Can Your Other Recipe For This One

While gloppy, (typically) soybean oil-filled, “naturally” flavored, “real” mayonnaise might turn YOUR taste buds on…

sexy mayo

It certainly does NOT rev my mouth’s “engine”… AT ALL.


In fact, I think my mouth would rather be sewn shut than force fed that thick, white, creamy condiment.

gigi shocked

That’s definitely saying something… Considering closing my mouth is harder than making a four-course dinner while skydiving.

Sky Diving Food

Since mayonnaise tends to be a staple in pretty much all summer salads though, you may now think that I forego all summer shindigs and instead hibernate in the comfort of my negative 10-degree cave (yeah, my AC bill is about as expensive as a brand new Aston Martin), until leaves start to fall from trees.

gigi in closet

Well, since I live in Los Angeles, that would mean I would never leave my abode (because we don’t really experience seasons)… So obviously this is just not true at all.

Los Angeles Palm Trees GiGiEats

Sure the globular white stuff gives me the heebie-jeebies… But so do spiders and I don’t let those creepy crawlers stop me from living my life.

scary spider

Instead of letting massively processed wannabe aioli ruin my summer salad dining experience, I show others that they too can live a life without the white salad juice… And in the latest GiGi Eats, I show you just one of the many ways I do so! 

White Salad Juice… Perhaps that “synonym” alone turned you off from mayonnaise.

MAYO-LESS Tuna Salad

No Mayo Tuna Salad

MAY-O appetite be excited to eat this… 

  • Place all ingredients in a big bowl.
  • Grab a spoon and mix together. 
  • Enjoy! I personally like to wrap my salad up in nori sheets

GiGi Eats Nori Sheets


  • Favorite summer salad? 
  • Is vegetable-oil based mayo your friend or foe?
  • Do you have willpower when it comes to not eating specific foods that might not necessarily be good for you?
  • If you had a can of tuna (or jackfruit, for you vegans out there)… What would you do with it? 
  • Who else is ready for fall?
  • What does your thermostat read right now?

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  1. Hmmmmm ok I will try a no-mayo diet soon if you say so Gigi – so fun going over your post I swear!!!

    I’m excited to start a two-peat collaboration with Los Angeles-based brand TOBI this week at the blog via a sexy outfit – come check it out & lemme know what you think!

    Happy Tuesday!


  2. Gigi, I totally agree with you on the mayo issue. I can’t do it either. Thank you for new recipe. I will give it a go.

  3. Not a fan of mayo…except it’s made with avocado..but then again, if it’s not made with eggs and oil..not sure it can be called mayo…what I am trying to say is … this mayo free tuna salad looks right up my alley!

    • Have you tried Primal Kitchen’s Avocado Oil mayo?? Now that stuff is delicious and I allow it in my diet (although, honestly, I rarely use mayo in general)… Because it’s so dang healthy 😉

  4. Great recipe! I love the idea of using the oil olive from the sundries tomatoes. What a great way to make sure nothing gets wasted. I also like the spinach in there. I never think to use spinach except in a salad.

    • I am ALL about not wasting food – NONE of it. I feel like even throwing away an empty jar that used to be filled with sun-dried tomatoes is a waste, if there is olive oil in it still!! 😉 And I adore spinach. I use it for everything!!!

  5. Someone once told me mayo looked like the pus that comes out of pimples. With such a vivid GROSS description, he kind of reined mayo for me. But he did me a favor because you’re right, it’s not really good for you. I do love your blog posts and how fun you make the information.

    • OMFG – I AM ABOUT THE THROWWWWW UP! That is the most disgusting visual, and honestly, I think someone once told me that too but I decided to push the image OUT of my brain… UNTIL NOW! LOL! Thanks for that Julie – hahahahahahahaha!

  6. I would use a vegan tuna for this recipe, but I definitely do NOT like mayo. Weird taste, bad ingredients and horrible macros, there is everything that could be wrong about it!

