Nom On Food Porn

I’m really not one to gossip…


I mean… Jimmy’s impotence and the fact that he still sleeps with a blankie (even though he just turned 35 years old) don’t need to be broadcast over the Internets. And the details of Sally’s insanely botched boob job or the fact that she’s sleeping with her boss who happens to be 15 years younger than her, really don’t need to travel through the web either…

Oh. Wait….



Welp… Since I am already airing out some wet laundry… Why don’t I just give you all the tasty details about the latest love-affair happening in Hollywood.

Don’t worry ladies, it doesn’t include Zac Efron… I do believe he’s still on the market. 


Uhhh. Wait. Huh?

What the $#%^ does me eating have to do with anything gossip related. It’s NO SECRET that I love to pound food in my face at all hours of the day.

GiGi Eats Foccacia Batter Raw

Oh. Hmm… Well, then HOLD UP! 

I guess I am not about to lay any such juicy secret details on you…

See! I told you, gossiping is really NOT MY STYLE.  

I’d much rather flirt with food… And this flirtation has led to the latest Hollywood love-affair I mentioned earlier…

Between me and NOM*.


NOM is a new social media phenomenon (website & app) specifically created for FOOD LOVERS!

GiGi Dubois licking turkey butternut squash muffins

Now before all of you click X in your upper right or left-hand corner because you just cannot handle ANOTHER social media site… Why don’t you DELETE SnapChat and then hear me out, especially if you’re drawn to juicy food porn.

GiGi Dubois eating noodles like a boss

NOM allows you to broadcast your foodventures LIVE to anyone who’s watching (it’s similar to Periscope but is centralized around food… Yes, I understand that I have said that about five times now)!


  • If you’re eating something this very second… You could be (broadcast) NOMMING right now.
  • Writing your grocery list? NOM IT!
  • Stuck in an extra long line at Starbucks and want to freak the frappuccino out… Well, NOM could certainly be your outlet.

My shtick on NOM though: Showing all those who give a pickle… How to order allergen-friendly meals at restaurants!

GiGi Eats NOM allergen-free eats

Although… Me ranting as I wait in long lines for food when I am HANGRY AS FACK could be quite comical… Perhaps I should start another channel! 


So now you’ve heard the deets…

I flirt… And then NOM (allergen-friendly but of course) my way through bars, fast food joints, drive-thrus, diners, fancy pants restaurants, saloons, dives, cafeterias, chop houses, greasy spoonsYou get the idea… Showing all of you that having food allergies and intolerances doesn’t mean those with them are destine to nosh on bland and boring food for the rest of their lives! 



FOLLOW ALONG WITH ME… Who knows WHAT might fly out of my mouth… 

I heard through the grapevine that The Food Pervert recently signed up to broadcast her own Noms as well! 

So Tell Me...

  • What is the funniest, most ridiculous rumor that’s ever been spread about you? 
  • NO MORE SOCIAL MEDIA SITES (after NOM)… Who’s with me? 
  • What was the most absurd thing you heard someone else say while waiting in line?
  • What restaurants would you like to see me go to and why? 
  • Are you going to start your own NOM channel? If so, what will your angle be? 
  • Have you ever been to RED LOBSTER?! 


  1. Oh my gosh, this is seriously so fun! What a great thing for food bloggers too! I have the personality of a wet dog, so Im fairly certain I should NOT be one to start a NOM channel. Im the silent, stalker type though – so I’ll be all over it following others!

    • Ah ha ha ha ha ah aha ha ah aha ha! I think if you have business cards, your tag line should be: “silent, stalker type”. Friggin’ brilliant! 😉

      Would love the stalker-ish following support though!

  2. Well this is kind of fun. Though I think you would have far more interesting food adventures than I. And yes, please no more social media type things. I have a hard enough time with the ones that are already out there!

    • Ugh, right?! I am so DONE with social media after NOM. I deleted Snap Chat a LONG time ago. Don’t do periscope. And really abhor TWITTER! lol!

