Jurassic Stomach Problems

I have a random Hollywood/Showbiz fact to tell all of you… But keep it on the DL.

The Jurassic Park franchise is based off… My horrendous digestion!

Steven Spielberg came over for dinner one evening many years ago… And after I dramatically explained to him how it always feels as if a dinosaur is wrecking havoc on my insides… He geniusly conjured up the plot for the sci-fi dinosaur films!

GiGi Dubois discusses probiotics and acts like a dinosaur

Okay, obviously I am flat-out joking… Considering my digestion seemed fine in 1993 (however, who actually remembers what life was like before the age of 10?).

But, if you watch my latest video (below), you will notice the extreme similarities between my digestion and a baby T-Rex.

I have found that… there is one very powerful antidote to fight off all Jurassic creatures though… I really should have been cast in Jurassic Park 4. Check out my audition tape (Yeah, not quite) to see how to combat the dinosaurs in all of your lives!

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So tell me…

  • Do you have a baby T-Rex or other dinosaur living in your stomach?
  • Have you named your little “friend”? Is so, what?!
  • Do you take digestive enzymes or probiotics? If so, what brand do you swear by?
  • What food(s) trigger(s) intense stomach contractions after you eat them?
  • If you could transform into an animal, what animals would you want to be and why?
  • Mexican or Japanese food?
  • Do you have a video idea you would like me to do?


  1. MmMM hence why I love Kombucha and any yogurt or probiotics! …or could have a T rex at my tummy…or just keep my T rex arms…le sigh

  2. I was just telling my coworker (new coworker at that) about how I haven’t been constipated in years. Which led to me thinking about how amazing my digestion has been. Just goes to show how my diet really played into my bowels…AKA TOO MUCH CHEESE. PUT THE CHEESE down! I do need to up my yogurt/probiotics..I don’t like to get too much soy yogurt, but IT’S MY FAVORITE. And they PUMP IT WITH PROBIOTICS!

    I always go back to poop so the foods that give me gas are anything that have a long ingredient list..even the healthy ingredients ahah. Lately I’ve notice the field roast vegan “roasts” are gas inducers if I have too much. So it’s always back to the basics! I would name my t-rex Gus…cause it’s close to gas. MEXICAN FOOD ALL THE WAY! I want you to make a video with ME DAMMIT!

    • I LOVE how open we are abuout CONSTIPATION! I totally was on the airplane yesterday and I told my seat mate that….. without my large intestine, it makes it VERY HARD TO GO! AHHHHH HA HA HA HA HA HA!!! I am sure he REALLY wanted to know that… But hey, that’s what I call, WORD VOMIT, whoops!

      Do you eat coconut yogurt or almond yogurt?! I am sure some brands out there have probiotic enhanced products! :) We need to go hunting around the grocery store together! And uh… MAKE A DAMN YOUTUBE VIDEO ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      GAHHHHH Mexican Food………………….. Reminds me of that movie called WAITING – not sure why, but that’s the first thing that popped into my mind. LOL!

  3. I finally started taking probiotics this spring – after 10+ years of constant stomach problems! And, now I know that I was an idiot for waiting so long – things are so much better!!!! No more animals in my gut!!

    • Hasn’t it made SUCH A DIFFERENCE!!! I swear, without probiotics I would die!! I remember I started taking them my FRESHMAN year of college… My roommate DEFINITELY thanked me for that! AH HA HA! 😉

  4. No large intestine?? Man, that sucks (I think). I do have a sensitive stomach. I take probiotics now and then, but also knowing what foods my body likes and doesn’t like has been very helpful. Lots of trial and error. Not much help from doctors unfortunately. I like the T-rex 😀

    • It does suck, yes… But the probiotics have totally help make my life a little easier!

      I agree with you about the doctors NOT being all that much help! I have been to countless and they all look at me with a huge question mark on their faces! AWESOME. So I have to be my own doctor!

  5. Yes! This is the perfect analogy that I have been looking for, thank you! When my Andy and I are laying in bed at night going to sleep, that is exactly what my stomach sounds like :)

    • Ah ha ha ha ha!!!! Does Andy get scared that maybe some RAPTORS broke into your kitchen?!?! (Remember that scene from Jurassic park?)

  6. Nope. No dinos chilin’ in my gastric region . Only a 2nd stomach chamber lined with steel (I had it installed a few years back) to accommodate the ingestion of additional delectable foodstuffs.

  7. I feed my t-rex digestion with coconut oil and baker’s chocolate. And frequent full meals. I love me some salad, and grass-fed steak!

