Do You Need A Rocket Scientist To Lose Weight?

Every so often… GiGi needs to fast from her celebrity eating ways… That being said, Ray Lehigh decided to take a bite for her! (hey 3rd person!)

Check out his huge stew… On how us ladies (sorry gents, this ain’t targeted to you) can rid our tummies of belly fat and look like… [INSERT FAVORITE CELEBRITY ABS HERE]

Jim Carrey in a woman's bathing suitDon’t be shy Jim… Show up your 12 pack!

When your tummy starts to protrude from your midsection, a lot of problems will start to arise. Your pants will no longer fit, your blouses and shirts will start to look awkward on you.

clothes not fitting right?

Even some jerks, male or female, will start to tease you, causing you to lose confidence in yourself. Aside from this, abdominal obesity has a strong correlation with cardiovascular diseases, so it would be best to take care of the problem as early as possible. Why would you choose to suffer when you can fight those stubborn adipose deposits?


The root cause of belly fats is net energy imbalance. This is where an organism consumes more calories than it actually uses or discards. Protein intake within a 24-hour period is inversely related to abdominal fat collection. Estrogen, the ‘female hormone’ actually stops lipase enzymes, which are the enzymes that break down fats and proteins. This is why women fatten up easier than men.

man eating burger, girl pissed

Women, particularly those who are in the age of childbearing, tend to store more fat in parts like the buttocks, hips and breasts. When her sex hormones start to decline as she ages, the distribution of body fat changes as well, which leads to the woman having to carry more body fat in the midsection.

Aside from inherent causes, potbellies are formed because the abdomen is usually the most seldom used part of the body in daily activities. Simply applying spot-reduction will not immediately work because you would need to get rid of the fat deposits in other parts of the body before the fats in your abdomen will get used up.

Workout Routines for Belly Fat Reduction

There will always be methods to get rid of that annoying abdominal obesity. You can lose belly fat by doing daily workout routines and eating a balanced diet.

The most basic and most common routine that women engage in is running. Actress and recording artist, Jennifer Hudson, lost 60 pounds by waking up at 4 am to run for one-hour followed by an hour-long workout in the gym.

Jennifer Hudson before and after

She also did sets of squats, push-ups and sit-ups. Tyra Banks lost 30 pounds in 5 months by running, walking on a treadmill and boxing.

Fat Tyra Banks, Skinny Tyra Banks

Running is an over-all workout routine. Even for just 30 minutes a day (consistently), it can greatly increase the rate of metabolism in a person. Also, since it’s a whole-body exercise, it can develop the tissues in your whole body into muscles. For every additional pound of muscle mass in your body, you can burn up to 35 to 50 additional calories per day. By getting rid of the excess calories everywhere else, your body will eventually start to use up the adipose in your belly, giving you a balanced and well-toned figure.

If you wish to target the abdomen more closely, add belly workouts like sit-ups and squats to your workout routine. By making direct use of your midsection muscles, you can focus the energy consumption in that area. You just have to remember to keep your daily routine as constant as possible so you won’t only lose your belly fats, but you can keep them off forever by altering the metabolic process itself.

About Ray Lehigh:

Ray Lehigh is a health & fitness enthusiast. Through he strives to help everyone achieve their fitness and weight loss goals. He also seeks to provide access to the information and education they need to do to so.

 GiGi Dubois is Crazy

THIS GIRL… Will be back NEXT WEEK with a video… Blog post… A hologram? 

So tell me…

  • Do you agree with Ray Lehigh?
  • What’s your favorite way to get your heart PUMPING?
  • If calories/nutrition didn’t matter, what food would you shovel in daily?
  • Have you ever been the victim of negative talk about your shape/size? (Did you body slam them for being such A-HOLES?!)
  • What is your exercise frequency? (Hours/Day)
  • Do you avoid any food/food groups? If so, what and why?
  • Have you ever motivated someone to lose weight and/or eat healthy?
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  1. I know I need to do a lot of these things. :( Especially when my kids point to my tummy and say “Mommy’s having another baby!” Can’t exactly body slam them. lol Now just to get motivated.

    • OMG they say that :( But I mean they really can be a source of motivation!

      LMFAO! Yes, please DON’T body slam them 😉

  2. I..Love…Running. BOOM! YES YES YES!! Ummm a few weeks ago I was told I have small boobs and my body is disproportionate. That was a funny day..not really. My boobs SHRUNK when I started running (OMG THEY WERE HUGE) and now they are gone SOOOO WEIRD! helps running with small bitties. If I could eat one food all would be…cake.

