Carnival In Your Mouth!


To see something astonishing, unusual and downright bizarre!

Thumbs up GiGi Eats Churros

No… I am not about to show you the inner workings of a medical spa where celebrities transform themselves into plastic bags filled with saline…


I’m about to show you something absolutely drool-worthy and 100% sinless.

I don’t think Janice Dickinson or Courtney Love qualify as such…

GiGi he he he he

Churros, anyone?

I am of course NOT offering up the typical deep-fried pastry that is guaranteed to stop your heart

frying churros

I actually re-created this CARNIVAL FAVORITEMinus the artery barricades known as: sugar, rancid oils, white-nutritionally-void flour, sugar, sugar, sugar… And oh, did I mention sugar?

sugary churros

In order to see how exactly I was able to create such a “freak show” of a revamp… Check out the latest GiGi Eats!

Tilt-Your-World Churros

Sugar Free, Wheat Free Churros

Churn your churros like this…

  • Combine all ingredients into a bowl.
  • Snip a corner of a ziploc bag and fill bag with churro batter (if you have a piping bag… You’re just fancy then aren’t you!)
  • Heat 2 tbs of coconut oil (you will need 2 tbs per batch) into a shallow skillet, over medium-high heat. 
  • Pipe two or three strips of batter into oil and cook two to three minutes per side. 
  • Remove from heat, sprinkle with cinnamon/stevia mixture and let cook before wolfing down. 
  • WARNING: this recipe makes a lot of churros. If you have no willpower what-so-ever… Half the recipe so you feel a little less guilty when you devour the entire thing! 

Who would have thought HEALTHY churros could be possible and… Totally AB friendly. Check out some other great tips for sexy abs! 

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Yay GiGi

That being said… You can also try and WIN some NuZest BELOW! It’s like you’re actually at a CARNIVAL here at GiGi Eats today! 

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  • Favorite carnival food?
  • What celebrity would you like to see in a DUNK TANK?
  • Least favorite amusement park ride?
  • What celebrity do you think has had the worst plastic surgery?
  • Worst carnival experience… Do share! 
  • Guess how many calories are in ONE average CHURRO!
  • Have you ever tried NuZest 

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  1. I love Churros! These sound amazing GiGi — I might have to make them today.. I have all of the ingredients !

    • DO IT! DO IT! DO IT! But I do warn you again… This recipe is INSANELY addictive!! I stuck my leftovers in the freezer – but did that stop me from sucking on frozen churro? Nope! LOL!

  2. Great job turning those carnival horrors into a actual treats! My favorite carnival food is a toss up between caramel apples and funnel cakes. My least favorite carnival ride is anything that spins in a circle whilst spinning in a circle! Down here we have a ride called the ‘Gravitron’ and it spins like that.
    Great post Gigi!

    • I don’t think I have ever had a caramel apple before! I just imagine cracking my teeth, lol… But the funnel cake, no risk in cracking my teeth there 😉

      And OOOOOO I know what the gravitron is, do NOT eat one of these churros prior to getting on that ride! LOL!! Or anything for that matter 😉

  3. Churros made with protein powder and coconut milk? I’m in! 😀

    • YOU BETTER BE!! Because I just sent you an invitation to the CHURRO party VIA snail mail! lol – And you know, stamps are expensive??

  4. I’ve never had Churros :-(

    I did have the notion once when looking at an abandoned strip mall in town to open a place that would serve what I called “Fried-Fried.” Take some batter, deep-fry it, then dip in batter and repeat prn. I figured I could retire from medicine on all the money that would bring in, plus help out my cardiologist friends to make more $ too, not that they need it.

    I’ll need to do some shopping to make these, I only have two of the ingredients in the house.

  5. These sound great! Such a fun recipe idea!!

  6. Look at you!! Way to make something so steriotypically unhealthy… healthy! Idk how many calories are in your average churro, but I’m gonna guess 800?!!