    • Coconut Oil is supposed to be GREAT for digestion!! However, I had some the other night and it felt like I had a brick in my stomach the following morning :( Still love it though!

  8. I’ve had a pretty upsetting stomach (off and on) for years now. I’ve been trying to figure out what, exactly, causes it to just avoid those foods, but there are some random ones that get me from time to time when I don’t expect it! I need to start drinking kombucha or something, but I honestly don’t really like it. Too many yogurts have artificial sweeteners and they’re something that really upset me!

    • You and I are the same! My diet is so very limited thanks to my intolerances, allergies and lack of large intestine however, there are still some foods that I do eat that cause issues, but I cannot pin point them! This is why probiotics are my go-to… Because they really do help keep things at bay!

      And you’re SOOOO RIGHT – artificial sweeteners are like CANDY to TREX! 😉

  9. I’ve always had a stomach of steel – I could eat anything! Over the past few months, not so much! At times I started to think that something died in there!

    • About 13 years ago, stomach of steel… And I have to say, when it comes to animal protein, my stomach still is steel… But everything else… My stomach is a little bunny rabbit… A WHIMP – LOL!!!

      Do you take probiotics for your dead beast in your stomach? lol

  10. I have really horrible IBS and it often dictates what public situations I can and cannot partake in. Sleepovers at others houses aren’t going to happen, and I limit the amount of times I eat over at someone else’s house to avoid any uncomfortable situations. I’ve missed entire concerts due to tummy issues (still mad I missed Rascal Flatts!)

    • Wow, I can relate to you like no one’s business. My stomach dictates my every action really. I try so very hard to ignore it, but it’s hard when it feels like someone is stabbing you with a Samurai Sword!!! I never sleep over at anyone’s house, EVER and I have definitely missed some really cool events due to my stomach as well……. Hopefully probiotics will help you get to some cool concerts this summer?!?! :)

  11. probiotics are the best thing ever!! They have certainly helped my IBS!

    • You and ME BOTH!!! Tis why I sing their praises!! 😀 I am thrilled they work for you. What brand do you use?

  12. Well I’m basically an incinerator when it comes to food, I contribute my “dog like ability” to being homeless as a young man for a few years. To survive you quickly learn to eat just about anything and like it. You are very inspirational, instead of saying what you can’t do, you emphasize on the positive aspect of your diet and share it’s benefits’ with others. I may not need the probiotic’s but I’m buying a blender and are going to try the pea protein shakes.

    • Rocco, everyone could use probiotics, not just people with stomach issues. Probiotics are great for immunity. I haven’t been sick with a cold in 2 + years and I have to contribute some of it to me taking probiotics and something else called quercetin. I highly recommend probiotics even if your stomach/digestion is “strong like bull” – lol.

      And I cannot wait for you to try the pea protein, I wanna know what you think asap! :)

  13. I used to get awful tummy aches for over a year and then they just went away. I don’t really know what I changed, but I stopped eating bread everyday. Who knows. Maybe my T-Rex died?

  14. What happened? I wanna see GiGi in HD. That face BEGS to be broadcast in HD, but this vid only goes up to 480 Standard Definition. ARG!

    After you’ve tamed the beastly belly with pro-biotics, go see what the problem is. Your fans deserve 100% clear access to that face!

    • I have NO CLUE what happened because I did everything the exact same way that I always do… And…. I don’t even really notice a difference, AH HA HA!!! Jeff, you’re just looking too closely… However perhaps I should take that as a compliment because that just means you’re really staring at me! 😉

      • When I watch your videos, I carefully place my laptop in the center of the altar that I have setup in your honor. I may have said too much…

  15. I’m sorry it’s so tough for you, GiGi!

    Probiotics are fine!

    Japanese easily!

    I would like to see you explore these issues with a therapist, but as a California girl, you may already do this.

    • No therapist for GiGi!! Ah ha ha ha ha! That could be a good or bad thing, but I am doing my best! 😉

      And don’t need a pity party over here, my problems only encourage me to promote healthy living to everyone I possibly can! I need to continue to expand my reach!

  16. So sorry about your tummy!!!!!! I have a lot of issues with healthy food & I eat anyway & toot away! 😉 I am going to check these out!!! AND I LOVE WATCHING YOUR VIDEOS!!! You are a hoot!

