Pixar’s Inside Out Delivers… Pizza!

The movie Inside Out should come with a WARNING LABEL:

WARNING: If you thought you were potty trained… This movie will have you laughing so hard you will, well, yeah… Thus attendance with your adult diaper snuggly fit is mandatory. Also, even the “macho-ist” of men will spring an eye leak when viewing this movie… So a box of tissues in you or your wife’s purse is a must. Or in other words: You will in fact experience a wide range of emotions when you see this movie. 

You have now been warned. You’re welcome.


When I left the theater, my pants looked like Adam Sandler’s in the movie Billy Madison when he states that “peeing in your pants is cool” (I guess I am as cool as Miles Davis now?) and my mascara was running down my face much like the make up of a freshman coed after her first (or maybe 10th) one night stand.  

Lauren Conrad crying

However, there was ONE emotion I experienced that did not fade throughout the entire movie… DISGUST.

No, my DISGUST was not because I hated this movie. In fact, if I could marry the movie Inside Out, I would, because I am THAT in love with it… Or perhaps I am just another stereotypical Los Angeles woman trying to find her sugar daddy? Ummmm. No. 


The reason for my DISGUST is because… Disney/Pixar makes broccoli look like the equivalent of satan in the food world!

As if broccoli didn’t already have a terrible reputation to begin with. 

Stewie from Family Guy hates broccoli

To those who don’t know what this movie is about… Check out my previous blog update here

But in short, this movie dives deep into the complex mindset (featuring: Joy, voiced by Amy Poehler; Sadness, voiced by Phyllis Smith; Fear, voiced by Bill Hader; Anger, voiced by Lewis Black; and Disgust, voiced by Mindy Kaling) of an 11 year old girl, named Riley, who is uprooted from the only place she’s ever known to be home… And moved to San Francisco where she has to adapt to a new environment. 

Inside out movie poster

We’ve all been there, right? 

Wait, broccoli wasn’t listed as an emotion, so why on earth did I bring up the tree-looking vegetable?

Because… In the movie, Riley and her mother submit to comfort eating (tsk tsk) and go for gooey, makes everything better pizza… Only to be given… A “DISGUSTING” broccoli topped pizza!


HA! I’ll show them I thought as I FINALLY realized that the voice of Riley’s parents belonged to that of Diane Lane and Kyle MacLachlan


And that is exactly what I did… However, this is not your ordinary pizza… For it’s 100% gluten, dairy, soy, sugar and nut free (and it can certainly be made VEGAN too). 


Check out just how I concocted such a JOYFUL pizza pie, that I know the cast of Inside Out would love, featuring the STALKY greenery


Here’s the inside scoop on how to make the pie…

  • Preheat your oven to 350 degrees
  • Combine all ingredients into a bowl… Put your man-power into it and stir away.
  • Line a baking sheet with parchment paper. Spread batter into a pizza shape on paper.
  • Bake dough for roughly 12 minutes.
  • After 12 minutes, take dough out, and throw your toppings on!
  • Bake for another 5 to 6 minutes!

So tell me…

  • What’s your favorite kind of pizza?
  • Have you ever tried to make pizza at home? 
  • What celebrity deserves a EXTRA LARGE pizza in the face? 
  • If you could share some pizza with Amy Poehler, Bill Hader, Mindy Kaling, Lewis Black OR Phyllis Smith, who would you enjoy it with and why? 
  • Who’s seeing INSIDE OUT tonight (or this weekend)?! 
  • What would you top this pizza with? 
  • What vegetable do YOU love that everyone else seems to hate?



  1. I really want to see Inside Out after reading your post!! I love broccoli – it’s one of my favorites.

  2. Going to see Inside Out tonight and I can’t wait!!! I love that you loved it – now I can totally have confidence in talking my boyfriend into the fact he WILL enjoy it as well.