    • Churros are just YIKES! They’re so small and skinny… There are about 410 per average churro, which is CRAZY TO ME!!

  7. How fun!! I used to love carnivals as a kid, now I won’t even take my kids to one, mostly because of the creepy ride attendants.

    I made baked churros one on accident because I made a coconut flour pie dough and I had left over “crust” so I rolled them into sticks and sprinkled cinnamon over them… baked them, my kids loved them and I thought they tasted a lot like churros (of course not like the sugar laden ones I’m thinking of).

    • YUM! I love when you create something you don’t necessarily mean to create – and it turns out AMAZINGLY WELL! 😀 I really really really want more churros now! lol

  8. A ketchup or mustard squeeze bottle works well for this.

  9. I think funnel cakes are prob my favorite carnival food. After I stopped going they started serving deep fried candy bars which sound like the most disgusting thing I have ever heard of.

    • OMG no way, that sounds so dang good to me, AH H HA HA HA! Sadly, I highly doubt I will be able to remake anything like that … HEALTHY! ha!

  10. I am such a carnival food lover lol. And when you said healthy churro, I was ready to know how you did it. and I actually enjoyed it. I may have to give this a try girl.

    K / House of KTS (formerly known as Pure & Complex)

    • OH YOU NEED to give this a try… Not just “may” – I am 100000% for serious! Make it a weekend activity, PLEASE :)

  11. Hot DAYUMMMMMMM!!! You got me planning my next breakfast!

  12. I love that you can fry something and it will still be healthy. I think Lisa Rinna’s lips might just have churros inserted into them…

  13. :O What a genius idea! I have to give these a try. My favourite carnival food would have to be candy floss! Although I’d probably go into a sugar coma if I ate that these days, haha!

  14. YUM! I love churros – I’ve been making my cocoa churro smoothie for the past two weeks, loving all the cinnamon! These look super crispy – I’m all about frying goodies in coconut oil, it’s so yummmmmy!

    • UMMMMM YOUR SMOOTHIE sounds like it will make my life 1000% complete – going to find it on your blog, RIGHT NOW!

  15. omg you did not churro this AND include Lisa Rinna- I need to make this, I love it!

  16. oooooh you are a brilliant little wizard in the kitchen!!!
    I love churros!!

  17. Give me all the churros!!! I’m starving over here.

  18. My boyfriend and I tried to make churros from a box mix once. Bleh. These look way better and healthier. I would totally eat the whole batch, though…

  19. I’ve never been much of a churro fan myself but that NuZest protein powder looks interesting! Will have to check it out.

    • Oh please do! It’s beyond delicious – I have to say, MY FAVORITE protein powder on the market and it’s 100% vegan! :)

  20. You are SO creative! I basically like any/all carnival food…it’s gross, I know. But I’m afraid of most carnival rides :( don’t like that “stomach going up” feeling #partypooper

    • OH I HATEEEEE that feeling too, it’s the worst – but even WORSE is = THE STOMACH GOING DOWN feeling! ha ah ah! I am the BIGGEST #partypooper 😉

  21. I WANT!!!!!!!! I love those waffle looking things with powdered sugar on them that are like a billion calories.. I can’t remember the name but man – so good!

    Dunk tank for celebs – I have way more than 1 in there & same with the plastic surgery!

    Bring those to our next meet!

    • I could easily make these into waffles and they WONT have a ton of calories but you can love them nonetheless! 😉

      And um, YES!!!! We need to plan our next meet, ASAP!!!

  22. Favorite carnival food? Probably funnel cakes or cotton candy. I can’t get enough of the sweet stuff.

  23. Oh my gosh I love churros. I haven’t had one in years though, because the whole wiping the grease off my hands thing. Your recipe looks seriously delish! Thanks for sharing :)

    • No grease to wipe off your hands, just some coconut oil to suck off your fingers, which is COMPLETELY worth it! :)

  24. um, did you know that the kiwi loves churros? and get down right jealous every time he gets them at costco and i can’t eat them, i’d die. like really. Ugh, my guts. But these, oh yes, these i can HAVE!!! OLE!

