How To Find Love On The Streets Of Los Angeles

People typically move to Los Angeles for one of two things (or perhaps both?)…

Thing # 1: To be “discovered” by a big named casting director as he or she pulverize a thick and greasy double cheeseburger with his/her teeth at Dave & Busters, while tossing balls at Down The Clown in order to win the “super bonus”.

Down The Clown Carnival Game

Thing # 2: To find [insert hot male/female celebrity name here], kidnap him/her, lock him/her in their barred-up, dimly-lit basement studio apartment nestled between a sketchy pawn shop and a stank cigar “saloon” (also a popular hooker hangout) in an alleyway off of Hollywood Blvd, and try to convince said celebrity to love him/her.

Sketchy Alleyway off Hollywood Blvd

Both of these “things” are about as hard to achieve as balancing in high heels, on one foot, on top of a camel’s back as it gallops through the dessert, during a sandstorm, all while trying not to spill the glass of milk you’re holding.

I could have just said thing # 1 and thing # 2 will only happen when pigs fly, but in Hollywood… Pigs fly all the time!

Pigs flying!

Prior to moving to Los Angeles, my fantasy land dictated this scenario: that some bigwig, who also happens to be sexier than Mr. Eric Winter, would see me at Whole Foods, shoving sample after sample in my big mouth and think to themselves, SHE IS WHAT HOLLYWOOD NEEDS, and then proceed to walk up to me, get down on one knee, tell me I am “the one” (in more ways than one), then throw a 10-carat Pink Star Diamond on my finger, buy me everything I desired off the hot bar I was snacking on, and then drive off into the smoggy sunset in his brand new, crisp white Rolls Royce… Only to be dubbed THE KING AND QUEEN of UNIVERSE by all the tabloids the following day.

Ryland Adams and GiGi Dubois looking for love in Hollywood

Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha. No, no, no. I don’t need a Rolls Royce. A Bentley would suffice.

Since I have been in Los Angeles for just about four years at this point, and none of this has happened, well not all at the same time at least, my friend Ryland, who has a fantasy about equal to mine, and I decided to take our fates into our own hands (because you cannot rely on ANYONE but yourself out here), and hit the streets of Los Angeles to find THE ONES who got too lazy to come looking for us!

GiGi Dubois getting kissed by a stranger in Hollywood

Check out what came of such an adventure!

PS: If you’re NOT okay with vulgarity, naughty language, or laughing uncontrollably, then you might not want to watch this… If you are okay with it though, then you might want to watch it AFTER work… Unless your boss likes this kind of humor too, then invite him/her over to watch as well!

So tell me…

  • Do you believe in love and first sight?
  • If you’re in a relationship, how did you meet your other half? Do you remember your first date?
  • For those of you who are single… How do you feel about online and phone app dating?
  • Weirdest dating experience/story — GO!
  • Do you have a “life” fantasy like me? If so, what is it! (Or better yet, BLOG ABOUT IT)
  • Do you have faith that Ryland and I will find LOVE soon?
  • PLEASE DO US A FAVOR AND SHARE THIS VIDEO… If you found our desperation amusing! 😉

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GiGi getting carried by a stranger in a giraffe costume


  1. You did it again Gigi – this is amazing! I’m definitely including this on my Saturday link love :)

  2. This is amazing. One of the weirdest dates I’ve ever been on happened the night before I met my current boyfriend, who I’ve been with for over 3 years. The guy was clearly interested until suddenly, he started demonstratively yawning and announced that he must go home. It was as if someone had turned a switch and he went from wanting to be there to needing to run away asap! He’s still single.

    I was so upset and confused about the whole thing, I almost didn’t go to the party where I met my current boyfriend the following day. Guess it’s true that love finds you when you’re not looking for it haha!

    I have total faith that you and Ryland will both find love soon!! But until then, please make more videos about the process 😉

  3. “wanna share that chicken?” “for what?” “for love!” this is gonna keep me giggling all day long. AND GIRL, you should be famous – you have an infectious personality <3

    • Ah ha ha ah! Right?! I don’t think she was all that into it….. She kinda walked away like, um, this chicken is far juicer than you – GEEE THANKS!

