Recipe Redux: Lets Go Skinny Dipping!

I recently got in trouble with the law

GiGi Dubois whoops I got arrested!

Now while my parents aren’t exactly PROUD of me for this…

I think I might actually hang my mug shot on the wall…

GiGi Eats Celebrities Mug Shot LAPD

As you can see by my booking photo, I was caught skinny dipping… 

But Justin Bieber made me do it!! Ugh, the peer pressure of Hollywood…

Justin Bieber naked in the ocean - the singer was caught skinny dipping when he was younger

I cannot believe he and I could get in trouble for going nude, but…

Nicki Minaj wearing a purple and pink pansuit and a pink wig

Nicki Minaji can get away with wearing this monstrosity.

Is the LAPD trying to tell me that she looks better in that astronomically hideous get up than I do naked?

Okay… we won’t go there.

However since my “naked booking”… I have learned that the only SKINNY DIPPING I should do… Is in the kitchen…

GiGi Eats Celebrities in the kitchen making artichoke eggplant coriander dip

So why don’t you come SKINNY DIPPING with me (in the kitchen, of course)! I promise, you will NOT get arrested like I did!

As a part of Recipe Redux, I was given the challenge to use herbs and/or spices I bought about 10 years ago (using about a 1/4 tsp of in a really intricate recipe)… Only to later neglect even though I spent about $7 on the tiny 1/2 ounce jars. Ten years ago I did NOT know about the bulk section of the grocery store!

GiGi Eats Celebrities is clueless

The seasonings I randomly selected from my pantry… blindfolded… (You should ALREADY KNOW since I KNOW you watched the video…)

Coriander & Allspice 

Have a dip into my creations!

Eggplant, Artichoke and Coriander DipEggplant, Artichoke & Coriander “Martini”

  • 1 small Eggplant, steamed
  • 1 small Green Bell Pepper, chopped
  • 1 can (14 oz) Artichoke Hearts
  • 1/4 – 1/2 cup Vegetable Stock, no salt added
  • 1 – 2 tbs Coriander
  • Salt & Pepper to taste
  • Optional: Olives, Sun Dried Tomatoes and/or Anchovies


  1. Combine all ingredients in a food processor.
  2. Whirl away.
  3. Add salt and pepper to taste.
  4. Use cruditee or your HAND to devour!

AllSpice Pumpkin Dip

All Spiced Up Pumpkin Dip


1. See above recipe instructions! These dips are not rocket science!


 So Tell Me…

  • What herb or spice did you buy 10 + years ago yet have not used since?
  • Would you rather go skinny dipping with Justin Bieber or Danny Devito or Rosie O’Donnell?
  • Do you have a signature dip recipe? If so, do share! 
  • Confession alert: Have you ever been in trouble with the law?
  • Tell me a skinny dipping story!  

PS: I didn’t ACTUALLY get in trouble with the law (just in case you didn’t figure it out already, ha!) and I am thrilled to report that I have never been either… Shoot, did I just jinx myself… Never say never… Wait, did I also just quote a Justin Bieber song? The kid is a BAD INFLUENCE I tell ya!

Don’t forget to check out my fellow BRILLIANT RECIPE REDUX-ER’s RECIPES!!! You will regret it if you don’t! 

GiGi Dubois thumbs up

By the way, Cuisinart was AMAZING enough to gift me with that phenomenal food processor! It is officially a staple in my kitchen… Oven, Fridge, Food Processor… How I went this long without one is BEYOND me!


  1. Not skinny dipping, but I did get locked out of my house naked once. Don’t ask.

  2. You would definitely have the cutest mug shot IF You did get in trouble with the law. Love cooking with spices and herbs- flavor!!!

    • AH! Now you’re jinxing me too about getting arrested! LOL! 😉 Maybe if I bring LAPD these dips, they’ll let me off easy! ha ha

  3. Mmm! Pumpkin dip sounds awesome! I never know what to do with eggplant so I’ll give that dip a try for sure the next time I pick one up and use less than half of it :)

    I don’t think I have any spices from 10 years ago… I tend to buy them at the market (oh so cheap and fresh!) so we go through them really quickly. I am getting a bit of stockpile so maybe in a few years, I’ll find little dried herbs packets all over the place.

    • Ha! I am impressed! I have been known to find herbs that are at least 10 if not MORE years old!!!! It’s crazy to me…. And the funniest thing is, I still use them when I find them! When I go home to visit my dad, I always find 1918943298432 Thyme or Rosemary bottles because my father insists he doesn’t have anymore, lol!

