Supplying Power On The Set Of A Movie

  • 3 slices nitrate-laced, sugar-cured honey baked ham
  • 1 slice of chemically constructed pepper jack cheese
  • 1 leaf from a head of watery iceberg lettuce
  • All smothered with creamy yellow mustard
  • And sandwiched between two slices of processed white death flour bread

This is most certainly NOT the latest healthy recipe I am sharing with you here on GiGi Eats Celebrities

This is actually the contents of what makes up the 1/2 eaten, health-robbing sandwich sitting on the center island of a beautifully manicured kitchen.

half eaten ham sandwich

It’s no wonder there also happens to be a distraught and perturbed woman and a rather clueless detective… In the kitchen as well…

Dicky Sledgehammer kitchen set

I mean, I too would be appalled at this grotesquely unhealthy sandwich preparation.

Quite frankly… I ACTUALLY AM.

gigi dubois

However, I had no say in the logistics of this prop… For it’s an intricate part of a movie I got to film the “behind the scenes” footage for.

This movie: Dicky Sledgehammer 


A film that explores the inner and outer-workings of a slightly awkward (and sometimes French) sleuth… As he tries clarify capers so as to prove his crime-solving smarts and expertise.

Thankfully… This excuse for food was NOT the main event on the craft services table on the movie set… Nope! Not on my watch!

As the self proclaimed “craft services director,” I was able to supply the entire cast and crew with fuel that SUPPLIED LOTS OF POWER!


Har Har Har… I am so punny funny… Because the food company I got to cater the movie set is called MY POWER SUPPLY!


Even though I ever so cleverly twisted this pun together… I am not kidding when I say: Power Supply supplied the POWER! Power Supply certainly cured the MUNCHIES (and the desire to eat any honey-baked ham)!


This company dishes up “great tasting food, made from the really good stuff, by local chefs and artisans” and is conscious about common food allergens and DOES NOT INCLUDE ANY DAIRY (unless you consider eggs dairy) in ANY OF THEIR MEALS! 

my power supply meals

It’s time you take an enormous bite out of the latest GiGi Eats (because I know I made you hungry, right?)… To see just how scrumptious Power Supply‘s healthy, pre-made, meal delivery service is… And to get the recipe for what it takes… To make a movie! 

Now to ACTUALLY sink your teeth into some of Power Supplies offerings… Head over to their web site and see if they supply your city with their goods! And if they do… You will be GIFTED WITH A FREE MEAL, THANKS TO ME! You’re welcome! 


Otherwise… Each meal ranges anywhere from $10.50 – $13.50, a small price to pay for a TRUCK LOAD of food! A lot of the cast and crew couldn’t even finish their meals because they’re anywhere from 11 to 18 ounces! EVEN I WAS FULL… And if you’ve ever met me… You’d know that I can out eat Takeru Kobayashi


True Story.

Speaking of stories… If you want to know what happens in movie Dicky Sledgehammer, well, I will keep you posted (it’s currently in post production right now, which means… EDITING), but you can also follow along via Facebook

Landon Ashworth Dicky Sledgehammer


  • Meal delivery services: which ones have you tried, what were your thoughts?
  • What’s your favorite sandwich combo (unhealthy/healthy…)? 
  • Do you like a man with a stache? 
  • Would you face plant into: Ground Beef Stuffed Bell PeppersBuffalo Chicken with Cumin Carrot & Raisin Salad or Lemon Dill Salmon with Yellow Squash & Sauteed Spinach
  • Can you do any accents? 
  • If you could have been on the set of ANY MOVIE MADE… Which movie would it be and why? 
  • Who’s going to check out Power Supply… RIGHT NOW


  1. Wow looks like you have some fun stuff to keep you busy. I am a little bit jealous but very happy for you. The food sounds amazing of course and I think you may have just challenged me to an eat off. I am NEVER full. Can’t remember a single instance.
    My favorite Sandwich: Peanut butter and honey. Everyone love a ‘stache, it’s a given. I can do a pretty decent Canadian accent, watched a bit too much Strange Brew growing up.

    I would have wanted to be on set for Labyrinth. It was such a pivotal movie for me, it epitomized my childhood life of fantasy and escape through novels and DnD.

