Lana Del Rey Misses Summertime Salads

Role Play.

Sexy Cartoon about Role Playing

Not THAT kind of role play people… Common now, GiGi Eats is PG? Bah ha ha! No it’s not! 

Halloween is a time where we all get the chance to star in our own “movies” or “tv shows”… Transform into a flesh-eating zombies or blood sucking vampires… Walk around like sluts or pimps (the only day you can walk around naked and not get arrested)… Or morph into our favorite pop stars!

Well, Whitney and I decided to do the latter…

Whitney English channeling Lana Del Rey

A few weeks ago, Whit and I conjured up a very special video, like witches conjure up spells…

Our resulting “potion”?

A Lana Del Rey, Summertime Sadness spoof music video, entitled: Summertime Salad.

GiGi Dubois Making Snow Angels!

This video is FAR BETTER than that calorie laden fun-sized Twix bars you are dreaming of binging on! Seriously. Just watch and see for yourself!

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween Pumpkins


  • What are you dressing up as this Halloween?
  • Do you want to bash your brain in whenever you hear Summertime Sadness on the radio because it’s overplayed?
  • Are you a Lana Del Rey fan?
  • Do you think Whitney looks like Lana?
  • Have you ever gotten kicked out of a grocery store?
  • What’s your favorite type of leafy green?
  • Ever made salad snow angels?
  • What do you miss about summertime salads?

Whitney and I would GREATLY APPRECIATE it if you shared this video with anyone and everyone you know who might find it amusing! We worked pretty hard on it and are quite proud of ourselves, ha ha!

SPECIAL THANKS TO: Must thank Ryland Adams for helping us film and Troy Roberts for helping us tweak the sound in the final stages of editing! Oh and of course, Lana herself for creating her Summertime Sadness hit! 


  1. I’m a Ninja for holloween! I picked up the costume to go and slice my way through a Zombie race recently! :)

    • Looking forward to seeing the costume

      • :) It’s pretty awesome! We even got a plastic sword to go with it, because apparently, the real samurai sword that I have is somehow unacceptable in public… What’s up with that??

        BTW: I miss strawberries the most about summer salads. In the winter, Strawberries are best left for chocolate-covered yumminess; but in the spring and summer, they’re delish in a salad!

        • HA HA HA! I can see the headlines now: man ARRESTED for swinging around his REAL LONG SWORD. LOL!!!!

          I have actually never had strawberries on a salad before because I cannot eat fruit!! 😮

          • Yeah, first line of the story:
            As he was being arraigned, the defendant was heard saying “What? What did I do?”

            I know – it sucks that you can’t eat awesomeness things like Raspberries and Blueberries and Apples! Most of the other fruits can be skipped; but those three are just too awesome. :(
            Apparently you’re not so allergic that you can’t feed Strawberries to Whitney though!

          • Someone has to enjoy the berries 😉

  2. Cool video! I am not sure if you remade that song or not, but you did a great job with the lyrics. Your hard work paid off. The song and video was great. That bowl of spinach looked very appeasing. Spinach is one of my favorites, that goes back to my Popeye day’s. You did a great job putting the video and song together.

    • Thank You so much for watching Karl!! And yes, we re-made the song with new lyrics and everything! I could really dive head first into that bowl full of spinach right now, :)

      I hope you share it with others!

  3. Haven’t decided what to do for halloween yet. I might make a costume last minute. I like Summertime Sadness, but it is overplayed. I haven’t seen the original music video to compare her with Whitney. I’m going to miss the varieties I can make with salad until the next year.

    • It was definitely overplayed, which is why I made this video! LOL! Check out the original video, and let me know if you can see any similarities! ha ha! 😉

      Thanks for stopping by and watching!

  4. I have no idea what I’ll be for Halloween! Maybe myself because Im pretty damn scary without makeup! 😛 And yes, this songs annoys the heck out of me. Soooo overplayed…maybe as much as Lorde’s Royals.

    • Oh shush!!! If you’re scary without makeup then I must look like Freddy Kruger!!!!!!!!!

      The song is pretty overplayed however, I do hope you enjoy the re-creation we made! 😀

  5. OMG – y’all are awesome!!! What a super fun video – I love it!!
    Thankfully, I don’t have to do a Halloween costume for anything this year!

    • Ha Ha Ha! Thanks Kim! :) I really appreciate it!

      And I am right there with you, NO HALLOWEEN for me!!! I hate the holiday lol! It goes against my “religion” – BAH HA HA!

