Letting the Inside, Out: Fun Facts About The Movie, Inside Out

Being on the OUTSIDE just kinda sucks


HOWEVER… everyone at Disney and Pixar knows this, which is why they decided to create the movie INSIDE OUT 

A movie that dives into the emotions of a young girl named Riley, who is uprooted from her comfort-zone (the only place she’s known to call “home”) and “replanted” in an unknown territory where she is faced with many FIRSTS.

And invited yours truly to get the INSIDE SCOOP on the who, what, when, where, why and how… 

So I could let the OUTSIDE… IN!

Just call me the movie GATE KEEPER?

Below are some fun tidbits about the movie INSIDE OUT starring Amy Poehler, Phyllis Smith, Bill Hader, Lewis Black and Mindy Kaling (just to name-drop a few)!


Also… Stay tuned for a BONUS Friday post (the day Inside Out hits theaters!)… Where I will reveal my full review/opinion of the movie AND… Share another ORIGINAL GiGi-Approved RECIPE!

Did you know… 


  • When she first heard the idea for the movie Inside Out, Amy believed “this film is going to be the best Pixar movie ever made, and it’s going to make the most money and it’s going to win an Oscar.”
  • She also believed that “it will be the only good movie I’ve ever been in.”
  • If given the opportunity, she would have liked to play the role of ANGER.
  • Amy actually sat down with the directors of this movie to make modifications and pitched jokes because she did not want her character, JOY, to come off as annoying.
  • Amy has six full-time jobs, including being the founder of SMART GIRLS… Find out more information about that endeavor here.
  • Some of Amy’s favorite Disney and Pixar movies include: Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Wall-E and Snow White.
  • One of Amy’s favorite Disney characters is: Cruella De Vil
  • Phyllis and Amy recorded three scenes together for this movie, every other scene was recorded alone. 
  • Amy’s other personality “islands” (you have to see the movie to understand this reference) would be: Thousand Island, Fantasy Island, Kitchen Island and Skull Island.


  • Back in 2010, Bill started “stalking” Pixar, asking to take tours. When on a tour he met the directors of Inside Out who had a mutual admiration for Saturday Night Live (SNL). They hung out at SNL for a week and then let Bill go back to Pixar as a thank you and offered him the role of FEAR
  • Bill believes they offered him the role of FEAR because he is in fact a huge wimp. 
  • If offered to play any role in the cast, Bill would play ANGER because being angry, to him, is very therapeutic.  
  • Up is Bill’s favorite Pixar movie.
  • One of Bill’s favorite Disney characters: Ichabod Crane, he even dressed up like this character four Halloweens in a row. 
  • Bill recorded the entire movie by himself. He read lines with director, Pete Doctor
  • Bill is a fan of Chipotle.
  • “People think voice acting is really easy and you just go to the studio in your pajamas and record and stuff. But you don’t. It’s really difficult and you’re channeling everything just through your voice. A lot of times you’re just screaming. Screaming for four hours straight.”
  • Bill’s other personality “island(s)” would be: Sleep Island. (There’s not sex on sleep island). 
  • Bill believes: “what’s great about this movie is that they chose to make a film about a time in your life that we all have to go through. When you go from being young to being an adolescent, things start to change and things start to get a little hard for you. A lot of normal movies do not talk about this. I wish I had a movie like this growing up because I would go through things and you try to look for answers and you think you’re the only one going through it. They exposed this in this movie in such a beautiful, fantastical way, that’s why you have to see it. I wish this movie existed when I was younger. My life would have been a little easier.” 


  • Lewis was the first person cast in this movie. 
  • When trying to get Lewis on board, Pixar sent him a care package including a letter explaining to Lewis what Pixar is! 
  • When Lewis read the initial script for Inside Out, he thought: “oh my god, this is going to be  flop, and I am going to be in the worst thing they’ve ever done.” However, after the writers did 12000 changes, he thought it was genius. 
  • Lewis’s mother couldn’t cook, and he attributes that to why he was cast as ANGER
  • If offered to play another role in the cast, Lewis would play DISGUST
  • The movie Up actually irritated Lewis because the main character spends his whole life avoiding thinking about death, yet then confronts it head on. 
  • One of Lewis’s favorite Disney movies: Fantasia
  • When Lewis was younger, he had an imaginary friend, along with his friends and they would make fun of their imaginary friends as opposed to making fun of one another. 
  • Lewis’s other personality “islands” would be: Barbecue Island (pork in a variety of fashions served in all sorts of delightful ways slathered in sauce) and Tahiti. 


