Middle Earth DOES Exist!

I will be 90000% offended if you didn’t notice that I haven’t been around for a few weeks.

Okay, no, I actually won’t because life is far too short to hold grudges.

Well regardless as to whether or not you knew I was MIA, I am officially back from my epic journey DOWN UNDER (say that with an Aussie or Kiwi accent!) and I thought I would share my adventures through PHOTOS! (I will have a new video next week)

A picture is worth a thousand words, right? Well then how about 80,000 + …

Flying from Los Angeles, California, USA to Auckland, New Zealand

Am I there yet…

Flight time to AucklandOh… So that’s a no?

GiGi looks Russian trying to sleepIn that case, let me get comfy… Or just dress up like a Russian in a ushanka and take dark selfies, in 60 D… Last row of the plane… Next to the toilets.

Wonderful WHITE NOISE, let me tell you!

Almost in Auckland on Air New ZealandI NEVER thought I would see THAT on the monitor… After 13 hours of dozing in and out of consciousness, I was finally ALMOST in NEW [F***ING] ZEALAND! I did however, have a dream that our plane crashed and woke up as I slide down the “water park slide” into the Pacific Ocean filled with sharks.


Auckland, New Zealand, North Island

Auckland New Zealand with LaurelSure I was going to New Zealand to find me a Kiwi bloke see the sights and what not… But this girl was truly WHY I WENT! Laurel has been my bestie since we both almost got kicked out of high school on numerous occasions… She downright had it with the states eight years ago and moved to New Zealand!

Auckland GiGi & Laurel

And it looks like she and I are getting married… Like my wedding dress?

View from Laurel's ApartmentThe photoshop app I use on my phone made Laurel’s view from her apartment look like a drawing… An EFFIN’ SWEET ASS DRAWING if you ask me! And to be completely HONEST with you, that’s the last view I saw before I passed out on her couch until the next day…

Auckland New Zealand weather coming inThe “first” day I was in Auckland… New Years Eve… The city looked like a beautiful bitch… Just like Angelina Jolie’s resting bitch face.

New Years Eve Auckland city center

However, later that evening, Auckland transformed into Jennifer Lawrence… Vivacious and friggin’ whiz-banging!

Rangitoto Volcano from Mission BayThe following day, Laurel and I went to Mission Bay, where I discovered what I am going to name my first born, wait no, I probably won’t have kids… My pet…….. Rock.

Rangitoto. That’s the name of this volcano. If it were to blow, New Zealand would be seriously up shit creek! Or might like it???? 


Piha, New Zealand, North Island

Piha Beach Rock

This looks like a scene straight out of The Odyssey! Thankfully Scylla didn’t come out and eat me… However she has a tendency to get quite hungry, for Piha is one of the deadliest beaches in New Zealand!

Piha Beach view New ZealandIf she did devour me though…

Sunburned GiGiShe would be eating LOBSTER.


Hobbiton, New Zealand, North Island

Hobbiton New Zealand

I have been told that I look like Legolas… So we decided to hit up Hobbiton, where The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit movies were filmed, to see if die-hard fans would ask for my autograph…

Hobbiton New Zealand



Muriwai Beach, New Zealand, North Island

horseback riding on beach

Fun fact about me: I used to competitively horseback ride and take it pretty seriously.

Horseback riding in the mountains on New ZealandNow… I just fuck around and take pictures. These two horse head photos remind me of those leg/beach “selfies” chicks take when they THINK they’re having good leg days… Or trying to make people jealous.

I don’t think my intent was to make anyone jealous of the fact that I was on a horse on the beach and in the mountains of New Zealand… Hmmmmmm… Actually. (Winky Face)

Horseback riding selfie on the beachHow many of you are jealous of our fashionable vests?


Flying from Auckland to Queenstown, New Zealand, South Island

Flew to Queenstown New Zealand on the south island

A travel blog post is NOT complete without the CLICHE over the wing cloud/mountain view shot… THIS cliche is pretty stunning, I have to say, though.

Ziplining Queenstown

The second we landed in Queenstown, we went straight for the trees… It was either that or face-plant into our hotel beds… We had to get up at 4:30 am for our flight (after next to no sleep… Tee he he he).
Green Lime - GiGi DuboisI was feeling rather loopy… Oh wait, that’s nothing out of the ordinary! Have you ever seen a ziplining lime prior to this? #Unicorn

Way too much fun ZipliningWhile I look like I am having a fabulous time, in my head I am actually thinking, “I REALLY hope no one noticed that I just shat my pants from being so terrified!!!”

Queenstown New Zealand Lake

And then… We crossed duck hunting in New Zealand off our bucket lists.


Arrowtown, New Zealand, South Island

On the bus to Arrowtown

Check out Ms. Photo Bomber back there! Clearly she wants on Laurel and my Bestie-Ship! Too bad bitch, it takes two to tango!

Laurel taking a picture in Arrowtown New Zealand

Laurel decided to get up close and personal with that sexy treeBut FRET NOTLaurel ain’t no Dendrophiliac!


Arthur’s Point, New Zealand, South Island

Girls in the elevator

We got stuck in the elevator of our hotel.

No, I was just being an ass monkey, as per usual.

Hot Pools

Hello hot pools of Queenstown!

Go here… At night… With a hot, hot, hot man (or woman)…

Yup. I tried to NOT think about the porn movies that were filmed in the pool Laurel and I were soaking in.
Topless at the hot pools

And because I know you’re wondering… Yes, yes, I am naked. I FORGOT MY bikini and I wasn’t going to PASS UP chillin’ in the hot pools… Wait, no… Steaming? I wanted to risk getting an STD! 

Queenstown MountainsBye, bye Queenstown. As you can see, I tried not to be cliche with my airplane photo this time around… No wing in sight!