  4. Oh, both of those dips look phenomenal! I’m a sucker for artichokes in anything, so that first one especially calls my name! I know I have several OLD spices in my cupboard right now, including allspice!

  5. Look at you whoring it out with TWO recipes. Skinny dipping and such.

    I call this blog post ‘false advertising with blog headings’

  6. Damn I wish I’d read this post before breakfast cuz that pumpkin dip looks so very good! mid-morning snack it is 😉 I have some cumin I never open because I can’t remember if I like it or not, and never want to risk it! Poor forgotten cumin…

    • The wonderful thing is, breakfast comes EVERY DAY, so there is always tomorrow! 😀

      And I am so like you with Cumin….. Meh, not really my jam, or wait, I am not sure if I like it! ha ha

  7. That eggplant artichoke dip sounds delicious!!

    I’d definitely rather go with Rosie O’Donnell than the Biebs or Danny, she would be hilarious and would probably be the most fun! Who’d you pick?

    • Ha Ha! You’d chose ROSIE! That’s too funny, but hey, she needs some love too! To be honest, I would totally chose Justin, I mean, even though he’s totally a douche……. He’s looking pretty delicious these days! BAH HA HA!

  8. I love this Gigi. What a hoot. My signature dip would probably have to either be my roasted garlic hummus or guacamole. Sounds pretty bornign compared to these two awesome skinny ideas.

    • 😉 I am glad I got you HOOTING! BAH HA HA AH! And hey, garlic hummus is so good – I went for shawarma yesterday and you couldn’t drag me out of the restaurant until I licked my plate and my friend’s plate clean….. Because I am CLASSY like that!

  9. Can you get paid for Skinny Dipping? Cause I need a Food Processor, cause I killed mine while making Almond Butter. Ugh.
    I never got in trouble with the law so far, but I once almost did cause I almost burnt down my office by making microwave popcorn. No shit. Firemen and sirens and blue lights and all that jazz. At least the guys were cute. But they were pissed cause of blonde me. Too bad.
    That pumpkin dip in my belly NOW! Skinny or not!

    • If you could get PAID to go skinny dipping, I’d sign up in a heart beat…. Perhaps there should be a WATER STRIP CLUB invented?!?!?!?!?! It would be like men go to this naked woman aquarium. OMG did I just come up with something absolutely genius?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! AHHH HA HA AH AHA HA HA!

  10. You just said 2 of my favourite words – eggplant and artichoke! YES PLEASE!!
    You are so dang creative in the kitchen. Can you please move to Canada and cook for me full time?! I think this would be best!

    • Hmmmm move to Canada huh?! Well I think I would first need to come visit! HA HA! Can you believe, I have NEVER been?! Will you should me around?!

  11. hahah I always buy spices and then wonder how the heck I’m supposed to use them. All spice in pumpkin dip though? I dig it!

    come to austin
    it’s always warm fer the dippiing!!!

    • I could do Austin! I was actually going to go to UT!! And uh, the MECCA of Whole Foods is in Austin.. Sooooo I do believe it wins against Canada living lol!!!

  13. This post is hilarious and yes, I need to try this dip :-)

  14. I’m thinking the artichoke mix on sandwich’s would be great, and the pumpkin with “chipkins” for a midnight snack. I would never get into the water with any of them, Rosie naked, well it’s Halloween so “Rosie vs Jason” the ultimate show down. Well there was a time when drag racing (cars) had me reprimanded and followed home a few times by PD. By the way the Nuzest protein powder is GREAT !!! good product.

    • If you process some olives in the artichoke mix, I think….. As a sandwich topper it would be OUT OF THIS WORLD! I am going to try this…. In my lettuce wrapped sandwich, but of course. It will certainly be messy, but I am all about being a HOT MESS – right?! 😉

  15. Hahahah you always guarantee to give me a laugh! Justin Bieber huh, didnt know you were into him 😉 As for your martinis, how very clever, and very sophisticated!

  16. Very good title!! had me hooked and seeing what was going on all the way through! Cool recipe.. never heard of the concoction.

  17. Mmmm Pumpkin dip! I guess I can forgive you for posting that terrifying half naked pic of Baby Bieber since you also posted some pumpkin greatness.

