What A Hunky Flower!

There is a butternut squash on my floor… Vegan protein powder scattered all over my counter, coconut oil in my mouth and a bag of frozen cauliflower melting… Oh crap…

Still in the car!


Do you realize what this means?

If your guess is…

“you must have pregnancy brain…” Well you are EXTREMELY FAR from being right…


OR if your guess is…

“you have $2.99 melting in the back seat of your car…” Okay, technically, yes, you’re correct

However, if your guess is, “you’re a clatatrofu**ing, hot mess…” Welp, you wouldn’t be all that far from the truth

GiGi-Dubois-Hot Mess

The actual answer to this jeopardy question though is… I created another random-ass recipe for YOU, courtesy of my bizarre think tank… And fellow blogger, Brittany’s peculiar head attic.

When our freakishly uncustomary crackerjacks combine…. 


And with that, I give you… The latest GiGi Eats… (Britt not included, YET!)


What A Hunk… Vanilla N’Oatmeal 

(Or maybe this is actually just sweet cauliflower?)

Purchase these ingredients…

To make this weird “masterpiece”… 

  • Take a digestive enzyme and a probiotic if you do not digest cruciferous vegetables well (step optional).
  • Combine all ingredients in a bowl (or your blender).
  • Mix together (or puree).
  • Transfer to a sauce pan to warm up.
  • Pour into your favorite bowl and scarf! 


Oh and for your information… Here is the NUTRITION COMPARISON between: 

Craptastical Quaker Oatmeal Banana Nut Protein-Rich Instant Oatmeal (one packet, unprepared)

  • Calories: 240
  • Fat: 5 grams
  • Carbohydrates: 40 grams
  • Fiber: 4 grams
  • Sugar: 12 grams

And… What A Hunk, Vanilla N’Oatmeal (one whole recipe according to thorough Google-ing and extreme mathematical skill)

  • Calories: 198 
  • Fat: 8.7 grams 
  • Carbohydrates: 19.3 grams 
  • Fiber: 8.3 grams 
  • Sugar: 4 grams 



  • Where is the weirdest place you’ve found your salt shaker?
  • What’s your staple breakfast go-to? 
  • Are you a morning person? 
  • When are you typically a hot mess?
  • Do you tend to like recipes that others might not?
  • Who is/are your blogger bestie(s)?! 

This unicorn of a recipe inspired me to reveal my unicorn status, as I chowed down on the couch. 

GiGi is to Unicorn (ugh, sorry to go all 3rd person on you) as Peter Parker is to Spiderman… We are what we are but we try to hide our identities unless truly necessary. Well, this recipe made it 100% necessary to show you my true colors… In my case, it’s purple.

If you feel as though your inner spirit animal, beast, food, superhero, etc., etc. needs to shine through… THEN head on over to HA HA HOODIES. Guaranteed you will find your inner being… Or at least your HALLOWEEN COSTUME for this year! 


Waste Not, Want Not Wednesday


  1. This morning I tried the Chobani Pumpkin whatever flavor and it was SO good! I was surprised because I don’t like some of their flavors. It was like eating dessert!

    Ginger Marie | http://www.thegingermarieblog.com

    • I have never had Chobani thanks to not being able to eat dairy! Womp Womp! Did you mix anything into it?

    • Dave Hurd says:

      Staple breakfast go-to? Quaker oats or a pair of English muffins
      Are you a morning person? Yup … wake at 4:15 each morning
      When are you typically a hot mess? Shortly after I start providing a foot massage to my on again/off again psycho gf
      Do you tend to like recipes that others might not? Clearly! Feedback on my FB Timeline says it all
      Who is/are your blogger bestie(s)?! That would be You!!

      • AH HA HA! I am so curious about this HOT MESS FOOT RUB… And this Psycho GF! LOL!!!!

        Also, what time do you go to sleep at night?

        • Let’s just say that a foot massage was the best starting point towards her arousal. If we were having a disagreement, the best solution … you got it …. foot massage. Watching a boring movie … you got it. Your mind seems to think like mine, I think you get it.

