Maple Cheese Dill Ketchup Popcorn Pudding

I am on the hunt for some maple cheese dill ketchup popcorn pudding, who’s with me?

I know Selena Gomez is on board and I am pretty sure I can coax Rihanna into grabbing a spoon.

Oh and since Kelly Osbourne has no idea what carbohydrate, protein or fat filled foods are I am sure she would think this snack is acceptable to keep her trim.

Snack time is the part of the day everyone looks forward to, don’t kid yourself, you love food and when your stomach starts growling you turn into a hyena on the prowl or a woman in her eighth month of pregnancy (or Jessica Simpson?).

Check out what a few celebs nosh on when that urge to stuff their faces hits…

♦♦Warning: not all their snacks choices are HEALTHY so don’t even think about following Oprah or Julie Benz to the pantry!

Selena Gomez: Maple Dogs (a corn dog dipped in maple syrup: picture a dog trying to get out of a vat of maple syrup)

Not a good snack idea.

Mike Tyson: Pinkberry Ice Cream (seems like a bit of a girly treat for such a manly man, no?)

Pinkberry prides itself in being a “healthy” treat and while it may be lower in calories than other ice creams, it’s still loaded with sugar.

Kelly Ripa: Think Thin Peanut Butter Protein Bars (with such a ripped bod, maybe these protein bars are worth checking out?)

These bars are essentially zero-sugar Snickers bars. That cannot be tasty AT ALL. Instead mix some unsalted nuts with natural peanut butter.

Kelly Osbourne: Chicken Quesadillas. Apparently she “love[s] the carbs from the cheese.” Clearly she knows her stuff when it comes to nutrition.

Chicken = Good. Quesadilla = Oozing with Unhealthy Fat. Kelly = Not a Nutritionist.

Rihanna: When she is on tour she requests junk food, including noodles, microwave meals, endless chips and snacks and bad stuff. (Does she wish she was a wasted frat boy at 4 am?)

Rihanna is clearly not one to take nutrition advice from either. She would be much better off fueling her body with whole grains and high quality protein. If she continues this habit, her skimpy outfits will look even worse.

Avril Lavigne: Ketchup Chips, Dill Pickle Chips & Steamed Vegetables. (This Bunnie-Hugged Bittie has some interesting taste buds).

Nice work on the steamed vegetables Avril. As for the ketchup chips and dill pickle chips; while I have never heard of such weird snacks, they do sound rather salty. If you want to don the bloated look, by all means, dig in.

Oprah: Garret’s Popcorn. (Is this snack your newest diet endeavor?)

Buy air-popped popcorn and flavor it with herbs and spices. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT indulge in this stuff, one cup leads to five, leads to three more chins.

Kristen Bell: Butterscotch Pudding.

Don’t do a belly flop into a swimming pool filled with butterscotch pudding and then proceed to suck your way out. This pudding will essentially make your ass and stomach look like pudding if you eat too much of it.

Ana Ortiz: Uncle Eddie’s Vegan Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookies.

At least these cookies are a little healthier than sucking down one of those over-sized cookies from Subway or Mrs. Fields. But if you decide to inhale the box, you would take in the calories equivalent to a Thanksgiving dinner.

Anne Heche: Red Licorice (out of all the foods in the world, this is what you choose Anne?)

Pure sugar that will have you crashing and burning after about an hour of devouring these red whips.

Julie Benz: Microwave Popcorn with Peanut M&Ms.

Air-popped popcorn is alright, but the peanut m&ms negate anything healthy about this snack. Throw a little dark chocolate into the mix for a bit of a healthier bite.

Emmanuelle Chriqui: Almonds, Carrot Sticks and Fruit.

High five to Emmanuelle for indulging in healthy snacks that will keep her fueled through a long day of filming! Everyone take note!

What to do, what to do when snack time rolls around?

While the vending machine may look enticing, your cubicle mate’s stash of Halloween Candy may look mighty fine (really? It has been almost three months since that horrible “holiday”), and the vanilla-frosted cupcakes your co-worker brought in, just because he or she didn’t make the New Year’s Resolution of losing a few, may be screaming your name, resist them and instead “pull an” Emmanuelle. Bring your own healthy snacks to work or to where ever it is that you go during the day and actually EAT THEM when the urge to splurge hits. 

Hmm… I guess I should rethink my hunt for Maple Cheese Dill Ketchup Popcorn Pudding.


  1. EWWWWWWW is all I have to say! LOL.

    America’s Tweetheart

  2. Valerie Belair says:

    This is great :)

    What do you think of Larabar? I eat them from time to time on my way from work to the gym.

    • Larabars are OKAY… not as good as say, some grilled chicken and some sweet potatoes, but they are BETTER than a Snickers bar. Just limit yourself to one a day as they do have a lot of sugar. You could also simply eat some grapes and almonds, essentially fruits and nuts are really what the bars are and if you just buy fruits and nuts, you will save money too! :) Thanks for checking out my blog, videos are coming Feb 21, so subscribe and get email updates! :)

  3. That was kind of inspiring! Completely unanticipated. Now I’m sure what I’m heading to perform tomorrow :)

  4. I always was concerned in this topic and stock still am, regards for posting.

  5. Then again some girls feel like celebrities when they get pregnant posting pictures of their stomachs n shit bragging like chillout

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  9. lol I was totally intrigued by the title of your post!

  10. I’m only guilty of hanging with Anne Heche; red licorice for me at the movies (but always shared…)

    • ugh! I cannot say that I am part of that club, never liked licorice AT all! Peanut butter cups, now those were (are) the JAM! LOL!

  11. It’s fun to see what celebrities eat, mostly because we are just voyeuristic when it comes to celebs! It’s crazy what they think they know about food!

    • No kidding right? I love how celebrities promote XY&Z yet they have no education in the matter… Why do so many people believe them!

  12. I gotta say, I like the Think Thin PB protein bars. Not too sweet so I guess that’s what I like. And if I’m being really wild and crazy and actually going out to a movie – Popcorn with Peanut M&M’s??? MMMMM Let’s just say it’s good I almost never go out to the movies 😉

    • Ah ha ha ha! OMG I remember when I used to go to the movies and get the GIGANTIC sized tub of popcorn and eat it ALL before the move trailers prior to the movie even ended!! Ridiculous… That popcorn is so addictive! Good thing we can do movies on demand from home these days, so we have more options to snack on! 😉