    • OMFG I remember when I watched Labyrinth when I was younger. It scared the crap out of me but also fascinated me to no end as well. I think it is about time I watch it again, however, I feel like my watching it now, may ruin it for me – lol! Maybe I should just leave it to the memories from my past, as I know what happens behind the scenes of movies these days, lol!

    • Isnt she just Jody…Lol Food glorious food…That sammich ( Its an English thing) looks quite British too eeerrr dont bite!

      My Fave Sammich is Prawns with light mayo on a bran bam Yummm!
      I like a man with a trimmed stache tickles me pink…

      You are too punny :)

  2. (No way I can be the first comment! I’m usually like the 100th!)

    I love this idea! I wish the website was a little easier to figure out the vegan/vegetarian menu. I know they have it because it says to, just can’t see what it is.

    • Ha Ha! I just posted my blog about 20 minutes ago… 😉 I am late to the game today – LOL! So yes, you are the second commenter, shall I send you a free meal of Power Supply?? 😉 They have vegan options too! I will find you their options if you truly are curious!

  3. I tried a meal delivery service two times! One time I didn’t read the package right and ate the entire meal it was supposed to last two times I felt so embarrassed! The second time the meals were all about calories so the entire meal was lettuce not even organic good lettuce Some whole wheat pasta which I was allergic to because it wasn’t gluten-free and a few tiny pieces of chicken I was not happy! These meals look great though I can’t wait to try them when I get to the states! Xo C

  4. That would be so cool to watch a movie being filmed. I’d love to be any part of a project like that, though providing the healthy meals for everybody and doing some behind the scenes filming sounds like a good ‘role’ for you. :) If I could be on any movie set, I would definitely choose Lord of the Rings, over in New Zealand. Good excuse to see the country. :)

    • OH MAN, I actually went and visited the set of LOTRs when I was in NZ last year… It was absolutely breath-taking, so I don’t blame you ONE BIT for wanting to be on that set!!

  5. Ha – your post really made me giggle, you’ve got a really funny way of writing (I mean funny haha not funny weird!). My favourite sandwich combo of the moment is a good old turkey, stuffing and cranberry – so festive!

    • LOL I would take funny “haha” or funny “weird” any day! 😉 I know I am an odd ball, lol.
      And that sandwich combo of yours sounds… Ugh, phenomenal! Makes me miss last week’s Thanksgiving festivities.

  6. Id LOVE to do a meal delivery service.
    Ive done my fit foods BUT BUT BUT I had to go and pick up the damn stuff myself :-) and drive it to my domicile.

    • With Power Supply, they deliver it right to your door in a cooler, which rocks! I still want to try My Fit Foods though too! Worth it, as in, does it taste good?

  7. I’ve always been suspicious of mystery meat! I bring my own lunch to work meetings because they are usually carb-coma inducing pasta dishes.

    • As everyone should!!! You’re smart! I always bring my own food too! I remember when we were looking at the honey baked ham at the grocery store, I gagged the entire time.

  8. Not sure in ordering Nutrisystem in the ’90’s counts but it’s the closest thing to meal delivery that I’ve ever had unless you count pizza. 😉

    The Power Supply meals look delicious!

  9. Well I see now how busy M Sledgehammer has been. :) Yes Murphy’s law is always around when you least need it but keeps you on your toes. The food looks great the last thing anyone need’s is a sugar crash on set. Favorite sandwich would be a ruben less the dressing. I would have liked to have been involved with Fast and Furious, I’m a major old school car junkie not to say imports aren’t cool but…… old school rules !!!! If I was home enough a food service would be good. This one looks like a definite try if I could make it work.

    • Fast and the Furious huh? So every single one of the movies you would have liked to be on? Or do you have one favorite in particular?

      • The first two for me were the best not to say the others weren’t entertaining but they were a little over the edge of reality. It’s to late now to add some reality to the mix, even the show on with some so called street racer outlaws is a colossal joke and then some.
        Where’s the fair maiden Blissful Brittany ???

  10. I feel like if I owned a catering company I would call it the exact same thing!!! I would eat ALL this food just because of the name! Food is fuel people! Power UP!!!

