Good Mood Food: We Could All Use Some

Let me take a WILD guess as to what happened to you this morning…

You woke up after pressing snooze for about 45 minutes. Realizing that you’re going to be extremely late, you wrestle with your TRUE love (your lush pillow but of course) only to fall flat on your face thanks to your bed pulling a “piledriver” on you… A move that’s even banned from the WWE.

Piledriver wrestling move, banned from WWE

After regaining consciousness, you dizzily race on over to your “trusty” liquid energizer (your coffee maker), only to realize it perished the evening before… Uh, seriously Home Shopping Network? Wasn’t this contraption supposed to have a lifetime guarantee?

Coffee Quote from

Miffed that you’ll probably have to wait in a line, longer than one boarding an overbooked airplane, at Starbucks, you hop into the shower, stubbing your toe in the process, and are quickly reminded that TODAY IS THE DAY the hot water would be turned off

Shower head with ice coming out

After jumping in and out of what feels like an Arctic waterfall, you angrily dress, putting your underwear on inside out AND backwards, and then grab your belongings, rush out the door without eating breakfast, and notice you locked your keys in the car after an excruciatingly long day yesterday… You then crumble to the ground as you think: I would much rather get a colonoscopy wide awake than endure public transportation…

no one is happy on the bus

After hopelessly staring at your keys sitting oh so innocently on your center console for a long 7 minutes, you call AAA… Who informs you that your “estimated wait time is 720 minutes”…


Before you start beating your car with your bag, you remember that you did in fact pack yourself a delicious Nicoise Salad for lunch, and since you apparently have 12 hours to wait, and failed to eat breakfast, you might as well dig in… So as you listen to the gawd-awful music AAA graces you with, you wolf down your seared tuna, hard boiled eggs, olives and green beans… Realizing, the day probably won’t be so bad after all.


So what exactly was the point of that supposed autobiography of your morning? To show you that… You are what you eat, and filling up on mood boosting foods, helps you realize that life isn’t so bad, even if you think the universe is out to get you!

Why exactly is a Nicoise Salad a mood enhancer? Check out the latest GiGi Eats with brand new guest, Giovanna of Confused Girl in The City to see why!

 Kick Your Bad Mood’s Ass With This Nicoise Salad

  • 8 ounce Tuna Steak, Seared 
  • 1 Pint Cherry Tomatoes
  • 1 Whole Medium Potato (boiled and pan sauteed in coconut oil)Nicoise Salad with tuna, eggs, green beans, tomatoes, potatoes and anchovies
  • Green Beans, Steamed
  • 1 – 2 Egg(s), Sunny Side Up
  • Butter Lettuce
  • 4 – 6 Fillets Anchovies
  • 2 – 3 Tsp Caper Berries
  • 2 – 3 Tbs Nicoise Olives
  • Coconut oil for cooking

 To Dress Up Your Salad

Constructing Your Good Mood:

  1. Sear tuna in coconut oil until desired doneness.
  2. Cook egg any way you desire, for this recipe, we went the sunny-side up approach…
  3. Microwave potato and then cut into pieces and pan “fry” in coconut oil. 
  4. To plate salad, lay butter lettuce on plate and then arrange ingredients however you would like!
  5. Combine all dressing ingredients, whisk and pour over the salad!
  6. And then do your HAPPY DANCE!!

GiGi and Giovanna Dancing in leggings

Giovanna is one flipping fantastic and foxy feline!! You must go check out her YouTube Channel, her line of LEGGINGS and if you’re confused about life… Giovanna even offers life coaching! Email her! 


  • Describe your WORST morning ever? Was it this morning?
  • What food makes puts a smile on your face the instant you sink your teeth into it?
  • Which celebrity do you think could use a GOOD MOOD FOOD salad?
  • What is your favorite type of salad? If you have a recipe, tell me/us and/or link to it!
  • Are you a victim of SAD?
  • Giovanna and I should totally be on DWTS, don’t you think?

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  1. You two should totally be on DWTS. Wait, is that show even on anymore? And wtf the pile driver is BANNED from wrestling now?? Geez it’s been way too long since I’ve watched that.

    Worst mornings for me are any morning that it’s barely raining because people FLIP OUT and can’t drive in the rain. Like today, haha. That plate of deliciousness may be enough to zen me out long enough to get through to work though!

    Your video would’ve been better if y’all had been wrestling instead of dancing. In jello. Just saying.

