The Results of a Single-Blind Experiment

You may or may not know this but I am currently earning my Nutrition Communication Certification from Tufts University.

GiGi Studiying

In the current section of this course, we are learning about nutritional studies, specifically the different types of research methods that are executed in order to dispel the… TRUTH!

The most recent “credible” peer-reviewed cohort study I read, revealed that: DONUTS ARE HEALTHY!


Notice the quotation marks around the word credible, people – That is what we like to call nutrition quackery!

In any case, the reason why I bring this up is because…

I want you to give me a pat on the back… Bah ha ha!

Okay: NO, not really… Actually, fellow blogger Lisa, the brains behind the website: THE SKINNY ON HEALTH (who also happens to be studying nutrition as well as public health – she’s on the road to earning her RD, peeps!) and I, decided to do our own SINGLE-BLIND STUDY (a study in which one party, either the investigator or the subject/patient – in this case – the subject/patient, does not know what they are ingesting) to determine whether or not our taste buds are up to par.

Lisa Blind-Folded Tasting herbs and spices

OR IN OTHER WORDS: we took turns blind folding each other as we TASTE TESTED HERBS AND SPICES – sort of like one of the challenges the contestants on TOP CHEF have to endure!

Top Chef, Padma and Tom

I hypothesized that I would ace this masked experiment because I was essentially raised in a kitchen (yes, slept in the pantry on loaves of Wonder Bread, if you were wondering – ha! See what I did there?), while Lisa was a little less confident in what her outcome might be despite her love of rosemary and thyme.

Check out WHO CAME OUT ON TOP! Oh and by the way… The loser, had to endure a NASTY punishment!

In between bites of these “deliciously” PUNGENT seasonings… Lisa and I mentioned how healthy herbs and spices truly are! Check out some of the health benefits of each one we sampled below! Oh and I promise this information comes from credible and trust worthy sources!


Mint Leaves

  • Mint stimulates digestive enzymes that can not only help you alleviate digestive issues and nausea, but can also help stimulate weight loss! This herb can also help improve memory and heal headaches!

Peace out, migraines and explosive stomach rumbles!



  • Several studies have been conducted on the health and medical benefits of garlic. These studies have shown extensive preventative and treatment effects on various heart conditions (like hypertension and heart disease) and different cancers.

Screw garlic breath, shovel this allium yo face!



  • Basil is rich in antioxidants, making it a potent anti-inflammatory herb. Mainly, this causes anti-aging properties, but it can also help reduce swelling.

The next celebrity “fad” face lift perhaps?



  • Rosemary is a potent antioxidant, making it an effective anti-inflammatory. It may also prevent cancer, protect against macular degeneration, improve memory and concentration, enhance brain functioning, and even aid in healthy digestion! It’s a superherb or just plain SUPERB!

This herb will hug your eyeballs and brain, when eaten!



I do not recommend trying the turmeric challenge though!



  • If you suffer fromΒ respiratory tract disorders, gastrointestinal (GI) disorders, menstrual cramps, and urinary tract disorders, oregano might be able to help! Also, if you apply this herb topically, you could potentially treat skin conditions such as acne and dandruff!

I want an Italian sausage right now, what about you?



  • Paprika may have the ability to lower the risk of cancer thanks to it’s anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties! Did you know paprika is apart of the capsaicin family?

Uh, anyone ever watch Blue’s Clues back in the day? Paprika always reminds me of Salt and Pepper’s baby!



  • This herb has the ability to cure styes and aid pink eye as well as clean cuts (that you got when cooking?). Ladies, if you suffer from intense menstrual cramping, thyme could help sooth the internal stabbing. On top of that, thyme is also a common remedy forΒ stomach ailments, lung congestion, coughing ailments and overall flu conditions.



