Traversing Los Angeles with Stacy! #ChevyFitTrip

The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Chevy.

The band Fountains of Wayne made us believe that Stacy’s mom “has got it going on”… However, I beg to differ.

I believe Stacy herself has GOT IT GOING ON!

But wait, who’s Stacy?

Well she’s the Chevy Traverse I got to cruise around all of Los Angeles in for my #ChevyFitTrip!

GiGi Excited in Chevy TraverseWolfie is currently on a spa vacation, so it’s all good!

Honestly, other cars bring Stacy‘s photo with them to the mechanic and ask to look just like her because she’s got all the bells and whistles!

Chevy Traverse Interior with TV

Stacy’s got quite the entertainment package! She rivals AMC Movie Theaters for sure!

Chevy Traverse Interior

With movie theater seating too… She could fit an ENTIRE football team in her trunk! Yep…

Since Stacy is relatively new to the Los Angeles area, I thought I would give her a tour of the sights… She doesn’t need the TMZ Tour Bus in order to stalk her celebrity idol, Cher!

(Zoom in to get the full scoop on the where-abouts of our excursion!)

1. Rodeo Drive

Rodeo DriveStacy got a glimpse of her first “celebrity”: Joe Manganiello‘s stunt double walking across the street…

Chevy Traverse and CorvetteAnd then… She got her flirt on!

2. Beverly HillsBeverly Hills

Stacy really wanted to see this iconic sign right off Santa Monica Boulevard! Tip: NEVER and I mean NEVER take Santa Monica Boulevard, unless you want to get to your destination in 5 hours.

3. LACMA – Los Angeles County Museum of Arts

LACMA - Los Angeles County Museum of ArtsWe had to get some culture in our lives! We couldn’t flirt with gorgeous men the entire trip, now could we!?

4. NBC Universal/E!/Esquire/Oxygen

NBC UniversalI showed Stacy my stomping grounds…

Ken Baker and GiGi Dubois watching TV in Chevy TraverseAnd Ken Baker of E! News, and the author of How I Get Skinny, Famous & Fall Madly In Love, saw us and wanted to hang out and watch, what else, E! News! Justin Bieber… Don’t stop causing a ruckus or else Ken will be out of a job!

5. The Original Farmer’s Market at the Grove

The Original Farmer's Market at The Grove in Los Angeles

Showed Stacy MY gas station!

6. Hollywood Boulevard

The Hollywood Walk of Fame - StarsStacy cannot wait til her star is on Hollywood Boulevard’s side walk!

GiGi and Spider Man on Hollywood BlvdSeriously Stacy, you had to photo bomb me and Spidy?

(PS: Behind us = Chinese Theater – where the Oscars/Academy Awards take place)

7. Capital Records

Singing on top of Chevy Traverse in front of Capital RecordsWe make the perfect duet! Watch out Selena, Katy, Miley, Ariana, and Beyonce!

8. Griffith Observatory/ Hollywood Sign

Hollywood Sign and Chevy TraverseWe decided to stretch our legs and go hiking to the Hollywood sign! We could have sworn we saw Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck on our fitness adventure!

9. Universal Studios

Universal StudiosJust stopping in to sign some contracts for our guest starring role in an up and coming movie!

10. Warner Brothers Lot

Warner Brothers LotWe were bummed that Bugs Bunny was on vacation!

11. Walt Disney Animation Building

Walt Disney Animation StudiosThis is REALLY where the magic happens… Not in the bedroom!

12. Venice BeachVenice Beach and Boardwalk

Working on our tans!

13. Santa Monica

Santa Monica This was Stacy’s least favorite place in Los Angeles… Because they did not let her ride the roller coaster on the pier!

waterproof bike light would be amazing if it rains in Santa Monica… Lets do a rain dance to get out of this drought Stacy!

14. Pacific Coast Highway, Malibu

Driving along the PCHGetting ready to embrace some traffic… At least it’s scenic traffic!