  4. You two better be careful, remember you don’t find it, it just happens. I will be single till the end of my life, I think the key factors in love is trust and understanding each other I never found that. Just keep your heart open cuz #lovewillfindaway I will keep wishing for you and will come to the wedding for sure :)

  5. You got hugged by a giant!!! Wow. Pretty sure there were enough characters in your video to make like three movies. The tiger hoodie or whatever that was was legit.

    • Oh you best believe it! I need to find all of them, and set up a meeting so we can collaborate on a LOVE video… Oh wait, that sounds like a PORNO! LOL But lets be real, there is no LOVE in porn 😉

  6. Hahah, you’re so funny! And definitely courageous for getting out there! I’m not afraid of public speaking, but not sure I’d be brave enough to wear a giraffe suit out in public.

    Love at first sight? Kind of? My grandparents have been married for over 50 years and my grandfather informed my grandma that they’d be getting married the first time he saw her. He had to win her over first though which he did… for a month, and then they got married. Still in love with each other, too!

    My husband and I met in a tram in Prague at 4.30 am. We were both there with friends on a weekend trip, and actually happened to be staying at the same hotel! It was crazy and even if it wasn’t per se ‘love’ then, it was crazy so maybe fate? What are the chances of meeting your husband on a random backpacking trip throughout Europe and actually staying in the same hotel. Plus the odds of being in the tram together :)

    • OMG I LOVE YOUR GRANDPARENTS!! Mine were the same way!!!!!! I miss the days when divorce was NOT the norm!

      And um, your story —- IT SERIOUSLY WAS FATE! The best story ever, seriously. I just need to not expect it or look for it! Fate, take the wheel! 😉

  7. Awww, you guys are cute! And you’re both single, so…. no? Ok.

    Well, i think I do believe in love at first sight. I was mesmerized when I first saw my husband. I ended up dating someone else for a few months, but I kept seeing him with the group of friends my boyfriend at the time hung out with. So when that was over, I couldn’t wait to start gettin’ jiggy with the love of my life :)

    • Ah ha ha ha!!!! Oh Ryland and I… We should have a pact that if we are 40 and still single, we will marry each other, LOL!!!

      Your story sounds similar to my parents! They were in the same friends group but never really thought about it each other until down the road! 😉

  8. OMFG that was awesome. I’m thinking the video carefully edited to leave out the masses of people who must have proposed to both of you on the spot, you guys are too f–king adorable. Only problem is you’ll have to move to Utah with all those husbands and wives, but I hear cost of living is cheaper there!

    • Ah ha ha ha ha! IF ONLY, IF ONLY that were true! If only I were planning my wedding right now 😉

      Not sure Utah is in the cards for either Ryland or I at the moment, however…. When I hit 30 and I am still single, I may have to truly consider it!

  9. Serious lol!!! This is a GiGi (and Ryland) classic!!

    I think love at first sight is a good start.

    I saw her doing high impact aerobics like a butterfly! Fortunately, a female friend of mine was in the class and introduced us. I remember everything about our first date.

    That giraffe costume is fabulous!! Wear it at the zoo and you’ll find love, lol!

    • Ha Ha! Yes, Ryland and I will be doing many more of these types of videos – hopefully not ALL of them will be looking for love, maybe one will be = looking for a one night stand. LOL!

      And I know I will find my dream man in a gym, just like you found your dream woman! 😉

      BAH HA HA HA HA GIRAFFES need lots of love right now because they’re going extinct!

  10. Oh, this is classic!
    My love story with my husband is weird and 20 parts long and involves the real set of Star Wars. (no lie)

    I’m not sure why people turned you both down at all. Crazy people. I love the woman who pimped out her daughter(?) who lives in Alaska. I think a winter there would make anyone want to move to LA!

    “Do you like guys or girls?”
    “Anything you can throw my way.”

    Ok, my day is made.

    • AH HA HA HA! RIGHT?!?!?!?!?!??!! That line from Ryland is just absolutely PRICELESS – I have watched this video like 80000000 times and um, I still cannot stop laughing.

      PS: have you written about your husband and you meeting? Did I miss this post – send a link my way!

  11. Hilarious! Arizona guys was kinda cute– did you get his number? Next time I’m driving down to be your camera women! You are so funny.

  12. Oh my goodness, you are amazing. That guy just picked you up and was going to take you to his cave lol. Have I told you how much I love coming to your blog?