  • Have you ever been jealous of a fillet of beef or a salmon fillet because they’re doused in herbs and spices?
  • If you had to name you unborn child an herb or spice name, what would it be and why?
  • Do you think Lisa and I should open up an Italian-Indian FUSION restaurant?
  • What’s your favorite herb/spice?
  • What celebrity would you like to blindfold and then push into a wall?
  • Have you ever done the cinnamon challenge?
  • Do you have any requests for a video I should make for a future episode of GiGi Eats?
  • Are you joining the FIT & FUNNY FOODIES this Thursday (2/6) at 5pm (PST)/ 8pm (EST)?! The ingredients needed are listed HERE!

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  1. LOL your studying picture!! Now I’m glad I never took any selfies during my med school days. I was depressed enough without having to see that, lol!

    Simon and Garfunkel were obviously ahead of their time with parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme!

    “What celebrity would you like to blindfold and then push into a wall?” Now that brings back memories of my best kitchen moment…

  2. Tuft’s, a friend of mine did some of her studies at Tufts, she has gone on to be a research scientist in the pharmaceutical industry so you are in a great program with good company. I grow almost all the items you listed except for two. I love rib roast and always savor well seasoned meat :) Never did cinnamon challenge, never will. I LOVE garlic can’t get enough. I would like to see the three of you ( GiGi, Tara & Whitney do a cooking event, each making a dish reflecting your personality and preference. Then you could feed it to your new friend for critique. I think celebrity beat down should be created as a fund raiser, I’m in for a few show’s ,, how about you Dr. J. ??? I commend you GiGi and believe in you, your a great role model for all.

    • Thank you so much Rocco! Seriously, thank you. It’s an honor to be considered a role model……. Being blindfolded in a giraffe robe = role model, LOL! πŸ˜‰

      And I am in love with that Tara, Whitney video idea! I am going to let them know immediately! It will certainly happen before the summer :)

      • Your honest, there are many health bloggers who either starve themselves to look really thin and say ” my diet plan works the best” or the ones who do 50 pushups and put on a shirt half their size and claim ” you two can look like this with my workout” Being real will be your success.

    • I’d like to beat down Anthony Weiner to not be so fast to free his willy! Does he qualify as a celeb?

  3. Not so sure about an Italian-Indian restaurant…but I could definitely see you going down the food business road Gigi!! I know it’s a dream of mine to one day have some kind of operation even if it’s just a cool food truck or online venture.

    My fav spice is SAFFRON!!! Though if I were to name one of my children after a spice or herb…
    I love the name Basil for a boy, probably because Basil Rathbone is one of my fav actors to play Sherlock Holmes (a fav literary character of mine).
    And Jasmine for a girl, definitely. :)

    If I could blindfold Norman Reedus, there would be a lot more happening then pushing him into a wall…like going out to eat dinner! haha!!!

    • Aw man! I would love to open a chain of GiGi approved restaurants. It would be full of shawarma and sashimi, LMFAO — UHHHH Middle Eastern Japanese anyone!?!?!?!?!! Would you go in on this with me, PLEASE?

  4. I am a big fan of spices and herbs and GARLIC is my FAVORITE!

    • Garlic is hands down, AMAZING! Sauteeing it in olive oil = heaven in my mouth!!! It tastes like a cheese replacement a little bit too, which is nice since I cannot do dairy! :)

  5. ahahaha oh man this came out hilarious!!! Watching it makes my mouth taste like turmeric and garlic all over again!


    • Mmmmmmmm you’re “eating” some Indian food right now! Hey, it’s good for brain power and you need that to GET THROUGH your mid-terms!

  6. Yes to Italian-Indian fusion. Those would be my favorite foods, combined! Not sure how that would taste, but I’d give it a try! I think I’d name my child…Rosemary. Oh, but wait, what would happen to her future baby?

    P.S. Not gonna lie, I was kind of disappointed that neither of you won! I wanted to see you eat the wasabi!