    I did n’t see you on that Food Network episode – I looked all thru the audience! 😉

    • I know, I was there but… the clips were SO FAST that you could barely see me! I am so mad because they interviewed my friend and I for 30 minutes, TWICE, yet never aired it! ha ha. Oh well, it was still a fun experience. If you watch it again and you watch Nikki Dinky hand a burger to someone, that hand is mine! AH HA HA HA! 😉

      And thanks Jody, I truly appreciate you watching my videos! Just motivates me to keep on making some!

  17. there’s just something about a women that takes a probiotic. gotta dig. how was the post workout squid?

    • Ah ha ha! That just TURNS you on like a light switch, now doesn’t it! 😉 And actually, I decided to go for the ground venison in my freezer instead – AMAZING choice on my part!

  18. Great video!

    I have the stomach of an ostrich, and could eat a supersized chocolate pickle sundae without feeling the slightest discomfort (no, I’m not pregnant!!!)

    I made my grandmother panic one day by eating about 10 prunes for breakfast… but truly, nothing happened after! I swear!

    Before you say I’m lucky, let me add that I have asthma and terrible migraine headaches… that sometimes are related to what I eat! Interesting…

    I want to be an otter. They swim, play, and eat shellfish all day. Plus, they are super cute.

    • OMG!! I was going to say, I AM EXTRAORDINARILY jealous of your ostrich stomach but I know that migraines and asthma is just as bad! Everything is related to diet, so I would highly recommend you keep a food journal to see what triggers your headaches – That is, if it really is a huge problem!

      Aw!!! Otters are SO CUTE! I had the otter beanie baby back in the day… And oh wait, I totally still have it! LOL!

  19. Probiotics = friends!

  20. Did you know that 4 pounds of bacteria live inside of you!?

  21. Hey Gigi! What’s with the backward lettering? Are you Superman’s evil reflection, Bizarro Gigi? I had more of a prehistoric volcano in my belly. Never knew why it started but more foods were getting added to the list. On the advice of a naturopath I took digliceranated (sp?) licorice tablets and slippery elm with freshly juiced red cabbage. It was gakarific until I juiced an apple into it but my gut (after 20 years) improved about 75%. If I can build up the courage I’ll go back for another 6 months of juicing the red devil.

    • Ah ha ha ha!!! The writing is backwards so as to keep your brain engaged!! Consider it a form of warding off Alzheimer’s disease. Okay, that was a stretch, LOL! Really… I just don’t know how to flip it! AHH HA HA HA!! 😉

      LMFAO! Oh goodness, juicing! I hate juicing!!! I’d rather deal with a little stomach upset then drink veggies, I am sorry! lol.

      • Well you could always just eat half a head of red cabbage a day. o.O It has some special something that helps rebuild the gut and intestinal lining. Of course if you have less intestine you have less to rebuild. I guess you were an extremely sick puppy. Sorry to hear that but keep up the TRex. Your re-enactment is too cute.

        • OMG if I ate a head of cabbage I would explode! My stomach HATES cabbage too – however, I definitely used to eat a whole head of steamed purple and green cabbage all the time, it’s delicious in my mind, LOL! I love it with fish… And every so often I totally eat it because it’s so good going down… But then a few hours later – I am a ticking time bomb! LOL!

          Ah ha ha! I should totally audition for the role of Dinosaur in the next Jurassic movie, right?!

  22. Probiotics are awesome!!!!! They definitely have settled my stomach!

    • Aren’t they AMAZING! Whenever I feel a little something weird in my stomach, I always just take one or two! Better to be safe than sorry!

  23. LOL!!! i had major digestion issues when i was younger… i thought i was lactose intolerant but as i got older now i feel like i have a stomach of steel. usually.

  24. I do take digestive enzymes from time to time.

    Broccoli, Cauliflower and Corn don’t sit well with me. I love broccoli, so that’s been a tough one for me not to have!

    Love Japanese food!

    • You and I need to GO FOR JAPANESE!! 😀

      And broccoli is my killer! My doctor actually told me that I can NO LONGER eat broccoli because my body REALLY HATES IT, so I haven’t had broccoli since December! I seem to be doing just fine without it. lol!

      HOW do you get your tummy so flat on competition days?!?! I feel like nerves would make me bloated!

  25. Been there. Done that. Take control. You got this!

  26. I started using a probiotic last year after realizing that my stomach was the cause of many of my health issues and ohh man I started feeling better. I am back and forth on the digestive enzyme though I know I need to be better

    • I am THRILLED TO HEAR THIS! This really just goes to show that your gut and your health are directly linked! What probiotic do you take? I am always on the market to try others!

