Munching The Med: Part Two (Katakolon, Corfu, Cooking & The Slots)

My apologies for leaving you stranded in the middle of the Ionian Sea.

Honestly, though…

I am not sure I am actually sorry…

Because some of my favorite experiences happened out there.


But here I am, to rescue you, so hop on this life preserver boat (I know, my nautical terminology is SPOT ON…), and I will take you first to…

  • Katakolon & Olympia… So we can explore where dudes used to run around ass naked competing with one another (I.E. Where the first Olympic games were held)…


The chefs (Chef Alban Gjoka and Chef Franck Garanger) aboard the ship knew Tara and I had to refuel after trying our hardest to figure out how to master the art of Pankration… So they treated us to…

  • A sensational sampling of quite possibly the most exquisite dishes I have ever put into my mouth held in Privée, one of the most exclusive onboard dining venues that seats up to only ten people. These food sorcerers even went out of their way to make all of my meals dairy and gluten-free! 


And then we will cruise on over to…

  • Corfu (no I did not sneeze)… To meet Tara’s new boyfriends wander the streets like the locals do, snagging the freshest produce and the UGLIEST fish we can find… While also learning about what results when an Apricot and a Mandarin Orange have a baby…


So we can then…

  • Use those local delicacies in an onboard cooking class, taught by Chef Instructor Kellie Evans (if you’re a CHEESE LOVER, you will “MELT” over the recipes we created as they were all centralized around Feta Cheese).


And since we obviously didn’t get full after nibbling on our creations (this is where I curse having a dairy allergy)… We invite you to…

  • An absolutely, positively, mouthgasmic Asian feast at Red Ginger, one of the nine ELEGANT restaurants aboard Oceania Cruises’ Riviera Cruise ship… Where I… Was given “weapons of mass food destruction”… That helped me eat HOW MANY PLATES of Chilean Sea Bass?


Then… Things just got a little weirder than usual…


And that’s saying something…

I bet you $5 you can’t guess what went down… So you probably want to CLICK PLAY!

So Tell Me…

  • Scariest travel experience (i.e. emergency landing, shipwreck, etc)… Go! 
  • Have you ever taken a cooking class? If so, what did you make and have you made it at home since? 
  • Are you a fan of kumquats
  • What do you typically order when you go out for Asian food?
  • Have you ever been to Katakolon or Corfu
  • How much money would it take for you to go streaking?


STAY TUNED FOR THE FINAL VIDEO OF OUR TRIP, which will probably be posted in TWO or THREE Tuesdays from now…

Next week… I will be revealing a HUGE LIFE EVENT… CAN YOU GUESS WHAT THAT MIGHT BE?


  1. What a fabulous trip! I am impressed by your experiences and the food looks yummy.

    • Carol, this trip was on a whole other level of AMAZING and I want to relive every second… Thanks to the video, I can, ha ha! But then it will make me sad because the food in Europe is just… SO MUCH BETTER than the food in the US!

  2. Looks so fun! I’m craving a vacation so bad right now. I can’t say I’ve ever had a “scary” travel experience. I’m generally known to be the luckiest traveler ever, so no complaints here!

    • Oh man, I am knocking on wood for you so you didn’t just jinx yourself Kelly – LOL!!

      Where would you want to go if you could travel tomorrow?

  3. If you munching your way along the Med well guess your having a blast. Enjoy every moment.

  4. This trip looks like so much fun!

  5. Now I want to go on a cruise. This one has amazing food.

  6. Haha that was awesome. And you girl should get a record deal with such angelic voices!

    • A TV show offer… A record deal… Delicious food… My goodness, my life is just CRAZY AWESOME right now! LOL! 😉 Would you buy my CD or download my music or – GAH, how do people listen to music these days?!

  7. I think I could eat my weight in feta!

  8. Fish, olives, gelato and the Mediterranean…what dreams are made of!

  9. Ok what happened that they blew the whistle ?? I caught that and must know :) I don’t go out for Asian around here it’s not authentic in any way shape or form. There was some strange looking creatures on the market tables. I got smacked once for suggesting we do toes to bar naked at the gym, I still think it’s a good idea. Streaking is ok as long as we don’t go in the pool first :) My two favorite food lady’s in the world !!!
    I sent an email but want to wish again love and happiness to you and Landon.

    • I GOT YOUR EMAIL (and will respond momentarily!)… And I am so so so appreciative.

