Mean Girls Is Quite The Holiday Movie

“Okay seriously Christmas, I’m sorry that [you’re] so jealous of me… I can’t help that I’m so popular!”

“Shove a Kalteen Bar in your pie whole, Thanksgiving. PS: Stop trying to make ‘FETCH’ happen.”

“I can stick my fist in my mouth,” New Year’s Eve chimed in.

The Bachelor Fist in Mouth GiGi Dubois

At that absurd comment, both Thanksgiving and Christmas looked at New Year’s Eve with utter disgust and downright embarrassment.

Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Eve, on the surface seem to be civil with one another, however these holidays actually hold semblance to that of Gretchen WienersRegina George and Karen Smith or in other words, they’re all extremely jealous of one another.

Regina, Gretchen and Karen of Mean Girls as Christmas, New Year's Eve and Thanksgiving

I guess Cady Heron could be considered Kwanzaa because she lived most of her life in Africa after all (however she sort of morphs into Christmas Eve, thanks to not following the moral of this blog post and video).

Kady Haron or Lindsay Lohan as Kwanzaa

I bet if these holidays had a burn book

Christmas would write: Thanksgiving is such a fugly food slut

Thanksgiving Plate of Food

Thanksgiving would jot down: Christmas, you’re just such a hoe… Ho ho

Mrs Claus is a SLUT GiGi Dubois

And New Year’s Eve would scribble: There is a 30% chance that it’s already raining

Karen Smith Mean Girls There is a 30% chance it is already raining

Speaking of rain…. What’s the point of raining on someone else’s parade? Why does jealousy take such a strong hold of us? Do you see how far it got the ladies of Mean Girls

Regina George broken neck

I have the SLIGHTEST feeling that when YOU go home for the holidays, and you see your siblings, cousins, parents, step-parents, aunts, uncles, (step god children, twice removed and readopted?) and other relatives/friends… You might feel a truckload twinge of disdain as they BRAG AND BRAG about how they just got a $30k pay raise at work, lost 40 pounds by eating ONLY processed sugary GARBAGE or how their infant baby already graduated from an Ivy League college and is now building a website that will triumph Facebook. 

smart baby

Well Giovanna and I are here to help you WRANGLE IN your INNER BITCH that literally wants to come out and sucker punch Aunt Sally… Check out our collaborative video BELOW:

So tell me…

  • Are you excited for the upcoming holidays? Which holiday is your favorite?
  • Admit it: are you the jealous type? How do you wrangle in your comparative nature?
  • Favorite MEAN GIRLS quote… GO!
  • Giovanna and I are actually starting a new show together called Relationship Roulette, check it out here and let us know if you’d tune in! 
  • Do you have a Ms or Mr PERFECT in your life that you just want to slap?
  • What celebrity do you think is “perfect” in your eyes and why?
  • What other holidays do you see characters in Mean Girls as? Perhaps Aaron Samuels is… Boxing Day? **Winky Face** 


  1. I totally agree with you guys. I know to not compare myself to others but I still do. I think it’s just human nature to compare ourselves to others.
    And I hate to admit this but I am the jealous type. Oh, this girl has a job, doing well in school, has the perfect boyfriend, she has the “perfect” body, blah blah. Her make-up is perfect and all the guys like her pics on Facebook. That kind of thing. I compare that to me, and i feel bad about myself. I just got out of a bad relationship, I get jealous of guys liking her pictures, she’s smarter and has a better job, etc.
    It’s not healthy though because it is causing unneeded stress. Everyone is different.
    I guess I went on a rant for a little bit. Sorry!

    • Admitting that you suffer from jealousy is the first step in tackling it! Since you know you get jealousy relatively easily, when you do, just take a minute to really think about what you’re jealous of and remember that on the service other might look like the “ideal” you’re after… But they too are suffering in some fashion and are most likely jealous of someone else as well.

    • Hey Helen! It’s very easy to get sucked into comparing ourselves to others. Just remember this truth, “Jealousy only eats up your beauty. Have more faith in yourself, you have something that others don’t.” xoxo Giovanna

  2. Heck yes to Mean Girls- love this movie! Most memorable quote is definitely “You go, Glen Coco”- MAJOR LAWLLL! And you’re so right about not comparing and hating on others’ success- if only everyone could live like that, imagine how much more at peace our world would be!

