Septic Tank Smoothie

Remember when your parents told you NOT to play with your food?

Yeah well…

Whitney and I were far to busy making mansions out of Life Cereal and flinging mashed potato bullets at our siblings, to abide by our parent’s wishes!

However, these celebrity children look as if they know food is for sustenance… Not mooshing together to make some elephant dung looking concoctions that taste… About as good as a septic tank ice cream sundae!

 Nicole Richie feeds her daughter Harper a banana

 “Mom! Pay attention! I want MORE of that banana NOW!! My body is craving potassium!”

Kinston Rossdale eating a ice pop

“I want to go on a merry-go-round”

Zahara Jolie Pitt eats Cheetos

No wonder why obesity is now classified as a “disease”, check out what we’re using as pacifiers now!

suri cruise loves a chocolate croissant

“Just channeling my inner puppy dog” 

WOW… Those celebrity children are BOR-ING! (Well maybe except for Suri – love a girl who isn’t afraid to smear food on her face!)

After Whitney and I conjured up that delicious and nutritious smoothie concoction (Remember Two Girls, One Smoothie?)… We decided to give the smoothie a little something EXTRA!

Check out PART TWO of Two Girls, One Smoothie – You are definitely going to want to try our SECRET INGREDIENTS!

So tell me…

  • When you eat, what animal do you channel?
  • Do you like to eat with your hands?
  • Do you still play with your food?
  • What else would you have added to Whitney and my creation?
  • If you had to live off of either pork brain or cow’s penis… What would you choose? (Vegetarians, yes, you too)
  • What should Whitney and I make next?
  • Who do you think is the cutest celebrity kid?
  • What do you think of North West? I think if I have a kid I will name it Lamp Shade.
  • Did you know that… JUNE 26 IS MY BIRTHDAY?! And Whitney’s was JUNE 24?!


  1. Mustard and ketchup? So crafty! Haha you two are funny! I need to get myself a new blender like yours. Mine overheats and if I pulled the top off, I’d be sure to have a kitchen full of smoothie!

    • Ah ha ha! Mustard and Ketchup and husband and wife! 😉 Although… Which one would be considered the man and which the female?!?!

      My blender is amazing, obsessed. It’s KitchenAid – Amazon sells a whole bunch or you can get it from Bed Bath & Beyond. When I like about BBB is that if it breaks, you can return it for a brand new one, even without the receipt!

  2. Have you seen the Pinterest board about this lady’s imaginary daughter Quinoa? I think you’d appareciate it…

    • OMFG that just makes me sad. Those kids are dressed far better than I ever will be! I need their stylists – ASAP!

  3. You two are too cute, can I come next time;)
    I for sure still play with my food, it’s too fun to not do that. Especially with friends.
    I can’t believe Kim and Kanye’s baby name, but I guess it’s better than others…like Holy Madison named her kid…Rainbow! Rainbow, like what would you do if that was your name growing up.
    And a happy early birthday to you!

    • I would LOVEEEE for you to come next time! If you’re ever in LA – a video will definitely have to happen! 😀

      Kim & Kanye’s baby is going to grow up with a lot of problems, I see a drug dealer in the future. As for RAINBOW… Oh don’t even get me started!! lol

  4. OMG – I thought y’all were really going to eat that!! Not gonna lie, the mixture was grossing me out!!!

    Happy birthday a day early!!!
    And, happy birthday to Whitney a day late!

    • Oh Kim, I did try it… SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO DISGUSTING! I still shiver when thinking about the taste!! lol

      And thank YOU!

  5. THAT SPINACH IS NOT ORGANIC!! I can regognize TJ’s products from a MILE AWAY! Why on hell did you not buy the organic spinach, it’s the SAME PRICE!! I would rather eat penis to survive, I am more familiar with this organ that I am the brain. DURRR. This smoothie looks horrific, but I would try it too..hahaha.

  6. Wow…Hahaha you two are hilarious and, yeah…that mixture…Pretty gross!!! Lol

  7. Where’s the “jello wrestling part”?!? Still waiting for that! 😉

    When I started eating more vegetables (i.e. A LOT) I felt I was becoming a cow, or a goat! But truly I’m an otter because I love seafood!
    I like to eat with my hands if it’s lobster! Yum.
    Lamp Shade, what a great name for a kid. LOL
    Happy Birthday ladies!

    • Ha Ha! Oh the jello is coming, but maybe later this summer! It will come when you least expect it! 😉

      I am totally an OTTER…. I LOVE LOVE seafood! Maybe I am a SHARK actually because I devour it within seconds! LOL!

