A Tasty Recipe For Disaster!

I should really get a tattoo on my forehead that saying WARNING: Ticking Time Bomb…

Time Bomb

I will detonate if even just an iota of a food I am allergic or intolerant to seeps into my intricate system.


It’s hard for some people to swallow the amount of intolerances I have… And after giving the laundry list to those who ask… I often need a nap because it’s exhausting.

Dog tired, carry me

However, I woke from my quick doze-off when Leslie Durso arrived at my doorstep, delicious ingredients in hand, ready to make me one of her favorite vegan recipes!


Check out exactly what she made me in the latest GiGi Eats…

As you saw from the video… I dove head first into this dip… Yes, we made enough to fill a diving pool!


However… Much like one might smack their head on the bottom of the pool if they dove into the shallow end… I collided with something rather severe only a few short hours after my “dip”…

Watery eyes. Blurry vision. Itchy nose. Sneezing so much I could be the power source for a 50 foot building. This was just the beginning.

GiGi very uncomfortable because she symptoms are starting to erupt

As time passed… I got more and more uncomfortable… And then… I began to itch. First my arm pits, then my neck, then my boobs, yes, my boobs… And so as to not feel left out, my abdomen followed suit.

GiGi's stomach full of hives!


(And that’s actually a TAME photo… They ONLY got worse…)

Typically when I get a reaction from one of the foods I should not be ingesting, I get severe stomach pains, as you read in my previous blog posts. When I tried the dish Leslie made for me, I was willing to take the stomach beating, as I knew almond milk and I did not mingle well. I however had NO IDEA it would cause me to erupt like a volcano as well.

Shocked GiGi Face

After an afternoon and evening straight out of a sitcom (seriously, my day’s activities would be cause for another blog post), I woke up the following morning… Eyes swollen shut, face completely inflamed and… Kylie Jenner would have been insanely jealous of my lips.


I downed Quercetin like an addict pops pills. Quercetin is a natural antihistamine found in onions (I typically take it on the daily for overall immune support) and since I didn’t have any Benadryl, it was my only option!


THANKFULLY Quercetin treated me like Superman would Lois Lane… And SAVED ME from the agony. WAHOO for natural medicine! Quercetin is no “hoaky baloney”!


Any ways… The moral of this story is… If you do in fact have a nut allergy Swap the almond milk in this recipe for a milk variety that won’t BLOW YOU UP like almond milk did me… Or use vegetable broth!

And with that… I give you the recipe!

Vegan-Artichoke-Celery-Root-Puree made by Leslie Durso

Get dipping… 

  • Peel and cube celery root.
  • Toss celery root with a tbs of olive oil, salt and pepper.
  • Peel garlic cloves.
  • Spread celery root cubes and garlic over a baking sheet, and add sprigs of rosemary.
  • Roast vegetables in the oven at 350 degrees for 15 minutes.
  • After 15 minutes, add defrosted artichoke hearts to the baking pan and bake for another 10 – 15 minutes, or until the vegetables are golden brown.
  • When done, transfer the vegetables to a food processor and discard rosemary sprigs. Pulse mixture.
  • Add another tbs of olive oil. Pulse. Add almond milk. Pulse. Add another tbs of olive oil and more salt and pepper.
  • Pour delicious mixture of healthiness into a serving dish and garnish with chopped chives and last tbs of olive oil necessary for the recipe.


So Tell Me…

  • Are you allergic to any foods? If so, what happens to you?
  • Have you ever been the TWIN of Will Smith’s character “Hitch” when he has that horrific allergic reaction? 
  • Do you have a favorite VEGAN recipe!? Share a link in your comment! 
  • What do you typically bring to a BBQ?
  • Have you ever smacked your head on the bottom of a pool? 
  • Everyone has one problem or another… What one problem are you dealing with RIGHT NOW? (It’s always good to talk about things!)

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  1. Holy Moly, GiGi, that’s some reaction! Thanks for the tips on dealing with nut allergies. Love artichokes so will definitely give this a try.
    My favourite vegan recipe at the moment is this Simple Asparagus Spinach Soup http://bit.ly/1HJzYpj And I mean simple!
    Current problem? Hmmm…I’ll be like Scarlett and say…”I can’t think about that right now. If I do, I’ll go crazy. I’ll think about that tomorrow.” LOL, Have a great day!

