Runway Ready Produce

You might think the action stops every night at the grocery store the second 11 p.m. rolls around…

But that’s actually when the BASH gets started!

(Think Toy Story except ditch Woody and Buzz Light Year and pictures Blueberries, Oranges and Spinach with personalities!)

While Onions, Eggplant and Tomatoes direct Jicama, Bananas, Kale, Swiss Chard (Wee! Love colors!) and all the other vegetables and fruits to their designated seats, there is one vegetable missing in action…

The reason?

Because they’re prepping for their jaunts down the produce aisle runway.

Can you guess which fruit or vegetable is the SUPERMODEL of the produce department?

If you’re completely clueless, well, then you HAVE TO watch these stalky “ladies” sashay down the “runway”… (AKA: WATCH MY VIDEO!)

And okay, I guess there are two types of produce that are MIA… I mean, these sexy edibles need to be “prepped” and they certainly can’t do it themselves.

All I can say is I really hope these vegetables don’t get peer-pressured into getting “fried”. Frying, whether it be food or whether it be supermodels doing drugs… It’s not attractive. 

 GiGi Dubois with Leeks

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  • Do you like leeks?
  • How do you cook leeks? What do you like to pair them with?
  • How do you deal with leaky faucets?
  • Would you like to stew in a hot tub with some leeks?
  • Do you think these leeks hold a candle to Giselle or Miranda?
  • Should I pitch a movie idea about food at the grocery store coming to life to Disney/Pixar?


  1. I’ve never tried leeks but I want to now!!

    • OMG never tried them? Not even in Potato-Leek Soup? Well this is a MUST! Get to the store ASAP and let me know how you like them! I personally love braised leeks.

  2. Please don’t shun me and call me a naughty vegan when I tell you…I don’t think I have ever had leeks!! AHH I know!!! SHAME!! I would love to bathe with them though, can you share these ladies with me?? They have nice eyes..

    • OMG SHAMEFUL VEGAN YOU AREEEEEE!!!!! You are eating too many sweets, LOL!!! Get to the store IMMEDIATELY soak in the hot tub with these stunners and then EAT THEM – lol… It’s like Hanzel & Gretel… Except with vegetables? Eh, not really?

      OF COURSE I will share these ladies with you, they’re “whores” and like to get around! lol

  3. I use leeks occasionally! Now I will have them more often, thanks!!

    They remind me of Carmen Miranda for some reason, must be the head wear.

    If I could find one large enough, I would use it next year instead of a Christmas tree and decorate the leaves!

  4. What are those leaks on? your produce looks like their taking leaf enhancing drugs :)
    Looks like I’m trying theses now, I never eat onions so might be fun. I would be willing to bask in a warm broth with some hot leeks, providing their pesticide free. As for the leaky faucet I can fix about anything so I just wait till it drives me crazy. I say call Pixar and pitch it to them along with some NEW cartoon characters no one has used yet.

    • Would you draw the vegetable cartoons for the show I pitch to Pixar?!?! :)

      PLEASE DO try leeks and let me know what you think. Why don’t you eat onions? They’re delicious… And also EXTREMELY healthy 😀

      • Well I bought some, the cashier rang them up as corn, I’m very scared living here. I had them with lentil burgers and Basmati rice.

  5. Of course the one in the middle! Ah yaaaa. Giggidy.

  6. Haha girl you crack me up. I love your leeks video!! I love them soooo much! :) xo

  7. Erin from Long Island says:

    While I like the idea of leeks, and I eat onions and scallions like it’s my job, those fuckers are soooooo hard to clean I rarely eat them. The pre-biotic info has me intrigued and at least dirt is a good source of B12!

  8. Has anyone else checked out the Vital Choice web site? there is some good stuff on it and reasonably priced.

    • Vital Choice is amazing! My favorite product of theirs is their Black Cod – seriously out of this world. My second favorite is their Ventresca Tuna! I highly recommend you try it :)

  9. Bathing in leeks! Haha I’ve actually never tried them although I heard they are really good in soup!

  10. ATTENTION GiGi fan’s check out her YouTube channel and show your support for her new video. Follow the link to Awesomeness TV vote GiGi !!!!! :)

  11. Big fan of leeks here. I live in a small town though and sometimes, gasp!, there are no leeks to be found. None, nada, zip.

    • OMG where do you live? I am from a very small town as well, but they always have leeks – or so I think, I am not there very often any more so I would have to ask my mother, lol!

  12. LOL!! Ok I’m not gonna lie… I’ve never bought fresh leeks before… Trader Joe’s has frozen leeks already cut which make it suuuuuper easy to use :)

  13. I’m leeky and I know itttttttt

  14. Love leeks! They bring so much flavor to any vegetable dish.

  15. You are the prettiest one 😀

  16. I feel like leeks are under rated, which sucks, because they’re delicious. They’re under appreciated much like sauerkraut, only without all the gas after you eat it.

    • They are totally underrated! They need the spotlight! Onions this, scallions that, but WHAT ABOUT leeks! ha ha.

      And uh, I COMPLETELY agree with you about the sauerkraut/gas issue – LOL!

  17. Oh, and I totally forgot to tell you I’m visiting from the Create with Joy blog hop! :-)

  18. Look at you, teaching me things!

  19. I love leeks. Funny though, I never know how much of the green stalk to use! I love sauteing them but then I kind of panic with the green part! Haha. But they’re fabulous! :)

    • My rule of thumb with the greener top is just cut off the part that looks a little mangled and and then when cleaning, I take off a layer or two… Then you can steam or sautee them up for some deliciousness!

  20. Just got sprung on leeks yummy I need more of these hotties in my life.. Thank you for sharing I love your videos :-) love + shine Courtstar

  21. Leek lover here! Favourite recipes are leek and mushroom soup (yum, yum) and added to a salmon quiche!
    I’d love to see Gigi do artichokes…. Smooch!

  22. I just made a homemade Leek and Parsnip soup last week and LOVED it!! I yet to post it on my blog, am running behind, but yes Leek it up…love them

  23. What a fun blog. I bet you could get veggie haters to love their veggies!

  24. Thanks for leeking this information!

  25. I’m laughing so hard right now! I’m so glad you linked up to Raw Foods Thursdays so I could learn about your blog! I seriously can not stop laughing!!!

  26. haha, I LOVE your videos! :) Leeks, are one of my favorites! Thanks for linking up at our Gluten Free Fridays party! I have tweeted and pinned your entry to our Gluten Free Fridays board on Pinterest! :)

    We have a Gluten Free gift basket giveaway this week! One lucky winner will score an awesome basket, just in time for Mothers Day!

    Cindy from

    • Aw thank you Cindy!!! :) I love your site just as MUCH!! Link away! And looking forward to the gift basket giveaway!!

  27. That video was leek-a-licious, and I happen to thing leeks are sexy. I usually add them to soups or scrambled eggs, after washing them, of course. Dirty onions.

  28. I love leeks. My favorite thing to make with them is a salmon, leek, and red pepper pasta that I can whip up in no time flat. I think it might be my fastest dinner recipe. And one of my favorites! I love that I can get them at our CSA pretty much all summer long…they are delicious!

    • I ADORE Salmon and Leeks together! It’s seriously the best pairing! This recipe of yours sounds phenomenal! :)