  3. Great post! So this is like GoodReads for Food essentially? As a food lover, that sounds amazing.

    • Yes! Except it’s more like “GreatWatches” – however, people can post lots of pics of food too! :) It’s a mash between Periscope, Yelp, Instagram & Flickr

  4. OMG, I HAVE TO HAVE TO get this app! I mean, the reason why I use social media is to look at food porn. LOL I’m such a food pervert XD

  5. I have never heard of NOM but now you have me curious!! Checking it out and deleting snap chat are on my to-do list today 😉

  6. NOM sounds like it was made for you! :) I want to see it now!

  7. I may be a nom lurker. I love food. Love. Love eating. Love. Love that my husband cooks. Literally the largest part of our budget is for food…however I can’t imagine broadcasting. i will talk with my mouth full. Which of course I already do but thats for home. I will follow you though!

    • Ha! I talk with my mouth full ALL the time 😉 Whoops! Don’t tell my mom. LOL!
      THANK YOU for wanting to follow along! I will have another broadcast this week!

  8. Thanks for sharing! Periscope for food lovers? That sounds a bit dangerous lol, I’ll never stop eating now.

  9. Lol! You’re so funny. I love your take on it. I might just end up with Nom on my phone. #FoodieStatus

  10. Lawrence Hamilton says:

    I was in line for a sub and this woman my wife knew told me a story about a chic who was cheating on her husband with her side dude. Her side dude got mad at her and threw her wooden leg in the neighbor’s yard. The neighbor had four pitbulls. She lost the leg, her side dude and her husband who promptly put her out. It was a packed Friday and we ended up doing shots of Vodka on line waiting for these subs. The subs were definitely worth it!

    • BAH HA HA HA HA HA HA AH HA HA HA AH HA! Lawrence. By far the best GOSSIP I have heard so far today and exactly what I was looking for! My goodness, the soap opera drama people endure!

  11. So funny haha love this.

  12. Sounds like a fun site. I need to start nomming!

  13. Lol … enjoyed reading. Great to see how you keep enjoying food adventures. Nice post gigi

  14. Anything food related adn i’m in. I mean afterall I have the hips to prove I enjoy eating though I don’t do meat products.

  15. I accept NOM, but after that, no more social media sites! I also like to stuff food in my mouth at all hours.
    As for rumors about me, probably none that I know about. Someone once said it perfectly about me in high school and I think it still rings true, “People either like you, or they don’t care enough to fight you because you’re pretty darn nice and you keep things positive.”
    So true.
    Although I’m not very nice when someone messes with a member of my family but you know how it is!
    P.S. Poor Jimmy!

    • OH MAN if someone SLIGHTS ME OR MY FAMILY … IT IS ON!!!!!!!! hahaha! I am right there with you Tamara!

      If someone slighted you – I would kick their ass too!

  16. This is a great idea! I dont have snapchat, but if I did buh-bye!!

  17. I was JUST reading about Nom! And I refuse to use Snapchapt because… well… I have too much stuff already.

    Weirded rumor… an old boss told everyone I was like about to marry some dude… out of jealously. WTF?! This was like 10 years ago… and the most f@$&’d up job I’ve ever had.

  18. I am so excited for you! I already follow you! :) I am the most boring food person around but I like watching you! :)

  19. So interesting!! Sounds fun!

  20. I never heard of NOM! Now I need to check it out! :):)

  21. This is so cool!! I definitely want to start my own channel now, maybe in a few weeks when I’m out of school!! Thanks for sharing 😀 😀

  22. Interesting concept, I have never been in a Red Lobster. I was online in Wal-Mart and the woman in front of me casually said to her friend ” my butt hurts from last night” I thought about it for a moment and have been trying to forget ever since. I hope your feeling better and I’ll pick a restaurant for you and Capt. Amore

    • THAT PLACE LOOKS AMAZING. Never even heard of it before!!! I am going to TN this week… But I will definitely be hitting it up in MAY! I am going to eat my way through Chipotle on a NOM today though :)

  23. Food bloggers must be in seventh heaven about this one! Looks like such fun!

    • Oh most definitely! The food bloggers who LOVE talking about food and posting images of their scrumptious food will be ALL over this!

  24. Wow, an app just for food lovers, I should check out the vegan types on there!

  25. LOL you’re so fun. I haven’t heard of NOM but you’ve made me so curious!

  26. It looks like it could be fun.

    • Oh it totally is! If you like talking about food and eating…. With other people – then it’s definitely you should look into further :)

  27. Oh dear…I cannot take another social media site. I think they need to place a ban now… are very funny…LOL

  28. Honestly I can only handle instagram and my blog right now, haha! I don’t even have a personal facebook and I can’t wrap my head around snapchat. But Nom does sound cool!

