Meghan Trainor, HP and I #BendTheRules

As scrumptious food bloggers, our lips are typically always moving because we’re constantly foodgasming over our latest unique and just plain brilliantly delicious kitchen creations.

GiGi Dubois and Tara Redfield Eat Delicious AppetizersPaleo Eclairs

Balls of Cake


The noises I make on the regular when conceiving new recipes (ha ha, see what I did there?) probably have my neighbors thinking I am filming ANOTHER type of video

GiGi Dubois love balls

However… That is NOT the case and in fact today… My lips are moving because I am ALL ABOUT HP


Humongous Pancakes?

Hungarian Paprika?

Halibut Parfaits?

Ohhh… Well, now I sort of want to talk about Halibut Parfaits… But I won’t because I am sure a lot of you might think that sounds pretty repulsive.

The HP I am actually referring to is Hewlett Packard. The electronic gadget company… You know what I’m talking about, right?

HP Logo

Any who… HP reached out to me because they’re partnering with Meghan Trainor to give us a glimpse behind the scenes of her first tour happening… NOW (check out more info about the tour)… And they wanted me to help them get the word out there.

GiGi Dubois holds HP computer Meghan Trainor

Much like Walden Farms syrup atop my paleo waffles (or… a weird way of saying “on top of that”), HP ALSO sent me a HP Pavillion 360 because, well… This computer wants to #BENDTHERULES when it comes to technology and HP knows I am all about pushing boundaries too!

HP Computers GiGi Dubois Meghan Trainor

Check out this GYMNAST of a computer (click PLAY)… And see how it can boost your PRODUCTIVITY x10000… Among other things! 

 So Tell Me…

  • Are you all about that base?
  • What are your thoughts on Meghan Trainor? Do you even know who she is?
  • Do you like to #bendtherules?
  • MAC or PC?
  • What’s your favorite piece of technology?
  • What celebrity would you like to play Battleship against? 
  • Halibut Parfaits anyone?


As you can see, I am #Bendingtherules with HP & Meghan Trainor in today’s post. Although this post/video is sponsored, all opinions are my own. DUH!

HP Computers #Bendingtherules in technology with GiGi Dubois and Meghan Trainor


  1. I loved Robot Wars!!!!

  2. I’m back! To quote the first robot that became a state governor. Just yesterday I was on Youtube looking for Robot Wars videos, lol!

    No question, when it comes to most sports, the legs are key to success. Is her “base” part of the legs?

    My airplane, of course!!

    PC here. Just got a new HP laptop :-)

    • Oh did you?! What kind of HP did you get????? And her base is… THE WHOLE SHE-BANG! – What you see, is what you get 😉

  3. I am really upset with my laptop for being on strike with all audio/video capabilities. :'( That being said, it might be a sign from above that I need a new one, if the tech dudes at my school can’t fix this! :O I’m definitely a PC girl. :]

    Not gonna lie, halibut parfaits sound…interestingly strange. Tell me more!? :O

    • Hmmm Farrah… If you’re having a lot of problems, perhaps we should chat! Feel free to email me, I can help you out!

      And um, I think a Halibut Parfait is in the works for an upcoming video!! 😉

  4. That laptop/tablet is sooooo cool! Will you send me one.. 😉 😉

    • I WOULD LOVE TO SEND YOU ONE – if only I was the final decision maker! Perhaps I can chat with HP and see if we can do a giveaway of sorts! :)

  5. PC for me. I’ve Never owned a MAC, but would like to have one.

    Halibut parfaits, not so sure about that them. I would try it.

    Meghan Trainor is awesome!

    I would play Battleship with hubby, but he’s only a celeb in my book. :)

    My favorite tech, PC.

    Not sure about the base!

  6. haha balls in your mouth. I do that a lot… er with bites 😉

    i’m a Mac girl now, switched from PC!

  7. Ha ha ha, you’re mad. 😉

    And you just had to mention Meghan Trainor for me to watch the video didn’t you (I would have watched it anyway :-) ). Yes I’m a huge fan!

    Nice HP! Seeing as I used to work for their competition (rhymes with Tell) it could be one I look into more closely when I upgrade in a few months Your first sale???

    • Ah ha ha! Well now I know you’re weakness. I will just have to tell you every one of my videos are about Meghan Trainor! ha ha ha ha!

      And if you’re really interested in this laptop, lets talk, because I am actually going to sell it!

