Banish Your Kryptonite!

Training to be our own respective superheroes can be TOUGH!

GiGi Dubois is Crazy

We have to make time to bench press SUVs, perfect our ability to absorb kinetic energy so we can hurl airplanes at our enemies, and build up our endurance to the point that we can run at the speed of light!

The Speed of Light

If this isn’t taxing enough, we have to endure all of this training, while also tackling the daily grind, whether it be school, attending to family needs (yes, little Timmy needs X, Y and MOST CERTAINLY Z), working long hours in the office or wrestling our inner demons who just wants to sit on the couch and eat cheese and bacon smothered nachos!

Cheese Bacon Nachos

Because life seems to take precedence over our abilities to annihilate our own personal Lex Luthors‘ we all tend to push training to be invulnerable into the deepest darkest lair full of our own kryptonite.

Superman and Kryptonite

Do you recall how exactly superheroes are able to balance both realms of their world (personal/professional vs. the paranormal)?

They have MENTORS of course!

What if I told you, that I have the perfect “Splinter” (you know, the mentor rat from Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles) to help you stay focused and balanced regardless of everything that’s on your plate (yes, even if it’s an ooey-gooey brownie!).

(Was going to insert picture of brownie, but I decided to SAVE YOU ALL!!! You’re welcome)!

Well, Splinter’s equivalent = Michelle Bridges.

Michelle Bridges and GiGi Dubois Smiling

You may recall the time when Michelle Bridges, Australia’s #1 Health & Fitness expert, an author of 10 bestselling books, and the star of Australia’s The Biggest Loser, kicked my booty into a new dimension with an intense example of a work out regime she puts her clients through.

Well after demonstrating those moves, Michelle made me realize that I too can be guilty of setting my superhero abilities aside to tackle my insane life.

GiGi Dubois doing Stand Up Comedy

Michelle knows how hectic life can be, however, she tries to instill a work/life and superhero balance in those she works with so they can slay their devils while getting dinner on the table at 6pm, sharp!

This is why, Michelle and I have TEAMED UP to give away TWO 12-Week Body Transformation Memberships.

The 12-Week Body Transformation (12WBT) ain’t your grandma’s lifestyle regime. That’s right, there are no vibrating plates that you have to stand on during this series!

1960s Exercise Fads

Instead, the 12WBT, holds the key to your superhuman powers for it’s a complete NUTRITION, FITNESS, and MINDSET program. It’s designed to help you stay quick on your feet, while also nursing the new born or driving little Timmy (my goodness, he’s one needy boy) to soccer practice and then trombone lessons, all while trying to study for your MCATS.

This membership will give you access to delicious the Hulk muscle-building recipes that are incredibly easy to make, customized exercise plans that would make Wolverine jealous, mindset sharpening skills to the point that you may even be able to mimic Wonder Woman’s ability to understand any language. (Okay, maybe not… This is not Rosetta Stone)! 

Wonder Woman

On top of that, the network of support you will receive is unrivaled, comic superheroes only wish they had this type of foundation, for Michelle is realistic and probably one of the most motivating trainers I have ever met and worked with! 

GiGi does Russian Kicks with Michelle Bridges!

WARNING: The only “negative” side effect you will get from signing up for this program (registration ends February 3), is that… After 12 weeks, your “secret” superhuman powers won’t be so secret anymore thanks to the intense muscle definition, vivacious energy and mental clarity you will radiate like a UV-lamp, after 12 weeks and beyond! 

LETS DEAD LIFT TRAINS TOGETHER! Enter the contest and you could have access to all of this! 

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  • If you were the star of your own superhero comic book/movie, what would it be called?
  • What would be your superhero name?
  • If you could have one superhero power (that you don’t already have, of course), what would it be and why?
  • Have you ever done an on-line lifestyle program before? What was your experience?
  • Have you ever been to Australia? If so, tell me your itinerary! 
  • What does your exercise regime include?
  • Who is your favorite “superhero”? (In quotes because hey, my parents are my favorite super heros – yep, I am cheesy!) 
  • Have you ever gotten the opportunity to work out with a bad ass trainer like Michelle? Or even Michelle herself?

