This may come as a huge shock to all of you but…

wait for it squirrel

Facebook is more than just a place for political rants and where people post about how their baby “cutely” JUST took the first ever documented monstrous shit.

facebook overshare

Unless Hilary Clinton decides she’s leaving Bill because she can no longer keep it a secret that she swoons over Donald Trump’s hair piece… And that ohhhh soooo cute shit slinger has a monkey-like tail… I am going to scroll on by, or… UNFOLLOW.

i dont care facebook button

So basically… If you logged onto my Facebook account… The only things you would see in my feed are…

My own posts?

GiGi-Uh Oh

No, no, no, I do follow a lot of you who have FRIENDED ME Promise… But more than likely what you will see crammed in my feed like sardines in a can is… FOOD. GLORIOUS FOOD.

paleo wraps gigi dubois charlie travers

What can I say? THIS GIRL LOVES HER FOOD. But at this point, it’s safe to say, you all know this about me.

bilinski sausage gigi dubois

My (in person) friends OBVIOUSLY know this about me as well… Which is why one of them felt the need to tag me in an epic recipe video that inspired us to cook up quite the beautiful MESS in my kitchen!

mezze cake gigi eats celebrities

If she tagged me in a post about Donald Trump already starting to lay the foundation down for the wall between Mexico and the United States… Yeah, I am not even sure what I would do because my friends know… I am MUM when it comes to my political stance. 

covering mouth gigi

However, food… You best believe I won’t STFU. But… You all knew that too, now didn’t you! 

GiGi Thinking

With that being said… My mouth is open and ready to introduce you to my (celebrity) friend (I do in fact, take a bite out of her!)… And talk (and show and eat) about the delicious mess we created in the kitchen! 

A Beautiful Mezze Cake Mess

Mezze Cake

Layer up this cake…

  • Pre-heat your oven to 350 degrees. 
  • Place a paleo wrap on the bottom of your shallow, non-stick baking dish.
  • Layer all of the vegetables for your mezze cake any way you’d like and feel free to add others if you wish!  
  • Add the Bilinski Chicken Sausages on top. 
  • Place another paleo wrap on top of the cake (optional). 
  • Bake in the oven for 20-25 minutes. 
  • Then place the cake in the broiler for about 5 minutes. 
  • Remove from oven, let cool, and then serve, with a side of eggplant hummus! 

BUT WAIT… There’s more… Yes!!! More than the foodgasm you will experience after ingesting this cake…

For all of you to fully experience the intensely delicious flavors of this layered lusciousness… I have partnered up with BILINSKI CHICKEN SAUSAGE CO… So as to give all of you the opportunity to win an assortment of their FLAVORFUL LINKS! ENTER BELOW!!

A Rafflecopter Giveaway


  • Have you ever made a savory cake before?
  • What are three flavors you love combining together?
  • What flavor of Bilinski Chicken Sausage would you like to try?
  • Do you watch Hollywood Medium on E! (New season starts August 10th)?
  • If you could add one more ingredient to this BEAUTIFUL MESS, what would it be and why?
  • Have you ever tried Paleo Wraps? 
  • Who else kind of wants to boycott Facebook until after the presidential election in November?

gigi dubois tongue

BONUS VIDEO… You NEED to watch this video… Oh wait, is this me posting something about politics?! HA!  


  1. Yes! I’m totally done with all the political stuff too. I’ve never made a savory cake before, but this sounds delicious. I don’t have many food dreams, which is unfortunate. Hopefully, now I will! Those sausages sounds yummy!

    • Right? How many people have you UNFOLLOWED in the past month due to political rants? lol

      • There is one specific man I would say has lost his way deep into Trump politics and has neglected his Blog and God knows what else. Seriously I wouldnt unfriend anyone over politics though. Ithas to be a personal slant!

