Getting Stuffed With Brad Gouthro

Today… I DID NOT cook up a stud muffin…

Instead… I called one in for delivery…

Sorry Digiorno!


Brad Gouthro and GiGi Eats in the kitchen

THIS flavor of STUD MUFFIN arrived at my door!

The Brad Gouthro flavor!

Also included in my order, other than the muffin of course:


  • Huge biceps 

Lets just say I tipped EXTRA for this scrumptious delivery.

Brad Gouthro and GiGi Dubois high five

When Brad came over though, he told me that I could not “eat” this muffin until…. I had a proper meal first (hence the other things included in my take out order)…

Because, as all of our mothers once told us…

We have to save dessert for LAST!

You don’t look like my mom Brad…?

I acquiesced though because the meal idea he brought “to the table” actually sounded BETTER to me than… The muffin.

paleo Stuffed bell peppers with ground grass fed meat

Don’t be offended Brad… I don’t nosh on other women’s men!

Cough… Jessica… Cough. Ha! Ha! 

So what dish did Brad entice me with from his cookbook filled with 200 Paleo Friendly Recipes? Well… Check out the latest GiGi Eats BELOW

Paleo Stuffed Bell Peppers

Paleo Stuffed Bell Pepper

Get Stuffed…

  • Preheat your oven to 350 degrees. 
  • In a skillet over medium heat, sauté your meat in the olive oil until it begins to brown.
  • Once the meat had cooked, remove it from the pan.
  • In the same pan, add the zucchini, summer squash and green bell pepper (all diced) along with one of the red bell peppers. 
  • Sauté the vegetables until cooked. Turn the heat to low and add in the tomatoes and the tomato paste along with the re pepper flakes, oregano and basil. 
  • You can add the meat back to the pan once the tomatoes have cooked down, or you can construct your peppers layering the veggies and the meat. 
  • Fill peppers and place them in a baking dish and bake for 25 minutes. 

So Tell Me…

  • What was the last order you placed for delivery? 
  • Sweet or Savory? 
  • Do you follow Brad Gouthro
  • What would you stuff inside a pepper? 
  • Any tips for the newly married man? 
  • Which celebrity should just go “STUFF” them-self?

Brad Gouthro and GiGi Dubois


Waste Not, Want Not Wednesday


  1. I am not real familiar with the Paleo dies but you stuffed pepper does sound really good. Thank you for sharing

    • Thank You Angela! :) Paleo diets are free of grains and sugars, you should look into it a bit more if you’re curious!

  2. Love stuffed peppers and your stud muffin!

    • Ah ha ha! He’s pretty awesome! You need to check out his motivational YouTube channel for sure — His wife is pretty SEXY too! 😉

  3. That looks so delicious and easy to make! Not to mention that it is healthy as well. Thank you for sharing the recipe. Have to try this one.

  4. Melanie Peterson says:

    i would have added onion and garlic in with the meat and saved a teaspoon of chopped garlic to sprinkle on top of the layers.

    • OH HECK YES Melanie! That will happen the next time I make this – onions and garlic are KEY… How about some LEEKS too?

  5. Those stuffed peppers look so scrumptious. I think I know what I am having for dinner tonight. I have not had food delivery, but I regularly visit My Fit Foods and other like places.

  6. Absolutely so environment friendly, since I can eat the container!

  7. The last thing I ordered was….don’t judge…PIZZA. Those bell peppers look soooo much better and healthier 😉

    • Why on earth would I judge!! I am not a judgmental person – to each their own. However, if you didn’t put anchovies on that pizza, well then……. I have a bone to pick with you! LOL!

  8. We live in Chicago. I think that delivery should be illegal unless in very particular circumstances 😀 However, if it came delivered by a hottie? I would rethink things….

    • I think delivery should be illegal too, unless of course it’s SUSHI… Then um, it needs to be READILY AVAILABLE… Oh and of course if it’s HOTTIES too – Ahhh DUH! ha ha ha!

  9. The bell pepper looks amazing! YUM!

  10. Last delivery was definitely deep dish. It must be done. Now that I am thinking about it, it’s been a little while…

    • NOW I WANT SOME DANG PIZZAA!! Gotta try making my own crust again! Perhaps Mr. Gouthro can make me in another episode! 😉

  11. I am a huge fan of sweet – and stud muffins – yup, I will follow Brad Gouthro where-ever you want me to!
    I am joshing! I am joshing! :)

    You know what – I’ve never tried making stuffed bell peppers – but that needs to change -eh? I would have to go the vegetarian route though (ooh or quinoa and veggies) – or maybe use turkey instead.