  • Mindy sees Pixar and the directors of Inside Out as… “like dating a well raised guy that doesn’t know he looks like Tom Brady and has the title of Tom Brady. A guy that wants to make you happy and make you feel honored.”
  • Mindy can relate to her character DISGUST when she has bad days, the days when she just keeps saying “I can’t, I can’t with this.” 
  • If offered to play another role in the cast, Mindy would play: ANGER
  • One of Mindy’s favorite memories from her past was when her mother came home from work one day (an OBGYN) and she brought Mindy a jelly-filled Dunkin Donut, and she sat on her mother’s lap, and they shared the donut. She loves this memory because she got her mother’s undivided attention (she was very competitive with her brothers in regards to getting this) and a sweet treat
  • Mindy truly sees Amy as an inspiration.
  • Up is one of Mindy’s favorite Disney movies, and she had a huge crush on the fox that portrayed Robin Hood
  • Mindy’s other personality “islands” would be: Role Model Island and Sleep Island. 


  • When Phyllis was asked to play the role of SADNESS, she was speechless and incredibly excited. 
  • Phyllis believes she was cast as SADNESS because “I am just a mess and I am a real sad sack. I sit around and mope all day and I think they saw that effervescent side of me and decided to hone on it. I think it’s my insecurities, those little quirks that I have, that the director was able to glean out of me.” 
  • If offered to play another role in the cast, Phyllis would want to play: ANGER or DIGUST
  • Phyllis’s favorite Disney and Pixar movies include: Up and Cinderella
  • Amy helped Phyllis through a lot of the lines that they recorded together. They were the only two to record some of their scenes together. 
  • Phyllis’s other personality “islands” would be: Baseball Island and she would share some of Amy’s islands. 
  • The cast of the movie watched a screening of Inside Out together and all got very emotional during some of the scenes (for reasons you will find out when you see the movie). 

PHEW! That’s a hefty dose of inside scoop! 

Inside out movie poster

So tell me…

  • Will you be going to see Inside Out, in theaters June 19th?
  • What has been the best movie you’ve seen in theaters lately?
  • What emotion do you relate to the most: Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear or Disgust?
  • If you could ask one member of the cast a question, what would you ask and why? 
  • Favorite Disney/Pixar movie… GO! 
  • What personality islands make up who YOU ARE as a person? (You may have to see the movie before answering this question!)


But while you wait… Go on and check out Inside Out’s millions of pages of social media! 

INSIDE OUT opens in theatres everywhere on June 19th!


What EMOTION do you think I EMBODY?

*Images supplied to me by Disney, but spliced together by moi!


  1. My Family and I are all excited to go see this movie when it comes out. It just looks adorable and I love Amy Poehler!

    • OMG it is seriously the best – WHOOPS – did I just give away my movie review I am going to post on Friday? LOL!!

  2. Plan on taking my kids but my adult friends actually want to see it too so may see it with the kids and then have an adult night out to see it again. Lol.

    • Adult friends are going to ADORE IT! I brought someone with me who was SUPER SKEPTICAL but he wound up ADORING IT!

  3. Yes we are totally going to see Inside Out, can’t wait!! We really love all the Pixar movies and can’t find a favorite. The Lasseter family actually lives here in Sonoma and have the winery. Trick or treating at the home years ago, was always the best!!!

    • OMG I bet trick-or-treating there was AMAZING!!! I think you need to do it again this year, LOL!!
      And I have a feeling, you may find a liking in this movie… ALMOST making it your favorite! 😉

  4. I’ve really been wanting to see this! I feel like it’s been advertised forever. lol. Hope it lives up to the hype. If being fiery or spirited were an emotion, that’d be you.

    • Right! I feel like the first time I saw an AD for it, it was last year and I remember telling myself – OMG I WANT TO SEE THIS SO BADLY and I want to go to the JUNKET… And BAM! Did both! 😉

  5. Im definitely going to go see it. My husband and I have known about it for awhile now and have been waiting. Maybe this will help with all those emotions I have trouble feelings haha.