  27. Oh boy…I can relate to crazy stomach problems! I took Yaz for a year and that was the worst mistake of my life (no joke) – my stomach has never been the same since then. I can handle certain probiotic pills but anything fermented (kombucha, ACV, etc.) kills my stomach since I now have a yeast allergy (along with many more food intolerances). One day at a time!

    • YAZ messed me up… Or maybe it wasn’t YAZ, it might have been another BC, but oh man, it didn’t mess up my digestion but it messed up my complexion! I think I have it back in order but for awhile there, UGH! So I can imagine how your digestion feels!!!! :(

      Along with probiotics I also take digestive enzymes and HCL. Maybe HCL will help you? More stomach acid to break down food better!


  29. I love probiotics and agree they should be in every person’s arsenal – esp to avoid dinosaur noises 😉 but have had trouble finding a good brand that is actually bioavailable!

  30. I am so glad I don’t suffer this stuff.. but I would kinda like to have a baby T-REX in my house!

  31. Haha, funny video! My chiropractor highly recommended everyone take probiotics. I really need to listen…
    Thanks for linking-up at my Healthy Tuesday hop!

    • Yes you do! He/She said it and now I said it!! Jump on it! :) You will see your energy improve tremendously!

  32. I have somehow lucked out with a pretty tough stomach… the major issues for me is that I get bloated from salt, but I know to expect it when I make popcorn or kale chips with salt… and I include a lot of natural probiotics and tea which help as well.

    • You are very lucky. Do not take your strong stomach for granted!! If your major issue is getting bloated from salt, MAN…. You have no problems, LOL!!

  33. I feel you Gigi! My stomach is a lava pit. Whatever I seem to put in it, it immediately demolishes and is soon screaming for more. I can’t do spicy foods because they just intensify the constant burning. Ugh, it’s a nightmare! I don’t take probiotics but I drink a lot of tummy calming tea. My favorite is Eater’s Digest.

    • Oh I love Eater’s Digest and I actually really like Chamomile Honey from Celestial Seasonings! :) You should definitely try a probiotic or digestive enzyme though, it will definitely help put the fire out.

  34. Last year I had food poisoning and ever since then, certain foods trigger the bomb in my stomach mostly, beef. So I go through these bouts of eating nothing but veggies because the stomach can’t handle anything else.

    • That’s TERRIBLE! How did you get food poisoning?! Where did you eat? I would die if I couldn’t eat beef, not going to lie! I am a huge carnivore. lol

  35. OMG your videos are hilarious. Love it. Yes, I have stomach issues. They are most definitely stress-related but they got under control with acupuncture. But lately, they’ve come back! I just bought some digestive enzymes and love my kombucha.

    • Oooo – I have always been intrigued by acupuncture – a lot of people swear by it! I am sorry to hear your stomach aches have been coming back though!

      Digestive enzymes are great, they go hand in hand with probiotics! I hope you get your issues under control. Don’t let the stress monster get you!

      And thank you for watching 😀

  36. I sometimes take probiotics but then get bored of taking them ;). Lately, I have had terrible tummy issues too but can’t track down what it is. It is either from way too much fibre in my veggie diet or my running is “pushing things through” way too fast.

    • Ha Ha, get bored of taking them? You just need to get into a routine I think. I have trained myself to take probiotics every evening before dinner! Works like a charm :) And I won’t lie to you – I am jealous of your “pushing thing through” complaint! LOL!

  37. Erin from Long Island says:

    Since I noticed this vid the same day the news was going on about how some Wendy’s in bumblefuck Canada stopped selling a t-rex burger (http://gawker.com/wendys-stops-rogue-restaurant-from-selling-9-patty-t-5132572) I was a bit confused at first. Not as confused as I was seeing your ass-backward products though, why with the mirror images? (Yeah, I really don’t care, just teasing you)

    I call my tummy stuff “the troubles” or “the uh-ohs” They pay me a visit anytime it would be inconvenient basically. Job interview? Heck yeah! QT with my man? It’s on! YIPPEEEEEEEEE

    I have noticed much better results from making my own lacto-fermented veggies and sauerkraut (and…uh…eating it) then I ever got from probiotics

    • Ah ha ha ha!!! I had NO IDEA about Wendy’s! I don’t follow fast food joints AT ALL. I cannot even remember the last time I was at one! 😉

      AHHH HA HA HA HA! I am right there with you: my T REX basically pays a visit whenever I need it to cooperate! I am just waiting for it to ACT UP RIGHT NOW! :( And the worse is when it gets in the way of time with the man! I didn’t ask for a 3 some! LOL!!!