Mmm, a chicken wing sounds good right now!


Zoo in Auckland, New Zealand, North Island

Auckland Zoo with peacocks giraffes orangutangs hipps and elephants If you ever want to see me act like a three year old… Just go to my YouTube channel, no no… Take me to the ZOO!

Auckland Zoo with Emu Flamingos Kangaroo and Cheetahs

Flamingos are assholes.


Flying from Auckland to Sydney, Australia

GiGi at the Auckland Airport

I went straight for the Auckland Airport after the zoo… I probably smelled like a Hippo’s ass…

Oh boy so much room on my flight

Doesn’t look like my seatmate was all that phased by my stench though!

Air New Zealand Flight from Auckland NZ to Sydney AUS

And I arrived in Sydney, three hours later!

Have you ever seen the show MOM starring Anna Faris (my spirit animal) and Allison Janney? Do yourself a favor and grab an adult diaper and WATCH EVERY EPISODE… I pissed myself a dozen times! THANK YOU free TV shows on Air New Zealand!


Darling Harbor, Sydney, Australia

My evening in Sydney

This dinner cost me $90… You’ll see why when I post the FOOD RECAP.

It. Was. Epic…. In fact, Epic Meal Time should have filmed me.

I don’t think Aussies are all that used to food bloggers (The Big Man’s World must be the country’s Griffin) because everyone was staring at me as I took pictures of my food!

Darling Harbor at Night in SydneyGuess what time it is?!


Dawes Point, The Sydney Opera House, Sydney, Australia

The Opera House SydneyI risked my life to get this photo just so I could post it here… I mean, there are sharks in that water and I one clumsy girl!

Sydney Opera House Selfie Is there a “BEST SELFIE EVER” contest because, well, um, this one needs to be SUBMITTED! Duh!

Sydney Harbor Australia

Yes, I skipped down this walkway like a 4-year-old on a playground during recess.


Bondi Beach, Australia

The Big Mans WOrld took me to lunchAnd this stunning specimen took me to the fish graveyard for lunch… AKA: The Sydney Fish Market.

Dead fish = My heaven on earth. Arman knows me oh so very well!

Bondi Beach

After our fishtastical feast, Arman had to go back to work [womp womp!]… I asked him if he would like for me to call in a bomb threat so he could hang out with me for the rest of the day…

Alas, I did not have phone service so that idea was out of the cards. Instead, he dropped me at Bondi Beach.
Bondi Beach

So many half naked people… I just didn’t know what to do with myself.

Bondi Beach

I wanted to throw the loud and obnoxious ones into this angry tide. 

Street art at Bondi Beach

Instead I hung out with Thor and the rest of the gang… Sadly, no… Not that THOR.

Weather came to Bondi Beach so I left

But then the weather decided to join me…

Chinatown, Sydney, Australia

Chinatown in Sydney Australia

So I took an UBER to China… Australian Uber = hovercrafts and it only cost me $25 AUD.

You don’t want to know what I did for the rest of the day!


Hyde Park, Sydney, Australia

Hyde Park in Sydney, Australia

The next morning I took a stroll through Hyde park before I hit up the airport for my flight back to Auckland.

Saint Mary's Church Hyde Park

Does walking by Saint Mary’s Cathedral count as “going to church”?

Hyde Park SydneyI also did a few laps…


Flying from Sydney, Australia to Auckland, New Zealand

Orangutan in New Zealand Zoo - Auckland

This is about how happy I look when I think about my vacation being over

Oh but for a hot second… Actually a few hours… I was stuck in Australia and then heavily questioned at the Auckland airport when I returned… I mean, I just look SO suspicious, right?


  1. My name on my plane ticket did not match my passport name. Dammit two names!
  2. I only went to Australia for one day.
  3. I only brought a backpack. [Yes, I am a girl!]
  4. I flew back to Auckland from Sydney, only to leave for Los Angeles roughly 18 hours later.
  5. The drug sniffing dog was smelling my crotch like crazy.
  6. I bought my visa for Australia (yeah, you need one of those) one hour before my flight.
  7. I am a blogger and apparently a cannibal (I told security I eat celebrities!)
  8. I was laughing so hard and not taking this situation seriously AT ALL.

Bah ha ha ha ha!

Bye, bye New Zealand! 

Airplane Time

Seat 54 H! Woo Woo! I am moving up in the world!

Air New Zealand Air Show

Here we go again… Let the drugs (Advil PM) kick in.

Alas, that CRAP did not work. I experienced 13 hours of extreme turbulence (they couldn’t even serve meals – not that I was planning on eating anything). I SERIOUSLY THOUGHT my dream I had when flying to New Zealand was going to come true! I mean, there is meaning behind all dreams, RIGHT?!

Anna Faris could only do so much to calm me down.

So there you have it… I am back in Los Angeles after two weeks of… [Fill in adjectives here].

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND ALL OF YOU take time and travel abroad BY YOURSELF! It was quite possibly the best thing I could have ever done and the travel bug has officially bitten me. Don’t worry, it’s not deadly… And I wasn’t quarantined when I returned to the states!

I have to thank Laurel so very much for being the BEST TOUR GUIDE ON THE FACE OF THE PLANET (Sorry Sedar…) and one of the most amazing best friends a girl could ever ask for! I also have to thank technology for allowing us to keep in touch!

And of course, I would like to thank the Academy… 

GiGi and Laurel Collage


  • Tell me about your most epic adventure ever?
  • Tell me three items on your bucket list.
  • If you went with me, what would you have wanted to do?
  • Have you ever traveled out of the country by yourself (or am I the only little pansy… lol)?
  • Do you think I look like Legolas?
  • Would you consider getting married or re-newing your vows at Hobbiton?
  • Did you know I am a YELP ELITE… And I reviewed the SHIT out of every place I stayed and ate at on my trip! CHECK THEM ALL OUT HERE!

