1. Thank you for fixing the comment spot of this post. I was distraught when the option was not presented earlier this morning. I may be weird, but I don’t like ice cream in the summer. In fact I despise it. It’s way to heavy to eat when it’s hot out! Given I don’t eat dairy ice cream, I do love to get down on some coconut, almond, or soy milk dreamsss! YUM. If I were ice cream I would be a chaos of flavors. Vanilla, blueberry, chocolate, beets, broccoli, t-rex, and breast milk.

    • OMFG it pissed the shit outta me!!! I was so angry, I didn’t know how to fix the comment section but LUCKILY my AMAZING sister helped me! LOL! PHEW!!

      Right off the bat, being vegan, you are more likely to eat HEALTHIER creamy treats, that being said, they’re all pretty much LOADED with sugar – but, I know you don’t care too much about sugar, LOL!! 😉 I’d highly recommend you stick with your coconut or almond ice creams if you must pound em – DUMP the soy!

      If I were still eating ice cream – I’d be a freaking TORNADO of flavors! In fact I always wanted to pitch the flavor: strawberry chocolate chip cookie dough or strawberry mint chocolate chip to Ben & Jerry’s! LOL!

  2. I have a fro yo addiction, but the other day I made ice cream with just coconut milk and banana and it was realllll good. I still love ice cream every once in a while, but I totally notice the way it makes my body feel if I have more than 1 scoop–yuck!

    • Wahoo – See, you just use your imagination and come up with the most delicious sounding ice cream replacements!! People think Fro-Yo is healthier than ice cream but most of the time, it’s just as bad! :( Stick to your own concoctions! ha ha… And I know you have a lot of recipe tricks up your sleeves – Feel free to share some of your recipes here – LINK AWAY :)

  3. Ice cream is so like…1997. Fro yo is all the rage now.

    • LMFAO! It’s so true!! But Fro-Yo is just as bad!!! :(

      • Interesting! That’s news to me…but of course I don’t do paleo/GF/non dairy so it’s a nice alternative! You’ve got to live life, you know? Great blog and I’ll be back to visit soon! Keep up the great work!

        • Thanks Chels! And it’s true, living life and certainly important :) If you go out to fro-yo just try not to get too many toppings! And thanks for visiting, do you have a blog?

  4. I’ve got to try that Wink ice cream! Ever since froyo became a big thing on the east coast, I haven’t really eaten ice cream. Now baked goods on the other hand…I need an inspiring video from you to stay away from those! =0

    • If you try WINK you might get addicted – LIKE ME! ah ha ha ha ha!!! Oh fro-yo, everyone loves it and think it’s sinless, but it’s not! It can sometimes be JUST AS bad as regular ice cream! :(

      OOOOOOOO! You need a video about baked goods huh?? THIS CAN BE DONE! I will buy a few of those 50 cent donuts from the grocery store and RIP THEM A NEW ONE! LOL!!

  5. bahahahaha! 42 cups of spinach eh? Challenge accepted!!!!

    Not really that would be painful for even moi 😉

    • LOL! If you really accepted that challenged I would DEFINITELY beat you! LOL!!! Especially if ketchup was in the picture, 😉

  6. Ice cream is a major major weakness of mine. A couple years ago, i had a habit of walking down to the convenience store at my apartment pick up a pint of Ben & Jerry’s or Blue Bell and eat the whoooole thing. I even knew that there are almost 2000 calories in most of the Ben & Jerry’s that I liked. Holy disgusting.

    Now well go for PInkberry frozen yogurt, or just a scoop of the real ice cream… because I won’t lie, I do like my sugar fix every once in a while! Just not every freaking week!!

    • I feel like everyone has an ice cream addiction – I definitely had one too – Those Mint Chocolate Chip Dazzler shakes, oh baby! LOL!

      And isn’t it funny when you were little, calories did not matter at ALL! Oh the days of ignorance – BLISS 😉

      Fro Yo is a tiny bit better but not that much, it tends to have a lot of sugar, but I hear you – every so often it’s not too bad! 😉

  7. Lol!!! Your videos are the best haha. I seriously have been loving banana “icecream”, especially since it’s only one ingredient.