  6. That video is awesome!! I love the similarities in the original movie and Whitney DOES look like Lana!! LOVE IT! It made me miss Summertime Salads too. :-(

    • YAY! Thank you so much for watching Melanie! :) And I am thrilled you notice the similarities! I won’t lie to you, could definitely use a nice summertime salad right now too, alas, I have wilted romaine in my fridge! lol

  7. I can say I never made it thru the song till your remake, again I’ll be laughing in the store alone with people quickly moving away from me.Talk about sadness it was 42F & windy running at the beach yesterday @@(**%% I bleeped myself. I though Whitney had the whole Aphrodite thing going on, you both were great. The salad angle is the best. Don’t eat many salads but like romaine lettuce when I do. I was asked to leave a bakery once because I told them I just wanted to look, I’m a food voyeur. Never dressed up for Halloween, I bet it’s fun.

    • Ugh! 42 sounds FREEZING to me, considering it is right now like 65 here in LA and I am cold! Ha ha. I am not complaining though, I would rather bundle up than be sweating to the extreme!!

      I am glad you approve of this video, it means a lot to me! :) And I tried to get on your domain, but nothing it there!

      • That’s because I have not made a page yet :) not sure what to do. 65!!! I’ll take it. You both are very creative and work well together, this and the Coolio vid are priceless.

  8. I’m not dressing up this year… but in the past I was always a cat… such an easy go to costume!! :) Happy almost Halloween!

  9. That’s fabulous!! Totally professional and really shows off how talented you two are!!

    In my surgical residency while on call one evening near Halloween, the psychiatric unit at the hospital, believe it or not, held a Marx Brother’s film festival! Watching Animal Crackers surrounded by the psych inmates was a life changing experience, lol! I’ve done variations of the brothers, especially Harpo for many Halloweens! The horn always kills ’em!

    • THANK YOU Dr. J!!! Means a lot to me that you watched and you find it fun!

      Oh wow, talk about a haunted film festival!!!!! I can freak myself out pretty easily! So I would probably pee my pants if I were there!

  10. OMG it’s so hard to pick my most favorite part of that. First I need to stop laughing my ass off and then I think it’s either you eating lettuce like a bag of chips in the park or smushing blueberries all over your face and crying!! What will you do next? I can’t wait to see!! *still laughing*

    • 😀 ALLIE I AM SO HAPPY YOU ENJOYED THIS VIDEO!!!! I do not recommend smashing blueberries on your face, THEY STAIN!! And don’t wear a white t-shirt if you decide to do it anyways, ha ha! Unless… You have SHOUT near by! 😉

      Uh Oh! Now I have to make another phenomenal video next week, huh? I can no longer just film me in my house! LOL! TOO BAD 😉

  11. Oh my gosh, that video was so fun! You’ve done such a fantastic job with your blog. I’ll be passing the word along and be back again.
    Thanks for visiting, Gigi

  12. I’m pulling out a zombie costume this year!

  13. never gotten kicked out of a grocery store…not yet haha
    We love the Summertime song but agree just like most songs it gets overplayed!!

    • Ha ha! It’s actually sad getting kicked out of your sanctuary! LOL! Luckily, I am allowed to go back in… Just with NO cameras 😉

  14. Still eating summertime salads. Keep up the great fun!

    • 😀 I am envious of your summertime salads!! Everything is WARM SALADS for me over here, which I am actually quite okay with at the moment! Ask me again in February though, lol.

  15. Love the video! So professional and funny. Of course, I may be the only person in the world who has not heard the original song (I’m used to that), but I loved the spoof on it anyway :-)

    • Thank you Debbie!! I am so happy you like it, I edited it all myself (okay Whitney definitely told me what shots she liked and where she thought they might look good), lol, I am totally patting myself on the back!

      And don’t worry, actually a lot of people have never heard of this song… Or they just don’t know the artist/song name but when they hear it, they think: OHHH YEA!

      Next spoof video, I’ll make it someone you might know 😉 Any suggestions?

  16. omg this is hilarious. I kind of loved this song when I first heard it and since then I’ve heard it a bajillion times! Whitney totally looks like Lana and no, I’ve never been kicked out of a grocery store yet!

    • Doesn’t Whitney do a great Lana! The lips, perfection!! lol – Hopefully this time you heard the song, it re ignited your love! LOL!

  17. You are way too funny! Thanks for the laughs!

  18. You two are a hoot! LOVED the video… It was so clever and well put together. The blueberry on your face scene was a little gross, but definitely got the point across, haha. Not missing summertime here though… we’re set to have a record high on Halloween (90), fun! Keep up the awesome work with the videos :)

    • Thank you.

      I highly recommend NOT smearing blueberries all over your face by the way, LOL – they stain!

      OMG 90 degrees, where do you live? AZ?

      • So are you going to be a smurf for Halloween? With your blue face and all, haha… how long did it stay on for? That’s crazy!