    • Ha Ha! Exactly, I will think about it tomorrow 😉

      However I couldn’t think about my hives TOMORROW when I had them, LOL! That asparagus recipe certainly wouldn’t cause any sort of problems though – YUM!

  2. Girl you are so funny, even when you’re miserable! I feel like these type of things only happen to you! But the recipe looks delicious and I appreciate you putting your life on the line to bring us some yummy foods. You truly are the funniest blogger I know! haha. I can always expect a good laugh when catching up on Gigi!! Glad that you’re feeling better!

    • Ginger, you completely made my day. I seriously could stare at the wall for the rest of the day (which I probably should, that way I won’t get into any trouble? Ha, I actually probably would find a way – lol)… And I would be completely happy! Thank you so much for stopping byyyyyyyy and hanging out with me, hives and all! ha ha.

  3. I’m glad you’re okay!! That is scary! The dip looks great, I love anything artichoke, but forget the dip.. I want to run to you and Mother you back to health!

    • Awwww THANK YOU Lisa!!!! :) Feel free to come mother me whenever you’d like! I will roast you artichoke hearts as a thank you!

  4. Well, thank you for braving PTSD and still giving us the recipe! But yeah, almonds = nuts, you ninny 😀

  5. Oh. My gosh. I’m glad you’re okay!! I don’t have any serious food allergies (knock on wood) but sometimes tofu and almonds make my throat a little itchy. I like bringing dessert (unhealthy kinds) to BBQs :)

    • I am knocking on wood for you!!!!! Making your throat itchy is a scary scary symptom! My sister was scared my throat was going to close – ha!

      I am sure everyone LOVEEEEEESSSS you for bringing unhealthy desserts to BBQs, lol!! Ice cream is kinda the BOMB at a cook-out! 😉

  6. Oh my goodness! Girl, that reaction sounds absolutely horrible! I have been very lucky to have zero food allergies. I did break out in hives when I found out I was pregnant though. :) No fun. I don’t currently have a favorite vegan recipe that comes to mind, but I love artichokes and this dip looks delicious! I’m definitely going to try it! I hope you are feeling better!

  7. ooh that rash looks very painful! That dip however looks very yummy :)

    • Oh the rash isn’t even 1/2 as bad as it got to be… But my other photos are totally x-rated and not appropriate for the blog, LOL!!!

  8. You are a medical wonder. When are we going to get crazy in the kitchen? I promise not to give you a rash.

    • Please do not HIVE ME UP! LOL!!! You’re back now, yes?!!? If you want to be part of my birthday post…. We can make that happen – posting that on June 22, and just bought an ice cream maker for it – BAM!

  9. Oh no GiGi!! Your almond story makes me so sad!! I’m sorry that you had such an awful reaction!! I react super badly to gluten and dairy… but fine to nuts… everyone is so different!! Sorry about the swelling/ itching!! :( :(

    • What are your symptoms when you eat dairy and gluten?? These hives were AWFUL but thankfully not life threatening! :)

  10. Haha oh no! I’m glad you are feeling better though. My bf in college was super allergic to nuts and accidentally had some one day. When he answered the door it looked like his face was about to explode and he was an alien from another planet. At least he didn’t have to go to the hospital!

    • OMG your BF in college and I were totally twins! I did not want ANYONE to see me!! I raced home from an event, and around 10/10:30pm was invited out again but I could not leave because thats when everything REALLY erupted!

  11. First of all Gigi (I have a daughter we call Jiji- (Jehan), just realized that, lol), the dip looks awesome!! I don’t normally think about artichokes because I won’t eat food from a can and the fresh are too expensive to play around with. This recipe looks amazing and I will be making it soon, perhaps I’ll do a blog review on it (when I can get a moment to myself)?- minus the alomod milk since it makes me bloat, I’ll use chicken broth (homemade) so it will not be so vegan but still tasty :)

    Ok so your hives…holy molly!! My youngest son breaks out in hives with certain foods at certain times of the year, his diet is strictly Paleo with adjustments as needed. When he breaks out (which is usually around his mouth), I use black walnut tincture and using a q-tip, I “paint” where ever his hives have appeared – he loves me to make a mustache and beard over his mouth hives. Plus I give him a dropper full of the tincture. This seems to work well, but I’m going to explore quercetin.