    • I did NOT know this!!!!! SO BASICALLY you should be thanking me after you make and feed these to him and he falls BACK in love with you 😉 ha ha ah aha ha!!!!

  25. Oh yum. I don’t even love “real” churros.
    You’ll be proud of me because I don’t have a favorite carnival food. I honestly usually eat before and after the fair. I guess if I had to choose, I’d say ice cream, but it’s never as good as it is when it’s homemade or local.

    • I AM HIGH FIVING YOU x29234832942 right now!!!! Carnival food be damned! And um, Ice Cream is totally my favorite toooooo – what’s your favorite flavor? Lets see if we are true sole mates? LOL!!

  26. Well done. I definitely have to try these.

  27. Michelle Hwee says:

    This looks great! It makes me so hungry! :) I love the photos.

  28. I’ve always avoided them before because they’re not exactly healthy. Now I can have them!

    • YES YOU CAN! And so can I! My tastebuds are so very happy with me, and hopefully yours will be with you when you try them! :)

  29. Favorite carnival food: FRIED DOUGH! AKA funnel cakes to born and raised Californians. Love that stuff!

  30. You know, I want to say I love churros because they sound so delicious, but I don’t think I’ve ever actually had one! Might have to try your version :-)

  31. Feel free to bring these with you to SD. Kthanksbye.

  32. I am with coach debbie—IVE NEVER HAD ONE EITHER!!!


  33. Elizabeth O. says:

    I love Churros, but just the smell of it already makes me fat. I’d like to try your version.

    • AHHH HA HA AH! I couldn’t agree more! You walk onto fair grounds and you feel like you gained 15 lbs just by smelling!

  34. I burst out laughing when I saw those before and after pics of Lisa Rinna – holy smokes!
    I have to admit, I’ve never even tried a churro but I will definitely be trying your recipe because it looks delicious!
    Worst carnival experience – when I was 16, my friend and I ate a bunch of crap and then went on the Tilt a Whirl. I started to feel sick and motioned for the guy to stop the ride but he just laughed and made it go faster! There were hardly any people around at the time so it would have been easy for him to let me off. (bastard!, lol) I started throwing up…on me, my friend, …everywhere. When he finally stopped, I just stood there covered in fair food puke and yelled at the guy and he comes over with the hose to clean out the ride and sprayed me down too! I completely lost it and went home in tears. I think I’m still traumatized, lol.

    • AND YOUR STORY = exactly WHY I will not go to carnivals anymore, nope, no, no, no!!!!!! Ugh, it sounds absolutely horrific to me. If I see someone throw up, I will totally throw up too. It reminds me of a few movies, LOL!

      I am going to pretend I did not read your little story and go eat some churros, LOL! Please, please do the same! I want to know your thoughts :)

  35. Paleo churros–you are a genius!!

  36. I cannot tell you how long it’s been since I’ve had churros…probably about as long as Lisa Rhinna has been getting fillers in her face.

  37. Feel free to ship some my way boo! – and let’s get to work on that collaboration!

  38. I never have churros before.I should try this one of these day if I can find in my local store.

    • Oh you certainly need to try this recipe out ASAP and you need to check out NuZest – just click any of the links I have shared! :)

  39. Healthy churros? Inconceivable! Obviously that word doesn’t mean what I think it does. 😉 Really good stuff — thanks.

  40. Churros are the best! Good job making a healthy version!

  41. Fried Pizza Dough drizzled with chimichurri all over the freaking place!! When you indulge I say do it right! Ha! I’ll take healthy churros everyday hehe

    • LMFAO! Oh hello delicious sounding INDULGENCE!! I wish I could chow down on that!! Perhaps I shall try and re-create that 😉

