Protein-Packed Crunchy Love Bites

You know that one day of the year (that happened to have just past) where everyone showers their loved ones with flowers, candies and chocolate hot sauce in bed other gifts (ahem, how many of you got engaged and/or married on this day?)?

Paula Deen Funny Celebrity Valentine's Day Card

Well I don’t get why showing your love for others is dedicated to only one single day of the year

Taylor Swift Valentine's Day

Shouldn’t you be experimenting in the bedroom on the daily?

Will Smith Fresh Price of Bel Air Valentine's Day Card

You see, my Valentine’s Day wasn’t all that different from any other day of the year… In that I spent most of the time experimenting… With my kitchen, my one true love who never ever lets me down!

He’s great at dealing with my munchy crunchies

Because of this, the Fit & Funny Foodies (Whitney and I) reunited with my lover… To bring you some protein-packed crunchy love-bite truffles (thank to Manitoba Harvest and the Fit Approach) that are guaranteed to show your affection for the ones who are special in your lives… ANY TIME OF YEAR!

If you’re too tired to show love in OTHER WAYS… I promise you these truffles are possibly the easiest treat to whip up, and are magical mouth-pleasers to boot. 

PS: While Whitney was adamant about finding me a date for Valentine’s Day… I have to admit that a certain someone pulled through… You know who you are, however, you may not even be reading this! 

Recipe courtesy of  

Protein-Packed Crunchy Love Bites


Healthy Chocolate Truffles with  Hemp Seeds, No Bake, Manitoba Harvest


1. Mix all the dry ingredients together in a bowl to create a uniform texture.

2. Fold in wet ingredients by hand.

3. Form into 1-inch balls and roll in Hemp Hearts.

4. AND EAT! Keep eating… And then make more and eat more! Hemp seeds are wildly healthy for you thanks to their perfect balance of omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acids and they’re a complete source of protein! 

So tell me…

  • How was your Valentine’s Day this year?
  • Most memorable Valentine’s Day – do share ALL the details?!
  • Favorite sex position… Okay, just kidding, you totally don’t have to answer that!
  • What is your favorite truffle recipe?
  • Do you like when the Fit & Funny Foodies do live cook-a-longs?! What should we cook up next?
  • Hemp seeds: yay or nay?

Manitoba Harvest Fit and Funny Foodies making Truffles


  1. Ohh this recipe sounds delicious! I can’t wait to try it!

    Valentines this year was totally uneventful. We spent the day working on our roof. I’m terrified of heights so I may or may not have cried. A lot.

    I don’t remember ever having a very special Valentine’s. Don’t tell my husband but I don’t really care about it. It’s also not a big deal here. I’m sure if I lived in the US with constant reminders of it everywhere, I’d feel very differently.

    • Yes, constant reminders… THAT IS FOR SURE! All the SINGLE LADIES in the states attempt to off themselves by shoveling copious amounts of Cookie Dough in their faces! 😉

  2. Dylan’s Candy Bar and my kitty were my Valentines this year. Seriously. I tweeted about DCB as being a great resource for Valentine’s stuff and they brought me 2 pairs of chocolate covered strawberries.
    And then I comforted myself with that and the cat while Alex was working nights. Such is my life.

  3. Oh that Paula Deen “Valentine” is awesome! I’m laughing out loud.

    These protein “love bites” sound amazing! AMAZING! I didn’t know that Manitoba Harvest made protein powder, but it looks so good. I need to find me some hemp seeds now too….

  4. My favorite position would be the one where Gigi is on top of me. Or under me. Basically with you. I hope that certain someone reads this and gets jealous now.

  5. Happy to hear your Valentine’s date pulled through – although I must admit, I would have been really curious to see who had the other half of your heart :) xoxo

  6. I had a friend that lost weight successfully, and he would talk about the importance of satisfying our need for crunch!

    lol @ Paula Deen!

    Never had hemp seeds. Hemp? Well I do live in Florida :-)

    You and Whitney are my favorite pas de deux on videos here!