    • You’re not a vegan though are you? I didn’t think you were…. I mean, I saw you eat fish! hahaha! Are you just not a fan of canned tuna?

  7. I do like that salad, like a lot. I never put mayo in my salad though, usually make my own olive oil based dressing. Actually I stopped buying mayo cause it went bad before I went through the bottle. My only need for mayo is for freis, which is a rare thing I eat in itself.

  8. I’ve never been a big mayo fan either! Our thermostat is always on freezing in the summertime thanks to the husband, but I’m always cold. Granted, it’s been like 10000 degrees here this summer, so it’s nice to walk into a chilly house after melting all day!

    • It’s funny that you say YOU are the one who’s always cold! I am the one who keeps it negative a million degrees and my SO hates it. Same with my mom and dad… And my sister and her husband! hahaha!

  9. That spider picture – I can’t even! I do not like spiders at all, mostly because they could be lurking anywhere and you’d never know it. Bleh. But I agree with you that I have never been a fan of mayo. Living in the South my entire life has been hard when I go to BBQ restaurants or cookouts at friends’ houses because of course the staples with BBQ are potato salad and coleslaw. Both with mayo.

    • Oh man, I have a creepy (crawler) story for you! I was in my old apartment and I saw this creepy-ass spider crawling on the wall. I grabbed my shoe to kill it, but I missed, I only scared it, and it crawled behind my bed, so I pretended like I never saw it and it was gone. The next morning, woke up with SPIDER BITES ON MY FACE – basically this spider was like “take that you bitch!”…. I was pissed. But he disappeared for awhile, so I forgot about him. Then about a week or two later, I saw this spider chilling on my ceiling, AW HELL NO… And the next morning – SPIDER BITES AGAIN!!!! Then I saw him in my bathroom and I SCREAMED and made my roommate at the time DEAL WITH IT. My roomie got a cup and a piece of paper and put that A-HOLE OUTSIDE. NOOOO YOU KILL IT! LMFAO!

  10. I like my tuna mayo free too. I need to try your version

  11. Love it! I love mayo swaps and tuna sald is usually a fat bomb so I’m excited there’s an alternative

  12. I’m not a fan of oil salads of any kind–I use mustards instead with a dash of greek yogurt or miracle whip (if I’m feeling Klassy)

    • I love using mustard or hummus or salsa as dressings too. I actually really friggin’ love ketchup on salad too – LOL! Cause I am KLASSY right there with you!

  13. The creepy thing made me gag. So does mayo… however, when I was a kid I would ONLY eat hotdogs slathered with mayo. I dunno… but must say that I’m shocked you’re not a bigger fan of white cream. 😉

    Now I use Greek yogurt or salsa in most salad-like things.

    • OMFG I AM DYINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Because my mind of course went SUPER immature – LOL! Sausages and white cream. LMFAO! I kinda wanna nick-name you Creamy Sausage. Cool?

  14. Mmmm I adore sun-dried tomatoes! As for mayo I’m either hit or wayyyyyy miss. In general it seems gross. But then I’ve made pimiento dip and potato salads with it I love. Right now I can’t chew anything so am dreaming of any salad actually, lol;)

    • WHAT HAPPENED to your mouth? Why can you not chew?

      • Receding gum surgery. Fun. On an upnote I’ve been trying a multitude of beverages and can now say I officially am not a kombucha fan. And I could get addicted to Moon Juice’s stuff.

        • GAHHHH!!!! I had that surgery among others in my mouth, it’s the absolute WORST THING EVER!!!! I am a huge eater (ahhhh DUH) not a drinker, so that was DEATH for me, but I am glad you’re seeing the positives! haha!

  15. UGH, I hate mayo!!!! THis is what I do for my tuna – packed in water here. I add in low sodium salsa, my fave sweet & spicy mustard, some spices & eat away! :)

    Happy for a bit cooler weather right now since we don’t have AC!