    • HA HA HA HA! Glen Coco was such a minor role in the movie, but SHE STANDS OUT THE MOST 😉

      And I completely agree, I wish people could JUST stop comparing themselves to others already!

  3. I LOVE this post and I’m impressed you can fit your fist in your mouth! Ha. I’m not really the “competitive type” unless I feel like someone is competing with ME! Once in a while I will get jealous, but then I try to change it into feeling “happy” for that person instead of feeling jealous. Sounds cheesy, but I’ve learned there is no good that comes out of feeling jealous, UNLESS it motivates me to strive to be better in some way. Congrats on your new show too! It sounds like a lot of fun. 😉

    • Ha Ha – that’s just a circus trick I picked up way back when I was part of the Barnum and Bailey’s Circus….. LMFAO! So much you don’t know about me 😉

      And I am right there with you, I exchange jealousy for happiness for the person :) We can be CHEESY together – ha ha. Well, minus the cheese!

  4. The only holiday I can celebrate where I am now is a full moon party. Some people on earth do not celebrate thanksgiving, can you believe it? I’m kind of sure I’m missing out :)

  5. Love it GIGI! And I have never thought of this, but in a way, you are right on the marker! I think NYE is definitely in 3rd place for me….not that big of a fan, but yes, christmas is definitely regina george! It is hard not to compare to others, and we constantly have to remind ourselves, but we are so much happy when we just learn to love who we are!

    • I won’t lie to you, when I came up with this comparison, I was definitely giving myself a few too many pats on the back, LOL!!!!!!

  6. ahhhhh my family is in constant STOP TRYING TO MAKE FETCH HAPPEN quoting mode.
    <3 <3 <3


    the Hanukkah loving Jew

  7. Love this: Don’t compare your behind the scenes life with other people’s highlight reel. So true and great advice.

  8. Gigi is the celebrity who is perfect in my eyes! Mainly because of that fist in mouth trick.
    I love Christmas. I look forward to Christmas. All of the holidays have new life in my 30’s. They were a bit strange in my 20’s but I’m a mom now.
    I don’t have a favorite “Mean Girls” quote. I don’t get jealous very often, but I guess.. sure… people who are prettier and more successful than I am! Of course.

  9. Nice topic! The true battle is with the self!

    I’m not the jealous type even if my brother does lives in southern California and sits in his Jacuzzi and watches the sun go down :-(

    The only perfect celebrity was Mr Rogers, well and maybe Roy Rogers.

  10. The holidays are so fetch 😉 I’m definitely looking forward to them. Esp the food and goods!! It’s also epic to be out of work, so HOOAH! I’m sure fitting your fist in your mouth comes in handy :) Have a great one GiGi! -Iva

    • Ah ha ha ha! Oh yes, my fist in my mouth is the best party trick around lol!

      AND YES FOR THE HOLIDAYS! – Favorite dish… GO! 😉

  11. That was fun! I’ve always felt fortunate because I haven’t got into the bad habit of comparing myself to others (except when it comes to food photography and then I’m a jealous bitch, lol). I’m all about woman power and banding together and I wish we could do that and rule the world! Let’s promote each other and develop positive, rewarding relationships.
    As far as celebrities go, she’s not perfect but I adore Kate Winslet – her acting is genius!
    Looking forward to your project together, Ladies!

    • Thanks Robyn! I always remember this when I start to feel jealous “Jealousy only eats up your beauty. Have more faith in yourself, you have something that others don’t.” xoxo

    • OH ROBYN —— I cannot even compare my food photography with others – oh man, if I did, I would seriously put myself in a depressed state for AGES! LOL!!!!!

      And I love where your head is at — PROMOTING ONE ANOTHER is the best way to go! :)

    • “’I’m all about woman power and banding together and I wish we could do that and rule the world” –> Amen Robyn 😀

      • I really wish I had a few EMJOIS right now – I would use the hands praying one and the one with the person with a halo and maybe……. The monkey? lol

  12. Thanksgiving my most fave, only because I do the entire day. I cook and clean and have family here in my home. Football is on in each room {because I say so} and I just love the entire rush of planning and prepping my menu from start to finish. Every Christmas season my aunt sends out the “letter” you know the one that she hand writes {because she is one of those} with impeccable handwriting and the entire two pages is all about my cousins and her grand kids and just how AMAZING everyone is doing and how AMAZING they all are. Basically it is narcissism all wrapped up in a pretty envelope and sent to the entire family. After reading it you totally feel like sh….ttt balls and just want to drink yourself into the eggnog bowl. But other than that, we love the holidays LOL

    • WE SHOULD DO THANKSGIVING TOGETHER – we can skype it in, lol!!!!!

