A Soup Even The Clueless Can Make!

Like oh my gawd! I am totally buggin’ over the way yum dish The Food Pervert and I just made. Duh!

Ow! GiGi Dubois ate her hot food

Do we ever make anything not phat?

I’m totally giving Cher… I mean, Alicia Silverstone… SNAPS for giving us this ragin’ recipe!

Want the 411? Well check out the latest GiGi Eats video…

You’ll go ballistic with shock over how easy this recipe is!



  1. Cut and clean leeks. Diced and place in pot (or you can sautee leeks in olive oil and garlic in a sautee pan and then place in pot).
  2. Cut cauliflower into chunks and place in pot.
  3. Dice garlic and add to pot.
  4. Pour entire box of vegetable broth into pot.
  5. Bring pot to boil and let simmer for 30 minutes.
  6. Transfer contents of pot to a food processor or blender and whirl away!
  7. LET COOL!!!!! And then serve!

This recipe really does other food a crutch because it’s totally HEALTHY and the perfect base for other recipes… Or you can digest this soup right on it’s own!

Won’t lie to you though… This dish is a full on MONET. It looks pretty from far away but… Up close it’s a big ol mess. But a yummy mess. I ain’t cleaning it up though. AS IF.

Alright, I’m outtie!

GiGi Dubois immitates CLUELESS the movie! Thanks Alicia SIlverstone!

But do tell me…

  • Are you clueless in the kitchen?
  • How many times have you seen the movie Clueless? (AS IF… You’ve never seen this movie!)
  • What’s your favorite soup recipe?
  • Do share the fall recipe you DROOL OVER! 
  • Have you ever bird-fed someone? (Alicia did that to her kid… Yum?)
  • If you could throw three ingredients into a blender, what would you put in there?
  • Any celebrity recipes you want me and Tara to cook up next?
  • What are some of your favorite Clueless quotes/references?

 *I was supplied with these herbs to taste test them. 


  1. I loved this post! Clueless is one of my all time favorite movies. This was a great (and funny) way to start my morning :)

  2. I love soups this time of year, but I’m not a huge fan of pureed. I need to chew! Lots of times I will only puree part of the soup for recipes like this.

    • You definitely don’t have to purée this soup! That’s the great thing about recipes, you really dont have to follow them to a T, they’re just guidelines! I hope you make this minus the purée part :)

  3. What?!? No meat?? I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love a good gazpacho, but then you serve it with meat!

    • I’m so calling you out, lol. You totally don’t watch my videos, because if you did, you would know that I would add meat to this! Ha Ha! Pop Quiz: what kind of meat would I add?

  4. Hmmm this recipe would not be the first to jump out at me, it sounds like poor mans soup. HAHAH! The three things I usually put in my blender are liquid (meh don’t count that) banana, berries, spinach. THE END! Will you bird feed me…please.

    • I am NEVER going to make you happy now am I? Here I am trying to make a VEGAN recipe so you can eat it, but you call it trash! Your mouth is a diva! BAHHHHHHH HA HA HA HA HA AH! Wait, no it’s not, it wants me to bird feed it!

  5. I love how simple this soup is! I also love leeks so I’m sure it is quite tasty too! I haven’t been feeling well for the past couple of days so I think this would be a great dinner option for me tonight :) Thanks for sharing!

    • Aw! I hope you feel better, this recipe will definitely fit the bill! :) Veggie stock and veggies in general have a way of making everyone feel better 😀

  6. Oh this soup does look like a great base for other recipes. Maybe add some delicious beans or something. If I was throwing this in the blender I would toss in white beans.

  7. I’m kind of with Wendy – I might skip the puree step and I would definitely add some meat but otherwise this looks pretty tasty.
    And – pretty sure that I’ve never watched Clueless – maybe I should!!!
    Did you and Tara both get your hair cut? (or maybe I’m just not usually very observant) Anyway….fresh cuts or not – your hair is cute!

    • OMG!!!!!!!!!! YOU HAVE NEVER SEEN CLUELESS? I just fainted. FAINTED!!! THIS IS ON YOUR FALL BUCKET LIST. I just wrote it on there for you! LOL!

      And Tara and I did get hair cuts, hers was far more recent then mine. My hair just falls out all the time, BAH HA AH!

  8. Glad you didn’t get it in your EYE, lol!

    I love all the ingredients in this soup you totally made!

    Blenders are for Strawberry Daiquiris and Margaritas, or so I’ve heard.

