Making Meatzas With Molly Sims

So you think supermodels don’t eat.



That FORK is WORKING IT into Kate Moss‘s mouth!

tyra banks eating a twinkie

Tyra Banks is MAKING LOVE to the Twinkie…

alessandra ambrosio eating

Alessandra Ambrosio is “tearing the sheet” out of those fries and steak!


The Food Pervert and I… Auditioning for the next Carl’s Jr ad?

Clearly… Supermodels eat.

Wait… You didn’t know Pervy and I are supermodels? Were you born yesterday? 

Whoa Hey Tara and GiGI

Tee He He.

Welp… I guess if you were… Then I am going to have to introduce you to the inspiration behind The Food Pervert and my latest Book To Plate video… 


Hopefully, you remember what Book To Plate is. To remind you REAL quick though… It’s the series where The Perv and I take celebrity “authored” books… And recreate recipes from or create recipes inspired by said books.  


Today’s kitchen-astrophe with my food-loving main squeeze was inspired by Molly Sim‘s… You know, that supermodel… Book: The Everyday Supermodel.


In her book, she discusses the importance of eating high quality protein as well as loading up on the FIBER… (You see… SHE EATS TOO!)

So we decided to implement said SMART ideas into our latest creation.


Say Hello to our MEATZA MODELS in the latest Book To Plate video BELOW! 


Individual Meat Crust Pizza


  • 1/2 LBS ground grass fed/finished beef (The Butcher Box supplied us with this ground meat)
  • 1/2 CUP minced cauliflower*
  • 1/4 CUP minced carrots*
  • 2 – 3 TBS tomato sauce
  • 1/4 CUP (or less) diced onion*
  • Zucchini slices* (and anything else you’d like), for topping
  • Salt & pepper to taste

Model your meat after a pizza…

  • Preheat your oven to 360 degrees.
  • Put your ground meat into a bowl and add the cauliflower and the carrots. Season with salt and pepper (and if you have other herbs/spices on hand… Throw them in there too!) 
  • Once meat and vegetables are all mixed together… Flatten meat out into a pizza shape on a baking sheet. 
  • Bake in the oven for roughly 10 – 12 minutes. 
  • While the meat cooks, prepare your toppings. I sliced up zucchini rounds and minced up baby onions, courtesy of Melissa’s Produce… 
  • When the meat is cooked, take it out**, top it with your pizza toppings and throw back in the oven for another five to 10 minutes depending on how COOKED you want your toppings. 
  • Remove from oven… Plate on a bed of lettuce or make the SUPERMODEL SALAD we made in the video… And strut a slice in your mouth? 

* Thank you Melissa’s Produce for supplying us with the GARGANTUAN assortment of petite veggies!

** When removing pizzas from oven, be careful as the meat gets A LITTLE greasy… Try not to burn yourself! 



  • What meal did you recently eat that you thought was “model perfect”?
  • Which supermodel do you feel needs an extra cheeseburger?
  • Who’s happy to see The Food Pervert and I back in the kitchen?! Get ready… She and I will be making monthly videos again!
  • Have you ever made pizza at home? How was that experience for you?
  • What are your favorite pizza/ meatza toppings?
  • If you were to write a book, what would it be about?
  • Do you remember the vegetable I considered to be RUNWAY READY way back in the day?


  1. These look really yummy, I love the video addition!

    • Thanks Jennifer :) It’s my thing! Every week I have a video + blog post! Hope you come back again next week!

  2. You two have the best time with each other. The food looks delicious.

  3. I’ve heard of meatzas before, but have yet to actually try making them. These sound so good! <3

  4. LOL! Great pics and looks delicious!

  5. This is like your wet dream. If it was made with salmon.

  6. This made me hungry! I’ll need to see if Lynne fancies these “Meatza’s” I sure do!

    I’d have mine with chopped mushrooms, sweetcorn kernels and a little grated cheese on top, cause that’s one of my favourite combinations!