Linda of THEFITTY.com tagged me in her LIFE IN PICTURES link up... And I did JUST THAT, so I am linking right back!

PS: Friday I will have a FOOD RECAP… Cause I mean, THIS GIRL ATE A LOT! 


  1. YAY WOW breathtaking sights girl! Your friend is how I wish I was – brave enough to just GO FOR IT AND MOVE!

    • RIGHT?! I remember for awhile I would tell her, MAN I wish I could do that and she would just respond: well then DO IT… Yeahhhh I am too much of a PUSS! 😉

  2. So freaking epic. aaalmost as epic as that sunburn. Alllll the aloe and moisturizer. I would love to go to New Zealand and Australia—there are just so few places like that in the world left. I have traveled by myself a little , but I always try to make some dtime to do some sole exploring on my trips. I think that is part of the reason that I like running with I travel—that gives me that time.

    And obvs you look like Legolas. But prettier.

    • Exactly! Running alone, even in your home town/city – is really wonderful! You can explore places you never even knew existed! I am sure there are a ton of places in LA I don’t even know about! 😮

      And um… Thanks…. Legolas will officially be my nickname – cause it’s so much easier to say that GiGi? LOL

  3. I have never traveled out of the country by myself. Everyone who ever does though tells me it’s completely liberating. Looks like an amazng trip. Three items on my travel bucket list are Greece, Italy and Hawaii. Have a great Tuesday!

    • I was certainly nervous for about 13 hours (on the plane) but then when I got there, I threw all fu**s I had OUT THE WINDOW and WENT FOR IT!!!

      You must must travel alone! 😉

  4. so the kiwi just left yesterday for NZ and i go next month. Seriously,I’ll pick you back up in LA and you can come back with us! I’ll find you a kiwi man! Gah… LOVE IT!

    • Are you flying through LAX?!?!?!?!!

      And even if I don’t go with you, you should put an AD IN THE PAPER… “Los Angeles Lassy looking for Love!” LMFAO! 😉 Have an audition for me!

  5. Your vacation looks WONDERFUL and SUPER MAGICAL!! And I definitely missed your pretty face for the last few weeks! xoxo

    • AW! I MISSED YOU TOO! But seriously, there was an empty void these past three weeks, but now I am backkkkk and I won’t be leaving again until you get sick of me! 😉

  6. I have been living vicariously through your IG for weeks now! My grandparents used to travel a good bit and they always said that New Zealand was their favorite country out of all the places they went. Since I heard that, I’ve always wanted to go. Add on the LOTR movies being the best tourism ads ever and I’m so sold!

    • Oh snap! If NZ was their favorite then perhaps I don’t need to travel anymore? LOL!!!! Save me a few bucks on airfare by staying put 😉 – Heck no, I am sooooo going somewhere soon!

      And HECK YES – if you are a LOTR fan, you’ll die! Even the safety video on the airplane is LOTR themed, it’s pretty funny… I didn’t post a picture of it though for some reason – I have some! 😉

  7. My wife LOVES New Zealand… we have to go there someday, she says (as do your pics)… I’m also reading my eldest the Hobbit every night.

  8. Everything is so beautiful! How did you even come home? I love that you forgot your bathing suit and just decided to don your birthday suit. I would have totally done that too… and probably gotten some interesting sun burns. AND you got to hang with Arman?! 😛

    I love traveling alone! The last one I did was to Switzerland… though I imposed on Lucie about half the time I was there, so maybe it doesn’t count? Either way, I had a blast and when I was alone I met a ton of really cool people. That’s the best part!

    • I remember seeing your Swiss photos!! And I was JEALOUSSSSSSS YO! I cannot wait to write a blog post where we are in pictures TOGETHER – say what?! Happening this year, it’s on the 2015 bucket list!

      PS: who wears bathing suits anymore – LOL

  9. I’ve never travelled abroad by myself. I travelled alone for the first time across the country last summer and loved it! As always your post was super funny and had beautiful photos! Three places on my travel bucket list are Italy (including the island of Capri!), Iceland, and Hawaii!

    • I AM COMING WITH YOU to ITALY! Is that cool with you? – Well even if it’s not, I am going anyways… DEAL! ha ha ha aha!!! And why Iceland? Did you see that movie: Walter Mitty?

  10. What an adventure! I enjoyed every picture and laughed at every word. It sounds like a trip will not soon forget. I traveled through Europe by myself in my 20’s and it was by far the best experience I’ve ever had. I’d like to go back as a more mature (haha) adult and New Zealand is at the top of that list. I’m very curious about how Laurel came to live there, and obviously is doing well and made a nice life for herself. btw- I was a competitive horse back rider as well.. and now my daughter is getting into it ( It cost so much.. I may never travel again)

    • Ugh, horse back riding truly is expensive!!! Do you own a horse/horses? My sister and I had 2 and without us knowing, my parents SOLD THEM!!!!!!! How crazy is that. We returned from summer camp and they were GONE!! 😮

      But I am over it, because honestly traveling is SO MUCH BETTER! I hope you get to NZ soooooonnnn!!! 😉

  11. First let me say, girl, you’ve got some energy! You’ve fascinated and entertained me through Australia’s massive country side and I love your campy sense of writing. Have fun and enjoy your youth. 😉 You’re a breath of fresh air.

