The Waterboy Hates Me

The Waterboy would be ABSOLUTELY PISSED if he reads what I am about to say…

In fact, he would probably tackle me like a hungry lion would a gazelle.

Lion chasing a gazelle

I like to live my life dangerously though so here goes….

Water sucks. It really, really sucks. Yep. I said it.

Okay, so let me make myself clear (as water? lol): water is utterly scrumptious when your mouth is dryer than the Sahara desert, but it’s not so appetizing when you’re dumping it in your mouth enough to make you have to pee every three minutes and forty seconds.

GiGi Dubois Chokes on NUUN

Fantastically enough, I was able to find a product to JAZZ UP my water (with not just flavor but vitamins too)… So I can easily chug it like a frat boy would a keg.

I should have started the water jug stands (as opposed to keg stands) trend in college – DAMMIT! 

If you find water just plain…. Well, exactly that: PLAIN… Then check out my latest video on HOW TO SCRUMPSHINIZE YOUR H20! 

So tell me…

  • Have you ever tried NUUN? If so, what’s your favorite flavor?
  • Would you ever consider eating the NUUN tablets straight?
  • Do you like plain water? 
  • If you hate water, how do you SCRUMPSHINIZE it?
  • SCRUMPSHINIZE… Who thinks I should write a GiGi Dictionary?! 
  • Are there any products in this world that you would like for me to make a video about?
  • Where would you rather go: to a tropical island to hang out with Toucan Sam or to Willie Wonka’s Chocolate Factory?
  • When was the last time you saw the movie: The Waterboy? What Adam Sandler movie do you like best? 

Toucan Sam


  1. I found your post quite humorous. Who would have thought about relating the blandness of water to a movie? I have heard of Nuun. I actually love water, but I sometimes have to bribe my kids with flavoring to get them to drink more than a glass a day.

    • Ha ha! Thanks, I am glad you liked it Tracie! :) You should try Nuun for your kids, they may really like it and they will be getting vitamins too!

  2. With all the findings going around about what is really in juice and soda, we are a “only water and milk” (raw from my own stock) family. But I do agree that there are times when water is boring. lol. I usually infuse it with real fruit and it seems to do the trick. Thanks for the tips!

    • I really like carbonated water with lime, but plain water to me, is obviously boring, lol. You raise your own cows? That’s pretty cool!

  3. Drinking water is one of those things I prefer not to ponder: I just do it. :-)

    I gulp down plain water all the time, not even thinking about it. First thing I do when I wake up and last thing I do before bed time is to drink a glass of water. Then every 2-3 hours during the day.

    I do like it with a wedge of lime, but most of the time I go without.

    My main challenge is the winter months, when I’m always cold and not in the mood for cold water at all! I have herbal tea instead.

    • Ha ha! I always THINK BEFORE I DRINK – I guess that’s my downfall, lol!!!! I should just do it first thing in the morning and right before bed, but of course, nope! I do drink lots of herbal tea in the evening though.

      I agree with you about drinking in the winter, definitely harder. But herbal tea definitely HELPS!! 😀

  4. I love Nuun, Josh and I use it when we go backpacking it is great for the camelpak, just drop it in, give syou the extra boost with hiking! :-)

  5. NOOOOOO!!! I LOVE WATER!! Plain as it gets!! Well you live in LA…and the water there is SHIT!!! I live in Washington, and our tap water is SOOOOO EFFING DELICIOUS!!! I do however want some NUUN for re-hydrating after a run!! I’ve read some running blogs that swear by this!! I need to just tryyyy ittt already! I should contact them…I should review them too. YEs…yes I should. I would go to an island with the toucan…Willie Wonka is scary as shit…

    • Imagine if there was a pool filled with NUUN – That would be pretty awesome to DIVE INTO right?!?!?!?! I’m scared of swimming, but I think I’d dive head first!!!

      And yes, do try NUUN. Contact them -:) <--- mohawk smiley!

  6. WTH?!?! I LOVE plain water… seriously!
    Cow humping – keeping it classy, yo! 😉
    sooooo, little known fact about me, in high school I actually created my own dictionary, the Mo-shunary, with all the words me & my friends created. Oh yeah, awesome! :)

    • Ah ha ha ha ah ahaha! I guess we agree to disagree!!! As I said, water is only amazing when I am PARCHEEDDDD! lol! Clearly you’re on The Waterboy’s team 😉

      And yes, yes, I am all about CLASS CLASS CLASS! LMFAO.