          I am pretty sure she has PPD and seems to be hypomanic. I am crazy about her, and she drives me crazy, such that I can only stand her in moderately small doses.

          I crash for the night between 9PM and 1AM, get up at that hour. A few nights a month, I’m up all night working on some project or another, two night this past weekend; I wanted to get some Ikea furniture together and finish two amended IRS returns, so it was two all-nighters.

          • I tend to not need that much sleep either, but sometimes it catches up to me and I am just so exhausted I can barely get up!

  2. YAY GOR TUEADAYS AND FOR YOU MAKING ME HYSTERICALLY LAUGH DURING MY CARDIO (yeah I actually did some for once). But YOU one of my internet bestie gurllll <33

    • <3!!!! You know I was thinking of you too when I wrote that question!! ;)


  3. I love that you included taking a digestive enzyme. I agree – a vital step in the digestion of those cruciferous veggies! Also, love your kitchen creativity, never a dull day with GiGi!

  4. I think using cauliflower instead of oatmeal is such a great idea I used to add cauliflower to my oatmeal to add volume to my food without adding any carbs! You’re such a mad geniuswith recipes xo C

  5. FOR THE RECORD: My oats DO NOT come in a prepackaged box. I make them from one ingredient – OATS! Andddd I’m a carb loving fiend SO I won’t be ditching my beloved running accomplice (carbs fuel my runs yo!) BUT I WILL eat this masterpiece….with three enzymes on the side. I don’t even add sugar to my oats can you believe it!?! I do add fruit as you know, but I alwaayyysss skip the added sugar even the honey. Be proud, because I make up for that later usually by drooling over cake.

    • YES! Eat this low-carb n’oatmeal… And you’ll have TONS OF ROOM LEFT for ALL THE CAKE. ALL OF IT. Especially at the Venice Whole Foods we will be visiting every day even though its like 45 minutes away from my house – IGZF! lol!

  6. I want a onesie like they have on the Ladies of London. That Unicorn onesie was everything.

    • Girl, I drove by a store yesterday == ALL ONSIES!! I couldn’t stop cause there were a million cars behind me, but it’s on my TO DO list! However, HAHA HOODIES pretty much fills the onsie void for sure!

  7. Mmmm I’ll have to try this hunk of a recipe!!!!! Maybe for breakfast one of these days, since I’m def a morning person and LOVE MY morning meals <3 <3 <3 Sounds bizarre, but I bet it's DELISH!

  8. Using cauliflower instead of oatmeal sounds intriguing! This recipe looks like it would be fun to try and I’m loving your unicorn hoodie!

  9. Interesting! Well, it all mixes in the stomach anyway.

    Sure, all these ingredients are great, so if you can make it tasty, works for me!

    Doing IF, I never eat breakfast, cause I don’t break-the-fast this early in the day.

    You are one of my favorite bloggers! We go back to the 30BAD days :-)

    • I never ever eat breakfast either Dr. J! Ha. I am an IF-er as well. I typically eat around 11am or 12pm.
      AND AWWWWW Dr. J – thank you for claiming that I AM one of your favorite bloggers!! You just made my day and I love when you email me randomly :)

  10. Cauliflower is the miracle vegetable you can make anything with it!:)

  11. what??? cauliflower instead of oats!!! this is so magical!

  12. I digest veggies well but I swear by digestive enzymes and probiotics.. especially during pregnancy. Speaking of which..
    ..if you announced a pregnancy, I’d go into shock. But I’d definitely be photographing that cuteness.
    I’m a huge breakfast person, in fact. And I love to have vegetables early in the morning. It’s like, “getting it out of the way so I can have chocolate later.” Sad and kinda true.
    I usually do pumpkin early in the morning and not cauliflower but you intrigue me.