  8. So my work makes workout shirts once a year for everyone and this year they say “all about that base.” it is a long story why but I really hope that there is an arrow pointing to the ass.
    My lips are always moving. Either eating or talking (usually something snarky).
    I would take you on in battleship. It would be ON. Like Donkey Kong. Slash can we just play Diddy Kong Racing?

    • Girl, just wear that shirt backwards if All About That Base is on the front… And take a sharpie and make an arrow, DUH 😉

      AND HECK YES TO DIDDY KONG RACING!! I’ve got a WiiU, now I just need you to come over!

  9. LOL Ok this is great- that’s HP laptop/tablet it really cool. I’m going to need to google because I am not sure who Meghan Trainor is (I am out of the loop lol!).

    • Ah ha ha!!!! Girl, sometimes it’s BEST to be out of the loop, however Meghan has a way of definitely putting pep in your step 😉

  10. Halibut parfait haha ewww. I <3 pc. I had a mac once during high school that I got for free actually when I took a fancy class. Then it broke somehow and I never got a replacement. That was all far longer ago than I care to admit. We could use another laptop, but are waiting to finish up our house and buy other necessities like flooring and an entire kitchen, cabinets, plumbing, install electrical stuff ('cuz I know how all that stuff is called and all) before we getting yet another piece of technology. Once that finally does happen, it will probably not be a mac.

    Annnyyhooww, how fun for your new project 😉

    • Yeah, I think finishing up your house probably comes before getting a new computer 😉 I’m excited to see how your house turns out though!

  11. So that balls gif wins this post. You’re my hero. Please bring your balls to San Diego. The end.

  12. Oh wow! I must confess I have never heard of Meghan Trainor before and just hopped over from the linky party on Jingle/Jangle/Jungle. :-) Clearly I have a lot to learn! But I do have 3 mac computers and love every one of them for different reasons. I don’t play any games on my computer but I have enjoyed several rounds of “Cards Against Humanity” with friends recently…and Halibut Parfait sounds gross.

    • CAH is the best game ever!! I should try and figure out how to create a blog game/link up dedicated to that game because it’s just too good!!!! And one of the cards will say “Halibut Parfait” – LOL!!

  13. Halibut parfaits…you may be on to something…maybe. 😛 I like Meghan Trainor! Her songs are catchy :)

    • OH YES! I am going to conjure up a delicious HALIBUT PARFAIT recipe in the very near future – lol! Hold me to that 😉

  14. im fo sho all about dat base! Haha but seriously, I NEED PRODUCTIVITY in my life..maybe this is the golden ticket?

  15. I don’t know a WHOLE lot about HP, but one thing I do know is, in the great words of the McDonald’s ads, “I’m lovin’ it”. Why? Because my fiance currently works for them and they do seem like a great company. He enjoys it!

    • AH HA HA HA! You don’t know that much about HP but your hubby works for them. Does he not talk about work at the dinner table?? LOL!!! 😉

  16. I’m all about that MAC and my favorite techy thing is my iphone. Can’t live without her!

  17. Haha – I want a robot to take me to far off places too! I have no clue what the show is – but I want to know too…
    I am a huge PC fan – but, did not know the HP Pavillion 360 had a touch screen – that’s just too cool! So…when are you gonna be posting those halibut parfaits???

    • What’s funny is when I got this lap top, I had no idea it was touch screen either until I accidentally touched something! LOL! You can imagine my reaction!

      And Halibut Parfaits… Coming to a blog post in March since this is obviously an intriguing idea! 😉

  18. Oh, I am a Mac girl and my husband purchased a PC for me a few months ago. I am getting used it, but not a huge fan so far! It has a touch and removable screen.. so some great features, but I can’t find anything!

    • NOT GOING TO LIE – when I got this computer I did not have a clue how to use it because I am a MAC girl myself, but it’s easy to get used to – and this HP is pretty SWEET!!!

  19. And here I thought HP meant Haberdashery Party. Live and learn, grasshoppers, live and learn.

  20. Girl, you crack me up!!!! Although I’m usually pretty envious of anyone around me who has a MAC, I own only PC’s. Unlike those halibut parfait’s, this HP looks pretty sweet!!!!

  21. Loving the sexual innuendos. Totally fits your goofy personality haha

    I’m so NOT a techie gal but of course I use the basics — laptop, smart phone, etc.

    I don’t LOVE Meghan Trainor but I have nothing against her music! All About That Bass is just wayyyy overplayed here IMO.