      As for the whistle being blown, ha ha! I was climbing on ancient structures… WHOOPS! I mean, I wanted a good photo? 😉

  10. Omg is that a gigantic scallop in the video?! I want it!!!


  11. Looks like you had a blast and ate some amazing food! I haven’t had many scary travel experiences, but about 7 years ago when I was single I took a trip to Prague by myself and went on a date with a dude I met on the subway. Pretty sure that could have turned into a scary scene, lol, but luckily he was a gentleman.

    • OMG! Ha Ha Ha! I feel like if he were a TOTAL creeper, you would have known deep down and NOT agreed to it. I am THRILLED it worked out though and you lived to tell me this little story 😉

  12. [ Smiles ] It is nice to see that you enjoyed your cruise.

    And, the only thing that I am eating is vegan food (Hmm. I guess that I was left out).

    • Oh no, there was a vegetarian/vegan on the trip… And she was fed VERY VERY well! This cruise line accommodates food preferences SO very well!

  13. I really can’t answer your questions, I love traveling and it looks like you have a great time wherever you are. The food looks amazing and you always make me laugh

  14. Well, I am not a food adventure person – I am basic & don’t like to try new things – I am worse as I age! :) If cookies or bread, I make an exception! Such a crazy wonderful trip but right before wedding!! How did you get it all done!

    With my money situation, I might streak for the right amount & by that I mean enough to run away & not ever worry again! :)

    I had a couple plane scares with super crazy landings & take offs but no emergency thing – just that I knew it was not good what was going on! :0

    • You know what’s weird Jody? When I am home (here in LA) I eat the same thing every day… The sushi place down the street knows my order by heart and gets scared I died or something if I don’t come in for 3 days, hahahahahah! However, when I travel, an experimental GiGi pops out of the wood works… And wants to try it all (as long as it fits in my diet).

  15. You two are certainly getting to sample some amazing foods!!

    I can’t think of a really scary experience that I’ve had in my travels. There were a few times that, while touring around, such as in the depths of the old city of Jerusalem, that I found myself feeling that I needed to get out of that dark, unknown pathway I was exploring.. I have always trusted that feeling, honed over years of situational awareness.

    I took a cooking class in Middle School (still have the textbook, lol) and learned to make a great spaghetti sauce that I still use.

    I have a lot of Asian food, Kung Pao shrimp is as good a choice as any.

    • Oh Dr. J… Tara and I (in Rome) walked down some creepy dark alleyways at night (stupid) and we definitely said to each other “if only our fathers knew what we were doing right now” – LOL!!!!!


  16. I would love to visit there. You just can’t go wrong with Chilean Sea Bass. Looks like you guys were having a really good time!

    • Oh you really cannot go wrong with Chilean Sea Bass – AT ALL… That’s for sure Roy! That fish is fool-proof and absolutely the tastiest fish on the face of the planet!

  17. I love fish, but that is one ugly fish. Good thing it’s tastes appear to make up for it – another situation of don’t judge a book…

    You are adorable and tell the best stories! Thank you for sharing!

    • Ah ha ha! NEVER EVER judge a book by it’s cover, that’s for sure! 😉 If you do, you will definitely miss out on some of the best experiences on the face of the planet!!

  18. And WHEN is Oceania sending me on a cruise of my own???
    An next week will the wedding, right???

  19. Hmmm, I’m not a fan of kumquats, I usually order california rolls, my scariest travel experience was at a sketchy surf town in Costa Rica, we definitely didn’t belong, no I won’t streak for any amount of money, and I’ve never been to those places :-) I love fish though, it seems as if you had a great sampling on this trip.

    • ah ha ha! I love how upfront you are about all of your answers! 😉
      I have actually never had a kumquat before – EVER… But Corfu is obsessed with them!!
      And would you recommend visiting Costa Rica… Sketchy Surf Town aside…?

  20. That IS the ugliest fish – oh my! What fun to be able to try new foods though!

  21. I’ve never taken a cooking class but I would definitely take that one. The fish is ugly but I wanted to reach through my monitor to have some.

  22. Loooove kumquats. And I’m jealous of the feta! And getting to pick your own chopsticks! As for streaking…well I was in my university production of Hair complete with the scene where we all take off our clothes so…it probably wouldn’t take too much;)

  23. Wow! What an amazing trip! Not only travel but also cooking. So awesome!!

  24. Those are some super ugly fish there hun! Super cool travel experiences here lady. Awesome that the chefs prepared food to your hearts desire. Did you have to pay extra for that?

