Miss Matcha Has Met Her Match

If you’ve ever been set up on a blind date before, you know just how traumatizing they can be!

Sometimes a little help is necessary!

Plenty of Fish in the Sea

Kiss Me OrganicsMatcha Green Tea Powder has been struggling for years to find “her” true food soul mate, a companion that compliments her perfectly.

in love emoji

Now she could have created a profile on Match.com, eHarmony, Plenty of Fish or downloaded the app Tinder….. But nope, instead… She came to me, the Matcha Match Maker!

Matcha Green Tea Powder and GiGi Dubois

If you blend Chris Harrison, Patti Stanger and Giada de Laurentiis together (smoothie style) you’ll get me, the Matcha Match Maker. My job is to weed out the duds from the studs for Miss Matcha! I have narrowed down many qualified food bachelors to four extremely suitable contenders for the scrumptious Green Goddess.

Matcha Green Tea Powder

Curious about Matcha’s Studly Gentlemen Callers? Well then, meet the eligible bachelors:

Paul Pumpkin: 

While Paul might have a hard and tough-looking exterior, when he warms up, he is extremely mushy.

Libby's Pumpkin

Chris Coconut Oil:

Chris has been plagued as a bad boy for quite some time but this is only because he was committed for a crime he did not perpetuate. He is in fact a lover and will cherish the love of his life’s heart, forever.

Coconut Oil

Peter Protein Powder:

Peter is the life of the party and always knows how to pump up anyone’s mood when they’re feeling down and out.

Sun Warrior Warrior Blend

Steven Stevia:

The sweetest of the bunch, Steven has no problem showing his sensitive side. He will most likely shower Miss Matcha with sweet-nothings on the regular if matched up together.

Better Stevia and GiGi

So who does Miss Matcha choose? Well, you’ll just have to watch and see!

Kiss Me Organics Matcha Green Tea Powder


  • Tell me the truth, have you ever tried on-line dating? Any horror or success stories?
  • Do you find online/reality show dating to be the norm these days?
  • Have you ever tried Matcha Green Tea Powder? Thoughts?
  • Share your Matcha Green Tea Powder Love-Match RECIPES! (LEAVE LINKS PEOPLE)
  • If you were Miss Matcha, who would you have chosen are your “love match”?
  • Are you a fan of The Bachelor/The Bachelorette? Who wants to start a bet with me on who’s going to win this season?


FIt and Funny Foodies Cook-a-Long

(Click pic for deets!)

My fellow Dude Foodie, Whitney and I, also known as the Fit & Funny Foodies, hosted another LIVE COOK-A-LONG, this time featuring VEGA SPORT! We are all about the #FUELYOURSELFBETTER campaign Vega has started, so check out the SCRUMPTIOUSNESS Whitney and I will be preparing!! Since this is a LIVE EVENT… WHO KNOWS what might happen!!! Will be posting a RECAP next week! 

Linked to: #StrangebutGood


  1. Green Tea Powder? WILD! Does is it have caffeine in it? i would pick PAUL PUMPKIN FOR SURE <3

  2. MMMMMM I love all of these options. I think I vote for Chris Coconut and Paul Pumpkin! Both sound like a delicious combo!

  3. What’s a matcha with this matcha?!

  4. You crack me up!!

    I’ve met some women on line. It was a good experience :-)

    I sincerely hope it’s not the norm, but then I wish Twitter wasn’t the norm also!

    Never tried it :-(

    I’mm only a fan of those who try out for The Bachelor and can put their fist in their mouth…

    Better than their foot, which is what I often do!

    • HE HE! I am glad I can make you laugh Dr. J! :)

      Ahhhh another chapter to your long long long EPIC NOVEL… Online dating, yes????

      And BAH HA! I need to make another appearance on the Bachelor, yes? Maybe this fall, unless of course, I find my soul mate between now and September!

  5. Ohhh, love MATCHA! I just did a smoothie post with it > http://focusedtobefit.com/2014/05/15/vanilla-matcha-energy-smoothie/ > but more recently, have been loving it in the morning mix with 2 oz. water and just doing it as a shot. TOTAL Bachelor/Bachelorette fan! :)

    • YUM!!! Going to check out your smoothie recipe right now! :) But hmmmmm the shot sounds like a very easy way to get it down to get the UMPH you’re looking for!