    • It very well could – ha ha! Certainly gets you thinking! I foresee you having a wonderful Friday date night 😉

  6. I find it so interesting that the cast’s favorite characters and movies are so dark! Cruella, Ichabod, Fantasia…
    I would be like Megara and Pegasus from Hercules!

    • RIGHT?! And they all would play ANGER if they could play a different ROLE – lol! No one wanted to be JOY!

  7. We saw the preview for this movie. My family cant wait to see it.

  8. Just saying Amy Poehler is in it is good enough for me. It’s good timing too. My grandsons are visiting and we’ve been looking for a good movie to take them to.

    • Oh yes! Amy makes everything better! Honestly, ANYONE from SNL makes everything better – ha ah!

      I cannot wait to hear what you think! Come back Friday, I have a recipe that can work for you! 😉

  9. My boys can barely sleep at night they want to see this movie so badly. They sit and watch ALL the YouTube previews over and over until I have to stop them. It’s insane. When I was in San Francisco a week ago I went to the Disney Store and brought them back (among other things) a Disgust and Fear doll (their favorites) and they lost it when I delivered the goods.
    I love when not only are my kids excited to see a movie but I am too! Amy? Bill? Mindy? YES PLEASE!

    • OH MAN, I won’t lie to you – your boys are going to want to see this movie about 10 times… IN A ROW! But it’s that good that you’ll probably want to see it too!!!!!

  10. I love the cast of characters in this movie, and you got to meet them?!?! Ahhhhhh

    • YEP!!! it was a pretty amazing weekend if you ask me! Not a dry eye in the house – thanks to laughing so hard!

  11. Incredible cast!!
    The best movie I’ve seen recently is the new Avengers movie.
    We saw the Inside Out trailer before we saw Cinderella and it’s on Scarlet’s radar. I’ve been hearing really great things. Can’t wait to hear Amy and Mindy! (and Bill and Lewis, of course)

    • I have yet to see the new Avengers movie – ON THE TO DO LIST NOW!! 😉

      PS: Scarlet is MADE FOR THIS MOVIE. Or wait, THIS MOVIE IS MADE FOR SCARLET!!! In fact, I want to see it with her! lol

  12. You are….joy and disgust. Joyful all the live long day, and disgusted (just like me) with the way most people live/eat/breathe/exist. HAHA.

  13. No kids so tend to wait till they are out to rent. But looks fun. I will pick joy. Scoops? You sounds like a stalker hi hi. Loved WALL-E I think most.

    • GIRLLLL – just cause you don’t have kids, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t see this movie OPENING DAY in THEATERS! I don’t have kids, but man, I am a kid at heart – LOL! Best movie ever 😉

  14. Truthfully I hadn’t heard of it, but I don’t really hear about anything in my little now British bubble. The cast is pretty kick ass though, so it looks like a must-see!

    I LOVE all the Toy Story films. So much. #ForeverYoung

    • If you LOVE Toy Story movies, you will ADORE this movie because the directors of this movie, ALSO directed all the (and are directing the next one) TOY STORY movies!!!!

  15. How fun! Looks like it’s great and what a fun cast! Love getting the inside scoop on the actors. We were just thinking about taking my kids to go see this movie.

  16. What fun little tidbits! I will definitely be going to see it with my daughter, can’t wait! :)

  17. So cute!

  18. Looks like a super fun movie. I probably won’t see it in theatre, but will definitely watch it at some point.
    My fave Disney Pixar is probably Monsters Inc. I am sure there are others that I love too, but that one has always been my top pick.

    • Monster’s INC is totally one of my favorites, but THIS MOVIE BEATS IT x 1000!!! 😮 – The directors on this movie, directed that one too!

      • I definitely look forward to checking it out. I just listened to a great interview about the movie, the woman that plays “sadness” was being interviewed. The film seems like it captures something pretty special and unique.

  19. Favorite movie has to be Toy Story…although I did love Toy Story 3 (am I the only one who got teary?!) and Up! was of course, darling.

    Interesting tidbits, thanks for the info! We will be looking forward to this one :)

    (Found you through the SITS Girls link up!)