      OHHHH and I have SEVERAL relatives who will remain NAMELESS who do the SAME THING with the “letter” — GAG ME WITH A SPOON lol!

  13. Comparing is so hard and so easy at the same time. We all know we shouldn’t, but then something pops into our sphere and BAM, we start comparing!

    • It takes 30 days to break a bad habit! And once you know the truth “you are completely unique and there is no one in the world like you”, the temptation to compare can’t suck you in like it once did! :)

    • RIGHT?! Ugh! However, I can truly admit that I do not compare myself to others. I TRULY DO NOT! 😀

  14. It seems to me that the holiday season gives people the opportunity to gorge themselves. It is an excuse for them to feel happy about their pathetic lives for a small portion of the year. They lack discipline!! “Hey its thanksgiving, I can eat the WHOLE pumpkin pie.” or “It’s New Year’s, I can drink this whole bottle of vodka!” Its stupid and pointless. People, take a good look at yourselves and stop blaming society! Oh and Gigi, movies like “Mean Girls” have done more damage to society than sugar. Thanks! Great post!

  15. Christmas is my all time favorite holiday – in fact – we are putting our Christmas tree up tonight! :)
    My fav Quote has gotta be “I wish we could all get along like we used to in middle school. I wish I could bake a cake filled with rainbows and smiles and everyone would eat and be happy.” Our family here is smaller this year than last as my dad passed away – so it’s just my mom, sis and daughter -maybe some friends – noone that gets my dandruff stirred up :)

    • You’re probably putting up the tree… RIGHT NOW! Ah! I am envious – not jealous, envious in only the happiest of ways because I loveeeeeeeee Christmas decorating day! :)

      I’m sorry your XMAS won’t include your father this year, but in away he will be there – all of the memories will at least :)

  16. I mean this with all the love possible to the comment above me, but…”She doesn’t even go here!” 😛

    hehehe, anyway! You’ve gotten their holiday roles down pat! I adore that movie and recently re-watched it again since it’s such a classic. :] I’m not sure I have a particular favorite holiday–I just like the ones that give me an excuse to be with loved ones + eat awesome food, so I’d go with either Thanksgiving or Christmas! (Sorry, New Year’s!)

    • THANKSGIVING is TOPS for me in the eating & loved-ones department!!!!! 😀 😀 And you don’t have to worry about getting gifts for anyone, LOL!

  17. Really, really funny. And spot on! Terrific video, fun post. Perfect, you might say. :-)

  18. This is hilarious! Clearly I need to get my knowledge up on Mean Girls, I only watched it once a few years ago! I think I’m more of the envious type than the jealous type, lol. It’s so frustrating comparing yourself to others all the time, I think I’m just hard on myself about things!

  19. I think I have some kind of contrarian streak in me, because I often think about trying to make ‘Fetch’ happen. Or, equally uphill, getting Americans to accept Canadian Thanksgiving (it’s in October = further from Christmas, better weather) as their Thanksgiving instead.

    • NOOOOO we don’t need to accept it as an “instead” Thanksgiving, we can just DOUBLE UP!!!! DUHHH! Another excuse to eat truck loads but of course! 😉

  20. First, I’m still trying to see if you really fit your whole fist into your mouth, GiGi!!!
    I agree with y’all – it would be so much nicer if everyone could just be nice and supportive and not have all these petty jealous issues!!!

    • HA HA HA HA! Kim, I actually really can but that segment was for the Bachelor when I was on it earlier this year, and mid-way through that little stunt… I thought to myself: uhhhh this could be on National TV – maybe I should STOP! 😉

  21. Oh how I love Mean Girls – Four for you Glen Coco. You go, Glen Coco!

  22. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. We are hosting and I love that it is not about presents or religion just about family :)

  23. LOL Stop the hatin’ ya’ll! ((DROPS MICROPHONE & WALKS OUT))

  24. Love this post and I LOVE Mean Girls! Seriously one of my favourites!

  25. “Is butter a carb?” Mwhahahaha, classic.