  18. That looks like one good dip my friend 😉

  19. Both these dips look great! I use coriander all the time but I don’t think I’ve ever used all spice. I have a couple curry powder blends in my spice drawer that I haven’t used in years. I’m not sure why I’m even keeping them other than I hate throwing things out. But if I haven’t used them yet, the chances are probably that they’re not going to get used!

    • I hate hate hate throwing things out too, I just feel like it’s such a waste – but sometimes, it’s necessary… But how about we wait until Spring Cleaning? LOL!!

  20. I just bought Allspice last week and I’m experimenting with it! I was surprised it was just one plant, but hey, the Jamaicans are so cool, ja know!

    Definitely done the skinny dipping thing, but never been arrested for it! Nice mug shot though :-) Very uplifted :-)

    • What have you been using your Allspice with?!?!?! Do share because now I have a huge jar… And yeah, I mean I could eat my pumpkin dip for days, but I might wanna expand my horizons?

  21. I have a real love affair with skinny dipping. The best skinny dipping story I have (I have a few) is when I was in the Philippines skinny dipping at night… no clue that there were dozens of fisherman in the water on their little boats. Someone turns on a light, spots me… then they all turn on their lights. I yell, “What, never see a naked white girl before?” before running back to the beach (and my clothes). Note: I was very, very drunk.

    • OMFG I LOVE YOU. Please come to LA so we can just go streaking……… And the best part, we will be 10000% sober, LOL!

  22. HAHA I haven’t really been before! Totally down as long as there are no creatures in the water I am in… EW

  23. I live for a good dip. Give me condiments or give me death! (sort of.)

  24. Hot Mess Kitchen! With that mouth you are sure to be the next Chelsea Handler. Ladies and gents – take note! Keep up the amazing work, Gigi 😉

    • Tiff, I love you and miss you and appreciate your support so much!!!! 😀 Any plans to visit Los Angeles again???

  25. mmm love eggplant dips! I’m going to be in LA in a few weeks w hubby and will have a Friday morning free to take an exercise class-anything I can’t miss? Favorite class near Peninsula? Want to have the LA experience-LOL

    • Um wait, hold on… You’re telling me you’re going to be in LA and you want to take an exercise class, but you don’t want to hang out with MOI! LOL!

      So you’re staying in Santa Monica or wait, no, Beverly Hills? Let me do a little research about classes! Or you could just exercise your mouth and have brunch with me! 😉

  26. I want to try both of these!

  27. Lots of recipes that I need to check out. The pumpkin dips looks good too.

  28. Lol…trouble! Love the video. Great round-up of recipes. This is awesome!

  29. I depend on my food processor a lot too! I forced my mom to get one last year and every time I visit home I show her new recipes that she can use the processor for. I think it’s one of those things where you don’t know realize what you’re missing out on until you have one!

  30. You realize martini is a drink that is alcoholic.. WHERE’S THE ALCOHOL!? It all looks delish though – I’m craving pumpkin pie now. Gee thanks 😛 I’d hope you’d have better judgment than to ever follow the influence of Justin Boober.. he’s a brat you can do better 😛 Have a great one GiGi! -Iva

    • Bah ha ha ah! Well I mean, you could definitely add some alcohol if you’d like! 😉 You think tequila would work in this? LOL!!!!!!

      And thanks for thinking I can do better than The Biebs!! 😉

  31. haha that is too funny, i thought you were for real. I dont even want to talk about my spice cabinet, its nothing but a big mess.

  32. hahaha, that would be an adorable mug shot, but I’m glad you didn’t actually get in trouble with the law! 😛 These dips look super good!

    • :) I am not sure I would be allowed to cover some of my face during my mug shot photo taking – But it would be funny to try… However, I don’t think it would be all that funny to… GET IN TROUBLE with the law, lol!

  33. I swear I could just live on dips. I love the stuff!

    • Ha Ha! What is your favorite?! I mean, while I love mine…….. I couldn’t stop licking my plate when I finished my hummus, lol!

  34. HaHa – this intro really made me laugh. I think maybe you should sport the outfit that Nikki Minaji is wearing!!!
    I’ve never tried coriander but I love cilantro so….And, that dip you made sounds really tasty – especially since it is in a martini glass!!!

    • Right? The Martini Glass makes it taste SO MUCH BETTER! LOL! Who would have thought “glass” could be a seasoning?

      And… I totally WOULD wear Nikki’s outfit….. Don’t challenge me because I WILL accept! 😉

  35. The pumpkin dip sounds absolutely wonderful!!

  36. I really don’t think I have any spices from 10 years ago lol. I can’t imagine what they would look like!
    You are a great writer, fun, bright and easy to read!