  22. Of course I love Meaghan! Impressed by how creatively you weaved in that HP-nice!

  23. Okay the balls in the mouth photo made me laugh so hard lol. I’m a PC girl and honestly everything techie thing is my home is my favorite because I couldn’t live without them :)

    • RIGHT?! I cannot live without my technology too – I just cant! If my internet goes out – I KIND OF… SORT OF… FLIP OUT!!! LOL!!!!

      And yes, I like balls in my mouth. I should go to rehab – HA HA!

  24. I like Meghan Trainor. I’m not a super fan, but I think she’s alright. I can’t believe that she’s only 21, though?!

  25. I want!

  26. Hmmm…I can’t say that I know who Meghan Trainor is. Well, now I do because I just Google’d her. I actually did know who she was…I just didn’t know her name. You know what would be neato? Playing Battleship against Russell Crowe…but only the Les Miserables version of Russell Crowe, not the Gladiator version. (Not that I have anything wrong with Gladiator…it’s one of my favorite movies! I just think playing Battleship against the Les Mis version of Russell Crowe would be more epic.)

  27. Hi GiGi! I LOVE my apple lap top but I have to admit that your Hp gadget is pretty cool. I’d love to play ‘Battleship’ against Kevin Spacey. I love him! Random I know––you asked! 😀 xx

  28. I love Meghan Trainor’s song – my boys are mortified every time it comes on around me and I bust out “All about that bass….” I love being the mom of teenage boys!!!
    I’m a Mac fan but that HP looks pretty awesome. Chris still like HP – maybe he would like one of those and then I could “borrow” it occasionally!!!

    • OMG if I have sons…. That will be so funny! I plan to embarrass them CONSTANTLY!!!!!!!!! AH HA HA HA AH! You have the right mindset Kim 😉

  29. Here you go Mystery Science Theatre, yes I remember,,, this is a funny episode.
    I was caught singing all about that base delirious from a 74 hour work week in the car at a light. I was looking pretty fly. I have two HP’s and I’ll play Battleship with you on line :) I’ll look for one of these in the store next trip. We all must bend the rules ?? Enjoy the episode

    • Can we play Battleship on line?!?!!? That would be kick booty!! HA HA!!

      And Mystery Science Theater isn’t quite what I was thinking! Mmm I really need to figure this out!

  30. I’m all about PCs, about PCs, about PCs, babe. No Macs for me. Neither McD nor Steve Jobs’ apple baby. Though, sssh, I have been pondering a switch because my laptop’s not been too cooperative anymore these past months. Or maybe you can tell me how I can get get HP to send me a free laptop for some [rule] bending action, too 😉 ?!

  31. OK – PC here & always have been cause hubby is in the business & he is all about PC, not Mac. :) Saying that – I need that – I don’t even have a laptop or notepad or anything. See if they will let you do a giveaway!!! :) That is the coolest thing! Must show hubby but we can’t afford AND HP never gives discounts to resellers… :)

    OK – you know I heard cookies first – COOKIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. PC gal here. I had to use Macs when I was on the yearbook staff back in high school, and since then I’ve sworn that I’ll never touch a Mac computer again. Everything for work is PC based, which makes me quite happy.

    • It’s so funny how people are either TOTALLY FOR MAC or TOTALLY for PC! I have met more MAC lovers than PC lovers… So in my eyes you are like a unicorn! 😉

  33. I’m all about PCs … and I’m totally loving this great computer! And I may be having a sing along right now as well.

  34. I was gonna answer some of your other questions but then got to “Halibut Parfaits’ and the answer was such a strong ‘nooooooo!’ that I lost ability to focus on the other questions. But then started to laugh so I guess I’ll let you be the judge on that one:)

  35. I was a staunch anti Mac. Then when my last HP started playing truant, my hubby forced a Mac upon me, with the promise that if I didn’t like it three months from then, he would get me another HP or Dell. Clever guy. Now I am a totally pro Mac, it’s the best thing I have worked on. Of course, I still have use for PC (especially when I have to watch something pirated 😉 ) and I still have a soft corner for HP too. And I feel iPhone is the best piece of technology ever discovered 😀

    • Oh my iPhone is my BESTIE!! Probably becauase I am constantly texting my besties day and night 😉 In fact, right now! ha ha ah ah! I love that imessage connects to my computer too – makes talking so much easier… or so much harder to disconnect – ha ha!