And if this isn’t enough… TOMORROW NIGHT (1/22/14): The Fit & Funny Foodies will be hosting their FIRST COOK-A-LONG, sponsored by LORNA JANE, at 5pm (PST)/8pm (EST) on Google Hangouts – Follow me on Facebook & Twitter as I will be posting links for you to come and JOIN IN! 

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    I have to be :-)
    and Im sharing.

    • You are most certainly ONE WOMAN WHO I KNOW doesn’t let her superhuman powers fall by the wayside!!!! 😀 Thanks for SHARING! xoxo

  2. your suppose to do the exercises…3 more times! :p

  3. This is even greater than The Total Transformation!!

    To cure cancer would be my super power of choice, GiGi!

    My favorite SH would have to be Superman followed closely by Dr. Linus Pauling the only person to individually win two Nobel Prizes in medicine.

    Does my 7th degree black belt instructor kicking my butt count?

    I’d be called, Dr. J of course, lol!

  4. Love this post and contest! Never done any kind of lifestyle program I think so would be stoked to win this and see what it’s all about!

    For my superhero-ness…I think I would probably be called RAWR. A spin off my name: Sha-RAWR-reh.
    I definitely act like a raging dinosaur sometimes soooo I guess it works. =P
    My parents are def superheros to me too. When it comes to comics and all that, I always had a thing for Batman because he didn’t necessarily have super powers, just a lot of bad ass moves, prob a bad ass workout, and technology. I do love me some Superman though because he likes the journalists ;D!!!

    As for workouts, I have a Winter Ball coming up this weekend so I’ve been really pushing myself to go in once every day and maybe even do a little more by going twice a day for workouts. I’ve been going more towards weights when I get in, using different machines and then doing squats, different arm, leg and ab workouts…and then finishing off with some cardio (walking or running uphill for a bit, then slowing down, then going back up again). I think that plus the fact I walk more than ever in Chicago now and I’ve been cooking more at home than eating out has really upped my fitness and nutrition.

    Excited about your Cook-A-Long!! Def want to see!!

    • I am SO HAPPY to hear that you’re walking more! So many people don’t realize the power of walking! I certainly do – I feel like LA suffocates me in that respect, and while I haven’t necessarily put on weight per say, I definitely feel “heavier”!

      I am so pumped to also hear about you ramping it up in the gym and with your eating!!!!!! My goodness, the next time I see you I probably won’t recognize you!!!!!!! RAWRRRR! 😉

      CALL ME this weekend?!

  5. You’re awesome. This contest is awesome.
    I’ve never been to Australia, but my husband’s company is from there and a new employee just moved here to not-sunny western Mass last week. He said he left 100 degree summer for our polar vortex crap.
    And my superhero name would be “The Empath.”

    • Your husband’s company is from AUS and you’ve never been?!?!?!!?! WTF – you MUST GO by the end of the year. I am making that a NYR for you! ha ha ha! 😉

  6. Awesome giveaway! I’ve worked out with a personal trainer before and really miss it. Unfortunately it’s not in the budget. :( My favorite workout is beach volleyball. I’ve never been to Australia but would love to go. I’ve been to New Zealand though…close? :)

    • Well I certainly hope you entered this giveaway because Michelle is pretty much the best of the best – she is the Jillian Michaels of the AUS world! Highly recommended.

      OOOO and where in NZ did you go? My friend lives on the North Island and I need need need to visit her so badly!

  7. My mom was my superhero. She was a young widow with 3 teens and a toddler (me) to raise. She did a great job (if I do say so myself 😀 )

    • WOW SHE CERTAINLY was wonder woman, that’s for sure!!! I give her so much credit :) Give her a huge hug for me, will you?

  8. This is awesome, you are awesome, Michelle is awesome…..well actually I don’t really know but I want to find out so hopefully I win!! I’ve never worked out with a trainer but I’d love to :)

    • Michelle IS awesome! 😀

      And I hope you win too lady!! Two winners so you have MORE OF A CHANCE – Boom shaka lakaa!!! ha haha!