  16. For chicken and tuna salad, I sub in a combo of greek yogurt and sour cream. I can’t stand mayo either.

  17. This is so inspiring! I love the post:)

  18. I’m a Just Mayo or avocado mayo fan myself, but some dishes just don’t even need it.. bag that white gloppy stuff when it aint necessary. 😉

    • What avocado mayo do you use? Primal Kitchen actually sent me some, and it’s the only one I can handle- but I don’t really use mayo at all so I have lots of jars of it just sitting around, LOL!

  19. I love tuna salad, with or without mayo. Tuna salad is so summery and gorgeous!

  20. I’m so with you! Even though I don’t have food allergies or intolerances, I still won’t touch the stuff. Same with Cassidy. If we make egg salad, we use Greek yogurt. I know that’s not GiGi approved, but it’s a start, right?
    You’re making me hungry now!

    • YES! A better alternative than the crappy mayo in the stores. Luckily SOME brands are coming around though. There is this mayo by Primal Kitchen and it’s made with avocado oil, which is great, and it’s the only mayo – if I ever really need it – I will use.

      And um, did you eat? lol

  21. Great salad!! Who needs mayo?

    I make a similar salad but with sardines. Okay maybe it’s an acquired taste, but I like it.

    Yes, I am able to avoid “bad” foods and eat “good” ones even if they don’t particularly taste good. I don’t know if it’s willpower or just good sense. I think it might relate to being okay with discomfort sometimes.

    We only hit 90 today. Last week the temps were in the upper 90s. Hottest summer I remember.

    • NO ONE needs mayo! 😉 NO ONE! And I totally have made this salad with sardines before – he he! But I decided to showcase the tuna because, well, more people have that on hand – and so many people are terrified of sardines for some reason, but they’re so so so good!

      And UGH to hot summers. The worst is the hottest month in California is typically September, so the worst has yet to come for me – GAHH. Lets hope November is cool and pleasant 😉

  22. It’s so funny how much mayo grosses some people out. It has never really bothered me (though it’s also not something I use often), but I have some friends who hate it just as much as you do. This tuna salad looks yummy, though!

  23. I have always hated mayo! (I also don’t eat ketchup or mustard or pretty much any other condiment.) I often use yogurt if necessary, or hummus if I can.

    • Mmmmmm HUMMUS! I friggin’ ADORE hummus – I cannot be left in a room alone with it! hahaha! I have to admit though, I do love ketchup (sugar-free) and mustard too!

  24. I’m not a fan of mayo app I either use Greek yogurt or salad dressing instead, depending on the dish.

  25. I eat tuna straight up from the can very classy here. I hat hate cold my thermostat reads 80 and I have no AC or fans going I need heat. I need a job in AZ. If I had no will power I’d look like a loaf of bread. Is Blissful still around ? I’m waiting for the original foodie reunion :) My bacon is ready to roll !!!

    • I AM TERRIBLE IN HEAT – I get SUPER cranky and mad! LOL!!!!! And I am with you, I can totally eat tuna out of the can, but if I do, it’s gotta be packed in olive oil, to give it a little extra flavor! :)

      And YEP! Britt is still around, we talk every day and she’s actually one of my bridesmaids!! 😉

  26. Mayo is by far the grosses condiment ever created! Of course,the mayo karmic gods blessed me with a mayo-loving daughter! Every time I have to put it on a sandwich or squeeze it on a plate for her to dip her fries I want to vomit. So glad to read that I am not the only one completed repulsed by MAYO!! BTW recipe looks delicious; sorry I have some really strong feelings about mayo

    • Have you ever seen the Avocado Oil Mayo by Primal Kitchens, I HIGHLY recommend you invest in that stuff if your daughter is obsessed. Seriously. They sent me a few jars (I am using it in an upcoming video) and it’s actually pretty tasty (if I don’t think, “it’s mayo”) haha. Check it out!!!

