We’re “Pretty Happy” About These Recipe!

What if I told you that the Food Pervert and I went to a star-studded Hollywood event the other night…

GiGi Dubois Tara Redfield ABC FAMILY

Where we chatted with the swoon-worthy Kate Hudson… Who was wearing a salmon-colored, glute-highlighting dress (oh you want to know the brand? Yeah, F that… You came to the WRONG website if you want to know about fashion…), accented with emerald green drop earrings and bright yellow pumps. <—  Just had to emphasize this fashion statement… 

Kate Hudson Pink Dress

Sure, this sounds like a mishmash of colors I, the walking fashion DON’T, might walk out of the house wearing, but I promise you, she looked hot Unlike myself…

GiGi is a walking fashion disaster

When we were chatting, she boasted how she is pretty happy about her new book: Pretty Happy, which focuses on “the Four Pillars of Health” including eating well, loving yourself, exercise and being mindful.

GiGi Tara Kate Hudson Salmon

Well, I would be half-lying to you if I told you that because this run-in never actually happened.

The Perv and I couldn’t make said party… We had a prior engagement, which included devouring a 10-course meal made by a collaborative effort between Wolfgang Puck and Gordon Ramsey


If said encounter with Kate DID actually happen though… It would have been a pretty awesome segway into the recipe the Perv and I made for the latest Book To Plate episode… Because it was inspired by Kate Hudson’s new book that Pervy and I are PRETTY HAPPY with…

Rosemary Lemon Salmon & Hummus

Salmon and Hummus

  • 1 Lbs Salmon Steak
  • 1 Tbs Olive Oil
  • 6 Lemon Slices
  • 4 Sprigs of Rosemary
  • Salt & Pepper to taste

Things are about to get fishy…

  • Line a baking pan with tin foil and then lay sliced lemons down on tin foil.
  • Place springs of rosemary on top of the lemons.
  • Place salmon steak on top of the lemons and rosemary and pour olive oil over the salmon, coating fillet evenly.
  • Salt and pepper to taste and then bake in the oven at 405 degrees for 20 minutes.

While the salmon cooks… Gather these ingredients for the hummus… 

  • 1 Can Chickpeas, rinsed
  • 1/4 Cup Lemon Juice (from whole lemons)
  • 2 Tbs Olive Oil
  • 1/4 Cup Tahini Sauce
  • 1/2 – 1 Tbs Garlic
  • 2 Tsp Paprika
  • Salt & Pepper to taste

Hmmm… Hummus! 

  • This recipe is as easy as throwing all these ingredients into a food processor and blending until smooth! If you don’t have a food processor… A blender works just fine as well. If you don’t have either… Well, then you’re in for an awesome arm workout!

Kate Hudson Pretty Happy GiGi Dubois Tara Redfield

So Tell Me…

  • Ladies… How did you “lose a guy in ten days“? 
  • What food do you think to be “a little bit of heaven“?
  • What is “something borrowed” that you have failed to ever return?
  • Any plans for “Mother’s Day”? (Ahem, will you see the movie?)
  • Anyone pick up a copy of Kate Hudson’s book?
  • If you could have two celebrity chefs cook you up a 10-course meal, who would they be and what would you want them to cook?



  1. Bookmarked this link! The recipe sounds great and easy enough. :) I wonder if I can make my own Tahini sauce, though? Not sure if it’s available here. Thanks.

    • You could totally make your own. You just have to grind up sesame seeds – as simple as that :) — Well, if you have a food processor… Not sure how EASY it would be with your arm! lol

  2. Now we are talking food that’s in my wheelhouse, because you guys hit a home run with this lovely creation!!

    I’ve lost women in 10 seconds :-(

    • I KNEW you’d approve of this recipe Dr. J!!!! Salmon + Hummus = A MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN 😛 Who needs women when you’ve got this recipe! haha!

  3. I love Salmon, it is my fav variety of fish. This sounds really delicious. I have been seeing Kate’s book around but I don’t own it. BOBBY FLAY ALL DAY!!!!!!!!

    • Ah ha ha ha!! I HAVE YET TO MEET B.Flay… Although I went to one of the show tapings for THE NEXT FOOD NETWORK STAR so I was THISCLOSE to him… But I met Giada and Alton instead! Ha! B.Flay needs to grill me some goods!