  6. I use green matcha in my smoothies that have fruit,chia seed and yogurt in them.

  7. You are the perfect matcha maker! I have never tried it but it seems really good. I don’t watch the bachelor/bachelorette until the last few weeks when it gets super juicy :)

    • Why thank you Nellie :)
      And I agree, I tend to just watch the 1st episode of the Bach/Bachelorette and then the final few weeks! 😉

  8. I’ve tried a matcha green tea latte and matcha green smoothies and love them! I need to try making my own recipes since I love matcha!

    I’ve never tried online dating before but I know people that have gotten married after meeting online!

  9. I had matcha fro yo once and it was amazing!
    No online dating; I was already married once that scene got up and running. Though I did have a blind date once and it was bad. Really bad. So awkward.
    Anyway, I do think online dating is the norm now. People used to be embarrassed about meeting someone online but that seems ridiculous now.

    • I saw Matcha Fro-Yo the other day….. Hmmmmmm!

      OK I really want to know more about this blind date… Cuz I could not agree more – SO AWKWARD!

      • 26 year old summer boss set me up with a guy none of her friends wanted to date. He was nice on the phone, then asked me out. I asked if he knew I was only 18. He said he didn’t but it was fine. As soon as he came to my door to pick me up I knew it was not going to be. Just the whole chemistry thing. We walked around downtown, ran into someone I knew and chatted with her for a bit. He made some excuse for why we had to leave and then said something to me about how he could *feel the vibes* that I didn’t want to talk to the girl anymore. Not even a little true! We then picked up a movie (Serafina–soooo not a date movie.) We watched it at my parents’ house and I developed a crazy cough while we sat on opposite sides of the couch.

        I don’t think we ever spoke again. Yeah, it was magical.

  10. Gotta try this stuff!

    One very very bad blind date for me when I was stil in my late teens. NEVER again, thank GOODNESS!

    I have had some friends who have met their MATCHES online though.

    • Ah ha! You learned early on that blind dates – SUCKK! lol! And my sister met her husband on line! so I know it can work!

  11. Loved the matcha-making! I have yet to try it, where have I been? Will have to give it a shot soon.

    I got hitched before the online thing, but in my twenties I put out a “personals” ad, and some of the self-selected “matches” were pretty hilarious. On the plus side, I found a totally inappropriate person to hook up with and lent a stupid-big sum of money to her and learned some valuable life lessons in record time, so it was efficient!

    • You have been in AFRICA – that’s where! LOL!!!

      And ugh, I feel like everything happens for a reason. So the experience with that woman only taught you lessons. I have certainly had MANY experiences like that too, not necessarily with people, but with experiences in life in general!

      I have NEVER done personal ads…. Hmmmm perhaps I should look into that, AH ha! I should post myself on CRAIGSLIST!

  12. I like my men big and strong, not small and mushy so I’m going with Peter Protein!
    I haven’t tried the online dating thing but I think it’s a fabulous way for people to meet. You can weed out all the ones you aren’t interested in before you even go to dinner – perfect!
    I used to watch the Bachelor when it first started. Now I can’t stand it, lol.
    I do love your videos though, GiGi, and you always brighten my day! Hugs!

    • Peter Protein is quite the stud-muffin if you ask me! In fact, you can make him INTO A MUFFIN! 😉

      And I agree with you, it’s definitely a great way to weed out the DUDS for sure!!! I remember when my sister was doing it, it was actually a lot of fun, LOL!!!

      THANK YOU for watching my videos Robyn, means the world to me :)

  13. I’m so bummed I forgot to set the DVR to record the Bachelorette last night!!
    My sister and her husband actually met through an online dating service.

    • ARE WE TWINS?!?!?!? I too forgot to DVR the Bachelorette last night, and the first episode is my FAVORITE because I love to JUDGE all the dudes, lol… And… MY SISTER TOO met her husband on an online dating service!!! No wonder why I feel like I can relate to ALL of your blog posts!

  14. I literally can’t stand the bachelor/bachelorette anymore BUT my husband can’t keep himself away from it! It drives me insane and he finds it entertaining every single season and can’t miss an episode!

    • Ah ha ha ha ha! Now THAT is too funny!!!!!!!!!!! I love when I find out guys/husbands/boyfriends love dating shows like the Bachelor more than their wives/girlfriends/etc! LOL!!!