    • Shall we go in on this and open an Indian-Italian Fusion restaurant?? πŸ˜‰

      And HA!!!!!!! I am so “flattered” that you wanted to see Lisa or I SUFFER THE WASABI challenge, LMFAO! πŸ˜‰

  7. Love the glasses in the first pic, you little studious you! This post is awesome overall, great info and I love love spices – use them so darn much. Name wise.. not sure if I would call my kid after an herb but if I had to… probably Rosemary… or maybe Basil (I actually know a guy named Basil).

    OR I could be mean and name her Cinnamon. I mean, it’s my favorite spice but the name… not very name-ish. lol

    • Cinny could be her nickname, LOL! Oh yes, I hear the name calling and the bullying already – LOL! So don’t do that! πŸ˜‰

      And thank you – I got those glasses the other day, I LOVE GREEN πŸ˜€

  8. hahah! I love this! You ladies are GOOD at this!

    Thanks for the entertainment this morning!!


  9. Oooh, my faves have to be cinnamon and garlic! (not together though haha) I went through a phase of putting cinnamon on my porridge everyday for months. Definitely needed to give that a break, I was going through it like there was no tomorrow!

    • Hey, cinnamon is so good for you though, you NEVER have to even think about giving it up if you feel guilty having it!

  10. Great job on the test!!
    Rosemary, basil and cilantro are my favorites!!!
    And, I’m super glad that neither of y’all had to do the cinnamon challenge – I don’t think I could have watched that!!!

    • OH we are too, WE ARE TOO! During the whole video I was thinking to myself: AW MAN, this is going to be severe torture! How can I do video MAGIC to make it APPEAR as if I ate the spoonful of cinnamon! lol

  11. LOVE ALLLLLLL these spices!! And I want to slam Miley Cyrus in to a wall. Sans blindfold. :)

  12. i eat ginger, garlic, basil, thyme and paprika on the regular…i love fresh and dried spices.

    Vodka and Soda

  13. Paprika for a girl, Pepper for a boy. Twins if I’m lucky.

    Cool post! :)

    • OMG I would laugh so hard if you did this! Please get pregnant with twins, tomorrow – you can do this right? πŸ˜‰

  14. I love those herbs and spices! So delicious and I didn’t know about all those amazing health benefits! Awesome! Definitely open and Italian-Indian fusion restaurant! :0

  15. Basil is god like and so is cilantro. BTW, your sound was an issue and I had to crank it up to hear any of it. Oh, and I’m not 12 so I don’t have to do the cinnamon challenge. I know someone who once drank a cup! of soya sauce and now has a permanent reaction to it. Plain dumb.

    As to a child’s name, I would rather name a born child, maybe Capsicum. :) And go curry pasta!

    • Ugh, dumb sound! Usually it’s the other way around though – I AM TOO LOUD FOR EVERYONE! ha ha ha! So I am glad I didn’t hurt your ear drums! πŸ˜‰

      Cappy would be a cute name, I am all for it!!

  16. I don’t know if I have a fave but garlic is on the top of my list and we use cilantro in almost everything…:) An unborn child name {boy} could maybe be called Sage :)

  17. I’d name my unborn baby Fenugreek! Because I’m sadistic, but also safely menopausal. Or hey, a boy named “Rosemary…” he’d be tough enough to kick ass by the time he survived his playground years. :)

    • BAH HA HA HA HA AH AH AH AHA!!! Give your son a pair of balls before he grows into his own by naming him ROSEMARY – Oh hey Rosie, LMFAO! Brilliant!

  18. You guys are really brave! I’m sure the kitchen smelled AMAZING though! I POUR thyme on everything! I also love rosemary and garlic. Like Lisa, I like those simple ingredients to cook chicken.

  19. I had no idea you were studying for your certification! Here I was thinking you just goofed around in a big, beautiful kitchen all day. And the topic of herbs gives me anxiety because I swore I was going to start an herb garden soon (and 4 years ago) and I am behind schedule!!!

    • For making videos every week, I tend to HIDE a lot of what I do in my personal/professional life – AH HA HA! πŸ˜‰ Little tid-bits might come out here and there, but I LOVE that you thought I am just a girl who lives in her kitchen all day and night!!