    • FORGET SnapChat and MAYBE get back on FB when you’re done with school… But everything else (aside from NOM) isn’t worth it!

  29. I have never heard of NOM but I do like to cook so I should check that out.

  30. I am going to check it out straight away!

  31. congrats! i will definitely head over and check out NOM.

  32. Social media for food lovers? That sounds like my kind of place. I am ther!

  33. Hopefully, I’ll never that rumor!

    I’m with you on social media,

    We have a Red Lobster here. I’ve been a few times, but it was never my choice. They may have the best food photo advertising, but the actual food looks nothing like it. My experience there is EVERYTHING is greasy! I mean like the menus, the table, everything!

    I worry about society’s extreme focus on food, just sayin, I am a doctor after-all.

    • My food was actually pretty tasty when I went. However………………… Guess who was plagued by food poisoning this past weekend. Your girl right here. UGH. Even though I got everything as clean as I possibly could, contamination still occurred – womp womp! It was good going down though. I got the grilled rainbow trout and asparagus & green beans!

  34. I can totally understand why you’re so much into NOM.
    Only occasionally I post recipes, but it does sound like a fun concept.
    Have fun!

  35. Your post was so fun! Thanks for sharing it

  36. I will have to get this app if only for your broadcast about eating out with allergies. Sounds like you were made to nom.

    • YES! Haley, I am doing a NOM today in about an hour actually at Chipotle! You should download it on your phone by then and follow along! 😉 Warning though, it might make you hungry!

  37. This sounds so much fun! I will have to pop over and have a look x #TastyTuesdays

  38. literally SO MANY NEW VIDEO STREAMING APPS out there. i JUST got on snap chat. i can’t handle another one!!
    also no rumours so far… i must be a super boring person

  39. I’ll have to check out NOM – I love the stories on this post! :)

  40. Jeez. I’ve just got the hang of Twitter and my “to-do social media” list has Snap Chat on it next!

    So you say no to that eh? Oh ok then. I’ll pop over and have a look, Monday., seeing as we’re on a Bank Holiday and I was going to do Snap Chat then……..

    • YES!!! Check out NOM over SNAP CHAT!! Do it! ha ah aha! It will be way more your speed, since I know you love the food! 😉

  41. After yoga teacher training is done in July and I have recipes to share again I’ll check out nom. Thanks for the tip.

  42. This is the funniest food blog I’ve ever read! I’ll be back for more!

    • 😉 THANKS BERNARD! hahaha! I post typically every Tuesday but April has been a wonky all over the place month. Stick around for more! If you wanna stay up to date (if you truly want more) subscribe to my email!

  43. I have never heard of NOM but it has my attention. What a cool concept. I love learning about new things.

  44. What a great channel for foodies to get together. Good luck on your station!

  45. Funny stuff! Love Red Lobster’s biscuits!

  46. YES! I am all for allergy friendly eats! Nom totally sounds like my kinda platform! 😉

  47. As tempted as I am to check out NOM, I think I’ll lose my mind if I have to spend one more second on social media than I already do. If it were up to me, I wouldn’t be on any of it, lol. (gawd, I sound like my grandmother! haha)
    I’ll cave eventually, I know it…especially to a site that’s ALL about food!
    Btw, where did you get that Xmas sweater? lol. As for gossip, I’ve been obsessed with the whole Kelly Ripa/Michael Strachan thing. I adore her and I think he was wrong but I wouldn’t say that to his face cos I secretly want to umm….’meet’ him, hahaha!

  48. Well, I heard a rumor I was dead so that was exciting. I think I’m going to write a book with that as the title…

  49. i am so behind on social media…..NOM sounds like something i’d be interested in though..

  50. But I LOVE snapchat!!! I would think you’d LOVE it too!! Follow me there :) :) :)

  51. Nicole Escat says:

    That sounds so fun and interesting! I need to download this app. Thanks!

  52. As a matter of fact I HAVE been to Red Lobster. Maybe 40 years ago? And just once. I treasure that experience SO much I don’t want to ruin it by going again. :-) Thanks for the heads up about NOM. I’m the world’s worst at social media. Must be something I ate at Red Lobster.