    One more thing to add in case anyone will benefit, if I don’t have black walnut tincture on hand, use apple cider vinegar, which works too, but I prefer the black walnut tincture.

    • Yes! Review the dip on your blog for sure! You can use another milk, aside from almond, no problem at all. I cannot wait to see your review and see if you like the dip :) Leslie I am sure will be curious too!

      And… I need to look into this Walnut Tincture. I don’t break out in hives ever….. Although now, who knows, but it’s always good to have on hand. I do have ACV in the kitchen at all times though. And Quercetin – life saver!!! What foods does your son react to?

  12. Youch! That is seriously sucky and a good thing you didn’t go anaphylactic. I had this reaction once to amoxycillin (a truly evil medication). I couldn’t brush my teeth, wash my face, anything without elephant welts showing up, and hives head to toe. I was so swabbed in calamine cotton balls that polka dots were jealous. When the welts started going down my throat I freaked out.

    Heavy doses of prednisone, forty pounds in a month, side burns, and massive boobs, and I got better. The prednisone then changed my hair from straight to wavy, the sideburns and weight went away. So yeah, allergies, no fun.

    • HOLY MOLY THAT SOUNDS AWFUL!!!!!!!! And to make POLKA DOTS jealous is REALLY damn hard so I commend you!!!!

      Are you allergic to other stuff aside from amoxycillin??

  13. That was one serious reaction. Sheesh! It’s enough to put you off strange food. Hope you feel better.

  14. Oh my gosh girl what a crazy reaction!!! That is looks so unpleasant! I do love the Will Smith photo though, as a girl who also regularly gets hives I can relate!

  15. Christ! You may need to become a Breatharian! Seriously, I’m glad you are all right, and it wasn’t worse. Did you go to the ER? Have you considered carrying an epi-pen?

    No, I don’t have any food allergies, but I have had reactions to something. Once I had a rash over a lot of my upper torso. I took Benadryl for that. Benadryl is in a lot of over the counter sleep meds, so in an emergency, look for those too. I also had my upper lip swell up huge once (angioedema). Don’t know why. I would have been accepted into the tribe if I was on an African trip.

    Anyway, being mostly vegan, love the meal today!!

    • LOL RIGHT?! When Leslie and I were coming up with a recipe, I was like, why don’t we just make a Broothie – a BREATH smoothie, LOL!!! Just air whirled around in the blender, ha ha ah aha h! Too funny.

      I think it’s scary that you don’t know what caused your allergies! I would be rather concerned with that. I have never taken Benadryl before actually, and I am thrilled Quercetin helped out a ton!! :) Do you know about quercetin… Or is that a silly question?

      And I knew you’d like today’s recipe! :) Do try it and let me know what you think!

      • I started taking Quercetin this year after reading a very positive study about it. Those reactions were years ago and have never happened again. Sometimes a cure can be worse than a disease :-)

  16. First I wanted to LOL but then want to say cute post.

  17. OMG I am SO sorry this made you ill…but I’m reallllll glad for this recipe because I NEED this recipe. I got a celery root in my CSA delivery and had no clue what to do with it so…thank you! I hope hope hope you are healed up totally by now! Healing vibes….

    • OMG!!!! I AM THRILLEDDDDDD I made this recipe then, it’s so funny how the universe works out – everything happens for a reason, I risked my life for YOUUUU Ellen! LOL!

  18. Oh nooooooooo! Food allergies are the weeeerst! Glad you made it out alive :)

    • I am glad I made it out alive too – I have so many different food ideas I need to post on the blog before I “bow out” – lol!

  19. LOL that’s me with homemade peanut butter!

  20. Ummm…I have too many favorite vegan recipes. HA. I think you should have posted the photo of your face with eyes like Will Smith. You legit looked like that…hahaha. <3

    • LOL UM…. I mean, if I posted that picture, I would have had to write about HORROR MOVIES and I haven’t watched enough these days LOL!