    • Well, the directors of THIS MOVIE – directed and are directing TOY STORY!!! So I have a feeling THIS MOVIE is going to sit well with you! :)

  20. Girl, the last movie I saw in the theater was…wait for it…March of the Pengins! I’m such an introvert! I love all the fun facts in this post and the insights to the actors! To answer your questions, it is highly unlikely I will watch the movie when it comes to the theaters – probably will when on demand or some other way to watch from my couch. Best movie seen in theaters lately? March of the Penguins. :) Emotion? hmmmmm… probably joy and fear. They are so related, don’t you think?

    • OMFG! I CANNOT BELIEVE IT! That’s pretty hysterical to me actually! If you lived close by, I would soooooooo drag you to 109329472374 movies! That’s kind of what we do out here in LA! lol!

      And YES – Joy & Fear are definitely related… So I can see that as a good mix 😉 In the movie, they’re not the 2 emotions that buddy up though!

      • I’m pretty ridiculous. I would love to be your neighbor though! How fun would that be? Even though I probably would still not go to the moves. I’m so NC hang out on porch swing not LA. But could you imagine our happy hours!?! YES!

  21. I cannot wait to see this! I have plans for it this weekend.

  22. Writing from Amsterdam, this will not be released here on the same day I suspect, so sadly, I will not go to see this movie on 19th :(
    Why is life always so unfair to Europeans these days? :)

  23. I’ve seen the promo for this and actually wanted to see it. Is that weird that I do and I don’t have kids? Still I want to see it. Thanks for the extra knowledge on this film girl.

    Kia / The House of KTS

    • GIRL! I do not have KIDS and I wanted to see this the first time I saw an AD way back in December!!!!!! See it Friday, first showing of the day – LOL – no judgement here, AT ALL!

  24. I love Amy Poehler so will go see this. The premise sounds like a great, uplifting movie so that’s always a bonus. Great job on getting the interesting scoop, GiGi!

    • Definitely a must see, thanks to Amy – 😉
      And I will certainly do my best to get the inside scoop on other movies COMING OUT THIS SUMMER 😀

  25. I am not usually a fan of animated films, but I do think this is an intriguing concept. I think I will see the movie at some point.
    I think I would be anger- I am a classic overreacter.
    You, though….hmmm…disgust?

    • I brought someone who specifically said he didn’t want to see it because it was animated… And guess what!? HE FRIGGIN’ LOVED IT!!! That’s saying something for sure! There is a lot of adult humor that is “hidden”!
      What was the last thing you over-reacted at?

  26. hahah this is too fun! YOU ARE COOL. I would definitely be disgust hahah. You on the otherhand..JOY for sureee.

    • LOL!!!! Yep! I get joy a lot 😉 When I was at the JUNKET I asked the people around what they would consider me as, and they didn’t even know me and BAM = JOY! ha ha ah! Funny.

      I hope when you come to visit, I have access to another junket because I would LOVE to bring you!

  27. OHEMMMGEE – they all wanted to be Anger? Alls am saying is sounds like there’s a lot of angry peeps around – but not you – you are the epitome of happiness or Joy!
    I wanna see Inside Out – but might wait for it to be out on DVD.

    • Totally!! On Friday I am posting a recipe that corresponds with the movie, and when it comes out on DVD you can make my recipe and eat it while watching! BOOM! 😛

  28. I was absolutely not interested in this movie, but now you got me opening youtube to watch the trailer! Can’t believe it, hahaha.
    Btw, let me take this post also to remind you that YOU (yaay) won one of our freeletics premium accounts. Let me know if you’d like to have it, and if yes, please let me know when you registered with them :-)

    • BAH HA AH AH AHA HA AH AHA HA! YOU SOUND EXACTLY like the person I BROUGHT WITH ME to the screening!! He was soooo against it – I forced him to come, and he wound up FALLING IN LOVE with the movie! SO YEAH, it can happen, and you MUST go see it!

      And hold up! I WON?!?!? Uhhhh whoa baby!!