    Love the focus of your video. It’s such a great reminder to not take life for granted and not to judge yourself against others. “Be the best you you can be.”

  26. Oh my god, only someone as genius as YOU would name the 3 weight gainer holiday giants and relate them with Mean Girls.

    This is why I love you.

  27. Christmas is my favorite holiday and I am extremely happy about it. I look forward to hanging out with family since this year has been such a whirlwind!! I can’t believe we are so close to 2015!!! #wowlinkup

  28. Dude. I don’t even know where to start. Ok, I’ll start with I haven’t seen Mean Girls so I pretty much didn’t follow along with this post. Sorry. So… your fist in mouth trick is cool. You’re cool. You eat celebrities, and probably absorb their powers and stuff. Which means, you are a celebrity yourself, not just an eater of one. SO… YOU are my favorite “perfect” celebrity. Awww. I know, right?

    I dunno, I don’t have much else except I loved the message in your video. By message, I mean we need to get back to playing more Nintendo. =)

    • CHRIS – you just know how to butter me up like a piece of bread, now don’t you!!!!!

      And guess what? Just bought me a WiiU today – so NINTENDOing it up… YES SIR!! :)

  29. ahh don’t remind me of lindsay lohan.. she’s just well… you know. I want to come to your relationship roulette party show!

    • GIRL YOU ARE INVITED! We filmed our first video – and we are going to start the show this coming MONDAY :)

      Lindsay Lohan should actually probably join too, LOL!

  30. omg! I love this post! And I so agree! I have not idea where this entire year went! I think I need to slow down a bit!


    • If only we could slow down time for a minute, right?!?!?! I guess we could if we traveled through a black hole? Okay, yeah, I just saw Interstellar – LOL!

  31. I really try to slow down during the holidays and connect/catch up with close friends and family! We spend so much time running around and its a good time to just chill! Happy Holidays Miss Gigi! xo C

    • RIGHT?! I am glad you try to SLOW DOWN… Sadly a lot of people tend to SPEED UP because they think they have X Y Z Q R S to do!!!! Everything will get done, PROMISE PEOPLE – PROMISE!

  32. Lol hilarious with a good message as always. Definitely hard for me to shut that inner mean girl up :) #wowlinkup

  33. I love all the holidays equally because I’m perfect. HA! What? Did you think this was a cheer-ocracy?

  34. Comparison is the thief of JOY . . . . . reminding myself

  35. OMG I love Mean Girls! In high school, I don’t think I went a single day without quoting “you go, Glen Coco” and “I’m a mouse, duh” at least once a day. Haha.

  36. On wednesdays we wear pink!! Love this and you as always!
    I love Mean Girls, but its definitely not my style! Nice Girls for the Win! xoxox

  37. Mean Girls is a hilarious movie!

  38. I’ve actually never watched Mean Girls!

    I think my favorite holiday is Christmas.

  39. Ha! I haven’t seen that movie in forever.
    It does seem as though the holidays are at war with each other. Stores had Christmas displays up before halloween. Craziness.

  40. “You go Glen Coco!” I dont know why it makes me crack up every time.

    Christmas is the only holiday. 😉 #wowlinkup

  41. I so loved this post and video. When you are walking in your truth there is no room for jealousy.

  42. “Is butter a carb?”

    I’m laughing SO HARD at your fist-in-the-mouth GIF. You are such a freaking weirdo hahahaha. If I’m ever in LA I’m 100% hitting you up to hang out.

    Wait, still laughing out loud by myself…

  43. Hard to choose a fave holiday…I love them all!
    I wouldn’t say I’m super prone to jealousy but I will admit that I absolutely compare myself and my level of “success” to others. So it mostly manifests itself in a career sense, and when I’m in a bad mood the very first thing I go to is “I’m such a failure blah blah blah…” and compare myself to anyone who seems to have made the career accomplishments that I only dream of. It’s really quite stupid and limiting and I’m working on cutting it out :)

    • Ugh! I really hate bad moods!!!!! They always lead us to think we are not good enough, when in fact there are plenty of people in this world who are actually JEALOUS OF US!! 😮

  44. “Why are you eating a Kalteen bar?” I love that movie so much!! I need to watch it right now! Jealous and comparing yourselves to others is so not worth it :)

  45. LOVE!!!!! Gigi, I have spent my life comparing myself – grew up learning that & never being enough. I am so much better now but the social media gets to me at times…. just you are always “told” even now that if you don’t look a certain way, you are just not enough. We write & talk about it but it does not change for the most part.