        Sausages…gimme them, in every shape and size,,,I lickem, biteem, chomp onem…I love savoury cakes, I use potatoes, sausage, courgettes, flour, eggs, butter and create amazing cakes. Yummm..Your probably tastes way better though! Following your Celeb friend on twitter :)

        • BAH HA HA HA HA AH AHA HA AH AH AHA HA AH AH AH AHA HA H!!!!! Julie – funniest comment ever! You are a savage for sausages – just like me!

  2. Great post- made me laugh! Recipe sounds delish x

  3. You are hilarious!!! Right! Talking about political stances never ends up well…lol

  4. I was more interested in your recipe for food over anything else. Sorry one track mind. Oh look food!

  5. Kris Olsen says:

    GiGi for Chef President! Thank goodness you’re in fb! Never tried this cake, now as always I must! I first thought you said Bikini Chicken 👙 Haha
    Till the next time ~

    • Ah ha ha ha! Well… Eating this chicken sausage could definitely help anyone achieve a bikini body because it’s super clean and sugar-free, so maybe I actually MEANT to say bikini chicken?! LOL! Sure you want me as Chef President now? 😉

  6. That cake looks amazing. My husband would love the sausage in it.

    • You definitely don’t need to add any sausage if you don’t eat it – 😉 The flavors are certainly still there without it!

  7. Does meatloaf count as a savory cake? Because if so, I’m an old hat!

    • Ah ha! I mean, I guess it could!!! You could get extra fancy with it too and add hunks of delicious veggies like eggplant and/or sweet potatoes next time you make it!

  8. Very entertaining video. This looks like it would be good. I will try it. Thank you for posting the recipe.

  9. Awesome giveaway! And you’re so funny lol

  10. Cake, Cake, Cake…now thats a meaty one and it looks good…Love Landon’s video too. It had me laughing!

    • Oh you would ADORE this cake! We have a feast we need to cook up together, ASAP!!! 😉
      And isn’t Landon’s video genius! Seriously- it needs some love because it’s so friggin’ awesome!

  11. Always best to stay mum about politics on the internet!!! And WOW…this “mess” looks REALLY good! Love all of those ingredients!

  12. My political stance is: Food Party! I’ll take that right off facebook and shove it right into my belly.

  13. I’m so tired of political posts too! Love the recipe

    • Ah ha ha! RIGHT?! Ughhhhh! So done with politics! Which isn’t good because we haven’t even REALLY gotten into the heat of the arguments QUITE yet. Lets just go drown ourselves in this delicious recipe, right?!

  14. Definitely a food lover. I’ve never tried savory cakes…does quiche and pot pies count? 😉

  15. I’ve never made a savory cake before, but after watching this video, I feel like I should make one now…asap! It looks yummy!

  16. Hi Gigi,
    I’m home from my trip.
    1. I have Hamilton tickets!
    2. I try not to blog about my politics either.
    3. I think the election stuff on Facebook is funny.

  17. Ooh this recipe kick ass! It’s soooooooo not boring (unlike the political rants). LOL! I feel ya girl. I almost don’t even want to log on anymore!!!!

    • RIGHT?! I wish wish wish I could just DELETE FB, but as you know, that’s just not a possible option for us bloggers, right?! :-/

  18. I legit haven’t been on Facebook in weeks and weeks because I don’t feel like getting sucked into the political rants on there… I definitely find that my FB friends – AKA people I went to high school with and haven’t talked to in real life since but we’re still FB friends because I don’t feel like going through and deleting them – talk a lot and make generalizations about subjects they know little about, and it’s annoying!

    • OMG YES!!!! You hit the nail on the head with who post political FB posts – hahahahahaha! The people from high school that I know do it all the time, ah ha! But just like you, I am way too lazy to go through FB and delete friends. Ain’t nobody got time for it!? I mean, I gotta make this cake again! LOL!

  19. I am here for the don’t care button on FB! I don’t mind the politics on FB though. It’s pretty much the one stop shop for all things everything. I however, don’t post my own political views. I am like you, I feel like that’s for the lawyers and journalists. IT’s my job to post and share about healthcare, athletics, fitness, and the things that bring me JOI :) ! OAN, that looks so yummy!