  15. Green Tea Powder WEIRDS me out. I’ll stick to a regular cup of tea with a tea bag. And yes! I’m a loyal bachelor/ette follower! So glad its BACK!

    • Yeah, it totally weirded me out at first, but it ain’t so bad!! 😉 And yes!!!!!!!!! We will need to start a POLL of who we want to win the show this season!

  16. I once went on a blind date in high school. We met up at the bowling alley. And thinking back on it, I would’ve rather hooked up with Miss Matcha.

    • AH HA HA HA! I would rather hook up with Miss Matcha too…. At least you know what you’re getting with her!

  17. You are hilarious! What do you put your matcha in?

  18. I’m having some serious online dating flashbacks and not in a good way. Matcha… I have tried for one recipe only: Live and Diet in L.A. Green Tea Latte. And it is delicious!

    • Ah ha ha! OH MAN, I have to dating flashbacks that are NOT SO GOOD either! LOL!

      AND YAY! Whitney rocks my socks off, she is a GENIUS in the kitchen! – Tis why I love working with her!!!

  19. Who needs Tinder when there’s Gigi? Lol! Obviously Chris is the best candidate! Talk about some delicious offpsring 😉


      Delicious offspring?!?!?! Sounds like Chris and Matcha might eat their children! LMFAO!

  20. You are so fun!!!! I think I would have gone protein powder – no surprise – right?? :) I have not tried it & not a tra fan.. what does it taste like???

    Never watched Bachelor or bachelorette… I see enough of it on the recaps on the news! 😉

    • I think I would mix the protein powder with the pumpkin and the matcha… And then some stevia! And BAKED IT! 😉 The matcha…. by itself, not the best – AH HA! But mixed up, pretty good! :)

  21. I think Matcha should have a 4 way! WHAAAAT? Put everything into a smoothie with some water or milk (a 5 way?!). wins all around!

    • I definitely wanted to REFERENCE THAT in the video… But I thought, MAYBE, just MAYBE I would keep it PG! LOL!!!!

  22. Mmmm that actually sounds really good! I haven’t seen Matcha green tea powder. Oh, I am thinking I could make some yummy bread with that. I love your video, you are super adorable and have such a rockin personality!! :)

    • THANKS LADY!!!!! :) And yes, you totally could mix it in some bread! Just click on the link and you can buy it on AMAZON!!!! Amazon rocks my socks off 😉

  23. I love Chris Coconut – he’s like my husband. A bad boy turned good – who helps the heart.
    Ok, I love Paul too.
    I’m glad he won.
    So I’ve never done online dating but I did go on a blind date set up by the same people who set up my parents. Yup, you read that right!
    Fate, right?
    Except it didn’t work out! His hair was the color of Paul Pumpkin, but that wasn’t why it didn’t work out.

    • Did you turn your husband good? 😉 You must be a magician! ha ha.

      LMFAO!!! I want to know more about this BLIND DATE WITH PAUL PUMPKIN Aha ha ha! Was it around Halloween? Did you go pumpkin picking? LOL!

      • ha!! My husband turned himself good, luckily. After two years!
        The pumpkin picking comment made my morning. Actually, the blind date was wonderful. We dated for nine months! Nine pumpkin-filled months! I should have said the relationship didn’t work out and that was because I discovered Chris Coconut. Or rather, Chris Coconut came back into my life.
        I thought about having them together but..nah. I think that’s illegal in this country.

        • NINE MONTHS! Holy MOLY!! He must have NOT been all that bad! 😉

          And you know what? You can make ANYTHING legal in this country, just as long as you keep it under wraps…….. I DID NOT SAY THAT! LOL!!!!

  24. Green tea powder? I didn’t know that such a thing existed.. I need to find that now. It would be a welcome addition to our smoothies…

    I am quite excited that the new bachelorette season has begun once again. It seems like she has quite a stable of dark haired, strong chinned, confident, clones to choose from :)

    • Click the link and you can check it out over on Amazon!!! :) Time to get your creative kitchen brain TICKING!! 😉

      AND OF COURSE YOU ARE EXCITED!!! I am so pissed, my DVR did NOT record the show last night – ugh! And episode ONE is my favorite!!! I am going to try and find and watch it before next Monday!!