    • YES! The show is still on! Alive and KICKING – ha, literally. It’s not that great anymore, but whatever, obviously some like it? I just watch for Derek Hough to be completely honest, LOL!!!

      OH AND I HEAR YOU about the “barely raining” mornings – That’s LA for you, since it NEVER EVER rains here! LOL!

    • Lol!! Shall we have a watching party? Gigi makes the food!

  2. I haven’t even looked at the video yet but I had to say this was almost my morning today. My water got turned off today and I was supposed to get up early to do all those water things (lol) and I woke up with 15 minutes to spare. I filled my coffee maker before jumping in the shower just in case I ran out of time haha
    Apparently, coffee > showering now?

    • OMG NO! I am so sorry to hear that this was almost your morning, UGH!!!!!!! I would have just called in sic, LOL! Or seared up some tuna! 😉

  3. I like me a nicsoise salad — I like how you put a fried egg up there on top instead of hard boiled — that put’s me in a GOOD MOOD!

  4. Good morning cutie pie. Love the happy dance and awesome salad recipe! Have a fabulous day :)

  5. I love Nicoise Salad! I’m so going to make this over the weekend.

    Loving the video, makes it so much easier to follow the recipe.

  6. I average 80 hours a week working and some day’s I’m a zombie :) Finally I know how to pronounce that salad’s name yes I live in a box. Going to work after a double with 2Two hours sleep is tough because morning is 10:00 pm for me. For lack of better word’s I’m grumpy a lot. This salad looks great and your dancing skills should be put to the test. I need to live someplace warm year round I hate the cold . I like the leggings cool idea.

    • I give you so much credit, seriously, I wouldn’t survive without a nap every so often, LOL!

      Are you Grumpy Cat? Grumpy Cat needs a little seared tuna and eggs! HA HA! And hey, move to Los Angeles – it NEVER RAINS!

  7. Giggled all the way through! I do think I’ll be trying that salad!

  8. You guys definitely should be on DWTS but wait till the next season cos this one sucks!
    I love this salad – so many great ingredients. I eat bananas every day for my good mood but will try these new options! It’s a gorgeous salads.
    My latest favourite salad is an apple, smoked salmon and grape salad – crazy ingredients I know but it’s fabulous! I’ll link up when I post later this week.
    Craziest morning – two speeding tickets within an hour from the same cop – same place! hahaha. To quote the officer, “Lady, you are one for the books!”
    Hope you’re feeling better, GiGi!

    • RIGHT?! I am not a fan of this season! LETS HOPE DEREK RETURNS next season so he can be my partner!!! And then we can get married and have 389234738264 babies… Even though I don’t want any kids, LOL! For him….. My womb is available and ready!

      TWO SPEEDING TICKETS FROM THE SAME COP? LOL! That’s hysterical. If I was the cop, I would have just taken them away and said, you just found the LOOP HOLE to getting out of speeding tickets! LOL!

  9. LOL!! were you spying on me this morning or something? A day without coffee is a day i dont get out of bed- i would do anything for that liquid goodness. BUT i do love love love nicoise salads- and this one looks super good- that egg!!! And yes you guys need to call DWTS and audition now!

  10. LOL. i’d vote for you if you were on dwts :) i don’t really love tuna but i agree with you about what you eat affecting your mood!

    • AH!! EVERY VOTE COUNTS! Maybe I should start a petition to get me on DWTS! I wonder if it would work! Tom Bergeron follows me on Twitter and actually DMed me saying he’s really glad I don’t ACTUALLY eat celebrities, LOL! So there is my in 😉

  11. hahah what a lovely salad!! I think Kristen Stuart could use that– she always looks GRUMPY!

  12. As I read this I kept thinking of Alexander’s very bad day. Perhaps he should have started his day with a little tuna and eggs? :)

  13. Your salad plate looks FABULOUS! And how DID you know my water is going to be off for 2 hours this morning! hahahaha

  14. Worst morning ever probably consisted of everything you described minus the car–I don’t drive. But I do approve of this delicious salad, especially because it has tuna in it!

    • You’re lucky you don’t drive – those things come with a WHOLE OTHER MESS you don’t want to deal with! LOL!