    • Have I ever told you how much I APPRECIATE YOU VISITING my blog!!!!! :) :) :) and right?! Thankfully Ryland was there just in case this dude did try to UP and STEAL ME! lol

  13. I forgot to mention that my husband and I were engaged 3 short months after we met. It was love at first sight– so it IS possible! We just celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary– three kids and three moves across the country… if we make it through a decade of that, then love at first sight is real and can happen.

    • OOOO I do love hearing about this!! Perhaps I still have a chance and I am NOT over the hill quite yet? LOL!!! Congrats on your 10 years, that is certainly quite the feat!

  14. “Do you get a lot of ladies to deep throat their hot dogs for you” “Nah, their too drunk to hold it right” HA. I love your vulgar personality! I hope you got a few numbers out of the experience 😉

    Also, was that a man or lady with the big white fuzzy hat on the bike? Did you ask him/her for love?

  15. LOVE this video does that count?!
    This made me smile for sure today!!!
    I met Chris at a bar – 4 days later we had our first date (an 8 hour drive to a concert with some of his friends). We will celebrate our 19th anniversary in May:) The perfect soul mate is out there for you and Ryland – just keep waving that sign!!!!

    • YES IT DOES COUNT!! I am feeling the love through the blog comments! 😉

      I guess I need to get me into a bar! I don’t go to them because I don’t drink, dammit, I must change my ways!!!!

      19 years – holy hot damn. I need to get on this man hunt RIGHT NOW! Common 2015 – show me the MAN! 😉

  16. I love it Gigi!! I laughed my ass off! This has to be the best! I can’t wait to see more videos. I can’t believe you guys got turned down that many time!! LOL!

    • :) YES!!! Laughing your ass off was my INTENT because man did I laugh my ass off too! LOL!!!!! If I am the only one laughing, then that’s a problem… Ryland and I will be doing many more of these types of videos – he he!

      People in Hollywood are MEAN! lol

  17. Stephanie Keeping says:

    This is so neat. I have to confess I do believe in love at first site.

  18. Haha too funny. What I’m really wondering is if that guy with the chicken shared any with you?!

  19. Oh my gosh, this was so hilarious! You two are magic together!! I will share this in the New Year on my blog. Fabulousness!
    Weirdest date ever – we were out on the first date having a great time until I found out he was the brother of a guy I had dated in university five years before!! Awkward!!

    • 😉 Because you said we’re magic together… Ryland and I are FOR SURE doing far more videos in the near year!!!

      Oh and that is super awkward, but also kind of funny. Clearly you were attracted to that family 😉

  20. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) OMG, there must have been quite a few “weirdos” edited out – I know LA crazy! 😉 BUT you must have had a few takers – I can see you did. You are hilarious!!!!!

    Met hubby at a dancing club way back in the early 80’s! :)

  21. I think…this….is my favorite video so far. LOVEEE, but you already know that cause I JUST TEXTED YOU!

    • HA HA AH! YES AND I ADORED your text messages – I SCREEN SHOTTED THEM 😉 I wanna do one of these vids with you. We should go around with signs on our backs: Vegan for you and Meat Eater for me… And ask men if they’d prefer a veggie or meat burger?? 😉 😉

  22. Wait, so LA wasn’t short for: Love Available [to anyone]??! My dreams are smashed and I will NOT come to LA that soon now. Okay, actually, I still want to but I figure I’d better find the man of my life – obviously love at first sight! – elsewhere first? And not bring him to LA in worries some love-hungry ladies would steal him.
    Fingers crossed for you and Ryland. Hm … he’s a cutie 😉 …

    • THE LAST PLACE you want to go in order to FIND LOVE is Los Angeles, that is for sure!!!!! Everyone in the states KNOWS THIS… So I won’t hold it against you that you’re only just learning this NOW!

      And yes, it’s best that you don’t bring your LOVE to Los Angeles because um…… I WILL SNATCH HIM!!

      And agreed – Ryland! 😉 😉

  23. Hehe I believe in love at first listen. I fell in love with a guy when he left a message on my phone and I had dreams about his voice that night…we ended up together for a long time so…I guess love at first listen works:)

    • HA HA HA HA AH! Was it just some random dude being like, “hey I am scheduled to come over to your house to fix your cable tv?” or how did this dude get your number?! LOL!

