GMOs: They Might Be For Dinner

Remember how roughly two weeks ago… I wrote a blog post on genetically modified foods (GMOs)?

Gigi looks at Spicy Chicken Deluxe Sandwich from Chick Fil A

No doubt there are GMOs in this Chick-Fil-A Burger!

Well… Today I want to continue my rant but this time not as much from my perspective… But from my sister’s point of view.

You see… She just popped her first child out (ouch!) and as a new mother, she wants the absolute best for her baby.


Check out this little burrito!

One of the things my sister wants to have control over is what she feeds her mini me. She wants to feed my niece the most nutrient dense and safest foods available.

GMO Labeling on apples

Lets make this labeling HAPPEN!

My sister has read all about GMOs. If you can recall from the last blog post I wrote… GMOs are experimental plants that have been genetically engineered in a laboratory with DNA from other plants. Seed producers use this technology to either modify their seeds to make them more resistant to their brand of herbicide or modify their seeds to contain built-in pesticides.


These tomatoes need drug rehab!

Based on her research… My sister has decided she would much prefer not feeding her baby girl GMO foods because of the risk of allergies that seem to run in our family (remember the picture of my allergic reaction?) and the fact that GMO foods have not been proven absolutely safe!


She feels strongly that the long-term consequences for the health of her child, and my little niece, have not been adequately investigated.

From my reading on this subject… I realize that my sister is far from alone in her wishes for the very best for her child. Best-selling author Anna Lappe, for example, reports that…

Mothers are increasingly concerned about their children’s exposure to chemicals and rightfully so.”

As matter of fact… A recent poll reported that 81% of mothers surveyed, showed that they would be less likely to purchase brand products if they found out that a company was using GMO food ingredients that contribute to the increased use of toxic pesticides.


I want to know WTF I am eating… K, thanks! 

Hopefully these types of polls will soon become a real problem for companies that cater to consumers like my sister…

For example… On that same poll I mentioned above… Almost 93% of mothers wanted Quaker specifically to label GMOs and 80% wanted Quaker to stop funding anti-GMO labeling efforts.

Ask Quaker to reveal GMos!

According to Gary Hirshberg… The chairman of the Just Label It campaign and co-founder of Stonyfield Farm, if companies like Quaker continue to refuse to label their foods (GMO/GMO free) they will lose the trust of their most loyal customers… Ahem, mothers… Like my sister (and perhaps you?).

This will certainly affect their bottom line!


They see me strollin’… They hatin’…

The good news is that the word is getting out there! One hundred and thirty-five companies across the country including Chipotle now support mandatory labeling of GMOs as members of the Just Label It campaign. This campaign (and my sister) needs your support to add Quaker to that ever expanding list of wonderful companies that support GMO labeling!


This list is GROWING thanks to everyone’s help!

To help with that… My sister as a new mother who wants the best for her child, strongly urges you to add your name to a petition calling for Quaker and PepsiCo to support a federal law that would make GMO labeling mandatory.

I will leave you with one more quote from Anna Lappe…

“It should be my decision whether or not to feed my children foods produced with GMOs. I can do that if they are labeled organic, but otherwise the only way I’ll know whether a food contains GMOs is if it’s labeled.”

My sister certainly agrees… As should you! 

Yay GiGi

Please Sign The Petition asking Quaker to support mandatory FDA labeling of GMOs (and to stop funding anti-mandatory labeling efforts.

Just Label It

Also… Take a minute to check out and follow… 

The Just Label It Facebook Page

The Just Label It Twitter Feed

You can also show your support by tweeting, using the hashtag #ConcealOrReveal letting our government know how you feel about the DARK act and GMO labeling! I have your back… Here are some sample tweet:

So Tell Me…

  • Do you care what you and your children eat?
  • Will you be signing the petition so we can know what we’re eating?
  • Did you eat Quaker Oatmeal this morning?
  • Why do you think food companies are so damn shady?
  • What one TERRIBLY UNHEALTHY food can you just NOT get out of your life?
  • What advice do you have for my sister who is officially a FIRST TIME/NEW MOM??