      I would love a copy of your dictionary!!! OMG, hysterical. Clearly you has some free time in high school!

  7. I actually drink water all night at work and run back and forth to the bathroom like nobody’s business. I guess it is plain, but I like it. I am all for additives and have tried the packages before. I like that this one includes vitamins.

  8. You already know my love affair with Nuun. I agree with you that water sucks in general, but Nuun makes it amazing!!!! My favorite flavors are Kona Cola, Cherry Limeade and Banana. I drink Nuun everyday, all day and can’t get enough of it. I am really looking forward to hanging out with Nuun this weekend and running the Ragnar relay with them. Should be an EPIC weekend!

    • I am soooo excited for you for this weekend!!! I cannot wait to read your recap!! :) And hold the phone, Kona Cola??!! Cherry Limeade?! I didn’t try these flavors – do they have sugar in them?

  9. A+ for somehow including a cow hump-fest in a video about water! Lol

  10. So many thought provoking questions today!

    I have not tried NUUN, but I plan to after watching this video :) I like to SCRUMPSHINIZE my water by adding lemon or splashes of juice. Sometimes I mix it with tea too.

    I definitely think you should write a dictionary. You can call it Gigi Regurgitates Words, haha!

    I would go to the tropical island and make Toucan Sam my pet. And my favorite Adam Sandler movie is Billy Madison.

    Did I cover them all??

    • Ha Ha Ha! A+ for covering EVERYTHING!!! 😀 Everyone seems to love Toucan Sam. And I have some NUUN that you can definitely try!

  11. I’ve never tried nuun but maybe that would help in guzzling down the water I should be drinking!

  12. I drink water all day every day in my big pink Bubba mug! As long as it has plenty of ice in it I’m perfectly happy with plain ol’ water.
    But I’m glad that I now know how to pronounce the word correctly – when I read it I always say nun cause I’m an idiot like that!
    And, I like just all of Adam Sandler’s movies (except there was one that was really weird but i can’t remember the name).

    • Ah ha ha ha ahah aha ha! I am going to drink a NUN. Sounds utterly scrumptious! 😉

      And I think the Adam Sandler movie you’re referring to is…. Mr. Deeds, or what about Little Nicky?! LOL!!

  13. cute post! I’m a straight up water gal, but occasionally I will drink those Vitawaters as a treat. I do love cucumber flavored water though, just never make it for myself ;).

    • Ah, so you’re one of those…. One of those who actually LIKES water! LOL. I always find myself drinking herbal tea… like, RIGHT NOW! h ha ah! At least I don’t deprive myself completely. Have you ever tried NUUN?

  14. I worked a dairy farm for a while, the cows come home twice a day to be milked! On their own! I suppose in the wild wild west, they don’t come home as often, if at all.

    This idea is strange to me! Adding stuff to water seems to defeat the purpose. Just my intuition, nothing medical to base it on.

    I can understand that water does taste different depending on the source, and yes, I have found some great tasting water!

    • Yes yes yes, if you’ve ever tried water in Los Angeles, you will want to SPIKE IT with some vitamins, that’s for sure! 😉 However, I swear whatever is in the water is what keeps people looking SO YOUNG here… Or maybe it’s just plastic surgery? lol

  15. Does NUUN come in cake flavor? Please tell me. Tell me right now.

    • OH CRAP! I am way behind… I hope you didn’t tornado your local bakery for some cake!! lol. And SADLY, I don’t think they have a cake flavor… Although, maybe that’s a GOOD THING cause I am not so sure how cake would taste…. In a drink/vitamin form.

  16. I can drink water straight and unflavored all day, without any issues at all. My wife, however, really likes her flavored water. So lately I’ve been slicing up some ginger and adding it to the water, with a pinch of salt. She’s been LOVING it! On other days, we’ll put a pinch of salt and whole-slices of lime or lemon in the water. Again, she’s delighted with it!
    And for long-runs, I’ll do the ginger and salt, and I’ll add in some Chia. The combination is quite delightful!

    • Your wife and I would get along quite well, since we both need a little SOMETHING SOMETHING in our drinks! Like right now for instance, I am drinking herbal tea because drinking straight up water to me is just plain odd. Ha Ha! I should definitely try this ginger and salt concoction! I LOVEEEEEE ME SOME SALT 😉

      I have yet to try Chia yet. I am a little skeptical.