    • OMG YES! PLEASE come back tomorrow and tell me what you think?! Pretty please, with broccoli on top?! LOL!
      PS: brought man-friend to this movie… He was SOOOOO skeptical and didn’t even want to go (almost didn’t) but um, guess who LOVED IT SO FREAKING MUCH too… HIM! BAH HA AH! Tell your boyfriend to shut up! 😉

  3. I like it!!! I need to try the nutritional yeast as being vegan, I always eat pizza sans cheese now.

    I like cauliflower better than broccoli.

    Check out the Ove-glove. Much better than mitts.

    • I think…. I like cauliflower better than broccoli too, but if you see the movie, you’ll understand the reference – although I mentioned why I use broccoli above too! Spoiler alert!

  4. That pizza looks so yummy. I really want to see Inside Out!

  5. I’ve been wanting to see Inside Out, so I’m glad to hear the good review! And why does broccoli always gotta get a bad rep? It’s so good people, come on!

    • Imagine if this movie was not good? How disappointing would that be! :( Thankfully that is just NOT the case… Just like broccoli!

  6. You know I love my cauliflower pizza. I must try this next. I think I like all veggies… except white potatoes. They are so gross. I know everyone thinks I’m nuts though. Amy Poehler would understand… I’ll share my pizza with her.

    • I was definitely going to do a cauliflower crust, but the whole cheese cloth, excess water, blah blah blah, seemed like wayyyy too much work – this crust = SO MUCH EASIER!! BOOM! Amy would friggin’ love this pizza, we need to hunt her down and force-feed her!

  7. Oh my gosh, how cute are you?! What an adorable post! And yes, your broccoli pizza looks SOOOO much better than the cartoon versions. Broccoli is not the enemy, kids.

    Thanks for stopping by Food & Fitness Friday!

  8. brilliant!!! I love broccoli and your pizza is amazing!

    • WHY THANK YOU lady!!!!!! I would even let you drink a beer as you scarf this puppy down, if you so wish to do so! LOL!

  9. I love a good veggie pizza, this looks so yummy Gigi!

  10. Mmm pizza. I love a basic cheese pizza, with a thick crust. But I enjoy adding artichokes, mushrooms and sundries tomatoes too. Never tried broccoli but maybe I will;)

    • When I was younger, I was the basic cheese with a thick crust, maybe with the crust stuffed too?? 😉 Oh baby! That should be something I try in the future!

  11. Well I do like broccoli so I am ready to enjoy your pizza without arm twisting. but yeah in a movie a broccoli topped pizza…SO San Fran lol.

  12. I’ve actually had broccoli on my pizza before and it was fantastic!! Plus, it’s one of the only cooked veggies that my sun(shine) will eat. He likes his blanched though (I think that’s the proper term), with basil, evoo, and Himalayan salt. tee hee. Hmmm..now you’ve got me thinking about basil and broccoli together on a pizza. That would probably be realllll tasty. Licking my lips atm (and it’s not because of the sausage either). Geez, omg Gigi! Love you girl!

    • I CANNOT believe your son likes broccoli! I was such a BRAT when I was younger and hated EVERYTHING green. I feel sorry for my parents, that’s for sure! ha ha!
      And since you’re licking your lips, it’s obvious what you have to do next… MAKE PIZZA this weekend 😀

  13. I sort of wrote my whole comment on your YouTube channel. :)


    I think you know my thoughts on who needs a pizza in the face like Kenye & Chris Brown & a few others!

    • THANK YOU Jody! It’s hard to figure out where to leave comments, anywhere is awesome – and I love you for it!!!

  14. Oh c’mon you know you wanted at least half that sausage…a quarter is basically the tip…bahwhaw.
    But really looks awesome! My pizza is usually jam packed with green veggies too so much that the hubbs doesn’t call it pizza anymore. Pffft what does he know?!

    • LMFAO! Maybe I just like THE TIP?! Would you told it against me? LMFAO – OKAY UM…. What woman would just like the tip, SERIOUSLY??? AHHHH HA HA HA AH AH AHAHAH AH!

      What does your hubs call it then?

      • He calls it “not pizza” lol…too many veg and not enough meat and cheese. Silly boys! Apparently just the tip is not enough meat…for my pizza. Pizza. I was totally talking about PIZZA!