  11. Great name for a catering company and the food sounds delish – not so much on the sandwich though… (although it must have held up well sitting there all day!)

  12. I love the name of the company. And can I also say that I like the fact that there is contained amount of food? Because I would be dangerous around a catering table–a little bit of this, a little bit of that.

    • OH EXACTLY! I wanted to try all of the meals ALL at the same time, but because they were in containers – and I am classy??? – I resisted… Until… The cast/crew wasn’t in the kitchen! LOL

  13. I think meal delivery services are great for people who don’t have much time or just can’t cook. Cooking {and drinking wine while I cook} is my therapy, so I just stick to homemade meals.

    • Mmmm that sounds like a pretty tasty therapy. Won’t lie to you, microwaving Power Supply meals… That’s a therapy for me, because I know I am going to be chowing down on something delicious in about 3 minutes! 😉

  14. I’ve never tried a meal delivery service, but if I had the money I’d totally do it. Luckily, I have my own meal delivery in the form of my husband, the real cook in my house.

  15. So jealous!! It looks like you are having a blast!!! All of those meals are right up my alley and no to the stache but yes to a 5 o’clock shadow! I wish I could speak in accents but I am terrible at them and even worse at acting! I’m finally making my way out to California! Next week I’ll be in San Fran and Napa, and one of these days I’ll make my way out to LA and come meet you 😛 And totally jealous BTW that you met Marky Mark!!!

    • 5 o’clock shadows…. Mmmm… Those make me swoon, however, I must admit… The stache, yeah, it got ot me! LOL!
      AND DO KEEP ME POSTED ABOUT YOUR LOS ANGELES visit, if you do in fact come! I would love to meet :)

  16. And now I’m hungry… and jealous.

    • Ah ha ha! Yeah, it was pretty dang tasty! I actually had a few meals left over, I froze them… So I can enjoy them at any time! WOO WOO! lol

  17. If I worked on the set of Pirates of the Caribbean, I would have been one happy gal. 😉

  18. How exciting to be on a movie set!! That Power Supply Food does look bomb too! Looks like a ton of food! That tray is bigger than your head loL!

  19. I’ll have to check out Power Supply. It reminds me of “My Fit Foods” which has locations in LA & also the Valley. I liked their healthy & convenient prepackaged food too.

    That movie set that you worked on sounds cool. I’ll have to check out the movie once it is out of post production. Keep us posted! :)

    • I have yet to try MY FIT FOODS but I am certainly curious, however I think I am going to have to say *before I even try My Fit Foods* that Power Supply is BETTER – ha ha ha! JUST SAYIN 😉

      But seriously, try it – what do you have to lose? And I am gifting you with a free meal yo! 😛

  20. We have something very similar here may even be the same company that I tried last year. I liked them but not enough to eat on a regular basis. Great to have for very busy weeks and portion control

    • I have to agree!! These meals are AMAZING for busy weeks and when you don’t want to resort to fast food and/or microwaveable meals you find in the frozen food section of the grocery store!

  21. Never, unless you consider the Monsta Lobsta food truck a delivery service.

    I’m neck deep into the Lemon Dill Salmon!

    Only when I look in the mirror do I like staches.

    They made a movie about me one time :-)

    I can not do accents, but I’ve always wanted to. I can imitate one immediately after I hear a phrase, but can’t do it on my own. .

    Glad you are having fun!!

    • I have never eaten at a Food Truck before!!! Nuts right?? There are so many out here in LA too, I just never even think about them.

      And um, I wish I had their lemon dill salmon in my fridge right now… Although, it would be gone in negative 5 seconds – ha ha.

  22. Sounds like a super fun afternoon! I haven’t tried any meal delivery services yet but I would love to. The idea of having someone else cook me a healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner sounds totally amazing 😉

    • Oh and my Power Supply is AMAZING – actually that’s an understatement. Their food. Holy crap, I can’t even. LOL! Yes, I cannot… Even.