      And uhhhhh tick-tock-tick-tock….. Those herbs aren’t gunna grow themselves!

  20. what a fun post to link up with Medical Mondays. I only wish donuts were healthy. We tried baking some mini donuts this morning which made me think they were healthy because they were baked not friend, but I know the truth… especially after I frosted them.

  21. I’m pretty sure I would have failed the blindfold test. I still need to give turmeric a try! BTW, The green glasses are super cute!

    • I was shocked at how hard this actually was! A lot of the herbs/spices taste very similar when you eat a concentrated amount!! It’s remarkable – hence why I got one wrong! BAHH!

      And thank you, I got them over the weekend with my mama! :)

  22. LOL can I push Matthew McConaughey into a wall?? He is just too smug for his own good. I loooooove the spice rosemary.

  23. Saffron – is that a nice name? Better than Cilantro, I say!
    My husband did the cinnamon challenge at work. He lost!
    I did the rainbow sprinkles challenge. I won!

    • OMG where does your HUSBAND WORK?!?!?! LOL!

      And oooooooooooooo I would kick your BUTT at the rainbow sprinkles challenge, if it were…. 12 years ago! LOL!

  24. More importantly, when will I be receiving my invite onto the show?!

    • Dear Davida,

      I, GiGi, would love for you and your magical cooking wands (hands) to enter into the GiGi Eats Head Quarters to cook up something utterly mouth watering that it might put me in a food coma for three months. Please accept my invitation, with this virtual bouquet of artichokes!



  25. That’s so cool you are studying to get your nutrition certification. Go Gigi! Loved the video, ladies. I have been sneaking turmeric in a lot of the food I’ve been cooking lately. Love it!

    • Thanks Lindsay! :) It’s not exactly a walk in the park, but I try! And I am thrilled to hear you’re sneaking in that turmeric! I bet you’re the happiest person EVER – a side affect of turmeric, if you don’t recall my previous post!

  26. Ummm…garlic and olive oil make me happy! Also, another favorite is turmeric. I’ve take n it for years and it has my joints in a very good place! Your blog is amazingly fun to read :)

    • I am absolutely thrilled to hear that turmeric has worked for you and your joints, you see! It’s not just an old wives tale, these natural approaches can TRULY WORK! :)

      And thank you so much, I appreciate you visiting and hope to see you back next Tuesday!

      • Gigi,
        I am currently returning comments back as I get them from bloggers. It simply serves as a reminder and determines who I visit. Otherwise, I can’t take the time since it has been my new years resolution to go deeper, not wider! Please keep commenting, friend; it will be fun to get to know you !! :)

        • I am so glad you are taking the time to comment, I adore meeting new people and exploring their blogs! So thank you :) I too reply to comments as I get them – thank you comment reply notification plugin! :)

  27. Mint and rosemary grow wild on our property. I grow basil in the garden. These are so yummy because they are home-grown! As to pushing a celebrity into a wall, probably Kanye, because he’s old enough to know how to behave, yet he chooses not to. Oh, wait, I cannot stand that abuser Chris Brown either.

    • Ha HA HA HA AH AHA HA HA! You are pretty bad ass, I have a feeling you could swing pushing a few really obnoxious blindfolded celebrities into a wall πŸ˜‰

      And I bet your property smells AMAZING, I especially love the smell of basil! Mmmm Basil, Tomato Salads!

  28. Wait….that WAS me in the video? OR it wasn’t? I really couldn’t tell.

    You two are so silly and adorable! Let’s taste test brownies and cookies next time Lisa is in town :)

  29. My trainer told me I was radiating garlic Monday night. I must have been super-healthy. πŸ˜‰

  30. If I had a child today, I would call her Paprika. I love that herbs have so many benefits, especially all those Italian herbs. Another reason to fill up on pizza and past!