  9. I’ve never done an online lifestyle program, but I’ve heard SO much about Michelle Bridges! I’m not strong or technologically savvy enough to tape myself doing 100 push ups, but I just did 25 just for you!

    • YES!!!! At least you did 25. I will just enact the honor system right now and believe that you did some push ups for me! Hope you entered!!

  10. I remember that contraption! My aunt had one – what is it called?

  11. Starring in “The Crunchables” is me Captain Crispy, with the power to make healthy treats tasty for young and old. Wow I need turmeric don’t I. Never participated in any online programs or been to Australia. my exercise program consists of lifting, body weight exercise and running usually in that order. I think anyone who does something good when no one is looking is a great person.

    • Can I be apart of your superhero pack The Crunchables because my superhero also makes over unhealthy food into delicious healthful meals! 😀 I will be Major Morsels!

  12. Bah i’m trying to whoop my hiney into shape this year – starting in March is when I really want to buckle down and focus. It definitely looks like an effective program 😛 I’d probably hide in a corner with a batch of cookies after the first week. Have a great one GiGi! -Iva

    • Why starting in March? Why not February with this program?!?!?! 😀 It would be serious motivation for you! YOU WOULD NOT be hiding in the corner with a batch of cookies, you would be front and center with some hand weights! lol

  13. I could really use the super power of understanding all languages! Please tweet me when you give THAT away!!!

  14. I’ve never been to Australia and really want to go – Chris went the first year we were married (without me!) and we still stayed married so that’s good!!!

    • WHOA WHOA! That would be grounds for DIVORCE if my husband ever went to AUS without me! AH HA HA! 😉 Perhaps this is why I have never and will never get married?

  15. I would totally love the superpower of invisibility! I get to go anymore! haha.
    I’ve never been to Australia. It would be a great place to visit though!

    • I WOULD LOVE invisibility! When I was little I always wanted it too because I was such a little perv and wanted to venture into the boys locker room, AH ha ha ha! But now, I just want it because I want to snoop on people’s conversations – AHHH HA AH!

  16. Some days I wish I was the Flash so I could complete my running training in a snap. That would be very cool, very cool indeed…well off to go now, have to run 13.1 miles :(

  17. You mean I won’t lose weight with a vibrating plate or belt? Goddammit. Why does everything have to be so hard?!

    • Bah ha ha ha! Well, if only there were a time machine to bring you back to the 60s when the vibrating plate was a legit work out! But… finding a time machine sounds like even more effort than just working out!

  18. I need a mentor bad. Hey if I win, then maybe I can be Super Buff Bride. There is a name for a heroine!

  19. You make the most hilarious faces ahaha I love your blog- especially your selfies

    • Ah ha ha ha ha ha! I am known for my facial expressions, however, I don’t think I can ever do the same one twice because I really just don’t know I am making odd faces! 😉

      Thank you for stopping in!!

  20. I want to have the power to be invisible. And see through walls. Oh, and fly.

    I’ve never done a program like this, but I definitely think it would be great in terms of helping to get my butt in gear! I definitely have to fight the cheesy bacon nachos and the couch allll the time!

    • See through walls? What about walking through them? Now THAT WOULD BE COOL!!! I don’t think I would want to see through them… I don’t NEED to see my neighbors doing the NASTY! bahhh ha ha ha ah! 😉

      I hope you signed up – so you can kick those cheesy bacon nachos’s ass(es)! — That sentence is all kinds of WRONG in terms of grammar, but YOU GET IT lol!

  21. My son is SO into superheroes right now! My latest superhero name is Spider-Mom. Although I prefer Wonder Woman because then I get to hear him talk about my magic bracelets and invisible jet in his little chipmunk voice — so funny!

  22. I’d think I’d have to be like Dog Woman or something, which doesn’t sound very sexy.

    • AHH HA HA HA HA HA AH AH AHA! Omg I am seriously laughing out loud right now. I could imagine you wearing a dog halloween type costume, so funny! You could be a warewolf or something, they can be pretty ferocious! 😀

  23. She-ra. Duh. 😉

  24. That Body Transformation Membership sounds awesome! Unfortunately, since I’m pregnant right now, I’ve got my own “Body Transformation” going on, lol! Oh and I love that vibrating plate picture….awesome!

