Revamp Your Resolution

Who is having trouble staying on the New Year Resolution bandwagon? It really should be required that everyone wear a SEATBELT at all times (on that bandwagon of course)!

Panda Fell off Slide

Ouch! That has got to hurt!

Are you kidding me? Did you really dig into your emergency stash of Twinkies you tackled 15 people for when you heard Hostess was going out of business?

Resolutions make you do some crazy things (obviously)… And it’s about that time of the year when you start to think:

“Aw, to hell with it!”

Don’t let this mindset invade your brain! 

stop sign

Jennifer Hudson, Julianne Hough and Ben Affleck all stopped by GiGi Eats Celebrities to SAVE YOUR RESOLUTION(S) and help you throw that “I give up” thinking into the trash..

Weight Loss Inspiration:

From a wannabe to…

Jennifer Hudson Weight Loss

A Sexy Superstar and Oscar winner!

Jennifer’s Trick: Quality over quantity. 

“What people need to know is that if you don’t eat what you want, then you’ll just continue to eat, because you’re not fulfilled,” she says. If you have a hankering that you can’t shake, “figure out a concoction that tastes like what you’re craving,” she says. “Like, if you eat cashews and an apple together, it tastes exactly like a caramel apple, I promise!”


Work Promotion Inspiration:

From a “nobody” professional dancer on Dancing With The Stars to…

Julianne Hough Dancing

A well known movie star (of mediocre films) and girlfriend of Ryan Seacrest

Footloose Movie Poster

Julianne’s Trick: Find your niche, excel at it and then capitalize on it.

“Honestly, I don’t know what I would do, if I didn’t have dancing in my life. It’s all I really know. From when I was born, my dad would dance with me in his arms, and I would watch my siblings dancing around in the living room. I just grew up with that. That was just my life. It’s just a part of who I am. I’d feel a little bit dead inside, if I didn’t have dancing.”


Quit Smoking Inspiration:

From soot-filled chimney to…

Ben Affleck Smoking

Family man with a plan (and future… smoking kills – just saying!)

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner and Kids

Ben’s Trick: Be a good role model to those who look up to you.

“I finally decided to quit smoking when I found out I was going to have a child. That was the thing that sort of put it over the top for me. I decided to go to a hypnotist. You sit in a chair and the hypnotist sips water and just talks to you for an hour, and explains how nicotine is poison. All of a sudden, I thought, ‘this is asinine that I’ve been doing this to myself for all these years.’ My last cigarette was on November 10th, 2005, and I feel a huge difference in my health now that I don’t smoke. I feel like I’m in better shape than I was five years ago.”


It’s time to BUCKLE UP IN THE RESOLUTION’S BANDWAGON (and uh, when you’re actually driving too)! If you don’t… You will get a ticket from the New Year Resolution cops… And that fine is QUITE EXPENSIVE!!!

If you feel completely at a loss… you may also be able to lose weight naturally with hypnosis!

“Cheers to a new year and another chance to get it right.” – Oprah Winfrey 

What resolutions are you trying to stick with? How do you keep on trucking?


  1. Jennifer Hudson should be a lot of poeples inspiration for loosing weight because she has a healthy mindset and didn’t do anything crazy like eat baby food…

  2. Well, I allways keep an extra five lbs. on, can’t say it hurts but I only have a 4 pack :(
    I have never made a resolution but there are many actors and everyday people who can be a inspiration. GiGi, you have made me think twice about certain food’s. So my first resolution ever will be to follow your advice this year and also enjoy the humor. A two for one. :)

    • Hey, if you’re comfortable with the 5 extra LBS than that’s completely fine :) And hey, at least you have a 4 pack, that’s better than LOADS of people in this world, lol.

      And you know what, my resolution is to keep the humor and interesting fact and perhaps… education coming to you FULL BLAST!! I definitely WONT be quitting at all, and it really is thanks to your support! :)

  3. Life is way too short to sit on the couch. Motivating myself with clean eating and exercise allows me to have more energy and focus on the things that really matter. It also allows me to keep up with the doggies even if they want to go for a walk in -20 degree weather. That’s not exercise that’s just love for my animals. HA!

    Thanks for your article it helps me keep on track and makes me think about myself rather than everything else.

    • Oh -20 degree weather! It’s so funny to hear/see you say that because you’re so non-chalant (sp?) about it… Everyone out here in LA is FREAKING OUT because the temperature is under 50 degrees in the morning! Little do people in LA know… That WY has to deal with -50 (at times)… Throughout the winter! LOL – LIFE GOES ON!

  4. Jennifer Hudson is amazing! I love her story and the fact that she is real and not at I’m better than you like some other celebs. Jessica Simpson I’m looking at YOU!

    Changing your diet and being aware of what goes in your mouth are my goals for this year. Also watching the Golden Globes all I could think was: do you remember that Ben A was engaged to J.LO? That was weird.

    I have no opinions on Julianne. She’s pretty but I don’t really know anything about her. Great post!