    • EXACTLY Joi!! Our job is to distract people from the obnoxious and annoying that is POLITICS!! 😉 You keep doing what you’re doing – he he, I mean, your name is Joi – you were OBVIOUSLY meant to bring JOY! 😛 HAHAHAH! I am sure I am the FIRST PERSON to EVER say that to you!

  20. I would love some teriyaki flavored chicken sausage

  21. have never tried a savory cake – but it looks delicious! thanks for sharing!

  22. I’ve never made a savory cake before; totally more of a sweet tooth kinda person. But this sounds really good! There is an onion tart that I would make with pie crust and carmelized onions and cheese…so not healthy in any sense nor paleo or anything, lol, but oh so good.

    This brand of chicken sausage sounds tasty; I’ll have to try it. My perfect one would probably be some kind of roasted red pepper version, because I always like that combo with chicken sausage.

    • Oh you’re in luck Chrissy – they DO have a roasted pepper version and I am obsessed with it! 😀 So I hope you entered – he he!

      And my dad totally makes onion tarts all the time, so I know EXACTLY what you’re talking about!

  23. I am not watching any medium on TV unless they give me good news! :)

    That video by your honey was awesome!!!! I am mad at him for punching you!!! :)

    I am very passionate & political this time around because of Trump.I can’t have him as our PResident. I usually do not post about politics on my FB page or blog but this time, I think it is crucial that we get it right. xoxoxoxoxoxo

    • Ah ha ha ha! I hear you about Mediums! I don’t really want to know unless it’s good either! 😉

      And don’t you worry Jody, Landon did NOT punch me, that was someone else. If he ever tried to pull that with me, you better believe i sock him right back, ha ha – this girl holds her ground!

      Oh yes, I know your stance on Politics – it will be VERYYYYY interesting to see what happens this November!

  24. Never made one and I like meat with meat and a side of meat :) Mama mia Bilinski sausage is it a spicy ?
    I’ll have to try it. I saw the picture of you and the food maiden looking good !!!! I’m excited. I have never seen E oops I don’t have cable just Hulu. I’m so busy trying to find 30K emails I lost in the bathroom :) not to worry nothing important. I respect your neutrality and never judge people on their belief’s life is to short.

    • Bilinski Sausages = BOMB! You can get savory flavors, spicy flavors, sweet flavors – whatever you want! 😀 They’re seriously delicious and of course healthy, I wouldn’t talk about them highly if they weren’t – haha!

      And oh Tara and I will be back in the kitchen together next week, so get ready! :)

  25. Great, great post! Made me laugh and the squirrel is priceless :)

  26. I try to ignore everyone on FB haha (unless it’s food related, if it’s food related, I’m most likely “saving” the post!) I have definitely not tried a savory cake, but this looks delicious enough to try!

    • HA HA Tee, you and I are FB using twins! 😉 I recently discovered the SAVE button and I have become pretty good friends with it – hehe!

  27. Well light a candle and put it in that cake. I’m game! Des and I LOVE sausage. I can even say that with a straight face.
    I’m like 99% politics free on FB, but sometimes I have to share a quote my kids say! They hate the oompa loompa man and that’s just them.. I didn’t put that in their heads!
    And sometimes I’ll like something and if other people can see I liked it, that’s my passive aggressive politics! Slactivism.

    • I adore sausage and I definitely CANNOT keep a straight face when saying it. EVER.
      Maturity…. Yeah, I wasn’t born with that. AT ALL.

      And I wasn’t born with a “give a f” bone in my body when it comes to politics. Truly, I wasn’t. I try so so so hard to listen sometimes, so I can be “a part of the conversation”… But then my face just goes blank and I start thinking about what it would be like if I didn’t have toes. LOL!