      Hmmmm fermenting your own veggies – do you have a recipe?! Maybe I should try!

  38. Mexican for sure!

    And UGH– ice cream DOES ME IN every time. My family doesn’t want to be around be several days after eating it. lol Which is probably a good thing because it prevents me from eating it! Which means the ass stays somewhat in check size wise. My milkshake brings the boys to the yard. :)

    Using FitMiss Cleanse makes me feel better!

    • Ah ha ha! This is so common, everyone seems to have problems with ice cream! We all have dairy allergies, except the majority of people are just in denial and don’t want to admit that the delicious creamy treat is actually hurting them!

      Wait… Your milkshake brings all the boys to the yard?? But when you drink milk shakes your family runs for the hills… Ah ha ha ha ha! 😉

  39. Okay, I obviously need probiotics. How did I not know this? Thanks! I’ll be happy to say goodbye to my T-Rex!

    • Oh Debbie, get on it!! Once you try probiotics you will wonder why in the world NO ONE told you about them sooner!! They’re life-savers! :)

  40. This video made me thankful that I can GO on the regular. The only thing that really does me in is ice cream or fro yo, which is why I say away from both. Eventually I am going to make my own, non-dairy ice cream.

    • Yes! You should definitely NOT take your digestion for granted! I feel like everyone has a dairy problem, I honestly hear so many people complain about how crummy they feel after sucking down an ice cream cone! Down with dairy! 😉

      I made my “ice cream” with pea protein my last video! Give it a try!

  41. I’m at work, so i cant watch the video, but if there is a T-Rex in your tummy then tell your food in your belly not to move. Then the T-Rex can’t see you and eat up all your tummy food. See? I’m way more helpful than that Steven Spillbuggy.

    • LMFAO!!!!! I definitely just dove deep into my imagination to imagine what that would look like. I just pictured myself hiding from the TREX in my own stomach behind a piece of spinach… I hope he doesn’t see me tonight! 😉

  42. Fantastic as always GiGi, love your stuff :)

  43. You are so funny!

    I have been lucky- no t-rex tummy issues over here. But I do just love that Kombucha!

    • You really have been, don’t take your digestion for granted though :) Probiotics are definitely a great addition, even if you drink lots of Kambucha!!! PS: Since we both live in LA, I def think we need to get coffee!

  44. Love this post :) Such a funny take and a GREAT reminder!

  45. I was recommended probiotics after i had 22 kidney infections in a year and all of the antibiotics had wiped out my immune system, I had tummy troubles, pneumonia, bronchitis, you name it I got it and it has been several years now and I am still feeling the effects of having my immune system wiped out. I was not able to afford the probiotics recommended to me from the health food store. They are kept in the fridge which I am told prevents them from dying as easily and the yogurt is so expensive and I cannot commit to eating yogurt a couple of times a day like it is recommended so I have been avoiding antibiotics while slowly letting my immune system rebuild. I am happy yall have found such relief with this change in diet. I cannot pinpoint when i will get sick or what causes it. I have tried cutting out dairy and other foods but with no help one way or the other. I am a very picky eater and I rarely eat so that makes it even more difficult. If i ever get some money maybe I will get the probiotics from the health food store and see if they help.

    • Have you tried fermented foods for your probiotics? Eating these is far cheaper than taking probitoics – they can really be pricey, which is quite annoying! I know you’re a picky eater but if you think that you’re doing your body a LOT of good and that you will be benefiting your digestion but eating a spoonful or two of some probiotic rich foods everyday, it might work?

      I am so sorry you had to go through all of that. I too have had crazy annoying stomach problems, but I feel so sorry for you that you cannot afford the probiotics!

  46. GiGi, would Acidophilus pills help the person above, I think the price is reasonable to.

    • Acidophilus could certainly help, however, everyone is different, but it is definitely worth a shot and you’re right, it is far less expensive than a full rounded probiotic. :)

  47. I have taken them before to prevent yeast infections but I don’t take them regularly. I prefer Japanese food, the cheese in Mexican is too much for me!

  48. Hi there! I am co-hosting this week on the Raising Imperfection Sunday Link Party. Thanks for sharing your creations with us! I hope you found inspiration in all of the terrific posts.

    I host a (Not SO) Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop and a TGIF Link Party at my place — A Peek Into My Paradise… http://apeekintomyparadise.blogspot.com/ I would love for you to link up and follow if you like what you see. =) I follow back – I love making new friends!

    I can’t wait to see what you link up next week!