  9. Mmmm, this soup sounds good! I am ALL about easy to make soups and meals in general :)

  10. Mmm, thanks for the vegan recipe! I will take mine sans ground turkey please! Gee, I’m ready for soup now that it is down to like, um, only 90 in the desert these days!

  11. I’m pretty good in the kitchen. I try to be creative but sometimes its fried eggs and toast. A girl can’t always be on her game, ya know?! If I were to throw three things in a blender, it’d be; frozen banana, peanut butter and almond milk – my fav – banana ice cream! PS I posted the buffalo cauli recipe. 😉 enjoy!

    • OMG your blender mixture sounds like something I would like to BATH IN! ha ha! 😉

      I am off to check that cauliflower recipe RIGHT NOW!

  12. Hmmmm, I think she was a little sinister in the Crush, never watched clueless more a teenage girl thing. The soup looks good, I would definitely have some toasted bread with it and grilled chicken breast. How about some Cajun dishes, another of my favorite screen lady’s is Stacey Charbet :) Clueless Quotes:
    Amber: Ms. Stoeger, my plastic surgeon doesn’t want me doing any activity where balls fly at my nose.
    Dionne: Well, there goes your social life.
    Cher: Anything you can do to draw attention to your mouth is good.

    Three things in a blender, Plain Greek yogurt, peaches and a banana.

    • AH ha ha ha! Oh I do love that quote about Amber’s social life! 😉

      And Chicken would be AMAZING in this recipe!!! I am on a serious chicken kick right now! 😉

      • Retraction !! I meant lacey Charbet, my brain went by by. I know there’s mostly lady’s here but holy smokes Nov. Maxim will be a sell out,, Cajun Heat :)

        • Oh you know us ladies are always checking out other ladies on magazine covers!! I gotta go google what Lacey is looking like these days. I promise I’ll be on/in Maxim one day! 😉

  13. You always make fun videos! 😉 I love it! :)
    And yay to Clueless! I grew with that movie! Classic!:)

    • Thank You! Next week I will have another one 😉 Whenever I try to make a a recipe, there is always some sort of FAIL that happens, so why not film it! HA HA!

  14. Haha, I’m glad I’m not the only one who likes soups that kind of look like something you might see when someone gets off a carnival ride :). BTW, there is no cauliflower listed in your ingredients on the post!

    • OMG you are THE ONLY ONE who caught that! But I fixed it! Thank you so much! Bah ha ha ah! That’s just another air-head GiGi move, lol!

      Mmmmm Carnival Soup. I think that’s what I should call this recipe 😉

  15. I am totally clueless in the kitchen!!! I don’t even know if I have seen the movie! :O

    Blender – hmmmm, I don’t have one right now – I think I would make nutbutters!!! :)

    • OHHHHH NO! Jody, you need to find this movie and WATCH IT this WEEKEND!! HA HA! It’s a must. You must then write a Movie Report and post it on my blog next week, or better yet, write a blog post about it. AHHH HA HA AH! And then I will grade it 😉

  16. Thank you for sharing on A Humble Bumble’s Healthy Tuesday Blog Hop. I hope you will join us again next week!
    Kerry from http://www.countrylivingonahill.com

  17. Yes I’m totally clueless in the kitchen and leeks scare me! If you say it’s cool then whatever, I’ll totally cook with leeks. As if.

    • Stop TOTALLY BUGGIN and buy some leeks, ASAP! They’re seriously the hottest fall accessory, if you didn’t hear Tara say that 😉

  18. Are you clueless in the kitchen? – Sometimes xD
    How many times have you seen the movie Clueless? (AS IF… You’ve never seen this movie!) – Never! Not a TV/movie person
    What’s your favorite soup recipe? – mushroom soup! Coz its my son’s fav soup
    Do share the fall recipe you DROOL OVER! – I drool over most food, Spring Summer Autumn Winter hahaha~
    Have you ever bird-fed someone? (Alicia did that to her kid… Yum?) – Nope, we are DinoFamily so we are BIG eaters
    If you could throw three ingredients into a blender, what would you put in there? – mushrooms celery potatoes.
    Any celebrity recipes you want me and Tara to cook up next? – None that I can think of now.
    What are some of your favorite Clueless quotes/references? – errmmm… huh???

    • Oh my goodness, I cannot, CANNOT believe you’ve never seen Clueless. Can you do me a HUGE FAVOR and watch it this weekend and let me know what you think? I swear you’ll think it’s cute!