  15. It is like you totally described my morning. Or rather, every morning.
    Love me a nicoise salad too!

  16. Look at you with your good mood food! Reading this post made me happy! :)

  17. Bad Morning? Walked out the door to go to the gym Sunday morning a week ago to see the glory of my front yard with tire tracks all over it. Cement truck tire tracks! Was so stunned I even said Hi to the neighbor that authorized it and didn’t think he needed to let me know. Needless to say he is paying to have my front yard landscaped. I lost the entire summer to his construction and noise and dust 12 hours a day 7 days a week. No “I’m sorry” Just “It’s not my fault”.
    Anyhoo! I like any breakfast that has yellow smiley faced stuff like a hard boiled egg cut into quarters or a happy looking plate or toast with a picture burned into it or just my Ziggy mug or my Superman mug or my dirty saying mug. I should get a collection of all the super hero mugs!!

    • OMG! I am THRILLED your neighbor is paying for it but SERIOUSLY?! Do people care about anyone but themselves? My goodness, I have lost all hope for humanity!! :( But hey, at least your eggs are smiling at you! LOL!!!

  18. I absolutely love anything with an egg on it! YUM-O!!! I love your dancing and I will think of this the next time I’m having a horrible morning. I think the worst it ever got was when the twins were newborns and there was no morning. It was just one long day after the next with no sleep anywhere. I would NEVER want to do that again!!!

    • I should have added a part about having TWINS in my scenario!!! HA HA! That would have probably made the morning even more relatable!

  19. Holy yum! That salad has so much awesome wrapped up in it!!! So pinning for the day that I find tuna worthy of it. Actually, my mother in law knows a fisherman… I need to ask if he has good enough connections to get us some tuna.

    That morning sounds super rough. Mine wasn’t too bad until I ended up begrudgingly scheduling my first dentist appointment here in the Netherlands. They don’t even give you a shot when they’re fixing up cavities. Yea, that tuna needs to happen to cheer me up from that thought…

    • And the tuna will NOT give you cavities!!! So then you won’t need to go back to the dentist for a LONG LONG time! HA HA! Look at that, it ALL WORKS OUT!!!!!!!

      I hope you’re not in too much pain from your cavity fillings! Man, I cannot even remember the last time I was at the dentist, LOL! WHOOPS! I bet I will regret that… When my teeth start falling out in like 5 years! 😉

      • Haha, I would hope it wouldn’t 😉 I’m not sure that I have any because I think it *has* been five years since I’ve been to a dentist. I didn’t have healthy insurance in the US before coming here, and the thought of a ‘natural’ approach to teeth stuff … just ick. I’m being a bit of a baby about it though. I need to just toughen it out [and cook something delicious]!

        Once I get my hands on some tuna though, this recipe is going on my meal plan!

  20. Haha every morning sucks because waking up is a pain; no matter what! I need stimulation does’t matter what I do – coffee, chia seeds, something! I can’t just go with my day without it I will snap at someone. My body takes time to adjust to the weather and I get lazy in the winter but not blue. I just hibernate – sleep is vital for me. :) Have a great one GiGi and loving your happy dance!1 -Iva

    • I won’t lie to you IVA, I cry almost every morning when I wake up. It’s so funny, I say I am a morning person, but I am totally NOT – I am an AFTER WORKOUT person! LOL! Don’t talk to me before I get my sweat on though because I will rip your head off and put it in the garbage disposal! LOL!!!!!!!

      Sleep is definitely vital for me too!!! (as is exercise obviously)

  21. I can’t believe I’ve never tried a nicoise salad. I need to get on that ASAP. :) PS – Love the little dancing GIF! You’re adorable!

  22. I actually had a pretty decent morning this morning (amazing!) but that’s only because I force myself to get almost everything ready the night before so I can just shower, dress, and get out the door as quickly as possible! (Including setting up my coffeemaker the night before — Lord help me if it breaks!) Your mood boosting salad sounds awesome, but I’m not so sure about having it for breakfast. My favorite kind of salad is a Cobb salad with grilled chicken or a crab cake on top!

    • YOU are SMART SMART SMART Sarah and everyone should follow your lead! Doing everything the night before is PARAMOUNT if you want a smooth morning! I definitely used to do that, and I still SORT OF do it when I really must! Works like a charm, however, sometimes life just wants to throw a huge watermelon in your face! LOL!

  23. That day you described sounds like a nightmare for sure.
    However, I think I could eat that tuna salad every day in the summer!!!
    Love the leggings!

  24. Definitely sounds like a Monday. I would for sure go with pizza :) or chocolate or chocolate pizza

    • BAHHHHHH HA HA HA AH! And the best part, is that you will probably be able to find a chocolate pizza at your favorite pizza joint, LOL!! The things people come up with these days 😉

  25. This look delish and I could use some feel – good food today! whew, what a DAY!

  26. Quelle belle présentation de la salade niçoise!! Très bien fait!

    Il n’est pas possible d’avoir une mauvaise matin quand vous envoyez des messages, mademoiselle GiGi!