  31. i loooooove this G! and i just simply adore you!

    so funny..i watched this (like) way earlier today but for some reason my comment didn’t go through. poop. i think we have some sort of psychic connection though bc then i saw that you commented on me little blog. that kind of stuff really makes me wanna shake my salt shaker!

    oh, and btw..if you girls are trying to gang up on mister Matthew McConaughney, i may just have to intervene, blind-fold the both of you and throw you both off a building (with a trampoline at the bottom of course)! i’ve had a little crush on that man ever since i saw him in Dazed and Confused (when i was back in high school)..yep, Matt and I go wayyyyy back! :) it’s a beautiful #tragicloveaffair

    I still love ya though G! X

    • Phew! I am glad you still love me even though I wouldn’t have a problem pushing Matt. Hey, you know, when I am about to push… You can swoop in and save him, and he will consider you his hero and owe you his life πŸ˜‰ See, I am trying to help you out here! MOVE OVER Camilla, Maria is swooping in!

  32. Wow, I didn’t know about all these healing properties of herbs. My partner suffers from really bad tendonitis which leads to inflamed muscles. It would be interesting to know how to use these herbs in a way that could help with that. I feel an internet research session coming on….cue the coffee maker! Thanks for the great info.

    I also have to second the support for Matthew McConaughey. Things of beauty must be protected in this world :)

    • I’ve heard/read studies noting that ginger and turmeric are phenomenal for inflammation like your partner struggles with! Obviously talk to a doctor first, however, herbs and spices really don’t have any adverse effects, unless you’re allergic :)

  33. Favorite herb: Thyme. Both for the taste and the infinite puns one can make with it. Favorite spice: cinnamon. Never done the challenge though.
    ps I know I owe you a list of scene ideas for us to collab on and it WILL happen soon. Just mildly swamped. Pilot season etc.
    Whee! Kisses.

    • I bet you always have time for thyme πŸ˜‰

      AND YES YOU DO – but don’t worry, I too live in LA and totally understand what PILOT SEASON IS! Rock it out girl! ROCK IT OUT!! I want to see you on my TV πŸ˜€

  34. Turmeric- that would be my unborn childs name. Then I’d have to remember to put the first R in!

    • Bah ah ah ah aha ha aha! I totally agree, what’s up with the SILENT R – I don’t remember learning about those in grade school! Then again, did I pay attention?

  35. I’m so digging your nerdy/bookworm look Gigi πŸ˜‰
    Great video btw, gotta love that turmeric!

    • Why thank you Mike! I am actually blind as a BAT so I really do need those glasses, lol! Too bad these herbs/spices don’t give me my vision back!

  36. YES!!
    a request.
    you and me.

  37. lol!!! so funny! i think i’d name a kid (not mine) cinnamon lol. itz my favorite spice and i’m not quite sure i’ve ever heard anyone named cinnamon before!

    • I was ABOUT TO SAY – you have an UNBORN BABY in that belly of yours, so CINNAMON it is! I think I will nick name him that – ha ha ha ha!

  38. mmm now i want a big fillet. and i hope you had a mentos after eating the garlic. just sayin

  39. I love too many herbs and spices to have a fav!

  40. Garlic salt is my favorite spice. Hopefully it’s as nutritious as plain garlic? :)

    • Oh it is definitely still healthy! :) WE NEED salt in our diets!! And if you don’t have high blood pressure, LOAD UP – ha ah!

  41. Gotta love a girl that craves a big juicy steak!

  42. Wow…. now I’m really hungry! :)
    I love me some spices!!! I didn’t know you were working on your Nutrition degree… GO GIRL!

    • YOU GO GIRL – you’ve got a new bundle of joy! I think that’s far more intense than me earning my nutrition degree!

  43. Sorry I can’t leave a decent comment. Still in trance over ‘dem colorful donuts.

  44. I think the best question for me would be “what is the one spice you do not like” and Id have to say curry. Cannot stand it which really decreases my choices at Indian restaurants. And I would love to blindfold Bill Maher and just bash him constantly against the wall. So annoying!