15. Cher’s House

Cher's House in MalibuStopping in for a snack! 

16. Zuma Beach, Malibu

Zuma Beach in MalibuTime to get our surf on!

Malibu Beach TrafficDisneyland has shorter lines.

17. Los Angeles International Airport/LAX

Los Angeles Airport Traffic

This is why LAX has such a bad reputation however Stacy and I grinned and bared it… We were picking up some “precious cargo”.

18. CBS

CBS Stacy and I saw Ryan Seacrest and Derek Hough… Because this is where Dancing With The Stars, American Idol and tons of other reality competition shows are filmed!

19. Home base! Our Farewells!

Good bye chevy traverseA gloomy day to match Stacy and my moods because we have to part ways! Stacy wanted to binge eat Pit Fire Pizza out of depression, but I convinced her otherwise! So long Stacy, you will be missed!


  • Have you ever truly explored the city you live in?
  • If you participated in #ChevyFitTrip, what ONE landmark in your city would you showcase?
  • What’s your favorite kind of car?
  • What’s your car’s name?
  • If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?
  • What celebrity would you like to have accompany you on a cross-country road trip?

Jack and Monty in one seat

Even though this car has enough room as a 747… Monty fails to think so!

SPECIAL THANKS TO: Ryland, Stephanie, Armen, my brother, Jack and Stephanie for helping me stop traffic to take some photos!


  1. I loved seeing your adventures this weekend. So much to see in LA!! Will you ever see her again?

  2. Nice adventures you had there :)

    • It was a ton of fun! :) Perhaps this can help you select locations as to where you might want to visit if you ever come to LA!

  3. This is beyond cool !!!!! what a great adventure and fantastic promotion :) I’ve actually “traversed” across the country 4x coast to coast, it is really fun. Being a car junky to pick a favorite is tough but the
    2015 Z06 Corvette is at the top of the must have list. Let’s put a cross country Vette trip on the schedule along with some good food and friends along the way :) I hope Chevrolet has Stacey come back she looked sad rolling away :( No sights in this place called home so I’ll have to adventure to LA some day. You are my celebrity pic for a road trip, and my Blue 2015 Z06 will be named “Fritzy” (DREAMING again)
    Keep us smiling :)

    • Fritzy – I LOVE that name :) And hey, what you dream can become a reality!!! And I will join you on this road trip if you insist I am your celebrity pick! LOL!

      I certainly hope Stacy and I hang out again soon, she was a great companion this weekend!

  4. I have to admit something seriously embarrassing…. I saw you posting some of these pictures on Instagram and I was like who is Stacy?!! My first thought was Stacy from What Not to Wear…… HA almost.

    • AH HA H AHA HA HA AH AHA HA HA!!!!!!! That is too funny 😉 Perhaps I should have made it more clear? Actually no, I just like to keep people guessing!

  5. From UBC – My friend will absolutely fall in love with Stacy. I relate more to Monty with my 2 dogs who compete for attention. However, the way you described your trip around the city was absolutely awesome, and inspired me to drive around.

    • It’s funny how we take out cities for granted! I loved this campaign because it really got me outside of my little bubble in Los Angeles, ha!

  6. What a fun thing to participate in! There is such plenty to see there! Great pics!

    • There is too much to see actually, I wanted to go to so many more places! Maybe Stacy will grace me with her presence in the near future! 😉

  7. You make LA look so enticing. I KNOW those spots and can only imagine the traffic you dealt with to get these pics!! My brother used to work for Disney, so I actually got to tour the spot in your pic.

    • Luckily I didn’t have to deal with too much traffic – I went at the right times. The worst was just going to Malibu, but that’s always a bad trip!

  8. funny you mention that but I have been exploring kansas City more and the more I see of it, the more I like it. If I was to pick a plce to showcase with #ChevyFitTrip it would be the Kansas City City Market and the area around the Kauffman Center in downtown. Love the area. And I am most definitely an SUV type of girl. A jeepster most specifically.