  17. I couldn’t agree MORE!!! I HATE water and I feel like I have to “take my medicine” by drinking some of it everyday. I barely drink any and I teach two spin classes, run about 40 miles, bike a ton and swim every week…all with very little water!! I’ve tried NUUN tablets but I forgot about them so THANK YOU for the reminder!! I’ve also eaten them straight up and they taste slightly better then a TUMS:-0

    • Ha Ha! FINALLY someone agrees with me!!!! And I am so glad I could remind you about NUUN – I actually really like it in carbonated water, however, it kind of bloats me a little bit… But maybe that’s because my stomach is one sensitive organ!! LOL.

      Ah ha ha ha, you too were tempted to take a bite out of NUUN huh? Yeah, it was… Interesting 😉

  18. You crack me up! I am a huge fan of Nuun, it is the only drink I use during a marathon or during the hot summer months.

    • Well I am glad I made you laugh 😀 Those humping cows… They do it to me every time! LOL!

      And nuun is friggin’ awesome for marathons!! It really does get you excited to drink.

  19. So THIS is what happens in the mornings. Omg, 6:30 am! That’s when I wake up at the earliest… talk about blogophilia. Lol.
    I use PUR water filters and drink 64+ ounces a day and more when outside in the heat or working out (16ounces every 30 or 45 minutes)

    • Ah ha ha ha!!! Blogophilia! I definitely have that too!

      I am THRILLED you drink so much water. I should get one of those PUR filters. I know they also have flavors too.. However, I am sure they’re full of artificial sweeteners!

  20. I love the Waterboy! and I have never tried Nunn, but anything to make water taste better is definitely worth trying!

  21. I hate plain water! So, I turn mine into iced tea. 😀 Love the faces, GiGi and I need to check out Nuun. and YES to the GiGi Dictionary!!!

    • I have certainly been craving iced tea lately myself. Not sure if you live near a Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf but they make TERRIFIC iced tea – sugar FREE! :)

      • I would have to live near civilization, but that sounds heavenly! And THANK YOU for linking up with the Humor Me! Blog Hop! You are even more beautiful than evah! 😀

        • Aw, thank you Terrye!! I love that you have a HUMOR blog hop – It’s the first I’ve ever seen! 😀

  22. My daughter & I had a 20 min convo about water and the taste of each brand. She is 12! lol Funny post!!

    • OMG that’s hysterical!!! Did you have a sampling station set up in your house? I love when the little things in life can keep you occupied! 😉

  23. LOL! I hate water too. But i love NUUN. Watermelon all the way!

    • I haven’t tried Watermelon… Does that flavor have sugar in it because I asked to sample the flavors with no sugar…. MMMMMMM I wanna try WATERMELON! Although, ironically, when I could eat the fruit, I kind of hated it.

  24. ahhh I need me some nuun even though I dont run.

  25. I have been on the hunt for a good electrolyte solution, so someone suggested I try nuun. I could not, at any cost, drink an entire serving of that stuff. It was awful for me. I don’t mind plain water, but I love flavored water. I tried the lemon lime, oh gosh, awful awful awful!

    • Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ah ah! Well it certainly is an acquires taste, that’s for sure!!! I had to go 1/2 tab of the stuff because a whole one in a glass of water was incredibly strong!

      I too love flavored water, as long as it’s not flavored with fake sugar, I like natural flavors — Whatever “natural” means! LOL!

  26. lol!! i’ve tried nuun before at a race expo and i really like the lemon lime flavor!

    • Love me some EXPOs!!! When are they happening again – I miss them because I LOVE discovering new things :) It would also be pretty AWESOME if we bumped into each other at one!

  27. Hahaha I used to love Nuun but the cost became much and I didn’t like to carry the tablets with me – I ended up liking the squeeze in versions of crystal light and Mio fit – but like water-water best 😉

  28. water is my daughters beverage of choice – everyone thinks they are strange, but I’m thrilled about it. I drink a lot of water – but I do like some cities water better than others. I’ve never really been a fan of flavoured water though…

    Humorous post :)

    • Wow, I am impressed that your daughters like straight water too! When I was younger I adored Shirley Temples (virgin, OBVIOUSLY) lol… But super high in sugar!! I guess I have been drinking Los Angeles water too long, so it’s not so pleasant… However, when I go to New Mexico, the water is pretty good! 😉

  29. Most DEFINITELY make a GiGi dictionary!!!! I’m not a fan of water either. I will sometimes add lemon juice to it or those Mio water thingys (technical term).