    • Oh I am known for my energy and I have to thank my healthy lifestyle for it, seriously :) That salmon does a body good… And you’ll see all the other delicious and healthy food that I shove in my face to give me energy this FRIDAY 😀

      Thank you so much for your compliments though too, you certainly know how to flatter a girl on a Tuesday! (Tuesdays are notoriously bad days, LOL)

  12. Eeeee!!! It looks like you had a blast!!! I’m jealous! And I’m shocked you came back! It looks gorgeous there.

  13. WOW! What an amazing trip. I have always wanted to go to New Zealand. I love that there is a place called Hobbiton. The pictures were great and so was your narrative! This was a fun read – looks like you had a blast!

  14. Wow! Your trip sounds amazing. I have always wanted to go to New Zealand. I love that there is a place called Hobbiton; I would want to see that, too. Your pics and narrative were great. It sounds like you had a blast!

  15. Wow such an awesome looking trip! I want to go to Middle Earth! If your food photos are half as good as your scenery pictures, I’ll probably be licking my screen!

    • OH MAN, you will be LICKING SO MUCH that you’ll probably have to take your computer to the computer store because your saliva broke it! LOL!

  16. Incredible! It looks gorgeous and I better get there before that volcano blows!

    • RIGHT?! Hopefully Rangitoto doesn’t blow quite yet. I definitely thought about what I would do if it exploded when I was there. If I am going to go down though, that would be a pretty epic way of perishing! LOL!

  17. Just poured myself a glass of wine so I could sit back and become insanely jealous at your trip and photos! ;D

    Never been to New Zealand, but I’m planning to be back in Australia (family wedding) to drink all their wine and be that obnoxious Scotsman who starts talking like Sean Connery after a few glasses that everyone dreams of……

    See in Hobbiton, do they really have huge big hairy feet?

    • Is it 9:45 am where you are right now? Because if so, WELL DONE sir, WELL DONE with a morning glass of wine! LOL!!!

      Um, can I be your PLUS ONE to that Australian wedding?

      And yes, huge hairy feet… Yes, it’s true!

  18. AMAZING! I’ve been dying to go! Can’t wait for your food recap!

    • Check out the deals on Orbitz 😉 And um, I cannot even look at my food recap I am putting together right now… I fear for my computer’s life! LOL!

  19. Looks like one heck of a trip! I’m only sort of pouting and feeling sorry for myself that I don’t have some epic adventures coming up anytime soon. Vegas and San Fran will have to do for now!

    • No way! You can TOTALLY MAKE VEGAS & SAN FRAN epic! I mean, in Vegas you have the ability to pretend you’re in Paris, Egypt… EVERYWHERE! lol!

  20. My 22 year old daughter spent Jan and Feb 2014 in Australia and New Zealand. You and she saw the same cute people at Bondi Beach I think! And while blogging might be the best cover for infiltrating a country, being a fitness instructor is the best cover for a spy. I speak from personal experience. Or I don’t speak of it at all. In fact, I don’t know what you are talking about. Gotta run

    • Spy… What? You’re talking about the ski goggles, right? 😉

      And wow, that would have been crazy if your daughter and I actually met up (aka: she spent Jan & Feb of 2015 there!)

  21. Beautiful Photographs, I am sure you had loads of fun with your friend. I love travelling & I am going to be a bit jealous on you honestly. Lol. Thanks for sharing.

  22. I’m just imagining how upset my mother would be when I called home asking her to box my stuff up and ship it Australia for me! Gorgeous photos!

    • Ha Ha Ha! What’s funny is my mom sounded like she WANTED me to move to NZ!! She kept saying, “so when are you moving?” – Way to be subtle! LOL

  23. There are just NO WORDS to describe the awesomeness of this post!!! Holy crap GiGi!!!!!! I’m absolutely in love with all of it but the last part about 13 hours of severe turbulence had me crapping myself from my desk. I seriously think I would have had a heart attack and died somewhere around hour 7. So glad you’re back and cannot wait to see the video(s)!!!

    • That is why I didn’t have that many words in this blog post – because the pictures speak volumes! 😀 😀 😀

      Yeah, the 13 hours of turbulence was horrific. I remember the flight attendant asking if I needed anything and I said, FOR THE BUMPIES TO STOP!!!! LOL!

  24. There is way too much awesomeness going on in this post. My brain is about to explode!

  25. Wow! That looks like an epic adventure. Although the plane flight back sounds more like a bogus journey. I’d love to see New Zealand, I’m pretty sure that I would make ambien my best friend for the plane though…

  26. Welcome home!!! Looks like a fabulous trip – I loved seeing all the pictures and reading about your trip!
    All I noticed in your lobster picture was your fantastic abs!!!
    Funny that you got stopped in the airport and couldn’t stop laughing:)

    • HaHa Ha! Someone else commented that sun burns just make your abs pop – I will take it. There is something in the NZ water though because I didn’t have any stomach aches for 2 weeks, but now being back in Los Angeles, I wanna cry!

  27. Holy amazingness, girl! NZ and Aus are totes on my bucket list, if only my wallet were deep enough to make all my desires come true. Not just yet, but I’m working on it!!

    (And I totally noticed you were missing!!)


    You should add your link to the inlinkz! 😉 I cannot wait to hear about the food you ate. Still suffering from jet lag?

    • AH HA HA HA HA HA HA AH! RIGHT!?!?! Food bloggers fo LIFE yo!! 😉

      And yes, I will go link up – and crazily enough, I HAD NO JET LAG AT ALL!!!

  29. Wow those are some amazing photos! Looks like quite a trip. I did notice that you were not in my inbox but I am so glad that you took time off to enjoy your trip and not worry about your blog. I haven’t figured out how to do that!

    • It makes me special to hear that you noticed I wasn’t around :) It was CRAZY DIFFICULT for me NOT TO BLOG but… NZ made it easy because their WiFi situation is NON-EXISTENT!!!!!!! Seriously — NO internet! But man, it felt soooo good to not have to “worry” about it at all – but I missed catching up with everyone so much!