    • You know, I don’t think I like curry either, which is why I never ever ever go to Indian restaurants! There are so many other delicious cuisines in the world, no need for Indian if you don’t like it! LOL!

      BAH HA HA HA HA! Bill Maher huh? That’s a new one! I think I might have to push JIM CARREY! LMFAO!

  45. It seems like it would be easy enough to keep fresh herbs on hand by having a small indoor herb garden too. Interesting about paprika. I use it in homemade baked “fries” and chicken at times.

  46. Lol! You girls are so funny and cute :)
    I LOVE spices. Herbs are the way to go… plus, they taste so much RICHER than the fake, processed “rubs” and such that we see up and down the spice isles.
    If I named my unborn child an herb, I’d go with Rosemary. It’s simple and not too out of the box, but in the back of my head I can always laugh when I think “Next time you misbehave, I’ll just rub you on chicken.”

    • BAHHH HA HA HA AH AHA HA HA AH AH AHA! OMG well that explanation as to why you would name your child Rosemary is officially MOTIVATING ME to name my unborn children (if I have any) herb and spice names!!! It would be an inside joke with my husband! I would be laughing AT my kids, not with them, BAH HA AH! – Cruel parent, yes I would πŸ˜‰

  47. That’s so neat you’re getting your Nutrition Communication Certification! It’s too bad donuts aren’t healthy though. Dang. I love the video and I love spices! Cinnamon has got to be my fav!

  48. I would name my unborn child Basil because it smells heavenly and goes great with just about everything, especially tomatoes which also happen to be my favorite. Yes a fusion restaurant of Italian and Indian sounds f*cking spectacular, I’d travel to try it. Name it Batom (basil + tomato) – because its delish. Happy Hump Day GiGI! -Iva

    • Do babies smell heavenly though? lmfao!

      Hmmm well you have officially motivated me to open an Italian/Indian fusion restaurant – if you come VISIT – it’s happening! πŸ˜‰

  49. I love herbs and spices. I cook with many of these. Lots of rosemary lately! Good to know about mint. May help with my motion sickness!

    • Didn’t you make rosemary bread?! You are the queen of cooking deliciousness – so I am not surprised that you’re using all of these herbs/spices! πŸ˜€

  50. Oh how I miss garlic! My IBS is screwing me up so bad that I can’t eat it anymore. Gaaahhhhh!!

    • OMG NOOOOOO!!!!! That’s horrendous! I have IBS too, but garlic doesn’t affect it thank goodness! I would be lost with out that deliciousness! I am so sorry :(

  51. I would name my next child Rubbed Sage. Or, maybe Nutmeg in honor of the time in college we ate a canister of nutmeg to see why it was on the “stay away from these household products, children” in the Drug Prevention videos.

    • So would the first name be RUBBED and the middle name be SAGE? – I see this kid being picked on for sure! :(

      And what did the nutmeg do to you? Isn’t it toxic?

  52. I love Rosemary! On some roasted potatoes, it’s the best.

    Little Paprika – my kids loved that show!

  53. Great article. I enjoy using spices. I especially love using garlic, mint and oregano.

  54. Heidi Bee says:

    Adore herbs and spices, but really adore this post. I think Paprika would be a cute name :)

  55. Love the list of herbs – going to save that and make sure I get those in the garden when the season comes – great post!!

    • Thank You Jamie! And definitely do! I am envious of your herb garden! I live in an apartment where growing my herbs is just simply not possible :( Send me some???

  56. What a fabulous post! I definitely need to use more spices in my life! I actually made chicken soup yesterday and added some spices I normally wouldn’t add anything but salt & pepper!

  57. HAHAHAHAHA – I love how she gagged on the turmeric!!! I would never be able to identify any of these except maybe mint. Sad. Very sad.

  58. Love using herbs and spices. We always plant a big herb garden each Spring. Love using fresh herbs all Summer long.

    • Aw man, I really want an herb garden. I love all the herb aromas! I would never need to light a candle or spray Fabreeze again! lol.