Arman of the big man's world and GiGi eats celebrities are not fans of Walden Farms Maple Syrup

This post was created as a part of the JUST LABEL IT campaign in which I am a finically Labeling Advocate. The opinions are my own and based on my own experience.


  1. AGREED! It is so important to know what is in your food!

    • RIGHT LIZ??? Even if you don’t care – we at least should have the option of KNOWING! Hope you sign the petition!

  2. Consider it signed! I prefer cooking at home because sometimes I don’t even trust restaurants! Haha. I really got into figuring out what was in my food about 2 years ago and has become a big concern of mine ever since. Money makes everyone shady so it’s definitely all about the profit for these companies instead of our health which is rather depressing when you think about it. Haha. But I will say, Domino’s cinna-stix and pop-tarts for lyfe… pretty sure they could survive an astroid strike YOLO.

    • Thank you so much for signing! :) And I agree, cooking at home is far better than going out – we can control what’s going in our mouths… To an extend at least!

      I hate that money makes everything so shady! You really cannot trust ANYONE with an ulterior motive (that is $$)

      AND OMG Domino’s! Haven’t had that in YEARS!!!!!!! BAH HA HA – so true about that astroid! 😉

  3. Bothers me SO much when my family members shun GMOs. It’s important to get our produce from the best sources possible! Our dollar is our vote!

    • Ugh – I hate when family members or friends just rip into crappy food and don’t give two hoots – I love them enough to want them to be HEALTHY!!

  4. Congrats on the birth of your niece! How exciting! This topic is very important to me. Not to long ago, I read a study that was conducted that found that over 200 chemicals (including BPA) were found in newborn baby umbilical cords and that finding is VERY troubling. That’s completely down to the crap in all the mass produced food (as well as the packaging it goes in). People need to be informed. I am very passionate about this, and understand that the consumption of modified and toxic foods like this goes far past the labeling process, but the labels are definitely needed. These companies do it because it makes money. You get more for your money when you tamper with nature. More growth, more products, more sales, more money. Money rules all and it’s disgusting. It’s great that you’re sharing this information and working to get them to come clean and give consumers a choice.

    • I am going to meet my new niece this Sunday, so we shall see how “exciting” it truly is, LOL!!!
      And holy crap, that study is scary and interesting all rolled into one! And you’re right, people NEED TO BE INFORMED – regardless as to whether or not they want to be. We at least need the option of choosing! That’s all we friggin’ ask for – COMMON BIG COMPANIES!

      I love your dedication to this campaign! :)

  5. Thank you for sharing. It is a complicated issue, but I agree that we deserve information on what we are potentially putting into our bodies. Your niece is so cute!

    • Yep! We need all the support we can get so we can make sure this happens in the near future!! And thank you – I shall relay the message to my sister 😉

  6. I signed and am with you on this fight, enough with companies fighting to keep what’s in “food” a secret… I am all about organic and real food for my family. Stopping by from #TuesdaysTable

    • Thank you so much for signing Karen!! I hate that we have to QUOTE “food” – Ugh. It’s pathetically sad!

  7. I thought GMO just gave you an excuse to eat more, or for an extra smattering of flavor ;D
    In my opinion, if you want to eat GMO or not, that is totally your prerogative. Just like eating vegan or paleo or whatever. But I do think that consumer and producer transparency is what is the most important–people can decide for themselves, but they have the right to make that decision.

    • I agree with you – You can do as you please when it comes to eating, I just want GMOs labeled as such. I mean, something that’s VEGAN or PALEO is labeled as such, if TOO MUCH – ha ha ah! I like when everything is transparent!

  8. Great post! The Just Label It campaign is SO important!!! We need to eat good food that’s good for us!

  9. Glad to see your continuing efforts for fighting the good food fight, GiGi!

    The world keeps going in the wrong direction, and it will take a serious effort and sacrifice to change that. Every little step that we as individuals take, can as the larger group make a difference.