      You and I have that in common, I TOO drool over mostly EVERYTHING! I am a big eater as well :)

  19. Looks like a fun and easy vegetable soup recipe, I’ve got to try it!

  20. I absolutely adore Clueless after all these years. I miss saying “as if!”

    • No kidding! I think we need to bring it back, I mean tons and tons of old fads are coming back, WHATEVER! It’s totally happening! LOL

  21. Funny and useful! Perfect match! Great to see your page!/Your UBC visitor

    • Thank YOU!!! I am glad you found this recipe useful. If you do ever make it, please do let me know what you think!

  22. This looks great! Ya’ll need to get an immersion blender! 😉

    • HA!!! Oh my, you should see the “tools” in my kitchen. I have a knife that I have owned since… Well, lets just say it came with the house my parents bought in 2000. BAHHH HA HA! And I have that cutting board and a blender. That’s about it. That pot was Tara’s! LOL!

  23. I’m LAZY in the kitchen right now – marathon training means we eat out a lot BUT make good choices – here here!

    • Kat, I am always lazy in the kitchen. Do you ever see me making recipe videos alone? LOL – NOPE, because I don’t cook unless someone is around me to motivate me! Maybe I should buy an apron, maybe that will motivate me? It could be like the MAGIC APRON – putting it on will make me cook PHENOMENAL FOOD!!! Bah ha ah! I see a movie script in the works right now.

  24. I think I’m clueless when it comes to making soup! I’ve never made soup! Only Chinese Congee :)

    • Never made soup other than Chinese Congee? I find that hard to believe because you always post such DELICIOUSNESS on your blog!! :)

  25. I am a soup fanatic, especially at this time of the year. And I loved Clueless, have Alicia S’s cookbook, so…perfect fit here!

    My favorite soup is a white bean/spinach soup.

  26. I look forward to trying this recipe. Thanks!

  27. Ok so I’m not a cauliflower fan but I love a variety of soups. I like lentils and chick peas in soups 😉 You and Tara rocked the Clueless theme. I love Alicia and I’ve seen the movie at least 5 or 6 times. I love it. Her and Stacey Dash are FABULOUS! Favorite is WHATEVER!

    • Cauliflower doesn’t taste like much of anything, it’s more of a filler, so don’t be scared of it. LOL. That being said, your additions/substitutions sound pretty legit to me :)

      Oh and Stacey Dash NEEDS to do more acting!!!!!

  28. Greetings! Found you on the Meatless Monday blog hop. Question: How much is “a box” of broth? Mine vary, as I have multiple sized “boxes” at home. I agree: if not serving for Meatless Monday, I’d want some bacon, goat cheese, or ground turkey to go in it. Fun video!



    • Hi Kim! The box of broth I used was 16 ounces. And this recipe I believe makes 5 servings. Obviously you can increase/decrease the amount of broth you use depending on how many people you’re serving and if you use a little less broth, your soup will be a bit thicker – I personally like it that way :)

  29. You guys are too funny and totally make me want to see the movie again! :)

    I love blended vegetable soups, and this sounds delicious!

  30. I need a food processor stat – come on Santa!

  31. i’ve seen clueless so many times it’s scary, scary like this soup is easy! Um, yes, i can do it! SOUP SATURDAY in my future

  32. I probably spent half of my high school life watching Clueless. Freaking hilarious! And this soup looks so good. One day it will be soup weather in the Central Valley. 😉

  33. I love the movie clueless and this recipe looks awesome! Perfect for the fall weather!!! :)

  34. Sounds delicious! It’s amazing what you can do with a few fresh ingredients. I happen to have homemade chicken stock on hand, so I’m going to make it with that.

    Have a happy, healthy day!

  35. OHH leeks are so good for cleaning out the body and THANK YOU for a recipe that is easy. I just never make the one’s that have a bazillion steps

    • So I plan on making a Chicken Cattitorie recipe for my show and well, the reason I haven’t made it yet is because… It looks so hardddd! ha ha! TOO MANY STEPS – so I am with you, I am ALL ABOUT the easy recipes!

  36. Clueless if my fav movie of all time!!! Thankfully not entirely clueless in the kitchen but I have had my fair share of epic kitchen fails…

    • You are the LAST PERSON I would call clueless in the kitchen, that’s for sure! Your “epic fails” are probably something I would consider my AMAZING WINS! lol! I WOULD LOVE to cook with you :)

  37. Yummy messes end up being some of my favorite dishes. Can’t wait to try this one!

  38. you girls are hilar. like no joke. i want to make this just so i can be like you. ha thanks for linking up to the all things pretty party.