    • I would love for your to do a Chevy Fit Trip in Kansas City! I have never been and would love to see what it’s all about! :)

  9. Wahh what an awesome trip, and a very awesome car with the ability to play movies…did you watch anything? I can never watch things in the car, I get motion sickness.

    • Ha! I didn’t watch a movie, nope! I had way too many sights to see :) Los Angeles is just one big movie!

  10. I think you should have named it Stacy’s Mom. She’s got it going on.

    I love when you do non-video posts so I can play alone at work. Shhhh… don’t tell my boss. Who said that? What? Mums the word.

    • Ah ha ha! YES! I am glad you were okay with the fact that I did NOT post a video today. I figured all the photos were basically like a FLIP BOOK VIDEO! lol!

  11. Hop into Stacy, drive to Minneapolis, pick up Lee and then road trip to Toronto. That is all.

    • OMG YES!!! I gotta get Stacy back now!!!!! If not Stacy, Wolfie… He’ll be back on Thursday 😉

  12. I moved like 20 minutes away and have to keep exploring.

    I’m going to Malibu and those lines already scare me…

    • YES! We can explore together :) The lines are def. scary in Malibu but the Satellite radio made it ALL BETTER!

  13. Well you are certainly living large!

    I bet Stacy could have done some serious domination with the bumper cars at the pier!

    I explored all over Chicago where I was raised! Not always so smart but maybe my being naive saved me.

    My favorite is a red sports car :-)

    My car’s name is “X.” “XXX” on a good day!


    • The reason why Wolfie is at the spa right now = Bumper Cars…. I didn’t want Stacy to experience the same fate! LOL!

  14. DAMN you legit went everywhere, WHY DID I NOT VISIT THIS WEEKEND!?!?! UGH. It would have been the perfect time for you to play tour guide! This looks like a blast though, I love randomly exploring my area. My cars name is Babylove…I was 19..don’t judge me. Did you lick behind Derek’s ear?

    • LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!! Babylove – I am SOOOOOO judging you! AHHH HA HA HA HA! And dude, it’s okay – now I just know where I should take you when you DO come and visit :)

  15. I love LA except for the traffic so taking those pics must have been quite a challenge! My favourite car is the Jaguar XKR Coupe and if I ever get one, I’ll only be seen wearing leather when I drive it! lol My car doesn’t have a name but I call her ‘Bitch’ a lot.
    I want to go on a road trip with Melissa McCarthy because the trailers from her new movie “Tammy” look hilarious.
    That was a fun trip around the city, GiGi – loved it!

    • LMFAO!!!!! I think you need to re-name your car, ASAP! Your car can’t be a bitch, she makes your life easier 😉

  16. Awww Monty is so cute!!! When are we going to set up a play date with Mr. Chow?!

    • This can be arranged VERY VERY SOON :) He loves making new friends… And peeing on EVERYTHING! ah ha ha ha ah!

  17. What fun! OMG you are so hilarious and Stacy is smokin!

  18. I LOVE this post! I would love to road trip with you and Stacy! You seem like fun times! 😀

    • Heck yes! You could nap in the way way back if you get tired, or you can jam out with me and Stacy as we listen to the 90s! 😉

  19. Oh Gigi….you made me so nostalgic. we lived in CA quite a while. The first part was in Burbank, and I used to walk past the Sony and Warner Bros studios all the time. Universal was a fav place to hang out at, and Santa Monica, Rodeo Drive and Hollywood sign – all the places to go if guests came in. My celebrity brush up included Whoopie Goldberg, Brendan Fraser (good looking does not even BEGIN to describe that piece of eye candy, I swear. He towers over, all gold and wow……movies don’t do him justice), many script writers, TV actors, models ……

    • OMG Brendan Fraser!!! Now I want to watch the movie BLAST FROM THE PAST and THE MUMMY!!!! 😀 😀 Move back to LOS ANGELES!!!! There are never too many people! 😉

  20. If I could go anywhere in the world with any celebrity.. I’d choose Alaska with.. oh god. I don’t even know. Probably Tim Curry just because I always loved him, even if he’s an old guy now.
    If I did a tour of my town with a Chevy, it would be hilarious. I’d go to the farmer’s market and the organic CSA and the co-op and the independent bookstore and the rainbow crosswalk…

    • You should do a #_____(your type of car)FitTrip – I want to see where you would take us!! And you’re so good at photography that you’ll make it look really good!