    Congratulations to your sister and her husband! Get as much sleep as you can, share the workload, and be a team. All for one, and one for all!

    • Ugh – I HATE that the world keeps going in the WRONG direction. Aren’t we supposed to LEARN FROM MISTAKES?! Baffling to me, completely baffling.

      And when I see my sister on Sunday, I will tell her to go take a nap, I will watch the baby. HA HA HA! I doubt she will be able to nap if she knows I AM WATCHING HER! lol

  10. First off CONGRADULATIONS on the new baby, Aunty GiGi :) I look for non GMO all the time and gluten free when possible. Think about how long bi pedal hominoids (sounds cool) have been around. Wonder what we ate as new born and toddlers let’s say 100k years ago, wasn’t formula or lumpy cereal. I think we have become weak in many ways as a race. I did a research paper on food colorings and juvenile delinquency, I would say keep the little one off them completely and be their best friend and parent, build trust. I wish them a great life and we need scientist’s and astrophysicists for the future :) hint !!!
    Keep up the fight GiGi
    Check this out on how old we are:

    • Thank YOU! I am going to meet the new baby this weekend, so keep your eyes peeled on my social media 😉
      I think 100k years ago the first things we ate were grasses and wild animals that we could kill! Perhaps some salmon?? – ha ha. We have certainly become incredibly weak as a race, because we rely far too much on TECHNOLOGY!!! Technology is a blessing and a curse.

      I have a feeling my sister and her little girl will grow into fast friends :) I mean, that’s why women have children right?

      Oh and I have to say, I think I look a bit like the: Australopithecus africanus 😉

  11. I’ll sign! I can do that!!
    Oh man – you’re an Aunt now! Look at that little burrito. Only the best for her.. and for all the children of our world.

  12. Done and tweeted and shared!

  13. If you’ve seen Fed Up or Food Inc., you might see how badly money is involved for so many things!! Politics and money have no place in how we purchase foods or feed our children (or nieces), but unfortunately, they’re involved. Gah!! Seeing labels on foods would definitely be nice – that way we’re at least AWARE!

    • I haven’t seen either – but now I am really thinking I need to, however I KNOW MONEY is a hugeeeeeeeee motivator! :(

  14. Love you standing up for this cause! I would like to be notified what is in the food I am eating for sure. I don’t think that food companies are any more shady than any other big corporations. All of them have some sort of agenda to use their marketing and public relations department for!

  15. I don’t want to eat GMO’s either. In Oz, all products with GMO’s have to be labelled and I’m amazed that isn’t the case in the USA. Congrats to your sister on the arrival of her gorgeous baby xx

  16. Congratulations on becoming an Auntie!! That little burrito is adorable!
    Love this post! It is so important to know what we are putting into our bodies. I will be signing the petition. We all have to for our children’s sake.

  17. Congratulations Auntie! Powerful article! It’s unfortunate that most of these companies have a, “Don’t ask don’t tell” policy when it comes to labeling their products. Our body is our temple we have the right to know what goes in it! Great article!

    • Oh you’ve got that right! Our bodies certainly are our temples!! And what’s annoying is I don’t think it’s even a “don’t ask, don’t tell” it’s more of a “If you ask, we won’t tell you” situation! :-/ That is of course, until we get enough petition signatures!

  18. yes yes yes AUNT GIGI!!
    I entirely agree, will sign and CANNNOT WAIT TO SEE YOU IN DENVER.

  19. Supporting from Europe! Shared and tweeted.. BOOM!

    This campaign is SO important; WE / You – ANYONE has the right to know what the hack goes down the system, when buying and eating pre-made /store-bought foods from companies! AMEN..

    And congrats on the little one, Auntie :)

  20. Congrats Auntie!!
    What an adorable burrito!

  21. Cutest burrito baby ever! Congrats. And great move on your sis’ part to be more careful in food choices. Just label it sounds like a great effort.