  25. only if i get to be the Flash, because he ran super fast.

    • Oh you can be WHOEVER YOU WANT TO BE, as long as you put your mind to it, LOL – Oh heyyyyyy really cheesy cliche!

  26. Favorite training superhero? Probably Lindsay Valenzuela (of Crossfit) because she is badass and I got to meet her after she won second place at the Crossfit Games last year!

    • I need to look this lady up, ASAP!!! She seems like someone who could motivate ME… Or just make me jaw drop open in awe! Crossfit + GiGi = DISASTER! lol!

  27. she’s smart! we can’t all be super heroes in real life! But i like the way she fits in the workouts. Purposeful

    but if i was a super hero, i think i’d be SHIERA! remember her?

  28. I’m afraid I’m always been more interested in being a super villain. Like Sheego. Oh and I did go to Sydney on my honeymoom. Just for a few days. Loved it.

    • AH HA HA HA HA HA! I could see that – You’re too BAD ASS to be a… GOOD ASS? lmfao!

      Do you have any Sydney photos?!?!?!?!!? A blog post perhaps? If so, give me the link :)

  29. This sounds like an amazing contest. I would love to win but since I am training for Boston right now I think I would be overloading my plate but I will certainly pass it along to others. If I could have one superhero power it would be the ability to clone myself so that I could be in all places doing everything all at once! Thanks for continuing to share your great posts with your awesome sense of humor!

    • Yeah, that might be a bit too much for you, however, I could possibly have another give away like this in the near future! 😀

      Thank you for sharing with others!!!!!

  30. Hi GiGi,

    Loved watching this. Im an Aussie and so love Michelle Bridges and what she does and what she has done in Australia. On many occasions hubby and our two daughters have meet Michelle. Not Lucky enough to have done a workout with her yet but would love to. But I do have all her Dvds and workout with them often, so in a way I do workout with her. Love them, love her books, love her One Active range and love everything Michelle stands for regarding health and fitness. She is the best!!!!
    Go Mishy Go Australia Thanks GiGi for this it was great.
    Karen M.

    • I LOVE MICHELLE too!!! She is so down to earth, and truly wants everyone she works out with to succeed! Such a wonderful motivator! I seriously think she is SUPERHUMAN, which is why this post is dedicated to unleashing ALL OF OUR superhero powers! :) I am glad you have gotten the opportunity to meet her, she is very responsive on Twitter- I am sure if you tweeted at her, she would reply and perhaps you could set up another meeting! Maybe ever a work out! 😉

      The next thing on my to-do list is checking out her clothing line! She was wearing it when I met her a few times and I couldn’t stop staring!!

  31. Oh WOW Thanks for replying!!
    Yep thats our Mishy, Wonderful, BeYOUtiful, Super in every way and a great motivator. Yes her clothing line is just the best. So wearable, feels so good to workout in. Great colours. Love her shoes to death!!! You need to check all her products for sure. She also has amazing gym/fitness equipment and cooking products. Her books and dvds are so inspiring. Yep just love our Aussie girl Mishy.

    Loved this artical and signed up to your emails. Looking forward to reading more from you. Love it!!
    Take care

    • Those were what I was TRULY drooling over, HER SHOES :) well hopefully her line moves on over to the US too! :)

      I truly love how much you love her, it definitely further defines how amazing Michelle is!

  32. I wish I had the chance to work out with Monica Brant. I would DIE!!!! The one super power I WISH I had would be to read people’s thoughts.

    • OMG I LOVE HER TOO – Her body is ridiculous!!!!!! Well, if I ever have a chance to work with her/do a giveaway – I might rig the giveaway and make you win, LOL! Shhhh!!!

      And I used to want to read people’s thoughts, okay I still totally do- however, I might not ALWAYS want to know what someone else is thinking – ignorance is bliss, yes?