      And I promise you, I will name my kid LAMP SHADE and then my other kid, STOP SIGN.

  8. You are far more adventurous than I, I don’t think I would add ketchup or mustard lol. Love this video, so cute!

    • Ha Ha! What would you have added? Honestly, that’s all I really had in my kitchen. I guess I could have added some Apple Cider Vinegar and… Green Beans! LOL!!

  9. I love lamp – are you just saying things you can see?? Lamp Shade made me think of that, you are welcome.

    I toss so much in my smoothies, but I swear it always tastes good…maybe my taste buds are off…good if it means I like that over say a bird on a stick

    • EXACTLY! That’s how I came up with Lamp Shade. OMG imagine if you named your kid refrigerator! That’d be hystericalllllll!!!!!! Oh it’s soooo happening!

      So tell me then, what’s been your weirdest smoothie concoction?

  10. lol the pacifier. 😉

    Happy Birthday tomorrow!!! :)

  11. not sure if it is playing with our food, but yes we admit we still like to eat with our hands 😉

  12. Happy Birthday! Love the video. So are so cute!

  13. OMG you two are hilarious. What an incredible concoction you’ve created. haha. Happy Happy Birthday!

  14. Happy Birthday to both of you! As much as I love ketchup, I will pass on that smoothie. 😉
    They should have named the kid compass instead!

    • I adore ketchup too but oh man was this smoothie raunch-factor! Compass huh? I think that’s actually a LEGIT name actually, lol! How about… Sun Dial?

  15. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY Birthday!!!! I hope it’s a wonderful one.

  16. Haha, you girls are cute…I think I’m inspired.
    Not to try this… 😉

  17. Happy Birthday!!! Hope you had a great day and didn’t have ANY of that smoothie!

  18. I may not play with my food, but I’m definitely a fan of eating with my hands.

  19. damn

    • AH ha ha! No No, my imaginary child will be Spaghetti Squash… Or maybe just Squash in general… Wow, I think if I named my kid SQUASH, he or she would run away! LOL! What if I named him or her…. Spinach? Nori? LOL!

  20. Happy early birthday cray cray girlie! xoxo

  21. Happy birthday!!!!!!!!! You should make a birthday cake flavored smoothie!!!! That would be amazing and so very appropriate for today! xoxo

    • YUM! Birthday Cake Flavor! Well, Wink Frozen Desserts sent me their CAKE BATTER pea protein ice cream, so I think I am covered! :) Thank YOU!

  22. HAPPY BDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! aw that on the FF thread. I will be back to watch later but had to get my bday wishes to you!!! I hope you have tons of fun planned!!!!

  23. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you have salmon…and sushi! :)

  24. You two are hilarious! And happy birthday to you!!

  25. I would love to drink milk with a straw! Blowing white milk bubbles all over the table was more fun for me than what happened next with my parents!

    I also liked to take a handful of marshmallows and kneed them into a taffy.

    • I used to blow bubbles in my drinks too – I think I am going to buy straws just so I can relive my youth! :) OOOOO That marshmallow and taffy combo sounds VERYYYYYYYY interesting…..

  26. Karla T says:

    That pic of Suri is funny. I couldn’t figure out what she was eating though. Looked like an enormous baked potato covered with BBQ sauce.

    I TRY not to play with my food, but I can’t say that I’m always successful.

  27. HAPPY HAPPY Birthday. Hope it is the best day EVER!

  28. !! HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!
    Well I’m a Wolf when I eat, guess cuz I “woof it down’ :) I’m scared for life, some friends served me what I was told to be sliced brisket with gravy, first clue should have been the gravy. Turned out it was Bull testicles OMG ,still cannot watch bull riding without having this awkward hunger come over me. To finish off your smoothie some beef or chicken liver would really have set it off. I really don’t pat attention to celeb kids, I always hoped to have my own little Parsley or Paprika running thru the house, settled for Buggs and Cookie my cat’s. By the way Brittany is out of control again, put her in front of a camera. How about Papaya, Passion fruit, Kiwi with pea protien smoothie / ice cream alternate? Have a safe and memorable birthday :)

    • Thank you so much for the birthday wishes, it truly as a GREAT DAY……. And man did I mix some delicious foods together to make a “smoothie” or in other words, dinner! LOL.