  15. I can’t wait to see this movie now, thanks! And I am all for broccoli on pizza, so this looks wonderful!

  16. I need to see this movie! And that pizza looks so darn good! :)

  17. I would probably feel happiness! 😀

  18. Great healthy pizza love it! My grandson who is 1 loves his broccoli you will be happy to hear – not sure for how long though. Thanks for sharing this fun post and recipe with us at #WednesdaysWisdom

    • I CANNOT BELIEVE your grandson, who is 1 years old LOVES broccoli! That is UNHEARD of to me! I hope he likes it forever!

      • I know I was surprised too! His mum and dad are quite health conscious and have started him eating all different kinds of foods which is great. Lots of veggies.

        • My mom was very health conscious too, however……. That backfired because it just made me want to eat cookies more, LOL

  19. If peeing your pants is cool, consider me Miles Davis!
    The kids are going to see it tomorrow with Cassidy. I’m so envious but I have to work. I’ll see it next week I hope. I’ll wear my Depend undergarments!
    And in reference to your vegetable question, I’ll eat asparagus before I pee my pants.

    • Stupid work! Don’t they realize that this movie is extremely important – COMMON NOW, but at least you’ll be able to see it next week and you’ll wear those Depend undergarments 😉

      Mmmm asparagus pee. LOL

  20. Love this pizza! I make Laura’s cauliflower pizza all the time. PS I need a sugar daddy should Iove to LA?

    • YOU SHOULD MOVE TO LA…. But um, it’s not all that glamorous out here actually… And the Sugar Daddy’s out here… Kinda gross. So I guess your only incentive to move out here is to be my neighbor! 😉

  21. Thanks for sharing on the Healthy Living Link Party.

  22. I need to see this movie now, purely to do a LC afterwards 😉

  23. Hi Gigi, sounds like a cute movie, broccoli is my favorite veggie, so I would love this pizza. Amy P would be fun to share a pizza with.

  24. My husband and I got to go to an early screening of the movie this past week (courtesy of his company’s partnership with Pixar) and we loved it! It was so funny because we could relate to so many of the things Riley didn’t like with SF – we just moved here from Minnesota this past Fall and it really is like a different world. SF does do weird things to pizza 😉

    • OMG seriously? I haven’t been to San Fran since I was about 6 years old so I remember absolutely nothing… I guess my memory balls went to the depths where you know who went :( lol – But amazing movie, right? I want to go see it again!

  25. Another great recipe in the books! I’d top it with onions peppers and mushrooms- with a side of roasted broccoli. OR topped with white sauce, broc, onions and red peppers. So indecisive. Happy weekend darling!

    • HA HA! Oh I am so indecisive too, perhaps you just need to make about 5 pizzas so you can cure your uncertainty! lol

  26. Well now I have to see that movie! It sounds hilarious. Broccoli really does get such a bad rap, unfortunately!! I love that the movie inspired you to make that delicious pizza. I love making pizza at home! I love it with lots of veggies and pepperonis :).

    • I had never made pizza at home alone before and I have to say, I am a HUGE fan! So this will certainly be happening again and honestly, I think seeing the movie will happen again too!

  27. Love pizza being a native New Yorker :) my favorite pizza is anchovies, pepperoni, onion and cooked crispy !!! I think pizza with Amy Poehler would be fun. Your pizza looks tasty all good stuff. Do you like this crust better that the cauliflower crust ?? I would ok omitting some broccoli for sausage :) This Pixar movie sounds good, it actually might help some young people cope with life by adding some humor. Iknow the trick with conventional pizza dough is to stretch it not roll it. Thanks again :)

    • I actually REALLY like this crust better than cauliflower – it holds together far better that’s for sure. Also, I ADORE ANCHOVIES on pizza, and my next go at this pizza will include the delicious creature of the sea that no one else seems to like, haha. Try out this crust if you ever get a chance to! I know you’re busy! :(

  28. I adore broccoli, though it doesn’t adore me. YOLO though as we know we EAT WHAT WE WANT. Well, kinda. HAHA. This pizza though…looks so good. I need to play with tapioca flour more.