  23. Honey baked ham always sounds good, but way too often (as in always) is just kinda meh. Modern wet-cured hams generally just stink, don’t they? I need to do an aged country ham again — you know, the kind where you have to scrub off the mold, then soak for a couple of days to get rid of all that salt. Really. Good. Stuff. Anyway, you have me fantasizing about ham that’s actually worth eating (and not full of chemicals). Fun video, fun post — thanks.

  24. Haha nice post
    Lets see I haven’t tried meal delivery services.
    Favorite sandwich combo turkey with avocado, swiss, ranch and spinach. Yum!
    Not into mustaches.
    I like the Australian accent. And spanish.
    I’d love to have been on the set This is the end looks like a stupid awesome good time!

    • Mmmm turkey with avocado – a combo I have yet to try but really want to chow on right now! 😉
      Australia accents… Yeah, I could like to chow on one of those right now too. LOL
      And I have never seen the movie: THIS IS THE END – looks like I have a movie to watch tonight 😉

  25. You have the best posts! And OF COURSE I will be checking it out!

  26. LOL….death bread. you always make me laugh! Great post.

  27. Okay, I’m laughing about the death bread too! This is so funny. I’ll never look at a sandwich the same way again!

  28. I haven’t tried any meal delivery services – but with those portions, my daughter and I could share one between us and be happy!
    As to my fav sandwich combo – gah – am not a big sandwich eater – unless its an inside out one with meat on the outside! And staches make smooches harder to face plant into! Speaking of face planting – that Lemon Dill Salmon with Yellow Squash & Sauteed Spinach is calling my face!
    And nope – I cannot do accents – even an American one – mine is a funky one! Am off to Google Power Supply… RIGHT NOW! :)

  29. That sounds amazing, I will have to try Power Supplies out next time I am home in SF visiting! Also, your pics are my favorite. :)

  30. My favorite sandwich is a grilled cheese with Swiss and grilled onions. YES. YES. YES. I also do like a dude with a stache, and the only accent I can really do is Baltimore, where I am from anyway. But I can turn it on and off.

  31. Stache-less men please, OK I’ll give them Movember! Now I am afraid of that sandwich but these power meals sound awesome! and HUGE! Never used such a servcie.

  32. Jacqui Odell says:

    You are right that’s a great deal for the amount of food you are getting. The best part it looks yummy!!

  33. Ok, I’m moving to LA now. Maybe I can get a job as an Assistant to the Craft Services Director…hmmmmmm. Seriously, I am totally living vicariously through your blog. Last week it was a Pixar film premiere and now it’s an actual movie set. I’m having the time of my life!!! hahahaha! I really would be having the time of my life if there was a Power Supply food delivery service near me and I would be all about eating any of the meals but would try the lemon dill salmon first. Yummy! Also, LOVE the name Power Supply too.

  34. Sandwiches? What exactly was that again? Nothing ever of interest for me. I’d rather have a real and filling meal instead. If this company managed to offer GiGi-satisfying serving sizes they sound promising. I don’t have any experiences with delivery services but if catering counts I feel you’d have very much approved of that at my sister’s wedding. All made from scratch, lots of organic ingredients and decorated with edible flowers.
    I can do a mean German accent 😉 and I’d have liked to be on set of the movie/documentation ‘Mad Hot Ballroom’. If you haven’t seen it yet you have to. Alternatively, I wouldn’t have minded carrying a few watermelons on set of Dirty Dancing, either …

    • GAH HA HA HA! YES!! I would have LOVED to carry a few watermelons on the set of Dirty Dancing too… Oh forget that. P Swayze can feed me watermelon 😉 You and I both know I would make that happen – LOL!

  35. Great post. I’ve never tried a meal delivery service, but I would be open trying one. I don’t think there are any in my part of the country though (Fargo, ND).

  36. What fun for you! I’ve never been on a movie set but I doubt I could just pick one since there would be so many I’d like to be on especially ones filmed in exotic locations. So, back to sandwiches…I used to love a good NY pastrami sandwich from a respectable deli, but sadly, I am now gluten-free so even an occasional pastrami sandwich is out of the question. Thanks for the fun post!

