Sharing The SamePlate

I have a confession to make.

Yes, GiGi did say that!

And no it’s not that I was one of the fembots in Austin Powers, The Spy Who Shagged Me. (Uh…. How old was I in 1999!)

GiGi Dubois as a FemBot in Austin powers

Photoshop is so much easier than getting a boob job!

It’s that I… Hate. Abhor. Detest. Loathe. Despise…


Spaghetti Squash in GiGi's Mouth


Don’t you dare try and take food off my plate, unless you want your arm severed off with my knife.

Don’t bother even asking for a bite either, unless you want my laser beam eyes to melt you into a pile of matter.

The food that is served to me is… MINE! Not yours. Mine! If you want it, order your own!


Even during the holiday season, I WILL NOT SHARE FOOD!

Wow, I sound bat-shit crazy… Well, if you’ve read my blog in the past, you sort of know, I AM!

Crazy GiGi

My greedy and weird food habits make for some very interesting first dates… (Some men may think dating me is worse than getting in a car accident?)

However, if I were to sign up for, a dating website based on your specific food preferences, my perspective dates would know that I might rip their arms off with my teeth, if they do in fact try to sample some of my Unagi! 

Unagi Sashimi

The creator of, Jeff Nimoy, has a very peculiar diet, just like me (however I don’t think he envisions throwing his dates in pools of lava when they attempt to sample his food), which is why he started this like site. functions like any other dating web site; you sign up, enter your basic information including your personality likes and dislikes, but this site has the added element of showcasing members specific food preferences… From their favorite foods to the food they cannot be within ten yards of.

GiGi Eating Off The Floor

 Get those pork chops… AWAY FROM ME!

“Advertising” your aversion to meat and/or your allergy to gluten will allow you to find someone else who eats the “same plate” that you do… And they will HOPEFULLY ORDER THEIR OWN PLATE! 

Jeff and I have been friends ever since I moved to Los Angeles, so when he decided he wanted to make a commercial showcasing what is all about, he recruited me, because he knows… I have a very interesting relationship with food.. 

Lights Camera Action commercial

Grab a fork and knife, and dig in!


  • Tell me about your worst date EVER!
  • What is the worst food you could possibly eat on a date?
  • What are your thoughts on dating websites? 
  • Isn’t Jeff a GENIUS?!
  • Would you go on a date with me, even if it means risking your limbs!? 
  • When was the last time you saw any Austin Powers movies?
  • Do you like sharing food?


  1. I miss the Austin Powers movies! I also am like you and can’t stand sharing food! My husband just thinks I’m mean since he’s a big food sharer :) My oldest daughter is just like me and a big food hoarder. I’m also guilty of giving myself the biggest piece of whatever I cook. Hey I cooked it right? My husband and I would never be together if we met in a sameplate deal. Our natural preferences are totally opposite and he is way pickier than me! Somehow we manage to eat all the same meals now but that is a lot of hard work and planning on my part :)

    • AH HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! You and I are TWINS Michele! I have no idea how to cook for more than one person because I want the biggest piece, aka: ALL OF IT! ah ha ah! I am glad you didn’t go on SamePlate then, I am glad you were able to find your husband even though you’re complete opposites! lol! Opposites attract, right?

  2. This is perfect for you Gigi! I can just see your face as your date tries to steal a bit of salmon off your plate. But seriously, it does help to have similar eating habits as your spouse. My husband have similar food likes/dislikes so it does make food prep easy.

    • Oh man, if someone tried to take salmon off my plate, they would meet their maker – AH HA AH…

      Happy to hear that you and your husband have similar likes/dislikes – 😀

  3. I act all nice about sharing food with my friends when really, if i packed my own healthy food, I DON’T WANT TO SHARE! I’ve already calculated the calories and macros and they’re just gonna mess me up!

    • Ugh! OMG that’s so flipping annoying, I would be so irked if people were taking my food after I calculated all of that stuff, because I am not a numbers girl AT ALL so calculating in general is a huge chore for me! LOL!

  4. I would literally be divorced or dead if my hubs didn’t allow me to eat off his plate. My mom says I’ve been doing this since I was a kid. It could literally be the same food…I still want to try theirs!

  5. Awesome commercial! And the website is a really cool idea. Jeff is definitely a genius 😀

    I have no problems sharing food unless it’s chocolate. Then I might share a little but definitely without a smile on my face haha. So the only date we could go on would be a dessert date?…

  6. You are so funny! I feel the same way…well, I don’t mind sharing by giving you some of what I’ve got from my plate to yours, but PLEASE don’t pick at my plate. Especially with your fingers. Obviously I have kids. Great post, so glad someone feels the same way!

    • OMG WITH YOUR FINGERS – that is hard core disgusting!! And I agree with you, if I am feeling generous, I will give you a little piece of my food to sample (and if I don’t like what I am eating, I was give it all, LOL)… But don’t you DARE yank it from my plate!!! I will cut you! LOL!

  7. I’m gonna guess.. you were nine in 1999. I was 19 so it’s only fair.
    Also. That commercial is genius. Also the idea is genius.
    My worst date? Well one of my friends dumped a guy we were all friends with, so it wasn’t weird to go to a movie with him since he was a good friend. Except he was using me to get back at her! Ew.

  8. I never-ever shared food until I got married. And then your life is no longer your own – especially with kids :) Not only that stashed piece of chocolate mysteriously disappears from the top shelf of a kitchen cabinet, but turn away for a second and your entire meal can disappear from your plate.
    That’s just my family. I would chop anybody else’s arm if they tried sampling my food!