  29. I’m taking my kids this weekend! We can’t wait!!

  30. I saw the preview for this movie and knew I had to see it! It looks so completely adorable. I won’t go see it opening weekend, I’m going to wait a couple of weeks to take my niece, but am excited to see it =)
    The cast itself sounds amazing! I can’t wait to hear your opinion.
    I saw Pitch Perfect 2 in theatres recently and that is probably the best movie I’ve seen in awhile. Love that movie.
    Me and you – we are JOY people! =D

    • I saw Pitch Perfect 2 recently…. Inside Out BLOWS IT OUT OF THE WATER!!! Seriously 😉

      And YAY FOR JOY!!!! Spread it all around – he he!

  31. What a cast!! I love Bill Hader..did you ever watch The Skeleton Twins?

  32. Totally going! Kids are psyched and I REALLY want to see how this cast (who I love in grown up roles) handles a kid’s cartoon movie. I used to sadness but now I’m joy :) Thanks for sharing this, great insight!

    • I AM SO GLAD YOU ARE more JOY than SADNESS these days! However you need one in order to get the other, that’s for sure :) Cannot wait to hear how you like the movie!

  33. Pixar movies are so good!! Like SO GOOD. And some of my faves are lending their voices so I will definitely see it! But at home. Theatres drive me nuts.

  34. Wow that was pretty comprehensive – you just made me more excited to see the movie! Pixar always wins!!


  35. I saw the previews when we saw Pitch Perfect 2 and it looked really interesting. I feel like I’d need to borrow a kid to see it in the movie theater …

  36. This movie looks really cute and a wicked cast. I don’t really jump to the theatres to see animated movies usually but maybe this one.

  37. Loved reading all those tidbits! I can’t wait to see this movie :) I <3 Pixar!

  38. I will totally be gong to see this, because it’s at the top of THing 2’s must-see movies. I always wondered why they used stars’ voices for movies like these. Wouldn’t it be SO much cheaper to use others?? Am I the only one who does not care who’s doing the voiceover??

    • YOU MAKE AN EXCELLENT POINT Marcia! But I think that is some of the appeal, and I think some people really like have celebrities backing movies, thus more people want to see it… It’s all about a celebrity’s fan base, right?

  39. I liked Wall-E!

    A lot of information here, for sure.

    Women have always been the gatekeepers!

  40. Thanks for all the inside scoop! Sounds exciting! Looking forward to this. We rarely go to movie theaters (love instant streaming), but might make an exception for this one. 😉

    • Oh I adore instant streaming too, but sometimes there just is a movie that comes to theaters that you have to see there – AHEM, this one… And Jurassic Park! 😉

  41. I love disney pixar movies and Wall E is my absolute favorite of all time! I want to take my 6 year old niece to see Inside Out when she comes to town this summer.

    Aren’t press junket’s the best? I got to do one for Dolphin Tale 2 and I interviewed Harry Connick, Jr…..actually I just sort of drooled all over him while the more professional bloggers asked questions. LOL

    • I am actually an entertainment reporter here in LA so I get to go to these press junkets all the time, FREAKING ADORE THEM! I have to say Henry Winkler and Denzel Washington were two of my favorites thus far. If I ever get in the room with Ryan Reynolds, I may get arrested LOL!

      And on that note, I will go watch Wall E now – LOL!

  42. Can you PULEASE get us a voice over gig?? Please and thank you boo

  43. My son points out every poster for this movie that he sees. The whole family is stoked to see it… am I the only person who remembers Herman’s Head?

  44. What a fun opportunity! We’ll probably wait until it’s out on Netflix (or at least at the Redbox) before we see it. I”m interested to hear Christian reviews on it because – since the characters are names of what many people think are only emotions, but – I believe that they have spiritual implications as well. I’m interested to see how Disney presents them and whether I can use this movie to portray spiritual truths about those characteristics to my children. Thanks for the post! Found you at the Summer Family Fun linky.

    • I would truly be curious to hear your thoughts on how they explored emotions via the angle of Christianity! I’m not sure you should wait that long for the movie to come out, it’s seriously better than you may think! Certainly better than more than 1/2 the movies that have come to theaters lately, that’s for sure! 😉

  45. My kids are so looking forward to this! I think I will have to take them the day it opens because they won’t want to wait for Red Box haha! I hope it is playing at the drive in on opening weekend.