      And your husband is one sly fox 😉

  36. I started calling my balls “bites” after one too many awkward conversations with the BF…
    I used to be a hardcore PC girl, but I’ll admit the Mac they gave me from work is pretty nice. And can you please make these halibut parifets a real thing? k’thanks

    • I am totally making these parfaits a real thing in the VERY near future!!! I am actually pretty excited about it now – ha ha ha ah!!!!!

      And I love awkward BALL convos 😉

  37. Love your articles, always so funny and punchy!
    I am more a Mac but viewing all those new PC makes me think about my next purchase!

  38. I am a PC to Mac converter! Life is just so much easier now! Now I am not too sure about halibut parfaits…

  39. I’m a Mac girl, but I wouldn’t send that away if someone sent it to me. Ahem.

  40. Nice computer! Lucky girl. No treble here, I am all about the bass :-)

    • Ha Ha! ME TOO 😉 Me too! Are you going to Expo West by the way? Might be far for you but thought I would ask anyways!

  41. Hailbut Parfaits sound terrible!! Id rather have balls in my mouth 😉

    I’m totally a Mac girl but love the new PC tablets! So much easier for blogging than my iPad which had pretty much become my glorified TV!

    • LMFAO!!!! AHH HA HA HA AH AH AHA HA! I am laughing so hard over here – Balls over Halibut, yeahhhh I might have to agree with you, but I guess it depends on the day.

      And I don’t have an iPad because I am scared I will just get obsessed with another piece of technology! ha!

  42. You know I am all about that base and I am a rule bender for sure….maybe even enough to switch from my Mac to that HP 😉

  43. I can’t lie…I got really excited when I saw HP in the blog title thinking you were going to be talking about my BFF Harry Potter….

  44. Love Meghan Trainor! I also love this new HP laptop. The way it bends is fantastic.

  45. I’m a Mac girl. I used to be all about the PC, but you know what they say: once you go Mac, you never go back!!

    My previous work laptop did that flip into a tablet deal with a pen and a touch screen, but it was more trouble than it was worth. It looks like they’ve made some nice improvements!

    I love Meghan Trainor’s music, especially for working out :) Perhaps we will see you doing a duet with her in the summer?

    • THAT DUET with me and Meghan….. Shhhhhhh… Sometime could potentially be in the works 😉 AH HA HA HA HA! Cuz… If you can see by my videos – I am a REALLY REALLY good singer!

  46. hahah that balls in my mouth gif is probably the greatest thing i’ve seen all day!!!! love me some meaghan trainor, my 3 yr old sing her songs! that hp robot computer is pretty damn cool, too!

  47. PC all the way even though I love my iPhone! :) I love Meghan Trainor! Her song “Your Lips Are Movin'” is one of my favorites! And I’m going to have to say no to the habitat parfait! :)

  48. I’m a PC girl! I don’t have Macintosh money and I get everybody’s cast off PCs when they buy a Mac and I am just fine with that!!!!!
    My favorite piece of technology? Hmm that handle on the side of my Lazy-boy? No! The remotes! Remote TV, Air conditioning, heat, garage door and car starter!

    • Bah ha ha! Cast off PCs… NOT A BAD DEAL, that’s for sure!

      And girlllll you take no “technology” for granted 😉 ah ha!

  49. This HP looks awesome. My laptop is by HP and i love it.

  50. You really have me craving Halibut Parfaits. 😉 Really, though — maybe make them using a quenelle recipe? Like lobster quenelle? Could be really good stuff. Any fun post, outstanding video. Thanks.

  51. Mercy child! I almost died…”love me some balls in my mouth”…LOL! I’m a PC girl for now. I love the look of Mac computers but I just can’t justify forking over the extra cash because one is prettier.

  52. No idea who Meghan Trainor is. On the other hand I know Hewlett Packard very well! I’m actually writing from a big ass red HP laptop.

    • Oh are you?!?!?!?! Well I hope you get it! 😉 And google Meghan, I am sure you’ll know who she is once you hear her songs!

  53. I am a Mac girl but I really like the new products HP have to offer. Who doesn’t love a Halibut Parfait or balls your my mouth??? Cake balls of course!

  54. Wow that laptop looks amazing!!

  55. I think Meghan Trainor is awesome! Love her music, and she seems so sweet! Gigi…please stay away from Halibut Parfaits. Or halibut anything, tbh. Just keep shoving balls in your mouth and call it a day. <3

    • Ah ha ha ha haa! Well I will keep shoving the balls in, OF COURSE, but I think I may have to come up with a Halibut Parfait recipe just to prove to you that it could potentially be the best recipe the Food Blog World has ever seen! 😉 Ah ha ha ha!