  4. Yum this looks delicious!

  5. Lemon+salmon is the most perfect combo! I want to keep a guy for 10 days 😉

    • With this recipe, I have a feeling, you very well may be able to keep that guy… Unless well, he doesn’t like fish! LOL!

  6. Ooh I need to get my hands on her book! Love Kate H

    • It’s a truly good read!! I totally recommend it! It’s not FLOOFY just ahem………. Paltrow’s book?! lol

  7. Haha, amazing. I love salmon with some lemon flavor thrown in!

  8. THAT SALMON, oh my!!!

    I LOVE Kate Hudson, yesterday was her birthday and her workout clothes line, Fabletics, had a special running for VIP members and I went on a mini shopping spree until I thought about my budget and cleared out my cart. HA! I’ll have to check out her book though!

    • Shut up! Her birthday was yesterday?! WELL THEN THIS ODE to her and her book is just PERFECT FRIGGIN’ TIMING!!! And um, not gunna lie – I was TOTALLY on Fabletics.com yesterday too! hahaha! GREAT MINDS, GREAT MINDS 😉

  9. Looks Fab! This is my first time on your blog and I have to say that absolutely love the format and the way it oozes personality! Way to go!

    • YAY!!! THANK YOU so much for the feedback and I am thrilled that you came to visit!! :) I love new blog friends! I post every Tuesday (however this month is wonky so just come by by the end of each week and I will have something new for you!)

  10. This sounds like a tasty recipe I would love to try!

  11. Ooh, yes. To this. I know about you and your salmon. And you know I love it too, don’t you? I also love hummus as much as candy.

  12. Yum to both salmon and hummus! You crack me up!

  13. Uhm, that salmon looks divine. Totally thought i was the only one that liked hummus with my salmon. All I need are some pita points and its a meal! haha

  14. Wow this looks amazing and it would get completely destroyed in my house everyone loves Salmon especially the youngest kiddo. I’m adding this to our mealplan come next shopping trip.

    My heaven food = beans. Black beans or pinto beans with some avocado and a warmed, slightly crispy corn tortilla. Heaven and comfort food. Well I think Heaven will be comforting so that fits.

    • LOL! When I was younger, I HATED SALMON SO MUCH… I ran away from home when my mom tried to feed it to me! I find it hysterical because now… ALL I EAT IS SALMON – lol! You should have seen me after Tara and I finished filming… I DESTROYED that fillet. She took one bite and was full. BAH HA HA HA!

      • Hahaha. Gigi I think you and I could destroy the salmon population of North America. Just saying. Didn’t we talk about a salmon eating competition?

        • YES WE DID and I am still totally on board for DOING IT!!! I swear if salmon becomes endangered. We will know why.

  15. Great recipe! I’ll be making this soon. :)

  16. That salmon looks delicious. Bummers you did not get to meet Kate

  17. I eat a lot of salmon, and am always looking for new recipes! Thank you for this.

  18. That sounds like a fun event! and ooooh I want a bite!! Love me some salmon

    • HA! Well I would make you your OWN fillet because I don’t share bites from my SALMON with anyone, ha ha ha ha!!

  19. Ok now this looks absolutely delicious! Seriously looks like 5-star dining and I love the rosemary + lemon combo!

  20. This is adorable. And looks delicious. I am embarking on a food revolution and this may become one of my regularls.

  21. I had no idea that making salmon was so easy! I shy away from cooking fish because it always turns out horrible. I haven’t planned anything for dinner on Friday – this will be the perfect treat for my family!

    • OMG fish is the EASIEST thing to cook!!!! Chicken is the hardest in my opinion! It always turns out dry. But seriously, baking or broiling fish, especially salmon = so easy and delicious!

  22. That recipe sounds yummy!! My husband would love that for dinner. :)

  23. You definitely should be pretty happy about this recipe — really good, simple flavors. If you can say that salmon and particularly hummus have flavors that are “simple.” Maybe awesome? Well, the recipe sure is. Thanks!

