The Fit and Funny Foodies Battle It Out Blender Style

OKAY: Be completely honest with me… Who here has binge-watched on The Food Network channel?

The Food Network logo

Hopefully you didn’t also binge on Guy Fieri’s “Cin-ful Peach Cobbler” while parked on your couch… 


UnwrappedThe Next Food Network Star… I could ditch Ryan Gosling for these shows…………….?

There is one show in particular that I have always been quite fond of… Mostly because of the hysterical and intense facial expressions within the first five minutes.

Iron Chef American logo

Common, you have to admit the CHAIRMAN is RIDICULOUS. He’s like a cartoon character from Aladdin!

Mark Dacascos

Well, Whitney and I took a page from this show’s format and decide to have a battle of our own, for our latest Fit & Funny Foodies live cook-a-long

GiGi Dubois and Whitney English make smoothies with Manitoba Harvest Hemp Protein

I specifically took a page from the chairman’s “book” and made some rather peculiar facial expressions myself… 

Weird Face GiGi Dubois

The THEME for our Fit & Funny Foodies battle: Smoothies…

And the secret ingredient… 

Manitoba Hemp Pro 70 in Chocolate and Vanilla flavors!  



Or as the chairman would say: ALLEZ CUISINE!



Pumped Up Pumpkin Spice Smoothie

Pumped Up Pumpkin Spice Smoothie 

1 Cup Pureed Pumpkin
3/4 Cup Unsweetened Hemp Milk
2 Tbs. Manitoba Harvest Hemp Pro 70 Vanilla Protein Powder
2 Tbs. Baking Stevia
1 Tsp. Vanilla Extra
1 Tsp. Pumpkin Pie Spice



Decadent Cocoa Smoothie Chocolate Cherry Smoothie

1 Cup Frozen Cherries
1 Cup Unsweetened Vanilla Almond or Coconut Milk
2 Tbs. Manitoba Harvest Hemp Pro 70 Chocolate Protein Powder
1 Tsp. Unsweetened Cocoa Powder (optional)
Cocoa Nibs (optional)



On Iron Chef America there are judges that make the final decision as to WHO WINS the challenge… 

TODAY: YOU ARE THE JUDGE! So please, make these as soon as possible and let us know… Are you Team PUMPED UP PUMPKIN or Team DECADENCE?

GiGi and Whitney Cheers with Manitoba Harvest SmoothiesFacts about Manitoba Harvest Hemp Pro 70:

  • HempPro 70 is an easy digestible, plant based protein
  • HempPro 70 is water soluble (the only water soluble hemp protein on the market) – its a smooth, creamy texture and easy to mix into your favorite beverage for nutrition on the go (of course we love it in a fruit smoothie too)
  • HempPro 70 is now available in Vanilla and Chocolate (as well as the original flavor)
  • The vanilla and chocolate flavor are sweetened with organic coconut sugar (low on the glycemic index) and the vanilla has 15 grams of protein per 30 gram serving and the chocolate has 14 grams per 30 gram serving.


  • Do you crave pumpkin pie year round?
  • Have you ever used hemp protein before?
  • Would you give up a date with Ryan Gosling (or the female equivalent) to binge-watch The Food Network Channel?
  • What’s your favorite Food Network show?
  • Do you think The Chairman on Iron Chef America should let me fill in one day since my facial expressions are pretty on point? 

GiGi Dubois is craved by her pumped up pumpkin spice smoothie


  1. LOVE the next foodnetwork star. we gave up cable so i can’t watch at quite the level i used to but with hulu plus i can still catch a lot of the shows. thank goodness! i’m torn between the smoothies! i’d like a taste of both, i think :)

    • I think they also have all the episodes on!!! :) Binge watch time – LOL!!!

      (And don’t lie – you want the Pumpkin Smoothie, lol)

  2. War decadence!!

    Not that pumpkins are not fun, especially for carving with occasional eating!

    Iron Chef would be crazy not to have you are their show!

    • OMG it would be HYSTERICAL if I were on Iron Chef. There should be an IRON CHEF for HORRIBLE “chefs”! LOL! I know I would cut of a limb!

  3. Please lie and tell me I didn’t actually miss out on much never having watched Food Network. Just add it to the list of everything we don’t have over here – along with pumpkin pie, by the way. In fact, cooking shows in general didn’t become popular until sometime around maybe eight years ago?
    So lacking all of those experiences heck no would I give up a date with Ryan – sharing a chocolate decadence smoothie 😉 . But I’m glad for all of you others who would because I’m not up for any cat fights.