    • Exactly! It’s SOOOO simple! I wanna make butternut squash ice cream – LOL… Would that work? Ah ah ha.

  8. Wow. So many things to say. First, it is disappointing to me that ice cream does not have the health benefits of spinach. Second, if I was an ice cream flavor I would be butter pecan–sweet, but nutty. (And super-corny) Third, I have a plan this summer to make either an almond or coconut homemade ice cream that would be delicous and not super unhealthy. I haven’t made it yet, but I have a plan! 😀 Oh and lastly, I’m a winner!! Woohoo!

    • LMFAO! I love this comment!!! :) Is it sad that I have NEVER had butter pecan before?!?! :( I was always a mint chocolate chip or cookie dough girl, and super stubborn in my ways!! Sad day in the neighborhood – lol and now that I am lactose intolerant, yep, won’t even be trying it!

      Can’t wait for you to try your concoction this summer… Along with some other delicious recipes in the book I am SENDING YOUR WAY!! :) Congrats and thanks for entering!

  9. You are hilarious!!! I can’t do ice cream anyway BUT you know I love my treat cookies! :) Sometimes I will have a child’s Golden Spoon… I know the sugar but it is a treat for me & not an every day thing – like my weekend cookie treats. I love the coffee & creamsicle flavors! I get it half & half so I can get 2 flavors in a child cup! :)

    When I was a kid, my fave ice cream flavor was mocha choc chip! :)

    • Oh yes, I DO know you love your cookies 😉

      Never heard of a Golden Spoon… What is that? It sounds like you’re treating yourself SMARTLY though… A lot of people have the ALL or nothing mentality (not going to lie, I am a NOTHING girl, LOL… Thanks to my stomach issues)… You should write a blog post about treating yourself in a smart way…

      Love you Jody! I am thankful for you, as always :)

  10. YESSS full assault on that cone !!! next time have one of the leeks kick it’s coney butt :) I’m guilty of frozen yogurt or sorbet once in a while. My most favorite treat of all time is apple pie and coffee ice cream, once a year. It’s funny today was a heavy running day for me, like always I crave sweets but did not cave in. Please tell me Brittany was kidding about the breast milk ice cream : / ???????

    • I am shocked I didn’t go to JAIL for assaulting that cone!!! Lets hope the Nestle Police don’t catch me! LOL!!

      Ugh, fro-yo and sorbet are just as bad as ice cream- while they may not have the fat, they make up for it with even MORE sugar. I totally recommend you try making your own “ice cream” with bananas! Give it a try and let me know if it works for you?

      And you know what – I wouldn’t be surprised if Brittany was telling the truth 😉

  11. The ingredient list on those drumsticks is longer than the drumstick itself! Great video and great alternatives to fattening frozen “treats!”

  12. I love coconut ice cream! That is a great replacement! But where can i find this stuff? wink wink

  13. ahhhh you crack me the hell up.
    thanks to the husband I have a DRUMSTICK ADDICTED KID HERE.
    (can you be an addict after one time?! :-))
    she needs you.

    • GAHHH!!! Uh Oh. Hopefully the addiction PASSES as some point. If not, definitely send her my way! 😉

  14. lol this is hilarious….. but i still really love ice cream! #sorrynotsorry :) :) xoxo

  15. Ugh I used to eat the crap out of icecream..NO MORE!! Get it out of your house! Quick! Hurry! RUNNNNN

    • I used to POUND THAT ICE CREAM until my brain fell out of my head due to brain freeze! But I am right there with you – NO MORE!!!! I am SPRINTING away from it!!! Ah ah ha.

  16. You would DIE at how many cartons of ice cream are in my mom & dad’s freezer. I wonder how 2 people can eat so much frozen crap!!! I even told my mom I would help her create her own ice cream {you know, to fuel my Pinterest addiction} and she said it was too much work.
    I need to go drown my sorrows in 42 cups of spinach now.