    • I think what you mean to say, these recipes are SIMPLE because they don’t contain too many ingredients and the processes of making them are SIMPLE! 😀

  24. Rosemary & hummus sound delicious on salmon! Yum!

  25. I must hear more about this 10 course meal! I also love Kate Hudson, so I’ll have to check out her book. The salmon looks delicioso!

  26. You CHATTED with Kate Hudson?! I’m beyond jealous.

    I “borrowed” some diamond earrings from my mom like 5 years ago… and I’m wearing them right now. HA

  27. I loooove salmon, but the husband won’t eat it. I should just make it anyway, cause this looks super tasty. I had no idea Kate Hudson had a book out!

    • It’s actually kind of AWESOME that the hubby won’t eat salmon! MORE FOR YOU! Make it! MAKE IT! Just grill him a steak too! lol

  28. If I could have two celebrity chefs cook ME up a 10-course meal, those chefs would be Jamie Oliver and Bobby Flay – easy on the belly and easy on the eyes :)
    BTW – GiGi – you are GORGEOUS even with a tent on so there! And now pass me the fork cos that’s some serious eats there!

    • Do you really need a fork??? 😉
      I mean it’s me… Do you THINK I care if you just dig right in… FACE FIRST?

  29. Lol because there was salmon involved I’m surprised you even remembered that there was an accompaniment! #salmonho ;D

  30. Waittttt, you ate a meal prepared by Wolfgang and Gordon?!?! I’m super jealous!!!

  31. He’s not a celebrity chef, but I’d be so down to eat a 10 course meal with Michael Pollen–have you watched his documentary series on Netflix?

    I think he’d be pretty happy if one of those courses was this salmon hummus recipe, too.

    • I HAVE NOT seen his docu-series on Netflix but um……… I HAVE TO! And I was just looking at Netflix last night wondering what the heck I should watch! DONE AND DONE!!!!

  32. Oh, salmon! Fresh herbs and lemon are my very favorite way to go with with wonderful fish. Such a gorgeous plate you cooked up!! And are you hiring a professional photographer now cos that capture rocks! Love it :)
    Hmmm…which two celebrity chefs? Gordon Ramsay and Ludo Lefebvre because they’re both crazy as hell and it would be total creative chaos!
    I’m cooking salmon this week too. I crave it even more in the Spring time! Fun video :)

    • If you were fed by Gordon and Ludo, you’d probably want your dining table and chair in the kitchen so you could WATCH the madness!!! 😀

      And I cannot wait to see your SEXY SALMON photo when you post your recipe… You’re posting it on the blog right?!

  33. I have to say I’m pretty happy to see you both together kind of reminds me of older post :) The dish looks good I know it’s your favorite. Tara looks happy to be there with you. As for mothers day I usually get a couple of calls being wished a “Happy Mothers Day” not really sure why :) You can’t hide that glow in the baby pic, very cute.

    • Tara and I are working on things together off camera Rocco, so we can be in front of the camera FAR MORE OFTEN! :) Tara also had a full time job, which is why we can only really make one video a month, but hey, better than nothing, RIGHT?! She’s definitely my wing-woman inside and outside of the kitchen!!

  34. Yum! I never thought about putting hummus with salmon. I bet it’s delicious!

    • You could also spread the hummus over a fillet or a steak and bake it that way. The hummus would create a nice crust of sorts!! 😀

  35. This is such a lovely combo. Recipe sounds super delicious :-)

  36. Sounds like the perfect healthy meal. Salmon + lemon + herbs is ALWAYS delicious!

  37. Wow! How exciting! And that salmon looks soooo good!

  38. I still have an umbrella that I borrowed from a guy in college…8 years ago. Works great!

  39. Love the sound and look of the hummus! Makes me want chick peas…Spitz…crispy. YUM. Kate Hudson has always been cool in my book, I dig her.

    • Oh Spitz, how I love theee. I wish it were closer to me, however, I will make the drive because you are just so FREAKING AMAZING!!!!!!

  40. I’ll take extra hummus please.

  41. I saw the other day that she had a book out and it’s gone straight on my wish list. I just need to find time to read now.

  42. Salmon could be on my menu every week just love this recipe and with the hummus to dip it in.. I am famished. This is way better than some 10 course dinner you just need 2 really good courses.