  53. This sounds dangerously delicious. Seeing people’s food pics on IG is bad enough! I only have FB and IG…. I’ve somehow managed to escape the rest. I know that if I get Snapchat, it will be very dangerous!

  54. Haha, you make the greatest posts! :)

    Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!

  55. Oh gosh!
    What is the funniest, most ridiculous rumor that’s ever been spread about you? That I was in love with someone the same age as my brother.
    NO MORE SOCIAL MEDIA SITES (after NOM)… Who’s with me? YES NOM NOM NOM, and I refuse to snapchat.
    What was the most absurd thing you heard someone else say while waiting in line? Nothing! I am usually in line with silent people. Thank goodness!
    What restaurants would you like to see me go to and why? Indian ones! Duh!
    Are you going to start your own NOM channel? If so, what will your angle be? Oh, gosh. So overwhelmed.
    Have you ever been to RED LOBSTER?! YES

    • What did you think of Red Lobster? And now that I am thinking about it, I am not sure why it’s not just called LOBSTER. Aren’t they all red?? LOL!

      Ohhh I need to try going to Indian restaurants, I NEVER EVER go because I always fear there is nothing for me to eat because it’s all dairy-based, that would be a REALLY GOOD thing for me to broadcast!

  56. OK OK no X, will check it out. Snapchat lasted all of 2 days on my phone. Periscope…yeah got it but yet to try it. Agreed no more social media sites. I have a day job 😉

  57. What a fun idea, love this! Except maybe the idea of tracking another social media account! 😛 Still can’t get into Snapchat! But adore the focus on food. I think I’m too boring to have any really good rumors spread, or I just don’t pay attention.

    • Rumors are really meant to not be paid attention to honestly. We should never really care what others think about us – unless…. They’re positive things but of course! haha!

  58. Ugh, I’m terrible at social media as it is…BUT, I will check out Nom. It actually sounds interesting.
    Interesting rumors….uuuh, someone told me once “I heard you opened a restaurant”
    That’s a tame one…I’ve had juicier ones over the years :)

  59. That’s too funny…I think this app would be fun to watch…food is such a humble thing and I would love to watch the app grow!

    Never got into snapchat :)

  60. hahaha, oh Gigi… I have about all the social media I can take right now, BUTTTT if I were to get a NOM account, it’d totally be to stuff my face with all the sashimi and sushi at sushi buffets! 😛

  61. Ooh NOM sounds interesting! But yea girl, I’m with you – I can’t keep up with all of these social media sites! Can you imagine what it’s going to be like when we’re old ladies?! I can see myself being a funny out of the loop grandma that asks tech questions that my grandkids think are ridiculous. One time my grandma was all, “Can you please explain to me what a tweet is??”

    • OH MAN!!! I always think “where will technology be in a year… Two… Ten.. From now!” It’s absolutely NUTS to think about! GAH!

  62. I havent tried Red Lobster but I wanted to try it for the longest time, I was searching for it in Hawaii when we were there last year but never found one so we dined-in in a similarly themed place and I love it. Hopefully if I visit the mainland soon, i will have a chance to try it out

    • I have a feeling the restaurants you ate at in Hawaii were 10x better than RED LOBSTER. Ha Ha! I am glad you didn’t find an RL there when you went!

  63. Have to check this out, sounds fabulous and hilarious too!

    • You must you must! My next cast is this Thursday, unless I decide to do something on Tuesday as well!

  64. I have to say another social media site scares me, not because there’s too many but because I am clueless to all of them past the point of making a profile and posting pics. My friends all just shake their heads at me and laugh. Love your idea though, showing folks how to order things to account for food allergies/intolerance is a great idea…(maybe FoodNetwork will think so to and pick you up…sorry I got carried away for you but it could happen, fingers crossed) looks like I’ll be creating another social media profile on NOM so I can check it out! Seriously, very cool.

    • AW YAY! THANK YOU Stacey for embracing the NEW in order to support and follow me! Means a lot to me!