    • I CAN ONLY IMAGINE how many cartons are in there. I cringe when I see 2 tiny ones in the freezer of my parent’s home when I visit – my dad has an ice cream fetish. lol.

      That’s the problem I have been noticing, there are healthier alternatives to that nasty ice cream, but the healthiest are the ones you make at home, yet they’re just too time consuming for some :( I wish WINK were available everywhere, then there would really be no excuses.

      Oh and I beat you to it, drowned my sorrows in 42 cups of spinach last night! lol

  17. Do I play with my food? Come on… Of COURSE I do!!! And while I don’t play the drums with ice-cream drumsticks, I definitely do it with chicken legs!!!
    I would date my celebrity crush over a lifetime supply of ice cream, hands down! There’s no question!!
    I think Mary Kate and Ashley needs some ice cream. And probably some beef. And some salad. Three times a day, for, like, the rest of their lives! But at least a 3-month re-growth period!

    • HA HA! Yeah, dumb question to ask you – of course you play with your food – you’re always creating some awesome recipe! :)

      Who is your celebrity crush? 😉

  18. I’m not much into ice cream, and I don’t eat dairy. When I feel like something, I’ll pick up a box of vegan ice cream sandwiches from Trader Joes. I’m sure they have plenty of sugar, but once in a while is not going to kill me. So Delicious also makes them using coconut milk. They are, well, so delicious.

    • I don’t eat dairy, so I am with you! I used to LOVE ice cream though. lol. I have never had Vegan ice cream or to coconut milk ice cream either. I am happy to see there are these options, I just wish the sugar content in these foods were lower :( But, as long as they’re a once in awhile treat, they’re not bad.

  19. I always feel sick after heavy ice cream with toppings but great after plain fro yo and maybe some kiwi!

  20. No I never have THOSE!!

    Confession time however. I recently was at our wonderful Spring Arts Festival here and did have an ice cream cone.

    With a flavor called “My boyfriends back in town,” who could resist, lol It was cherry ice cream with cherries and chocolate chunks!! My girlfriend lives up to that and hopefully your boyfriend does also :-)

    • OMG YOU HAD ICE CREAM! I am FLOORED by this! FLOORED! How many scoops did you get? OR do I even want to know?! Ha Ha Ha. I am glad your GF lives up to it, hopefully she is even sweeter! 😉

  21. I used to love ice cream… but now I can tell the affect it has on my body. We’ll get it as an occasional treat but I don’t crave it like I used to. And I’m glad you pointed out that froyo isn’t much better… most people assume it is!

    • Exactly – All of these Fro-Yo joints are popping up all over the place claiming that they have about 30 calories per cup, but honestly, that really CANNOT be trusted – I mean, do you remember what happened to Arctic Freeze, that whey protein ice cream?

  22. I do love ice cream. Especially Blizzards from DQ!

    • Oh man, I don’t think I have ever had one of those before! And I guess I never will now. You should create a crazy healthy ice cream recipe and post it on your blog! You always make recipes that I can actually eat :)

  23. Chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream would be my favorite. Haven’t had any real ice cream in almost a year and a half now, thank goodness. Definitely bad stuff going on up in that drumstick.

    I just like making up some one ingredient banana ice cream and mixing in some protein powder for a cookie dough like taste!

    • Mmmmm COOKIE DOUGH ice cream was pretty fantastic and I guess it still is, since it is still on the market, lol! I am thrilled to hear you haven’t had ice cream in that long, lets hope you can hold out longer 😀 If you can believe it, I haven’t had ice cream in 10 years!

  24. If I was ice cream I’d be some type of Publix fro-yo it is beyond good!

  25. Hi nice blog i like ice cream and i like your site also……..

  26. Ugh! It is just disgusting. And what makes me sad is that my mom eats those all the time. Wish I could get her to change her ways…maybe I’ll send this her way!