  25. You know my stories about meeting people online…but in the most random place. WTFFF HAHA. I am ready to meet people in real life…STOP FINDING ME ON IG CRAZY BOYS! I don’t watch the bachelor, I think it’s dumb. The only time I would have watched it was if my homegirl GIGI was on it fisting her mouth! I love matcha, but as you know NOT THE SUGAR LADEN SHIT!


  26. HEy Gigi, what about Giorgios the Greek Yogurt? That’s a match made in heaven imo.
    Go try it and report back, I’m confident you’ll agree with me afterwards!

  27. oh i just started dating matcha, and i’m having a love affair with stevia and peter pea protein. ohh… threesome

  28. Haha I get a live show of bacholerette and bachelor programs every day at uni, seeing people sniffing around one another 😛
    Although no one looks as hot as those people on TV 😀
    And LOVE matcha, can I be its soul mate?

    Choc Chip Uru

    P.S You are one the prettiest people I have seen :)

    • BAH HA HA AH! You’re so right! I should just head on over to UCLA and WATCH The Bachelor/Bachelorette happen in REAL LIFE! LOL!!!!!

      And you are quite possibly the sweetest person. THANK YOU SO MUCH for your compliment, it brought tears to my eyes :)

  29. hahahaha. Yeah, I have a ton of glasses, although I have yet to start matching them to my food. I better get on that shit!! 😉

  30. I like the glasses, I had to get new frames today. I wear them when I feel studious :) I’ll have mine with Lana lemonade no wait then there’s Chrissy Cranberry, I’ll just have both 😉 I have never watched any of those shows, there are so many dynamics in relationships. The best bet seems to be friends and have respect the rest seems to fall into place. I’m the epitome of eternal bachelor, I will definitely try this and I’ll be watching tomorrow night !!!

  31. Testing 1 2 3 ( I forgot to hit follow below )

    • I couldn’t agree more! Friends first, romantic relationships grow from friendships in my mind :)

      Eternal Bachelor huh? I think you need your OWN TV show!!!

  32. I first saw matcha powder on davs blog, and was curious as to how much caffeine you’d be hit with- those powders are apparently lethal!

    I think those dating shows are damn scripted- there is this new one coming out in Australia where they trick girls into dating Prince Harry.

    • Well, I mean, if you eat the whole bag… THEN YOU MIGHT BE BOUNCING OFF THE WALLS…. But I don’t think you’re going to go completely BUCK WILD with a tablespoon or two… But then again, YOU NEVER KNOW!!! Maybe if you smoke it? LOL! JK JK!!!

      AND DUDE YES! I have heard of this show! I think they are doing one in the US TOO! How STUPIDDDDDD!

  33. You will never get back those brain cells you lose watching Bachelor. I say that while watching Dancing with the Stars! LOL

    • LMFAO! I AM about to watch DWTS!!! So buh bye BRAIN CELLS!!!

      And uh….. Don’t tell… But, I was on the first episode of last season’s the Bachelor! AH HA AH! How many brain cells did I lose doing that? 😉

  34. Bahahahah, this was HILARIOUS. You are very clever :) You put my matcha review to shame!

  35. No online dating here. It didn’t exist when I met my man :-). I do get a zillion spam emails about some dating website or another though.

    • Ba h aha ha! Gotta love that SPAM! Hey, at least it’s not… Well, you know? Although, I BET 1/2 of it is!!!

  36. You are an awesome match maker, LOL!!! I’ve never tried Macha Green Tea powder, but it looks amazing. The stevia you use looks amazing too!

    • YES! I love that stevia – it’s not good for baking, but it’s great for drinks!! :) I switched to it from NuNaturals because NuNaturals changed their formula and it’s GROSS! LOL! YES, I said it!

  37. What if Miss Matcha wanted to join a compound and get together with all the guys??? Now that would be lovely!

  38. my LIFE has been a blind date lately—since our move— with meeting friends?
    does that count? :-)

    • Ha! YES IT DOES!!!!!! Meeting new friends is totally like blind dating! We have to weed out the pretends from the friends! 😉

  39. I like Peter and his pumping action. Seriously though, I’ve not tried the Matcha powder but am intrigued.

    • YOU HAVEN’T!!! I would have expected you out of all people to be a Matcha enthusiast! LOL! Well, try it this weekend and let me know what you think!

  40. I need to try that sunwarrior protein! I love my matcha green tea in smoothies! BUT I made a delicious chia pudding with it…http://www.delightsanddelectables.com/?p=6677

    • I am OBSESSED with Sun Warrior Warrior Blend in Vanilla PROTEIN POWDER! It’s so flipping good, I KNOW you’ll love it too!