    • YES YOU DO! I have been playing around with it far more these days and I am LOVING IT! Seriously loving it! 😀 Probably just as much as I love you!

  29. My favorite type of pizza is either veggie or straight cheese.. the more types of cheeses the better. <3 Especially with tomatoes on top. I LOVE tomatoes.. nom nom nom. I would have pizza with Amy Poehler because she's hilarious and girl power! :) I haven't seen Inside Out but I hear it's great – I'll probably try to see it sometime in the next two weeks. :) Have a great one cutie pie! -Iva

  30. I love broccoli but I’ve never put it on a pizza before. Seriously, what was I thinking?? I need a broccoli pizza while I watch this movie. Ha!

    • OMG I cannot believe YOU out of all people have no put broccoli on pizza, that’s crazy talk!! Get to it Maureen!

  31. Oh my gosh! Broccoli pizza for real?I love a veggie pizza, this looks so damn too delicious, Gigi! BTW, you are so adorable! :)

    • Putting veggies on a pizza is the best way to get your extra dose or 5 😉

      And um, THANK YOU… I am blushing.

  32. I haven’t seen the movie yet but definitely adding to my must watch list! Love this veggie packed pizza! Broccoli is one of my favorite greens!

  33. Sounds like a movie worth watching if it makes you laugh that much. You did a great job with the broccoli pizza, actually I love broccoli and I love gluten and grain free.
    Thanks for bringing laughs to Fridays Blog Booster Party

    • Yay! Well if you love broccoli and grain/gluten-free then… I certainly made this recipe for you 😉

  34. I haven’t had broccoli pizza but this looks freakin’ fantastic! Great pics, too, GiGi.
    My favourite is a concoction I put together. Crust is similar, no tomato base just olive oil with dried basil and a touch of oregano. Topping – asparagus, cherry tomatoes, pineapple, mushrooms, shrimp, red peppers and mozzarella cheese. It’s awesome!
    Always a please to visit, crazy girl!

    • OMG you like my pics?!?!?! Hot damn, that is a SERIOUS compliment because I am definitely NOOOOO food photographer, that’s for sure! ha ha.

      Everyone seems to LOVE pineapple on their pizza, that scares me a little bit. LOL – and wait, all those toppings, do you like them together??? HA HA! That would make for one PARTY-STYLE pizza for sure!

  35. I LOVE THIS! Broccoli is the BEST! I just made an amazing “macaroni” and cheese with quinoa, broccoli and bacon. It was AMAZING! I will have to post the recipe now, just to keep the broccoli love train going! 😉

  36. LOVE veggies on pizza – the more the better – pile them on!!!

  37. GiGi, I haven’t seen this yet! Thanks for the warnings! I’ll have my pizza with Amy Poehler; loved her in Parks and Rec. And I love broccoli and ALL vegetables. I make pizza a lot. I’m kind of famous for my crust (not gluten-free, though I do some gluten-free baking). About the only common pizza toppings I don’t like are pineapple and anchovies. I like them both other places, just not on pizza, thank you veddy much.

    • Famous for your crusts huh?? That’s pretty amazing. I wish I didn’t have food intolerances so I can sample them 😉 That being said, I put you to the test of making GLUTEN FREE/DAIRY FREE pizza crust! 😀

  38. I totally can’t wait to see this movie! It looks adorable.
    Their take on broccoli is disappointing, I guess they were trying to go for funny. But veggies on pizza are awesome. Mushroom pizza is my fav, but I would happily munch on broccoli pizza.
    I would be especially happy to munch on your pizza recipe. YUM! It sounds completely delicious. And I would LOVE for you to share this awesome-sauce pizza recipe at Healthy Vegan Fridays http://rockmyvegansocks.com/healthy-vegan-fridays-52/

    • Kimmy, I will totally share my pizza with everyone on Healthy Vegan Fridays! 😀

      And you’re right – it seems like everyone’s aversion to broccoli is waning because all the comments I am reading state that everyone LOVES broccoli, including KIDS!!! I was SOOO NOT that kid at all! LOL! I feel so so sorry for my parents, ha ha!