    • You could definitely use turkey or go veggie with these peppers! SO many friggin’ varieties – GET STUFFIN’ and perhaps Brad will smell your goods from afar and flock to you! 😉

  12. I need a stud muffin to come cook for me. I love stuff peppers.

  13. I’m going to make this! Looks awesome and I love everything in it!

  14. Love me some stuffed peppers!! I’ll have to check out Brad’s book :) The recipes sound delish.
    Oh and a tip for newly married Brad, “Yes,dear” goes a long way. Happy wife = happy life!!!

    • Oh he’s got the most amazing assortment of deliciousness in his book – it’s a MUST READ! 😉

      AND THAT IS TOO FUNNY because he said multiple times over: “Happy Wife = Happy Life” HA HA! So I think he will be a successful husband! 😉

  15. Love this post!!! I wish a hunk would show up at my door with dinner every night 😛 Too bad my bf is the one who is always ordering Munchery here in SF while I make salad! I’m definitely a sweet girl – I will do a clean sweet breakfast meal for dinner all the time….I know, weirdo!

    xx Jill

    • What is this CLEAN SWEET breakfast meal you speak of?!?!!? Let me in on the “secret” recipe!

      • Haha, well there are couple of things I love!

        1. Oatmeal cooked with stevia, frozen berries and cinnamon, with a side of stevia sweetened greek yogurt that has cut up banana in it. I do a spoonful of yogurt with a spoonful of oatmeal..and sometimes I smother it in calorie free Walden Farms pancake syrup (chemical clean!! haha)

        2. Pretty much all the same ingredients, but I blend the oats and add baking powder/egg white and make into pancakes, then top with coconut butter

        3. A Quest bar heated up with a big ol’scoop of Halo Top Creamery low sugar/high protein ice cream on top, with some more chemicals poured over it. YUM!

  16. Okay Gigi, honestly, how could you concentrate with all that beefcake in your face? LOL. Inquiring minds want to know lol. And I just love stuffed peppers.

    Kay of Pure & Complex

    • Ah ha ha ah aha ha! It was challenging to pay attention to what I was doing in the kitchen that’s for sure – not only was Brad the Stud Muffin in the kitchen, but the person who was filming the STUFFED experience… Is quite tasty as well. My goodness, I was one lucky lucky girl that day!

  17. I think this is a very good recipe! Although I would have to substitute grass for the grass-fed. lol


    Never heard of Brad, and I know he never heard of me.:-(

    As for marriage. It’s the cure for the disease of love!

    I don’t think we should eat too much red meat. The grass-fed part doesn’t address the cancer causing issues with red meet. I know, Americans don’t follow the herd, but they do eat it!

    • You believe that all red meat regardless causes cancer? Oh Dr. J… We have something we disagree on! Oh my word, pigs are flying! LOL!

  18. I am not a beef person but I can make with turkey! : It looks amazing!!!!! Can Brad come over & make it for me! :)

    Stuff all the ego celebs especially Kenye – OMG, get over yourself!!!!

    • Kanye can certainly go STUFF himself! LOL!!! We should hunt him down and pummel his booty! LOL! We’ve got the “guns” to do it 😉

  19. Oh stuffed peppers! Heaven on earth! I make them with organic grass fed meat for the Batman and I use quinoa & mushrooms for myself !

  20. I’m allllll about stuffed peppers, but obviously in my own way. Something is different about you…did you die your hair blonde?

  21. Looks like an easy meal to teach the kiddos how to make! They will love picking out veggies for the filling!

  22. omg, JUST PINNED THIS CAUSE IT LOOKS SO HEAVENLY :) seriously, forget the man candy I want the meat!

  23. I’ll take the peppers and the guy. Please and thank you.

    • Well I mean, since you said PLEASE & Thank You! However, you’ll probably have to ask Jessica about taking Brad! lol

  24. You know I always love your videos but this one was fun for sure!!! No I don’t follow Brad but maybe I should:)
    I love peppers- plain, stuffed…..