  59. You are too too too fun & crazy! Take the show on the road! πŸ˜‰ I love all the great info in the post though – get past the humor to how helpful your post is for us!

    Now with all those questions – crap, I am far enough behind just getting here! πŸ˜‰

    I am so tired of so many celebs but Kenye & Chris Brown – f’in tired of them cause they have been making news longer than the Bieber crap! :)

    • I WILL JOIN YOU IN SHOVING KANYE & CHRIS into a wall… A wall that has spikes on it. LMFAO!!

      And I love you Jody, you can come on over whenever you want, I don’t mind at ALL! πŸ˜€

  60. Oh, I love the herb taste testing experiment! What fun! I love all the details about each ones benefit too. Oh, and I LOVE your pic with the green glasses…ADORABLE!!

    • Thank you!!! My mama bought me those glasses last weekend when she came to visit! GOT TO LOVE MOM’S FOR THAT! πŸ˜€

  61. I love your stint as a “Spice Girl”! There is a lot of quackery around nutrition, no wonder people are confused.

    Stopped in from the hops and new follower on all platforms :)

    • Oh Melissa, there is another video where I really LAY DOWN THE SPICE GIRLS RAP! I will upload it at some point, it’s definitely creme to da creme in the singing world, LOL!

  62. Hi!

    Love all the info on the herbs & spices – definitely helpful!

  63. This was very funny!! And spices are definitely a good addition to meals in many different ways. Plus, some of them grow very easily. We have cilantro and mint growing in several different spots in our yard!

    • That sounds amazing! I wish I had a yard to grow some herbs! However, with my luck, I would some how KILL THEM! ha ha ha ah! πŸ˜‰

  64. I did not know you were studying for that at ALL, now that is cool!!! I should totally do some taste testing with my hubs. I could probably feed him a sock his tastes are so dull.

    • I tend to keep my personal/professional world a secret on my blog, which is weird because I make videos and typically write what I am thinking, ALL THE TIME – lol! But thank you :)

      You and your hubs NEED TO DO THIS experiment this weekend…… It could definitely turn into something scandalous though! ha ha ah aha!

  65. Some of my favorite spices– I use ginger, turmeric, basil and mint a lot. I have a feeling that I would lose any taste test though- as much as I love the spices I have an incredibly hard time isolating the tastes.

    • Do you have any recipes you can link up for me?! I want to try and use Turmeric more – the only time I ever use it is when I am eating MUSTARD! ha ha!

      And the taste test was actually pretty hard! I was shocked because I am actually pretty good when it comes to guessing tastes!

  66. I didn’t even KNOW there was such a degree as that, it seems RIGHT up your ally! If donuts are “healthy” SIGN ME UP FOR MY DAILY DOSE PLEASE :) anyway, gREAT POST, love that you put the benefits below the spices! Mint is a friend for those with stomach issues, and I know lemon isn’t a spice but its’ great for digestion as well!

    Uh, anyone ever watch Blue’s Clues back in the day? Paprika always reminds me of Salt and Pepper’s baby!
    YES, ALL THE TIME, SHE WAS SO CUTE! and i actually like it as a name too….

    • I thought the degree was pretty genius when I discovered it too! πŸ˜€ I am thrilled to be doing it, however, it’s definitely a lot of work – but it will PAY OFF :)

      OOOOO Digestion – THAT IS A HUGE PROBLEM in my world, so I am going to make some minty lemon tea right NOW πŸ˜€ xoxo! Maybe throw some paprika in there, just because? lol

      • Yes a lot of work but WELL worth it, and you can TOTALLY do it :)

        Yes! I drink lemon with warm water I’m not sure WHAT it exactly does but I feel it’s beneficial. I’ve got IBS too and a whole bunch of tips and tricks up my sleeve for it so holla at ya girl if you need any advice or need to just vent <3

        • I take loads of probiotics. I have IBS too (along with 8 zillion other problems & not having a large intestine! But we can be IBS sisters πŸ˜‰

          • What?! Girl that’s crazy, my colon is too long and loopy, SO maybe you can take some of mine and sub it in for your large intestine ;] too weird and gross? Sorry, had to go there, I thought it was humorous! <3

          • I used to have a longer than normal colon, that’s why they TOOK IT FROM ME!!! Ha! It twisted into a knot. So try hard to take care of yours missy :) And it ain’t gross, I have literally done EVERYTHING imaginable, so I am pretty chill when it comes to poop speak, LMFAO!