    • Ah ha ha! They look the same, they’re just very stale and stuck together, you have to bang the jar on the table and risk it cracking in order to get the seasons unstuck! LOL!

      And thank you for the writing compliment!!! :) I adore it!

  37. mmm . . . your pumpkin recipe looks delicious!

  38. I’m a closet nudist and the only thing better than that is being a hidden outdoor nudist! Up here in Canada we have lakes like very 10 miles apart and some how you always get caught skinny dipping even if you have hiked into the bush a few miles. I don’t have any funny stories. I never run or hide when I get caught. I guess that must take some of the adventure out of it.
    Most of my spices are 20 years old. Don’t worry I don’t cook with them. They just make the kitchen look like a cook may have used my kitchen at some point.

    • Bah ha ah ah aha! Your spices are like artifacts in a museum. Or they’re just there for show, like paintings on a wall! 😉

  39. YUM! These dips are so healthy!! I would love some of the pumpkin kind!! With all the pumpkin spice recipes out there, this one is so unique!! Well done GiGi!!

  40. Your posts always crack me up! Love the video! And you had me going for a minute with the skinny dipping haha! I have never tried coriander either, like a few people said, but I use cilantro regularly. That dip sounds really good! I need to buy artichokes and try it! I love trying new things! #wowlinkup

    • You certainly do need to try it, because it will blow your mind! Who would have thought a few simple ingredients could taste so good together :)
      And I am glad I could make you crack up, ha ha!

  41. Hahahaha!!!! You are hilarious …and I like your martini.

  42. Ohhh that food processor is gorgeous, but you’re gorgeous-er. BAHA. I am all over that pumpkin dip!! OM NOM NOM. I have indeed been skinny dipping..I think. I’m not 100% sure…don’t ask me why? It just seems like something I would do and I have a terrible memory. You sure do love your birds (chicken/turkey) but that’s OK because I love chocolate. Not at all the same.

    Yes…yes I am obsessed with pumpkin.

    • BAH HA HA HA HA AH AH AH AH AH! I ADORE the fact that you have no clue whether or not you’ve gone skinny dipping! CLEARLY it was not an epic time, you and I can go and that will be changed!! We can bring chocolate and chicken with us! 😛

  43. I’ve never gone skinny dipping before in my life lol. I loved reading this post. You are so refreshing and funny!

  44. I love love love allspice and put in in cottage cheese with cinnamon a lot. As for neglected spiced in my cabinet…well, despite my love for cilantro I can’t quite get with coriander, I’m afraid. But I’ll take the allspice all the way;)

  45. Wait, what, you didn’t use coriander before? Hellooo, what kind of coriander-less chili have you been eating before??? I actually bought a bag of it at an Indian grocery – cheapo tip! – because I was so desperate after making chili without it, then didn’t get around to having chili again and when the next craving hit bought another bag. Which leaves me with so much coriander I should probably sub it for flour in a gluten-free cookie recipe. Not like anybody would notice ;).
    And we don’t even have a word for skinny-dipping over here but if teenage girls knew they’d do their utmost to get going on that with Justin Bieber. Can I go skinny-dipping with Adam Levine instead?

    • BAH HA HA HA HA CORIANDER COOKIES…. That… Would… Be…… RAUNCHY!!!!! LOL!!!!

      And girl, I don’t eat chili, so I don’t have coriander for it, but if I ever do make chili (challenge accepted?) I will dump the whole jar in there and dedicate it to you! LOL!

      And UH… If you get to go skinny dipping with Adam, then I get Ryan Reynolds!

  46. I really enjoyed watching your skinny dipping video! Wait, that didn’t come out right. 😉 Fun video, really good recipes. Like the martini, but really love the pumpkin dip. And allspice works so well with pumpkin! Good stuff — thanks.

  47. Danielle Stewart says:

    You are cute, funny as hell and totally bizarre….My favorite kind of person! Bulk section at the store…good grief…you would think I would have thought of that! I have my own naked stories 😉

    • I would LOVE to hear your naked stories Danielle! ha ha ha ha! 😉 I am ALL ears, or I guess EYES since you would type me the story, ha ha.