  30. Looks like an amazing trip! I so want to visit Australia, especially since I have a friend there too, but hubby is not excited about it because of all the deadly animals they have there–ha!

    • Deadly Animals?! Oh no no, that’s not a good enough excuse. It’s not like the animals are crawling on the sidewalk, unless you’re just talking about the people- but Aussies are far nicer than Americans! HA HA. Your hubby needs to come up with a better excuse!

  31. I don’t even know where to begin. I am so fucking proud of you for this, and also equally inspired and jealous. You already know these things because we talked while you were there (thank GOD FOR WIFI) but still, putting it into words on the blog makes it official. Your recap was perfect, I had no idea how you were going to fit in WEEKS of a recap and not have it be too long and wordy, but alas you made it work. I should have known, plus short sentences are magical for transitions. Next up…Ireland!? WITH ME!

    • DUDE I cannot cannot cannot wait for our ADVENTURES OVER SEAS! Not even kidding you. We are going to have a BALL, BEYOND BELIEF and even though we are “grandmas” I have a feeling we may still be thrown in JAIL! LOL!!!!!

  32. Sounds and looks like an EPIC TRIP lady!!

    Ouch, that sunburn looks painful. I hate getting sunburned – makes me feel like my skin is on fire!

    • The sun burn wasn’t too bad. People would comment but I just grinned and bared it. I wanted to get burned, LOL – so I just embraced it. The cold aloe def felt AMAZING on my skin though! 😉

  33. hahaha, how did you two almost get kicked out of high school?

    New Zealand is absolutely beautiful! <3 (I am so, so envious that you got to ride a horse on the beach. SOMEDAY I HOPE TO DO THE SAME. That's one of the things on my bucket list! *-*)

    I'm a little sad that you didn't get to call in a bomb threat, ahahah. That would have been pretty hilarious. 😛 It looks like you had so much fun! I'm really glad you didn't get detained by security, and it's great to have you back! <3

    P.S. Hooray for Yelp Elite! I'm one too! 😀

    • HA HA HA AH! Ohhhhhh high school. I was NOT a good girl. But um, perhaps I am still not? I am just a weasel and can talk my way out of things? LOL!!!

      Get on that bucket list girl! I never in 1000000 years thought I would travel alone to NZ but then something in my gut was like DO IT NOW – and BAM! DONE! 😉

      AND UM – are we Yelp Elite Friends?!?!?!!

  34. OMG so jealous!! You went to all the places we are dying to go. So you know what this means?? When we do get around to going you can be the tour guide 😉


  35. I would love to go to NZ one day, and I’m in OZ, so it’s not that far really. I just haven’t had the opportunity.
    Glad you survived all our deadly sharks in Sydney. And yes we do have food bloggers, but people still look at you weird when you take pics. They’ll get over it.

    • Ah ha ha ha! Oh I wasn’t too concerned – I just looked at them, nodded PROUDLY, and kept at it 😉
      SO tell me… Do Aussies not like Kiwis!?!? What’s the deal with that because everyone gave me “I AM GOING TO KILL YOU” looks when I walked around with my NZ hat on! LOL

  36. Wow, what a trip! You didn’t leave any kiwi unturned . . .. !

  37. I love traveling by myself. It’s possibly the best thing ever, mostly because I don’t have to wait for or do things other people want to do! And one day I will make it to Australia…

    • Where have you traveled to by your self?

      AND YES!!! When I was in Australia I remember my mom texting me asking me what the best part was and I said – NOT HAVING TO WAIT FOR ANYONE!!! ha ha! Doing things on MY TIME is AMAZING 😀

  38. OMG, looks like you had such an amazing time down under – despite the passbord thing! I’d love to take on an adventures trip across Australia and US, that’s on my bucket list! Well actually I wanna visit every continent on the planet. 3 down already!

    • I have family friends who just finished that task! THEY JUST went to Antarctica!!!! Are you ready to embrace that cold? 😉

  39. So you your think I should be jealous of your epic vest rather than of your little trip? I am trying hard but the envy-green tone of my skin is telling me there’s something wrong… Anyhow I still like you a lot :) you have seen dreamy lands but also experienced extreme turbulences (which is one of my biggest fears!).

  40. I love your sense of humor and energy! So much fun reading this travelouge! I’m planning on going to Australia och New Zealand (and some countries in Asia) when I’m finished with school (1,5 year left) and I will probably go by myself. I used to feel nauseous by the thought but now I just feel excited! Thanks for sharing your experiences, it looks like you’ve had a great time!

    • Nauseous?!?!?! WHY??? If you want to privately email me and ask me questions about what to do/see/etc feel free!! :) I am always on my email – ha ha! I will only increase your excitement, PROMISE!

  41. WOW WOW WOW! What an amazing trip! Makes me want to go there even more. I did take your lead though and book a solo two week trip to Europe for the summer! It was spontaneous and I am SO EXCITED.

  42. Fabulous! Fabulous! Fabulous!!!

    For a while now, New Zealand and Norway are the two places I want want want to go to!!

    I really enjoyed the photos and your story of this epic adventure!

    My three week trip to South Africa was my favorite, so I can relate to the great, bad, and ugly of your across the globe travel!

    I was the only passenger that was grilled by security after landing one time in London. At the time, I couldn’t understand why, but a couple of years later looking at my look on my international drivers licence, it became clear to me, lol

    So glad you were able to do this, GiGi!