  39. You’ve officially talked me into seeing inside out :) I am not a movie watcher– I probably see 2 a year!

    I am surprised they call broccoli disgusting! Broccoli tends to be most kids’ favorite vegetables– and they love it with cheese! On pizza sounds amazing.

    • OKAY SERIOUSLY kids are SOOOOO different than when I was younger! I HATED BROCCOLI, HATED IT! ha ah aha! I was my parents SATAN child, LOL. You’re lucky your kids like it… And I know your kids and YOU will adore this movie! Make it the one of two you see this year 😉

  40. Do people still hate vegetables? Is that still a thing? I hate white potatoes and everyone loves those, does that count?

    • OH I HATE WHITE POTATOES TOO!!! Finally someone else! Laura of Sprint 2 the Table doesn’t like them either!

  41. We are DYING to see this movie! So, thanks for the great review and the WARNING! Thanks for sharing at the #HomeMattersParty – we love partying with you! Hope to see you next Friday. :)

    Life With Lorelai

    • Aw thanks Lorelai! I love partying with you too! Next Friday is my birthday so I will try my best to be there, however it’s also FitBloggin’ a blog conference in Denver and I am going to be talk! 😮

      GO SEE THIS MOVIE this week though, please please!

  42. I saw it today and all I have to say is that my personal memory dump is very full and short term memory has been crushed by lack of sleep. Don’t get me started on Bing Bong… don’t get me started. Congratulations Auntie. xoxoxox

    • OMG BING BONG!! I didn’t want to give that part away AT ALL in this review. I couldn’t! But that’s where the tissues come into play, ha ha!

      Oh and THANK YOU! 😉 <3

  43. If I put broccoli on pizza my husband might walk out the door and never come back. But, the other veggies sound delicious, so I might be able to slip a few stalks in. We were with the grandsons all weekend but didn’t make it to the movie. I really want to though, with or without them.

    • Ah ha ha ha aha ha ha ahaha! Well I wouldn’t want to cause your husband to walk out, so maybe omit the broccoli on this one for you! 😉

      And even with the grandkids gone, you could totally see this movie and still adore it!

  44. Dear Gigi, I must admit I love making my own pizza. I think I stopped buying take out about 3 years now. I always make it at home. I have not tried a vegan pie…but I love your source of inspiration for this recipe. Inside Out looks like such a fun movie…when my daughter showed me the trailer, we were all laughing! xo, Catherine

    • Well I hope you and your daughter have a date to see the movie this week :) If the box office is any indication, this movie rocks just as much as I say it does – ha ha.

      What kind of pizza do you make at home? I would be curious to know your thoughts on my pizza!

  45. I like peas. Why do people not like peas? Pea Pizza . . . . it’s the next big thing

  46. Broccoli is my favourite vegetable! I somehow never get sick of it. Definitely want to try broccoli pizza!

    • Girl, if you love yourself some broccoli then you will ADORE broccoli pizza but of course! 😀 There are some veggies I NEVER get sick of either… Ahem, butternut squash (although I guess that’s a fruit?)… And SPINACHHHH!!

  47. Visiting from the Recipe Swap. Great pizza!

  48. Alright I already wanted to see Inside Out now I REALLY want to see it AND follow it up with a gigantic broccoli pizza! This seriously looks ah-mazing! My husband usually makes a big whole-wheat pizza topped half with pepperoni (his) and half pineapple chunks/jalapenos (mine) but this would be a great change-up! 😀

    • Oh it certainly would – or at least top 1/2 that pizza your husband already makes with some Broccoli! 😀
      I cannot wait to hear your thoughts on the movie, it’s super cute – As I have already mentioned x 10 lol

  49. Definitely like the way your broccoli looks more!

  50. I ate the broccoli pizza. It was very good.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  51. Okay, I know that broccoli is the subject to debate here, but I already love broccoli and I’d much prefer to talk about your awesome crust! Such an easy quick crust…I usually don’t like coconut flour but something tells me I’d like this. What a beautiful healthy pizza. Count me in!