  37. Oh wow! That sounds so much fun, I always wanted to do a meal delivery service- such a great way to meet new people, get creative and do what you love! :) xo

  38. I just dont get the man with a stache appeal. Ummm, oww. But maybe Im doing things too rough…. anyway, what were we talking about…? –

  39. These meals sound perfect for me to keep in the office for those busy days when I’m not able to leave for lunch! I’m going to check this out!

    • 1000% agreed! I have a few in my freezer for last minute bites, so perfect and sooo much healthier than those crappy microwaveable meals from grocery stores!

  40. Now, wait a minute. Who considers eggs to be dairy? I don’t!
    Anyway, yes I dream of meal delivery services. I kinda just want you to come over and cook GiGi-approved food for me. Is that wrong?
    Although I wouldn’t tell you to come this time of year. Unless you like cold, dark rain.

    • I would have ZERO PROBLEM coming over to make you GiGi-Approved dishes! 😉 Just ate some pie crust cookies… You know, food poisoning cure, LOL!!! Yep, I am suffering from crazy food poisoning right now – but NOT from Power Supply or from my own cooking! WOMP WOMP.

      And um, I was thinking I might start my cooking for you in the spring 😉 Or… it could start now but you’d have to come to LA!

  41. WOW! This sounds like it was a really fun experience. I’ve never tried a meal delivery service but one of my good friends just started one and she is loving it.


  42. My favorite sandwich is grilled cheese and I love this article- really cool behind the scenes looks!

  43. Sets have such fun atmospheres! I had some great time on them, and sometimes the food is great and sometimes… not so much. Hello Fresh is the only delivery service I’ve tried and it was pretty good. :)

    • Hello Fresh I have certainly heard of but never tried! I am so thrilled with Power Supply that I don’t think I ever need to try any other service 😉
      What sets have you worked on??

  44. Wow, so different from seeing ya in the kitchen (but in a good way 😉 ). I enjoyed this and seeing you out and about.

    But here’s the thing GiGi, I’m now soooooo hungry that I need you to pick up one of these Power Supply healthy meals and like literally Fedex it to me over here on the other side of the pond in Scotland!

    Oh, and my favourite sandwich is a crayfish and rocket one. And being a seafood lover yourself, I think you might like that combo!

    • Ha Ha! SOMETIMES…. SOMETIMES I leave the kitchen Neil, but it’s a rarity for sure, LOL!

      I truly wish I could FedEx you some of these meals because hot damn they’re amazing – but if you go to the web site, you can click on a meal that interests you and it lists ALL of the ingredients, thus you could totally recreate one or two that sound good!! The tagine is by far my favorite thus far! I am going to try some new ones next week! :)

  45. Marty and I tried Blue Apron once and weren’t fans. I prefer to make my own foods – I was surprised how caloric the meals they sent were. Also, I would totally face-plant into the stuffed bell peppers! One of my favorite dishes!!

    • Well as you may remember… I tried Blue Apron and filmed my experience with it, and I kinda have to agree with you… I wasn’t over the moon about it – 😮 I mean some aspects were good but over all, meh… And I couldn’t eat 1/2 the meal anyways because I cannot eat noodles.


  46. These meals look amazing! I love that you have no work to do. All the meal deliveries i have tried still required that I do lots of prep work and clean up! I want to try these.

    • You must try these….. And if you have 5 kids… THESE MEALS will definitely come in handy! ha ha! 😉 No prep -just a microwave… And sometimes no microwave at all!

  47. Ordering cooked meals definitely makes life easier and saves times. Imagine coming home to a cooked meal everyday??!!!! what will we do with all the extra time??:)))

  48. They also have meatless items. Too bad not located near me.

  49. Very cool, i am going to have to try these out sometime. Thanks for sharing

  50. I tried a meal delivery service for my wedding and it was only ok. The food just didn’t taste that great and wasn’t that appetizing. I’ve had better luck with meal prep delivery services!

    • Oh girl, Power Supply is by far the best meal delivery service I have ever tried! The chefs pay ATTENTION to flavor and don’t skimp AT ALL!

  51. I couldn’t help but laugh at the ingredients listing for the sandwich. When you know what is in something and how bad it is it tends to make you not want to eat it. The much healthier catered food that you got looks and sounds far better. And now I’m hungry lol

  52. You are so cool! :) That movie set looks awesome and those meals look delicious!

  53. This sounds like a great service. I’m always on the look out for healthier and easier meal planning. I might have to try that free meal!