    • Aw THANK YOU KIM!!! I LOVEEEEEEE beyond words that you watch and enjoy my videos!!! :) I make them for YOUUUU! And I will just have to have Brad on the show more often 😉

  25. I love stuffed peppers.. flavored rice is usually the stuffing I use and my family loves it! Yours look so yummy :)

  26. I have to say this is proably one of the more entertaining posts I’ve read about stuffed bell peppers. The ingredients look pretty tasty, though I might skip the tomatoes.

    The last thing I ordered was Chinese food, including rice. Not quite paleo. 😉

    Dropping by from #some2.

    • You can totally ditch the tomatoes and add in carrot puree if you’d rather!! Or just throw your own mix into the pepper cores! The world is you oyster – HEYYY OYSTERS could be interesting in there too! 😉

  27. I need to make these peppers. My mom used to make me stuffed peppers with ground beef and rice, in a tomato sauce!

  28. Love stuffed peppers though not with meat :-). Love Brad too.

    • Ha ha! Of course not with meat for you Debbie but I am sure you have lots of delicious ideas you can pack into those peppers!

  29. Can he come help me next time I make stuffed peppers?! LOL…I love stuffed peppers and these look great. xo, Catherine

  30. I’ve never made stuffed peppers before, but have wanted to. These look fantastic! And that guy is HUGE!

  31. Nice catch with you mouth and then also nailed the high 5 right after. That’s pretty impressive!!! Great recipe, might even be sth I’d eat. I’m a fan of a feta, raisin, rice combo in a stuffed bell pepper :-)

    • Ha Ha! I had NO IDEA I was actually going to make it – I have never done that before, LOL!

      Feta, Raisins and Rice huh? That sounds super unique!!! I am not sure my palate can handle it LOL!

  32. Nice! I’d love to get a delivery like that!

  33. this is kind of embarrassing, but I’ve never, ever had stuffed peppers. I haven’t had anything delivered in soo long! I kind of feel a delivery night coming on.

    • Not embarrassing!!! You just have to change that 😉 How about a lunch or dinner for this weekend – he he! Forget that delivery –

  34. You crack me up! That bell pepper does look amazing though!

  35. I’ve heard of the Paleo diet but I don’t know much about it. I would certainly need meat inside my stuffed pepper.

  36. My diet is basically paleo and I’ve been adding grass fed red meat back into my diet for the first time in 5 years – wow- I’ve missed it and it’s freaking delicious!
    Savoury all the way. (note the Canadian ‘u’, lol)
    I like couscous and roasted veggies in my pepper.
    I would like to tell Gwyneth Paltrow to get stuffed. Who the hell does she think she is? lol
    Great video, GiGi!! He’s a doll!

    • I got through phases where I eat red meat and then I don’t for a long time… But whenever I sink my teeth back into the red meat, mannnnnnn it’s SO FRIGGIN GOOD!!!!!

  37. PS. I noticed someone else calls their man ‘Batman’. I used to until he impressed the hell out of me by killing a wood rat that we came across while jogging in the woods. (they terrify me) So now I call him Ratman.
    That makes us Ratman and Robyn, hahaha!

    • LMFAO! If you didn’t have a story behind the “ratman” nickname – I would think he would be insulted by that name! ha ha ha!

  38. Stuffed peppers are one of my favorites :) I love the addition of veggies! I’ve never made them this way before.

  39. Fun stuff! And even though stuffed peppers aren’t a favorite of mine for some reason, I like all the ingredients in them. I think I’d deconstruct this dish, and make a casserole. Video was excellent! You always look like you’re having so much fun in them (and I’m sure you are!). Anyway, good stuff — thanks.

    • Oh the videos do not lie John, I am always having fun! I love to be in the kitchen and I love having “food fights!” ha ha ha! And this casserole sounds pretty delicious! You should make it for your blog – ASAP!

  40. You’re looking extra sexy too – new haircut or something??
    I love this video – very fun. Looks delicious. I’m a big bell peppers fan.
    As for sweet and savory, I do have a huge sweet tooth but I’d be more crushed if I lost all savory foods from my life than sweet foods, ya know?

    • Oh yes… I got a new hair cut, my hair dresser works miracles -ha ha ha ha ha ha ah aha!!!

      And I completely agree. I am more of a savory person, but every once in a blue moon, I need and CRAVE something sweet!