  48. Danny Devito.
    Also, I’m totally someone who can’t stand cilantro. My mom even dragged me into an I Hate Cilantro group on Facebook. They call it the “devil’s weed.”
    Pumpkin dips are wonderful! I love ranch dips. I’d love to hear your version of ranch dip. Maybe I need to dig into the archives..

    • I have yet to make a Ranch revamp….. However, you’re more than welcome to check out the archives regardless, ha ah ah! Maybe I should have said I have one, and sent you on a wild goose chase LOL!

      Have fun seeing a naked Danny Devito. Make sure you DO NOT bring your camera, because I DO NOT want to see that! LOL!!!!! I’ll just be munching on my devil’s weed!

  49. Is it okay to eat this without pants? This is a perfect snack for pants off time. Relax, watch TV and chill!

  50. That spiced pumpkin dip sounds like it would taste amazing, I need to try it!

  51. Unique concoction, just like you 😉

  52. I love your blog!! The oldest spice on my spice rack is some coriander seeds I harvested about 6 years ago. I use ground coriander a bit but usually just buy it…I’m too lazy to grind up the seeds myself :\ when I was a teenager, me and my friend had a bit too much vodka and decided to go skinny dipping…in my parent’s pool…in winter. It was not a good idea, lol.

    • Ah ha ah aha ah aha ha! Did your parents not cover the pool in the winter? That’s too funny. Hot tub drunk skinny dipping is one thing, but just in a straight up pool in the winter, not so good, LOL!

      And thank you for coming by! I am so in love with making new bloggy friends!

  53. You had me at Skinny Dipping! Never went skinny dipping but did go pool hopping at a pool store (it was next to a bar- what else would you do after drinking) and of course cops drove by, but we were slick and stayed under water until they left (seemed smart- again drinking. Any way I’m having a party this weekend and will be adding your dip to our fall menu. How much does it make, I’m having about 40 people (in my house- again will be drinking) Nice to meet you- from BloggerConnection Group and following on Twitter- let’s connect

    • Ah ha ha aha ha! I am glad no one drowned!!! 😮

      And hmmmm this recipe, well, lets just say I ate the entire thing myself, but I mean, I was just eating it with a spoon as a meal, not an appetizer. So I would say that about 4 – 5 cans of pumpkin would do for 40 people. It sounds like a lot, but really, this stuff is GOOD, so it won’t last long 😉 Please DO let me know what you think! If you want it THICKER you can always use unsweetened vanilla coconut yogurt!

  54. Mmmmm sounds yummy!

  55. Your pumpkin dip looks to die for!!!

  56. Cool and original blog!!! Love it

  57. I will say you come up with some interesting recipes. I have so many spices in my pantry I can’t even begin to name. Many I have not used in over 10 years. I actually think I may toss them. The dips look a little interesting but I am not a fan of pumpkin.

    • THANK YOU Diatta! My brain… It always is thinking up some weird things! ha ha.

      Before you toss your herbs, maybe grab one or two and google recipes for them – you never know what you might find? Perhaps… A new favorite!!

  58. Too funny! I love making all types of dips I have to try this, specially the pumpkin .

  59. I would love that Eggplant, Artichoke & Coriander “Martini” while drinking a no quotation mark martini!! You’re the 2nd person using coriander lately, now i think i need to go BUY it so i can use it once and have it sit in my cupboard for a few years 😀

  60. Got a spice rack for my wedding. Many of them are never used. Some of them are constantly being refilled. I wish you could get a spice rack and only choose the spices you ACTUALLY use instead of what comes in the box. I mean…I KNOW I can get little labels and replace the ones I don’t use with things I will but…that seems like work. HA! My friend as an artichoke and spinach dip recipe that is to DIE for! But I’m afraid it’s super not healthy. Maybe you have a healthier version?

    • RIGHT!! I couldn’t agree more! Who the heck is going to use CUMIN – lol!!! I don’t have a clue what to do with that. I got all these herbs and spice racks in Turkey a few years ago and I know I still have a whole bunch, LOL! So I am right there with you!

      And I have yet to re-create an artichoke spinach dip but…. I think it now needs to be in the works!! 😉

  61. You are too funny Gigi! Haha, I have gone skinny dipping before but did not get arrested! And this recipe is right up my alley – I cannot wait to try :) I love coriander and allspice!! And I def. learned something new about coriander today – who knew it’s kind of fun cilantro? LOVE!