  21. Oh dear! You poor thing! I don’t have food allergies but I once reacted like that photo of you from Amoxicillin. That was most un-fun. It was the itchiest and most miserable thing and it even reached my eyes and made them droop!
    The recipe looks delicious, though.

    • Oh I did not show a picture of my face…. It was HORRIFIC! I have a photo in my phone… I need to put a LOCK on my photos because YIKES – I don’t want anyone to see that one! LOL! Sure, I could delete it, but I am a photo hoarder so that’s not going to happen!

  22. OMG!!! That looks so painful and uncomfortable! I can’t believe you made it all day and then through the night before getting some relief! You are freaking hard core Gigi!
    Good to know about quercitin. Where you can you buy this?
    I luckily do not have allergies like this (that I know of) but I’m lactose intolerant. So if I ingest some dairy, watch out. Worst stomach pains/bathroom issues in the history if EVER!

    • You can buy QUERCETIN anywhere, but if you click the link, you can just buy it on AMAZON, my favorite store ever, LOL! It gets to my door like an hour later, ha ha ah! It’s wizardry, just like Quercetin! 😉

      Oh and girl, NOOOO dairy for me either!

  23. Oh, this dip looks marvelous! I adore artichokes any which way. But your hives are pretty scary!!! Glad it wasn’t a worse reaction—but what an itchy mess :( Current problem—a new puppy who is wild early in the morning!!! She is so cute, though, it’s hard to be cross with her for being herself.

    • Oh my! PUPPIES!!! My parents have like 6 dogs, so I definitely know what PUPPIES are like. But… They are super cute, and they do get you up and active 😉

  24. WTF !!!!! I would have been having panic attacks and convinced it was the end. The recipe looks good, great nacho dip. I can’t drink milk especially chocolate milk. Whoo weee it’s not cool at all. Would corn starch with some warm chicken broth be ok for you in place of milk ?? not vegan any more but maybe safer for you. I’m to private to talk about problems but it is good to air things out sometimes. You stay safe and hope The Captain is well :)

    • I didn’t have panic attacks but I was with Tara and I wouldn’t stop talking about how uncomfortable I was! LOL!!!! I have to take an UBER HOME and leave her at an event we were at :(

      I will probably use broth of some sort the next time I make this recipe for sure.

      And you certainly should talk about your problems, I know when I bottle them up, I tend to BLOW UP once or twice a month, ha ah…. And captain – It’s an ace 😉

      • Extremely happy about””’ well you know what and I think I’m buying a hot rod to re live my racing day’s I mean nights in New York as a wild and crazy guy :) being on the edge sometimes takes away stress, at least for me.

        • That is GREAT! You have to do what works for you and if that means “living on the edge” then I am ALL FOR IT :)

  25. I’m always looking for a new dip for my homemade veggie chips and I love artichoke, so this would be a great one to try. None of us have allergies, so we won’t have to worry about your scary reaction happening. Glad you are doing better now!

    Thanks for linking up to the Bloggers Brags Pinterest Party. I have pinned your post to the Bloggers Brags Pinterest Board. Hope you stop by again next week!

    • Yay! I am thrilled that I could fill your veggie dip void! :) This dip is seriously delicious, so you’re going to love it… Especially because you love artichokes! :)

      THANK YOU so much for pinning my post!

  26. So scary and not much fun! I once had a weird stretch of time in college where I would wake up about once a week with a fat lip, probably from something they were serving.. Never figured it out though. Your recipe looks great though!

    • OMG! NOW THAT is scary! I WOULD NEVER EVER want to eat in the dining hall, EVER! In college, the chefs ROCKED – probably because I treated them extremely respectfully! They would make me gourmet separate allergen-friendly meals! 😮

  27. Oh you poor thing! That must have been scary! I’m glad you’re okay! This may be the first time I’ve ever read a “see what this dish did to me, try it!” recipe :-)

    • Ha Ha! Right?? I was trying to figure out how to write this post explaining what happened yet also promoting that it’s tasty, LOL!

  28. Oh no! Glad you were able to fix it, and to figure out what you ate! Sometimes that can be tricky. Especially since this recipe looks delicious!