      • Of Course you should, you’ve been missing out big time! Just fry your favorite pizza dough, in a skillet, in just a little oil, not deep fried (that’s gross ) until it puffs up all golden. Quick pat on a paper towel, there won’t be much oil b/c again not deep fried and its happening fast. Then you do the works! I know you got this !! ha! Recipe on the blog too If you need directions, but I doubt that Lol

  42. YUM! I love churros! The only thing better than a churro, is Zac Efron offering you his churro.

    • BAHHHHH HA HA AH AH AHA HA HA AH AH AH AHA HA HA HA AH AH AHA HA HA HA AH AH AH AHA HA HA HA AH AHA HA HA HA AH AH!!!!!!!!! BEST COMMENT ON MY BLOG TO DATE – I am dying from laughter over here!!! I will never look at Zac the same ever again, and that is a GOOD thing!

  43. You are adorable :)
    I am afraid of clowns- really. But for a bite of a sweet treat I am wiling to chance seeing them. THESE look so much better than what I would find there!

    • I am terrified of clowns too – 1/2 of the reason why I decided to make Churros by myself, because then I don’t have to risk seeing any freaky clowns at a carnival! 😉

  44. Yayyyy churros!!! <3 If I can find erythritol (or break down + get it from Amazon), I'm totally making these!

    I like caramel apples + funnel cake, haha. I also may or may not have tried a deep-fried Oreo a couple years back at the WV state fair. My taste buds felt like they'd been assaulted from all the sugar! 😡

    • Break down and buy it on AMAZON! I used Swerve and I friggin’ LOVE IT!! :)

      OMFG what was the deep fried Oreo like?!?!?!

  45. How have I lived in California for almost 9 years and NEVER had a churro? For reals. But, I have eaten my way through many a funnel cakes and I feel like they are pretty much the same thing? Either way- your version is so much healthier than mine! LOVE it.

    • They are super close – I think funnel cake just has powdered sugar over the top and churros have cinnamon! ha!

      You need to try this girl, you can too – it’s veg friendly and everything! WAHOO :)

  46. Wait! You’ve made churros healthy? Thats, that’s like one of the best things EVER!

    Churros have only ever been a holiday treat for me. Until now! Great recipe! Thanks! 😀

    • Oh and these are LIKE THE BEST THING EVER! Probably one of my favorite recipes I have created thus far!

  47. Gigi, what a fantastic idea! I love this ‘guilt-free’ version. I have never made my own churros before, but have always wanted to. xo, Catherine

    • Hopefully I have now motivated you to try making some churros your self… Weekend activity perhaps?! 😉

  48. You had me at churros! I would looooove a healthier version of this!

  49. I love seeing substitutions for crave-worthy treats. I will have to try making these for my boys. Since I don’t eat eggs, I wonder if the flaxseed/oil combo could work as a substitute. Anyways – to answer your questions. As your photo shows, Lisa Rinna has had a ton of work done. However, she will always be one of my favorite characters, Billie Reed from “Days of Our Lives”, so I still see her as stunning.

    • You can certainly sub in flax seed for eggs in this recipe or use chia. I haven’t done it, so I don’t know the measurements, but it’s all about experimentation in the kitchen, right? :) It could be a fun activity for you and the boys!

  50. This looks like such a fun recipe! I’ve only had churros a couple of the cinnamon flavor and I could eat this guilt-free! Worst plastic surgery? Lil’ Kim! I still love her though haha!

  51. Looks tasty- thanks for linking up! #bloggersbrag

  52. I definitely would have to halve the recipe … or maybe not. I can’t resist the smell of funnel cake ….

  53. Woah I feel sorry for her. I’d love to talk to her about why she did those surgeries. Oh dear. Probably she’d end up convincing me to have plastic surgery too, hahaha.
    Definitely a healthier take on churros!! Tastewise, the ones you get in Spain are difficult to beat though 😛

    • AHHH HA HA! PLEASE do not talk to her then, because YOU SIR DO NOT need plastic surgery!!