    • I hear you! Salmon is an EVERY DAY occurrence for me, for sure! 😉 And if I were to have a 10 course meal… Every course should include salmon! LOL!

  43. Forget the Kate Hudson fashion, I’m digging the way you roll, GiGi. Are you rocking pajama pants in that photo? :-)

    • Ah ha ha ha! And but of course I am… They are MEN’S PJ pants none the less. I have another pair that are TRIX themed! 😉

  44. haha, I tried to make my personality that of a dead fish so that the person I was going out with in high school would lose interest and break up with me (he threatened to off himself if I left him). It took wayyyyyy longer than 10 days, but after 6 months, it finally happened!?!

    Salmon is definitely my “little bit of heaven,” haha. :] I didn’t know Kate Hudson had a new book, but I’ll have to check it out! 😀 A 10-course meal sounds amazing right about now…*-*

    • Oh my goodness, your high school story is a bit scary. Do you know where he is now?? I am sure that was stressful for you NO JOKE!

      And girl, you and I will see each other in heaven then if salmon is included in that 😉

      • Far, far away from me, thankfully! :O (I hear from mutual friends that he’s more stable now, so there’s that.)

        Yes indeed! :D! Salmon is pretty magical stuff–it better be included there! *-*

  45. Hahh that is hilarious! I can’t tell you why I loved this crazy post but I got to start my day smiling… so thanks!

    • THAT is what I thrive to do! Making people smile is the best thing ever :) THRILLED I could help you start your day on the right foot Carol!

  46. FUNNY you mention Gordan Ramsey because I almost ran straight into him in Toronto last week!! Adam and I were walking along this pretty quiet road, and he came out of a film trailer, looking like a million bucks! Apparently he was filming a Buick commercial. I was too starstruck to ask for a photo :(
    And i need to start thinking of osmething for Mother’s Day, stat!! Thanks for the reminder

    • Wait a second? So when he came out of the trailer – there wasn’t a mob of “his people” around? GIRL!!!!!!! If I were with you, I probably would have embarrassed the CRAP out of you! LOL!

  47. The salmon looks super delicious! Love rosemary.

  48. HA! Girl, I totally thought you were serious about meeting Kate Hudson there for a minute. Love that you were inspired by her to make this incredible looking recipe! I saw this on Insta the other day and had to stop myself from drooling, ha!

    • Right? Whenever I see the salmon picture, I make sure to have a napkin close by so I can wipe away the drool! LOL!

  49. Salmon is our favourite fish at home and we can never get enough of it! Pairing it with hummus sounds delicious!

  50. This puts me in mind of when I was camping on Skye with some friends and we got fresh salmon, a lemon and some parsley. We made tin foil parcels and cooked the salmon with a slice of lemon and some parsley in the tin foil parcels in the embers of a fire. The salmon was delicious beyond description. That’s when I knew I would love salmon for ever more! :-)

    Love this recipe. I’ve never tried salmon with hummus before, so that’s now on the list! Thanks!

    • OMG TIN FOIL PACKETS are the best thing ever!! Cooking them over an open fire = EVEN BETTER!!!!! Ugh. Now I wanna go have a cook out. Not a camp out though, I cannot handle camping – HAHAHAHA! But a bonfire and cooking salmon over it, and then heading back to a hotel or home sounds GREEAATT! h ahaha!

  51. I never thought of this combination. I have supper made already, I have the ingredients, and Passover starts tomorrow. (huge cry of frustration). Pinned for the future.

  52. This looks SO good. Definitely a little bit of heaven 😉

    And btw, I think you’re way cooler than Kate Hudson. If I had to be either, I’d totally choose you! Haha! xo

  53. I’m sucha s cuker for salmons! Love your recipe! Gonna give it a try soon!

    Also, you look gorgeous 😉 Love your positive energy, Gigi!

    • AW THANKS MARCELA! Life is way too short to ever be negative – so there is ALWAYS a smile on my face :) Or it may be because I know I am always going to be eating salmon! hahaha!

  54. I have yet to make my own hummus because I feel like I’m so spoiled here in LA, with all the Mediterranean food and hummus offerings everywhere 😉 !

    • RIGHT!? There is SOOOOOO many Med. Food Restaurants!! That’s why I have never made it myself – there are like 10 places within walking distance from me, lol!