    • MERCI Dr J! Vos commentaires éclairent toujours ma journée aussi! Maintenant, allez faire une salade niçoise!

  27. There is no salad that could possibly replace coffee in my mood elevation arsenal, but fortunately it’s not an either/or! Coffee, healthy salad, dark chocolate, some red wine… each have their place.

    And you guys are totally adorable!

  28. If my morning was ever like that I would just walk to the nearest bar for real. My happy food ummm a grilled cheese perhaps? Or soft serve ice cream. BOTH SO GOOD.

  29. Putting eggs on things makes them happy-food for me.
    And weirdly enough beet smoothies are my craving that makes every night these days…

  30. Haha! That was an amazing intro! It kind of sounds like some of my Mondays…. the only thing worse is when it is raining. Since I have to take public transport every single day, the rain is like a full moon for commuters–the werewolves come out!

    • I wonder if these kinds of mornings ever happen on like a Thursday or a Friday – no one ever says, UGH, I have a case of the Thursdays! LOL!!!

      AND OMG – I do NOT want to move where you live, I don’t need to be face to face with werewolves!

  31. LOL, your posts and videos make me laugh. Definite mood booster!

  32. Can you believe I’ve never had a nicoise salad before? And now I have no excuses not to try one seeing as it’ll make me a happier person and all. :)

    • I AM SHOCKED! FLOORS! BEWILDERED! No Nicoise in your life?! Your world is about to be flipped upside down! ha ah!

  33. Wow! You described my exact morning last Monday! Except for the bit about broken coffee machines, as I don’t drink coffee in the morning. I’m jittery enough without a cup full of coffee to start my day……three rambunctious kids will do that too you!! I love this mood enhancing salad though I’d probably wash it down with a slice of cake afterwards. Is that acceptable?? 😉

    • OMG your Monday – NOOOOOOOO!!!!! :(

      And I totally hear you about being jittery without caffeine, that’s me too! ha ha! As for the chocolate cake…… How big of a slice we talkin’ about?

  34. Miss you girl! You are hilarious as usual but SERIOUS about that food. this looks impeccable!!!! Will try.

  35. My worst mornings are when my teen oversleeps and somehow it is my fault – starting the day with yelling and crying is not a mood elevator. Now if you and Giovanna came over and danced for me, that may help! The salad looks yummy, although the food that puts a smile on my face is much less healthy. It’s chocolate.

    • Oh man, that sounds like when I was younger…. I now officially feel sorry for my mother, LOL!

      Giovanna and I will come over and take over a couple mornings a week, how does that sound? And we will make you chocolate pancakes that are calorie free! LOL!!!

  36. Never had that salad before, but your recipe makes me want to try it!!

    Love the dance party :)

    • I CANNOT BELIEVE for one single second that you two have NOT had this salad before. It’s probably because you’re loading up on your other DELICIOUS treats :)

  37. Oooo, this looks good! I’m loving the mixture of flavors and I’m loving that this is a salad that would actually FILL me up! The Happy Dance is necessary too, of course. Love it!

  38. Can you please spoon feed me this deliciousness?

    Worst morning… I was driving to work (2 HOUR COMMUTE ONE WAY) and I was rerouted because there was a chicken truck overturned in the road. Hundreds of chickens. Some dead, some running around. It’s kind of funny now… but at the time I just sat there and cried. I was 22 and hated my job, my commute…. and those fucking chickens.

    • You know I would spoon feed you ANYTHING – especially if you have a morning like that again… But I might not feed you chicken soup. LOL!

  39. I don’t eat tuna, but I love watching you Gigi :-).

    Lately my older dog (Penny the Dalmatian) has decided that I shouldn’t be sleeping in or hitting my snooze button so she stands at the foot of the bed and makes the most awful combination of moans and barks to get me up. It works, but it makes me so cranky.

    • Oh I know you don’t – I was going to say, sub in a vegan option here, which you totally could and still enjoy the deliciousness that is this salad :)

      AND THAT is why, I do not have any dogs (my family is constantly being waken up at 5am by their “bundles of joy”… and I sleep in until I want, okay that’s til like 6 but still, ha ha ah).