    Yes, I can definitely imagine having these. Yum! :-)

  7. Although I’m a vegetarian, I do have frequent, hot-and-heavy affairs with chocolate covered almonds and milk shakes. I don’t fancy myself a supermodel, so what the hell! I always enjoy your posts. Even if they do endorse meat! You’re pretty damn hilarious, and all my friends are meat-lovers so I feel right at home here :)

    • I am beyond thrilled that you stop by even if you don’t FANCY THE MEAT Rica! I truly appreciate it and I love hearing from you. Chocolate covered almonds would be the death of me… As I wouldn’t be able to stop – EVER! HA HA! And um. Milk shakes… SWOON! What’s your favorite kind??

  8. Meat Crust Pizza! Ohhhh hheyyyyyy! This looks delish and a must try!

  9. Yay – so glad to see you two back in the kitchen! Yup, I’ve made pizza at home – but never a Meatza! You gals are freaking genius super models! :)

  10. I love making pizza at home. When I do it has to have crust and cheese and no meat please.

  11. I must admit that I have never hear the term “meatza” before. Clearly I am not a super model! :) This was a fun post and always interested to read how and what others eat.

    • Well I am glad I could introduce you to the MEATZA!! Definitely something you should try in the near future :)

  12. im not a meat eater, but im here for the pictures of supermodels eating food! SO INSPIRING!! Hahaha.
    i make pizzas at home, but use pita bread for the crust. its my fav quickie dinner :)

    • It’s such a quick awesome idea, right?! Do you eat chicken or turkey? If you eat those – you can make MEATZA that way :)

  13. Mamma Mia!! Where da stuffed crust at??

    I once made a pizza in college where I was trying to duplicate one from my favorite pizza place. For reasons unknown to me now, I thought that they used molasses in the crust. Nothing could make that “cookie” edible!

    We make pizzas at home occasionally using Pita bread.

    • You see my stuff crusted pizza! Stuffed with cauliflower and carrots – WAY HEALTHIER than THE CHEESE 😉

  14. Really entertaining video. I had never heard of a meatza before. What an interesting idea…. Thank you for the share and I look forward to your next Book to Plate.

  15. I’ve not tried one of these meat-za’s before, they sound so good!

  16. So many delights. So many questions. So many answers.
    Yes, I make pizza at home (cough cough.. Cassidy does) and it’s worlds better than elsewhere. Although you know I actually do love frozen pizza, but not just any kind.
    I think everyone needs a cheeseburger personally. Like me right now.

  17. You know I have to ask but think this could be made with ground turkey??? YUM!

  18. MY fave pizza topping is cheese and mushrooms! Great post.

  19. Yum. This sounds pretty good. My boys love to make pizzas, but I don’t think they would work well with raw meat. I just have visions of meat thrown around the kitchen..yuck. But, I’ll make it for all of us. Love the video!

  20. PB2 with a sweet potato, LOL! Unfortunately, there’s no photo of any celebrity eating sweet potatoes but I can gladly say that Matthew Morrison went on an all-sweet potato and water diet for his shirtless Glee scenes–I mean, if you look up his six pack, then it all speaks for itself! XD If I had one of these pizzas, I’d top it with tons of grilled vegetables, basil, spicy marinara, or make a Tandoori spice pizza 😛

    • Grilled veggies would be SOOOOOOO amazing on these meatzas! 😀 😀 😀
      And um….. The Sweet Potato Diet huh?!?! I need to google Mr. Morrison… Won’t lie to you, haven’t thought about HIM in awhile ha ha!

  21. This sounds good! I’ve heard of all cauliflower crusts too. I love the creativity with food these days.

  22. Well anyone who thinks supermodels do not eat are crazy…I have never made pizza at home but the way things are going I think I am going to have to find a recipe soon

    • Right?! OF COURSE THEY EAT! I mean… EVERYONE HAS TO EAT in order to survive! And they’re living and breathing! 😉

  23. I wonder if this would work with tempeh :)

  24. Oh, now this is totally pinnable for us. We’ve been talking about high protein snacks that would help our dietary variety.

  25. That’s a really good idea! I’ve never heard of anything like this before but I’m definitely intrigued to try it out!

  26. This looks so delicious! I have never thought of it before. I am totally trying it out tonigh!

  27. Love this!! I think my family will enjoy making Meatza’s on our Friday Pizza & Movie Nights… My kids are total carnivores, so hiding the veggies i the meat crust will be perfect! Thank you so much for sharing this at the Sunday Fitness & Food Link-Up. Hope to “see you” again next week :-) Pinned & stumbled

    • I am thrilled you like my idea of HIDING THE VEGGIES in the meat 😉 I thought it was pretty “genius” myself – ha ha! Let me know what your kids think!