      OH my goodness I love the names Parsley and Paprika! That’d be hysterical! Speaking of hysterical, Brittany really is GREAT!! It’s too bad she lives in Washington! :( But one day, she will be in an episode! Tara will be in another one again soon too by the way :)

  29. Mustard + ketchup YUCK haha! You gals are so funny I LOVE IT! Happy Birthday to both of you, hope you enjoy some yummy food!!

    • Mustard & ketchup mixed together ALONE is actually great… But mixed with all that other stuff, Oh HECK NO!!! lol!!! And OH YES I did eat some absolutely delicious food today, SOOO GOOD :) In food coma right now!

  30. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOVE!! xoxo hope you are celebrating with another one of those smoothies 😉 haha!!

    On a side note, I need your blender. Those ‘ingredients’ were a smoothie in 0.35983 seconds!

    • Ah ha ha ha! Oh yea, had one of those amazing smoothies as my birthday breakfast! GREAT WAY to start the day off on the… WRONG foot, LOL!

  31. You two are so funny! And that was ugh… And happy birthday to both of you!!!

  32. You two are HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!! OK, I read Dr. J’s comment & did that too BUT I also would mix up my ice cream as a kid until is was like a smoothie in a bowl. :)

    I can’t believe you actually tasted that!

    Hope you are having a wonderful bday!!!

    • I definitely used to moosh up my ice cream too!
      Oh and that smoothie was sooooo disgusting. I couldn’t handle that AT ALL!
      And I really did have a wonderful birthday, thank you so much Jody!

  33. now that is a concoction. Maybe i need to make a spinach mustard ketchup healthy bite? LOL!

    p.s. Happy early bday!

    • OMG if you can make spinach, mustard, ketchup, syrup, pea protein and stevia taste good all mixed together into a BITE… then you are a TRUE magician!!! 😉

  34. We don’t play with our food. Sadly. But we do enjoy some fun kitchen experimenting, but mostly looking for things edible. But we also still enjoy food. The husband thinks we should think of it more like nourishment solely, but I think food should also be enjoyed.

  35. Happy birthday!

  36. SInce I’m such a gentlemen, if you two beauties prepared that for me as your guest..I’d pound it.

    • Well when you move your PATOOTIE OUT HERE, you will most certainly be a guest and we will feed you!! Whitney and I are actually going to be collaborating on a DUDE FOOD series – you will be the PERFECT GUEST! When are you visiting LA again before the big move by the way?

  37. I think the cutest celebrity kid is Violet Affleck, so freaking cute. Suri just creeps me out.

    Thank you for linking up to Raising Imperfection!
    Make sure to check back on Friday to see if you were featured.

    • She really is super cute! I think that Halle Berry’s kid Nahla or whatever is also really cute! :)

      And thank you for hosting the link up!!

  38. I can’t choose… I would eat brain or penis as long as they were fried and lots of ranch and ketchup were available!

  39. we love our smoothies in our home, that is how my kids get most of their veggies. Sometimes I turn them into smoothie pops which are super messy!

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  41. Pretty sure I would die after that … LOL.
    That is not recommended. And damn those kids and all their high priced fashions.

    Thank you for linking to Raising Imperfection.
    Please come back Friday to see if you were featured. :)

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

    • Ah ha ha!! You wouldn’t die, just wouldn’t want to eat mustard for a very very long time! 😉

  42. You are so funny! Always make me smile! Thanks for linking up at our Gluten Free Fridays party! I have tweeted and pinned your entry to our Gluten Free Fridays board on Pinterest! :)

    Hope you enjoyed the last two week’s of giveaways!

    Cindy from

  43. Lol… i love eating using my hand, and sometimes i still playing the food. All this picture remind me my childehood.

  44. Wow! that’s what I call real concoction and this would give my system some shock therapy, I will try that one day like over the weekend and see how it turns out. That little cutie is like saying “Excuse me!, you ain’t getting a bite”. Thank you

  45. You guys are rad, love the video and the smoothie! :)

  46. OMG, I wish my mom had used cheese puffs as pacifiers!! When I was little, my mom was a big health nut and always had the refrigerator stocked with all kinds of strange ingredients. My sister and I used to play food dare and we would go through the refrigerator and come up with the grossest concoctions and make each other eat it! Good memories, haha!

    • My mom was a huge health nut too, so I would have to go to my friend’s houses if I wanted “the good stuff”! I will always remember my friend’s parents having to go to the grocery store after I left their homes! LOL!!!!!!!

      And oh man, the concoctions my siblings and I would make in fancy restaurants in France…. Ah ha ha! Pass the Grey Poupon please!