  40. You should totally be on DWTS! My worst morning ever was me trying to get to CLASS one crazy day from hell.

    It happened last semester and I woke up feeling like I’ve been hit by a truck but I didn’t want to miss any lectures. I went to the gas station because I have a morning ritual where I stop at a gas station to clean the windshield before going on my merry way. My iPod nano had been clipped to my scarf and the second I got out of the car, a freak gust of wind came up and ripped the scarf that was wrapped very snuggly around my neck off to smash my ipod face down on the concrete. hint that should have been my clue to turn around go back home and curl up in bed.

    I was upset but not too bad because it still worked so I got back in the car and started on my way. As I am trying to leave, I see that there was an accident at one of the roundy rounds that they had just put up near where I live. When I left the house I had plenty of time to spare, and would have even been early, now I was going to be 10 minutes late no matter how fast I went. By the time I got to the campus, I was so late for class it would be pointless to go in so I went to the library to study for a quiz for the next class, just to go over the material one last time.

    I get to the next class and to my horror, found out that I had studied for the wrong quiz! Needless to say, I BOMBED that QUIZ. To top it all off, whatever bug was that was taking me down nailed me hard ended up throwing up 3 times in an hour. best part, this was all before 9am…

    I ended up leaving campus to go back home, stopping occasionally to throw up and curled back up into bed. Worst. Day. Ever.

    • I WISH! I WANT DWTS so badly, I need to start a petition and get EVERYONE TO SIGN IT – even random people walking down the street, LOL!!!!

      OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!! I should just delete what I wrote in this post and copy and paste your morning from hell!!!!! WAYYYY WORSE than what I wrote! GAH! Do you ever know what you got? Was it a stomach bug? As for bombing that test, MEH – you’ll remember it only because you will remember being sick, but otherwise, it won’t affect your life, ONE BIT 😉

  41. Anything called Nicoise cheers me up— sounds like one of my kids… “Mom!!!!! My Knee’s swoar!”


    Messaging you now.

  43. I love a good Nicoise salad! But I like mine minus the anchovies and tuna. When I was in France and ordered it without the tuna and anchovies, the waiters would always give me the side eye, hehe :). Your recipe sounds yummy!

  44. When will DWTS be calling?!?! This looks so delicious…even as I am chugging down a cup of coffee. Coffee & salad go well together, yes? No? Ok….maybe later for the salad! :)

    • DWTS films right down the street from me, Giovanna and I could simply just walk over there and BANG ON THEIR DOORS! ha ah ah aha! We will bring them coffee and salad 😉

  45. Someone please give my home boy, Shia LaBeouf, some good mood food! Whatever Louis Stevens ate, just give it to him in mass quantities!

    • RIGHT?!?! SERIOUSLY – what the heck happened to him! Honestly though, he is a really good actor because I am sure in his Even Stevens days, he was SUPER depressed too!

  46. Salad wouldn’t have been the first thing I would have thought to turn to when feeling shitty. Lately, I’ve been eating lots of bread, chocolate and ice cream – it’s working wonders!

    • Ah ha ha! I am glad it’s “working wonders”…. But I hope you soon enough don’t feel so shitty :( TY for your email, it was wonderfully insightful and I will be responding soon!

  47. I was about to get upset at you for breaking into my apartment, but then I realized everyone else is having the same week as me! LOL.

    That salad looks rad! :)

    • Ah ha ha! Imagine if I was just sitting at your kitchen table as you stumbled into the kitchen! Now that would be creepy! LOL!

  48. Potatoes…eggs…tuna…potatoes…eggs…olives…potatoes…eggs…potatoes…eggs…ooh Yes now I am happy!!! If only I could click my shoes and have them all in front of me PRONTO!
    I am a morning person – and like you said – healthy food enriches my mood – even after an hour and a half long commute yesterday I was happy as I had spinach and eggs and black beans in my tupperware!
    Yes – you and Giovanna should totally be on DWTS!!!

    • RIGHT! Having delicious food with you makes you EXCITED to get to your destination because then you can eat it. LOL. I have made the mistake of eating and driving before…. Uh yeah, I choked on my chicken – LOL!!!! And I then thought – wow, I bet a ton of car accidents are actually caused by people CHOKING while they eat while driving! Worse than texting, never again!

  49. I love nicoise salads! I’ve never had it with tuna steak before (I’ve never cooked a tuna steak before now that I think about it) but they taste amazing! Good, healthy food always does make bad days better :) My worst day was my first day of work last year, I spilled coffee and oatmeal all over myself, almost missed the train, and got on just to realize I didn’t have any money for the fare – luckily a woman paid for me but I was reallllllly close to tears haha

    • NEVER COOKED A TUNA STEAK? Can that be your homework assignment for next Wednesday??!!! To sear one up – and let me know how you think?????