  41. Oooooh how exciting! No, I have never been on a blind date, but kinda wish I could have at some point. it would be interesting to see who your friends thought would be good enough for you!

    As for matcha…I bought some matcha latte powder from TJs, and had one tea, was so disgusted that it tasted like grass that i threw it away…..but I am finding out I just did not put it with the right ingredients! I HATE wasting food, so now I am forever mad with myself about that….it was just THAT bad!

    • Ah ah ha! Oh my friends have tried to set me up on dates before… However, I am SOOOOOOOOOO PICKY that before I even go on the date, I know I am not going to like him! LOL! My friends at this point don’t even bother 😉 But that’s okay…… Because… Well, yeah… I won’t jinx it! LOL!

      AND OMG you threw it away!!! You didn’t give Miss Matcha much of a chance. I have to agree, it’s GROSS by itself, but it pairs well with some things! Hopefully you can experiment again soon!

  42. I like the ginger matcha drink recipe they have, probably because the fresh ginger masks the matcha 😛

  43. Haha! This is quite hilarious! I seriously lol’d while reading it. I love matcha, she’s so vibrant and tasty and green! Who wouldn’t want to date her? She’s a catch!

    I’ve never tried online dating, but I wouldn’t rule it out. I haven’t heard any horror stories from anyone… yet!

    What a great site you have here, GiGi! :)

    • HA HA! I am glad I could make you laugh! :) And you’re right, Matcha is such a catch, she really needs her own TV show! 😉

  44. I’ve never tried online dating… one day at work they made me download Tinder to see how it works (I work in social media) since I was the only single one… that was about as close as I got. I had a match in the 10 minutes I was on there but I also saw a ton of people I knew… noooo thanks.

  45. How you doin’???? Love it!!! Although I was really routing for Peter. Oh well, maybe Peter will do something stupid and she’ll be so done with him!!! Pffff

    • Ah ha ha ha!!! Don’t you just love how I make my food make out, kind of like little girls made their barbie and ken make out! AHHH HA HA AH!!

      And uhhhhhhh OF COURSE Peter will do something stupid! He is a DUDE AFTER ALL 😉

  46. I’ve never tried online dating, but my brother-in-law met his ex-wife that way. Yes, his ex-wife. It didn’t work out as well as it did for Peter and Miss Matcha.

    • My sister met her husband on Match.Com – so I KNOW it can work! Obviously it doesn’t work for everyone though 😉

  47. So the question is, do YOU make an appearance in The Bachelorette this season? Maybe Andi drafted you to be her pretend best friend who gives advice about the guys? I never even knew what matcha was until this post! I will now put it in the same category as freekeh – I wonder if getting freekeh with matcha would ever work??

    • AH HA HA HA AH AH! You’ll just have to watch the show and see now won’t you?!?! Would you DIEEEE if I were the next Bachelorette?!?! Or if……. I started dating Chris Harrison???

      I REALLY need to watch Monday night’s episode! I will be catching up on that this weekend, FOR SURE!!


  48. I use matcha green tea quite a bit in both baking and some savoury cooking. I might see Miss Matcha paired up with the Chris the coconut oil as it has potential. Looking forward to hearing more about the match up.

  49. Green tea powder? Interesting. Im sooo tired!!!!!!!! The caffeine in this tea isn’t helping! :( Hope the smoothie was good! Happy Hump Day lovely GiGi -Iva

    • Ugh! I cannot rely on tea for my caffeine that’s for sure! I NEED A SMACK IN THE FACEEEEEE! ah ha ha ha!
      (Oh and we are making the smoothie TONIGHT!)

  50. Ohhh my goodness Geegers you are too clever. I love it. Btw, I stand by my assertion that you ARE Kelly Ripa! And yes, I am a huge Bachelorette fan. I haven’t watched Monday’s episode yet, but I love love Andi so I know I’m going to love this season. Let’s BET! And I do love matcha… maybe I will have to try this brand. :)

    • I WILL TAKE IT!!!!!! I need to screen grab this comment and tweet it at KELLY! AH HA! Then MAYBE she will want to meet her “clone”! BOOM! YESSSSS!