  28. i LOVE YOUR LOVE AFFAIR WITH FOOD GiGi and the fun yo have, you got the joys of living Your Recipes are totally hilariously unique and look absolutely yummilicious :)

  29. I have never thought to make a meat crust pizza, but it is a great idea! I know my mom would love to have a recipe like this as she watches her carbs carefully!

  30. My hubs would love the meatza! I usually go for the cauliflower crust myself but if I want pizza I want the bread! ‘This model loves her carbs :)

    • HA HA! I need to re-make cauliflower crust again! I remember it being really good, but kind of a process! However… I AM WILLING to try again 😉

  31. Lady’s !!!!! so good to see you both here today, Tara as beautiful as ever :) My kind if meal ! this is a big hit for me. I would top mine with shredded provolone, mozzarella, diced mushrooms and crumbled bacon :)
    Emily Ratajkowski I think has a great models body but Gigi Hadid needs to super size her next meal. Pizza is like my kryptonite thin and cheesy hey sounds like some super models Ha Ha Ok now that super putt down the hallway what’s up with that ????? WOW and I saw some one in this vid scratching their head in the back ground :)

    • I had a feeling you might be happy to see TARA again! She will be making her way back onto the blog every month, so you get to see her stunning face much more often!

      And um… NEVER mention GiGi Hadid ever again. Please? lol I THINK you know why!

  32. Thanks to Chrissy Teigen I realized models do eat, they just eat smart. For pizza I go for cheese or ham. I’ve mad cauliflower and garbanzo bean crust. hated the garbanzo. But love the cauliflower working on making it crunchier.

    • So you EITHER have cheese OR ham??? Interesting!
      And I am sad the garbonzo bean crust was gross… I love those little suckers – ha ha!

  33. WOW! This sounds so interesting. Looks so beautiful and delicious :-)

  34. I have a question for you: how come Food Network is not calling offering you and Pervy a cooking show??? What is wrong with those people over there? Clearly they are missing out!
    I like this meatza way better than some snooze-fest pizza. I had a total model perfect meal last week. It was roasted eggplant/tomato/fresh basil/kalamata olives mix, with sides of roasted cauliflower and sauteed fresh spinach with garlic. Trying to eat more vegan meals but I made my meat & potato lovin’ hubby eat it too! Muwhahaha!! (evil laugh). I loved it. He ate it because he was starving. Muwhahaha! (evil laugh again)
    We make pizza at home but like to do either grilled thin crust or cast iron pan pizza with everything on it! Including anchovies (lots of them for me!).

    • GIRL – Tara and I are ASKING THE SAME QUESTION… HA HA HA! But… In due time. IN DUE TIME… Want to write a joint letter to the casting people over there 😉

      AND UM YOUR MODEL MEAL SOUNDS 1000000% UP MY ALLEY (of course with a little chicken, he he he) BUT UMMM! Now I want some eggplant! I haven’t had that veggie in so long. Not sure why I don’t have it more often, it’s so friggin’ DELICIOUS!!! Isn’t it funny to make our men eat veggies and things they don’t want – HA! 😉 But hey… We have the FORCE!! TEE HE HE!


  35. This looks good, and high in protein! I never would have thought to model it after a personal pizza!

  36. The Food Pervert is a FABULOUS name. I truly laughed out loud.

  37. This looks like a great balance between protein and veggies. I have never tried a non flour crust before. Will have to try this! Thanks

  38. Favorite pizza topping?? I’d have to say pineapple for sure!!

    • Really?!??! I have NEVER EVER had pineapple on my pizza before!! Or really I think the last time I had pineapple was when I was 16!

  39. You’ve taken glorified burger without the bun, and given it a MUCH COOLER name! BAM. The raw meat scared me, but the toppings sure look tasty! I had a faaatttt salad with my version of meatza aka beans and potatoes….made me feel great. HA.