    Hugs, Cathy

    • I love meeting new friends, so thank you so much for HOSTING and stopping by my site! I will certainly be back to yours to LINK UP and meet more new people! :)

  49. I never used to have problems, but I hit 30 and boom – I suddenly look like I am pregnant after every meal. Maybe your dinosaur needs to come eat the crazy monster baby in my belly.

  50. Thanks for linking up to Sunday Social ~ Paula

  51. Oh yes…I DO have a baby T-Rex in my stomach! Stomach problems are the worse. Mine have started getting better, but for years I had a lot of issues. I’ve found that Aloe Vera juice helps comes things down. It tastes gross, but it’s worth it.

  52. Ha! I hate that embarrassing moment when your stomach does that in public!

    Thank you for linking up to Raising Imperfection!
    Make sure to check back on Friday to see if you were featured.

  53. I am one of those very lucky people that has a gut of steel, however I do take a probiotic anyway because it’s so helpful to the immune system. I do have a T-Rex in my neck (constant neck and shoulder pain) do you have something for that?! 😉

    • I am very jealous of your steel gut! But I am also very happy for you that you take a probiotic anyways! It really is so very helpful for your immune system, you’re right!

      Constant neck and shoulder pain? I think you may need to see a Chiropractor or do acupuncture. What have you tried thus far for the pain? Also hot compresses could help a little as well.

  54. Mexican food ALL the way! i’m not a big fan of japanese dishes, but hibachi is fun every once in awhile.
    i’m thankful that i don’t have a dino living in my stomach – most of the time. but whenever i eat foods with too many artificial sweeteners, my body isn’t happy.

    • Yeah, artificial sweeteners can DEFINITELY do that to you… As can guar gum and xanathan gum! It stinks when you accidently eat those foods before you plan on going out for the day or night! UGH!!! Nothing like a gurgling stomach to make you the most popular person there! 😉

  55. Too funny :) Thanks for sharing! I love your posts, the always make me smile and I always learn something!

    <3 southernmessmom.blogspot.com

  56. It looked like you were holding up ultimate flora — that is my favorite brand of probiotics. I particularly love the women’s 50 billion vaginal support – not because I need vaginal support but because it has Lactobacillus Rhamnosus (spelling???) – which is the strain of bacteria that helps fight against norovirus – and as a person who is cripplingly afraid of throwing up – I want as much protection as possible. LOL That and I don’t like having dinosaurs in my innards. :-)

    • Ha Ha! Those probiotic strains are SO HARD TO SAY AND SPELL – but perhaps the harder it is to say, the BETTER it is for you! lol! I think I should look into the 50 billion vag support one! ha ha ha!

  57. Hey GiGi, I have just found your blog and I love it! So useful :) Anyway I wondered if you have any suggestions about how to deal with food babies? I’m fairly small and in the morning I’m very lucky my stomach is always completely flat but if I eat one meal, even if it’s a light salad my stomach swells and I genuinely look pregnant and then even throughout the day when I move around lots it never really goes back to that same morning flatness. Do you have any advice?! Thank you!

    • Hey Bella! I am thrilled that you stopped by! :)
      Ah the food baby! Yep, happens to me a lot too and I blame it on fiber. What is your diet comprised of? If you’re eating a lot of veggies, whole grains and fruit in one sitting, you will certainly generate a little baby, that’s for sure. Balance your meals with a little veggies, lots of protein and some healthy fat and that might help. You may also benefit from eating small portions of food throughout the day. Also, do you take probiotics or digestive enzymes to help? I would definitely try and do an elimination diet if I were you to see if there is one food in particular that is causing this swelling. Always consult your doctor though :)

    • I had the same issue and I’ve traced mine back to onion & garlic which is in EVERYTHING! I thought I was doing a good job eliminating my allergens etc but even when I ate really light raw foods I was having the issue. Turns out it was onion & garlic powders in salad dressings.

      Also, just bought my first round of probiotics. I drink kombucha all the time but can’t afford the habit and am a little freaked out to make it myself….

      I bought the little drinks that look like baby doll milk bottles (great description, I know) a friend of mine’s doctor told her to get them for her Krohn’s disease. Anyone ever tried those before? Had any luck?

      • Oh MY GOODNESS! Onion and garlic are the loves of my life! I don’t know what I would do without them, and they are in EVERYTHING!!! I feel so sorry for you!

        I have seen those little bottles – they’re Kefier I believe. I have not tried them because I cannot drink dairy, but if you do try – let me know what you think!


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