  33. hhahahaha this post was still funny second time around! :)

    my superpower would be: being able to read and comment on blog posts at super speed — hitting 100s of blogs before my morning coffee is done brewing.

    Thought you’d appreciate that one! 😉


  34. Wait. I’m not a superhero 😉

    My favourite superhero is Daredevil (who also has a ninja mentor, named Stick. Stick > Splinter).
    Daredevil has super hearing (and other super senses) and I think I do too… I can always hear when trouble is brewing with my kids. Sometimes I can read minds…mostly my wife’s.

    My desired superhero would be a digital computer brain/nervous system so I could remember everything, copy & paste things I’ve seen (like exercise techniques, dance moves, whatever) perfectly, or just upload things like in the Matrix. Superhero codename? SUREFIRE.

    • BAH HA HA HA HA! This might be my FAVORITE COMMENT! 😉

      Ohhhhh I wonder how you wife likes that you can read her mind – I guess it could be good or bad! It reminds me of that movie: What A Woman Whats! Sorry, but that’s a movie I flipping LOVE! It made me want to have the power to read minds!!

      You have probably the most UNIQUE superpower desire ever and I love it. I kind of want to COPY YOU – BAH HA AH – do you SEE WHAT I DID THERE!?!?

  36. Oh I need to win this! My dream superhero power- to be able to get all my kids ready in the morning by snapping my fingers (including breakfast, making beds, cleaning rooms, getting into the car for school). That would be such a dream!

    • If you ever figure out HOW to do that… and you “bottle it up” and sell it… YOU WOULD MAKE BA-ZILLIONS!!!!! But for now, you can just enter to win a chance to to the 12 Week Body Transformation, lol! Because that’s the same… right?

  37. So many questions!!! :) I am not entering but I would love to have the power to make everyone respect each other for themselves – all this hate in the world & discrimination drives me crazy!

    You know my exercise regimen! :)

    • I couldn’t agree more! I would love the ability to make people love themselves – all too often people put themselves down so much and it makes me sad because everyone is unique in their own beautiful way!

  38. Let me know if you need a spot when deadlifting that train!

  39. My exercise regime usually involves running or dancing. Dancing usually means in my house, singing to Drake, being embarrassed when I’m spotted but then keeping on!

    • BAH HA HA AH HA HA! Never be embarrassed! OWN IT BABY! 😉 However, if you were dancing to…. I don’t know, Aqua (Barbie Girl)… Then MAYBE you have the right to be embarrassed, LOL! Dancing is such a good work out though!

  40. I’m thinking I may be one of the few people who does not in fact want to sit on a couch eating cheesy bacony nachos. Chocolate is another story though…

    That video looked killer, at least you had a cute outfit while you were getting your butt kicked. 😉

    • THATS GOOD! I don’t want to sit on the couch eating cheesy nachos either – I want to stuff my face with SALMON!!! AND MORE SALMON – LOL!!! 😉

      That outfit was… 1/2 Lululemon and 1/2 Athelta!!! LOVE!

  41. Erin from Long Island says:

    I’ve never done a program like this, though I have done a few “challenges (mamavation 2 week, HIIT 30 day, etc) but usually, they aren’t very challenging. Maybe that’s my super power?

    If I could, I’d want to be able to become invisible at will. Oh all the eaves dropping, people watching, and sneaking in I could do!!!!!!!

    • THAT IS YOUR SUPER POWER FOR SURE!!!!! Thinking crazy crazy crazy hard exercises are EASY…. NOW THAT IS A CRAZY AMAZING super power and I am envious!!

      I WOULD ADORE the opportunity to become invisible! Seriously, would love it. Especially in my industry! I would love to hear what casting directors TRULY think!

      • Erin from Long Island says:

        hahaha, thanks! i’m too fit (achem, stubborn) for my own good!
        I’m pretty sure EVERY industry is like that, even if it’s only petty office bullshit.

        Omg, just had a crazy thought…. you + me + invisible…..scary the amount of shenanigans we’d get into!