  7. It was cold Valentine’s weekend so I stayed in with the cat. He seems to have decided that all that extra attention is now the norm and has taken up residents under the covers of my bed. That would be OK as I’m a big push over but he sucks! Noisy and shifting around and wanting attention then washing himself while sitting on you and finally chewing my hair! I keep asking tuna breath “What have you done for me lately” but he doesn’t care. Males!

    • Ugh! Your cat sounds like someone you don’t want to date, ever!!! LOL!!! Especially with that TUNA BREATH!!!!! Give your cat a huge kiss for me? LOL

  8. oh love the recipe and a secret lover?!?!?

    that Paula Deen– lol

  9. Delicious recipe!!! Love it!!!

    Valentines day, was valentines day recent? Lynne you forgot my flowers…..and card…..and chocs…..;-)

  10. I love all the different combinations that you can have with bites like this, so thanks for the recipe!

    My husband and I don’t really do Valentine’s Day, so my answer to your question is very boring.

    I have no problem with hemp seeds except that I am still on probation and paranoid that having them will make me come up positive for a random drug screen that may or may not even happen. Oh how I like to worry. I had some of the vanilla hemp protein mixed with almond milk at Expo East last year and it was divine!

    • You give your husband LOVE every Valentine’s Day – EXACTLY what you’re supposed to do!! 😀

      Oh and NO NO NO hemp seeds will NOT cause you to have a positive drug test at all! LOL!! Don’t worry about that, but I totally understand your concern! 😉 And I am right there with you, I am more of a vanilla girl!

  11. We don’t tend to do much on Valentine’s Day – I always tell Chris that every day is our valentines day:) I keep hearing all about hemp hearts but still haven’t tried them.

  12. Working,, I’ll be back 😉

  13. Big yay for hemp seeds! These sound delish and so healthy too. Valentine’s Day was just like any other day in my family. We love each other all year round don’t need a special day for that.. 😉

    • That’s so cute and I love that! :) As I said, Valentine’s Day really should just be EVERY DAY so I am glad you agree!

  14. My Valentine’s Day was boring because I had a shoot the next day. So I stayed in.
    HOWEVER! There was chocolate so it wasn’t all bad.
    I have only had hemp mixed up in a smoothie but it worked well there so I’m game to try it more. I’ve never tried the hemp hearts!

  15. You are so right Gigi, showing your love should not be dedicated for just one day out of a year. And I absolutely love these Crunchy love bites girl

  16. Gigi had a valentine??? I want details!! 😀

  17. Those Valentine’s cards are frickin’ hilarious! And those truffles look pretty damn tasty!

  18. This looks like a really easy, fun, and yummy snack to make!

  19. I love Hump, I mean, Hemp hearts! You two are awesome. Happy Belated Vday Ladies!

  20. To this day, I have yet to try hemp hearts…yes it is a tragedy. Although I have been following this Manitoba brand on instagram for a while now and I think I have seen enough signs (your blog post included) that i really should be getting the hemp heart game on. I am glad you still had a wonderful Valentine’s, Gigi!

    • THIS IS SHOCKING to me because you have so many delicious and unique recipes on your blog! Well, looks like you need to GET STARTED!!!! 😀 I am glad there have been “signs” – A bunch of bloggers are hosting give-aways in March too, so keep your eyes peeled!

  21. I love hemp seeds. All the live long day. These look so tasty, and I would gobble all of them at once. My Valentines day was spend slangin lattes, and ended with some steamy sex. But not for me, for people on the movie screen. The life of a single lass…HAHA.

    • LMFAO!!!!!!!!!! Mmmmmmm scrumptious! SteamySEXXXXX….

      And I thought of you the entire time I was making these with Whit because I know you and your Almond Butter FETISH…. IN THE BED ROOM!

  22. My favorite sex position is…yeah, just kidding. I love the Taylor valentine, and can’t wait to try these out! <3 They look delicious! :]

    Valentines Day featured a ginormous blizzard, but was also filled with cute rescue animals and fun times in the form of kitchen experiments with one of my closest friends (she's like my other mom <3 ), so I'll call it a total win in my book!