      And I have yet to watch Monday’s episode too!!!!! I am going to catch up this weekend, and then we can place BETS!! When are you coming to LA again?! Maybe we can watch the FINALE TOGETHER!! Holy balls! LOL!

  51. What a fun post! I love it.

    I’m currently dating Allison avocado, she’s real creamy and my go to girl.

    Chris sounds good, I think I’ll date him sometime 😉

  52. This was too cute! I like Matcha powder with almond milk and vanilla syrup…like a latte. I was never very good at online dating, but one of my friends met her husband on ok cupid after I made her sign up.

    • I THINK ALMOND MILK AND VANILLA would taste so delicious with Matcha!!!

      My sister met her husband on match.com so I truly believe it could work! :)

  53. I have never had matcha at all!! This is hilarious… Can you really miz pumpkin with this stuff? :) Haha! NO online dating for me, but know several who have. Because YOLO and why not?

    • And YES! Mixing matcha with pumpkin is truly GOOD!!!!! :)

      And totally – YOLO FOR SUREEE! Sign your booty up for OK CUPID! LOL!

  54. Woo Hoo, GiGI I was rootin’ for Paul! I met my hubby online! We have been together for 7 years now. I always tell him he is the best thing I have ever gotten off the internet!

  55. AHAHAH funniest post ever! At first, my mind started thinking of blind dates… :)
    However. Matcha powder is my big love, always, ALWAYS in my cupboard. I n my place no one is so fond of it as I am.

  56. Very clever and creative. Not to mention loads of fun! Great post — thanks.

  57. I can’t think of a better matcha maker than you!! I’ve never tried matcha powder but now I’m curious. I watched the first one or two seasons of the bachelor and then had to stop!

  58. I tried online dating once and it was an absolute disaster! The guy had used a picture that was at least 10 years old… back when he had hair haha! Your posts always make me chuckle :)

    • BAHHHHHHHHHHH HA HA HAH AHA HA OMGGGGGGGG! This is hysterical. The internet can definitely be a scary scary place to find dates – I watched Catfish today. Yep. LOL!

  59. I have always wanted to try matcha powder! My old roomie had it and she made knock off starbucks green tea frapps with it- she said they turned out pretty well! I am a bachelor/bachelorette fan but I haven’t watched in the past few years.. I know if I start watching I’ll get sucked in again! haha love those train wreck reality shows :)

    • START WATCHING AGAIN… It’s time to SUCK YOU BACK IN!! ah ha ha! So then we can chat about it and place bets 😉 I am going to catch up on episode 1 this weekend!

  60. I keep seeing Matcha but your post by far was the most fun! Such a cute idea!

  61. What a wonderfully fun and entertaining site! Had to stop over and see what Miss Matcha was up to. Now I know :) Blessings…Shari

  62. I’ve never been on a blind date before, but I do know they make for some comedy stories so I like to encourage my friends to do this. I might have to be controversial and suggest that Miss Matcha should have gone for secret choice #5… Chris Coconut Oil’s long-lost brother… CLARK COCONUT MILK! He’s so smooth and satisfying… 😉

    • OH SNAP!!!! Now Matcha is going to need a reality show about her LIFE after match-making! AH HA HA! 😉 Clark sounds like a sweet stud!!

  63. Shashi @ RunninSrilankan says:

    GiGi – HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! YOU would be a true joy to be in the kitchen with!!!! LOVED this video -so I am curious did you concoct a matcha pumpkin concoction? Matcha picked what I probably would have gone with – though a threesome with Paul protein powder might have resulted in some wonderful “bites”! 😉

    • In this video, I really just mixed matcha and pumpkin, but what I really wanted to do was make Matcha has a mange toi with protein powder and coconut oil as WELL AS pumpkin! LOL! Bake that up and YUM :) You’re so right, they would make perfect BITES!

  64. I have that same exact powder! I believe I was given the package sometime last year. I’ve made hot drinks, lattes, smoothies, guacamole and muffins with it. Some of those recipes had coconut oil, pumpkin and/or protein powder. So, my answer is D – all of the above! 😉 Stopping by from the Lets Get Real party hop.

  65. I have never tried online dating (it didn’t exist before I got married), and I tried a green matcha smoothie once and liked all the frothiness.

  66. Love this idea for a post- you’re so creative!! My vote is for Paul Pumpkin!!! Nom nom nom…

  67. One day I will tell you all of my online dating horror stories. Let’s just say I really really really suck at fishing.