  28. I have a simple trick to all those political posts on facebook, I draw a blank mind on them, just ignore and move on to the next. My beautiful mind. I mean beautiful mess. I mean your cake ha ha. Really does look seriously tempting.

    • But seriously Evelyne… Your mind + my mind would be besties. I seriously just turn blank in the face whenever someone starts talking politics. I just can’t – I have a huge mental block… This is both a blessing and a curse in all honesty.

  29. Kimberly says:

    You’re too funny! Ok- I admit, I may be that recovering Mom who posts too much.

    • Hey, AT LEAST you can admit it! If you own it, and know it, then you’re allowed to – but for mom’s who think their baby is the FIRST to do anything and they don’t realize they’re oversharing…. Hmmmm – haha!

  30. You crack me up!! I love this!

  31. The food always looks good, even this cake mess. Yeah, I have to ignore some of the political chatter on my page too. It’s getting ugly out there.

  32. I’ve never has savoury cake!

  33. I couldn’t agree more! It’s like please you aren’t going to change anyones views on facebook! I think I might cut out the eggplant and try zucchini.

    • OMG THANK YOU! EXACTLY!!!! People of facebook ranting about politics – who are you yelling at? And who do you think you’re going to change the mind of by posting 1 passive aggressive comment?!?! And a lot of times they share articles or what not based off of just headlines – READ the facts! lol

      Andddddddd ZUCCHINI!

  34. I’m not on FB so I get to avoid most al of the political drama. I miss out on some current events though, so really it’s a win-win!

    I’ve never had this “savory” cake before. Why isn’t it in my mouth?!?!?!

  35. Sooooooo… I don’t keep my mouth shut on FB. I just can’t… it’s so bizarre, this election. You should just stick to Instagram. I think I’ve only posted one political thing there.

    Speaking of bizarre, I make savory oatmeal. People think I’ve nuts, but it’s neutral fucking flavor. It’s like Switzerland or one of you apolitical people. 😉

    • You might be one of the few who I can handle on FB – you obviously know I follow you because I am always commenting – LOL! I am your stalkers. I get my political news/insight from you – LOL!!!

  36. Taylor Closet says:

    Stuffed it with roasted red peppers. Yummy!

  37. i made something SOOO similar to this, except instead of calling it a ‘cake’ i called it lasagna hahah. buuut.. cake and lasagna are basically the same thing right? (as in, i’ll eat all of it and ask for seconds).

    • RIGHT!? I was thinking about this the other day… Fajitas = Mexican Shawarma. Burritos = Mexican Gyros. Not sure why I am using Mexican food as an example, but you get my point – everyone calls things different names and then they ultimately “taste” differently because their name is different! LOL!

  38. I can’t say I’ve ever made a savory cake, but every time I toss all the half used ingredients and veggies into a dish and add meat I call it by its main ingredient + the word casserole. People seem to dig it. I’m with you too, if I see one more political post from people on Facebook from either side, I just might start posting an ‘I don’t care’ meme in the comments. At least it’ll be over soon!

    • I love throwing all my leftovers into one dish and cook it up – it typically ends up being pretty dang delicious! The bonus is that THEN my fridge is CLEANNNNN and I can start FRESH! 😉

      AND OMG that is brilliantly hysterical Jessica – you SHOULD start doing that, LOL!

  39. I’m ALL FOR baking a bunch of veggies together! I could even use vegan sausages, which are actually pretty good.

  40. Shutting up all political rants? What a service to humanity! :-) Anyway, fun recipe. Never heard of paleo wraps — they sound kinda nifty. In fact this recipe is nifty — kinda sorta like lasagna. Fun post — thanks.

  41. This looks yummy! I’ve never tried eggplant before, but have heard it’s really good. Thanks for joining the Family Joy Link Party!

  42. I like a little spice in my food, so my ideal chicken sausage would have some red pepper mixed in. I also like a mixture of slaty and sweet, so an apple sausage would also be great.