  55. I’m so out of the damn pop culture loop, I had no idea she had a book out! I love her, and want to be her, so I’m checking it out on Amazon now.

    • You know what’s funny? I am not very IN with pop culture anymore either! I came to LA to be a part of the scene but the longer I live here, the longer I just don’t care! Ha ha! That being said, DO head to Amazon!! The book is worth it :)

  56. Both salmon and hummus are on the top favourites!! You look so FIT and beautiful!!

  57. Mmmm I love salmon and hummus so would love this dish! Popping over from #BrilliantBlogPosts x

    • Thanks for stopping in Kirsty!! You and I would have a wonderful time bonding over this combo of deliciousness! 😛

  58. hI GiGi,
    It’s about time you are back. I thought you went awall. Great post and as always makes me laugh. I like your recipe too – I really like salmon – it is just so expensive in the area I live. Thanks for sharing on Real Food Fridays. Pinned & tweeted!

    • :) I am always here, every week – but sometimes I don’t see your email for your PAR-TAY But I have to say, your party is the best one on the web!!! 😉

      And salmon can totally be expensive! I do my research all around LA to find the cheapest and most delicious! Honestly, and shockingly enough, WHOLE FOODS has some rather inexpensive salmon! 😮 Where do you live??

      • Hey GiGi,
        Your so kind to say that about our blog hop!

        We don’t have a Whole foods near us. We do have a Costco that sells it at times but it still is expensive so I buy it when I can.

  59. Loved the way you did all those video and the post. I felt embarrased to read a few questions you asked right below the post. Lots of striking memories..:))

    • Smitha, I always have video to accompany my blog posts! :) That’s just me!

      And I am NEVER afraid to ask the DIGGING questions! Of course you definitely do not have to answer them if you don’t want to!

  60. It would be Martha Stewart, and I’d want her to cook Emeril.

  61. I’m living vicariously through you and Pervy right now. I want to pretend meet Kate and devour a 10-course meal made by Wolfgang Puck and Gordon Ramsey. If I lived in LA, I would find out your address and show up to crash every single YouTube video you make with cool people so I could be cool too. You’d probably have to call the cops and I’d get arrested but it would be totally worth it! A girl can dream…

    • Bah ha ha ha ha aha ha! YES – feel free to live vicariously through my fake Kate meeting! AHHH HA HA HA H HA HA AH AHA H!

      As for finding my address. I fear that it may be on the Internet somewhere – yikes… I just I need to get a BOLT for my door, I don’t need crazies like you coming on by and stalking me, LOL! 😉

  62. Wow, this looks so delicious!

  63. That looks amazing. I always love me a good hummus recipe. :)

    • Right?! Next time I am totally going to add other goodies to the hummus! Olives? Sun-dried tomatoes?! Oh man, so many ideas!

  64. I LOVE LOVE LOVE rosemary and lemon on everything. Thank you for linking up to Good Tips Tuesday. You will be featured this week. :)

  65. The recipe looks delicious, yum!! And who wouldn’t want to meet Kate Hudson… 😀

  66. Hi Gigi,
    Wow! Did you meet Gordan Ramsey? I am a fan.
    I have a question for you. I see “Activate” in your sidebar. I have one too. I would like to become an affiliate and then review them on my site. When they were Sverve, they had affiliate links. I wrote and asked for one, but they don’t know what I’m talking about. Do you know if they still have affiliate links? Thanks, and great photos.

    • Janice… I am not really sure what you’re talking about when you say you see “Activate” in my sidebar??? Oh wait, do you see it in my footer? Honestly… I don’t really do too much if anything at all with them. Ha. So I am not necessarily the one you should ask. I wish I could help you though because you always are so insightful when I have questions! (I kinda just sign up for everything and then forget what’s what – BAH HA HA!)

  67. I could eat this combo every week—or even more often!!! I’m at Eat Write Retreat this weekend—we’re in North Hollywood hanging out at The Garland :)

    • How long are you here for?!?!?!?!! And how’s it going??

      • Leaving tonight on a red-eye (WHY did I think that was a good idea???!!). It’s been really fun, but the time change difference for a few days is killer! It’s a smaller conference, so you really get the opportunity to meet a and chat with other attendees. Wish we had time to meet!!!