      • HA! No, when I first moved here a friend from back home said she knew people here (also from my hometown) she’d put me in touch with since I knew nobody. So she’d given him my contact info and the message was a “hi, welcome to LA” sorta thing. She didn’t intend to be setting us up but that is what happened…

  24. Hahaha you and your friend are outrageous! Why don’t you just date each other?!
    I’ve been single for FOUR years and it’s getting realllllll old y’all!! I’m so over Tinder. Perhaps I should take to the streets of Baltimore with a ‘single’ sign like you did?!

    • RIGHT?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!? OH JILL tell me some of your TINDER STORIES and I WILL TELL YOU MINE! LOL!!!!

      And sadly, I am NOT Ryland’s type! :( HA HA!! #FAIL

  25. This is such a unusual but cute idea, it’s far easier than the internet and you get to see this person up front!

  26. Marty and I met in the most random way! Here is our story if you have time to read:

    If not, I’ll just say that I wasn’t supposed to be where I was on the night we met. Definitely meant to be :) You’ll find your ‘prince’ when you least expect it. Until then – have fun ‘kissing the frogs’ (so to speak!) < Okay I'm officially lame. Ending the comment now.

    • I’ve heard that – when you LEAST EXPECT IT is when it happens! 😉 Well I met someone awhile back that was VERY unexpected. He’s still around……………. BAH! lol – Off to read your Marty meeting story!

  27. Those clowns always creeped me out at amusement parks! :[

    Love your video! “I’m changing my facebook status right now.” / “Anything you want to throw at me.” The quotes were awesome!

    That guy with the food was definitely too engrossed in his food to be looking for love!

    Your giraffe costume is wonderful. I would totally wear that everywhere, hahaha.The pediatrics unit would love me! <3

    • OMG PLEASE wear the giraffe onsie to work! You will most definitely be FAMOUS 😉

      And I agree – those clowns, YIKES… WORSE than some of the people Ryland and I met on the streets! lol

  28. Hahahaha I’m laughing so bad I might just peed my pants! :)

    My fantasies sounds crazy much like yours! I’m still waiting for that call. I was able to go to LA last year and I guess it’s quiet common to get caught up in the Hollywood dream. After all 90210 does look seriously appealing from the back seed of the sightseeing bus! 😉

    “What I visualize, I magnetize!” (Please laws of attraction, work… Work!!)

    • OMG I AM GOING TO print out that quote – WHAT I VISUALIZE, I MAGNETIZE!!!! It’s happening baby!! I should just print out my blog post too then, so I can VISUALIZE IT every day! 😉

      And I hope you didn’t like the pants you were wearing! ha ha ah aha!

  29. You are fucking hilarious. I never thought I’d believe in love at first sight… but recent events have changed my mind. We met on the softball field.

    • YES!!! I AM VERY WELL AWARE that things have changed for you! And I recall your blog posts that would think otherwise 😉 — Trust me, I understand. I found “my man”… it’s just MAD complicated! I am thrilled you’re so happy though 😀

  30. That video is too funny and I love that you took it to the streets of LA! Awesome. Oh and I’m loving the giraffe get-up! I need to get me one of those, lol! I met my husband while we were at college. A totally typical and not exciting way to meet, but I’m so grateful we did!

    • I actually got the Giraffe onsie on GROUPON! ha ha ha ah ah aha! It was a total impulse buy and then when Ryland and I were going to hit the streets one day I looked at it and thought HOLY CRAPPPPP I must wear it!!! ha ha ha.

  31. GiGi this video was SO FUNNY. I’m 100% sure you and Ryland will both find someone wonderful ~ you’re both so funny the lucky person would be thrilled to hang out with you every day.
    I haven’t experienced love at first sight, but met my boyfriend in medical school and we disliked each other at first. But then we were assigned to the same anatomy table dissecting the same cadaver. One day we dissected the heart together while our table mates dissected the lungs, and we got to talking and now we’re dating! For our first date we went to the academy of science museum in San Francisco. I know we’re like totally nerdy, but I think that’s why we get along so well 😛

    • Ha! I have often heard stories like this!! You hate each other at first but then you find some common interests and fall in LOVEEEEE! 😉 And um, I guess your first “gathering” is pretty… Well, um, yeahhhhhhh lol!!!!! I just love dissecting cadavers too, LOL! But hey, there you go – common interest # 1— And who cares about being “nerdy” – embrace it!