    • YOU ARE SO LUCKY you digest veggies well. I swear I am scaring people away with my horrific digestive issues – ha ha ha ha, if you know what I mean. But I mean, everyone who knows me and wants me in their life, KNOWS that this is just part of the package. Sad truth :( I wish I had your digestion… Except not your pregnancy digestion, lol.

      AND TRY cauliflower (mixed with pumpkin) tomorrow morning! It could be a new WINNER for you!

      • Well with pregnancy, I had no digestion issues at all, unless you count heartburn?? It’s so terrible with pregnancy. I have never had it when not pregnant. It’s like a giant alien is inside your body and shifting your organs around.. so it makes sense.. but not fun.

        You could never scare anyone away! My old roommate had severe Crohn’s and I have a nervous stomach so I’m really all for us owning up to such things. It’s all good.

        • Oh I def consider that a digestive issue and heart burn SUCKKKKSSSSS!!!
          And I dunno, I dunno, last night was PRETTY BAD – bah ha ha ha ah ah ha ha ha! But oh well, unconditional love, right? 😉

  13. Hells yea….love weird combos…love low-carb…love sugar-free…love BS…love subbing cauli for cabrs. Boom! Awesome concoction. Looking forward to trying it!! But of course can’t skip this step “take a digestive enzyme and a probiotic if you do not digest cruciferous vegetables well (step optional)” LOL!!!!!!

  14. Love weird combos…love low-carb…love low-sugar…love BS…love subbing carbs for cauli. Boom! Great concoction, looking forward to trying it. But can’t forget this part “Take a digestive enzyme and a probiotic if you do not digest cruciferous vegetables well (step optional)” LOL! #gasisarealstruggle

  15. Hahaha! Another great read 😀 ya had me on my toes, didn’t know which was this was going, LOL! Thanks for stopping by and sharing with us at #TryABiteTuesdays – Love your blog! I think I say that every week huh? 😀 Have a fabulous day!!

    • Ah Ha! I NEVER EVER EVER get sick of you saying that you love my blog, in fact… KEEP IT COMING 😉
      I am also glad I kept you on your toes. I never know where my posts are going to go either – LOL!

  16. Well in the linen closet once, not sure what I was doing in there with salt. Glad to hear Brittany and the dog are doing well. I eat eggs a lot, more than most people. This looks interesting some bacon on the side would be good. Where is Capt.L showing up this fall ???? I up early every day 365 don’t want to miss anything.
    Off to run :)

  17. great sweatshirt!

  18. And there it is! Another great use for cauliflower! I love love this veggie so much – you can make ANYTHING with it… and we do! Great idea, MISS GIGI!

  19. Can cauliflower BE any more versatile?!
    Okay, may I officially request a Britt and Gigi video, PUH LEASE.

  20. I love the idea of using cauliflower for oatmeal! I would have never thought of this interesting and healthy concoction. It’s now on my must try list. And that unicorn hoodie! I really need it :).

  21. I still want that hoodie.

    WHY has it been so long since I’ve made cauliflower oats? Or pancakes, for that matter? Oh, I know… BECAUSE THE EFFING WHOLE FOODS WAS OUT OF CAULIFLOWER. How is that even possible?! I’ve ogtta go write my congressman or something.

    • WAIT WHAT THE FUCK?! Out of cauliflower? Um…. I no longer want to explore the SD Whole Foods -it sounds like a piece of shit. LOL!!!!!!!!! I went to the Venice Whole Foods yesterday and spent an embarassingly long time there, ha! Took lots of pictures cause I am a … Food Blogger 😉 and… Sampled far too many things, bah ha ha! Things that aren’t supposed to be sampled? Uhhhh I can neither confirm nor deny that!

  22. I thought this was a pregnancy announcement from you!! This recipe is so darn strange that I’m going to have to try it to know what it tastes like. My salt grinder doesn’t like to roam very far so it’s always on the kitchen counter #boring. I am NOT a morning person so that’s when I’m my hot mess best. Always eating eggs for breakfast, usually scrambled with some sauteed veggies. My foodie blogger BBF would have to be Chey at No Spoon Necessary (we even share the same birthday) and I’m always eating food/making recipes that other people won’t eat (like chicken feet). Two thumbs up on your unicorn hoodie and your “oh shit” remark was classic! hahahaha!