  22. Now that my kids are getting older and I can explain the importance of good nutrition, my youngest is still giving me the “but I don’t eat it all the time” and “its not that much”, blah blah blah… Its hard when their friends are eating crap!

    • That couldn’t be more true! My mom tried soooo hard to instill ideas of healthy eating in my brain when I was younger, but how on earth can she do that… When I go to my friend’s houses and they have boxes of Mac & Cheese and sugary cereals! ha ha!

  23. Great post! So much we don’t know about all sorts of things. I’m for as much info as possible on everything! Well, I guess for some things there may be too much info, but you know what I mean. 😉

  24. Good luck with your mission.

  25. Just signed it! Weren’t you so pissed when California voters turned down the law making it mandatory to label GMOs a few years ago? GRRR. I couldn’t believe that people were so scared into thinking that their food would become more expensive that they’d rather not know if something has GMOs….or perhaps the majority just doesn’t care what’s in their food. I’m 100% with you! I try to avoid them, but I’m sure that I eat them because without general labeling, it’s hard to tell what has GMOs and what doesn’t!!

    • OH MAN YES! Ridiculous beyond belief. Ugh………. Sadly there will ALWAYS be GMO food whether it’s labeled or not. People have the right to choose. If you feel the need to purchase something with GMOs that is a bit cheaper than something without them, well, fine, that’s your choice… But again, WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO KNOW!

  26. Yes!!! I am totally want to know what’s in my food. GMO ingredients at the very least need to be labeled so we can choose as consumers. Congrats on becoming an auntie – what a little sweetheart :)

  27. Great post! we need to know what’s in our food – even though some people don’t care everyone has the right to know and they can make their own decision. Thanks for sharing on the healthy living link party.

  28. This is crazy!! I’ve been doing some research on GMO’s and it’s scary stuff. They definitely need to label packages so we know what we are putting in our bodies ( and feeding our kids!).

  29. 1. Your niece is adorable.
    2. Signing now.

  30. This is definitely a worthy cause Gigi. They should stop having GMO’s in food. It’s not safe for anyone, especially for children. Keep fighting the good fight girl and I will si gn that petition.

    Kia / The House of KTS

  31. What an adorable burrito! :O

    I’m really happy to see a lot of my favorite companies on that list (<3 Nature's Path!!)! 😀 Definitely hoping it's continuing to grow!

  32. Congrats on becoming an auntie! I LOVE the baby burrito! I agree – we should have the right to decide what we eat and feed our children, so label that stuff! I would definitely choose a non GMO food over a frankenfood!

    • Baby burrito is on my menu this weekend – aka, I am meeting her! haha. Not eating her. Or I at least don’t plan on that… YET – ha ha ah ah!

  33. I love that you’re raising awareness to this. I had Quaker oats this morning, but I think I’ll have to stop consuming them until they agree to label GMOs. Great post, Gigi! :)

    • YES!!!! I LOVEEEEEEE that you said this Kennedy!! THANK YOU! I am thrilled you want to boycott until they agree :) That’s what we are working on!

  34. Thanks Gigi for raising awareness about GMO’s.. I want to know!!

  35. I’m glad you’re working to get the word out. I’ve done a couple posts about GMO labeling in the last couple years. It drives me crazy that voters continue to allow Monsanto and other companies to pull the wool over our eyes and convince us to vote against our best interest !

    • It drives me JUST AS CRAZY Debbie! I am glad you’ve posted about this in the past! We need everyone to KNOW :)

  36. I think as more consumers get savvy and expect more truth in advertising, the big corps will cave into the pressure!

    • I really truly hope so! I mean it happened with GLUTEN-FREE, it’s happening with PALEO… People will listen at some point, or so we hope!!

  37. I totally agree! It is so important to know what is in your food! I have so many allergies because of that! Thank you so much fro this post!