  4. TEAM PUMPKIN FOR THE WIN! Seriously, I eat it year round, always have some in my fridge in a can, that I eat, just as you do tomato paste, with a spoon! NOW, I am curious about the GF status of this protein, since they don’t claim it as GF, so i didnt review it!

    • WOO WOO!!! I nominate you as my fellow team captain! LOL!!!!! And I too always have some pumpkin in the fridge TOO!!!!! 😉 I eat it like I eat tomato paste too – I LOVE that you remember that! 😉

  5. Team Pumpkin for sure. Although, I don’t crave it but it if it was in front of me….. oh yeah. All day. Love the pics of the Peach Cobbler. Yummi!

  6. I’m definitely a decadent chocolate smoothie fan! Entertaining video! I love the Food channel. The still you captured of Chairman from Iron Chef America looked hilarious. =) IHe should definitely consider you guesting on the show! I’ve always loved foodie shows and used to watch them in Japanese when I lived in Japan. Always interesting! Have a great day!

  7. Definitely a pumped up pumpkin! I’m excited for fall!

  8. Binge watching food network is just about my favorite activity!! the chairman is amazing and brilliant and they could give him 3 more shows where he just sits there making faces and i’d watch :) These smoothies sound yummy!! im leaning toward team pumpkin here- i LOVE chocolate but i feel like since we’re so close to fall i’d be betraying the blogdom to vote against pumpkin 😀

    • Do you watch Dancing With The Stars? The Chairman was actually on it for a season and he was the SOLE REASON why I watched! LOL!! Okay, wait, no, I watched for Derek Hough too! LOL!!!

  9. I’m definitely a pumpkin year round kind of gal. Who says there has to be a season for it?!

    • RIGHT?!?!?!?!? I couldn’t agree more – that’s why I hate when grocery stores say: “oh I am sorry, we don’t have it in stock, it’s a seasonal item” – UHHH what?!?!?!

  10. Pumpkin. HANDS DOWN. Honestly I hadn’t even considered putting pumpkin in a smoothie before this. Totally heading to the store to get the ingredients today.

    • WOO WOO!!! HANDS DOWN AND STAND UPPPP!!! You and I would get along… VERY WELL 😉 I cannot wait to hear how you like it!

  11. I am definitely team CHOCOLATE DECADENCE – I mean…chocolate…I cannot pick any other … :)
    I have been eating pumpkin year round – I guess that keeps my cravings at bay and why yup, I have used hemp protein before – but not Manitoba.
    And heck yes, I would give up a date with Ryan Gosling to binge-watch The Food Network Channel – I haven’t caught this chef on FN recently – but I used to love Jamie Oliver’s show when he was on the Food Network!
    And why are you hating on the one and only “Chairman”?

    • Jamie Oliver!!! What on earth happened to him! He had some show called FOOD REVOLUTION at some point, but… Not sure where that went either!

      And I am not hating on the Chairman, just laughing with him 😉

  12. I watch Iron Chef only for Alton Brown and Bobby Llay, lol!! Awesome smoothies!

    • I actually used to HATE Alton Brown – back in his GOOD EATS days, but now, I have taken a liking in him! Do you watch THE NEXT FOOD NETWORK STAR?

  13. I am team pumpkin all the way. Fall is my favorite time of year simply because I can eat pumpkin everything!

    • Dude, we are going to have the best pumpkin team EVER —- So many people want on! I think we might have to create a waiting list! LOL!

      And I am SOOOO pumped for fall too, it’s my favorite as well!

  14. They’re both just so wonderful we may have to call it a tie :)

    • WE MAY have to! 😉 :) I wonder what they would taste like if we mixed them… Together – AHH HA HA! Uhhh gross!

  15. Chocolate! Always chocolate over pumpkin for this girl!!! And, you ARE my IronChef since I don’t even know what channels any of those shows are on!? #loser

    • NOOOOO I am losing you for Team Decadence!!!! DAMN! You would have been perfect on the Pumpkin Team! LOL!

      However, you telling me that I am your IRON CHEF just changed everything! 😉

  16. Alright let’s see…
    Are you team PUMPED UP PUMPKIN or CHOCOLATE DECADENCE? – How about I go withhhhh BOTH! Bwhahaha. Pumpkin for breakfast, chocolate for lunch, both for dinner!
    Do you crave pumpkin pie year round? – yes! but I try to force myself to only have it in the fall and winter so that it seems special – absence makes the heart grow fonder, so they say
    Have you ever used hemp protein before? – I haven’t, but I’m waiting for my Hemp Pro to arrive!
    Would you give up a date with Ryan Gosling (or the female equivalent) to binge-watch The Food Network Channel? – …. girl, please.
    What’s your favorite Food Network show? – watch all the shows! eat all the food!
    Do you think The Chairman on Iron Chef America should let me fill in one day since my facial expressions are pretty on point? – absolutely!