  27. No Mayo – Way to Go!

  28. YUM, that looks great!

  29. I am definitely not a fan of mayo AT ALL. It totally freaks me out ha!

    xo Bree

  30. LOL DYING at you hiding in your closet.

  31. Well I started a 21 day challenge hosted by a fitness friend of mine last week that requires no fried foods. I haven’t had any hot wings and don’t plan on it, at least not til the challenge is over!

    • Ha Ha! Well perhaps by the end of the challenge, you’re not going to crave such things at all!? I actually registered for an AIR FRYER for my wedding and I am pretty PUMPED about it – it uses really hot air to “fry” the food… and it’as apparently much healthier – woo woo! I am all for CRISPY and healthier, haha!

  32. Elizabeth O. says:

    I like having mayo from time to time but too much of it is definitely not something I’d enjoy. In terms of salad dressings, I go for citrus/olive oil/vinaigrette instead. I like this recipe! I am a huge fan of tuna and it’s always awesome to have it in a salad! Thanks, it’s a keeper!

    • I love adding tuna to a salad, it just adds a little something extra, and some protein! 😉 Can’t go wrong with that – and it tastes wonderful with the dressing you like to use instead of mayo!

  33. Wow, I’m impressed! I never would have thought to use the oil the tomatoes were packed in. Brilliant. This salad looks delish! I’m not a huge seafood lover, but I do like tuna!
    I was tempted to try the Walden Farms mayo the other day, but then I looked at the reviews! It doesn’t look like it’s too good. :-(

    • OMG DO NOT DO IT! THE ONLY Walden Farms product I would ever use (and kinda do sometimes) = The Pancake Syrup. Way back when I did a review video about some of their products too, all terrible. Just terrible. Don’t you dare waste even a cent on their peanut butter! LOL!

  34. Both me and my dad can’t eat mayo as it make us both sick. The salad does look nice. xx

  35. I would definitely add some balsamic vinegar in it! It sure elevates the taste! I love tuna salad!

  36. Nikki Wayne says:

    Wow, you are so brilliant. I never thought that these are possible.

  37. Nikki Wayne says:

    Wow, you are so brilliant. I never thought that these are possible.

  38. It’s not that difficult to switch to no mayo and so much healthier!

  39. I love the fall but I still want to enjoy this last month of summer! :) As for mayo, a little works for me with tuna or potato salad, but otherwise I’m not a big fan. I do love the sun dried tomato and mayo combo!

  40. I hate mayo, so this mayo-less tuna salad is simply perfect for me! I love all the ingredients, especially sun-dried tomatoes, packed in olive oil! So yummy!

  41. I do like mayo, although I don’t eat it much as an adult. It was definitely a staple in my midwest household growing up. lol

  42. I’ll eat mayo on occasion -tuna or egg salad. But usually I replace it now with greek yogurt or avocado

    • Avocado is the best replacement aside from oil from things you’re already adding to the mix! Seriously love me some AVOCADOOOO! 😀

  43. This sounds good… olives are a nice and salty way to get in some heatlhy oily yum! Lately I have been using avocado mashed into tuna salad.

  44. I do like mayo, but usually make my own — with olive oil. So mine is stronger than most people like, but it’s good stuff. Just thin it out with some yogurt or sour cream. Assuming one eats dairy, of course. Otherwise, tuna with vinegar and oil is wonderful. In fact I think I’d add just a bit of vinegar to your salad, although it looks pretty darn nice just as is!

  45. I can’t even deal with Mayo in anyway shape of form… This however, is much nicer! I had something similar at a Chicago deli I used to work next to. Def going to try this one! Awesome stuff as always Gigi!

  46. I am not a big mayo fan. This salad looks so delicious. what a great recipe. I love every single ingredient used here! Thank you for sharing!