    • YIKES! A pregnancy announcement – that just gave me the shivers. LOL! If that were to ever happen, I wonder how my brain would come up with a way of sharing that news – LOL!

      And Uh, I am soooo on board with eating weird foods/recipes that others won’t eat – so um, lets be food blogger besties too? LOL

  23. I love cauliflower and so cool that you used it instead of oatmeal! So fun!! :) Yay for unicorn hoodies!

  24. Wow that’s a really interesting combo! I am just getting into oatmeal and I am trying to picture what that might taste like

    • You could always add some cauliflower to your bowl of oatmeal to expand it’s portion size for not many calories! 😛

  25. I am always a hot mess therefore I am pretty sure we’d be besties if we lived near each other IRL. Your recipe is definitely something I would never have imagined but it is quite genius and looks delish! Love it!

  26. That sounds strangely decadent…. want? I think?? I don’t know, just give it to me.

    • Ah ha ha! Exactly – this recipe is VERY curious! 😉 I highly recommend you try it and see if your taste buds approve!

  27. Can’t say I’ve ever found the salt shaker in a weird place, but the weirdest thing I’ve ever combined was tuna and BBQ sauce. I was out of mayo #sorrynotsorry. Even though it was pretty damn good when I look back on it even I’m grossed out

  28. You are hysterical. I love your unicorn outfit. Can you taste the cauliflower in the oatmeal? Very creative recipe!

    • You can actually still taste the cauliflower, however, if you riced it, I think the flavor would be masked a lot more – and adding a bit my Erythritol helped too! Pretty dang tasty if you ask me though! :)

  29. Okay, so first of all I LOVE YOUR UNICORN HOODIE!! It is simply amazing!!!
    And second, I am intrigued, Lindsey (aka Lean Green Bean) did a cauliflower round up last week and I have had cauliflower on the brain ever since. I guess next week I will just buy 8 heads of cauliflower at the grocery and call it a day. Who knew it was versatile. That’s why I have you recipe gurus in my life.

    • Right? it is just simply amazing… They have many more hoody varieties that will leave you speechless – ha ha ah!!
      And YES – go get 8 heads of cauliflower… And LOADS of digestive enzymes…. LMFAO! Or….. Air Freshener?

  30. I like that you mention to take a digestive enzyme first, that’s definitely what I have to do, haha! That sounds/looks yummy but I can’t give up my morning oats with egg whites, cinnamon, blueberries, goji berries, almond milk and hemp & chia seeds <3

  31. You make me laugh… uncontrollably… seriously! And that unicorn outfit!!!!

  32. I’ve been on vacation the last month, and have been missing your funny videos. Particularly the ones that are just a touch weird. 😀 Great dish you’ve made to welcome me back! Really fun stuff — thanks.

    • Tee HE HE! Which videos/blog posts ARE NOT a touch weird??? lol!
      Welcome back by the way! Hope vacation was amazing!!!

  33. Cauliflower and butternut squash work for me without first taking an enzyme! Interesting recipe and flavors!
    My breakfast go to is a gluten free mug muffin with what ever fruit is in season. I can’t wait to eat it each morning!! I think I crave it!!

    • You’re so lucky Judee! I am so scared to eat any fiber for fear of a stomach ache! – UGH! Bring on the extra enzymes!!
      AND UM, if you’re excited to eat breakfast, then you must be a morning person – he he! I am going to scour your website for this mug muffin!

  34. I am the worst morning person ever. :'( I don’t know why I’m always so tired these days, but it sucks! I almost fell asleep several times today whilst standing up. Terrible times. :O

    Oatmeal tends to be my standard breakfast go-to! This looks super good! :] I love cauliflower!

