (from Whole Foods – he he) with me, so I could “look forward” to something. I also would stop every so often to stretch my legs… And if I didn’t have Sirius/XM radio, yeah, I would have died. LOL! Books on tape are also great!

  27. Dang GiGi! You are super woman! I am so impressed. I have yet to see much of the world. :(
    Yo go girl!

  28. LOL! Too funny! I just got back from an adventure in Jamaica (with two little kids in tow) and am headed to Ecuador in June. I can’t wait. I heart travel!

    • OMG! Sounds so exciting, I am completely jealous! Never been to Jamacia or Ecuador!! I can’t wait to hear what they’re like! :)

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  30. I hate the air on airplanes. Makes me want to wear a mask!