  47. Omg, I love mayo. I’ve never used olive oil in my tuna, but this recipe sounds good.

  48. Alright, confession time I hate Tuna lol. This sounds like it’d be awesome with chicken instead. P.s that spider pic is creepy!
    I think I love all the fresh fruits you can put in salads during the summer. Yum! Too lazy to get up but my car was at 101 when I got into it after work lol

  49. I loveee me some tuna and this looks so good!

    I’m not a mayo fan, however, one of my favourite ways to eat tuna is the most common, uncreative way of all; a cheesy tuna pasta bake 😛 But hey! If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!


  50. I am not sure I could do tune without mayo-I can’t even eat a hot dog without a little mayo-lol

    • Oh my – you are def a MAYO girl! 😉 Did you eat wonderbread and mayo sandwiches when you were younger? (Or now?? lol)…. I highly recommend you check out Primal Kitchen’s mayo if you are a mayo girl… I will be introducing it onto the blog next week but google it now!

  51. In my experience ,you are either a mayo family or a mustard family lol and I was the black sheep because I didn’t really like mayo. I love this recipe and I am going to try it. I also have food issues because I have acid reflux I try to abstain from gluten as much as I can.

    • What if people mix mayo and mustard together! Oh man… Talk about SHUNNED for life – HAHAHAHAHAHA!
      And girl, gluten just isn’t a good time, so I am glad nixing it helps your acid reflux!

  52. Mayo is kinda gross. I use it very rarely and never use it on tuna. I’m all about chopping up olives in my tuna thou! YASSSSS!!!

  53. Well, as always I am the odd one out because I love mayo! Don’t have it as much as I used to and do use the olive oil version (does that get me any creds among you all?) Another edutaining post GiGi albeit I am sticking with my mayo. :)

    • You do get a few extra bonus points for using the olive oil based mayo, however, companies typically add a bunch of other oils and fillers to the mix which negate the olive oil benefits :( That being said, next week I am introducing a new mayo to the blog world – hope you come back to visit next week and see what’s up! :)

  54. Wow, that was a super quick recipe today! Here’s me with my bowl of porridge, mug of tea, at work all ready for my 10 minutes of fun TV with Gigi. And it’s over in one minute……

    But seriously that’s a great and super quick recipe, and I’m with you on avoiding the Mayo too! 😀

    • BAH HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!! I am glad you want more than just ONE MINUTE of GiGi Time Neil! hahaha! 😉 I will be sure to deliver LONGER videos again, ha! I wanted to test the length and see if people noticed 😉

  55. Yummm! My boyfriend LOVES tuna salad but doesn’t like mayo so this would literally be perfect for him. I’m okay with mayo… but in moderation.

    I am so excited for fall! It’s my favorite season of the year! I wish we could just have a six-month fall here in MN–not a one-month fall and five-month winter. Ugh! 😛

  56. You really don’t need to have mayo with everything…such a shame to put it on food that would be much better without it!

  57. Mayonnaise is SO not invited to be part of my summers. Or autumns. Or my any-season. It actually never was. I may have eaten it on the very rare occasion as part of potato salad but when I did get to choose – i.e. when ordering fries – I would make sure no mayo touched those spuds. The smell alone makes me gag and vegan varities are no different. Ketchup’s a no-go for me, too, which shocks many people.
    My thermostat reads: way too cold for summer and I’m not ready for autumn. Invite me over to California once it has cooled off a little [us Northerners don’t deal well with extreme heat ;)]?!

    • I do not deal with HOT HOT HOT weather either, so you better believe I am “chillin'” in the cave until the temps get lower… And I am NOT subsisting on mayo, much like you 😉

  58. Ah I’ve been buying vegan mayo for awhile – but I love the idea of making my own. So much healthier (and cheaper!).
    I’m not a fan of jackfruit myself, but I bet this would go really well with mashed up chickpeas.
    “Do you have willpower when it comes to not eating specific foods that might not necessarily be good for you?”
    Nooooo… sadly I do not. We can’t keep potato chips or chocolate chips in the house haha ;p
    Hey lady – I’m so sorry but I had to take your recipe down from Healthy Vegan Fridays… I know you gave the jackfruit option (which is stellar!), but the recipes have to be completely vegetarian, no meat in the picture.
    I really appreciate your support with HVF though! You’re a rockstar =)
    Hope you have a great weekend!