    P.S. I’ve probably said this before at some point, but that hoodie is wonderful. <3

    • Girl, I know why you’re tired – YOU ARE working to the bone!!! It’s hard doing what you do, so you have to give yourself credit and when you have free moments, zone out! Massage? Nap time? ha ha! Do you drink coffee?

      And girl, yes! Add cauliflower to your oatmeal 😉 You won’t even know it’s there. LOL!

      PS: would it be appropriate for you to wear the unicorn hoodie in rotation?

  35. This looks interesting & unique. I would be apt to try it but good luck getting my kiddo to eat it! :) She’s stuck on those Instant Oatmeal packets. At least it’s organic & from Sprouts. :)

    • Ha ha! Oh yes, it is def hard to get the youngin’s to eat veggies… I remember myself ALL TOO WELL! lol!!!!!!

      Ah SPROUTS! I haven’t been to Sprouts in so long, I think it might be time I take a WANDERING trip! – Ha ha.

  36. Super interesting recipe!! I will have to try this out for breakkie :)


  37. Ooooh, interesting! I am carb obsessed, but I am also cauliflower obsessed. Roasted balsamic cauliflower is one of my favourite snacks!

  38. My husband thinks I’m a hot mess all the time. He doesn’t understand that while I may look like the Tazmanian Devil on the outside, inside I’ve got it all under control …

  39. Protein powder + cauliflower seems like an interesting combo! hey I’ll try anything once! I’m a hot mess almost 24/7- my brain is so scaterred by the time I get home from school that I can’t think anymore. Love mornings though- as long as I get enough sleep :)

    • Oh it is certainly an interesting combo for sure – ha! But hey, WHY NOT, right??
      Ugh, school scatter brain – I HATED THAT… I have to say, I am BEYOND THRILLED I have NO MORE SCHOOL in my life! LOL!

  40. Oh, this looks delicious, GiGi! I’m doing cauliflower this week too but haven’t figured out how yet. Just know I’m going to roast it. So darn good!
    I do a strawberry banana coconut protein shake every morning that I totally love. Yup, I’m a morning person and Bobbi from Bam’s Kitchen is my bestie blogger!
    I’m going to make this recipe of yours – love the flavour combo!

    • Well sheeze!! I read your mind and knew you were doing cauliflower, thus I made this recipe – JUST FOR YOU!! 😉

      And I love Bobbi as well! 😀

  41. I am most definitely not a morning person anymore which makes me a hot mess in the morning. I do love eating oatmeal in the morning and cauliflower? Who would have dreamed of adding that to oatmeal haha but I can imagine that it would work really nicely. Now I’m curious and must give it a try!

    • isn’t it funny how we can easily transition from morning person into… OH HECK NO morning! LOL! I am starting that transition and it stinks! :(

      And DO give cauliflower a go in your oatmeal – I really want to hear your thoughts so report back!

  42. Yum!! I absolutely adore cinnamon in my oatmeal so I bet I would love this n’oatmeal! Cauliflower is one of my faves so I can’t wait to try it!

    • Yay! I am pumped for you to try it – I really need others opinions on whether or not it’s actually good! ha ha ha! I really enjoyed it – but I need another perspective!

  43. Thanks for sharing on The Healthy Living Link Party.

  44. Cauliflower Oatmeal!? What the what?! Is this a thing that I missed? I feel like I was down with all the cauliflower trends but this is a new one. And… I kinda love it. It’s exactly the kind of weird but awesome recipe I’ve come to expect from you!

    • Ah ha ha! I don’t know if it was a fad at one point, but I just figured Cauliflower does everything, so why not DO oatmeal too! 😉

      TRY IT NOW! Seriously – weird can be awesome! 😉

  45. I’m soooo NOT a morning person. It’s snooze button all the way and coffee on the go. That may have something to do with why I’m almost always one hot mess! I can’t believe you made oatmeal with cauliflower and butternut??!?!

  46. Awww, I want to hang out with you two ladies!!

    Little secret: Cauliflower is 1 of 2 veggies that I actually don’t like!