    • WOO WOO! Today was very productive for you then, ha ha ah aha! Learning something new every day is always the best :)

  62. We don’t have “all spice” in the UK so we make our own mix. I always thought that coriander and cilantro were exactly the same thing! Well, here the word “cilantro” does not exist so we speak of coriander and coriander seeds. Also, we don’t have that BIG can of libby’s pumpkin pure… too bad we can only buy a small one. Can you see how many things I learned for your post today? I should move to the States….

    • AHHH HA HA HA AH AH HA HA AH! Everything is BIGGER in the US 😉 Bah ha ah! Not necessarily a good thing though, so you might be better off in the UK!

  63. This DIP looks like a DERISHUS ONE! Oh and we need to plan our fun video, big news coming girl BIG NEWS

  64. I love this post! What a great way to introduce some fun dips. I don’t have a lot of spices in my cabinet, but I’d love to try out some new ones.

  65. Wait, there’s a bulk aisle of the grocery store? For the spices? I really have to look for that. These recipes look good. I didn’t even know that coriander was cilantro, which I actually really like.

    Thank you for linking up with Creative Style Linkup! Have a blessed weekend!

    Your co-host, April

    • Thee certainly is a bulk aisle!!! You NEED TO check it out – your world will be forever changed! ha ha! 😉 And it sounds like your world may already be changed now that you know coriander and cilantro are one in the same, ha ha!

  66. Well…… being that I am not a cook & lazy at that, I have lots of old shit in my cupboard!!! :)

    You have fun & I love that about you!!!!!

    You are not leaving LA & all the amazing progress you have made there with your career!!! :)

  67. I completely forgot about coriander being cilantro!! You’re right haha I never, ever use coriander. I have used allspice before but had no idea it’s a dried fruit! So many fun facts. I went skinny dipping when I was in high school for 0.5 seconds with a few girlfriends. Not a great story haha

    • AH HA HA HA! But I want to hear this STORY regardless! ha ha ah! 😉 How about I make up some dip and we can chat, lol.

  68. I think I may have spices that are about 20 years old! Scary!

  69. Awesome dips!! Cant wait to try these.

  70. I don’t know what has me laughing more – your post or the comments? Always fun!

  71. I’ve never been skinny dipping but I have gone streaking with some of my high school girlfriends. I was dared to run around – in the nude – in the SNOWY backyard. It was all fun and games until my friends parents came home! The girls ended up closing the curtains and locking me outside on the back porch until the parents left the room. Thanks girls.

    • OMFG I AM DYING! This is HYSTERICAL!!! I WOULD HAVE BEEN soooooo mad at my friends but then would have just burst out laughing! I hope you took a hot shower after that. That is when a sauna is necessary!

  72. You crack me up every time I am here!! No skinny dipping for me, thank you! Unless of course it is in the form of your “martini”…that looks so delicious! I could eat that for lunch.The pumpkin one looks good too, but I have a thing for eggplant! I do have some old spices…they are mostly Indian ones (I do love Indian food, but my kids don’t like it as much as me). Coriander and allspice I go through like crazy because my husband is part Lebanese and those are both used a lot! Thanks for sharing this with us at Foodie Fridays – pinning and sharing!!

    • YOU need to share some Coriander and Allspice recipes with me!!!!!!! Does your husband cook you a lot of SHAWARMA?!?! That’s my favorite dish on the face of the planet! I AM OBSESSED! 😀

  73. This looks delicious, GiGi, and I’m a huge fan of cilantro. It really makes the dish! I’m all about herbs and spices in my recipes so I don’t think I have any spices I haven’t used – except saffron – and I’m not buying that damn thing again, lol. It’ll cost a paycheck these days!
    Love the video, and love the pumpkin chips! I had asparagus chips awhile ago and they were awesome. If you haven’t had them, I should send you some. They are made by a local guy here – fabulous!
    I have a skinny dipping story but it’s too long to put here, lol.
    That pic of Justin Bieber is damaging my retinas and my Canadian pride!!

  74. Gah do spices even have an expiry date…if so, I dread to imagine what’s going on in my insides- I’m pulling out old spices and trying to make use of them! Love the sound of that pumpkin dip- hello Fall!

    • Yes they do – ha ha ah aha! BUTTTTT nothing will happen to you if you eat old spices, they are just stale, so don’t worry 😉

  75. I LOVE coriander. I can’t wait to try that one!

  76. This recipe sounds delicious! And I love the video- you have awesome tv presence!

  77. Those poor lonely spices in your cupboard for 10 years! I love cooking with them and run out often and must replenish. Those gems add such zing and they are packed with good-for-you nutrients and antioxidants. Please don’t exclude them anymore :))

    Love your dips here and anything in a martini glass is okay by me. Darling!