  21. OMG Girl!!!! Did you travel for a week to get all that in??? First of all, it made me all weepy when I saw some of my fav spots from my days of living in Santa Monica. Once I regained my composure I was laughing my a$$ off! Now go get Stacey back and come get me and the twins! There’s obviously plenty of room for ALL of us!!!

    • OH THERE IS MORE than plenty of room! :) We can distract your boys with the TV and you and I can rock out to the 80s & 90s on XM Radio!!! 😀 😀

  22. Road tripping with you must be a blast! I just moved into NYC, so I am doing my best to explore as much as possible. Especially this summer. :)

  23. Fun little sightseeing tour! I visited LA last year for the first time and saw many of those same spots (although I didn’t go on a star tour… darn!) I never go to the touristy stuff around my town, but we’re moving soon and I’m looking forward to exploring our new town.

  24. STACEY IS HOT! I want to cruise around with you hot mamas!

  25. that is so fun! did you act all PRETTY WOMAN on rodeo drive? teehee

  26. I never really got to know Toronto until I had to get a job selling knives. I had to drive to all kinds of parts of town. Still, I bet there’s whole neighbourhoods I’ve never seen. L.A. looks like fun!

  27. Hahahah girl you are hilarious!!! I was laughing this entire post LOL. Can we please do a day trip like this sometime?! I’ve lived in LA for a year and a half, and haven’t seen most of these places!! I have seen the Chinese theater- I saw a movie at the El Capitan haha.

    Seriously so funny lol. I will be sharing this :) PS that dog is SUPER cute!!!

    • YES!!!! Lets plan our GIGI LYNDSAY DAY OF FUN (ever watch Friends?) LOL!!!! It’s long overdue anyways!!!

  28. SO fun! i loved this post and all those pictures — stacy really does have it goin on :)

  29. Somehow I just picture you more in a red convertible! Take a road trip to DC!

    • Ah ha ha! I know! I was supposed to get a Chevy Camaro – and I was hoping it would be a red convertible, but last minute they gave me Stacy… which I am NOT complaining about 😉

  30. We are a Chevy family…:) Suburban and Equinox. What a great field trip you and Stacy had. Very fun:)

    • My family has a Chevy Suburban, Equinox & Tahoe! ha ha! And my dad actually just bought Stacy’s cousin!! LOL!

  31. This is awesome, GiGi!! I can’t believe you and Stacy made it to all these spots in one weekend! Parting is such sweet sorrow, though!

    • We definitely filled our days – and we were both thrilled we didn’t get stuck in too much traffic 😉

  32. That looks like so much fun, GiGi!!! What a fun way to spend a day :)

  33. HaHa – love your LA tour with Stacy!!
    When we bought our Ford Flex the Traverse was our other option but I love my Flex!!! I’m super lame though and don’t name my cars.

    • WHAT!?!?!?! Why don’t you name your cars! I especially think you NEED to name your FLEX, I mean… It sounds so fitness related. I think FELIX the FLEX would be a great name!!! 😀 😀 😀 YES!

  34. So you name your cars…good to know haha
    I’ve only recently started exploring Waterloo cuz I haven’t been here for many summers and winter is not the time to go exploring especially since I bus everywhere :S
    Thanks for the virtual tour of LA!

    • Yeah, the winter exploring on a bus = not so much fun! I am glad you’re starting to get your explorations in though! Yay for summer!