    • Girl !! CHOOSING BOTH = CHEATING! lol!!!!!

      I like the way you think when it comes to pumpkin, I do the same thing with Chestnuts and Turkey! LOL!

      Let me know how your HEMP PRO tastes! I want to try it too but I need to hear/read your review before!

  17. I did like all of your expressions.
    I think if you get to fill in for the Chairman on Iron Chef you should ninja kick something!!!
    I love lots of shows on Food Network – the competition ones are my favorite!!!

  18. Oh, this is a toughy! I love both pumpkin and chocolate. this is my worst nightmare here… making a choice!

  19. Dannii @ Hungry Healthy Happy says:

    I am obsessed with watching the Food Network. I could watch it all day and not get bored.

  20. Both look delicious! I love both, why can’t we have a decadent pumpkin?? chocolate is like black clothes… goes with everything!

    • LOL!!! Decadent pumpkin huh??! Would pumpkin and cherries taste good? Hmmm interesting thoughts are circulating my mind right now!

  21. I couldn’t resist commenting. Perfectly written!

  22. I did binge watch The Food Network for a while when it first came out but now I’m over it. I would be team Decadence but I’m not supposed to eat chocolate. Not a fan of pumpkin. Maybe if I substituted apple for pumpkin and added some spices.
    Ryan Seacrest? No too Ken doll for my taste!

    • Why can you not eat chocolate? Food allergy?

      Ryan Seacrest… He’s pretty decent 😉 Have you seen him when he was younger. Too funny! His transformation did him GOOD!

  23. I like both of these flavors, and I would never give-up a date with ahhhh hmmmmmm let me seeeee
    GIGI :) over the food channel. !!! I have never used hemp products but like always I’m open to new stuff.
    Seriously why the three of you haven’t started a show of your own is beyond me. You keep working hard on your project, I’m working on mine to with some success. On the next Iron Chef ” GiGi Dubois ” uses her facial Kung Fu to eliminate the weak :)

    • Ah ha ha! I love you, seriously! You always put a smile on my face!!!!! MAYBE just MAYBE The Food Network will see your comment and AGREE that I need a show 😉

      And I promise you when I am done with school (Sunday) I will get back to your emails!!!

  24. Can I be team both?? I’ll make your pumpkin smoothie, and top it with chocolate. I would ditch Ryan in a heartbeat, specifically because dating anyone scares the shit out of me. With that said I could watch Unwrapped for hours. That show is my jam. PUMPKIN EVERYTHING I CANNOT WAIT!


      Dating is scary as shit, I blame myself for turning you off COMPLETELY…. (all my stories), LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      AND UHHHHHHHHHHH When you come, I would love to turn UNWRAPPED ON, buttttttt then we might not leave my apartment!

  25. I need to try these! I think I’ll end up being Team Pumpkin but it’s just because I’m obsessed with all things pumpkin – I’m talking even pulled pumpkin chicken sandwiches. I go there. Really.

    Hopefully I can try these soon :)

    • OMG WHAT?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!??! WHERE IS THIS RECIPE – I NEED IT! I NEED IT! I see my new addiction! CHICKEN, PUMPKIN… PULLED CHICKEN! OMG STOP!! Where, where!!!

  26. I have to say that I’m Team Decadence. I’m not a huge pumpkin fan. I know – blasphemy in the healthy living blogging world. haha.

    • WHAAAAAAA!!! You should be shunned… LOL jk jk! I still love you, because Team Decadence is actually pretty tasty 😉

  27. Omg I love iron chef amaerica! And chopped and pretty much everything else on the food channel especially cut throat kitchen!

  28. Oooo, that hemp protein looks fabulous! I love both of those smoothie recipes, but I’m always a sucker for chocolate….I’d have to go with the decadence. Yum!

  29. I think I love hemp protein more than whey protein… it keeps me fuller longer. I’m going to assume it’s the fat? Is there fat in hemp protein??? I don’t crave pumpkin year round… basically just September-April haha.