    • Exactly! I was thinking it might have been potato or celery root, but almond milk is a far more common allergen, so I am going with that! ha. Now if I eat celery root and break out like this… Well, then I will know what it truly was from!

  29. I’m allergic to some molds and fungus and peppers. Peppers are everywhere now waiting to jump out at me. The fungus and mold is a mild allergy but it is surprising how often they are in our food either by accident or as an actual ingredient. Worst case I get stomach pain that lasts for 3 days. Best case I will just get hives.

    Right now I think I am mostly suffering from bad attitude! I have some aches and pains and injuries but they hurt a little more when I’m being grouchy. Luckily Miss Grouch should be gone at exactly 6PM today when I finish giving my presentation and I can ditch the Spanx and the suit and the shoes and the negative voice in my head runs out of ammo.

    • When you say peppers, you mean like bell peppers and jalapeno peppers and black pepper?! That would make me quite sad – because I ADORE bell peppers, but their price tag is high enough to turn ANYONE off so….. I guess it wouldn’t affect me too too much.

      I CERTAINLY HOPE MISS GROUCH PEACES OUT come 6pm! I know all toooooo well that feeling though – you’re like me when I wear jeans! I get SOOOO ANGRY and irritated, LOL!

  30. Allergies are no fun (as you so obviously — and painfully — know). Our next door neighbor just became allergic to some kinds of nuts. Major bummer, because she also can’t tolerate gluten — and nuts work so well in so many gluten-free recipes. Anyway, sorry you had to suffer so to bring us such a super looking dip recipe.

  31. Oh my gosh girl, that sounds HORRIBLE! No more almond milk for you!! It must be tough having so many food allergies. I’m only allergic to eggplant, and I have a similar reaction to yours in that I get super itchy, rashy and my throat feels like it’s closing up.

  32. HOLY CRAP GiGi!!!!! So sorry you had to go thru that! No more attempting to try thing you know might inflame your bod!!!! OUCH!!!!!!

    I bloat with a lot of healthy foods I like but I eat them anyway – it is just my bod. I would eat nothing if I stopped every time I bloated from food.

    I do stay away from dairy though…

    Prob – money – always money – I know people say it does not matter but it does – bills & looking like I will never retire ever – that is the prob here… you asked! :)

    • Um Jody – YOU AND ME BOTH!!!! I have cut so much out of my life, yet even healthy foods bloat me… But F… They don’t hurt as bad as all the other crap I have cut out, and they don’t give me hives so… I AM GOING FOR IT! LOL!!!

      I’m sorry to hear about finance issues taking their toll on you! :( I really hope you get some sort of reprieve soon! Perhaps get a lotto ticket? I will root for you -LOL!

  33. yikes how scary and painful!

  34. Oh my gosh! I am so sorry that happened to you. I don’t have any food allergies, but I swear I was allergic to cheese (just cheese, not dairy, ha!) for a while when I was younger. Luckily that didn’t last too long! I hope you’re feeling better…that recipe does look great!

  35. Oh wow. I’m torn between saying that this recipe sounds ridiculously amazing and how sorry I am for what happened. That’s true dedication to make sure to only deliver the best food to your readers- Okay. I’m still sorry for you. But on the other hand I’m excited you shared a vegan recipe – just for me, obviously ;).
    On a last note I feel we need to get somebody to keep you from slippity-dipping into dangerous territory.

    • THIS recipe is JUST for you, I promise! I knew you would like it, I certainly though about you when making it!! Too bad you’re not my neighbor because I would have given you all of the leftovers, ha ha! Alas, they did NOT go to waste – don’t you worry!

      Let me know if you try it out missy!

  36. Oh my gosh! I’m glad you were able to get a handle on the hives. Yikes – how scary! I don’t have any food allergies (that I know of) but I do get a bit of a stomach ache whenever I eat dairy. It’s not too intense but enough that I don’t eat much dairy (unless I decide to splurge on some Jeni’s ice cream or cheese board for my wine night!) 😀

    • I really think everyone tends to get a dairy stomach ache… There is something to be said about that 😉 I have always said that dairy is not meant for human consumption.. But who am I? HA HA HA! And dairy – SO DELICIOUS – ha haaha.