    • I was 100% impressed with this creation of mine! I totally went into this not having a clue what to expect but the tapioca flour compliments the coconut flour so well, they’re best buddy flours! lol

  52. I have no problem with broccoli but my fave vegetable of all time is Brussels sprouts! I’ve liked them since I was a little kid and no one else in the world I knew liked them. What can I say I was a nerdy little thing!

    • YOU CRAZY!!!!!!! I love Brussels Sprouts NOW, but when I was a kid, BAH HA HA HA HA HA! You gotta be kidding me! LOL! And yes, you were certainly a veggie nerd, LOL! – But I still love you cause now I am one too! 😉

  53. While broccoli might not be my FIRST choice in pizza toppings, I wouldn’t shake my head in disgust either. I think your version sounds delicious – love the nooch addition!

  54. Well, you definitely woke up my love for broccoli lol and now I want to see Inside Out with a bowl of broccoli instead of popcorn.

    • OMG YES!! IF ONLY movie theaters offered up ROASTED BROCCOLI instead of (or at least as an option) POPCORN!!!!!! THAT WOULD BE THE DAY – I would probably FAINT if I ever saw that, LOL!!!! The movie theater would definitely SMELL interesting, bah ha ha!

  55. Broccoli is actually the one veg my toddler will eat surprisingly. I didn’t like broccoli till I was in my 20’s so she’s way ahead of me! Haha my new obsession is baked cauli…maybe it deserves to be a pizza topping? Or maybe not…haha! #tastytuesdays

    • You and I are very much alike! I was late to the broccoli game! But it sounds like so many kids are LOVING broccoli these days – ha! My parents HATED ME – 😉
      And OHH YES I do adore cauliflower for sure! It’s so tasty roasted. It could definitely be a pizza topping!

  56. You’re right, I think Riley and her mother would love your pizza. For real. I know my family will. :)

  57. This looks delicious! I love all the veggies on my pizza.

  58. Broccoli on pizza? Ok. I’ll let this pass! But I’m sure yours rocks!

  59. I love broccoli and it’s delicious on pizza! My absolute favorite vegetable is the beet. It’s totally hated and unappreciated. Most people I’ve encountered think they don’t like beets, but either never tried them or have only had the kind from a can. We’ve already talked about how infrequently I go to the movies, so I’m fairly certain that I will not be going to see Inside Out this weekend. :)

  60. I love broccoli on pizza. Can’t wait to see the movie!

  61. I’ve never tried to make my own pizza! Yours sounds really healthy! Thanks for sharing this at the bloggers brags party. Pinned!

  62. Oh my gosh, I can’t wait to see the movie, especially as someone who ALSO just moved to (the) San Francisco (Bay Area) and is adjusting! I am going to suggest it to my boyfriend this weekend!

    My favorite pizzas I have ever had have been the few different gluten free pizzas I have made at home (cauliflower crust, mushroom crust, eggplant crust, or almond/coconut flour crust), so I feel you for sure! And you know I put a TON of veggies on them!

    Oh… Can’t leave out Lou Malnati’s in chicago, though – Sausage Crust (still with a lot of veggies on top)!

    • OMG YES! It’s really going to hit home for you especially because you just moved to San Fran! You get the broccoli pizza yet? LOL.

      Sausage crust?! OH HUBBA HUBBA! Actually an upcoming recipe I am planning on doing is a meat crust pizza of sorts! :) Stay tuned for that scrumptiousness!

  63. I really enjoyed reading this! My friends saw Inside Out this weekend and hated it! After reading this, I actually want to see it! Have you read Amy Poehlers book? I just started it… And broccoli pizza? Looks great! Have you ever tried making pizza w cauliflower crust? So good!

    • OMG your friend hated it??! WHY WHY WHY! lol! You must go see it now and tell me what YOU think. I am so sad she/he hated it. LOL.

      And I have yet to read her book, but now I am going to head over to AMAZON and buy it – ha ha ha!!