  56. I am definitely a PC girl! This laptop/tablet is awesome!

  57. Who’s Meghan Trainor? (I’m so old!)
    I am all MAC all the way. I could never go back to PC. But that laptop is pretty sweet!

  58. That computer is awesome! I love the tent mode. It would be so great while making recipes so the ingredients and crap don’t get all over the screen. I have a fairly new laptop and I have a picture that I tried to delete that is still showing up on my home screen as well. Ha. I love your cute tank so much!

    • Ah ha ha ha! Those dang haunting PHOTOS!!!!!!! They will never stop popping up randomly!

      And my tank is Lululemon! It’s one of their newer styles, you need to try it out, it has a low cut back, you’d look hot in it!!!! Because you are a hottie after all :)

  59. That song is seriously one of my least favorite songs ever.


  60. Lies. You do not just talk about food. You also talk about. And…our friend.

    LOLOL Halibut pancakes 😉

    • You are all over those halibut pancakes- that’s your specialty! If you opened a restaurant, they’d be on the menu, for sure!

      And um, what are you talking about?! I only flap my lips about FOOD I tell ya! LOL!

  61. I have to agree with Arman, you’re such a liar GiGi and a very bad one too… 😉

    • Hush hush!! Although, tis true, which is why I really cannot lie – thus why I am not trying to be an actress here in LA! lol

  62. I will build you a robot. Arman’s comment HAHA. I love our talks too…yes we all need to get into a 3way…chat. This computers bendy ways are cool I will admit. Not a Meghan Trainor fan, but she sure is catchy. I want cookies. I have a Dell…from 2007. I’m shocked it still works. My favorite piece of technology would be my phone though…it keeps us connected DUH!

    • I am SHOCKED your DELL still works! I had a DELL in high school and I think I liked it? I am not really sure WHAT I used it for because there was no twitter, or facebook or instagram……… I think there might have been blogs though and I think I had one… but what the heck was I blogging about, being a WHORE? Um did I really just post that on my blog? I promise what I meant it a whore to the ski mountain since this is when I was competitively snowboarding and was giving the mountain MY ALL! I swearrrrrrrrr that’s the type of whore I am referring to, LOL! But to keep singing the same tune… We need this 3-way to happen STAT!

  63. Haha I’m a PC gal and I don’t care for HP products, only their printers. Their printers are good. Now I want humongous pancakes! Eh waffles.. make it waffles 😛 This is the 2nd HP post, I’m assuming they have something going on. I’m on call right now so I’m on the edge of punching someone in the face; I take a vodka shot every time I get an alert. It makes things.. better. Lol! I just took one for the alert I had earlier. Rudeness! Have a great one GiGi! -iva

    • BAH HA HA HA HA AH AH AH! OMG I hate being ON CALL- you can never ever ever relax! Take an extra shot for me, 😉

      And I haven’t seen other HP posts yet, but yes, they’ve got something going on right now!

  64. I so need one of these. My laptop is dying on me at the moment. Just when I need it most!

    • Oh no! Of course that would happen right when you need it the most! My laptop broke the most when I was in college – it was the absolute WORST THING EVER!!!

  65. Hahaha balls in your mouth! You make me laugh!!! I’m a Mac girl, through and through!

  66. I only recently discovered who Meghan Trainor was (I know, I live under a rock – that’s what no TV + lack of interest in mainstream entertainment will do to a person.) Also, I used to be a PC girl but my preference has shifted to MAC. I love my Airbook – so easy to transport to coffeehouses and the battery life is really great :)

    • Diane, that’s why you come to my blog, I keep you in the loop – ha ha! And I couldn’t agree more! I have a mac book air, and that thing is as light as a BOOK! It’s amazing!!!

  67. I know who Meghan Trainor is! My husband and I had to make a gif about her for the Grammys.

  68. Your post is funny, as are the comments … :)

  69. I ALWAYS get that song stuck in my head…. “If your lips are moving then you’re lie-lie-lyinggggg” Thanks a lot GiGI, now I’m going to be singing it all day!!

  70. Oh wow that laptop cum tablet looks so cool! I really want to be a MAC girl soon but have to settle with my PC at this very moment.


  71. Hi GiGi,
    Entertaining and enlightening as always! Thank you so much for sharing with us
    at the Healthy, Happy, Green and Natural Party Blog Hop. I’m pinning and sharing!