  37. Great recipe, and hilarious recipe making to watch as usual! Love it!

    And check you out, being totally dedicated to the cause of promoting great healthy recipes, despite knowing of your intolerance for almonds!

    I take my hat off to you, and hope you are OK from this endeavour! 😉

    • I am one dedicated person when it comes to things I ADORE… Such as making deliciousness for you and everyone else who comes to visit my blog! 😀

  38. You poor thing, almonds are sooo yummy too :( I have the weirdest allergy to the pollen of the olive tree, not olives, not pollen from orange blossoms just the olive tree. So I found out about that waking up with a swollen face, lips and eyes and I decided to take a lot of bee pollen in my oatmeal because for sure it was gonna help whatever this was. Freak show i swear ! Even worse, and then I got tested and found out about the olive tree pollen allergy.

    • So can you eat olive oil and such? That is such a weird allergy especially if you can still eat olives and such, ha! But thankfully you can because OLIVES ROCK!!!!!!

  39. Give me this dip please!!! You can never have too many dip recipes, right?

  40. OMG so sorry you had a reaction like that but glad the onion medicine worked. Makes the dip less appealing now but it does look awesome. I am allergic to cats and dust, all things I tend not to eat :-) but I have two cats so go figure. I have great Brazilian Feijoada vegan recipe, don’t miss the meat for a meat eater. http://www.cheapethniceatz.com/bean-vegan-lately-brazilian-feijoada-and-red-bean-ice-cream/

    • Onion medicine, ha ha ah! That is what I am going to call it from now on 😉

      I am also allergic to cats… And dogs too! And um, I am glad you don’t eat cats?? 😉 What do you take to not be so watery around your 2 kitties??

      Red bean ice cream?! Say what?

  41. I guess the good part is that you found a dip that you can, in the future,make without nuts. Was it worth all this though? You are a good sport and it is great your humor can take over, at times like this.

  42. oh man, girl, that’s awful!! hope you got that under control quickly! i don’t know of any foods to which i’m allergic, but dairy, nuts, and too much wheat/gluten definitely gives me bloating and stomach probs.

    • THANKFULLY the hives went away after a day!! I thank QUERCETIN, seriously :)

      And I hear you about the bloating, UGH!! When am I not bloated? Seriously!

  43. Oh dear! GiGi – I hope you are better now – UGH – that must have been horrible! I am lactose intolerant and if I take a half cup or more, I’ve been capable of “erupting like a volcano” too! :)
    I remember that scene in Hitch well – but I haven’t ever had or been around anyone who had such a bad reaction!
    Oh – and by the way – delish dip!

    • If only you saw me, ha! You probably would have just LAUGHED at me because I looked like a creature from another planet!!!

  44. omgoodness i can’t believe having to go through all of that! Glad you managed to survive in the end. although the volcano comparison did give me some vivid images….

  45. Dang girl, sucks for you! Glad you’re doing better though. I haven’t found any food that I’m allergic too, thankfully. I’ve never hit my head on the bottom of a pool, but when I played water polo in college, we trained by wading across the pool with pool chairs held above our heads (early CrossFit perhaps?). Anyways, if the chair dropped into the pool and sank, it immediately weighed like 500 lbs and we couldn’t leave practice until we rescued the chair. It was not a fun day when I dropped my chair…. thankfully I finally got it up!

    • OMG I DOOOO know what it is like to try and pick up a chair in a pool, IT DOES NOT HAPPEN, lol!!! You can have a tea party under water? LOL – um, what???

      I once drove a tractor into a pool – LMFAO!

  46. Well I am glad that you have a beautiful sense of humor that holds you up. I am sure there is really not much to laugh about at its worst. My daughter has multiple chemical sensitivities and it is no fun at all. That onion extract antihistamine sounds interesting, I had not heard of that before.
    Take care dear friend we want you back sharing on #HomeMattersParty,

    • Without my humor, I would certainly be hiding in my apartment in a bubble, that’s for sure! I’m sorry to hear about your daughter’s sensitivities :( Hopefully she will be able to use humor as her coping mechanism too!

  47. okay I actually think I’ll make this dip!!!!!