  43. This post was amazing! LOL I love loved it so much! You are HILARIOUS.

  44. I don’t follow politics nor do I care to but your recipe looks very yummy. Thanks for linking up to the Creative K Kids’ Tasty Tuesday – I can’t wait to see what you create next week!

  45. Haha!!! Love it :-) And the Mezza Cake sounds fabulous… I love anything with sausage, YUM!!!

  46. I must admit that I have never heard of this cake and will probably not make it – but would love to visit your kitchen and try your tasty dishes! As for the political ranting, you had better not visit my personal profile as I do have a few moments of ranting. :)

  47. This looks wonderful! & I am so all about the toppings on this.

    – Cait |

  48. This looks soooo good. I laughed out loud at this post. SO true about the political stuff on Facebook. I just can’t comprehend why people feel the need to impose their beliefs so offensively! I am pretty fed up with it lol!

    • RIGHT?!?!?!?! IT IS JUST TOOOOOOO MUCH! But hey, I guess some people say that about me and my personality (and my blog) – I am glad YOU don’t though! hehehe!

  49. Definitely a unique way to introduce a recipe. After all that, I think I have to give it a go.

  50. haha. The video was entertaining. love this post and the recipe is amazing. My husband would love if I prepare this for him. Thank you for sharing this!


    I’m pretty sure this needs to be my birthday dinner next week… because you know, it has cake in the name and I should probably eat cake all week long in different formats just because.

    • UM YES YES YES and MORE YES it does! You can have this CAKE as the main event and then…. An actual cake afterwards because I mean, it’s your birthday and calories and sugar do not count on that day! LOL!

  52. That’s a pretty tasty dish you cooked there! Loved it.

    You know, obviously I’m on the other side of the Atlantic from you, and politics are different here from over there. But I decided to keep my political options off my blog.

    But seeing as I’m on yours. America – WTF??? And just to keep it equal, UK – we voted to leave Europe – WTF???

    Ha ha! There I’ve said it! :-)

    • LMFAO!!! I would actually really like for you to dive deeper into this! I am actually INTERESTED in people’s views of the US who don’t live here!! And I wanna know exactly how you’re feeling about leaving EUROPE!

  53. I’d rather perform a paleo rap than eat a paleo wrap :-)

    But I ain’t lying..when I say I’m cry-in, for joy for this weeerr–rap!!

  54. I’ve never made a savory cake but now I want to! These flavors are exactly the kind of thing I like to dig into after a long day at work. I’ve never heard of paleo wraps but glad to hear they’re so tasty. You guys looked genuinely surprised, lol. That was fun and I’m going to follow Charlie on IG.

    • We were genuinely surprised because we really had never had it before. I don’t know if I ever told you this Robyn but… ALL of the recipes I make for the blog… I never test them before I make my recipe videos! I hate wasting food so if the recipe turns out nasty, well, I am going to post the video regardless and just tell everyone – EW! HAHAHAH!

      That being said – THIS RECIPE IS NOTTTTT EW at all!

  55. I am refraining from talking about politics this year because I think it’s an absolute shit show. This mezze cake isn’t so I’ll talk about that. I’ll like you two took all my fav flavors and made this recipe just for me! Thank you! I would eat the leftovers for brunch too. Yummy in my tummy! :)

    • I feel like whenever you or anyone has something political they want to say, they/you should just eat a few bites of this cake! hehehe! You/they will forget what you wanted to say because this cake is just so dang good lol!

  56. Don’t really talk about politics much because it NEVER ends well! Anyways, this cake looks PHENOMENAL. I have to try it!

  57. Gosh I love you, Gigi! (Not in a creepy way, haha.) But I have been having allllllll the feels about the political rants all over my FB homepage lately and by all the feels I mean all the desires to punch my Facebook friends in the face. 😛 Anyways… this cake looks amazing! All that veg! Mmmm.

  58. Elisabeth Wallace says:

    I’m so ready for this political crap show to be over! So over it.