  3. Running is a great way to lose fat but I like the addition of weights like Jennifer Hudson did.


    That said, I did get a few chuckles out of Ray’s writing. Was it accurate, not exactly, but creative for sure!

    I have been the victim of insulting body talk, and I told them straight out how rude it was!

    I am on the GiGi D. workout plan, 11/2 hours a day most days.

    I do not eat meat, chicken, or eggs, and only very little dairy.

    When my Karate instructor told me “You are getting fat!!” I changed my ways!

    I have motivated several people to become healthier and fitter.

    I may see if I am GiGi blog-worthy :-)

    • LMFAO! Agreed about Ray’s writing, but I didn’t want to be mean and say NOPE SORRY A-HOLE. LMAO!!!!! So here it is, the star of my blog, for a week! But don’t worry, Tara will be back next week, or perhaps another one of my friends…. Just you wait! 😉

      You don’t eat any meat? I had no clue you were a vegetarian! Why do you eat this way? Heath reasons or because you love little bunnies and chickens?

      And if you seriously are interested in guest posting, LET ME KNOW! 😀

  5. I am a running addict! Preach on!

  6. Running is always my go-to but I love strength training, too!!!
    I like to workout an hour to an hour and a half most days!
    And, I pretty much eat anything – in moderation, of course!!!
    I guess I’m fortunate because I can’t think of any rude comments people have ever made to me in regards to my shape/size.

    • Do you ever do pilates? I believe that to be my “strength training” – lol!

      And you are certainly fortunate!!!!! We all should live in the city you live in, where no rude people exist… Or we should all just put ear muffs on! lol!

  7. Thanks for sharing on A Humble Bumble’s Healthy Tuesdays, I hope you will join us again next week!
    Kerry from Country Living On A Hill

  8. This was good and something I needed to hear. I have been in Boot camp for 8months. Great Strength training and muscle building.. But, still seeing some tummy I would like to get rid of. Back to the treadmill a few days a week sounds in order!

    • I am glad that this post reminded you to get in a little more cardio :) You don’t have to do the treadmill if you DREAD IT, you can always try the elliptical or all those weird new creations that are like a mix between a step mill and an elliptical! As long as your heart is pumping, you’re doing something 😀

  9. interval training workouts is our favorite way to get the heart pumping :)

  10. Wow I’m still watching the Coolio video :) Pre workout for me is 50 burpee’s , 25 pull-ups and some lunges and basic stretching. That gets the heart going a little and helps prevent injury. I do something every day, when not doing CrossFit variations, I’ll strength train other day’s, but run every day. I would never stop eating hard crusted bread toasted with colossal levels of butter. I try to motivate some people, but you have to want it for yourself. I never heard of the person you spoke of. To those with negative opinions, If you don’t like yourself don’t take it out on another person.

    • I’m still watching COOLIO too!! Ha Ha! Tara is coming over later this week to make another video – FOR TUESDAY! 😀 Can you guess what we are making? ha ha.

      Cross FIT kills me so I give you TONS and TONS of credit for doing it!!

      Do you like French bread or Sourdough?

      • French bread all the way, sourdough reminds me of sneaker feet. To bad you had a bad experience with CrossFit, work outs should be structured to the persons initial ability’s then expand slowly from there. I have seen people who could barely pick up the bar work to cleaning their body weight. If you enjoy what you are doing keep at it, feeling good is what counts.

  11. I exercise a lot – I have always said that – people can blab all they want about how they do crossfit ( nothing wrong with it!!!) or HIIT & stay lean in 30 minutes a day. We are all different with different bodies & metabolisms. I do HIIT, intervals, various cardio forms, weights & all that & I still have to eat very very healthy – yes, I have balance in life but I eat pretty dang good a high % of the time…

    Saying all this, exercise is great but the food has to be right to lose & maintain! :)

    • I exercise a TON too Jodi, I am talking 101 minutes of straight cardio a DAY!! I don’t trust the 30 min rule AT ALL! ha ha! We still need to work out together, I have a feeling you might kick my BOOTY!