      And I have never been to Spain, so I cannot compare — ha ha! Maybe it’s best I don’t go??

  54. what is it with rich people who fill their face with shit and think it looks good? IT DOES NOT LOOK GOOD.

    that said, YUM to churros!! now i’m hungry!!

    • LOL! Right? I am not too sure WHO tells these celebrities they look good! Do they read tabloids? Ha.

  55. I totally live for churros. OMG. I want this in my mouth. right. now.

  56. i hate to admit how much I LOVE CHURROS.
    i lived in Spain for a while, and the drunk after club food is… churros with chocolate! totally different from greasy pizza and french fries, but hey i have a new fav drunk food now.

    • THAT SOUNDS LIKE THE BEST DRUNK FOOD EVER! Forget greasy pizza, ha ha ah!

      And um…. I guess I know what I am going to make a TON OF and just have on hand for THOSE NIGHTS 😉 he he he!

  57. I had churros for the first time ever at Max Brenner’s in NYC. Amazing, to say the least, especially when dipped in the accompanying chocolate fountain. Now that I’ve been trying to follow a moderate paleo diet, I didn’t think I’d ever be able to have them again. Thanks for this recipe! It sounds like a must try!

    • YAY!!!! I have come to the rescue!!! Oh and if you want to re-create that chocolate sauce, I have the recipe for you too! :)

  58. Wow, I am impressed by your creation and just may give it a try! Magic Carpet..stay away from the Magic Carpet ride. Churros will come right back up!

    • YOU MUST give it a try – not just “may” ha ha ha! 😉

      Ugh, the magic carpet is a MAGICAL way of making people throw up! ha ha ha!

  59. um YUM. party in my mouth!

  60. I love your lightened up version of churros! Don’t you feel really sick when you eat a bunch of deep fried things, oh yeah they taste good going down but not so much the other way around after spin on the upside down spinning rides. Take Care, BAM

    • Ugh, yes. It’s always a “mmmm so good going down” situation but then a few hours later you regret it whole-heartedly… However… These will NOT have you feeling that way :)

  61. Whoah. I can use a ziplock baggy to pipe stuff now!? I was just thinking how bummed I was I didn’t have a fancy pants piping bag the other day… now time to PIPE ALL THE THINGS!

  62. katrina g says:

    oh i need those churros, they look amazing!!!!!

  63. Oh, those look amazing and the recipe looks simple! LOVE! Who knew that churros could be healthy!? I also like that you said the recipe makes A LOT! ha ha. That protein powder sounds fabulous too!

    • Aha ha! Yes, it makes a lot – so you can feed your entire family!

      Also, do check out NuZest – it’s so friggin’ amazing!

  64. I love your food blog! Please check out mine and let’s connect?

  65. YUM! I can still have churros even though I’m processed-food free? Heck ya! Awesome recipe Gigi! I’m in!

  66. I chuckled way to hard on this post

  67. Churros that are healthy for you? Um – yes, please!!!
    Love this!!
    Have a fantastic weekend!
    Wasn’t that rain glorious? :)

    • omg the rain was MAGICAL! BEYOND magical! I could have used some churros to cuddle with though 😉

  68. Whoa, these churros are no joke! Call me old-fashioned, but I’m a sucker for good ol’ funnel cakes. Can you whip up a healthier version of these next?

    • Oh heck yes I can! It would certainly be pretty similar to this recipe, minus the cinnamon and plus a bit more SWEETNESS! 😉

  69. You crack me up♡ and churros? I’m totally in! Gimme dat!

  70. Oh my goodness! A healthy churro! sounds like my dreams have come true! :)

  71. Looks amazing…thanks for sharing ♡♡♡

  72. Hahaha I can’t get over the line “plastic bags filled with saline” as a caption to Lisa Rinna’s picture!!


  73. Soo are you saying Nuzest can give me sexy abs? If so, sign me up! I love churros – although yours looked a bit crispy in that photo i’ll forgive you 😛 I still can’t taste the taste of Stevia, it makes me both sad and disappointed all at the same time. :'( Hope you have a great week chicka! Take Care GiGi -Iva

    • GIRL – TRY NUZEST! It’s the BOMB!