  47. Cauliflower replaces Oatmeal?? Now My mind is BLOWN! I love cinnamon too but usually I add it to oat bran – and almond milk which become my go too as soon as temps drop below 70’s!

    • I wish almond milk worked for me… But I broke out in HIVES when I accidentally ingested it… So yeahhhh! ha! But Flax and Coconut Milk are my go-tos! 😉

      Mix almond milk with mashed cauliflower and cinnamon, you’ll like it, I know it!

  48. This sounds so crazy, but I bet it’s crazy good! You’re a genius!

  49. I soooooo NEED that Unicorn Hoodie! BTW…have you seen the new YouTube Commercial for Squatty Potty with the Unicorn OMG I laughed my ass off! I think your ‘weird eats’ aren’t all that weird. Normally if it’s vegan I’d try it LOL

  50. Well actually I have steel cut oatmeal 4 breakies a week at work, so my staple. That is a weird recipe…but would be very willing to try it in lieu :-) Flax milk? Never even heard of it before lol.

    • I found Flax Milk one day when I was just scouring the aisles at the super market and I have to report, IT IS FRIGGIN’ GOOD!! And super low calorie (if you care about that)… And just yum! I totally recommend it :)

  51. Lol, The blog world is totally filled with fabulous people! I’m thankful for everyone I have “met”… and I’m thankful for you and your blog. You give me the case of the giggles all the time. This cauliflower oatmeal is pretty much a stroke of genius! I love cauliflower anything, but would have NEVER attempted to turn it into oatmeal! Loves it! Cheers, girl!

    • The Case of the Giggles 😉 I can settle for that! ha ha!
      I think it’s time you attempt to turn cauliflower into oatmeal now… And report back!

  52. I have found my salt shaker in my purse!! Spilling everywhere! Why??

  53. The weirdest place I found my salt shaker was in the cabinet above the washing machine in the laundry room. I have no idea how it walked in there. Nifty breakfast!

  54. Is there actually a hoodie that comes with that unicorn horn? Seriously? It’s just that I NEED THAT for a New Year Party I’m going to in the Highlands of Scotland where we’re all going to wear onesies and my tiger onesie is a bit outdated compared to the gear you’ve got here!

    Anyway, great recipe! As oatmeal / quinoa type porridges tend to be my “go-to” breakfast most mornings I would never have though about having cauliflower as part of my breakfast. Love that idea! 😀

    • Check out the web site – seriously, there are so many amazing options for HOODIES! You will definitely find what you’re looking for!

      ADD Cauliflower to your breakfast tomorrow and report back as to how you like it!

  55. A great way to start your day!

  56. I’m not a morning person and my go to breakfast is oatmeal. Fiber yo. This sounds interesting but I’m willing to try!
    Sooo want that hoodie 😉

  57. Ok – we now have a Halloween Linky I think you might enjoy :) Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

    • Oh yay! I am going to be creating a Halloween inspired recipe to be posted the last week of OCtober! I hope the LINKY is still open then! :) That being said, I am going to check it out now!

  58. You are so original, energetic and fun to watch Gigi. And this recipe is crazy… cauliflower replacing oatmeal? Pretty cool and I think it’s worth a try this weekend.
    I have been so blessed to find some amazing people out there too, and it all started from my food blog. Our community is so friendly and supportive. Have a great weekend!

    • I couldn’t agree more Kevin! I mean, if I didn’t have a food blog, I would have never stumbled upon you and I would have never received such nice words from you! 😉

  59. Hi GiGi,
    Love your faces! Love the Vanilla and Oatmeal recipes – makes a whole meal in one dish and sounds tasty, healthy, and hearty. Thanks for sharing on Real Food Fridays. Pinned & twitted.

  60. Ahh! You met Britt! I heart her so much! I can so see you guys being besties! :)

  61. Your videos are never dull Gigi! :) My salt shaker never ends up in weird places cause we never use it. I am however, a morning person! I like my coffee, and whole wheat bread some cheese and fruit for breakfast. Oatmeal is my go to raceday breakfast though. Not sure how that N’Oatmeal would be on my stomach before a race though! I have yet to make any blogging bestie, but I’ve made some good connections none-the-less!