      And you’re so very right…. THE FOOD – THE FOOD needs to be RIGHT! 😉

  12. I am a crazy workout obsessed person and average about 2 hours a day. This can include running, crossfit, biking or swimming– but usually is a combo of 1-2 of those. IF I could shovel anything in my mouth everyday it would be tons of carbs. However, I usually eat a lot of lean proteins so that carbs don’t stick to my rear.

    • OMG you and I need to work out together!!! I work out for 2 hours if not 3 (if I have pilates too) in a day! 😀 I love it!

      What’s your favorite lean protein?!

  13. Running has worked for me! Though I add in strength training and yoga when I can.

  14. i think running is an amazing workout that get’s quick results but you have to combine it with strength to really get the fully benefits, oh and diet. duh! haha

  15. Love running! Especially when I’m not injured and I can actually do it. What’s that you say? You shouldn’t take off from running for a few weeks and then come back harder than ever, faster than ever, and run for longer than ever? Whoops.

    I would eat french fries, chicken sandwiches, macaroni and cheese, bacon, and lots of bread all day if I didn’t care about my arteries (and everything else in my body). Then I’d probably get sick.

    • AHHH HA HA HA! I am totally like you, I will ignore all logic and just GO FOR THE RUN and push myself 😉 – If I get hurt, WHOOPS! lol!!!!!

  16. Motivation is the main key, i believe in motivation. And that is what make me sexy! :)

  17. So is it bad that I liked Tyra’s before picture? I think she looks great either way.

  18. Interval training! Gets me in and out as fast as possible. Sorry Jen Hudson, can’t handle 2 hours of working out everyday!

  19. I would definitely shovel in all the carbs that i could if it really didnt matter. I would have a bread sandwich (which I assume would be a regular sandwich with bread but also filled with bread?) for breakfast, and then for lunch i would have pizza with lots of cheese. and perhaps cupcakes for dinner? :) A girl can dream

    • HMMMMMMM A bread sandwich!! I used to shove my self with bread sandwiches slathered with mayo and ketchup when I was younger EVERY DAY! Lunch of champions! LOL!

      Oh heck, I want in your food dream RIGHT NOW ha ha ah aha!

  20. Funny first photo!

  21. Love this post!
    I think it might be appropriate to highlight, and then highlight again the line that says “protein intake over a 24 hour period has an inverse relationship to accumulation of adipose tissue.” It’s one of the absolute most important pieces of dietary advice that can possibly be given!!! But it’s unfortunately hidden in the middle of an interesting article, and written in science-geek-speak, and most people probably neither understood it, nor really took the time to digest it (PUN INTENDED!!). Rather than saying “eat less carbs” – people should be saying “eat more quality meat”. But, then, that’s not a media-appropriate headline these days…

    • LMFAOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you, too funny. And so very true. This is why when I write my blog posts, I FLAT OUT SAY IT LIKE IT IS!! EAT QUALITY HIGH MEATS!!! Grass-fed, grass-finished, organic… The WHOLE she-bang :)

      Oh and EAT MORE QUALITY MEAT is a great headline – it would definitely start a conversation!

  22. Welcome to the guest today! I agree with Ray! I think running is the easiest and quickest way. I am partial to Tyra’s method of boxing/MMA inspired workouts. You BODYCOMBAT is my favorite form of cardio and I do it 3 times a week regularly sometimes more if my teaching schedule increases for one reason or another.

    • OMFG Body combat sounds like you straight up fly to Afghanistan and are thrown into the front of the line in war!!! Or in other words, INTENSE! I give you lots of credit for doing that!

  23. To get the heart pumping I see nothing better than running upstairs (many times in a row) or running uphill! Painful, but so good for you!

    If I could I would eat ice cream daily. :-p

    People usually tell me my body shape/size is perfect, which annoys me big time!!! I am not perfect!

    I exercise about 7 hours a week.

    I do not eat bacon! I don’t have a lot of meat in general. Other than that, I make sure that junk is very occasional.

    I motivate people all the time apparently, from what they say.

  24. Perfect post for me today. I agree with everything said here, although I think what we eat is equally (if not more) important to focus on too!

    • Ha! I am glad it was the perfect post for you 😀

      And I won’t lie to you, I actually think eating healthy is more important than exercise!! 80% diet! 😉

  25. Jenifer Hudson losing 60 pounds is rather impressive. I lost weight by getting up early but I made one slight tweak to my routine so I could stick at it. I stopped running and walked. And walked. And walked. I now think it’s the best exercise. I’m in a firm routine now. You have to love it to keep going. No short fixes! Great post.