    • I am stoked to hear your goals, they are great ones! :) Do you have a specific plan you’re following or are you just simply trying to eat clean? I will support you 10000% because clean eating is pure genius! :) And OMG YES I totally remember when Ben & J.Lo were engaged, SO WEIRD! I think they bumped into each other at the GGs too, lol, AWKWARD! Ben and Jen Garner make SO MUCH MORE sense!

      And I agree with you about Julianne, but… I am completely IN LOVE with her brother Derek, from Dancing With The Stars… LOL! My resolution this year is to FIND HIM! 😉

  5. I just say No to resolutions and keep focusing on building a healthy lifestyle. It is always a battle with lots of ups and downs. Thant and if I plan one specific goal I never hit it. One thing I plan on working on this year is living in the present, not really a resolution just a shift of mindset

    • No I like that A LOT… I like GOALS as opposed to resolutions too, I don’t have any resolutions either, just things I want to work on!

      Speaking of working… I still plan on writing something for you, I absolutely, positively promise, by the end of the month, YOU WILL HAVE SOMETHING from me! I have been extremely busy, this is the CRAZY time in LA, lol!

  6. No real resolution for me other than to accept change this year. And Jennifer Hudson? Talk about a transformation!

    • Accepting change is a good one! I need to work on that too, I can FAR too comfortable!!! And seriously, Jennifer Hudson is AMAZING and so under rated!

  7. Jennifer Hudson is amazing! She seems like such a nice person. And that voice?? WOW! Did you see her sing “I Will Always Love You” right after Whitney died last year?? TEARS, I tell you. Nothing but tears streaming down my face.

    • Doesn’t she? I would love to be her best friend because she just seems so trustworthy, definitely one of the few in Hollywood!! She does have a stunning voice too. If she were my best friend, I would ask her to record a little CD for me, that I could play as I fall asleep at night, a little lullaby, LOL!

  8. So glad Ben gave up cigs; he looks so much sexier now!
    I’ve given up added sugar (again…I’m so good at it I can do it over and over and over…). So far, so good and I’m not even missing it.

    • YAY!!! I am rooting for you! Lets make sure you NEVER go back to sugar again! I am 10 years sugar-free! I can help you! 😉

  9. Hahah, what a great post! I was giggling all while reading it. I don’t know what it is about Jennifer Hudson, but she annoys the ever living daylights out of me. I mean, I get it, she looks FANTASTIC, but I’m tired of her belting at me on a weight watchers commercial.

    • Ah ha ha ha ha! Oh Jen can definitely rub some people the wrong way. I think she has done amazing things in terms of her transformation, but I TOTALLY AGREE with you ABOUT HER SINGING ON THE WEIGHT WATCHERS COMMERCIALS – Shush, just tell us you lost weight, that’s it. I mean we all know that weight loss doesn’t always result in having an AMAZING VOICE! Ah ha ha! Actually I have heard the opposite! LMFAO – Thanks for stopping by by the way :)

  10. Hi Gigi!

    Great post! Not into resolutions as most times they fail. More into setting new year goals such as eating a cleaner diet and sticking to a new fitness schedule. I was a trainer at one time so I know the pitfalls and struggle people have. Heck – even I stil love my craft beer and pancakes! Don’t get me started on bacon! Jennifer Hudson is a great example, but I’m sure being wealthy with a personal chef, nutritionist, trainer, and professional wrestler husband also gave her a leg up over folks like us! I wish I was her! Yeah, I’m all jelly!

    Love your blog!

    • Exactly, resolutions are made to be BROKEN! Goals on the other hand are MADE SO YOU CAN KEEP THEM! I have tons of goals, no resolutions 😉

      And you’re right, celebrities definitely have it easy, THANKS $$ – LOL! (And uh, speaking of her pro-wrestling boyfriend… Did you ever by chance hear of or see a show called I LOVE NEW YORK? Well, her boyfriend was ON THAT reality show, LOL…It’s definitely worth googling if you have never heard of it)

      PS: Bacon is a health food, haven’t you heard? You can eat it EVERY day and live to 200 years old! LOL.

  11. Amber @ ExSoyCise says:

    J. Hud looks killer! Good for her! I don’t make resolutions, but I did commit to doing a Paleo 21 day sugar detox, I am on day 15 and going strong!

    • YAY!! I have faith in you, I also have faith that after these 21 days you will want to stay sugar-free! How are you feeling thus far? Are you through the withdrawal phase yet? I have been sugar free for 10 years! If you need advice, food ideas, etc, don’t hesitate to ask away! :)

  12. My resolution is to hang out with people that are AWESOME. Like you.

  13. No resolutions for me, I hate em! I like to live healthy every day of the year (I know you know what’s up wit dat.) I get annoyed when people make huge resolutions that I know are unrealistic. I do make goals though. Like for this year my goal is to run 4 half marathons. Boom. Done. Well not done yet, but will be! Plus it’s realistic.

    Jennifer Hudson is a BABE now..holy bombshell. I’ve always loved Julianne too, I did my prom hair like one of her dancing with the stars styles. Hmm this comment wasn’t funny enough, or dramatic…so imagine a sloth throwing poop and failed resolutioners. Or that was weird haha.