  46. Amy Poehler was my first improv teacher’s first improv teacher, so, you know, we’re likethis.

    • DUDE WHAO! That’s a BIG FRIGGIN’ DEAL!!!! You’re not in LA are you? I think I recall you being in NYC?? But if you secretly ARE in LA.. Then um, MEET UP = a must! 😉

      • BROOKLYN!! Come visit!! We have celebrities, too. (TWO on my block!!…they’re married…but still, FAMOUS!…ok, they’re authors, but, you know, good ones!)

        • Girlllll – I don’t need celebrities to entice me!! You’re good enough – well and Arman from the Big Man’s World too!!! Have you seen him?

  47. I JUST heard about this movie today – I love the cast from your preview and can’t wait to see your full review! Thanks for linking up at the Healthy Living Link Party!

  48. My kiddos are dying to see this movie!! We are going this weekend – woo hoo!!
    Now you’ve made me excited to see it too – bonus! :)

    • Yay!! TOMORROW – it opens! :) And I have a new post with a recipe dedicated to the movie, you’ll see why when you see the movie!!

  49. The movie looks like it’s going to be really cute and funny. The cast is perfect. :)

  50. I’m excited, this looks hysterical and is such a creative idea! Pixar rocks!

  51. I’m really looking forward to a family movie date to see Inside Out this weekend. I know my hubby and I will love it as will the kids. Thanks for linking up to the Bloggers Brags Pinterest Party. I have pinned to the Bloggers Brags Broad.

    • Be sure to check back tomorrow as I will reveal a recipe dedicated to the movie! :) I am so excited for you to see this movie!

  52. Well by the time I answer it’s probably out on DVD already :) You at least to me project happiness, that’s what I look forward to each week. I will try to make it , and unfortunately for right now I seem to project disgust. I’ll follow their twitter page for sure and help spread the word Maybe my bunny’s will make it to the movies some day :) They should have you as a voice over in the next one !!!!!!! Thanks for the post

    • Aw man! I hope your disgust DISPERSES soon! I think you need to see this movie in order to get even just an iota of joy in your life right now 😉 — THIS should make you happy though… I am updating the blog TOMORROW with a new video & recipe! 😀

  53. lindsay says:

    how come i have yet to hear about this movie? we love pixar, yes we are over 30 and love cartoons! plus i love all those voices!

    • I have NO IDEA!!! Have you not seen any billboards? Maybe Disney’s advertising team only took the time to plaster posters of this movie on EVERY empty wall space in Los Angeles…? LOL!

  54. You’ve got me so excited to see the movie! We can’t wait! Thanks for sharing at the #summerfamilyfun link-up!

    Holly @ While I’m Waiting…

    • YAY! I am so pumped I got you PUMPED – ha ha! I love rubbing off on people! 😉

      • I’m so glad you linked this up with Waiting on…Wednesday! I hope you’ll link up with us again this week! P.S. Went and saw the movie and LOVED it! Looking forward to seeing it again (and again!).

  55. So exciting that you got to see this & meet them GiGi!!!! You are so famous! Will you talk to me when you are super famous! :)

    Right now it is fear – not going to elaborate – but just life struggles.

    The movie looks fun! What a great cast!

    • UM JODY – you know I will ALWAYS TALK TO YOU regardless of where I am or what I am doing!!! You don’t have to worry about that 😉 If you are, ha ah aha ha!

      Uh, I am sorry you’re experiencing fear – we need to plan a meet up, very very soon! I can bake you some cookies! ha ah.

  56. Thanks for sharing on the Healthy Living Link Party.

  57. I love all the fun facts. I’m really intrigued to see the movie. I heard it was great, but didn’t get a chance to go this weekend. I will check out the social media channels in the links above. I think (I hope) I embody JOY the most, but I will tell you after I see the movie. I honestly hate to feel negative thoughts…it’s not that it doesn’t happen, because of course it does…I just try and find the good so that I can actually feel better.

    • Yes! I would love to know your thoughts after you see the movie :) It’s so great, I really think it will help you feel JOY about everything – it really makes you think!

  58. I love any show that includes Amy Poehler so thank you for sharing these fun tidbits about the movie INSIDE OUT with us on the Healthy Happy Green and Natural Party Blog Hop. I’m pinning and sharing.