  39. Love your sense of humor. Thanks for the recipe. Dropping in from Friendly Friday Blog HOp. Have a great weekend!

  40. Leeks? Cauliflower? What’s not to love? I am all about soup right now so I’m making this! Thanks!

  41. I’m not the best in the kitchen but I’m not CLUELESS either! Can’t wait to try this soup, perfect for a cool fall evening.

    I’m co-hosting the Blog Strut hop and found you there. So glad I did.

  42. Love this soup! I make a similar one with curry. You’re right, it does look like a hot mess up close and the color isn’t the most appetizing, but wow it tastes great! Thanks for linking up to Real Food Fridays. We’ve been enjoying your videos (especially the tilapia one hahaha).

    • OOOO! Curry could be phenomenal in this! I should definitely try that next time – there will definitely be a next time, regardless of the… OFF PUTING color and consistency, LOL!

      And YAY! I am thrilled you are enjoying my videos – You motivate me to keep on making them! :) I have another delicious one for next week.

  43. Light and simple offering. Cute site! Not bad for Vegan, lol! So glad you joined us on Foodie Friday Link Party. As a co-host, I want you to know that I pin, like, Google+ and twitter your link. Thanks for participating. I would love you to drop by my site at http://www.kneadedcreations. I look forward to reading your comments. Deb @ Kneaded Creations

  44. Oh wow. You gals are my kinda people! Love you, love your video, love the soup! Although I like the addition ideas (from you and commenters) I think I’d make it without meat, as is. Nice and simple. It sounds awesome! I love pureed soups. All soups, really. My fave items in a blender? Well, I do green smoothies for breakfast every morning: almond milk, van. protein powder, spinach, blueberries. But what do I REALLY want? Almond milk, peanut butter, and banana! Can I get a hell yeah?!

    • I want to JUMP IN YOUR BLENDER – however, don’t turn it on, that’d hurt. I just want to eat my way out of it… Peanut Butter and Almond Milk…. MMmmmmmmm!!! :)

  45. I’m all about the easy soup recipes! Lentil is my ‘go to’ soup if I can’t be bothered spending time in the kitchen. Yum!

  46. It’s finally beginning to feel like soup weather! I’m on a leeks kick right now so I’m adding this to my recipes to try list. Bird feeding? Ewwww!

  47. OMG!!! I just made this yesterday and it’s soooo delicious! I tweaked the recipe a little. I used homemade chicken stock instead of vegetable stock, added a red onion, sauteed the veggies first, and finally, the best part….crumbled, grass fed beef bacon on top!!! Oh, and I also used freshly picked leeks from a local, organic farm. Those made the soup extra special too.

    Thank you so much for sharing this recipe. I’m going to have to share this with my blog readers. I already shared on Facebook. It’s so soothing for the digestive system, and feeds the soul, too.

    • OMG What is grass-fed beef bacon like? I have been wanting to order it for so long (PUMPED that there is sugar-free versions) but I Have yet to do it… You may however push me over the end! 😉

      AND I AM SO HAPPY you enjoyed this recipe! I TRULY appreciate you sharing it with others. I have another new recipe coming out tomorrow, stay tuned. It’s very YUMMY!

  48. GIRL I could put on a one woman CLUELESS show Ive seen it so so so so so much….

  49. I love a delicious and simple soup recipe!! I am in love with leeks!!!! Can’t wait to try this!

  50. Leeks kind of scare me. I don’t know why. Maybe because they are such a pain to clean? This looks great and yes it’s soup season on the East Coast. And I’m sorry but bird feeding is gross!

  51. Hi GiGi,
    You have really tickled my healthy veggie taste buds with this easy Leek Cauliflower Soup recipe.
    And because it is blended, it is a nice light meal for lunch or dinner. It will be a favorite for dieters as well. I love it!Thank you for sharing this delicious plant-based soup at the Plant-Based Potluck Party! I appreciate it!

  52. Okay, so I’m a) the last person ever to see and comment on this recipe [coincidentially also at that time when cauliflower soup has been the only firmly scheduled dish on my meal plan for next week already]. And b) probably the only person who hasn’t watched Clueless EVER. And now I need to – with a bowl of cauliflower (and pumpkin) soup next to me.


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