    • Noooo not at all. This was actually a media trip, so they treated us to all of these experiences. That being said, all the food, etc on the ship are “free” or I guess I should say… “included” in the overall price you pay when you pay for the trip! So there is no thinking involved when you board the ship!

  25. This sounds like a trip dream come true. The food alone would have me hooked!

    • Oh it really was. This trip, I must say, ranks VERY VERY high on one of the best experiences of my life! I would do it again in a heart beat… And oh wait, I am trying to! LOL!

  26. Nancy Trapuzzano says:

    What a fantastic trip! I will say, if those fish were my options for a meal, I think I’d lose a lot of weight :) Streaking, oh gosh, not for any amount of money.

    • Ah ha ha ha!! Too funny… I would pretend that I wasn’t actually eating THOSE fish, when they were served to me later in the day 😉

  27. This looks like a blast. I don’t know that I’ve ever had an especially scary traveling experience. As far as the streaking question goes, it would take me a lot more money at 27 than it did at 18 lol and 19 lol

  28. So. Much. Fun. I love your videos!

  29. What a fun cruise & the food, omg! That Chilean Sea Bass looked delish.

  30. Your trip looks like it was so perfect! From the history to the food! Wow!
    My scariest travel experience was having to do an emergency landing at a tiny airport after a girl in the seat behind me had a seizure!
    And I would need at least a million to go streaking! Haha

    • OH MY GOODNESS – yes, that would scare the crap out of me as well. I hope she is okay. I have actually had two friends who have had seizures on airplanes before. That does NOT seem pleasant at all… :( The crazy thing is, these seizures were from stress, so they both had NO idea that they were coming!

      And really? $1 million to go streaking? lol! I mean, if someone were willing to pay me THAT MUCH, then yes, I would hold out for the big bucks too! haha!

  31. Oh man, that sea bass looks like it would just melt in your mouth good. YUM!

    • Chilean Sea Bass is known to just MELT with deliciousness. UGH! YUM! I want to go back and sneak down into the kitchen and EAT IT ALL!

  32. Ironically my not scariest, but just frustrating, experience was in Athens where our first cab ride to the hotel they moved the decimal point over (while we were still trying to do rushed conversions in our head – pre-iphone) and charged us like 10x what our cab ride should have been. Other than that, Greece was amazing, beautiful and delicious! Glad you got to visit!

    • OMG NOOOOOO! That would have pissed me off SO SO SO SO SO badly! :( Luckily, that did not happen to us, although it totally could have because Tara and I were just soooo clueless and out of sorts when we got there, ha! Did you like Athens?

  33. Hmm Streaking…Woot get them millions rolling towards me and a Private Beach or Yatch and we can talk about that!
    Looks like yo had a blast shopping, cooking and eatin it all…Wow I got Cruise-eny right now Keep doing GiGi..So many wish it and dont take action towards it :)

    ~Julie Syl

  34. It sounds like you had an INCREDIBLE time. Wow!! Adding that to my bucket list. 😉

  35. Phew! Glad you’re back with part 2. I’ve been treading water the whole week waiting for it. :-) Sounds like a fun trip. I’ve been to Corfu, but not the other places you visited in this installment. Gotta go back there and experience them. Sounds like fun!

  36. You two are a perfect team, Gigi. Geez…that sea bass looks darn sexy!

  37. Wow, that sure was the ugliest fish (don’t tell them I said that though lol). Maybe I’ve weird, but any Asian food I order has to have pineapple on it!

  38. And I thought I had fun on my Greek cruise!! :)

  39. OMG. I”m laughing at the streaking. There was a tradition at my college that the freshman in Collins Hall (a boys hall) had to streak in the quad. I haven’t thought about that for years. You guys are the best.

  40. What a great vacation, eating cooking, great sights.

    In answer to your questions: none really, no but I want to, YES! kumquat cream cheese is awesome (I know, dairy allergy), anything and everything, no one wants to see that….

    Thanks for partying with us on #TastyTuesdays

    • Kumquat CREAM CHEESE?!?!? They did NOT sell that in Corfu and I am now shocked that I did not see it!!! I can imagine that being awesome. Is it more sweet or tart?

  41. OH wow! What a fantastic trip. Love beautiful sights and the food looks yummy too.

  42. It’s awesome that you got to go to Olympia where the first Olympics were held. What a cool experience. Though I have to know… why did you get the whistle blown on you??

    Looks like this cruise was a blast! Looking forward to part 3!