  32. “Looking for love?”

    “Well you ain’t gonna find it here…”

    Hehehe, loved the part!

  33. OMG. You just get worse and worse. That video…no words. AND THE ONESIE!

  34. OMG! that was to funny! Wow, know love, that was a tough crowd! I do believe in love at first sight and you two will find it when you least expect it! Maybe the frozen food aisle at that whole foods store?? Good luck! and I guarantee you it will not be who you thought you were looking for. :)

    • I AM HOPING I FIND MY SOULMATE at Whole Foods!!!!! Then at least I will know he appreciated GOOD FOOD, just like me! 😉

    I do believe in love at first sight—with my goldendoodle :)

  36. OMG you are too hilarious! That was so delightful! Your relationship with you friend, Ryland, is just like my relationship with my friend Gordon. We have so much fun together, it’s often ridiculous, but ALWAYS hilarious! I recently got married to the best guy in the world, but I’m 34 and believe me, I went through a TON of horrible dates, years long “wasted” relationships, and awkward “so, WHY are you still alone?” conversations. I have tried every type of dating, though I’ve never stood on the street with a sign asking for love hahaha! Don’t give up hope! Anyway, you’re adorable and hilarious and I’m so happy our blogs have met!

    • THANK YOU ERIN!!!!!!!! OMG YOU INSPIRE ME TO NOT LOSE HOPE! I am so happy you married the best guy in the world!! I can only hope the best guy in my world comes along soon. Not sure I will be meeting him with my sign though, LOL!!! And I too am thrilled our blogs met! 😉

  37. I pretty much have the exact same fantasy as yours! Except mine takes place in New York and involves John Mayer and a coffee shop. One day it will happen – I can feel it!

  38. This is amazing – I love it!
    My husband and I actually met online. We have been together for 14 years!

    • My sister met her husband online about 5 years ago! They are perfect for each other, have 3 dog babies and one human baby on the way! 😀 It works! It works!

  39. Your video brought great laughs to my Wednesday morning! Serious lols. I loved that you did some of it in your giraffe onesie too! Good luck finding love- in the meantime, I’ll be sending you big hugs from where I am!

  40. You guys are hilarious…and brave lol. I’ll let you guys keep doing these for my own entertainment. Maybe some good interview style ones :)

  41. Hahahhaha you are a STAR! I love your personality, girl! So much confidence :) I don’t believe in love at first sight but I definitely think there has to be that SPARK at first sight — you can’t build up a spark — “it’ has to be there. And it’s impossible to explain :)

  42. Girl…you crack me up! This was hilarious. I definitely needed this happiness today. You are my hero. Seriously!

  43. Lol you two are crazy – how many people seriously a) ignored you and b) were complete douchebags? haha that’s my question! I met my bf over 10 years ago in middle school – he was my best friends brother. So it was shocking when he asked me out on a date 2.5 years ago haha. Took some adjustments. :) Happy Hump Day GiGi! -Iva

    • EVERYONE ignored me except like 2 people! People in LA are not the friendliest, which only makes this video better – lol!! Rejection is hysterical. 😉

      Ha! Best friend’s bro huh? What did your Bestie think of this initially?

  44. I’m not sure what I just watched, but I know it was something magical. You two are hilarious! This one will keep me smiling for a while, thanks for the laughs!

    I will love you both – in a we’ll probably never meet or talk in person kind of blogsphere way. 😉 xoxo

    • Ah ha ha ha ha! I am never quite sure what I watch on my YouTube channel to be honest, LOL! Tomfoolery perhaps?


  45. I can’t wait to watch these videos! Great questions…I believe in interest at first site but not love at first site. I met my boyfriend because he was my trainer a few years ago. I have never done any online dating, but if I was single again I would consider it.