  59. Now that is a savory cake or a pizza on steroids, either way it looks good. By far more interesting than politics.

  60. Ugh I HATE election year. Its just filled with lies and hate and more lies. Then you learn the people you thought were your friends have these twisted views on things and they start to attack you for your beliefs and it makes me want to just punch everyone in the face. LET THE POLITICIANS FIGHT! Why do we have to also? Good Lord people!
    Can’t we all just get along and eat this cake together?

    • THIS IS WHY I DO NOTTTTTT talk politics – HAHA! I don’t need to argue with anyone, there is no point.

      Lets jut EAT CAKE! 😉

  61. I do not care much for politics, but I love food and this recipe sounds awesome!! I will definitely try it 😉

  62. Hey lady, nice to see what you’ve been up to here…. as always, you make me laugh!
    I like to cook a savory cake once in a while… with spinach or other greens, but then I always sweeten it up with frosting (can’t help myself!)

    • Aw Pamela! It’s so good to see you here again :)
      The addition of spinach or kale or something in this would actually be SO friggin’ good!!!! I am totally trying that next time I make this, which could very well be TOMORROW! haha! But I will NOT be frosting it, but hey, GO FOR IT lady! lol

  63. The closest I’ve come to a savory cake is a strata, which is a type of savory bread pudding. I would totally try your mezze cake because I like all the ingredients and chicken sausage is a weakness of mine.

    • A Strata huh?! Never really thought about those AT ALL… But I mean, if it is similar to this MEZZE CAKE then I am onnnnn board! 😀

      AND IF YOU LOVE chicken sausage – then you’re going to ADOREEEEEE Bilinski’s!!

  64. I like my food with a bit of heat and some sweet, so my dream chicken sausage would have some jalapenos, raspberries and a touch of honey!

  65. This election is literally got me worried for the country because either candidate is going to be weird. Honestly, I’m over it at this point! But I’m so not over this dish. OMG it sounds yum and I am pinning to try!

    • Girl, I am worried too… I don’t vocalize it, but SHIT SON… I have nightmares! LOL! Thankfully this cake is providing comfort! 😉 I hope it provides comfort for you too!

  66. Hard pass on election talk, but I appreciate her accent and the vegetables in this “cake.” I also appreciate the word cake.

    • Take out the sausage and this recipe CALLS to you, saying: “Britt. Hey there. Hey. You lookin’ sexy over there. Why don’t you come on over here and I’ll give you some natural sugar from these veggies…”

  67. haha, I’ve taken to hiding shitty political posts, and following other food/healthy living/fitness bloggers helps a lot since it fills my feed with delicious recipes. :D! That savory cake looks amazing!

    Chicken sausages are the best! 😀 I like the ones with apple in em’!

  68. Gigi-
    I love your title and I MUST have this savory cake! Those sausages look crazy good!
    I love the fact that I can scroll really fast through FB if I see red, white or blue I keep scrolling! Lol

  69. liz phelps says:

    I have not made a savory cake, unless you include frittatas. Three flavors: Chile peppers, cheese, and chicken. As far as Bilinski’s, I’m actually eating the Apple Chardonnay right now, but intend to pick up Andouille and Spinach Garlic later this week. <3

  70. cake or casserole? I am not sure but you have almost everything but the kitchen sink in there! Thanks for sharing your post with Creatively Crafty Link Party #CCBG

  71. hahaha dying over that squirrel pic. Screenshot it for sure. But beautiful mess or hot mess…it looks GOOD TO ME.

  72. Hi Gigi,
    As usual you crack me up and I had to laugh out loud.

    FB is something I learned to totally dislike for many reasons and decided a few years ago that is wasn’t worth the time. I can remember last election the crap that people posted so I can only imagine what is on there now. FB never seemed to drive traffic to my site anyways.

    I keep my politician opinions to myself. I have learned the hard way how nasty people can be just because you have a different opinion than theirs.

    Anyways, I love your recipe – sounds great and love the idea of the sausage. Thanks for sharing on Real Food Fridays. Pinned & tweeted!