    • YOU AND ME BOTH Marcela!!! What are your allergies?! We could be allergy twins! hahaha. Oh wait, it may not be that funny cause allergies suck!

  38. petition signed! Congrats on the birth of your niece! She is lucky to have you out there fighting for her :) great campaign!

  39. Label all GMO’s! Awesome GiGi! Congrats on your lovely niece!

  40. Great post! I am even more scared, you know where I live. :( I guess if I had one important message to pass on to your sister with the new little burrito, love and hug often as they grow up so fast!

    • OH I have a feeling my sister will smother her little burrito! She’s officially a week old! That week flew by, I can only imagine the years flying by too!

  41. Isn’t it wonderful having a little niece that you can spoil? She’s adorable…and great looking wheels!
    I have spent a lot of time educating my nephews (who are 12 and 10 now) from a very young age about healthy foods and their benefits. Their parents do as well and they are such healthy, well behaved kids as a result. I’m sure that half of the problems that kids display are a result of their poor eating. Once I explained that food is fuel – they got it. They don’t drink pop or eat junk food and love their fruits and veggies. It’s all a matter of educating and empowering. They’ll take it from there.
    Great post once again, girl!

    • Well I will let you know about whether or not it’s wonderful having a niece when I meet her for the first time this weekend 😉 It will be interesting to see her grow up!!

      Im impressed that your nephews are well behaved! When I was younger my mom tried so hard to teach me healthy living and what not, and all I did was rebel! Can you believe I actually RAN AWAY FROM HOME because my mother tried to feed me salmon? UHHHHH and now I cannot even go ONE DAY without salmon! ha ah ah aha hah aha!!! So weird. I am glad your nephews are NOT terrors like I was! lol. I wonder if my niece will be like me 😉

  42. Congratulations! Your niece is adorable.

    Whatever happens with the GMO labeling law, one thing’s for certain. I’ll continue to purchase from the brands that do label. You can bet that the non GMO companies WILL label, and those that don’t probably use GMO’s in their products.

    • OH TOTALLY!!! People who do not use GMOs are PROUD of that, and will of course display that HAPPILY!!! You’re so so so right about the others! A-HOLES. bah ha ha!

  43. Such a great post. Since our family owns an organic egg business this is such a big topic for us and our family. My husband is doing his part to work together with people Like Gary Hirshberg to lobby for mandatory GMO Labeling. So important!

    • OMG that’s incredible and AWESOME :) Give your husband a HUGE hug for me…. And then can you send me some eggs?? 😉

  44. I really try to avoid GMOs, but I know it’s hard. There’s all kinds of crazy things lurking in our food. That’s why I cook most of the time – but even then, are the vegetables and fruits GMO? It’s all crazy. We should just eat real foods like we did fifty years ago.

    • EXACTLY!! You can cook at home and still be eating GMOs :( It’s not an ingredient we necessarily have any control over, YET!

  45. The baby I’m sure is like, yay I have an aunt who’s an advocate.

  46. Just for fun, I wrote a post with a couple of gluten free snack recommendations here if you want to look ;):

  47. Of course I don’t eat Quaker!!! haven’t in years. Have you tried these two gluten free snacks?

  48. Ok, several things here. First, I definitely do my best to avoid gmos like the plague! Thanks for this awesome post and I’ll definitely sign the petition! Second, you are looking MIGHTY FINE there girlfriend with your new profile pic! WOW! Drool…hahaha!
    Third, I didn’t know you and Arman were buds! He is my online buddy! :) I love Arman and secretly have a crush on him, ok…not really a secret anymore huh? lol. A man that makes all those damn sweets of course just kills me!

    • HA HA! WHY THANK YOU – I just got some new head shots 😉 So I mean, I gotta swap em in – he he he!