    • I am impressed that you use herbs and spices up the wazoo! I really need to adopt your cooking methods! I run out of SALT in about 5 seconds though< LOL!

  78. Hello GiGi! You are hilarious, girl! I love your blog. I like the Eggplant, Artichoke & Coriander Martini dip. I’m going to pin it so that I can try it later. I bought turmeric once for some recipe I wanted to try. I haven’t used it since. It’s been sitting somewhere in the dark crevices of my cupboard for months. I rather wear Nicki Minaj’s outfit than go skinny dipping with any of those people! Ha,ha,ha,ha! 😉

    • Poor turmeric, however, I have the same lonely jar of turmeric in my pantry too, LOL!!! Maybe ours should meet and be friends? BA HA HA HA AH – now that was a weird comment!

      I think I might wear Nicki’s outfit for Halloween? Or perhaps Monday… LOL

  79. This recipe looks FANTABULOUS 😀
    As for skinny dipping… hmm… not going to lie may have been there 😉

    Choc Chip Uru

  80. That pumpkin dip looks good as all get out. ALL get out. And skinny dipping… well I used to be a lifeguard many summers ago. Then I was head lifeguard and I had keys to the city pool. So……… maybe??? 😉

  81. Never have I ever been skinny dipping, but I did have to take a “naked pizza” lap around my BF’s fraternity house in college…Obviously I chose to run around naked rather than buy them pizza.

    Totally digging that pumpkin dip!!

    • Ah ha ha aha ha aha ha aha ha h! You would rather run around naked then buy pizza? I mean, I guess if you had to buy the WHOLE FRAT pizza, it makes sense, but if it was like one pie… Then hmmmm I am questioning your decision, HA HA AH HA! 😉

  82. You crack me up – love reading your posts because I never know which way they are going to go :) I have coriander too and I rarely use it but this is one recipe I’ll be trying as it sounds divine!

  83. I really REALLY like the idea of this dip. Oh yeah, and Nicki definitely didn’t have to wear that…but she IS Nicki. Who wrote a song called Anaconda. Yeah….Haha! Loved the post, Gigi!

  84. That pumpkin dip recipe looks WAAAAAY better than the Justin Bieber situation! ugh….
    Thanks for the great recipes…I jut cleaned out my spice cabinet and was embarrassed at the old spices half used!

  85. What an interesting post, and an interesting concept for a blog. Congrats!

  86. Ooh, these look great! Especially the pumpkin one 😀 There’s no way I’m skinny dipping in the North sea here haha, that would definitely be a form of torture. I know plenty of people who seem to find it fun though, lol!

  87. I have some saffron that I bought years and years ago for one recipe, but it’s so expensive that I refuse to throw it out. I’m sure the second I do, I’ll need it in a new recipe!

  88. You are SO durn cute! And that pumpkin dip looks amazing! Thanks for linking up at the #homematters linky party! We hope to see you again this Wednesday! :)

  89. I am a firm believer that skinny dipping in the ocean is —> best idea ever! I do it every summer when I am home :)

    But as I get older, I should probably start dipping more veggies than my body! 😉 Both these dips look awesome!

  90. Hi GiGi,
    Yum! Such delish dips! Perfect for seasonal parties! Thank you so much for sharing these healthy and delicious Egpplant and Pumpkin dip recipes
    at the Healthy, Happy, Green and Natural Party Blog Hop. I can’t wait to make them.

  91. love the dips, very interesting recipes!

  92. Thanks for coming and linking up at #The Weekend Social. Please be sure to come back next week starting Thursdays at 9PM EST on ! I hope to see you there! Pinned

  93. Omg I am not a fan of Nicki or Justin!!! Especially Justin, I’ve heard nothing but bad things about how he treats people and his fans.
    That dip sounds good except I don’t like eggplant too much, but zucchini is a good replacement! Some spices I have that I hardly ever use are coriander and turmeric. I’m a big chili powder and cumin powder girl because I love Mexican food!

  94. Well, I think we found our collab episode. We can use your food processor to make some HOT sauce!! I’m going to grow my own peppers and onion and maybe the garlic, too. I’ll go ahead and buy some vinegar. We’ll get you hot and sweaty and you’ll want to go skinny dippin, FOR REALSIES!


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