  59. I HATE mayo, so this is great!

  60. Rebecca Swenor says:

    This mayoless tuna salad sounds like something I would love to try. I have to admit that this salad is one I am going to make because I don’t like mayo of any form. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  61. If I had a can of tuna, I’d make a sammich. (And don’t get excited, but I’d slather it with mayo.)

    • Ah ha ha ha! Don’t worry, I didn’t get excited. Tuna sandwiches remind me of what my mom used to make me when I was in grade school #popularatlunchwithmypeers

  62. Ok, I am SO late this week but tech problems on my blog have made me very cranky so you’ll thank me for not being here earlier, lol.
    I LOVE tuna and I add it whenever I can. I mix it with mushrooms, tomatoes and garlic and add it to (healthy) pasta and love lots of tuna salads. I never ever use mayo even in a tuna melt. This is fantastic and I’m loving your photo, girl!
    Happy Sunday!!
    Oh..why is everyone wishing the summer away. It’s boiling hot here but I am so not ready for Fall! Stop it, lmao

    • I AM SO READY FOR FALL omg!! You should move to Los Angeles, it’s pretty much always summer here, with September typically being the hottest month. UGH! hahaha!
      And I KNOW how tech problems go – UGH! I hope they’re all squared away?

  63. My favourite summer salad is watermelon and grilled haloumi, a perfect combination of sweet and salty in a plate. Here is my recipe if you are interested

  64. Ickkkk mayo totally grosses me out!!! Never ever liked it.

    • The stuff that’s majorly popular in the store creeps me out but this Primal Kitchen stuff that I use in a recipe I am posting tomorrow is pretty on point!

  65. I am not a big fan of mayo. Thanks for sharing with us at Creatively Crafty Link Party #CCBG

  66. Last fight . .err, argument I got in with my hubby was over tuna salad – – haha. Personally, I like a “little” mayo — it’s just eggs and olive oil, people

  67. I love those plates!

  68. Hi Gigi,
    On second review, I notice how cute the parachuters are under the vegetables! How creative!
    Thanks for bringing your post to the Blogger’s Pit Stop last week.
    Janice, Pit Stop Crew

  69. I like mayo fine but I’m not a globber…unless it’s Duke’s Mayonnaise in which case there’s total globulation going on. Like your idea of using the oil from the tomatoes as a dressing. I use pickle and olive juice in various ways so it’s not a strange idea at all! Thanks for sharing at Creatively Crafty #ccbg :)

  70. Okay, I’ll try it, but I like mayo in my tuna. Lol. Always enjoy your humor!

  71. Jacqui Odell says:

    My husband may like this, but honestly I am not a fan of tuna. Can’t stand the smell.

  72. When I think Tuna Salad, I automatically think mayo (which I don’t necessarily like). I am very happy to see this fun recipe! Will have to try this one for sure!

  73. I love the taste of olives in many dishes. It really enhances the flavor of a dish. Thank you for sharing your healthy and delicious MAYO-LESS Tuna Salad with us at the Plant-Based Potluck Party. I’m pinning and sharing.

  74. Now I have a reason to pick up that shredded jackfruit from Sprouts!

  75. Mayo doesn’t really turn me on, either. I’m kind of more of a vinegar girl. I will put that stuff on ANYTHING. I dunno why, I just really love vinegar.

  76. I am admittedly a mayo lover. I don’t eat it as often as I did before but mostly I just eat in some sort of pasta or potatoes salad that I’ll make. Although I could at least try making my own one day.

  77. Definitely. If I decide not to eat something – I will stick to it to death.
    Btw – I like mayo but I hardly eat it…. so no problem for me :)

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