      And yes, I love me some ARMEN I tried so hard to get him to move to Los Angeles on his one – year stay in the US. Still hoping he gets his booty over here 😉

  49. Very true, we need to know what we eat, and what’s in that! Your niece is just so so adorable! :)

  50. Hi GiGi! Thanks so much for helping to get this word out and for sharing this with our Let’s Get Real readers. I choose to not feed my family GMO foods, but that is difficult. Without a label……..I’m really just guessing sometimes. As parents we can raise our children how we want and feed them how we want, but we need information to make good informed choices. Congrats on being an Aunt!

  51. So true, Gigi, and this is such a great thing to share. We need our food labelled, and congrats on becoming an aunt! :)

    • Thanks Marcie! lets hope when she is at least 5 years old, LABELS that say CONTAINS GMOs are standard!

  52. Agreed on labeling everything, I certainly want to know what I’m eating! Heck no on Quaker and haven’t in years either. Thankfully it’s getting easier to avoid crap processed foods like that and labeling is getting better. :-)

    • I LOVE that labeling is getting better! I have been gluten-free for 14 years and I ADORE the fact that more and more products are customizing their goods for the gluten-free audience! Common GMO labeling!

  53. OMG and GMO. Seriously great post and I love that you worked the mom/baby info into it as well. Also, thank you so much for your class today. I would love to know what you would charge for me to get a half hour with you on the phone for coaching. You are a wealth of information.

  54. Being an aunt is the best!! Tell your sister to just enjoy everything – the good, the bad, the ugly. Watching Lori be a mom is the best and seeing Madison grow is even better. There will be hard days, but it’s worth it. She will look back and laugh 😉

    • I am currently right next to my sister right now and reading her this comment :) So thank you!! She is very happy with her new little one!

  55. The way your brain works is awesome.

    “They see me strollin.” bahaha

    PS Thanks for linking up to Inspire Me Monday! I got so excited when I saw your post! <3

  56. SIGNED. Thanks, Gigi for all of your hard work! The food industry and their shady ways makes me so angry!! I could barely watch the documentary “Fed Up” without wanting to throw something at the TV! Thanks again for getting the word out 😉

    • Thank you for take the time to sign the petition! every little bit counts so you rock my socks off 😉

      I hope when you threw something at your TV you didn’t break it, LOL!

  57. Signed. I hope this leads to big things! And congrats to your sister <3

  58. Congrats to your sister! And you for becoming an auntie. :) I remember when you commented on my PPD post that she was pregnant and I hope she’s doing well!

  59. Signed, sealed, delivered…I’m yours! :O

  60. Great blog post! My boyfriend thinks GMOs are a myth ( I really can not convince him otherwise!!!) you explained everything really well, I’m going to forward this to him!

    • Oh man, I know so many people who think GMOs are a myth, ha! Annoying, but some people are just hard-headed ha ah ha ah! 😉 — WHOOPS if you forward this to him, he will read my comment response! Hi Boyfriend….. Sorry to call you hard headed – LOL

  61. Thanks for helping spread the facts about GMO’s! Thanks for sharing on the Healthy Living Link Party. We appreciate it.

  62. Hi GiGi,
    I agree that consumers like myself would be less likely to purchase brand products if we found out that a company was using GMO food ingredients that contribute to the increased use of toxic pesticides. That’s why we must keep up the fight to label GMO products. Thank you for sharing this powerful post with us on the the Healthy Happy Green and Natural Party Blog Hop. I’m pinning and sharing.

  63. I’m not sure that GMOs is something I really care about at this point. I mean, I grew up on Squeez-Its and Gushers and Lunchables and Spaghetti-Os…I’m pretty sure there’s no actual food in any of that but so far I’m healthy as a horse. HOWEVER, I DO think foods should be properly labeled. I want to know what I’m eating, and I want to know how many calories/fat/sodium/etc. it has. I don’t want to go to a restaurant and order a salad, not realizing that it’s actually a 1500 calorie salad full of Teenage Mutant Ninja Vegetables!

    • That’s what I want, things to just be labeled. I mean, some people really don’t care, but for those who want to know, it’s nice to have the option… Just like organic vs. conventional!