  62. Wow, I never would have thought to turn cauliflower into oatmeal!!!??! It actually sounds fabulous!! I also love all the fun pictures of you and Britt. So fun!

    • Britt will be back on the 28th!!!! SO we will have TONS MORE photos and of course a VIDEO too! 😉
      And yes, cauliflower in oatmeal or instead of oatmeal… It’s the sheezeeeey! You need to try it!

  63. Where is the weirdest place you’ve found your salt shaker? My kitchen table. (Aren’t I interesting? 😉
    What’s your staple breakfast go-to? Whole grain toast with smashed avocado and boiled egg
    Are you a morning person? Oh yeah! I’d rather go to bed early and wake up early!
    When are you typically a hot mess? When am I not? 😉
    Do you tend to like recipes that others might not? Definitely. Like anything related to quinoa. I love it but the fam isn’t a fan.
    Who is/are your blogger bestie(s)?! Pretty much anyone who follows my blog or whose blog I follow :)

    And this dish! Leave it to you to make frozen cauliflower actually sweet and tasty! And, it’s certainly better in taste and health than the instant packets! 😀

  64. I’m not sure I’m cool enough for this recipe. Just a little afraid of cauliflower oatmeal. I will stay away from the banana nut flavored crap though, and stick with my plain old oats (with a little brown sugar, my weakness).

  65. N’Oatmeal? How cute is that? Love it! Cauliflower huh? Sounds like a great way to shake up breakfast. And it’s so quick to put together! I do enjoy oatmeal, usually once a week, but I make my own with actual oats haha ;p I’m intrigued by your version though. Love the video!
    I once found my salt shaker in my fridge (not too weird really). I am a morning person! I love mornings =) I am a hot mess after 9pm – early to rise and to bed ;p And my staple breakfast food is a smoothie or oatmeal.
    ps. I LOVE your unicorn hoodie!!!!

    • OH man, if you wanna see a hot mess, well, see me ALL THE TIME, but specifically between the hours of 5pm & dinner (cause I typically get HANGRY) then again anytime after 10pm and I am not in bed! HA HA AH! — So… Every night 😉

  66. My breakfast staple is a smoothie: yogurt, banana and silk milk. Yum!

  67. I never eat anything too weird as the fam is so darn picky! Cauliflower is pretty exotic around here. Breakfast these days has been avocado toast with a nice sprinkling of salt :)

    • Ah yes, I know how picky goes as I used to be HARD CORE PICKY about everything… But now, I have had to expand my horizons thanks to my digestive complications!

  68. It is low carb that is for sure. I am up with Liz my boys are picky about their veggies so I can’t go too crazy on them as after all it is already pretty crazy living in HK. LOL but this is a very unique recipe.

  69. Thank you for linking up to this week’s Tasty Tuesday linky party. I have pinned your recipe to the Creative K Tasty Tuesday Pinterest board. I hope you’ll join us again next Tuesday!

  70. pretty sure you need to sell that unicorn hoodie. We’d all buy it. that and your own personal cauliflower mix… really, wonder if you could?

  71. My breakfast is usually a green smoothie or something with avocado. My blogger besties are Mommyinsports and NeatLittleNest. My life is truly better with them in it! I totally get what you are saying about the true friendships from the blogging community.

  72. I am not a morning person whatsoever but I manage because I get of at 3 and that makes me very happy. :) I hardly eat in the morning – I try to grab a banana or something but it varies – I go weeks where I run to Whole Foods with coworkers and grab food but that adds up. I’m not prepared or diligent enough to make shit ahead of time here at home – which would be the best option but .. eh that takes planning and good habit formation which i lack. 😛 Have a great one GiGi! -Iva

    • I don’t eat breakfast either – I do so much better when I don’t eat until like noon or so… And I loveeeeeeee WHOLE FOODS LUNCH – I don’t care how much it adds up!