    • Ah ha ha ha! Oh cause you know, I always tend to get in trouble – wherever I go! But if you must know 😉 I was climbing on ancient buildings… LOL! I mean, I wanted to get the best instagram photos! BAHA HA HA HA AHA HA!

  43. So. much. fun!! And oh my goodness..that fish?! Yikes! Yes, I have tried kumquats before and noodles are my favorite!

  44. Oh my gosh, I loved that video, you guys! All I could think about is ‘what do i have in my fridge right now?’ cos it made me so darn hungry!
    Good times! Can’t wait to see more :)

    • Ah ha ha ha!!!! What did you wind up making Robyn?! I am pretty sure you had some pretty delicious things stocked away in the fridge!!

      • A giant serving of bacon and eggs! hahaha. Thank gawd for the farm’s real bacon deliciousness. When you’re packing away 3 eggs.6 strips of bacon, avocado and tomato (came close to making hash browns too) it had better be the good stuff.
        Don’t do that to me again! lol

  45. It sounds like you had so much fun. What a great trip and I love your writing style. That is no joke though, those fish sure are ugly.

    • Ah ah ah! Those fish are not the sexiest things on the face of the planet, that’s for sure – LOL! But I guess we shouldn’t make fun of them? They had feelings at one point… Right? LOL!

      And I am so glad you stopped by Chrystal! :) And I am glad you like my writing style, it’s exactly what I am thinking, LOL!

  46. OMG I am terrific of those fishes in corfu. Again, so much fun the video. I did not go to the islands. I took a cokoing class in nawlisn, made the stuff once after. Disaster trip stories, not BAD things but too many crazy almost bad and you would not beleive stories.

    WEDDING BELLS I know :-) ! So when is the last day next week you will be checking online…cause I need to know….no reason 😉

    • Now I realllllyyyyyyy want to hear your stories – UM… PLEASEEEEE???? 😉 Wedding gift to me? LOL!

      And um, lets be real – I will be online the whole time I am prepping for the wedding, hahaha! I am trying to find someone who can INSTA STORY the wedding, BAH HA HA HA AH AHA HA HA!

      • Really, full stories over a cup of coffee. tease bits: I technically broke national security laws 2x in 2 countries, drove on the end of a tropical storm unknowingly, oh what else….walked alone btw 2 villages in the middle of no where in Peru. That is a good star.

        OK that can be a new member of the wedding position: IG story photographer lol.

        • Have you written screenplays for each of these situations because I think movies need to be made?!

          And RIGHT: oh man, in about 3 years from now people will totally advertise their services as IG photographer for others and what not… Unless they already do that?! Gah!

          PS: Skype coffee date for the stories 😉

  47. “But I wanna eat the alive one, c’mon!!!!” I mean, how else can you start a video then with words like that. Both of you guys are such gooftroops it’s ridiculous! And yes you should feel sorry for leaving! You didn’t even update your blog while you were gone wtf were you thinking about? Oh that’s right, yourself. Your damn self in another country having fun. Selfish….

    P.S. I woulda done the same thing, but that’s besides the point!!!

    • Did you say SHELLFISH?!

      I could totally use some of that. 😉 But of course, dead shellfish. HA HA HA!

      Have you ever eaten anything that was ALIVE and KICKING?!?

  48. Dang, y’all some high rollers on those slots. hahahaha! I can’t get over this trip you guys went on and it’s so awesome you two got to go together. You’ll most def never forget it. M-M-M-M-Mem’ries light the corners of my mind…

    • KARRIE – you better believe Tara and I text each other on the daily (when we don’t see each other) and we talk about how much we want and need to go on another trip cause this one just was SOOOOO GOOD! hahaha! We need to write multiple MEMORIES songs! 😉

  49. Your posts always crack me up! :)

    I would love for you to share this with my Facebook Group for recipes, crafts, tips, and tricks:

    Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!

  50. Wait… who blew a whistle at you? Is that what they do if tourists get out of hand? Haha!

    Euggghh that blob looking fish looks nasty!

    Can I join you two on your travels next time?! This trip looked like SO MUCH FUN!

    • Um, you are ALWAYS welcome to join us on one of our trips!!!! Working on another one for 2017 – if not multiple, he he!!

      And I get the whistle blown because I was climbing on ruins, oh you know – what I will do to get a good IG photo, LOL!