      And your morning sounds horrendous – of course it’s the first day of work…… But hey, tears get you somewhere sometimes (a paid train fare – lol)

  50. OOOOH those pretty eggs make me swoon!! And I love fresh juice to boost my mood in the AM! My favourite combination right now – Pineapple, cucumber, lemon, and ginger!! NOM!

  51. OMG after reading that I wanted to crawl back into bed and say forget the rest of the day. That was quite the rollercoaster ride! Recipe looks amazing!

    • Ha ha! Right? If that happened to me, the second I realize the coffee maker is broken, I would call in sick !LOL!

  52. I love eating big salads for lunch like this, because it just makes me feel good. Nicoise is a good one, and I also like Louis salads as well. Good food is so important!

    • I couldn’t agree more! :) ADIDAS -OMG- I wear adidas all the time (superglued to my feet) yet I just came up with an acronym!! All Day I Dream About Salads! WTF!! I am seriously flipping out over here, ah ha ah aha ha!

  53. I love Nicoise Salad! And actually like canned tuna in it (although fresh is awesome). Great recipe, really funny post and amazing video. Thanks.

  54. Every time I go to Paris, I have to have a Nicoise salad, a baguette, and pain au chocolate. I like boiled eggs instead of the over easy kind on my salad. GiGi forget DWTS LOL. #wowlinkup

  55. you always brighten up my day!!!

  56. Tell me when DWTS is happening so I can DVR it.
    My favorite type of salad is a chef salad, I think, so if you ever do a post like that! Or if you have! I’d love to see it.
    My worst type of morning happens often, in which I have to take both kids to school, and then do something dreadful like a dentist appointment, and then go to work.
    True story!

    • Dentist to start the day….. Sounds like THE BEST THING ON THE FACE OF THE PLANET! ha ah! Nothing like someone telling you you drink too much coffee and eat a little too many sweets 😉

  57. Can you please come here and do a video WITH ME?!

  58. Umm…we never had a dance party. Rude. Also, is this what your typical Tuesday is like and you’ve just never mentioned all the minor details?! HAHA.

    • DUDE OMG WE NEVER HAD A DANCE PARTY!!!!! WHAT IN THE FFFFFF?!?!?! I am utterly disappointed. Skype dance party?

  59. I could eat that salad…minus the anchovies, which I am not a fan of. Food that boosts my mood is chocolate (how cliche), but also Bob’s Red Mill hot cereal with chopped walnuts, dried cranberries, and a bit of cream.

  60. I LOVE that this salad calls for tuna steak rather than the canned variety- the latter sleeves me out! Gordon Ramsay needs a bite or few of this salad- he seems to have a permanent stick up his you know what!

    • Have you ever had Tonnino Tuna though? It comes in a jar and OMFG IT IS OUT OF THIS WORLD TASTY!!! :)

      And you’re so right – Gordon needs to stop eating CRAP FOOD amature chefs prepare for him and dive into some delicious healthy bites!

  61. Love the happy dance! Not sure I could survive without my coffee.

  62. Wow, look at that salad!! Wondering if I can prepare it and bring it with me to school without having to carry 5 million tupperware containers. That may be asking a little too much…

    Pretty sure my worst mornings all happened when the bus broke down…three times in one week.

    • You can bring it all in ONE tupperware container, I mean it’s all going to end up mixed together in your stomach after all! 😉

  63. You are hilarious Gigi! I am honestly happy that I rarely have mornings like that!! I love bringing a big salad with me to work/school though to get my through the day :) And a big, healthy lunch always makes me suppppperrr happy!

  64. It is the weirdest thing but eating salad makes me so happy that I always feel like goofy dancing (cos my normal dancing is… goofy :P)
    Your video and post made me so happy!
    Visit Sydney soon? 😀

    Choc Chip Uru

  65. Hahaha you crack me up! I’m not a seafood eater but my husband is! Next time he’s getting cranky I’ll have to whip this up for him 😉

  66. Great post, I need to start eating better cause I sure could use a mood booster!

    • YES!!!! It certainly helps, seriously! People always ask me why or how I am always so happy, and it’s because of the way I eat, I PROMISE!