  46. OMG I LOVE this so much!!! I wish I could have been part of it! The old Blondie, looking for love, lol. ‘I never had columbian sex’ – you crack me up. I didn’t either, by the way.
    Love at first sight – not so sure. At least, it never happened to me, lol!
    Though, I once got anonymous love letters over a timeframe of 6 weeks – every week a handwritten letter put in my letterbox. I didn’t know if I should find this romantic or creepy. Anyway, I wasn’t single back then – but the letter-guy was supertall, a chemistry nerd and had freaky Rasta’s – I kind of liked him :-)

    • OOOOOO I would have found that FLAT OUT romantic and sweet! Creepy, NEVER!! ha ha ah! Was he Columbian? If he were, you could have accomplished some Columbian SEX! lol

  47. LOL this will keep a smile on my face all day today hehe
    So basically, I have to go to Los Angeles and kidnap the first guy I get that instantaneous ‘you are the one’ feel (but prerequisites include rich, good looking, sexy and not an idiot) 😛

    Choc Chip Uru

    • EXACTLY!! You have a place to stay when you come to visit… Until you find this sexy gent, then you can move in with him 😉

  48. Hahaha way too funny! I once went on a date with a guy who proceeded to tell me over and over again how my hometown sucked. I was also kidnapped before but it was brief and I was returned home unharmed. TRUE STORY.

  49. This post was hilarious! I don’t really believe in love a first sight, but I do believe in lust at first sight most definitely. But I’m just one of those people who is in love with love, so I would probably fall into that ‘love at first sight’ trap, unfortunately. Oh well. Anyway, I really enjoyed reading your post!

    • Lust at first sight, oh yes yes, that happens with me and any hot male model, LOL!!! I actually never really experienced love until recently and since it has been since take away from me, I couldn’t want it more – hence me hitting the streets! LOL!!! I hope you find your LOVER son! 😉

  50. You guys are hilarious!! I loved every minute of this video, can’t wait for the next one. The “changing my FB status” guy was really into it. Cheesy as it sounds, my husband and met working in the romantic setting of the ER and it actually was love at first sight :)

  51. I was actually pretty sure first time I saw Mrs KR that she was the “one.” Took us forever to actually start dating, etc though — life kinda got in the way. Fun, fun video — thanks. Oh, and I hope you have a terrific holiday season.

  52. First of all this is such a fun and creative video. Kudos to you for having fun with it. I do believe in love at first sight but I think it takes much more than that to maintain a relationship. I’m sure your Hollywood big wig willsee this video and come snatch you up in your bently :-)

  53. OMG, you are brave! and crazy! and I love it!

    you need to find in NZ next

  54. you are crazy in a good way, I love it! Yes to love at first sight. I met my husband in college on a double date, I was with his friend. It was my first date with this dude and he was THE CATCH of the college, hunk numero uno and in the MEN OF (insert college name) CALENDAR with abs rippling. OMG, he was so heinously boring . . . .his friend was just as hunky and way more interesting . . . .the rest is history

    • 😉 Crazy is the best way to live, right???? Well…….. LOL!

      And um, now I am going to stalk your blog until I find a pic of your studly hubby!

  55. I absolutely love this – you have a true talent for storytelling!

  56. Hahaha well I’m looking for love too, so I can’t help you! Love at first sight? Nope. But I do believe in chemistry, and I always know if I have a connection with someone from pretty much minute one. Of course thus far they’ve all been missed connections but WHO’S COUNTING?!?!

  57. I commented on your youtube channel about how much I loved this! You are so hilarious and such a natural!!! I love your videos! Oh and yes, I absolutely believe in love at first sight. I met my husband at a baseball game and we linked eyes while I was in all places….the hotdog line, LMAO!! The rest is history!!

  58. All your posts seriously crap me up LOL

  59. i should try it. LOL

  60. WTF, i like this, LOL

  61. Barb @ A Life in Balance says:

    Thank you for posting to Motivation Monday!

  62. Hilarious! You always manage to crack me up. Want to share that chicken? Hahaha The reactions from people were so funny!

  63. So funny as usual! I dont’ know about love at first sight but lust at first sight for sure :)

    • Ah yes, LUST! Gotta love it… Until it turns into love and the person you lusted over doesn’t feel the same way! #forshame lol

  64. I do have a life fantasy, not quite as amazing as yours–but still all the while quite amazing. I met my other half in high school, he got me early!

    • High School – that is just incredible and insane to me! LOL!!! In high school I totally wasn’t even ready to date. Way too immature and into snowboarding, lol!