    I’m sticking to matcha-making.

  68. I haven’t tried online dating but a few of my friends have and oh the stories! I actually think apps like Tinder are getting way popular so online dating is way more common in youger people than you would think. Or at least than I would think lol.
    And I think Matcha Green Tea would go well with something mango flavoured. Maybe… I always get green tea ice cream and mango ice cream at suchi restuarants and mix them together so it might work 😀

    • Matcha and Mango!!!!!!!! I never ever thought of that combo!!! Try it out and let me know 😉

      And yes, Tinder. Have you ever logged on?????

  69. I met my husband online 20 years ago (I know! I’m GREAT at fishing) but I’m sure I’d choose Paul. :)

  70. I’m loving all the matcha recipes I’ve been seeing lately including my very own :)

    Paul Pumpkin or Peter Protein would get my vote. Indecisive much?

  71. Thanks, I needed a laugh! I just recently discovered Matcha when I got some matcha-infused mints. I need to order some matcha, I guess. Over from SITS Saturday.

    • Matcha infused mints!! Ooo you have me quite intrigued! Perhaps Miss Matcha has a thing for MINTY 😉

  72. Ad no idea there was such a thing as green tea powder! I would go for the protein! Thanks for linking up with Good Food Fridays!

  73. You crack me up girl! I wish I like pumpkin cause i would try this. But I did pair my Matcha up with some brown rice as the lovely Lindsay (The Lean Green Bean) suggested and that was a match made in heaven in my house! 😉 I’m off to make a matcha orange cocktail!

    • OOOO I would never even think about matcha and brown rice together! Lindsay is definitely a combo-genius!!!!

  74. never done online dating, although I will admit I have made an account with one of those online services, haha i cannot even remember which one!! ya i never use it

    maybe one day

    for matcha I enjoy putting into smoothies and lately been enjoying it as bulletproof instead of coffee I use matcha. I shared it on IG, it was pretty good


    • OH Michelle, I totally have a match.com profile but I never ever ever use it. All those emails go to spam, because, well… Yeah, it’s kind of spammy to me! HA HA!

      AND OOOOO Bulletproof Matcha! I love this idea!! 😉

  75. Haha what a cool post. I joined match.com a year ago. The guy I met on there & I actually broke up last week. Oh well. Haha, now I want a smoothie! I’m stopping by from SITS, I hope your enjoying your holiday weekend.

    • Aww! Bummer Leslie, but hey, you know first hand that match.com relationships can work! :) My sister actually met her husband on match, so I have faith! 😉

  76. This is too cute… I have Kiss Me Organics matcha and love throwing it in my smoothies!

  77. Wow I love Matcha tea too! It’s so amazing and so rich in antioxidants!
    Thank you for sharing!


    Beauty And Tips

  78. Hi GiGi,
    What a delightful match made in Matcha heaven! You’ve outdone yourself. This video was so amusing! I blend my matcha tea with almond milk and coconut palm sugar or stevia at home.Thank you for sharing clever and enjoyable post with us at the Healthy, Happy, Green and Natural Party Blog Hop!

    • On the Matcha Match Making show… Almond Milk was too full of himself, so he didn’t make it to the final 4! LOL!

  79. Hi GiGi,
    Thank you so much for sharing this delightful “matcha made in heaven” at the Plant-Based Potluck Party Blog Hop! We enjoyed it!

  80. Hahahha, this was awesome! I tried the whole online dating thing for a very short while right before I met my now wife… not through online dating. My experiences with online dating were… interesting to say the least. Met some very unique characters. Enough said.

  81. Nope, never did try online dating. Thankfully, I married the guy next door. That wasn’t hard work at all LOL I haven’t tried green tea powder but I’d like too~
    Thanks for linking up at our Gluten Free Fridays party! I have tweeted and pinned your entry to our Gluten Free Fridays board on Pinterest! :)

    Its live now!

    Cindy from vegetarianmamma.com

  82. I’ve been wanting to try to recreate a Starbucks matcha green tea frap at home- I will have to try this kind of matcha! I think coconut oil would be a great way to smooth out the matcha without adding dairy :)

    • Yes! I think both the oil and the milk would make a great addition to matcha! :) Let me know if you try it!

  83. I need to try this stuff! Oh and I love the glasses/sophisticated look! Had a blast with you at the farmer’s market!! :)


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