      I have tried Cauliflower Crust, but THIS crust… WAY MORE like the real thing! :)

  64. How could one little veggie be so infamous? I personally love broccoli, and I don’t understand a bit why everyone seems to despise it so much. And why doesn’t cauliflower get the bad rap? It has the same texture and tree like figure!
    Anyways, I LOVE avocados and chickpeas (sorry, neither of those are vegetables). But others in my family don’t seem to love them the way I do.

    • Oh avocados and chickpeas are friggin’ AWESOME – couldn’t agree more. Chickpeas roasted… SWOON!!!!

  65. I need to watch this movie! That pizza looks yummy, not disgusting at all! By the way, I love your shirt! Thanks for sharing. #ConfessionsLinkUp

  66. Thank you for sharing on last week’s #FoodandFitnessFriday! This is one of the featured stories this week!

  67. Yum, I love veggie pizza! Great recipe, pile on the broccoli!

  68. OMG! I love your video! I love your pizza! Awesome recipe! Thank you so much for the recipe! I can’t eat cheese either ;p

  69. Sure you can :)

  70. I am open to just about any fruit or vegetable, but I just can’t eat broccoli. I loved it as a kid, but I can’t even look at it now. I’m with Inside Out on this one 😉 Which I want to see so badly by the way.

    • That’s interesting!!! Did something traumatic happen? 😮
      And I totally wanna see INSIDE OUT again, right now! aha ha!

  71. I LOVE that this is such a healthy pizza! the tapiocoa flour and coconut flour is such a great combo idea! and I gotta see this movie, we are planning to go this weekend! it looks so good! 😉

    • YES!! I cannot wait to hear your thoughts on this movie. I need to go see it again this week! 😀 And I actually really really love the tapicoa and coconut flour combo!

  72. I have to admit, I’m not a broccoli lover – the texture just weirds me out too much! So I cut it up really small and hide it in things, like pizza! This looks really delicious, I’ll just cut it up really really small :) Inside Out was wonderful! Definitely another classic cry-worthy Pixar movie!

    • HA HA!!! Broccoli certainly isn’t for everyone. I can really only eat it roasted, that’s for sure. Cutting it up into tiny bits definitely helps!! 😉

  73. FIrst of all, I am totally in love with that movie. I took my boys to see it and while the concept was a little over their head, we all loved it. I always enjoy the adult humor in the Pixar movies. But my boys are kind of rare in that they LOVE broccoli!! Not sure how I lucked out with that, but I’m not complaining. Never thought to put it on their pizza though, great idea. My favorite pizza is green pepper and onion!

    • Right? I am so in love with this movie too – I have to go see it again… Mmmmmmmmm MAYBE today or TOMORROW! 😉 Pixar is just 100% genius when it comes to sneaking in adult humor that kids don’t catch up on!
      AND I CANNOT BELIEVE your boys like broccoli, they truly are RARE!!

  74. Where do they get off calling broccoli on pizza disgustingly?! Ummm, I’m pretty sure that broccoli on a pizza is the best thing since sliced brea…err..sliced broccoli.
    You definitely make me want to watch the movie AND make this pizza.

  75. I LOVE LOVE that you made the broccoli pizza, genius idea!!! Love your blog, so creative and witty! Following you and looking forward to reading more! :-)

    • I LOVE LOVE that you’re following my blog!!! 😀 I update it every Tuesday (and randomly some other days if I have “assignments” – LOL)… LOVEEE “meeting” new friends – so yay! Thanks Cathy!

  76. This is the cutest post I have ever seen! Your blog is awesome! And broccoli is so good, how do people hate it!? Lol

    • Erica! OMG you just made my day and it’s only 8:15 am! HA HA!!! Time for me to go to sleep and wake up tomorrow, ha! Love making new blog friends 😉

  77. I love broccoli on pizza! This looks yummy! Thanks for sharing on Creative K Kids’ Tasty Tuesdays link up. I have also pinned your recipe to our tasty Tuesday’s Pinterest Board. Hope to see you back next week!