    • Screw WHEY PROTEIN!!! I think it keeps you fuller because of both the fat and the fiber!! :) And yes, hemp is full of healthy fat as mentioned in the video! 😉

  30. Pumpkin and chocolate maybe together?!

  31. Hemp lover right here!! And pumpkin. I’ll Hemp out with you anyday!

  32. Love you girls. Um, normally I’d be team chocolate but will fall approaching pumpkin is sounding quite tasty. I usually add Manitoba hemp seeds right into my smoothies or oatmeal, etc. Haven’t see the protein powder so I will have to look for it!

  33. Oh my goodness girl! I am so excited to try the pumpkin smoothie! I am so, so, so adding this to my meal plan {with permission of course}! As long as I can get my hands on some pumpkin this weekend, I can make some fresh pumpkin pure! Yummmmmmmmm! I do crave pumpkin pie all. the. time. Or sweet potato pie. I got it perfect last year, but then didn’t write down the recipe. I’m still upset with myself about that one.

    Your facial expressions are pretty awesome! And no, I don’t watch “the” food network channel because I don’t have it… another disadvantage to living in the Netherlands. We do however have Australian Masterchef (and Dutch and US and UK) that they show on some of the other channels. The Australian is my favourite. We actually have a Food Network-ish channel, but aside from the awesome reruns of Jamie Oliver shows, there isn’t much really good stuff.

    • Sweet Potato pie huh? Is that pretty much the same as pumpkin but just with the taters?!

      THAT IS THE WORST when you create such magic only to never be able to make it again! :( MAYBE just MAYBE you will luck out this year 😉

  34. OMG you have started with the pumpkin already . . . it’s not even September. But that smoothie looks awesome and I won’t lie, I made my kids pumpkin muffins last week

    • Pumpkin YEAR ROUND for this girl 😉

      And you have started with the pumpkin too, ha ha! You cannot give me any flack for it! LOL

  35. CHOCOLATE!!!!!

  36. These look delish – I’m waiting for SEPTEMBER to let ALL of the pumpkin out!

  37. I can’t believe I would vote against chocolate, but Pumpkin FTW!

  38. So fun! I love these flavors!! I have to say… I’m chocolate decadence… but come full, I’m pumped up pumpkin! …can I be both???! My sister in law and I are planning on making chocolate chip pumpkin cookies soon!! YUM!!!

  39. I gotta go with the Chocolate Decadence. Weird thing is as a kid growing up, I didn’t care much for chocolate but now I love it. Thank goodness, dark chocolate is good for you, lol. I have used hemp seeds and hemp oil in my smoothies but not hemp protein. I think it has great benefits. Fun video, girls!

    • I actually really dislike chocolate so I understand. And honestly, when I was younger I HATED every food I adore now! I mean, if you recall, I ran away from home because my mom tried to feed me salmon for dinner and now… I cannot go a day without it!

      I need to try hemp seeds! I love a little crunch 😉

  40. I so love both pumpkin and chocolate! They both look and sound delish!

  41. I haven’t had cable for ages, but we just got it again at our new house, and OMG the cooking competition shows are ridiculous and addictive now! Have you seen Cutthrough Chef or whatever it’s called that Alton Brown hosts? Gotta love a cooking show where chefs get to sabotage each other with crazy things like having to cook everything in a hard-boiled-egg maker.

    • I NEED TO WATCH Cutthroat Kitchen! I tried once but I didn’t pay attention, but clearly, if you’re hooked, I NEED TO WATCH… Or not, I need to not be hooked on another show – lol!!

  42. That pumped up pumpkin has my name ALL over it!

  43. One day I will be cool enough to be in a video with you. One day…If I tell you pumpkin spice wins does this up my chance?!


      PS: I am actually serious. We should chat about a collaboration of some sort!

  44. Team pumpkin because we’re heading into fall and pumpkin everything makes that kinda ok! The rest of the time I’m on team chocolate for sure!
    What’s the deal with hemp protein? I used hemp seeds from the bulk bin….same thing??

  45. That decadent choc smoothie looks awesome GiGi, I need one PRONTO!

  46. Great smooth-off! And you should definitely fill in for the chairman someday — you rock! Fun stuff — thanks.

  47. Oh.. sheesh. Can’t I just mix them up and be on Team Chocolate Pumpkin! Yes.
    I totally binge watch Food Network. I like The Great Food Truck Race, The Next Food Network Star, The Next Iron Chef… and Chopped too!

    • NO YOU CANNOT. That is not how this challenge WORKS – you must CHOOSE. LOL!!!