  68. Love foods that are prepared in a blender, the lazier the better in my book. Oh 2 celeb chefs to cook for me….. mmmm, well Jamie Oliver for the main course I think and Ina Garten for the dessert. Ina sure does a good cake!

    • Love me some lazy recipes too! Honestly salmon is a seriously EASY fish to cook. Chuck it in the broiler for 25 minutes, BAM. DONE! haha!

  69. Salmon is always good in my book, yummy…..

  70. Haha I LOVE your website! Hilarious, and Kate Hudson? AWESOME. I also loveeee this hummus!!

  71. nice sharing GiGi!
    and those pic are really amazing.

  72. I dunno, Gigi, I thought you looked pretty sexy in those blue pajama pants in the gym 😉 but in all seriousness I think salmon and hummus are a HIGHLY neglected combo that should NOT be disregarded. Salmon with just lemon juice and olive oil? PSH, that’s so 2013. I’ve been looking for more teriyaki, sweet chili, Italian and Mediterranean twists on salmon because they’re so much better!

  73. Salmon might as well be my middle name and hummus never gets old!! Love the simplicity of this recipe. You’re speaking to my heart ;).

    Ps I wish that run in did happe !! 😉

    • I am thinking about changing my first name to Salmon – hahahahaha! Perhaps I will when I change my last name when I get married – LOL!

  74. Salmon is my favorite and this recipe sounds amazing! My little piece of heaven would be hot Krispy Kreme donuts!

  75. I love to make and eat hummus! There are so many variations on the theme. Thank you so much for sharing your Kate Hudson inspired Rosemary Lemon Salmon & Hummus with us on the Healthy Happy Green and Natural Party Blog Hop. I’m pinning and sharing.

  76. Hi Gigi,
    Thanks for bringing your post to Pit Stop last week. I am pretty happy you did! =)
    Janice, Pit Stop Crew

  77. So yummy!I have to make this for my hubby! Thanks for sharing your healthy and delectable Rosemary Lemon Salmon & Hummus with us on the Plant-Based Potluck Party Link Up. I’m pinning and sharing.

  78. GiGi- This looks like a fabulous recipe & thank you for making me laugh with your hilarious commentary!! Also, I appreciate you linking this with the Sunday Fitness & Food Link-Up. Have a beautiful week:-)

  79. Love salmon and it’s always delicious with lemon, yum! Thanks so much for sharing it at Savoring Saturdays linky party! Hope you’ll join us again.

  80. Hi GiGi,

    My stomach approves already this recipe because I love hummus and salmon! I make a similar recipe to this with salmon by adding rosemary, lemon, colorful peppers and thyme but first time I will try it with hummus. Your posts are always fun to read. Cheers!


  81. Very nice recipe indeed :) I had a “hard-time” reading this post, because you cracked me up with this “Kate Hudson… Who was wearing a salmon-colored, glute-highlighting dress….”
    I always laugh when I come to your blog ! :)

    • As long as you’re having a hard time because you’re LAUGHING!! 😉 I tend to confuse people a lot with my posts, but I am glad you GOT IT! haha!

  82. Ahhhhh!!!!! Would you believe I’m reading Pretty Happy right now???? Our minds are connected. For seriously. I know I’m late to this post… but still. I love Kate Hudson, she is pretty awesome and I love how honest & down to earth she is in her book.
    And your hummus sounds SO GOOD!

    • That’s TOO FUNNY and slightly ironic!!!!! Our minds are seriously connected and it’s actually a TAD BIT scary! lol!

  83. Wow Gigi you definitely have the life! Not being able to go there because of another fabulous meal! I had no idea that she had a cookbook out though :) And I’m pretty sure glute highlighting must be a fashion term, or if not it needs to be!

  84. Did you go to an event for Kevin From Work? I love how you’re like “F that, wrong blog” haha.
    I don’t know if I’ve ever lost a guy in 10 days maybe a day maybe 10 months lol
    I don’t really like chickpeas but I love lemon pepper fish and chicken.

    • OMG Dia, you must have NEVER EVER tried roasted chickpeas before then. THOSE THINGS AREEEEEEE BEYOND addicting!