  73. My staple breakfast (I’m talking almost 2-3 years) used to be oatmeal + 1-2 tbsp of peanut butter. I shifted a couple of months ago after doing the Whole 30. I now eat eggs + bacon + kale/broccoli and half a sweet potato! High protein breakfasts make such difference in my satiety throughout the morning! Who’d thought?? 😉

    • Girl, that high protein/whole 30 breakfast sounds sooooo friggin AMAZING to me, it’s turning on my taste buds, HARD CORE! And I couldn’t agree more, high protein = FULL FOREVER!!

  74. Hi GiGi,
    Wow, what a fun post! Thanks for sharing your healthy and delectable Vanilla N’Oatmeal recipe with us on the Healthy Happy Green and Natural Party Blog Hop. I’m pinning and sharing.

  75. Hi GiGi, I love the inclusion of flax milk in this delectable Vanilla N’Oatmeal recipe. The cauliflower and butternut squash blend are a bit of a new experience for my tastebuds but you make it look so yummy, I’ll have to try it.
    Thanks for sharing this recipe at the Plant-based Potluck Party. I’m pinning and sharing.

    • Flax Milk is just a bit different – I want more people to get to know it, because I truly believe it’s going to be the next BIG THING soon!!! 😉

  76. Lisa @ Fun Money Mom says:

    In addition to having great recipes, your posts never fail to crack me up! Thanks so much for visiting Share The Wealth Sunday each week! I always look forward to reading what you’re going to share next!

    • Lisa, thank you so much for stopping by! Your words mean the world to me, and make me want to come back from vacation to create some new delicious content! 😉

  77. You’ve almost convinced me to try cauliflower for breakfast, but I’ll probably stick to my whole wheat toast smeared with avocado! BUT if the choice was cauliflower or oatmeal, you’d be my girl!

  78. I might actually try this recipe! It sounds very different but I’m intrigued. I’m a morning person most of the time and I’m a hot mess by about 8pm.

    I need that unicorn hoodie!

  79. Hi GiGi,
    Thank you so much for sharing your healthy and delicious cauliflower creation with us at the Healthy Happy Green and Natural Party Blog Hop. I am so delighted that you are partying with us! I’m pinning and sharing.

  80. GiGi… you are adorable and hilarious! I really enjoyed this post and your creative writing. I love all your recipes… my mouth won’t stop watering! I would be honored if you checked out our conference and affiliate program. We need talented bloggers like you! http://www.foodbloggingconference.com/become-an-affiliate/

    • Thank you so much Kami for stopping by and taking the time to shower me with compliments! Looks like I don’t need to shower for at least a week 😉
      Going to check out the food blogger conference link you shared with me, RIGHT NOW :)

  81. That onesie is PERFECT!! So happy I found your blog- it’s great :) :)

  82. This is too brilliant! Also that unicorn hoodie wins at life.

  83. This is probably the first time I don’t feel weird stating my [sadly just seasonal] breakfast: steamed [NOT roasted] kabocha with either peanut or white almond butter. Not embarrassing because we both appreciate strange food.
    Cauliflower for breakfast? Why not! I usually need my carbs at every meal but I can approve of your recipe as you added coconut oil and butternut squash.Are we blogger besties yet ;)?

    • Strange FOOD is the only way I know how to go! If I don’t get weird looks from people about what I am eating each and every day, I don’t feel like I have had a successful day, lol!

      Try out Cauliflower for breakfast… TOMORROW… Bestie 😉

  84. It looks very delicious :)

  85. I’m trying this. I eat oatmeal every day… whole oats out of a container, not the gross packets, but I still think this looks super cool!

    • I AM PROUD TO BE YOUR BLOGGING FRIEND – THANK YOU for not eating crap out of packets! I would even say just ADD riced cauliflower to your oatmeal, to bulk it up a bit 😉 You know, volume is KING!