    I am trying to just let go of it but that old self creeps in at times….. Just way too many years of trying & Nos as I have written about before but time to move on….

    • I completely understand Jody! I am experiencing this a little bit right now, my brain is getting alittle too ahead of the game and it needs to shut up! We THINK TOO MUCH and it really gets the best of us sometimes! :( But at least when we CATCH IT … We can stop for a second, take a deep breath and refocus on what’s important.

  46. We are so excited for the holidays especially now with little Madison. For some reason kids make the holidays!

    We will admit we get jealous of others, but we are also happy for them too. In this world it can be hard to compare and get jealous. But then we stop and remember we are worth something!

    • I actually have a question for both of you – do you both ever get jealous of each other?? I always wanted to be a twin but then I realized that maybe it would be difficult because everyone would always be comparing us to one another thus we would start comparing ourselves to each other…

  47. fugly food slut…hahahaha literally rolling over here!

  48. Love this & I love Mean Girls (the movie, not people). My fav quote (there are sooo many)…”Don’t have sex, because you will get pregnant and die.” 😛

    • BAH HA HA HA AHA! That quote has stuck with me… Which is why… I am celibate… LMFAO 😉 jk! Or am I??? AHH HA AH!

  49. I have like ESP or something, I just knew this would be a totally cool post. ” I’m hot like salsa” and are thankful for that :) Anyone who has not seen mean girls better, very soon. Very good positive video.

  50. Haha you’re absolutely the best in content Gigi! Seriously I am kind of dreading the holidays for obvious reasons but shopping with you in definitely in the horizon ok?? BTW- Come check out my latest feature review on Boden’s brand new active/yoga wear this week at the blog & let me know what you think – there’s a 20% off too till Nov. 15!


    • Girl, seriously – I am in LA this week and then I go out of town the following week for T-Day… When are you FREEEEE! 😉

  51. Great post and I totally agree with all said! It is just human nature to compare ourselves to people around us. It is normal, but we shouldn’t allow this control our lives!

  52. Christmas of course! I don’t have a quote but I loved the movie! I will check your show out for sure!

    • Aw yes, XMAS sweaters, hot tea and family :) And yay, thanks Joi! I cannot wait to check out what you’ve been up to, it’s been too long!

  53. “You go Glen CoCo” <—- favorite quote. WHO THE EFFF are you jealous of online!? I know your behind…the scenes.

  54. You are so super awesome Gigi and I truly mean that. I love your attitude, your witty personality and how down to earth you are. I loved this video. You ladies are spot on that it is useless to compare ourselves to others….I honestly laugh at the airbrushed perfect photos I see on facebook that are ALWAYS taken inside the person’s car, LOL! Bottom line is there is not ONE perfect person with a perfect marriage, perfect body or perfect life. We all have flaws and we all have struggles and the people that portray that they don’t annoy the you know what out of me! I hardly spend anytime on Facebook anymore because it’s all just too annoying now. I only log on to post my recipes to my Vegan 8 page and that’s about it!

    • Do you know how much I love you Brandi?!?! You always make my day when you comment on my blog!!! Seriously. You need to come visit Los Angeles IMMEDIATELY because I know we would have such a flipping BLAST especially because you and I share all of the same views!!!! I LOVE the way you treat facebook too, because it’s worthless other than to post delicious recipes -;)

      • Awwww thanks girl! I totally agree!! I truly hope I meet you someday! You are just so awesome!!! Plus, you interviewed my biggest actor crush, Denzel!!! You are my hero, lol!
        We do need to meet so we can hang out and I can eat lots of maple syrup treats and you can have lots of stevia ones, LOL!! Yeah…I used to post to Facebook several times a day….a long time ago, but now it’s 90% food and an occasional pic of my daughter or cat for my family who doesn’t see my daughter often, it makes them smile, but honestly I really don’t have much to say on there anymore!

  55. Barb @ A Life in Balance says:

    Thank you for posting on Motivation Monday!