  23. This is really awesome, love the protein crunchy bites; they sounds and look amazing!

  24. Paula Deen – 😀

    I do like hemp hearts & anything named love bites – I am in PLUS EASY!!!!!!!!! I love it easy! 😉

    Sex position – any position in Hawaii & I am good! :)

  25. Way to disappoint me…I got excited that it was a new video i hadn’t seen!!!!

    Lucky I like you and don’t mind repeats 😉 Also, you knew I was going to pull through on V day 😉

    • I KNOW! I am beyond thrilled you pulled through this Valentine’s Day…. I was definitely getting a little PISSED by EOD! LMFAO!!!!

      You know what would make my BIRTHDAY?? If you moved to the states – PERMANENTLY!

  26. I adore hemp seeds and snack balls so obvs I’d love these!

  27. It’s so funny that last night my hubs came home and said we need to get hemp seeds because they are a nutritious powerhouse. I promptly walked to the pantry and pulled out 2 bags that I eat from every single day. Obviously, he’s very observant!

    • LMFAO!!!!!!!!! AH HA HA! You’re lucky your husband is on the healthy eating bandwagon though, that’s amazing – but now you have to stock up even more because he’s going to be digging into your stash!

  28. Those crunchy munchies sound good to me. Food is always there to make me smile when I am feeling down…..that sounds bad, but something sweet does genuinely make me happy! And that picture of Paula..hahaha amazing!

  29. Love these little bites! They look like such a fun, easy and yummy snack to make!

  30. mmmm hemp seeds are awesome! Any kind of chocolate truffle I love . . . as far as real truffles, I like to use truffle salt on popcorn . . . . but right now I am still scared by the Drake -Nicki M truffle butter song I many not be eating anything that references truffle again

    • LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHH HA HA HA AH AH AHA HA HA AH AH AH AH AH AH! Oh man, way to make me look at Truffles in a whole new light as well! 😉

  31. I am loving hemp hearts sprinkled on toast, because that’s about as much fun as I get in the kitchen. 😉

    • That’s pretty FUN if you ask me! Crunchy bread :) You could totally crust bread with it… Dip a slice in some egg and then dredge it in hemp seeds and pan fry in coconut oil on the stove?!?!?!?! Did I just come up with something magical? LOL!! I hope you eat eggs – lol!

  32. This is just the kind of truffle I need… one that I can eat for breakfast!

  33. These look so tasty GiGi! I love hemp seeds. I do not love Valentine’s Day though – it’s so commercialized – and like you said, love shouldn’t be dedicated to just one day of the year! Love should be all-year round :)

  34. My Valentine’s Day involved waffles and lots of them!

  35. Hahaha i love those valentines – especially the Taylor Swift one. I need to remember that for next year :) These balls look delicious and yes I mean every double entendre possible by that statement because I know that sort of thing is rightly appreciated here. My kind of blog :)

  36. MAKE ME SOME. Oh and come to Florida to say hi while you’re at it :)

  37. Those chocolate bites… yum! I LOVE hemp hearts and if I had a plate of these, I would probably devour all of them. Yum!

    • Oh yes, they’re addicting – good thing they’re pretty healthy, however if you count calories, they might not be your best friends! LOL!

  38. Thanks for the recipe! I can’t wait to try this yumminess.

  39. Dear Gigi, I love the Paula Dean card! What a cute introduction to these bites. They sounds so good. My one true love is my kitchen too. xo, Catherine

  40. I love hemp (and Valentines Day- great excuse for good food)! These sounds delish and I have all the ingredients- winning!

  41. Magical mouth-pleasers? Sound like magnificent munchies. 😉 Good recipe, fun video — thanks.

  42. My VDay celebration will take place this weekend actually – in San Fran, and I can’t wait! And food is always a acceptable replacement for some lovin. As is wine. Hope you had plenty of both! 😉

    Cute video, as always!

    • Hmmmmmm Perhaps I should fly up to San Fran this weekend and… CRASH you’re Valentine’s Day?! LMFAO!! But I will bring these bites 😉

  43. Hemp seeds are delish! My valentine’s day was the opposite of romantic, but it doesn’t even matter because it’s Hallmark holiday! We went to a…pork BBQ festival…lol?