  35. I’m saving this post for when I’ll finally get a chance to visit LA. In the meantime I enjoy this nice virtual tour. :)

    • YAY! I am glad I could be your virtual tour guide and actually be helpful! When you come out here and use my post – it will be as if I am with you… But you know what? If you let me know when you’re coming I could TOTALLY BE YOUR REAL LIFE tour guide!

  36. OMG – you did is right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish I had been with you & Stacy!!!! What fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. I feel like I have officially been all over LA now : )

    • WAHOO!!!! Mission ACCOMPLISHED :) Although, you definitely still need to come visit and I can bring you to some great GRUB!!!

  38. Sounds & looks like you had LOTS of fun! :) I certainly don’t explore the area where I live enough…

  39. Hi GiGi,
    What a gas! (That’s supposed to be a car pun, smile.) I absolutely loved your tour of Los Angeles with Stacy on your awesome ChevyFitTrip! I loved seeing all of the sites since I haven’t been to Los Angeles in quite a while! Thanks for ‘sharing the memories’ with us at the Healthy, Happy, Green and Natural Party Blog Hop.
    My favorite celebrity to rode trip with would be someone funny like Ellen Generes!

    • AHHH HA HA HA AH AH! Gas! 😉

      AND OMG I love Ellen! She tapes her show on the WB lot – I wish I went on a week day, I could have MAYBE gotten a photo of her walking from her trailer to her show’s set!!

  40. ahhhhhhmazing!

  41. What a fun trip!! I loved seeing all of your pictures. LA would be such a fun place to live. I love that Traverse too. I’m lovin’ the interior and the fact that it seats so many!

    • Los Angeles definitely NEVER gets boring! 😀 And I too love this Traverse… Perhaps I shall trade Wolfie in?? Oh no, no no, who said that? LOL!

  42. FUn! I’d definitely show off my local beaches and mountains. We’ve got it all here!

  43. Ahhhh this looks like so much fun! I have my trusty Chevy Cruze and I love her. My husband used to live in LA I showed him all your pictures he said it’s like going home! #6 was his favorite since his office was on that street! Great job!

    • Aw! I am glad I could bring back some memories! :)

      I have to look into the Chevy Cruze, I am sure I have seen it before, but I need to refresh my memory! My family is a Chevy family too – Tahoe, Equinox, Suburban, and they actually just got a Traverse too! LOL!!! Uh, I think they have enough cars, right?

  44. How fun, I love it and was laughing for your whole ride! Hope the #chevyfittrip comes to Austin . . . . oh the things we would do.

    • OMG YES!!! We need to coax Chevy to do this campaign in Austin! I want to see where you’d take us! You better take us to the Whole Foods! I remember when I visited with my mom, that’s all we wanted to do, but this was PRE-GPS days (or when we knew how to use it) thus… We had NO IDEA how to get there!

  45. Wow! You did such an amazing job with this campaign! I absolutely love all the places you visited! So cool! The car looks awesome too!

  46. Sounds like you had a lot of fun. =)
    I’ve never gone hiking to the Hollywood sign before. I so want to do that.

  47. But where is the pic of ya’ll at the local bakery. Without a stop for baked goods, you did not show Stacy a good time. I feel so bad Stacy. She obviously wanted to have that baked goods smell in the interior. Sheesh.
    Ps. We own the Chevy Tahoe. We tried to Traverse. Too small for all the Greedy Kids.

    • LMFAO! Yeah, Stacy was a little pissed about that but I told her beforehand that we were only going to go to sushi and seafood restaurants 😉

      My family has a Tahoe too!! I am in love with that big boy too!