      The Next Food NETWORK STAR! :) We have had this chat I believe 😉 However, I have all these Food Network Star episodes on my DVR… And I haven’t watched yet!

  48. I’m a whore and I pick both.

    PS. I need to group fb convo you jordan and whit.

  49. now I am wondering what it says about me that IVE NEVER WATCHED THE FOOOOOD NETWORK!

    • WHAT ON EARTH!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Are you living in a bomb shelter that has no TV? LOL! JK! It says that you like to GO OUTSIDE AND BE ACTIVE!!!

  50. You girl are super cute! These smoothies look delish! I made a similar smoothie with the pumpkin a couple weeks ago but I added unsweeted sunflower butter, grassfed gelatin and coconut milk. So delish!!

  51. Hello pretty LA girl Gigi! OMG thanks thanks thanks for leading me to your blog via your sweet comment in mine! I’m a total foodie who doesn’t know how to cook hahaha… count me in as a new fan of you & your blog! Well I’m definitely Team Decadence….it so yummy! BTW….what say you we follow each other at Twitter? :-)


    • AH! Rebecca, you just MADE MY DAY! Seriously made my day! :) Come on over and HANG OUT – better YET… LETS HANG OUT in real life in LA – uh, DUH! 😉
      (Following you on Twitter, NOW!)

  52. That cocoa smoothie looks so good! I have to be honest, I never watch any kind of cooking shows as they make me too hungry!!

    • So many of my friends say the same thing!! I am thrilled that I am not tempted by the foods I see being thrown around on camera, ha!

  53. I definitely binge watch the Food Network, who doesnt?! I disagree with pumpkin year round… it loses its specialness if you eat it all the time, usually I refuse to eat pumpkin until September, then its okay…

    • I understand where you’re coming from, this is what I do with chestnuts – I only eat them at Thanksgiving and Christmas!

  54. Yummmmm, the decadent cocao smoothie looks AMAZING! Thanks so much for linking up at Motivational Monday, have a great weekend! :)

  55. Love that hemp protein!! We use it all the time.
    We love both pumpkin and chocolate, especially together!

  56. You should be the Next Foodnetwork Star!!!!! :) All sounds delish – I make peace, not war! 😉

  57. Ok for me it would be a main course consisting of the pumpkin smoothie, followed by a desert of cocoa smoothie goodness. I like deserts, a lot so that is the only reason the cocoa wins in my books!
    As for relieving the Chairman from IronChef, I think he OWES you that considering your dedication to his Aladdin movie-like form.

    Regards, me.

  58. I was looking for hemp milk the other day for a recipe and couldn’t find it! And what are the odds…there was a person standing near me looking for it too! Both of those smoothies look amazing!

    • Hemp milk is a little hard to find, I found it at Whole Foods after searching high and low in Trader Joe’s and Kroger. Of course WF would have it! ha! I actually wanted to use Flax Milk, but that’s even harder to find. Maybe I should just… MAKE IT? 😉 That would be quite the video in itself! OOOOO genius!

  59. Thanks for coming and linking up at #The Weekend Social. Please be sure to come back next week starting Thursdays at 9PM EST The Midnight Baker ! I hope to see you there!

  60. If you were on the TV, with recipes as stylish as this smoothie, I definitely would be binge-watching 😛
    Your posts always rock!

    Choc Chip Uru

    • AH! You would binge – watch my show?! Alright, I am quoting you on this so my “get GiGi on TV” petition looks LEGIT! lol! xo!

  61. The smoothies look lovely girl!! chococolate and cherry smoothie.. delicious!! :)

  62. Pumpkin smoothie… I’m a fan! Never tried manitoba hemp, sounds like a great product, a must-try.

  63. Yum, I just recently tried Manitoba Harvest chocolate protein & love it! Seriously the best vegan protein powder I’ve tried thus far. I’m all about chocolate smoothies, so I’d have to go with the decadent one as the winner!

    • Girl, in 2 weeks or so, I am introducing a whole new vegan protein powder and it may be BETTER than Manitoba, Shhhhhh!!! Don’t tell them I said that LOL! 😉

  64. Whoa those look great! I have a feeling I’d like the pumpkin one best, because I really do love anything pumpkin, unlesssss the chocolate tastes like a milkshake. I’ve also never tried hemp protein OR hemp milk but it sounds cool!

    • The Pumpkin one is SO FLIPPING AMAZING! The chocolate one is good too because it’s not quite milk shake like. I may be bias considering I made the Pumpkin one, but SERIOUSLY! :)


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