  67. Lol your story cracked me up and that salad looks awesome! #wowlinkup

  68. There is always something that can happen when we don’t want it to, huh? Crazy!! I am going to vote for you guys on DWTS, for sure – you could take that!!! :)

    • Things happen when we least expect them, right?? For the most part at least – ugh! AND THANK YOU! I swear, I will be on that show – I AM GOING TO PULL OUT ALL THE STOPS to make it happen!

  69. That would a day I would not want. I do want the salad though, looks yummy.

  70. Im actually one of those disgusting human beings who loves early mornings. Sure, it does take me some time to get up and embrace them [because I have a $6,000 sleep number bed] but once I’m up I’m up and ready to go!
    And I was wondering when they were going to make that move illegal. I mean, not only do you have your head in another man’s crotch [probably smelly] but you also have a good chance of having your neck snapped. NO thank you!

    • Can I tell you a secret? I am one of those disgusting human beings too!!!! I LOVE MORNING – I get so much accomplished when I wake up at the ass crack of dawn! It’s amazing. I don’t have a sleep # bed, but my bed pretty much rocks too… But the second the sun peaks through my curtains (and even before)… I am outta bed and RARING TO GO!

      AND OMG – for a split second, this MOVE you were referring to… Sounded like something in the bed room, LOL – but then, I realized you were talking wrestling, however, I guess what happens in the bed room could be considered “wrestling” too?? HA AH HA AH!

  71. I love me some nicoise salad – so why do I rarely make it?? OK, I definitely suffer from SAD (I’m a total summer girl) and someday when I retire, I will move south :) (BTW, I totally shuddered at that photo of the icicle on the showerhead – I hate being cold!)

    • COLD IS NOT MY THING EITHER – which is why I am in LA! :) However, I am from FREEZING COLD Wyoming, ugh, and I will be making my way back there for XMAS – wish me luck! LOL! I will definitely need to load up on the nicoise! LOL!

  72. Definitely a salad worthy of a happy dance! I am one of those who likes my coffee in the morning, but I love a good breakfast even more. Good food really makes a huge difference in how I feel waking up and starting the day.

  73. This is an awesome post. Thank you for sharing this recipe.

  74. Worst morning ever is always after a break-up and you’re like fine then you remember “OH SHIT”. Luckily, haven’t had one of those in a couple of years… mainly because I was single for most of it haha.

    • OMFG CASSIE – you just described… THIS MORNING for me! ha ha ah aha ha ha ah aha ha ha ah! Although, really it’s not the worst morning – 😉

  75. Hilarious! Love the leggins!!

  76. Never thought of Nicoise salad as a mood enhancer (usually this is the role of Nutella, which also acts to make you feel horrible after you emptied the jar!). Now that I think of it, it totally makes sense, a Nicoise salad does not come with bad consequences.

  77. Okay, to be honest: Salad would be the last thing I’d have reached for as a mood booster. More like: S…chokolade [German for chocolate]. Or kabocha. That’s a good mood food for me for sure – and my breakfast of choice whenever I can get my hands on it.
    Victoria Beckham needs some good mood food. But if you served her this she’d likely ask for the dressing on the side [= not use it], pick out the egg yolks, anchovies and um, hello what, are you freaking kidding her about the potato in there??

    • Ha Ha! You’re not the only one, everyone always says CHOCOLATE – I am trying to get people to think outside the box 😉 Winter squash DEFINITELY makes me happy too FYI – just SHOVELED IN POUNDS of spaghetti and butternut squash and I am one HAPPY HAPPY camper!

      If I ever went out to dinner with V. Beckham…………….. I would SHOVE LOAVES of bread down her throat, LOL

  78. these days, whenever i shovel any of the spreads i make (apple or pumpkin), i feel so happy! it’s sooo yummy!

  79. First time on the blog today! Love your writing style :) Thanks for brightening my Friday!

  80. I had my first nicoise salad a year ago! Tasty!

  81. You are so much fun GiGi – I need more time these days! :) Always behind!!!!

  82. Looks tasty! I haven’t ever had a nicoise salad, but now I’ll have to.

  83. I am bored to death here so I better move my butt to the kitchen and make this delicious salad and maybe I can dance like you girls and lift my mood a little bit!

  84. Healthy food really does give you a good mood!! I named my blog Hello Healthy Eating… “…because eating healthy makes you happy!!” It’s so true! Yummy salad recipe!!