    • You’re lucky that you don’t see any use in Facebook Marla… Facebook is a HUGE contributor towards blog traffic, and I do love expanding my blog horizons on there too. The political posts are obnoxious, yes, but thankfully, as I said above, my feed is typically comprised of FOOD posts anyways – thanks to my unfollowing a bunch of stuff/people! hahaha! 😉

  73. I’m with you, Gigi, on the food and the Face…um, seems wrong to sully the word, book, let’s call it Facebluck. Thanks for the great recipe! I’ve bokmarked to try. Off to share as well. :)
    Dropped by today from #BloggersPitStop but always happy to be here. :)
    Hope the week ahead treats you kindly. :)

    • HI DONNA!! Thanks for coming on by :) I am glad I could supply you with a tasty dish … And feel free to vent all you want about FACEBLUCK! 😉

  74. Yup! I actually had to unfollow a few people when they posted the same ideas over and over and over again…

    Your savory cake sounds good – real, food that’s yummy!

  75. Food trumps Trump anyday! I have only been getting on FB to share posts with blogger groups or if someone writes on my wall or messages me. Wait, or tags me in a photo! I have a friend that loves to post the most horrible and bad angle photos of me. LOL

    • THOSE are the only reason I go on FB in the first place – I avoid the news on there, because it’s so so so bias and I just can’t.
      And um, that friend of yours… When is her birthday? Perhaps a photography class as a gift could be a good idea? LOL!!!!!

  76. I think it’s probably good to actually research the current political system versus just watching some video that isn’t very informed. Just because you’re white doesn’t give you an excuse to “not care” about this election. A candidate is literally proposing banning a religion from the US and also deporting everyone who is picking all the vegetables in your casserole so maybe you should get informed and care a lil bit more

    • It’s not that I do not care – I certainly do. I just don’t like be crammed with bias information, which is what Facebook is typically comprised of. I like to learn about politics through unbias sources.

  77. Love your beautiful mess! I need to do more cooking with sausage, it’s so delicious! Oh Facebook and all its politics is so annoying…I just read the comments and chuckle to myself. I think what we really need is an “Eyeroll” button on FB!

  78. Carly Williams says:

    My dream chicken sausage would have kale, feta, and a lot of herbs!

  79. With so many of my favorite ingredients in one bite, who can resist this tasty delight? We’re so glad you shared this healthy and delicious Beautiful Mezze Cake Mess recipe on the Healthy, Happy, Green and Natural Party Blog Hop. I’m Pinning and sharing!

  80. So, to answer your question…if I were to eat chicken sausage, I would want it flavored with mushrooms and truffle oil. I’m wondering if they can make a vegan one with mushrooms? I was looking at your recipe and thinking I could just substitute meat with mushrooms or beans. I will try it and let you know how it works out. xoxo

  81. I watched the first season of Hollywood Medium and thought her face was familiar…haha! Oh…the political stuff…my land lady made herself clear about her views this morning. I didn’t say a word because I just wanted to cut my vegetables for dinner and just get out of the kitchen, haha! Can’t afford any drama within my first week of moving in 😛

    • UGH! You were smart not to say anything! 😉 No drama = the best life you could possibly live, haha! That’s how I live my life 😉

  82. Hahaha you’re so funny! Great title – and that looks delish!

  83. Hi GiGi,
    I am so glad you shared your healthy, yummy Beautiful Mezze Cake Mess recipe with us at the Plant-Based Potluck Party. I’m pinning and sharing.

  84. I’ve never made a savory cake before, but I am super intrigued!!

  85. Election year usually means I clean up my friends list on Facebook of all the over sharers. This mezze cake seems more like a “bake” just throw everything in there and bake it!

  86. Political overkill on FB, gag. I do enjoy a funny post anytime, anyplace though and yours are hilarious. Love the rap battle video LOL!
    As for the recipe.. You had me at sausage :p

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