  43. Really you were away ????? who knew. HaHa I did and worried like a 90yr old Granny :) Very happy you had a great time. I don’t travel well in a plane control issues, I’m a guy. The top of my bucket list is to compete a full season on the NHRA Drag Racing circuit, more likely to kick the bucket first though. it really looked to be a whimsical place to be. Sorry for posting late I work doubles a lot so there’s not much sleep during my week. Looking forward to some new food idea’s inspired by your trip. :)

    • Oh yes! On Friday I am posting a whole bunch of food I ATE when in NZ and AUS that has certainly inspired me. What’s sad though is my stomach is taking a beating being back in the states – the food here is just NOT pure.

  44. Of course I’ve noticed you’ve been gone!! :) New Zealand looks GORGEOUS! Looks like you definitely had a great time. You used to ride horses competitively? They’re dicks. At least the one I tried to ride a few months ago – that pretty much killed any dreams of competitively riding horses. :) As if I actually had a chance, hahaha. Glad you had safe travels and be quiet your home is LA it’s not like you went back to somewhere dull like North Dakota 😛 Lol Have a great one GiGi! -Iva

    • Um. If I lived in ND… I would probably be packing my bags to move to New Zealand! LOL!

      And yeah, horses can definitely be assholes! LOL!

  45. Haha – I love #8 of why you were detained at the Auckland airport!!! GiGi – you are one funny lass! And your gregarious self sure was missed!!!
    Glad you got to meet Arman again and wow – the view from your friends apartment -with app or without – is stellar! And they have UBER over there too?!?!? When I turned 18, I flew from Abu Dhabi, U.A.E. (where my parents were) to Atlanta Georgia to go to college – being homesick sucked those early years as going home was not an option!

    • OH MAN! I can imagine that home-sickness being HARD CORE! I used to get extreme home-sickness way back when, but thankfully that no longer happens. We forget that 18 is actually super young and we are totally NOT mature at that age….. Or… Are we ever? 😉

  46. I don’t blame Laurel one bit! I get sick of the States too sometimes.
    And that nightmare you had on your plane made me giggle, only because it sounds like me. I’m going on a flight tonight but it’s only two hours. However. I will have two kids so it will feel like 13, right?
    I’ve definitely been in more trouble from laughing while going through security/police activity. Not cool.

    The photos take my breath away! Especially the naked one! (ah, I kid. I like sounding like a pervert)

    • EEPS!!!!! GOOD LUCK with your flight tonight!!!!!! I am Xing my fingers that there is NO TURBULENCEEEEE because that is what nightmares are MADE OF!

      I would say take some drugs, but definitely not with two kids! Unless you want Scarlet to wind up flying the plane! LOL!

      And…. I LOVE PERVERTS – why do you think I make videos with The Food Pervert?? 😉

  47. omg -what an amazingly epic trip!! all these photos are jut so gorgeous! and don’t worry, I noticed you were gone but enjoyed following you on Twitter :)

  48. I’ve never visited New Zealand or Australia, and would love to someday. What a terrific time you had! Really fun pictures, fun post. Thanks. And let us know if you ever start selling your own line of fashionable vests. :-)

  49. I think this is the first time I’m commenting in Gigi Eats, at least the first time I have to impute my info in order to comment. lol. Wow bad friend… I’m sorry… Anyway, OMG OMG this looks so fun! We have to talk all about it, and I wanna see all the photos (assuming not everything was blog worthy).

    • BA HA H HA HA! You’re correct and HOT DAMN I AM OVER THE MOON you’re commenting!! BECAUSE I MISS YOU! When are you free, yo! GIVE ME A CALL – I have LOTS and I mean LOTS to update you on…. Including… Some “enhancements” BAHHH HA HA AH AH H AHA HAH A!

  50. Ahhhhh all of these pictures are amazing! I am incredibly jealous of this trip! I have been saying I want to plan an epic solo adventure for years but I have not. Somehow I need to make it happen. As always your narratives add immensely to my enjoyment if the photos. I really hope you did not catch anything disturbing during your naked hot tub incident!

    • I told my friend for 7 years I was going to visit her in NZ…. And I just FINALLY DID IT!!!!!! So I have faith that you one day will just say, “you know what… THIS TRIP IS HAPPENING!”

      And nope – I am CLEAN… 😉

  51. What do you mean you haven’t been around in a while? Seriously? Well, I guess I didn’t notice [read: I kept checking for your blog’s name to appear in my Bloglovin’ feed all the time]. ]And I’m 1000000 % offended you didn’t make your promise [last post] of sending me a little something come true. Because I -was- one of the first to guess the movie correctly, nooo 😉 ??!
    Okay, onto your post: wow. I’m living vicariously through your pictures because my [non-existent] travel funds wouldn’t allow for a trip like that. The US is next up on my list but you knew that already.

    • I have a little something from NZ for you – but I don’t have your ADDRESS! 😉

      And yes, do live vicariously through them… And then TAKE YOUR OWN when you visit the US!! THIS SUMMER – right?!?!?! 😉 😉

  52. I am SO jealous of your trip! I would love to go to New Zealand….your photos are breathtaking! I can see a resemblance to Legolas, lmao! I would have been geeked to see Hobbiton. I don’t think I could travel by myself to another country…except maybe Canada? haha

    • Why Canada only?? If you can do Canada then you can do ANY country! ha ha ha!!! 😉

      AND OH THANKS! Let me go tell Orlando Bloom that we’re twins! LMFAO

  53. If I didn’t tell you YOU are the coolest blogger hands down!!! Fabulous trips, awesome celebs and you are just FUNNY as all get out. How does it feel to be you? Beautiful photos and now I want to trek on to the Down Under one day. Thanks for taking us along for the ride. #wowlinkup

    • I JUST SCREEN SHOTTED THIS COMMENT BECAUSE IT JUST MADE MY 2014 100000% COMPLETE and lets be honest, my 2015 COMPLETE as well, and it’s only just begun!! HA HA AH AHA! 😉 You’re so flipping amazing yourself! Imagine if we met, oh man, the world might implode! LOL!