  41. Great Post GiGi. I love live lean tv and Brad. He has an awesome channel. These bell pepper look yummy also even next to the stud muffin lol jk jk 😉 Thanks for sharing it! I’m pinning it.

  42. Your stuffed red bell pepper sure looks great…and so tasty…thanks for the recipe.
    Have a great rest of the week Gigi :)

  43. you’ve cheated on me TWICE in one week…My poor, latte coloured heart.

    I was watching one thing in that video. One thing very intently.

    • BAH HA HA HA HA AHA HA!!!!!! I am rebelling against you because you are not coming to Los Angeles first! This is me acting out in protest.

      And let me guess, you were watching Brad’s GUNS… Right? Waiting for them to FIRE? ha ha aha ha ha ah!

  44. Wow, love the stuffed peppers they look so tasty! I’ll leave the stud muffin to you though 😉

  45. Just more of a traditional way with ground turkey + brown rice (or quinoa) + diced onion + tomato sauce. :) I don’t make them often but my mom makes them for ‘family dinner’ every couple of months!

  46. He … I mean these … look scrumptious!

  47. can women be called stud muffins? If so, i’ll do my best to get there so i can be invited to your kitchen. Brad can come back too. 😉

    • Ladies could be called…. Studettes! LMFAO!!

      AND YOU KNOW IF YOU MADE YOUR WAY TO LA… I would chain you to my kitchen! LOL!!!

  48. Yum!!!! I’m not a big rice fan, and while I wouldn’t say I’d be into Paleo either, this recipe does have my name on it.

  49. I like to steam my peppers before stuffing them because I don’t like them super tough. I want to try your recipe tonight because I have a lot of pepper from last summer that need to be cooked. Thanks for the recipe. #wowlinkup

    • We baked the peppers long enough that they weren’t tough at all! But steaming is a great option too.

      Did you happen to try the recipe? Would love to know your thoughts and if you added anything more!

  50. Like you…I’m “every food free.” I’m excited to check out Brad’s cookbook because many healthy recipes that I’ve seen are full of tofu/soy. I’m glad to hear his book is soy free. Liked your video and always laugh at your posts, too.

    • OMG EVERY FOOD FREE twin?!?!??!?!??!?! We must talk and become the BEST of friends! LOL! But seriously. What foods can you eat?

      • I always wanted a twin. How fun we are. Would you be the top bunk or bottom one?

        So, let’s see…what I eat/don’t eat. Because I’m a cancer survivor/stage IV thriving mama, I’m vegan – so obvi no meat/cheese/dairy as well as no soy. I probably shouldn’t eat gluten because I have a minor gluten intolerance, but I fair ok overall. My 6-year old is allergic to nuts, so I often don’t eat those either. I also have heard a lot about sugar feeding cancer, so I try not to eat foods high in sugar (simple plus complex ones.)

        So…what I eat: plants – fruit/veggies, seeds mostly sunflower or pumpkin, oils (because they taste so darn good with roasted veggies, beans ( a lot of them), sprouted breads occasionally and grains mostly soba buckwheat noodles and brown rice/quinoa. Plus, I love adding spices including turmeric for bold dishes and pumpkin pie spice for sweet ones. It sounds dire, but I have some fun with it. xoxo

  51. I used to stuff peppers with lots of veggies and quinoa – You’re reminding me that I should bring that back in my dinner rotation!

  52. this looks amazing! I really love stuffed peppers!

  53. I love stuffed peppers–I love to put beans and shredded chicken in mine. They’re like a Mexican inspired stuffed pepper. I don’t think I should say who I think should get “stuffed” I might get some hate mail, people get really protective over celebs. LOL

  54. I love stuffed peppers! I haven’t make those in ages. I like to fill mine with quinoa, veg, and feta cheese. Yum!

  55. These look amazing! Seriously I need to make stuffed peppers! I feel like they’re so versatile and there are so many different ways to stuff them! You can make them Paleo, low carb and just use meat/ cheese or you could make em vegan with veggies and quinoa! They’re gluten free and delicious! Girllllllll now I need to make these!! Thanks for the recipe!

    • AH HA HA HA! YES!!! I agree with your enthusiasm!! MAKE THEM THIS WEEKEND YO! And I will come over and sample them 😉 !