  42. Love your writing style – very enjoyable – and yes, I am a SuperHero. I am ….. Vegelicious Woman! Working on it anyway 😉

    • THANK YOU :) I really just type what’s going on in my head. It’s a bit of a mess up there, LOL!!

      And omg, what you’re super power VEGELICIOUS WOMAN?!?! Showering veggies on the world? Transforming nasty vegetables into deliciousness that tastes like candy? ha ha!

  43. Awesome interview! She’s HUGE in Aussie-land!

    I would be a telekinetic. And if the “Why?” isn’t obvious, it can’t be explained… 😉

    • TELEKINESIS WOULD BE BOMBBBB!!!!! I am trying to make the remote come over to me…. It ain’t moving! FACCCKKK! lol!

  44. Is there an INVISIBLE superhero? Because this MAMA just wants to be invisible some (most) days 😉

    • YES YES YES you can be invisible. I think STORM is invisible, or am I wrong??? I would love to be invisible, but not for the same reasons as you – you have legit reasons! I think you deserve a SPA DAY or HOUR this weekend! I SAY TREAT YOURSELF! Even just a pedicure! :)

  45. If I had a superhero power, it would be the ability to eat all the pies I wanted without gaining any weight or stomach aches. I kid you not. This is a very serious dream of mine.

    • DUDE you read my mind!!!!!!!!!! THAT WOULD BE FLIPPING AMAZING – eating all the junk food you want yet, it does nothing to you – except ENHANCE YOUR HEALTH in a POSITIVE WAY! ha ha ah! IF ONLY! Girls can dream, right?

  46. I would be TigerlLily, which is already my alter ego’s name anyway. I look sweet and delicate like a flower on the outside but I’m deadly like a tiger. Pow!

    My super power would be turning cinnamon rolls and ice cream into spinach once they reach my belly :)

    And I agree, Michelle is a bad a$$.

    • BAH HA HA HA AH! OMG can I have your super powers too! That would be AMAZING – we should some how invent this? WE WOULD BE GAZILLIONAIRES!!

      I think I might just call you Tiger Lily from now on… Better yet, lets make a video as our superhero alter egos! LMFAO!

  47. Just the membership I need. I think if I could have a super power… would be invisibility. I see not very original to the comments above. Nice. But none the less. would be fun to have. 😉

    • I think invisibility would be amazing! You can hide when you need to, or you can sneak around and eavesdrop – ha ha ha! 😉

  48. The story of what Michelle is doing in Australia is pretty cool! Gonna try those exercises… Thanks for sharing!

  49. Hi Gigi,
    I need a good butt-kicking so I really hope I win this 12 Week Transformation! Maybe it will help me look like my super hero alter ego “SuperNaturalista”! Thank you for sharing this opportunity on the Healthy, Happy, Green & Natural hop! I appreciate it!

    • I really really hope you win it too! I will have the winners listed on Tuesday’s post! :) Regardless though, SuperNatualista shines through, whether you know it or not 😉

  50. I’ve done online programs through (usually challenges run by fellow members) and have loved them! I love the structure and support things like that provide.

    • I know SparkPeople – I have read so many good things! I am so glad it’s working for you. Support systems are so important, and that’s exactly what Michelle’s program would give too :)

  51. I’ve never been to Australia, but I WANNA!! This giveaway is actually way cooler than you made it sound via text, but there are already over 600 entries..holy cow!! I wish I could see through things…like…clothing..on men.

  52. stephenie says:

    Michelle is so awesome, she kicked our butts! My super power would be the ability to snap my fingers and be anywhere in the world!

  53. Great offer, Gigi! If I could be a superhero I would be Anti-Procrastination Girl, because that is one superpower I just don’t have – If I went with my current powers, I would be Couch Potato Girl 😉

    Thanks so much for sharing this on Waste Not Want Not Wednesday, I’ve pinned it :)

  54. Thanks for linking up at our Gluten Free Fridays party! I have tweeted and pinned your entry to our Gluten Free Fridays board on Pinterest! :)

    Hope your week is great! Can’t wait to see what you link up this week!

    Cindy from

  55. Michael Goffinet’s New Book “They Call Me Superman” Available Now