    • Walking is the most perfect exercise on the face of this planet. I used to wear a pedometer and I would get 12,000+ steps a day! It’s perfect, that’s about 6 miles a day! :) And you couldn’t be more right – NO SHORT FIXES

  26. But what if I’m too lazy to run?
    This comment is already making my belly swell. That means it’s either time to fart or I need to hit the track.

    • If you start running, you will no longer be lazy, PROMISE – You and I both know that exercise gives you endorphins to tackle ANYTHING!! #BEASTMODE

  27. Ugh, I will be in operation flatten stomach after this baby pops out in January. I have never had problems, but after having 3 kids already I have noticed a squisher stomach. Boo. Love running & cross-fit type exercises to get my heart pumping!

    • I have always heard that your stomach changes completely after having kids, however, that doesn’t mean you cannot achieve a flat and sexy one again! 😀

  28. For me, it seems like running is the only thing that works for losing weight, combined with strength workout. The problem is that I don’t have any motivation, jimminy cricket! Its crazy!

    • Jimminy Cricket – I forgot about that PHRASE!!!! You just motivated me to use it in all of my conversations for the next week!

  29. Love your posts!

    Lifting, cycling and running lately :)…oh wait, hiking too!

  30. First of all, you are hilarious. I love your posts. Ok, if I could eat one thing all of the time it would be pizza and bagels! :) One thing I do not deprive myself of is cereal every morning. You must have breakfast! I try to do some form of exercise every day, but sometimes that means just doing some extra chasing of the kids and the dog!
    Thank you for sharing at Foodtastic Friday!

    • Let me guess, you love Pizza Bagels!!!! 😉

      What’s your favorite cereal?

      And hey, chasing the dog and kids is a GREAT WAY to exercise – it doesn’t even feel like you’re working out, until you stop to take a breath! lol

  31. Unfortunately, I think my age (hormonal issues) keeps my belly fat on. :/ And some of my diet (like chip & salsa and taco tuesday) is to blame. I’ve cut down on stress, so I don’t think that’s the culprit. Well, I will need to add in some more core exercises. I would love to get rid of the belly fat. Drill sergeant maybe?

    • I will be your DRLL SERGEANT on TACO TUESDAY! Every time you take a bite of that taco – DROP AND GIVE ME 30! 😉

  32. What a fun post. I didn’t know that JHud woke up so damn early to go running, ha! Personally I’ll never turn down a hot yoga class or cardio kickboxing session. Good stuff!

  33. I have to say it: too much running can *increase* belly fat. There have been numerous studies proving that too much cardio exercise is responsible for excess cortisol, which encourages the body to hold on to fat in the stomach. When I was a long distance runner, I had skinny arms and legs but a nice ol’ pooch. I think diet and strength training (and if you have a lot of belly fat to lose, prioritise movements such as squats, deadlifts and presses over abdominal exercises) are the most important factors, and running should only be seen as an optional supplement.

    • I have actually read that as well! However, how much is running too much?

      I truly believe that DIET IS KING! 😉

  34. will we get a MILEY COMMENTARY??

    please please? :-)

  35. Running is by far my favorite way to get my heart rate up.

  36. The steps for weight loss can be pretty simple…workout, eat better, more sleep, more water…but so many people stumble over the execution of those things and bad habits that hang on. Sugar is my hangup, haha! I used to dislike running, but I really enjoy it these days and I love weight lifting 😉

    • Oh sugar, it’s the bane of everyone’s existence, however I have crazy intense will power and the fact that it makes me really sick, helps me stay far away from it! LOL!

      Do you run outside or inside?

  37. I’m actually too heavy to run but I do need to do more cardio. I swim 5 days a week but I am good at it and find it hard to get the heart really pumping. I also spend most of my time compensating for my butt that floats too much. Elyptical, bike and stairs are a problem because of achilles tendonitis. Maybe I can jog in the water if it fairly deep. Otherwise it is modified burpees (basically get down on your tummy on the mat and back up) as my only cardio and I am bored with that.

    • How about walking Cindy? You don’t need to RUN to get a good work out! Have you ever thought about getting a pedometer and setting a goal for yourself of 10,000 steps a day? That might seem like a very high intimidating number, but it is actually quite easy to achieve! :)