  64. Thanks for sharing at the Healthy Living Link Party!

  65. Oh yes I care about what I am feeding my daughter! I think about it all the time. I fear of her future, when she makes her own decisions, will I have done a great job with educating her to make “better” decisions. And what will food be like in a few years, it’s scary to think about.

    • Your daughter is SOOOO lucky, because I KNOW for a fact that you feed her SOOOOOOO well and such delicious food! 😀

  66. I live in UK, where GMOs haven’t taken hold, but there are discussions to introduce them in the wider market. I hope it won’t happen!
    It’s wonderful that you are supporting such a great campaign.
    Congratulations to your sister xx

    • Ugh! I HATE that GMOs are expanding!! BUT HOPEFULLY they will at least be LABELED as such so you have the choice as to whether or not you want to eat them!

  67. Congratulations on becoming an Aunt!! Thanks for sharing this with us at Pin-Worthy Wednesday, we hope to see you again tomorrow!

  68. Sadly this is so true. And it is difficult, close to impossible to get the good stuff!
    There should be a global website where everyone should have access to ALL the NO GMO available.
    A lot of them are small with small marketing budgets!
    Thanks for sharing

  69. Hi GiGi,
    It’s simple! Just Label It! We must keep up the fight for the right to know what we are buying and consuming. Thank you for sharing this insightful GMO post with us on the the Healthy Happy Green and Natural Party Blog Hop. I’m pinning and sharing.

  70. Great article Gigi!! I honestly don’t know how it’s regulated over here in Europe. After all it’s a sad story that you can practically eat what you want, there’s always something with it. Meat, eggs, honey, soy, fruits, veggies.

    • EXACTLY!!! Who would have thought that… Lettuce for instance, would have an ingredients label!! It should JUST BE LETTUCE! :(

  71. I like that you are shedding light on this situation! I can appreciate your sister would want to feed your niece foods that aren’t all frankenstein-y. I signed the petition and hope that the labeling goes into effect.

    As a side note – I love the way you write your posts. You inject humour into a serious situation and it makes the reading more interesting =)

    • # 1 – THANK YOU for signing, I really appreciate it, and it’s 100% necessary!
      # 2 – THANK YOU for your compliments! 😀 I write like I talk, ha ha… So basically whatever is going on in the brain, gets written in the blog – some strange things happen in there, LOL – It makes for some interesting reads sometimes 😉

  72. Do you care what you and your children eat?
    -Yes, and I have no problem with my kids eating GMO food.
    Will you be signing the petition so we can know what we’re eating?
    -No, because in all of the research I’ve done about this subject myself, I’ve drawn my own conclusions about GMOs, and I’m comfortable eating them.
    Did you eat Quaker Oatmeal this morning?
    -I don’t eat in the morning, but I do have a bowl of store brand oats for supper once in a while (Quaker is overpriced).
    Why do you think food companies are so damn shady?
    -For the most part I don’t think they are.
    What one TERRIBLY UNHEALTHY food can you just NOT get out of your life?
    -I don’t label certain foods ‘good’ and certain foods ‘bad’. Been there, done that and it’s a very slippery slope, which can lead to a distorted and unhealthy relationship with food. I eat all of the foods that I like, with a focus on moderation and balance :)
    What advice do you have for my sister who is officially a FIRST TIME/NEW MOM??
    -I’m a mom of three kids and if you think food is a tricky subject, just wait until you have to figure out what to do for schooling ugh, lol.

    • Ha Ha! I will keep that advice for my sister in mind and will relay the message for sure! She is struggling a little right now with her new little burrito and it’s taking all of my energy not to tell her – JUST WAIT. LOL! I don’t have kids myself but I read enough blogs and have enough friends with kids to know… It’s not all rainbows and sunshine 😉

      And I do like your mindset – sometimes thinking a bit too much about foods and what not can lead to disordered eating for sure. I am glad you’re in a place where you feel balanced :)