  65. Ooh la la, I like this post a lot! I can’t handle any more social media but I’ve already pulled up your Nom channel to check that shite out! I’ll sign up for it ASAP if I can understand it how to work it.
    The craziest rumor that’s been spread about me was that Zac Efron was totally in love with me and trying to track down my ass to convince me to divorce my Hubby and marry him. Okay, I’ll be honest with you, I spread that rumor around but nobody needs to know that except us…and Zac…shhhhhhhhh….

    • Yeah NOM is in the introductory stage so it’s a tiny bit hard to navigate, but I know you can do it Karrie! 😉 If you haven’t already (I cannot see who subscribes to me), subscribe by Thursday, that’s the next time I am going live! hehehe!

      Ohhhh and MUM is the word on the Zac rumor…. Well, except for everything who comes to read the comments here on my blog! haha!

  66. You crack me up in your posts lol…so Nom is really a thing right?? Very interesting…maybe I’ll try this after I manage Snap :)

  67. Hi GiGi,
    Your crack me up!! I wasn’t sure what terrible secrets you were going to tell us! But food porn I can deal with. I have many food allergies so I appreciate you providing this information about allergies & sensitivities. Keep up the crazy work – I always need a good laugh. Thanks for sharing on Real Food Fridays. Pinned & tweeted!

    • Oh Marla, you must subscribe and when I am out at these restaurants, you can interact with me and help me give the broadcasts by providing watchers with some of your tips too!

      • Hi GiGi,
        I think I just subscribed – so what do I do next?

        • On Thursday I will be hosting a NOM CAST at 11:30am PST! You can upload food pics, subscribe to other channels and start your own show if you’d like!

  68. Haha this app sounds great! You should be their spokesperson 😉

  69. OEMGEE – Girrrrll – NOM is seriously addicting – THANKS ALOT GIGI! I just watched your whole Red Lobster video – why oh why are YOU not on TV??? You are hilarious – You need your own tv show furrealz!

  70. hahaha love it. and your awesome gym outfit..girl you got style.
    ps: I may just have to check out this whole NOM thing!

  71. Hi Gigi,
    Yes, I totally love Red Lobster. My inlaws gave me hundreds of dollars in Red Lobster gift cards for my birthday since they know I like it.

  72. Another way for me to follow you around huh? Great! Not that I’m trying to be stalkerish or anything.

    While I was in the Coast Guard someone started a rumor that I had sex in the Captain’s chair up on the bridge. Not true but still kind of flattering.

    I have not been back to Red Lobster since Lisa and I ate there on a date and got sick. Not from the food mind you. We ate and then went for a walk and played at a park. Swings after Red Lobster = no bueno. It wasn’t Red Lobsters fault but the connection has remained.

    • Stalk away Josh, STALK AWAY! 😉 I mean… If we have blogs and social media channels… WE WANT TO BE STALKED – lol!

      Oh and “fun fact”. I too got sick after RL. However, I do believe IT WAS THE FOOD! HA. Good while going down at least!

      • Poor Red Lobster.. Maybe they should have a disclaimer: “Don’t eat if you don’t want to get sick” or “Do not eat and then swing may cause yucky tummy”

        • EVERYONE warned me about RL. LOL!!! Whoops. I don’t really listen to people – I just dance to the beat of my own drummer.

          Let’s hope Chili’s doesn’t fuck with me this Thursday!

  73. NOM sounds neat! Also, as always, you’re hilarious.

  74. Hi GiGi,
    Thank you so much for sharing your delightful and informative Nom On Food Porn with us on the Healthy Happy Green and Natural Party Blog Hop. I’m pinning and sharing.

  75. Thank you so much for sharing your Nom On Food Porn with us on the Healthy Happy Green and Natural Party Blog Hop. I’m pinning and sharing.

  76. Wow another social media site? Who can keep up? But seriously thanks for the heads up Gigi! 😀

  77. How amusing! Thanks for sharing Nom On Food Porn on the Plant-Based Potluck Party Link Up. I’m pinning and sharing.

  78. I hate to admit it, but I completely suck at social media. It’s a chore to remember to post to Instagram 1-3x a week. I don’t even have snapchat (or twitter or periscope haha). But, I will check out NOM as it sounds pretty cool! I’m all over anything food related =D

    • Ugh I know I know. A lot of people feel this way! Snapchat can eat it. LOL! But you can EAT NOM! 😉