  65. You seem to be doing well there. I don’t know about love at first site, it’s never happened to me. I remember my first date well. It was a year and a half ago and I thought he was a creep (like married or in a relationship) because we never talked before the date. It was all texting (yes we connected on FB, lol) Anywho, he got on the interstate and I had totally tuned him out bc I was like this jerk is about to drive to Atlanta for a date! Turns out he took to the best LOCAL restaurant in our town :)

    • OMG he drove down to see you and took you out to a phenomenal restaurant, HELLO KEEPER!! And hey, meeting on FB ain’t so weird anymore honestly so no need to feel off about that!

  66. This video cracked me up! I think this idea was hilarious, and you both had some funny conversations. Thanks for sharing this with Hump Day Happenings.

  67. Wanna trade that chicken for what, for love. LMAO!

  68. Hahaha the guy and his phone! “This is official, guys. I’m changing my Facebook status right now!”
    You and Ryland are hysterical and your true love’s out there fo sho!

    Weirdest dating experience: A guy that I was really good friends with liked me for about 2 years but I didn’t want to date him at the time, so then he apparently gave up on me, and started dating my sister….uh, awkward!

    • OMFG SO AWKWARD!!!!! Does your sister know about this???? I kind of have a similar situation in my sister’s ex wanted to date me before he started dating her – SOOOOO WEIRD!?!?!

  69. Too funny – this literally made my morning – I literally lolled! I want to go to LA to try this! I don’t think I’d have any more luck than you guys did but it would be worth it for the comedy value. I use Tindr when I’m drunk and that’s it… probably why I haven’t had much luck there… 😉 PS obviously the terrible solution to this is you and Ryland hook up. SOLVED.

    • AH HA HA HA! Tinder is for the drunk though! LOL!!!!!!

      And hmmm I will brush this “terrible solution” by Ryland and see with he thinks 😉

  70. This is hilarious! I would have to be incredibly drunk to do anything like that.

  71. The giraffe suit in public is brave!
    My husband and I met at a happy hour my friend coordinated because I had just been dumped and he was hoping to cheer me up. Husband and I were friends for one year before we started dating.
    Y’all will find love, and my story should prove that it will come when you absolutely least expect it

    • I keep hearing that, so I am really not expecting ANYTHING to happen for me, ha ha ha! Except… Not expecting it… Is sort of like expecting it. Right? LOL!

  72. That video was adorable and made me smile the whole way through!

  73. Loveeed this. Online dating/Tinder/etc. gives me anxiety. I only want to date people I’ve known for years and basically have their whole background story. Then, no crazy surprises haha.

  74. Love at first sight….? Well…. I had a one night stand back in 2001. He’s still here, I seem to have married him, and somehow wound up with four mini-me’s. Does that count?

    • OMFG I LOVE THIS STORY!!!!!! One night stands can work…. Perhaps my “one day stand” that happened 8 months ago, that I still hang out with, will in fact work out? LOL!

  75. The last picture has me dying! You’re too cute for words.

  76. C’mon you don’t need a ring, you look already perfectly insane without! Hopefully you’ll keep looking for love, don’t give up! I’d like to watch more videos like this one :)

    • Oh don’t you worry Daniela, Ryland and I have a couple of ideas! he he he!

      And it’s true, I probably don’t need more insanity! LOL!

  77. I don’t understand why you guys are still single after this video. You clearly had enough proposals to create some kind of love commune. There’s clearly some commitment phobia playing a part. The tall dude would have been great for you, Gigi.

    • Ha Ha Ha! I don’t either, it’s a sad sad world, but oh well… It’s just life. Los Angeles is a slight nightmare when it comes to finding a good mate! ha ha. The tall dude never did give me his number :(

  78. (My post was under yours on the UBC–but I had already commented on the waffles–so I thought I’d read and comment on something else 😉 ). Weirdest date: A friend set me up to go to a banquet as a blind date with an assistant professor at a university where I was a student. Awkward. Her date was friends with my date, and they chatted a lot. It was weird.

    • 😀 Why thank you for being extra awesome in the UBC group!!!

      Professor + Student… Who on earth thinks this is a GOOD IDEA in real life! Only on TV shows and MOVIES where there is a happy ending, LOL!!!


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