    • If I am gunna add a flavor, lime is preferred for me… Actually have you ever heard of Capella flavor drops? THey have some for water… Never tried, but I have tried their other flavors which are pretty BOMB! Their water flavors would probably be pretty good in sparkling h20!

  30. Water water everywhere and not a drop to drink , that’s the problem here, my well is crappy lately. I do drink a lot of the tasteless fluid and sure can use something other that tea to flavor it. I’m trying it, seeing’s I will be in Las Vegas and Kingman AZ doing PA tests this weekend pretty warm there 105 + :) love heat. By the way if I remember correctly Stevia is made from Chrysanthemums “El Natural” Off to go running so I’ll be drinking plenty soon, great video. Hey the Turkey burgers were GREAT !!!

    • OMG I am thrilled you loved those Turkey Burgers!!! I just was with Tara earlier today and we were talking about how amazing they were, so clearly – they made an impact! 😉 She and I are going to be cooking up lots more, really soon!

      And let me know how you like NUUN, some find it to be an acquired taste, but I think as long as you get the proportions right (water to nuun tablet), you should be fine… Plus, I just love that they’re enriched with so many vitamins and minerals :) Good luck in AZ… That heat does NOT sound pretty!

  31. I know what you mean! Have you ever found yourself getting more thirsty when you drink MORE water? Who knows, maybe it’s just me! I want to try this stuff!

    • Ah ha ha! I actually haven’t experienced that… However, when I drink tea, I just keep on drinking – never stop and I actually get BLOATED – ah ha ha! WHAT’S UP WITH THAT?! I thought water was supposed to FLUSH you out? If you try NUUN let me know what you think!

  32. I personally love water…but only when it comes in the form of soda.

    Have you ever thought about doing infomercials…you would be second only to the ShamWow guy.

    Great post…thanks for sharing.

    • I love soda water too – now that stuff I could pound every day… But it does tend to bloat my stomach a little bit, and that’s not incredibly sexy, lol!

      OMG infomercials, I am so going to figure out how I can apply! Oh just you wait, the ShamWOW guy will be put to shame by me! 😉

  33. Funny post!

  34. Gosh, I haven’t seen The Waterboy in years…it might be time to see it again!
    As for water, I can chug it all day and all night! I like the word SCRUMPTCHNIZE though!!!
    Cheers! Tara

    • I think I saw the WATERBOY was on TV the other night! Hopefully it will be on again so we can both catch up on that classic favorite! 😀 TNT perhaps? lol.

      Isn’t that the BEST word ever: Scrumptchinize!! 😉

  35. Usually SCRUMPSHINIZE my water with fresh fruit. On days when I don’t have the patience or time to add fruit I use NUUN. My go to flavor that is always in my gym bag is Cherry Limeade. Yum, Yum!

    • I went to this restaurant the other day and their water was infused with cucumber! You wouldn’t expect it to taste much different, but holy moly, SOOO good! I think you need to steep the cucumbers in there for like a week though! ha ha. And I must get on this Cherry Limeade flavor, I wasn’t “gifted” that flavor!!

  36. I actually like water, as long as it’s ice cold, Sometimes I add lemon or when I’m running I use InRefresh electrolytes, which gives it a nice flavor.

    • Exactly, cold water can be pretty darn good – however, when it’s luke warm I just wanna puke! LOL! InRefresh?!?! Never heard of it, I am going to check it out now! :)

  37. I so need to drink more water. It’s not that I dont like it I just dont love it .

    • I am right there with you. I am kind of indifferent on the whole water thing and would rather is taste better so I am more enticed to drink it!

  38. Nice post, things explained in details. Thank You.

  39. Very cute post. I’m really glad we met!

    I’ve never heard of NUUN so now I have to go look it up. :)

  40. I love water! Added vitamins would be great for all in my family as well!

  41. I usually drink my water plain out of sheer laziness. I do like fizzy water with a twist of lime.

    • Ha Ha, laziness will do that to you. However, my laziness makes me just IGNORE water complete which is NOT good. But I am just like you – I LOVE fizzy water with lime :)

  42. I LOVE water but I also LOVE Nuun! The strawberry lemonade is my FAV.

  43. i love drinking water the way it is but I also love adding things like lemon, cucumbers and mint :)

    • I had cucumber water yesterday – FANTASTIC!!! I think I may try and infuse my water with it! We shall see if I am successful!