  54. What a great service, like the lack of dairy and plentiful whole food and vegan options. And just wow on the movie set, how fun and lucky for you! :-)

  55. girllll i have the funniest story about ordered healthy meals! Someone delivered THREE to me (instead of the right person), here at my apartment in Tally..I even TRIED to do the right thing and call the # on it for the guy who had ordered response, so, I did the natural thing and ATE IT. NOMNOMNOM #freefood. But this one looks delicious!


  56. Sounds like an amazing opportunity. I’ve never heard of this Power Supply Company, but the food looks great.

    I’ve never used a food delivery service. My favorite unhealthy sandwich is probably a grilled ham and cheese!

  57. I can talk like Donald Duck, but only if you ask nice. 😉

  58. Behind the scenes of a movie? How cool is that? And the catering was tasked to you? Awesome! I’ve never actually used a food delivery service, so I have no opinion on that. But I will share that I was an extra in the movie Shallow Hal when it was filmed in Charlotte and the food was AWESOME!

    • HA HA HA HA HA HA HA AH AH! Funny thing about that movie – whenever I see it, it makes me nauseous! Weird, right???? BUT THAT IS TOO FUNNY!! What scene were you in?

  59. Lately, my go-to sandwich has been a simple bagel with labne (kefir yogurt)…the stuff is better than cream cheese!!

    • I haven’t had cream cheese in EONS!! But I remember when I could eat it, I would want the WHOLE BLOCK – ha ha ha aha ha!!!! As for bagels…. Aw man, I miss those too! ha ha!

  60. Just looked up the Power Supply food and I have to say I’m mighty impressed that they don’t use processed sugar. I’m all about maple syrup as a sweetener staple. Count me in! Thanks for exposing me to a new LA food option. :)

    • Yay! Oh man, I am so pumped that you’re on board because you will NOT regret it ONE BIT!! Too too too good to be true, ha! Let me know what you think when you get the meals :)

  61. The pictures on your posts are always so intriguing. And you make food and eating so much fun.

  62. haha yes keep up the good work. That is actually a really good price for such a big portion or health eats!
    And look at you, you little star! You are just the cutest!

    • Oh it’s such a good deal. I have been eating out a lot lately… And meals have been quite costly for 1/2 or even 1/4 of what Power Supply offers!

  63. Hi GIGi,
    You are so funny and talented with your puns and I love your faces. You crack me up! Thanks for sharing all this informative information. Thanks for sharing on Real Food Fridays. Pinned & twitted.

  64. Just reading the words “lemon dill salmon, yellow squash and sauted spinach” is making me HUNGRY!!

    Sitting here wondering if they can deliver a meal to my car as I wait in this parking lot!!?

    There are some dudes who can rock a stash, but I am all about the beard!! Good thing I married a real woodsman with a kick ass beard 😉

    • Girl, I just read lemon dill salmon in your comment, and NOW I WANT IT TOO! LOL!!!

      And um, they actually TOTALLY COULD deliver a meal to your car in the parking lot! 😉

  65. Way to get other to eat better! I would love to be on a movie set, so much fun! I have never tried a meal service, but I can imagine when we have kids they will be my friends!

    • Oh yes! I love motivating others to eat better – hence the blog 😉
      And YES x a million when you start having kids – having meals delivered to you = private chef 😉 Almost!

  66. Oh wow, looks like you had lots of fun, girl! The food looks delicious and I would happily dive into any of those dishes. I’ve never had a food delivery service but I think it’s a great idea for super busy people or those wanting to eat healthy and don’t know how to cook. (I’ve never understand the fear of cooking for some people…but it’s a definite hindrance!)
    Any movie set? That’s a tough one and I love old movies so I’m going to say The Way We Were cos no one is better looking than Robert Redford in those days. I’d be knocking Babs out of that bed and jumping in for some fun! lol
    Have a great weekend :)

    • I won’t lie – as much as I love cooking… I might like Power Supply meals more! HA HA HA! So… Yeahhh that’s saying A LOT about this food company! 😛 And I know so many people who HATE cooking yet want the luxury of having tasty goods on the ready… You should start your own meal delivery service 😉

  67. “I’m really hungry right now.” there any other feeling?