  48. Hi Gigi,
    I have many food allergies and different foods cause different reactions. Some cause me stomach distress, some hives, some headaches, even insomnia. It can be quite a challenge to know what to eat if you have multiple food allergies. My heart goes out to you because I understand what you are experiencing. Thanks for the great recipe and for sharing it on Real Food Fridays. Pinned & twitted.

    • Thank you for your thoughts and well wishes, I truly appreciate it. I agree, it can be quite tough to figure out – but… I do believe there are worse things in life, and just try and make light of all situations (ahem, like my making fun of myself in this post)! I certainly hope you’ve been able to find ways to cope with your issues! :)

  49. I have so many great vegan recipes; how do I narrow it down to just one!? But this breakfast smoothie is one of my favorites! http://hungrymountaineer.com/2015/04/cashew-date-and-banana-smoothie-tues-pic.html
    I’ve never really had hives, but one summer I got poison oak at least three times and each time lasted about ten days, so I pretty much had itchy, oozy poison oak all summer. It sucked so hard! When I go to a bbq I bring my Stuffed Jalapeno Poppers Wrapped in Bacon or my amazing Buffalo Chicken and Blue Cheese Dip; I bring the calories!

    • OMG 10 days each of poison oak!!!!!! That sounds HORRIFIC!!!! WORSE THAN HIVES!

      And bah ha ha ha ah! People must adore you at BBQs! 😉

  50. Dairy and I are not friends, and gluten does not like me very much either! They are so mean!!
    I have a vegan muffin recipe that is awesome, in my humble opinion…

  51. What a cute post! Sorry you had such a bad reaction. Thank you for stopping by Pin Worthy Wednesday!

  52. OMG… I’m dying laughing over here!!! And I know I totally shouldn’t be laughing at your pain, but the itchy boobs did me in ;p I am so very lucky to not have any food allergies. Yikes! Poor thing.
    I am so excited you shared this delectable dip over at Healthy Vegan Fridays! It’s being featured this week and I’m pinning and sharing it. I look forward to more of your awesome sauce recipes.

    • AH AH AH! Hey now, if you’re featuring my dip… Then you can LAUGH AS MUCH AS YOU WANT at my expense, LOL!!! Thankfully I am no longer itchy, but man, it was pretty horrific. I am allergic to a lot of foods and, well, none have ever given me hives – UNTIL NOW!! Next dip recipe will NOT cause any sort of reactions for me, LOL! That’s the goal 😉

  53. I’m the same as you when it comes to food allergies and intolerance’s. I think it would be a shorter list if I wrote one of the foods I CAN eat, instead of the ones I can’t. lol .Glad to hear you’re feeling better now, what an awful experience you went through.

    Thanks so much for dropping by my blog and commenting on my recipe for salmon patties. I hope you get to try them, and enjoy them as much as I do!


    • Your salmon patties ROCK – I will CERTAINLY be trying them, I have so much salmon in my pantry… And pumpkin TOO for that matter! I know for a fact these will NOT cause any allergic reactions, ha ha!

  54. I totally feel your pain on those hives. When I was 12 I had an extreme case that wouldn’t go away for about a year. Literally all over my body from my head to my feet and EVERYWHERE (everywhere) in between (everywhere). I went to a bazillion doctors, took a trillion drugs and they couldn’t figure out why I was getting them. They said stress aka they didn’t know. The only thing that really helped was benedryl. Then one day, they went away and haven’t come back. Totally bizarre. Sorry you had to go through that experience :(

    • What!!! You had hives for a YEAR?!?!?!?! I don’t think I would be able to function, I would get so depressed – I am thrilled they went away and have not come back, I am knocking on wood for you that they DONT! And you have no idea at ALL what caused them??? I doubt it’s stress – I am sure you get stressed now too, right???! I can only imagine how crappy it is to live off of Benedryl!

      • Yeah I was all sorts of messed up. I got a ton of bug bites while I was fishing last weekend and I’ve been getting flash backs. Oh, I am never stressed, umm yeah right. Doctors hate to say “I don’t know”.

        Thanks for the knocking of wood buddy!

        • EXACTLY! Doctors, when they have no clue, blame everything on stress! I don’t go to doctors anymore because UGH – they have no idea what’s wrong with me either. We are just oddly unique, yes? lol


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