      Before we meet though, YOU MUST go to NZ… I don’t want the world to implode until you see it’s beauty for yourself!

  54. You are back! I did miss seeing your smiley face! And what a wonderful trip. Loved the pics. I have this thing about swimming with stingrays even if there is a chance they will pierce my heart with their tail a la Steve Erwin.

    • OH MAN I FEAR THE SAME THING – this is why I DO NOT go in the water – SHARKS, STING RAYS.. There are a lot of angry CRITTERS IN THAT DARK AND MURKY WATER! Um, no thanks! There are enough risks on dry land! LOL

  55. What an amazing and beautiful trip (and I’m not just talking about Arman’s lovely face). Travel is at the top of my bucket list and New Zealand is in the top 5 for places to go… not going to lie mostly so I can go see Hobbiton :)

    Thanks for sharing so many of your pictures with us!

    • OH HOBBITON IS A MUST!!!! If there were a hotel there, I would probably just say! HIGHLY recommended! ha ha! 😉

      Perhaps re-new your vows there… They also have a dinner tour, and you can eat some Hobbit Grub and drink Ginger Beer!

  56. Hi GiGi,
    What an amazing vacation you had! I am so happy for you! Besties are the BEST! Thank you so much for sharing your awesome travel photos with us at the Healthy, Happy, Green and Natural Party Blog Hop. I’m pinning and sharing!

  57. I would love to go to New Zealand and Australia someday! I’m glad you had such an amazing ting. Great pictures!

  58. Um first of all, KILLER ABS! And secondly, your trip pictures make me want to fly away now!! So beautiful out there.

    • Lydna – THANK YOU for the ad compliment 😉 They’re not always like that thanks to IBS — but when they are, I gotta take a pic, LOL!!!
      AND YES you do need to fly out there, RIGHT NOW! It’s mandatory!

  59. Looks like you had an amazing trip!! So jealous, I could use some sunshine right about now! :)


  60. Whoa. Beautiful! I would love to travel there.

  61. This is why I need to move to LA. Purely so the world can stop speculating an across the world affair.

    Seeing you amazing even though short lived- See you this year my beauty!

    • I LOVED SEEING YOU SO MUCH – the time was fleeting! And hold the phone, are YOU coming back to the states this year?!?!?!?!?!?!??!!

      And I love that people are speculating our world affair! 😉

  62. I am so jealous – it looks like you had an incredible time.
    I totally agree about travelling alone. I am travelling around the States alone in September. I can’t wait!

  63. OMG! That is my dream trip. I have decided to make 2015 the year I get back to traveling, even though traveling is tougher for us moms (specially solo travel) but I’m doing it anyway (thanks awesome husband!). I bought a ticket to Istambul and going solo for my birthday. I really have to convince one of my friends to move to New Zeland so I have a place to crash at. 😉 Looks like you had a blast! Can’t wait to see your next travel adventure.

    • OMG ISTANBUL IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE PLACES on the planet! Turkey is just absolutely out of this world – NO JOKE! I am so excited for you! When is your birthday?! You need to document every single second of when you’re there!!! You certainly have an awesome husband.

      Next adventure in the books = Europe this November, but who knows… My life changes a lot so I could be going somewhere else SOONER!

      • You are going to have to give me some tips for Istambul, planning to go to Ephesus too and wanted to do Capadoccia but I think 8 days is not enough for all that. My birthday is in November (I plan ahead, lol!) and lands smack on Thanksgiving so taking advantage of those days off at work to make it happen.

        • I didn’t do Capadoccia because my family and I did not want to fly – instead we drove down the coast – the best thing we could have ever done! I have a lot and I mean A LOT of photos on Facebook if you’re curious! And if my mom still have the itinerary, I can ask her for it!

  64. I am ALL ABOUT traveling by myself. I love it!! I went to Nicaragua last year by myself.

    I would say my three bucket list countries right now are Morocco, Iceland and somewhere in Africa… maybe Kenya or Tanzania??

    • OMG Nicaragua alone? My dad would NEVER let me do that probably. Obviously I am an adult but I am still his baby girl lol! What did you do there????


  65. What a fantastic adventure! You’re pictures are amazing and your commentary brilliant. I so badly want to travel outside of the states but can barely manage my 3 hour flight from Houston to NYC. Basically I need a drug that will knock me out the moment I get in my seat and then have someone wake me up because I need to get off the plane, I’m snoring and the crew needs to clean up!

    • I didn’t think I was going to be able to handle the flight to NZ. I was nervous, so nervous that I didn’t sleep for a good few days! Ha Ha, anxiety, thanks! BUT crazily enough…… It kind of FLEW BY! BOTH flights – even the turbulent one!!! I truly think it’s worth it honestly. Bring the drugs! Whatever works for you! 😉 Sleeping through the flight and needing to be woken up is the best thing EVER!!

  66. Omg awesome photos!!! I went to new Zealand and Australia when I was a kid and didn’t appreciate any of it… I just wanted to go home to be with my friends….now I dream of the day I can go back!!!!

    • UGH!! My parents used to bring me to all kinds of amazing places when I was younger and I never ever appreciated it AT ALL!!! That is why I think I really loved this trip even more – I had to rely on MYSELF to do things and see things, not my parents who could just LEAD THE WAY!

      You MUST and I mean MUST go back! 😀

  67. WOW, looks like you had an epic trip!!! I’ve never left the country but New Zealand is the #1 place I want to go when I have the opportunity. My husband and I are HUGE Lord of the Rings fans (it’s actually how we got together…nerdy love FTW) and we would DIE to see the filming locations. SO jealous!!! 😀

  68. How cool! I traveled by myself to Paris once and it was divine. The nerd in me desperately wants to go have a hobbit party in New Zealand.