  68. You must have some great dinner party stories. How wonderful to work in the film industry; especially where it revolves around food. I’ll be sure to look out for the movie once it’s released xx

  69. CourtneyLynne says:

    One I’m all about meal delivery services! Anything that makes life a tad bit easier… Two thumbs up time me!

  70. That Dicky is hot.

  71. Ya know wHat? I haven’t tried any meal delivery services because when doing a cost-analysis I figured it wasn’t worth it. lol. I like and enjoy cooking new things every week so I just opt to doubling up a recipe and that saves me time. The money I spend on ingredients is less than what all of those services estimate per person. psh please. I got this! Sammich, favorite one is anything with avocado – turkey is my preferred meat otherwise, hit me with a fatty ass steak n cheese!! :) Have a great one lovely GiGi! -Iva

    • When I “double up” recipes… I just wind up eating DOUBLE the portion, ha ha ah… In one sitting… Because my eyes are far bigger than my stomach, which is saying something because… My stomach is HUGE – ha ha aha ha! Bottomless pit, yo! LOL!!

      And um, I would LOVE ME A STEAK AND CHEESE – if I could eat it! Girl, if I could eat anything, you and I would be food besties! 😉

      • LoL!! My eyes are always bigger than my stomach itself which is quite tiny. I don’t eat a lot in one sitting but frequently require food. Lol. :) We are food besties just sucks that you can’t eat all the junk I eat! IT’S NO FUN! You can drink though right? Because.. that’d be the best middle ground.

  72. Power supply sound amazing-love that you were involved in this, when I was a full time TV and film director some of the food on set was appalling, I used to get in my award winning restaurateur folks to cook for the crews whenever they could. Food is crucial when you are all working long hours!

  73. Thanks for putting this together! It looks very cool so far. I’ll be checking back to see the full plans.

  74. You have too much freaking fun… seriously… STAHP IT!! STAHP IT NOW!!! –

  75. YUM!! Those meals sound hugeeeeee…which I like. 😉 The more food the better! And it sounds delish!

  76. “I give it two sledgehammers” haha ;p
    The catering company sounds really cool. It sounds like they use fresh ingredients and make great food.
    And your job sounds super cool! You must meet all sorts of interesting people =)
    The movie looks funny – I’ll keep an eye out for it.
    “Can you do accents?”
    I’m Canadian so I think you would find I have an accent ;p

    • Yes, I would hear an accent in your voice 😉 And I would feed you extra deliciousness because I love me some accents!

  77. HI. I checked out the site. With it being bi-coastal, I’m hoping it comes to NYC/CT area. When I was going through radiation, my cousins actually hired a chef to make vegan, healthy meals for me. It was amazing. I wish I could do that again and would definitely look into Power Supply if it came locally.

    • OMG you have the best cousins ever!! I am glad you’re doing alright after radiation too by the way… And I am going to need to email Power Supply ASAP because there is officially HIGH DEMAND for their goods all over the country! 😛

  78. I tried several of these Meal delivery services here in New Zealand but not for me, I usually send it over as a gift to some friends who just gave birth or is sick

  79. HAHAHAHAHA! You’ve got a really funny way of writing ! I love reading your blog, Gigi!

  80. I’ve never had anything catered or used a meal delivery service, but my favorite sandwich is cheddar, cucumbers, and alfalfa sprouts on sourdough. :)

    Thanks for sharing with us over at Savoring Saturdays, GiGi. Hope to see you back again this weekend! :)

    • I was never a fan of sour dough!!! Ha! But that’s good – You don’t have to worry about me taking a bite of your sandwich 😉

  81. Too bad they aren’t in FL! I could use some healthy pre-made meals with my new little lady around. Fave sandwich combo: anything delicious. I’m going to go make a PB&J now… dinner of champions!

  82. I would have loved to be on the set of movies like Harry Potter, the fantasy movies I enjoy so much. I wonder what they eat…