  85. HAH you ladies crack me up :) Love any salad/thing with an egg in it so I’m def trying this. I had a few bad mornings last year when I kept getting nails in my tires…around TEN! UGH Luckily it didn’t keep me from any clients, because in the beginning I was oblivious and at the end I would check my car 24/7, but it did result in me using up all my AAA free calls. I hope that nail vandal never returns! On the plus side, this did make me want to work online more and I have been loving it :) I even got to meet with my clients in my Cali studio (hotel) last week :) #wowlinkup

    • NAILS in your TIRES?!?!?! What on earth! That scares me a bit. Car trouble stresses me out x100! I am glad you get to work out from home far more now….. We must discuss this, because girl, I need some one on one personal training! 😉

  86. Perfect salad! My mornings seem to go pretty smooth most days (thank god!) Probably because I’m a control freak and obsessively plan my days out haha! Although one morning last week, my washing machine flooded my kitchen floor completely!! Total disaster. I guess that’s what happens when you overfill the machine with a wardrobe’s worth of clothes, lol!!

    • Being a control freak is NEVER a bad thing, EVER! 😉 I am OCD x10000 but it helps a lot sometimes, LOL!

      However, I think if my washing machine flooded I would have just laughed so hard. LOL! There isn’t much more you can really do, right?

  87. okay, soooo…about that dancing GIF. heeeeeeee

  88. Yum! Who doesn’t want to feel good! Thank you for sharing this nicoise salad recipe with us at the Healthy Happy Green and Natural Party!

  89. You’re so right! Your whole day could’ve gone to heck, but eating right makes you feel 100% better. I LOVE nicoise salads!

  90. Anything w cilantro makes me smiiiiiile!!!! And any totally loaded salad. Thanks for the salad dressing recipe, always looking for good ones!

  91. Thanks for sharing your post at last week’s Motivation Monday party. Your post is one of this week’s features.

  92. First of all, this was hilarious. Secondly, that salad is beautiful.

  93. You should be on DWTS! Maybe I would actually watch it then! :)

    I am actually such a morning person. I actually wake up sans-alarm most days pretty early- and ready to rock! Of course I am useless after about 4PM but that’s another story!

    Can I tell you I’ve never had a nicoise salad? I actually wanted to try one in France and never had the chance! Looks delicious though- I will put capers in anything!

    • OMG YOU AND I ARE THE SAME PERSON!!!!!!!! I get up mad early but come 4 or 5 pm I am so tired, LOL!!!!! I need a cat nap or I need some SOMETHING 😉

      Perhaps at 4pm you should just eat a Nicoise – it could PUMP YOU UP!

  94. Gigi that video is AWESOME :) Makes me want to try salad for breakfast! I usually eat salad for lunch (spinach with egg and nuts) but that video may have just changed my mind.

    PS that story of starting the morning hitting snooze and wanting coffee asap? <— yep, been there!

    • Hey, your salad with spinach and nuts sounds really good, all you really need to do is add the tuna and dressing and BAM, you’ve got a GOOD MOOD SALAD all to yourself! 😀

      PS: THANK YOU for stopping in!!! I love new friends!

  95. OMGoodness, I feel like a frickin’ idiot not finding your blog sooner. Finally, a fitness blog with a BIG sense of humor. Oh, it’s so refreshing. Shoot. I am so happy you commented on my blog, so I could find you. And again, I’m sorry I’ve been living under a rock, and am pretty new here. Yipes. Take care, Gigi. #sweatpink

    • OMG JESSICAAAAAAAAA!!!! If Joy is your last name, it’s for GOOD REASON because you just brought me SO MUCH JOY it’s ridiculous and I LOVE YOU! I am so glad we found eachother!!!! #BLOGMATESFORLIFE 😉

  96. If this salad makes me do that dance, I have to try it! It is so true, without breakfast I’m a wreck. My worst morning is when I locked my keys and cell phone in my car. Luckily, a kind stranger at the mall parking lot let me use his to call CAA.

    • OMFG Cell Phone too?! That’s the worst!! I was locked out of my apartment one night at around 1 am, but THANK GOODNESS I had my cellphone, or else that would have been a nightmare!

  97. LOVE this! I feel like you described my morning yesterday to a T- except I managed to lock my car (and house) keys in our apartment, and instead of waiting with AAA I played the games of how many times I would have to call my BF before he would wake up to come let me in…. some of this salad would have totally helped squash the urge to throw my phone at him 😉

    • OMG NO! I am soo soo soo sorry to hear your morning yesterday was OBNOXIOUS – that’s only supposed to happen on Monday or Tuesday, LOL! At least your boyfriend was in there 😉 But man, I would have been PISSED TOO! ha ah.


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