  51. This trip looks like so much fun. The food looks so YUMMY!

  52. What a great trip, that really is an ugly fish!

  53. Oh man!! I want to go on this trip so bad now!! How much fun. Love your videos too.

  54. My worst travel experience was losing a friend at a club and it happened to be in Greece! It was crazy. I haven’t been to Corfu or Katakolon, and I love kumquats and have taken cooking classes! And I’m so jealous that you’re on this trip!

  55. What a fun trip! Yes, the best cooking class was in Tuscany and I’ve def tried to remake the pasta at home! But, for some reason, the ambiance of being in Italy is not there lol!

  56. You both looked like you had so much fun! You are totally making me want to take a cruise now – just for the cooking class mmm!

  57. Angela says:

    Sounds like a blast!!! OMG,,,the food looks amazing too!! :-)

  58. Fun and ….energetic? As usual. Have fun but be safe out there Missy!

    I’ve never really had a scary travel experience unless you count that time my Coast Guard ship was performing at sea refueling operations (two ships hooked up moving side-by-side) when our steering went out. I’ve never taken a cooking class and it never took much to get me streaking.

  59. I figure any landing is a good one, so I have nothing to share there! Yes, I’ve taken a couple cooking classes and have enjoyed making the meals at home and giving them the Deb twist! Love kumquats – Asian Food definitely Rare Beef Pho – my fav. No and lots! 😀 As always entertaining, love your blog!!

  60. Having this much fun should be illegal! You will never be able to come home!

    • Ah ha ah aha ha haa ha! Well….. I definitely was excited to come home because of the HUGE life event that’s happening this coming week!!

  61. I absolutely LOVE Chilean sea bass!! It’s so meaty and delicious. Your cruise looks fabulous, and I am super jealous. Have fun!!

    • Oh man, if there was a big Chilean Sea Bass fillet in the middle of a room that we were both in… I have a feeling we would be fighting wildly over it -LOL!

  62. Sounds like an amazing trip and fabulous experience 😀

  63. SO much fun and memorable adventures indeed! Thanks so much for taking us along.

  64. What an experience! I think I would go streaking for free…at night. LOL don’t judge me :)

  65. Who doesn’t get a little drunk on a fun and fabulous cruise like this one! Thanks for taking us along for the Fun at the Healthy Happy Green and Natural Party Blog Hop. I’m pinning and sharing.

  66. Dudes ran around naked in the first Olympic games? Ouch, that sounds like it hurts, those were some true competitors… I guess 😉 Oh man that is one ugly fish! I have a feeling it’s tasty. I’m obsessed with octopus also, and my obsession started in Greece, it’s soooooo tasty. No big deal! They totally spoiled you guys… I freakin love it, feels like I’m getting spoiled too. All that seafood makes me soon hungry. Local produce sounds pretty tasty too. I took a cooking class with my bestie and it was so much fun. I can’t wait to do it again. You’re in the Money!!!! Lets go $0.05, oh no that turned bad fast :( at least you left me with a song :)

  67. I seem to always confuse kumquats with persimmons!

    Whenever I go out for Asian food, I always try to look for some orange tofu type dish…or veggie sushi!

  68. Thanks for taking us along for the ride! I’d love to visit and eat my way through Greece with you! We’re so glad you shared the fun and food at the Plant-Based Potluck Party!

  69. What an amazing (and yummy!) trip!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  70. Wow! What an awesome trip. I have always wanted to do a cruise which I have not done yet, but I have toured Italy which was amazing on so many levels.

    • Oh yes, get yourself on a cruise ASAP!!! I do believe it is the BEST way to travel! Seriously – I am going to forever look up cruises when I want to go on vacation!

  71. I would so do that cooking class! I had cooking lessons here in Glasgow to do Indian cooking and I’d always recommend doing a coooking class of any sorts to experience all the different flavours and ways of cooking!

    And I’ll need to see if Tara makes that Watermelon Salad, that looks amazing!

    • Cooking classes are seriously the best! Especially when I can actually eat the recipes made, LOL!!! And yes! Tara and I plan on filming some recipe videos – so we will be re-creating some of our favorites from the ship!

  72. My scariest was a plane landing in complete fog, initially the pilot decided to go back to Auckland but pushed it through. As we were landing I guess the clear visible height was just the same height of the control tower. It was scary specially when I have a pilot beside me telling its a bad idea. 3 years later I heard it on the news that the pilot was sued for negligence.

    • OMG STOP! NOW THAT is utterly terrifying!!!!!! Oh wow. I am thrilled that you’re safe, but what in the world?! I hope that pilot lost his pilot’s licence!

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