  69. I really need to get out and travel more! Beautiful pictures and it looks like a lot of fun. I do not think I will get to go anywhere fun for a while. It would not be too fun of a trip with a 3 year old.

    • Well prior to this trip I didn’t leave the country for a good 4 years, so it was certainly awhile for me! But when it happens for you, it will be that much more amazing because you’ll appreciate LEAVING the country so much more :)

      But yes, wait until your three year old is a bit older! ha ha.

  70. Such an amazing trip!! I’ve only been to Australia once and am dying to go to New Zealand and now your post has given me a bad case of wanderlust. Would love to travel to Argentina and Chile too!

    • Oh yes, I have some wanderlust going through my blood right now too!!!! This vacation was only the tip of the ice burg!

  71. Looks like an amazing trip, I loved following along on IG!

    Tell me about your most epic adventure ever?
    Hmm well that would be hard either going to (Napa) Yountville and getting to to to The French Laundry! Otherwise going to Ireland for a month last summer.

    Tell me three items on your bucket list.
    Maine, not sure why. New York, again not really sure why. Paris, umm well it’s Paris! Oh hmm but then there is Iceland..

    If you went with me, what would you have wanted to do?
    Food, food, and more food…

    Have you ever traveled out of the country by yourself (or am I the only little pansy… lol)?

    • YOU MUST go to Paris! YES YOU MUST! I think I am going there in November – so um, go then too and we can MEET UP!!! And FOOD FOOD FOOD – of course!

      PS: the food recap is being posted tomorrow morning!

  72. Oh my gosh. I had almost as much fun reading this as you did on your trip. I’ve been to Australia a few times for work, but each time it’s almost killed me — first I ended up with asthma and then I got a blood clot during that long-ass flight from LAX. So, I’m not sure I should go back, but maybe I’d have better luck with New Zealand?

    • OH MY GOODNESS! What does a blood clot feel like? Did they have to make an emergency landing or anything? I am not entirely sure how serious those can be – unless they’re directly linked to your heart! That’s terrifying! You need to get circulation socks and make sure to get up every hour!

      I think you will certainly have better luck if you go to NZ! 😉

      • I thought I had a strained calf muscle, ignored it for 2 weeks until I got back home (but by then I was in A LOT of pain) and then endured a week of blood thinner shots, 6 month of blood thinner pills, and no running. The main danger is that they can move from your leg to your lungs, but luckily mine didn’t. And, yes, now I wear compression socks when I fly (thank goodness there are so many cute styles now!). 😉

        • Oh my goodness, that’s crazy! I remember when I had stomach surgery they were worried about blood clots with me for awhile, but I am in the clear – however I really don’t think anyone is safe! And YAY for cute styles – ha ha! :)

  73. My goodness, that is an epic trip! I’m so jealous!!! I don’t know if I have an epic adventure on my list, but my husband and I are planning a trip to Europe this year so hopefully that will be an adventure!

  74. Wow- what a beautiful trip.. sounds like you had a blast! Thanks for sharing!

  75. AMAZING! GIGI! SO worth not seeing your pretty face, looks like you had an incredible time, and you make me feel more confident about steve and I considering this for our honeymoon! I know how you feel about that damn plane on the screen, its mesmerizing, but at the same time you can feel yourself slowly dying inside as it never seems to move! Looks like an amazing time. So glad you showed so many beautiful pics!

  76. Woah I am seriously jealous of your trip! This looks like the trip of a lifetime. Not sure I would handle the long flight as well as some….
    I went to France by myself 8 years ago and it was one of the best things I’ve ever done 😉

  77. So jealous of your trip and all the fun things you did! You look so fun and I totally wish we could hang in person. What an awesome experience :)

    • GIRL WE SHOULD PLAN A MEET UP OR SOMETHING becauseeeee well I think we would have a STELLAR TIME together!! 😀 😀 😀

  78. This looks like an amazing trip! Thanks for sharing at Pin-Worthy Wednesday!

  79. I woke up with that Rangitoto view for 6 years – remind me why I now look at a garage? Loved seeing it all again.

  80. Your trip looked awesome and made me slightly homesick!! I miss Aussie summer :(

  81. So happy you got to see so much of my country! Looks like an incredible holiday! And I love darling harbour, I go there all the time in Sydney! Gorgeous photos too :)

    • Where do you typically stay when you’re in Sydney?!?! I know you’re moving on over there – but when you visit?

  82. Wow, so much in one trip!! You sound like you had an absolute blast. Have not heard of Mom before, will have to look that up. Of course we want to know what you did later that night in Sydney…it’s like saying don’t open this box :)

    • THE BEST EVER!!!!! I wish I could go back, tomorrow! But maybe in the near future!

      Oh and… You don’t want to open that box, LOL!

  83. Hey! I just got back from this same trip (Cali-NZ-Aussie) and absolutely loved it! It looked like you had an incredible time too! Your energy is awesome and is something I need to put into my own blog. Thanks for the inspiration and great pics! Will you be going back anytime soon?

    • Oh I wish I could say I were going back tomorrow! Ha. But probably not until my friend who I went to visit gets married, which will probably be next year at some point 😉

      I want to hear EVERYTHING about your trip!!

  84. Isn’t New Zealand stunning and ouch with the sunburn (our sun is so harsh and you need to remember to always cover up; feel like a granny saying that!). That flight isn’t too bad, you need to do two of those flights from London to Auckland so its around 24 hours of flying but you wake up in paradise. x

    • Ha !!! Oh man, London to Auckland… Sounds like a “dream”! LOL! But you’re so right – waking up in a dream land is so worth it! :)


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