  44. This recipe would be awesome with our raw cacao powder! We love to partner with
    Manitoba Harvest:

  45. Oh Valentines Day. I think I’m going to start a petition to permanently remove that day from the US calendar. You cool with that?!?! Glad you had a secret lover though. Send one over to the East Coast for me PLEASE!!

    • I AM SOOOOO cool with that!!!!!!! Even if I had a “secret” Valentine, he can shower me with “love” (or whatever it is he “showers” me with) every day of the year? LOL!

      As for sending you one, um, well, they require you have a heated blanket for them to snuggle with you in! ha ha!

  46. Now I want to hear about the person who came through for you on Valentine’s Day! Was it me? You can admit it.
    It wasn’t that fun here. Bad weather and canceled plans. So the next night I came home with treats and dinner for the whole family. I think they liked it.
    I love hemp hearts just as is, so I can imagine that jazzing them into truffles would be divine.

    • Ah ha ha ha! YES IT WAS YOU! :) You were just YOU on Valentine’s Day and that’s good enough for me! ha ha ha!

      Personally I kind of like your Valentine’s Day though… Snuggly night with the whole family!

      As for who this “person” was…. He may be in one of my upcoming videos 😉

  47. For some darn reason, I can’t seem to watch your video on your site so I’ll go over to youtube to check it out. Love this recipe, though, and LOVE that you are featuring a Canadian company! Do you think most people know that Manitoba is the name of a province in Canada or do they think it’s just a cool name made up by the company? ha!

    • Aw bummer – I am sorry about the video, hopefully you were able to watch it at least on YouTube!

      And I had NO IDEA Manitoba Harvest was Canadian! 😀 And I had NO IDEA Manitoba is the name of a province in Canada! Well there you go – I learned something new today, all because of you Robyn!!

  48. I have yet to try hemp! Why does it sound gross to me? But then I just discovered an addiction to overpriced chocolate kale crunchy things, so if that doesn’t make me barfy then I suspect i could do hemp happily too.

    And my favorite sex position: I’m for it!

    • Ah ha ha! You’re expanding your palette! Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it 😉

      And “I’m for it”…. I have not heard of this sex position before! LOL!

  49. Look at these delicious yummy bites! These look excellent for quick mid-morning snacks while sitting on conference calls. lol

  50. Valentine’s Day? More like Happy Single Awareness and Eat-All-The-Chocolate-You-Want Day!

  51. This recipe sounds delicious and these would be perfect to keep at work for snack. I’m guessing I should store them in the fridge right?

  52. I just need to tell you how disappointed in you I am. WHY would you call these bites and not BALLS?!

    • I HAD TO GIVE THE BALLS A BREAK! I was ball busting a bit too much, lol! Don’t be disappointed – BALLS will be back SOON ENOUGH!

  53. Since I’m on this Paleo diet, I have to try out some of your recipes that I found strange before LOL I will pin this one to try it next week-end. #wowlinkup

  54. Yup, I dig hemp seeds! I love how you called these love bites… they look great!

  55. Interestingly my way to get away from chocolate bars has been to grab some almond butter about 1tbsp, unsweetened flake coconut, dark chocolate chips, and sometimes hemp hearts, Toss them all in a bowl and mix with a spoon. The key is to have enough of the other ingredients so the nut butter is more of a glue. It’s healthier and takes care of the craving with some good protein (and chocolate of course, my true love). :)

  56. I feel bad that I had to work when this aired but enjoyed it just the same. Wow had a threesome for V day, me myself and I,,, it was wild like 50 shades of gray :) really but could have used a little help. Big question I follow Manitoba harvest and want to know if a false positive is possible on a medical screening. These treat’s look really good and I actually have a old book from 1800’s called The Hemp Wars mostly about the textile industry. Definitely do more again I see so many recipes on Twitter using Manitoba Harvest products seems to be very popular.

    • Nope! False Positives will NOT occur from you eating hemp seeds! So you can include them in your life, to have a 4-some! 😉

  57. Valentines Day has never meant a thing in our house. And now I think it never will. No roses, not even a chocolate box, lol! But I don’t mind. However, I do love the love filled air, who doesn’t. Just like I love these munchies.