        I live in the good ole Sunshine State- Florida :)

        • YES! A smurf, brilliant idea 😉 Just have to find a white haired wig now – Should be easy enough here in LA.

          I actually missed 1/2 of the blueberry stains when I was washing my face and went to dinner with blueberry juice all over my neck that night – HA HA HA!

          And oh wow, still 90 in FL! That’s nuts!

  19. As always – gave me a great big laugh on this Wednesday morning!

  20. OMG. You are crazy. And amazing!

  21. You guys are too cute! We’re not dressing up this year BUT are going to Disney Friday!

    • Not dressing up but going to Disney… Isn’t that illegal?!?! Oh but wait, going on Friday – so everything Halloween will be taken down at that point! Sneaky! 😉

  22. I’m going to dress in salmon colours. I don’t have to tell you why! 😉

    • Bah Ha Ha! If you seriously dress up like a salmon, I will be the happiest person on the face of the PLANET!!! You have to have a picture of me on your back though 😉

  23. Oh my word! I was dying of laughter! You need to put a warning not to eat or drink while watching! 😉 You are too funny, my friend!

  24. HAHA. I’m pretty sure the second I picked up a camera and tried to make a witty video, I would turn into the most awkward person ever! I love that you do it all the time!

  25. I’m afraid to go back to the Whole Foods on Santa Monica. I’m pretty sure they have our pictures posted like mugshots in the back.

    Can’t wait till our next strawberry laden rendezvous!

  26. Spinach is a favorite leafy green of mine!

  27. Oh my – now I am seriously missing my summertime salads with extra kale and romaine :(
    Awesome video! You gals are too funny! Yes Whitney looks like Lana and nope I have yet to be kicked out of a grocery store, though I have (tried to) break up with mine as they didn’t have kabocha squash for the longest time :)

    • WHAT!! No Kabocha!!! That’s messed up! What’s weird is living in LA you would think that you could get pretty much anything you need… Except in the summer time every store is ALWAYS running out or does not have SPAGHETTI SQUASH and I live off of that stuff, it drives me crazy! But when I visit my parents in the MIDDLE OF NO WHERE, Wyoming and the store there has LOADS of it – Baffling!

  28. You two crack me up. And now I seriously want a salad!

  29. Omgosh, you are too much! I have noticed the markets a little bare with fruit right now :( but I will replace it with all things squash related. No real costume- just taking the kids out trick or treating in the neighborhood! It will be cold so I’ll have a big ol’ coat on anyway. 😉

    • SO MUCH SQUASH right now, it’s not even funny… Actually my next video is all about Spaghetti Squash, MY FAVORITE on the planet. What’s yours?! :)

      What are your kids dressing as? Don’t you miss the days when the cold didn’t bother you and you could run around in your princess costume, no problem?

  30. You bitches are hotter than Lana, and Lana is pretty hot. I want salad now.

  31. HAHA – I was smiling through the whole video!! :)

  32. Wowwww I have no words for you girls, hahaha! You two are so wild but I love it! I think that if I were you I would have been looking around everywhere while grocery shopping in case someone’s staring at me 😛 And I don’t think I’m dressing up, but I’m definitely dressing my 4 month Selah in a Minnie Mouse attire!

    • Ah ha ha! THANK YOU! No words – mission accomplished 😉

      We were kind of looking around to see if anyone was watching us film. Wait no, scratch that… Whitney was, I could have cared LESS – I just wanted good shots! LOL! I always think I can talk my way out of things, but I probably can’t! 😉

      Awwwwwwwwww 4 month old Mini Mouse, you BETTER post pictures on your blog!! 😀

  33. She has the voice of a preliminary-rounder in American Idol. hehehe
    Great job, girlz.

  34. Teehee, this is awesome! Love the song and really wish I had a costume party to go to because dressing up is so darn fun. :)

  35. OMG… I’ll never look at that song the same way again! hahahaha

    Btw: Has anyone told you that you look like Natalie Portman? You totally do!!

    • AHHH HA HA HA HA!!! I am glad you won’t 😉 You will always think about blueberries and watermelons, right? 😉

      And NEVER have I gotten that reference before, but I’ll take it – Natalie is adorable!

  36. hahahaha THIS IS AMAZING!! Like all kind of AMAZING!!! Love it!

    • YAY! I am glad you approve! 😉 I wish you could come be in one of my videos! Maybe when I have a budget I can FLY GUESTS out to LA!! That would be KILLER!

  37. Whitney totally looks like lana! I dressed up as a sailor last weekend…totally unoriginal!

  38. That is one amazing video!!!!!!!!!!!! Course I have no idea what this is all about says this almost 56 year old but i LOVED it! You two are fantastic! When you are famous, will you remember me – wait – you are famous but super duper famous & if I am still alive & have my faculties! 😉

    • JODY I LOVE YOU! Your comments rock my socks off, even if I am not wearing socks!!!!