      And my churros might look “crispy” but they’re utter perfection. Serious business! LOL!

  74. WOA – that’s mind blowing that you healthified Churros!!! BTW, how many calories ARE in ONE average CHURRO?

    • I love to blow minds……. ? LOL

      And in ONE average churro…. 400 calories yo!!! YOWZA if you ask me!

  75. Growing up we always waited in line for something called Elephant Ears at the Portland Zoo. Basically it’s a giant, flat, oddly shaped churro. lol. Unfortunately, I hate stevia.

    • Oh Elephant Earssssss! Mmmmm!!

      And don’t you worry, you can use Xylitol or Erythritol in this recipe instead of stevia – they have a less harsh aftertaste!! I’ve got your back, YO! 😉

  76. I love finding ways to make fattening treats in healthy ones! Thanks for stopping by #ShareTheWealthSunday link up!

  77. I don think I have ever had a churro but my hubby is boasting about how good they are. Maybe I should attempt to make this for him!! Thanks for linking up with us at Home Matters Linky Party. We hope you join us again!!

    • Oh please do! I really want to know what you and your husband’s taste buds think!!! And thank you for hosting!

  78. Well better late than ever. I’m in for these will have time soon :) I promise not to eat them with ice cream. 😉 Seriously you look jaw dropping hot :)
    Ok back to the recipe, I’d say one deadly churro has 600 calories I’m not a carnival person but do like Disney for adults VEGAS !!! It’s time for Celebrity Dunk Tank for charity, contestant get’s three shot’s and the tight wad celebrity has to put up 10k if they go in three times. of course T shirts for the lady’s :) and speedos for the guys, can we throw in a few models to ??? Probably done already.

    • I think the Churros look far better than me 😉

      And um, it wouldn’t be charity if we didn’t throw some hot hot hot models into the dunk tank, now would it? lol

  79. Good for you! I cannot tell you how many times I have been tempted by street food delights during my travels. I can just imagine how tasty your healthier version of Churros will taste. I can’t wait to try it. Thank you for sharing this healthy and delectable treat with us at the Healthy Happy Green and Natural Party! I am pinning and sharing!

    • Oh please DO try it – In fact, I really want to re-make it, RIGHT NOW because man… I am craving the sweet stuff! ha ha! 😉 Thanks for sharing Deborah, means the world to me!

  80. Mmmm Churros! Sweet, crunchy yet fluffy sticks of goodness. I LOVE that you recreated them! You’re so talented GiGi :) Calories in a churro= 500 depending on size of course. Although, the bigger the better- am I right?! Fave carnival food= (don’t hate me) corn dog or funnel cake. But to be honest, we aren’t big Fair people. The rides scare me and most of the people are, how do you say, not normal.

    • If you’re talking about my re-creation then YES – BIGGER THE BETTER! ha ha ah! 😉

      And um, can you believe it… I HAVE NEVER HAD A CORN DOG BEFORE IN MY LIFE!! :o!!

  81. Hmmm… favorite carnival food? Maybe a giant soft pretzel?! Those are good. :) Haven’t been to a carnival in ages, though, so here’s hoping the options have gotten better! :)

  82. That looks amazingly tasty!

  83. Girl! I LOVE me some churros!!! I can’t wait to try!! Mmmmmm! :)

  84. You’re so creative GiGi! I’ll have to keep my eye out for NuZest protein powder.

    • Yes! You do!! You need to just buy it on line for now — they’re working on getting into Whole Foods!