  40. You really can make meat do whatever you want it to. Ha!

    Seriously though all that would back me up for days I eat meat so rarely. Perhaps a meatless Meatza with tofu or soyrizo or Tempeh. I could get behind that. It looks delicious though most things do right now thanks to The Fast.

    We do homemade pizza regularly. For a special occasion we’ll make homemade dough but most of the time we use flour tortillas. Take two wet one side of one with water then place them together=instant crust. I learned it from my buddies Italian roommate so you know it’s legit.

    • Did you see my MEAT WAFFLE?! I mean, it was in due time that I would make it into a pizza, ha ha ha!

      It’s so interesting to hear how foods affect people so differently. Anything soy based or vegan… I cannot stomach AT ALL! I don’t eat red meat ALL THAT MUCH – but when I do… It’s always grass-fed/finished :) That being said, I can NEVER EAT SOY AT ALL… Unless I have a death sentence. UGH.

      And flour tortillas are such a great pizza trick! If you like THIN CRUST pizza that is – and lets be real. When I could eat pizza, I LIKED THE THICK THICK THICK CRUST… Stuffed with cheese! WOOOOO! LOL! But I guess the “inner crust” situation could be something similar to stuff crust!

  41. looks delicious! I like to make pizza at home and had a great experience with it, tastes so much better!

  42. I’ve made pizza at home a few times though I tend not to worry about making it healthy! I love topping a homemade pizza dough with chicken and sweet chilli sauce, or peppers and red onion with coriander.

    • Chicken and Chili Sauce sound like AWESOME toppings…. MMMMMM!!!! Coriander sounds intriguing to me. That will be something to try on my next go-round!

  43. I am glad that a supermodel has spoken out about the importance of eating because, how would they manage to be on their feet so long if they didn’t eat?!

    • RIGHT???!! People don’t realize that supermodels actually have VERY hectic and busy lives – it’s not all posing for photos!

  44. Wow, when you make a meat pizza, you make a meat pizza! Can’t beat that. (Let’s not go there.) LOVE the idea — very clever. Good stuff — thanks.

  45. What a great idea. Tasty and purty too!

  46. We make cauliflower pizzas allllll the time. But meatza… that needs to go down soon (TWSS). I wanna be a meatza model…

  47. Meat crust pizza? Shut the front door! I see a meatza in my very near future. Usually we make quinoa crust or oat crust pizzas at home and love them. It’s time to branch out.

    • Ha Ha! I don’t want to be rude and shut the front door on your face but….. I wouldn’t want to share my pizza so I might? LMFAO!!

  48. Love the video. You guys are so fun! I’m a vegetarian so I’m leaning more toward that salad with those potatoes, but I’m sure my fiance would LOVE a meatza! Great post!

    • Ha Ha! You could make this pizza with …. Um… Do you eat eggs? Have you ever made cauliflower pizza crust?

  49. This is probably very unlady-like of me but I LOVE MEAT!!!!! So hellz yeah I’m all about you meatza creation. Peace out carb loaded crusts….


  50. Well, does a big cookie count as a meal & model perfect! 😉 I think they need to eat more cookies! There are sooooooo many too thin ones out there to even count! Good ole Hollywood & the industry in general….

    I have never tried to cook a pizza & probably a good thing! :)

    • Ugh. I hate the “standards” that the Hollywood crowd “has to” conform to. It’s disgusting. Who the heck makes these “rules” anyways?!?! BLECHHH!!!!!

  51. My brother would love this meat crust pizza. He is obsessed with all foods meat. Pizza is super easy and super yummy to make.

  52. Well, when I make pizza at home I tend to make it deep dish because I like gluten. But I was born with a body that happily gobbles that stuff up. If it didn’t and I ate meat, sure I’d make a meatza. Because that word is fun to say😉

    • BAH H AHA HA HA! AREN’T YOU ONE LUCKY LUCKY LADY!!!!!! Cause um. DEEP DISH IS THE SHITTTTTTT!!!! Oh and don’t get my started with STUFFED CRUST! HA! GIMMEE! Shit son. I will sooooo be eating pizza on my death bed! LOL! But… Lets NOT talk about that right now!

  53. I’ll admit that I was skeptical when I first saw the Meatza but after watching your “oh so smart and fun” video, I’m convinced to try it!