  48. So fun!! I need to make sure to check some of those out next time I head down to LA!

  49. I think in Boston I would go to Fenway Park, the North End, and the Seaport!

  50. WOW what an amazing trip!!!! I’m so jealous!!!! Stacy is a very nice car! I would definitely miss her :)

  51. Sorry for being MIA! Uni… self explanatory!
    But your trip sounds amazing, I am so jelly!

    Choc Chip Uru

  52. You and Stacy really get around!

  53. Fun! I love a sports car convertible and mine was stolen. So now I have settled for a sports car w/ sunroof. I haven’t named my current car but secretly call it the Silver Bullet, but don’t drink Coors Light so I try not to theink of it as the Silver Bullet … but my last 3 (all Mitsubishi Eclipse) Eli the Eeeeeeclipse, The Marshmallow, The Bat Mobile (all black convertible that was stolen and I still miss).

    • OMG I love your car names!!! I especially love Eli the Eclipse, LOL!!! 😉 The Marshmallow is something I totally should have named my mom’s expedition when I was younger!

  54. EPIC! Awesome fun!!

  55. At least once a year I go visit the places that I “know so well” I never bother to go there. And then discover I didn’t know them at all! Really fun post — thanks.

    • :) I love exploring so this was such a great experience for me! We take our surroundings for granted, that’s for sure!

  56. SO MUCH FUN. Have you ever stopped at LACMA’s restaurant? They have a WATER MENU! IT’s like 20 pages. You can even order a water tasting, haha. Granted, last time I went I just ordered wine:)

    • I have been to their restaurant but I had NO IDEA they had a water menu! Now that’s ridiculous – ha ha ah! I actually remember HATING that restaurant and I wrote a really bad review on yelp, LOL! They emailed me very concerned and gave me a free meal! LOL!!

  57. So if I come visit LA will you please be my tour guide?!
    I definitely feel like I should explore my town more… often people who visit will be like “oh and we went to…” and I’m just like should I know that exists? Never mind that I’ve lived here for 15 years 😉

    • OF COURSE I will be your tour guide!!! :) You just have to let me know when you’ll be here! I will even take you to some TV SHOW tapings!

      And yes, get out there lady!!! Get exploring!

  58. Love your faces and poses in all these!!!! You make me want to explore my city more. Visiting from #wowlinkup and wishing you a great 4th of July weekend!

    • You definitely should explore this holiday weekend! You will probably see some even crazier sights! ha ha! :) XO!! Happy 4th!

  59. Haha! I can tell your personality through your pictures, I love it. What a fun time in LA! You sure showed Stacey all the hot spots. :)

    • Stacy definitely got around to the goods! Sadly, she did not meet Ryan Gosling’s sex Mercedes G-Wagon, LOL but… Maybe next time 😉

  60. I’m known for getting upset with people who take tourists to Niagara Falls (my home town) and do not ask for my assistance with the tour. If I have not provided you with an itinerary then you did it WRONG and you missed important stuff ruining somebodies vacation. You SUCK!

    • AH HA HA HA AH AH AHA HA AH AH AHA!!!!! Then I will DEFINITELY be hitting you up if I ever make my way over there :)

  61. Wow such a fun trip! You totally hit ALL the major LA sites. Love it! #wowlinkup

  62. Wow! You totally showed Stacey around, GiGi! I am certain she is missing you!!

  63. Oh my my my that looked like so much fun! I have never been to Los Angeles but I would want to hit all of those spots. If I were to visit one key landmark in my city I guess it would be the Inner Harbor downtown. They cleaned it up a bit and set up some nice new museums and such to give our city culture. I think Washington, D.C. has more to see though. Thanks for taking us on a whirl with you. #wowlinkup

    • DC definitely has a ton to see!!! Get out there and get exploring, take photos and write a blog post!! That’s your homework assignment – due July 15th! LOL!

  64. Oh my gosh! I so need to go and see all of those sites. Always wanted to check out LA. Looks like a great time. Love the stunt double -hubba hubba!

  65. I loved your blog! Found you on Calm.Healthy.Sexy. blog hop, and I’m so glad I stopped by!
    I also blog about my travels around the world, and I hope you’ll stop by for a peek.