      I will ALWAYS remember you, ALWAYS 😉 We shall meet VERY SOON too!

  39. Nicely done! :)
    I am still finding great salads this time of year, but definitely missing the variety that’s available during the summer.

  40. you never cease to amazing me with your fun videos! i’m all about those salad angels too!

  41. sweetgoodness! when i saw you holding up that watermelon up in the air, i wasn’t prepared for what happened next :( i almost cried strawberry tears. i feel your pain love xx you’re awesome!

    • Ha Ha! It was way too much fun throwing those watermelons off my balcony, AH HA HA!! If you’re ever bored one day 😉

  42. I listen to the remixed version of Summertime Sadness on my running playlist, maybe I need to add the soundtrack to your video now too 😉 haha

    • DO IT! Ha Ha Ha! In no time you will be singing along. I don’t even know the ACTUAL lyrics to the song anymore! LOL!

  43. Erin from Long Island says:

    Well, you already know how I feel about Lana but this was cute! I’m glad to finally see the watermelon smash you mentioned earlier.Too bad you didn’t hit her with it 😉 It’s been unseasonably warm so I wore a tiny woodland nymph costume this year. When I rule the world, Halloween will be 2 or 4 times a year so I can wear what I want and not freeze to death! My salads are now converted to soups quite often

    • Ha Ha! I wish I had another watermelon to throw off my balcony 😉 And nope, unfortunately I am sure Lana is out on tour somewhere, so she wasn’t my target down below in the alley, AH HA HA HA!!!

      OMG, not going to lie, I hope you never rule the world then because I actually HATE Halloween, LOL!!!! It just goes against my “food religion” – 😉

      • Erin from Long Island says:


        Yeah, to me Halloween is ALL bout the costumes! Any “treats” are usually some form of blended nuts and fruits to make “candy” or “cookies”

  44. So wait, did you get kicked out of the grocery store while filming your video?

    No costume for me this year :( I’m not a big Lana del Rey fan, so actually that was the first time I heard that song (both her version and yours.)
    And let’s see, my favourite dark leafy greens would be kale, spinach, chard…hard to pick just one.

    • Ha! We did get kicked out of Whole Foods, yes, but the other grocery store we went to, all of the workers just carried on around us like singing in the store “ain’t no thang” – LOL! I guess in LA it isn’t?

      Oh and your dark leafy green dilemma is easy – SPINACH baby! 😉

  45. haha – funny! I miss my CSA and farm fresh veggies. Nothing tastes the same after summer is over. I had a burrito at a local restaurant that had local corn in it the other day (clearly frozen right away because there has been no corn here for quite a while now) and it was so good. Next year I am getting lots of extra ears and freezing corn!

    • It’s amazing the power of the freezer! I definitely free veggies and they taste just as good when I thaw them! :) We can all have a little taste of summer year round!

  46. Omg that video was awesome and so well done!! It was hilarious! You two are so talented and Whitney is so pretty and hilarious! I’ve never heard that song though, lol! I didn’t dress up for Halloween, but I just dressed my daughter up as Audrey Hepburn in the costume I made for her, which you saw! :)

    • Thank you! I was actually quite impressed with my editing and matching up Whitney’s mouth with the words!! Ha Ha. I am patting myself on the back over here, LOL. I am actually glad you never heard the song until now, because now if you ever hear the original, you will think Lana is saying it all wrong!

  47. I went as a tired mom. No costume needed. My preschooler dressed as a racing plane pilot complete with airplane and Nascarlike outfit. My 2 month old sported her brother’s hot dog costume. We had a great time! Cute video!

  48. Haha! This is genius :p Love it. I’m a big Lana Del Rey fan, but this song is definitely overplayed! At least I’ll look at it in a different way from now on though haha.

    • Thanks Louise! And I am glad you actually KNEW who Lana was! So many people who watched the video were like, Uhhhh cute and all but……. What song are you spoofing! LOL!!

  49. I didn’t do halloween this year… since graduating college all my friends have monved & I didn’t really have any halloween costume parties. I did go home and my boyfriend and I passed out candy to all the little ones so that was fun :)

    • Halloween definitely changes once you are out of school! But I am glad you still had a good time passing out candy, making memories for other children! :)

  50. I noticed the Sous Vide cooker add on the side, this is a very cool and healthy way to cook. If you have a vacuum sealer your half way there.

  51. How do you ever come up with these! Absolutely hysterical!!!!

  52. What an awesome video!! I love it!! <3

    New Blog Post: Tips to Control Your Weight During The Holidays While You Eat What You Love!


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