    My last “model ready” meal was lunch. I had lentil soap loaded with herbs and finished with olive oil and apple cider vinegar and a green drink juice made out of green tea, celery leaves, kale, lemon and avocado. hmmm…

    • “Meatza” can definitely sound a BIT ODD at first, but I am glad you’re now intrigued by it 😉 The video did the trick, he he! I will continue to make them!

      And your lunch totally sounds cat walk ready!!! Lentils are TOTALLY underrated and they need their spot light! There such an awesome source of vegan protein!

  54. does quinoa cookies loaded with chocolate chip count to be supermodel food? i think it should 😛

  55. Now that sounds like my kind of pizza, meat crust! I feel old, I only know 2 of the 4 models, besides you and The Food Pervert of course.

  56. That’s a lot of meat. My family would love it!

  57. These look delicious! My niece would love these. Ps love your humor!

  58. My niece is a model. We go out to eat often, and she eats whatever she wants, and eats as much as I do. And she never goes to the gym. I think she might actually be a robot. A very pretty robot.

  59. Love that basket of mini veggies! And as far as this-it reminds me of an openface burger-but way better. I’ll top mine with fries, please!

  60. Squishing meat. My favorite past time 😉 I’m excited for your monthly posts with The Food Pervert- let the games begin! I’ve made pizza at home. It was OK, I prefer coal oven pizza and I’m not rich enough to have a brick oven in my house.

    • You should bring your batter/made pizza (from home) to a Papa John’s or something… And be like HEY… Think you could THROW THIS IN YOUR OVEN?! K. Thanks!

  61. Robyn @ Simply Fresh Dinners says:

    I’ve never heard of a meatza but I’m all over this – love it! Great ingredient combo. I bet it was delicious.
    I don’t pay much attention to the supermodels except for those hilarious youtube videos that show them wobbling on their heels before they crash on the runway. hahaha!
    Looking forward to future videos with your partner in crime :)

  62. I LOVE THIS! I need to get on this 😉 xoxo C

  63. I just made my first Meatza a few months ago and loved it! Yours looks delish!!!!

  64. What a clever post! I’m so happy to find you. Visiting from Anything Blue Friday.

  65. I’ve just gone veggie but this looks so good! I tried to make pizza at home once and the dough seemed to merge with the worktop! It took ages to clean it all up 😀

  66. You two are so freaking cute, and great idea. I feel like my body is craving lost of protein lately.

    • Those cravings can be INSANELY strong!! I know I get protein cravings ALL THE TIME – this recipe fits the bill PERFECTLY!

  67. You had me at meatza. I love the concept of book to plate.

    • Thanks Brianna!! :) Tara and I have been doing it for a little while now, however we took a mini break, but now we are BACK! Thanks for your encouragement!

  68. HI GiGi,
    Love the MeatPizzza idea and all those healthy veggies. Love the video – I think you both are super stars yourselves. Thanks for sharing on Real Food Fridays. Pinned & tweeted!

  69. I really enjoy the way you lay out the recipes, pictures and videos. It is not only entertaining but it makes you want to try out the recipes. You guys are doing an excellent job :-)

  70. I think my mom would probably like that dish, me myself not so much ahahahha

  71. This is genius-meat crust pizza! Love it! Thanks for linking up to #tastytuesdays

  72. Never heard of Meatza’s before but these look great! @HomeMattersParty

  73. Meatzas are a new food phenom for me! What a fun and yummy idea! Thank you for partying with us at the Healthy, Happy, Green and Natural Party Blog Hop. I’m pinning and sharing this!

  74. I love making homemade pizza, it’s a family favorite in my home. Thanks so much for sharing with us at Savoring Saturdays gluten free linky party. Hope you’ll join us again this week.

  75. Awesome recipe😘

  76. Really didn’t even know a meatza was a thing! LOL! I love making homemade pizzas though – going to try me a little meatza soon! :)

  77. I love this twist on a classic dish like pizza!

  78. What a fun and creative recipe! My husband makes home made pizza with our kids all the time.

    • Well this is definitely a different, protein packed and just as ever rendition – you should show your husband and have it make it! 😉

  79. Looks yummy gigi. Wish i had a chance to get them hot for my dinner