  66. That sounds like my dream vacation!!! When I was a kid, I always wanted to go to Hollywood in hopes of seeing famous people, but sadly I never made it :( Stacy sure is a lucky girl to have gone to all the places! OMG, I’ve never even thought to name my car, but I think I need to come up with a name for her asap! Then maybe we can travel the world together and stalk celebrities :)

    • ah ha ha ah ah! OMG yes! Name your car!!! She/He is a large part of your life, I don’t know why you wouldn’t! 😉

      And funnily enough, even though I have lived in LA for 3.5 years, I rarely see celebrities out and about – I only see them when I am working!

  67. Wow. Looks like you really showed Stacy a good time around LA!

  68. Such awesome sites!! I’ve been to most of those, except Cher’s house, lol! Wow, nice house! Great pics! One celebrity I’d like to have accompany me?? Hmmm….I think Denzel Washington, he is pretty much the coolest actor ever, but I’m absolutely IN LOVE with Benjamin Bratt, but if he was accompanying me, I’d scare him off with all of my drool. Seriously, can he get anymore gorgeous? Those teeth…ok, I better stop now, LOL!

  69. This is so fun. I would love to explore Vancouver… Does that count even if it isn’t in the US??

  70. Thanks for the tour! Looks like you and Stacy sure had a great time! My car is Genie, and we’ve got to take her to LA one of these days. Well she’s been to Long Beach, but that was just to see us off to catch a ferry to Catalina Island.

    • You have certainly been neglecting Genie a trip to LA 😉 But soon, soon you shall come and then you’ll know exactly where to go!

  71. Well Gigi thanks for the tour, that was the fastest I have ever been through a city!! Thank you for stopping by to share this week. Enjoy your next adventure!!!

  72. I followed your adventures but missed this post (I was a little under the weather). It sounds like a great adventure. I hope Stacy appreciated it!

  73. I love seeing all of these sites! Such a fun way to explore the city and see new places!

  74. If I go back to LA, I need to do #8 and #10. This summer, I’m trying to go to some festivals and events I have never attended. Last week-end, I did a walk with a client in a huge cemetary by my home. It is the burial place for Jesse Owens, a lot of confederate soldiers, Enrico Fermi, gangsters from the 1920’s, Harold Washington and etc. #wowlinkup

    • That’s awesome!!!!!!!! I love exploring the history behind the town I live in and close by cities!! This is also why I love traveling to other cities, countries, etc – because I just love history! 😀 😀

  75. I feel so special that Britt and I got a personal selfie of you and Stacy via text 😉

    • HECK YES! Only for the special loves of my life!!! I hope you come back and visit soon, I’ll take you on an epic adventure!

  76. Oh my goodness you would be the most fun tour guide EVER!

  77. Exploring my own town? I am doing just that this week. Took the week off from work, sent the kids to camp, officially working on my future book, but also fitting in some nice strolls through Halifax. Alone. I LOVE it.

    My favorite(s) landmarks are not in town but rather outside, by the ocean ideally… like Peggy’s Cove.

    Favorite kind of car, well, anything luxury, LOL!

    I would never name my car though.

    I’ve been many places in the world but still dreaming of India.

    Not into celebrities at all, sorry!

    • Why would you never name your car?!?!?! Your car is like part of the family, it deserves a name, common now! LOL!

      And oh man, I will go to India with you :)

      Enjoy your week off!!!! It’s always nice to get some you time in there!

  78. whew! Stacy sure does get around doesn’t she?! I loved all your sights now, I want to take a trip out there specifically–i’ll be in san jose in 2 weeks–not close enough! I think I would explore the brooklyn bridge because its one of my favorites!!

  79. Such a great road trip, thanks for letting us tag along. I would love to explore our little state, in a mini van – no really, in a convertible. I haven’t named a vehicle since High School (1976), I just use them to get from point A to point B – 3 hours on a daily commute to work and having my sons drive me on the weekends, Great post, thanks for sharing at the #WWDParty.

    • 3 hour commute?!?! Oh that’s intense! I give you a lot of credit! At least you have your sons to drive you places on the weekends :)