  58. Hi GiGi! I had a great Valentine’s Day, although, it was not a typical one. I went on a Valentine’s picnic with my parents to a beautiful orchid park. It was a picturesque sunny south Florida day. We had a wonderful time.
    I’ve never had hemp seeds before. I’m going to try this recipe. Those balls look scrumptious! 😉

  59. I love this recipe sounds yummy!! For my Valentine’s Day this year my hubby and I babysat for our granddaughter. We had a great time with her.

  60. Mmm. Lot’s of crunchy healthiness all rolled up together. And no cooking! Thanks!

  61. Now THIS is the way I like to get more protein into my diet! Yum, yum, yum!

  62. OoO someone had a d a t e !??! Where’d you go how was it what’d you wear?? So what else can you do with hemp hearts young lady? Roll them joints in granola nom nom nom Ha haha those cards up top were funny, Taylor Swift needs to chill. Valentine’s Day was awesome got a DSLR for my bday (delayed gift) and went to dinner at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse and it was DELISH! Have a great weekend GiGi and stay out of trouble! -Iva

    • DUDE I have always wanted to go to Ruth Chris Steakhouseeeeeee!! ENVIOUS Yo!

      And you can roll chicken and fish in hemp hearts and “fry em”… I shall make more videos and emphasize them! 😉

  63. Mum said I need more protein. So I ate crunchy balls all day everyday.
    My future looks bright thanks to you 😀

    Choc Chip Uru

  64. Since you asked my favorite sex position is….just kidding. Valentine’s Day was good. Me and my sweetheart spent it together and I couldn’t be happier. I look forward to making your bites.

    • Aw! I love that you “couldn’t be happier” – that is absolute MUSIC to my ears! I wonder what you will feel when you eat these bites, ha ah! 😉

  65. Hi GiGi,
    This post was so delightful! I can’t wait to try this recipe.Thank you for sharing this healthy and delicious Protein-Packed Crunchy Love Bites recipe with us at the Healthy, Happy, Green and Natural Party Blog Hop! I sincerely appreciate it. I’m pinning and sharing!

  66. These look delicious, Thanks for sharing at Pin-Worthy Wednesday!

  67. Great recipe. I have been wanting to order hemp hearts but didn’t know what brand. Thanks.

  68. These look delicious!! I love hemp hearts. I usually sprinkle them on salads or on top of my morning smoothie!! <3

  69. Thanks for sharing! Can’t wait to try it!

  70. Those crunchy love bites sound delicious!!

  71. Love the funny valentine cards, it’s a great spin! The chocolate bites look very devouring!!

  72. Oh these look so good, and I’m always looking for snacks that contain more protein. I have to try these!

    • You must! This is the PERFECT way to get in a little extra protein…. deliciously too I might add 😉

  73. Best advice I have gotten so far today is #4 “AND EAT! Keep eating… And then make more and eat more!” YAAASSSS!!!!

  74. Yum!! These look amazing. Even better than Valentine’s Day ‘stuff’ 😉

  75. Yummmers! I’ve actually never tried hemp seeds but clearly I need to rectify the situation!

  76. These look awesome and I actually have most of the ingredients on hand! Will definitely try these out!

  77. vegetarianmamma (Cindy) says:

    Thanks for linking up at our Gluten Free Fridays Party! I have tweeted and pinned your entry to our Gluten Free Fridays board on Pinterest! :) I can’t wait to see what you share next time!

  78. This sounds like the PERFECT car snack. Portable, delicious, and full of protein. Cannot wait to try them :)

  79. I agree, we should celebrate every day. Since life is short we should eat Protein-Packed Crunchy Love Bites daily!!!

  80. Oh these sound so delicious and I want to make a batch asap!!

  81. I’ve been trying to up my protein lately so I think that is a good excuse to stuff my face with these balls, right??

  82. Ohh this recipe sounds delicious! I can’t wait to try it!

    Valentines this year was totally uneventful. We spent the day working on our roof. I’m terrified of heights so I may or may not have cried. A lot.

  83. its a very good recipe i always try to this