  56. Girl, you are so right. I still occasionally go into those phases where I start to compare myself with others and that’s like a total waste of time and creates so much unwanted stress. But I have been trying to stay away from such people and tell myself everyday that have faith in yourself and remember you can do anything! Everyone is different and got different sort of priorities in life!

    • Everyone is different and got different sort of priorities in life! <---- THIS is what we ALL need to remember!!!! We all have a different purpose, so comparing ourselves to one another is just plain silly!

  57. Although love the Christmas season and its traditions and colors and weather, I have to say that Thanksgiving is my favorite. And although a big part is because I get to shove endless amounts of crackers and cheese down my throat while watching football on my butt all day, the main reason is because of what it represents. I love the thought of a day centered around gratitude and thankfulness and family :)

  58. christmas is my favorite holiday! eagerly waiting for dec 1 so i can put up all my decorations :)

  59. This is great! I love reading your posts… especially when they are both informative, funny and insightful :) I think we all have a bit of jealousy in our bodies and it’s hard not to compare. I know I’m guilty. Sometimes we need a remind like your video to keep us in check :) So THANKS LADIES!
    Fave holiday… Thanksgiving. I love the time with my family and eating… duh!

    • I am right there with you – Thanksgiving ALL the way :)

      And I am glad Giovanna and I could remind you to just be incredibly thankful for who you are!

  60. Okay, so this has totally made me want to watch mean girls now. I am so excited for the holidays.

  61. Oh my gosh, I love Mean Girls so much. So many quotables! I think “I WANT MY PINK SHIRT BACK!” has got to be my favorite quote of the whole movie. Thanks for joining my weekly link party again :)

  62. Christmas all the way!! Thanksgiving doesn’t even hold a candle to Christmas — I can’t wait to decorate in a few weeks :)

  63. I love it. Mean Girls is one of my favorite movies – fave quote: “It’s like I have ESPN or something. My breasts can always tell when it’s going to rain. Well… they can tell when it’s raining.” #wowlinkup

  64. I’m like so sorry that I’m late to this post, but it’s Wednesday and on Wednesdays we wear pink 😉 Soooo…

    I do love Thanksgiving, and I feel kind of bad that this year I’m actually excited to jump into Christmas Whoville-mode. This is our first Christmas here in this house. Last year, we didn’t have all of OUR Christmas decor, we stayed in corporate housing, because my husband’s company relocated us. Needless, to say I’m quite excited to pull out the holly, I’m already listening to Christmas jams, because, kids 😉

    • I HAVENT listened to XMAS MUSIC YET but you just inspired me to!!!!!!! AHH! YAY! When do you start decorating?!

      • So? Have you listened to any Christmas music?
        We don’t pull out all the decor until after Thanksgiving, then it’s free game glitter, holly, jingle bells, and what not :)

        • I watched an animated XMAS movie…. Something soooo weird and never heard of by anyone… Does that count? LOL! I actually fell asleep while watching it, WHOOPS!

  65. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because I love to eat and it’s all about family together time. And as far as people that you just want to slap, mine would be people who always pretend their life is so perfect and you know it’s not (because no one’s is). And then they get a divorce because their husband is cheating on them, or they’re having an affair or something like that, and you’re like WHAT???

    • Can you believe it… Thanksgiving is in ONE WEEK!!!! Or maybe less than a week depending on when you read this!!!!

      Ugh! I hate people who sugar-coat their lives so much, that it’s so fake!!!! You are NOT fooling ANYONE!

  66. Thanks for sharing this at Savoring Saturdays, GiGi. :) It’s so important that we stop comparing! We were all made beautifully and wonderfully!

  67. I think I love Thanksgiving the most. I love the harvest and Halloween, pumpkins, squash and all things fall.
    This video was such a great tool, I think especially for those that have their entire existence on social media. If you must put every single thing on FB, something ain’t right. As you called it, “fakebook.”
    A person in a secure relationship does not have to showcase their entire relationship. Don’t compare, because only 50% is real. I also loved the part of the video about being supportive to loved ones. That is truly what life is about.

    • You make an EXCELLENT POINT!!! You’re HIDING something if you post everything on social media, because you’re hiding behind a cloak of “fake”… YOU ARE SO RIGHT! It makes so much sense!

  68. You DO have ESPN…because I am watching this right now 😉


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