    • Ugh, your mom is like my dad!! After a big dinner he head for the freezer and grabs his ice cream, plops on the couch and watches/ falls asleep to a movie… Ah ha ha! I am happy to report though that other than the ice cream, my dad eat a pretty good diet!

      Definitely send my video her way 😉

  27. “Would you rather chow down on 8 bowls of your favorite ice cream or date your celebrity crush?”

    um, define “date” 😉

    8 bowls of ice cream SOUNDS good…but I can imagine it would get a little gnarly towards the end…

    • Date as in… He is 100% devoted to you… And… Well, you know! AHH HA HA HA HA! 😉 Who is your celeb crush?

  28. I nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award! (:

  29. I came >.< close to buying some ice cream today. I mean, if I can't have Stephen Colbert for myself, I might as well be able to put Stephen Colbert's Americone Dream all up in my mouth, RIGHT?! Well, I talked myself out of it because my lactose intolerance can tolerate some things, but ice cream is not one of them. Stephen . . .

    • Ah ha ha!! What are the flavors mixed into that Americone Dream? Why not just go to a taping of Stephen’s show?! Better yet, be a guest on his show! 😉

  30. I haven’t had one of those in eons (good thing apparently). I used to love Rocky Road as a kid. I love the banana “faux” ice cream trick. It’s so easy and super tasty. Plus you can add in other flavors like strawberries or chocolate stevia.

    • LOVE that idea! Chocolate stevia in there would be AMAZING! :)

      And I too haven’t had a Drumstick in EONS!! My friend bought them the other day and I was like, WHAA? Those still exist?! lol.

  31. Um i will probably always love ice cream! My favorite is Blue Bell pistachio almond, its soo good! But I normally only eat ice cream in the winter. Strange I know. I like frozen yogurt and fruity things in the summertime.

    • OMG I seriously MISSED OUT on all of these ice cream flavors. I stopped dairy/ice cream/ etc about 10 years ago and since then the flavor varieties have increased exponentially! Oh well, I guess I will just have to close my eyes and pretend 😉

      And you’re not weird about ice cream in the winter… I make my own “ice cream” when it’s like -30 outside! Ah ha ha ha

  32. I have always been able to take or leave ice cream… last night I served my guests vanilla ice cream topped with balsamic strawberries and 3 options for cookies… 1 G-F, one G-F and ‘paleo’ and one good ole loaded up with all the bad stuff! And I ate the strawberries only… good me. I am so glad I never had the ice cream NEED.

    • Ha Ha!! I used to DEVOUR ice cream! Now, I look at it with PURE disgust! I would MUCH rather eat salmon that eat ice cream, lol!

      I am high fiving you right now! 😀

  33. GiGi this is a chilling celebrity moment, Taylor Swift bought a house where I run in the winter months, almost no traffic. I really can’t believe it, nothing but a over inflated snooty community.

    • Ah ha ha ha ha! Ohhhhh my! Good luck with that one. Snap a picture if you can… Although, you might get arrested!

  34. So side of liver failure for me :) LOL Thanks for linking up at our Gluten Free Fridays party! I have tweeted and pinned your entry to our Gluten Free Fridays board on Pinterest! :)

    Hope that your week is fantastic!

    Cindy from

  35. Aww. I LOVE ice cream!! Especially sprinkles and hot fudge. But, I rarely eat sprinkles because of the trans fat, and only eat hot fudge a few times per year 😉

    • I used to love ice cream, that’s for sure, and if I weren’t lactose intolerant and if I weren’t so health conscious, I would probably live in a pint of mint chocolate chip or cake batter ice cream(I have actually never had cake batter ice cream before, but it sounds amazing).

      Treating yourself every so often isn’t terrible, but the key is… Every so often 😉

  36. I go to one of the following: frozen watermelon cake (watermelon with the rind taken off then covered with Greek yogurt than has been almost frozen but can still be spread out over it like icing) frozen fruit juice put in an ice cube tray then added to tea or water. Frozen fruit juice pops. Frozen Greek yogurt fruit pops :) I have never been an ice cream fiend but my favorite has always been mint chocolate chip lol. yummm.


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