  44. Big time water drinker but I also love infused water as an alternative with flavor. Nuun is one of my top 5 must haves for ultratraining and running. My husband and I never run a long run without it.

  45. Azusa used to bottle their water years ago (not sure why they stopped). But they had the absolutely best tasting water. I like to dress my water up with fruit and/or lemon. Plain, meh.

    • I remember that brand!! Of course, the best tasting water has to go out of business, right? Why Evian is still around, is beyond me! LOL!

  46. I LOVE nuun! My favorite is the lemonade when I’m running. Although I do like plain water too. I haven’t seen the water boy since it came out, I had a bad date at the movie lol

    • I don’t think I have tried the lemonade! I’m ON IT! I have heard the Cherry Limeade is another one I should be POUNCING ON! :)

      Oooo do tell about your BAD DATE 😉

  47. I love NUUN!! But, I am lucky, I have always loved the taste of plain old well water and have no trouble getting enough water. On really hot and humid runs, I do use NUUN.

  48. I love your word! I think its totally in the dictionary, at least Gigi’s famous dictionary! When you get your Outrageous Baking prize let me know how it was! :) Shoot me an email :) Thanks for linking up at our Gluten Free Fridays party! I have tweeted and pinned your entry to our Gluten Free Fridays board on Pinterest! :)

    Hope your week is great!

    Cindy from

  49. I LOVE nuun!! I’ve tried several flavors, but so far my favorites are tropical and the nuun all day grape raspberry. I also tried the Zym tablet that came in my July StrideBox and it is AWESOME because it has tons of B12 in it which is great for getting some energy after those long workouts!

    • Gotta try some grape raspberry! I have a feeling I would love it! :) Ooooo Zym huh?! Perhaps that’s another product I should review! Thanks for the tip!

  50. I have the lemon Line Nuun right now and I don’t love it. I wish I could find an alternative to buy.

  51. Never heard about nuun. Em, mybe i should try it. :) i do love drinking water. I drink 7 to 8 glasses a day. :) And yes, i hate going to pee almost every 20 minutes. Lol…

  52. I drink a LOT of water. I start every morning with a half lime squeezed and then tossed into a glassful of cold water. Then I fill it up again and drink it while I do my workout. I have used nuun while training for long distance runs but don’t ever just drink it instead of water. I live where we have good water thankfully.

    • Lime definitely helps the water go down! :) I need to adopt your water drinking schedule. You would be proud of me though, I just stopped a store to buy WATER!! I cannot believe it. And I chugged that thing! LOL!

  53. Bahaha you are too cute and I love you. That is all…No, that is not all. Is Nuun soy free? AND could you mix it with booze? Haha! I’m going on a cruise tomorrow and trying to think of different options for liquor mixers 😉

    • Aw thank you Amber! I love you for watching! :)

      NUUN is soy free actually. And you could TOTALLY MIX IT WITH BOOZE! I actually cut out the part of my video where I said, UHHHH THIS IS THE BEST MIXER EVER! Didn’t think it was appropriate? HA HA HA! Totally bring it on the cruise! Where are you cruising to?

  54. Sooooooooo I am very far behind with 8 pages of email sitting in my inbox – sorry!!! I have been doing other stuff that had to be done & I like to watch your video & not buzz thru so I had to save it.. :) YOU ARE SO FRIGGIN FUNNY!!!! I want to try that stuff now! :)

    • Not to worry ONE BIT Jody! I’m just thrilled that you come and visit at all :) I truly appreciate your support and I am glad I could make you laugh. Now you will dream of humping cows! 😉

  55. I’m not a big fan of water myself. If I have to drink something noncaffeinated (I know, perish the thought!) I used to do the whole Crystal Light Pure thing. Now they don’t make that, at least not around here (regular Crystal Light gives me wicked heartburn for some weird reason.) I so need to find something else.

    My favorite Adam Sandler movie is “The Wedding Singer”. I don’t know why…

    • I actually don’t recommend Crystal Light because it’s made with aspartame. I would recommend anything made solely of stevia! That won’t give you heart burn either! — You can certainly try NUUN however, these is also a soda called ZEVIA on the market that is sweetened only with stevia too and it’s fantastic! :)

  56. I actually love a glass of ice cold water, but sometimes it needs something else. Like crystal light, As a guy who trains a lot I need to drink a lot of it. Sure, all the peeing sucks. Especially at night after you fall asleep and need to get up to pee.