  56. I love stuffed peppers. Haven’t made them in a while but I always crave them in the spring/summer time when I heat & carbs don’t mix. I like to suff my peppers with ground chicken since I don’t eat beef too often and if I want something vegetarian, I’ll use beans as well.
    Always so good 😀

  57. What a wonderful stud muffin to show up at your door! Food makes everything better! Those stuffed peppers sound amazing!

    I honestly don’t remember the last time I ever ordered anything for delivery. It might have been back in undergrad (that feels so, so long ago o_o)–pizza!

    • OMFG undergrad! Don’t even remind me how LONG AGO that was! ha ha ah! I walked around UCLA the other day because I was presenting and I continually said… THANK GOODNESS I am not longer in school, ha aha!

  58. Tsk tsk tsk, I was JUST going to tell you that I’m an already taken woman so please do me the favor of hitting that since I can’t and BOOM – you busted some crap about advice for the newly wed man. I have a very dirty mind so I’ll keep my “advice” to myself. LoL! I don’t even know what you wrote I just thought “mmm” and that’s it. LOL Oh nice stuffed bell peppers – I will give this recipe a GO though because my bf LOVES stuffed bell peppers but this MUST have meat or he won’t be happy. LOL! Have a great weekend gorgeous! -Iva

    • UM WHY WOULD YOU EVER KEEP SUCH ADVICE TO YOURSELF…. You know me at this point IVA… YOU KNOW I have a dirty mind too and accept ALLLLLLLLLLLLL thoughts in the comments 😉 So now I want to know this advice, especially because I WANT TO KNOW for when/if I ever get married, lol!

      • LMAO I don’t think this form of advice / thoughts are appropriate for your blog/audience. We have to keep it kosher and PG lady! Umm based on what I’ve observed through other successful (more than 10 years and many more) couples, for a happy husband: food and booty; for a happy wife: she’s always right and whatever she wants. The bottom line: the two C’s balance out the above – compromise and communication. Yeah but booty is essential 😉 Any more advice and you’d have to email me – this is a topic of fun for me but people are so squeamish. Lol!

  59. The last time I tried a paleo stuffed pepper, it was awful. So awful that I tried it again, determined that I could spice it up. Nope. I’ll try this one because dang it, I want a successful paleo pepper to stuff in my face!

    • LOL what recipe did you use for that pepper???? I love how honest you are – sometimes things just… DONT TURN OUT RIGHT! ha ah!

  60. These look delicious! Thanks for sharing this recipe (and Brad!) with us at Pin-Worthy Wednesday!

  61. Such beautiful presentation! I’m sure it tasted good too. Thanks for linking up to the Bloggers Brags Pinterest Party! I’ve pinned your post to the Bloggers Brags Pinterest board.

  62. I was JUST telling someone that this summer I’m going to be making a lot of stuffed peppers — there’s something so different about them. They feel so satisfying and tasty without being unhealthy. Thanks lady! Glad your gut can handle food like this :)

    • WOO WOO! I kicked off your stuffed bell pepper making extravaganza! 😉 You better post recipes for ALL of them!!

  63. Yum! This looks like a recipe the husband will like. Can’t wait to have him try it. Anything bell pepper will usually pass his picky palette test! Great video!

  64. I love, love stuffing vegetables! They look delicious!

  65. Hi GiGi,
    After this post, we all want to be in your shoes–cooking in the kitchen with Brad! Thank you for sharing your healthy, handsome guest chef and his delicious recipe with us at the the Plant-based Potluck Party.

  66. Hey GiGi! Great post!
    I make stuffed bell peppers often because my husband loves them :-)
    I am excited to try this new, healthier recipe the next time I make them. Thanks for sharing!

    Brad Gouthro, some marriage advice that we were given that we like to share with everyone is.. “If you don’t like the way she makes the coffee.. Tell her.”

    Enjoy your day!

    • Ah ha ha! Communication is definitely KEY in relationships! :) I will send this message over to Brad for sure 😉
      Please DO let me know what you think of this recipe when you try it!

  67. YAY guest chefs are always the best (especially hunky ones haha)
    I love stuffed vegetables, it makes blah into amazing! Great photos! 😀

    Choc Chip Uru

    • BLAH into amazing :) Well… Let me know how I can make BLAH into amazing in the recipe I post RIGHT NOW! 😉