  67. Wow, Gigi, you’ve done it again with this witty double blind spice taste test!
    My favorite spice is currently turmeric! I put it on everything I can.It’s always great to get a chance to discover and explore your blog posts and videos.
    Thank you so much for sharing this delightful post on the Healthy, Happy, Green & Natural Blog Hop! I appreciate it!
    All the best, Deborah

    • THANK YOU Deborah! :) Thank you also for hosting such a wonderful link up, it is one of the best on the web – and I love your blog in general, there is something about it that makes me gravitate towards it every week – the photos and your writing, <3!

  68. Hahaha! Love the donuts part πŸ˜‰

  69. I totally watched this the other day, but never commented. Oops. I think we should do something like this…but with other

    • I will call in a few favors so we can have some straight sexies participate.

      Or I will just blindfold and kidnap them – either way, we will make this happen!

  70. Awesome information! This is an outstanding (and helpful!) blog!! I found you through the blog hop and am so glad I did; I am your newest follower, and can’t wait for more! Hoping you’ll stop by and say hi sometime!

    • I am SO GLAD you found me too! I love love love meeting new friends, I am off to check out your blog! I post updates every Tuesday :)

  71. I can’t function without garlic. I’m convinced it fixes everything! :)

    • IT TRULY DOES! Remember the movie: My Big Fat Greek Wedding and how they thought WINDEX fixed everything?! Well, they were wrong! It’s GARLIC :)

  72. Lol at all of the questions you asked! As well as that donut study being credible, what on earth is that about? I could so believe it though.

    I am a huge fan of garlic but I do like ginger too and my mum swears by fresh ginger in hot water to fix an upset stomach.

    • I love ginger at sushi restaurants – yummmm – but I don’t really like it as tea like your mom suggests, but hey, mom knows best right? So maybe we should try our BEST TO LIKE IT?! πŸ˜‰

  73. Finally got to watch this! You two are hilarious and I am super scared of blind tasting spices and herbs. I’d probably get them all wrong. :-(

  74. I love this post, Gigi. I had no idea you were studying nutrition. I have long been considering doing the same because the subject endlessly fascinates me. I’m going to send you an email because I’d like to include you in my list of favourite bloggers post I’m doing this month.
    Love, love, LOVE your blog!

    • OMG Robyn! I just woke up and you already made my day! MADE IT! Thank you so much! :)

      Oh and if you do in fact want more information on the nutrition certification, don’t hesitate to reach out!

      I am posting a new post today, in fact, hitting submit, RIGHT NOW :)

  75. Ok your glasses are freaking awesome! Love the nutrition blogs I wish more people would be mindful of what they were eating and how healthy your body was meant to feel. Hi from medical Mondays new reader and love it so far! Are you on Instagram?

    • YES! I am on instagram!! @GiGiEats – Follow me and I will follow you back, I am going over to your blog right now! :)

      I post new updates every Tuesday, so I actually have a new post TODAY! :) xoxo!

  76. I love your videos, the blind fold test was great! Thanks for linking up at our Gluten Free Fridays party! I have tweeted and pinned your entry to our Gluten Free Fridays board on Pinterest! :)

    Hope your week is great! Can’t wait to see what you link up this week!

    Cindy from

  77. Garlic is my favorite!! I love the video!

    New Outfit Post: Brown Tones

  78. Your videos always make me laugh! I totally want to take this challenge.. I call myself a cook hopppeeefully I would actually be pretty decent at this!

    xx Kait


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