    Oh, and Willy Wonka for sure. It’s a chocolate factory!

    • OMG peeing when you’re dead asleep SUCKS… Well, I mean, having to get up to pee, LOL…. However, peeing in your bed, yes that does suck too. Thankfully that hasn’t happened since I was like 3! lol

  57. Thanks for linking up with the Friday Flash Blog. I hope you checked out the highlighted posts as well as everyone’s terrific entries. Have a fabulous weekend!


  58. That’s funny! Thankfully, I like water. It might have something to do with living over a huge aquifer so water is naturally filtered here and it tastes great. :)

    • Oh you’re so lucky!! I definitely chug the LA water and….. Then I think of the movie Erin Brock… (cannot spell her name), the movie where the water causes everyone to get really sick. AWESOME! lol

  59. I haven’t tried Nuun yet, but I have been using the GU Brew tablets with stevia. Love the pink grapefruit flavor! I love electrolyte tablets, especially since they are so low calorie (as long as it doesn’t have aspartame!).

    • I should look into the GU Brew Tabs with Stevia! :)

      And I completely agree – WHEN is Crystal Light going to jump on the stevia bandwagon! I cannot believe there are still products out there with aspartame!

  60. I’ve heard NUUN mentioned a lot lately and need to try it… But I must be strange because most days, I do really like water.

    I would much rather go to Willie Wonka’s factory… provided I wouldn’t have an untimely meeting with some Oompa Loompas 😛

    • OMG AGREED! Those Oompa Loompas creep me out!!!!! Ah ha ha ah! They’re orange and green…. And walk around like they’re up to no good… Ha! 😉

  61. So glad to finally meet someone that hates water as much as me … I struggle to get it in so maybe this product could help :)

  62. Jamie @ Love Bakes Good Cakes says:

    Haha – I loved The Water Boy! I’ve never tried Nuun but I’ll have to try it now! Thanks for linking up to All My Bloggy Friends – I can’t wait to see what you share this week!

    • Well, I just posted my NEW blog today! 😀

      Definitely try out NUUN and let me know what youthink! Some people LOVE IT and some people.. Well, not so much, so I would be curious as to what you think!

  63. Angela-my personal accent says:

    GAAAAATORADE!!!! BAHAHAHHAHAH I’m dying here. I’ve never even heard of this! I’m trying to get my family to get hydrated and drink more water. Maybe this would help! Thank you so much for participating in our link party last week. We hope to see you at our next Blog Strut Linky Party at!

    • Ah ha ha! I am glad you’re dying… IN A GOOD WAY that is!! 😉 NUUN is pretty cool! Let me know if you like it when you do try it out! And thank YOUUUU for hosting the link up! I will certainly be back!

    • Ah ha ha ha!!! Well definitely try out NUUN and let me know what you think! I keep hearing Cherry Lime is delicious, so maybe start out with that flavor first?!?!

      And thank YOU for hosting! I will definitely be back!

  64. A little bit just fell in love after this video! 😉 so glad I’ve found you blog!

    • THANK YOU NIKI!! :) I post videos pretty much every Tuesday unless I am just so utterly busy one week that I cannot even fathom getting in front of my camera! Watch out for this Tuesday… I made the MOST RIDICULOUS video yet… Ah ha ha ha ha ah! Remember Coolio???

  65. Don’t mind the barrage of comments you are going to be getting from me. I am working backwards through some posts…

    I have never tried NUUN but some of my friends swear by it. I am literally obsessed with plain water. I get upset with myself when I am at the boyfriends hanging out because I ALWAYS forget to drink water. Plus he doesn’t have a Brita. He is so barbaric and manly, mmm. ANYWHO I want to start a revolution and create a Willie Wonka’s DARK Chocolate Factory? WHO WANTS TO HELP??

    It can also have a vegan wing for Brittany.

    • OMG imagine if we re-created the Willie Wonka Factory to be HEALTHY! I am soooo in! Dark chocolate, check! Stevia, check! Xylitol, CHECK!! AHHH HA HA HA HA! Just imagine. It would make MILLIONS in the box office… Who should be “Willie”???

      PS: I love your comments!!! KEEP EM COMING 😉


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