    • Ironically enough, I have been the target of a sloth throwing poop before. It was interesting and lets just say, I needed multiple showers after that episode… 😉

  14. I always love your posts! Great celebrity resolution tips!

  15. I’ve actually been really goo with my junk-free January… until I got sick. But whatever – when the stomach bug bites, you gotta eat whatever you can keep down.

    • Aw no! Stupid sickness, always getting in the way and messing with our lives when we really just DONT NEED THAT!!! Well I hope you get better soon! I recommend QUERCETIN to everyone who is sick or feels as if they’re getting sick – It’s a miracle worker! :)

  16. Good suggestions, Gigi!

    Years ago, I got fit. It felt so good it was a feeling I never wanted to lose.

    Haven’t needed resolutions since then. :-)

    This is very disappointing:

    • HECK YES IT IS! WOW – I need to delete him off my post!!!!! Although, I am just going to stay in denial and PRETEND it’s not true!! LOL. Also, that was posted almost a year ago, so Jen could have set him straight since then! 😉

  17. Haha! This is so great! I loved all the examples you gave, especially the one about smoking. People always hear all about successful weight loss stories, but rarely do I hear successful stories about people giving up smoking. It should be more publicized so people know that it can be done!!

    • I know, the weight loss stories are a DIME A DOZEN, but of course, I had to include at least one! 😉 I love seeing people who have been successful at quitting smoking! I am not sure what’s worse, being a chain smoker or obese!! But they’re both horrible!

  18. Love this! You are the best Gigi! I love Jennifer Hudson :)

  19. Love your blog! I’ll have to try Jennifer Hudson’s trick with cashews and apples. :)

  20. Great inspirations! I’m taking the ‘find your niche’ piece to heart. :)

    • That’s great! It’s super important to find your niche because it makes you feel as if you have a purpose in life! :) What have you discovered to be your niche?

  21. I call them goals instead of resolutions. I found that helps me. I have 9 total – 3 running, 3 healthy eating, 3 personal. I broke them into small achievable things and then planned out how I would accomplish them. I am trying to set myself up for success.

    • I completely agree, no resolutions for me either, just GOALS! :) Did you create a GOAL board? You sound so organized! I am so impressed!! Perhaps I need your help on how I can achieve my goals! LOL! 😉

  22. I don’t really make resolutions. But I do use the new year to stop eating all the holiday treats and to get back on track. It’s not what you eat between Christmas and New Years that matters. It’s what you eat between New Years and Christmas.

    And, I believe that if you are craving something, you shouldn’t deny yourself the treat. In moderation of course.

    • Much agreed! No resolutions here either, just goals! I love that saying: You need to watch what you eat between New Years & XMas! LOL!! It’s so true 😉

  23. I love Jennifer Hudson! I believe everything is good in moderation! And if you work out, you can’t stomach the same deep friend stuff you used to!

    • Yeah, I can’t stomach deep friends either, LOL, jk jk!! But in all seriousness, it’s true, why would you want to undo all of your hard work with a Fried chicken wing? So not worth it!!! 😉

  24. I’m not huge on resolutions, because I feel like they invoke a lot of pressure that doesn’t last more than a few months. But you celeb examples are all people who have not just set a resolution but CHANGED THEIR LIVES. That’s the ticket (and not the expensive kind!). Thanks for the reminders!

    • Exactly! I don’t do resolutions either, but a lot of people do… I am so glad that Jennifer Hudson trimmed down and Ben Affleck quit smoking, these people are good role models to have! Julianne Hough… Meh, LOL!!!

  25. I love Jennifer Hudson. I think she was a much better pic over Jessica Simpson for weight watchers.

    I never really make resolutions as I find its easier to drop off than if I were to keep consistent goals regularly. It works for me.

    Great post.

    • To me, Jessica Simpson is NOT someone to aspire to be. In her WW ad she is pregnant with her second child, which I find kind of funny actually. The only images I have ever seen her in, have been hear noshing on burgers, fried foods, etc… I have never once seen her eat say a… salad!!! LOL.

      And I agree with you, no resolutions for me either!

  26. Good on you for posting the darker side of falling off the bandwagon – but giving such constructive advice for getting back on it!

  27. omg julianne hough is SO freaking HOT. god i love her. haha girl crush over here! it’s true what she said though, find your niche! i love choreographed workout classes as well as spin and bootcamp. i stick to those and don’t force myself to go running or anything i do not want to do. i excel at what i love!
    i also love jennifer’s suggestion of eating what you want. eating a nice moderate portion of cheese is better than eating tons and tons of 100 calorie packs that are full of processed fakeness. not that one or two of them isn’t good every now and then 😉

    • EXACTLY!!! Moderation of whole, natural foods is key!! Oh and while you may have a girl crush on Julianne, I have a SERIOUS crush on her brother, Derek! 😉

  28. love this! and jennifer hudsons awesome, i like how shes not one of those master cleanse crazy people and still looks great!

    • Exactly! I swear if I met her, I would be her best friend (or try) because she seems really down to earth, unlike a lot of celebrities!!