    • Ugh, perhaps this is why I may NEVER get married? I think even my future kids would fear their lives if they tried to eat food off my plate, LOL!

  9. OMG I am the same way. It makes me so mad! I used to work in a restaurant and people would take food from each other’s plates all the time on break. When it happened to me, I would be planning their death as they chewed.

    • AH HA HA HA AH AH AH! I am so glad I am NOT the only one, LOL!!!!!!!! Did you get fired for ripping someone’s arm off? LOL!

  10. Oh, that idea is fabulous! I have a male friend who is meeting women on and he constantly complains that the minute they order he knows they’ll never work out. He’s a really healthy eater and it never fails that his date orders the most calorie-laden, unhealthy dish on the menu, lol.
    I don’t mind sharing my food as long as they don’t take too much! lol. My ex used to eat his really fast and then start in on mine. That’s why he’s my EX!
    Love the commercial! I bet his business will be a huge hit. :)

    • My sister actually met her husband on – she clearly found a man who accepts her and her food issues for what they are! He is clearly the perfect man! LOL.

      AND OMG ah ha ha ha ha! I swear I will have an EX because he kept taking food from my plate! DEAL BREAKER!

  11. I don’t mind sharing my food if ASKED. I HATE it when people (that is secret code for my hubster) reach over to my plate to grab a bite. Yeah, I’ll bite you! All of you. Gotta go sharpen my fork tines now just in case. PYP GIgi! (Protect Your Plate)

    • PYP – HELL YES! And honestly, with my dirty mind… PYP has so many different meanings! AHHHHH HA HA HA!

  12. Oh sweet Lord, that Austin Powers photo just had me lol. Nicely done! I am most definitely not a food sharer and it annoys me when I am eating and someone reaches across into my plate… even my fiance. And your friend Jeff is definitely on to something. People don’t realize how uncormfortable it can get when the other person makes snide remarks about what you eat or don’t simply because it is different.

    • I keep laughing at the Austin Powers picture too, not gunna lie – AH HA HA! And ugh, just THINKING about someone reaching across the table and grabbing at the best looking piece of grilled chicken on my plate makes me want to tear their eyes out… or cry! LOL!

  13. I don’t like sharing food either! That’s a hilarious concept. I’m a vegetarian and my husband is a total carnivore wonder what they would think about that!

  14. Too bad they didn’t have spaghetti squash on the menu like in your photo, that would have really impressed your date :-)

    Worst date food: Beans!!

    I do think it’s good (but not necessary) if couples have similar eating styles.

    I think it’s possible to meet a great person on a dating site, but they are like diamonds in a haystack.

    This is how I would order for our date, lol!
    “I assume the tuna is wild caught, on a long line, not netted, and no innocent dolphin or other unintended victims of the callous fishing industry were harmed in any way? I would like it dry grilled, with no sugar, salt or oil of any kind on the fish before or after cooking. I would like a plain baked potato with that with nothing on it, though you can bring the toppings on the side for GiGi. For the house salad, please, no cheese, croutons, bacon, or any meat product, and the dressing on the side also. If there is an order of vegetables with this, please, I would like them steamed with no salt, oil or butter, just plain, thank you! Also I’d like a spoon (a knife and fork were already on the table) so I can dip it into the fresh spring water you will provide and dilute the salad dressing and other condiments on the table to a more reasonable calorie count for the more normal amount I will choose to use.
    “Oh, yes, before I forget, please bring a small box, so I can put half the meal in it, since your portions are so generous!”

    • OMG I LOVE YOU! SERIOUSLY LOVE YOU! I need to meet you on SamePlate! AH HA HA! And then we need to go out and then get married, LMFAO!!!! If I overheard you ordering this way at a restaurant, I would probably get up from my seat, applaud you and then high five you! LOL!!!

  15. Wow going on a date and never having to risk the horrifying smell of hot squash or sweet potatoes invading my space ruining my dinner and forcing me to breath through my napkin. What a concept!!! My mother always serves squash for special occasions and I always lose weight. I am certain she deliberately designs it so I have to pass the bowl repeatedly.
    I went on a date once with my top inside out. I wondered why the waitress kept looking at me. When my date said goodnight to me at my door he reached for my collar and told me he had been wondering all night what this was about. This was the facing of my top. Luckily I thought it was more funny than embarrassing.

    • AH HA HA HA AHA HA HA AH!!!! Shirt inside out, SO FUNNY – I love this story, I wish this was filmed! 😉

      And YES! You don’t like squash, which means… If we ever went out to eat, they’d be ALL MINE! he he he!

  16. Hilarious!! My husband and I used to eat off each other’s plates a little… I think we quit doing that when we had our daughter and I kind of miss it ! ;D

    • You miss eating off each other’s plates?! You may be the only person I know who does, LOL! Well, I think you can easily start again or do you think that might form bad habits in your daughter? ha ha.

  17. I love sharing food. My husband and I always share our food when we are out to eat, as both of us always want to order more than one thing, so we get to try half of 2 things this way :)

  18. If I weren’t engaged, I would totally be all over this dating website. Food is a major part of my life, so I need people in my life who understand that. I’m pretty good about sharing though – unless it’s dessert. Back yo spoons and forks away from my sugar/fattening deliciousness.

  19. I don’t like sharing my food either! When my husband and I first started dating, he would eat food off my plate and I thought it was so rude! He still does it and I still think it’s rude! lol

  20. HaHa – that commercial clip is awesome!!!
    Years ago, I signed up for one of those online things (before they were “cool”) – when I got to the restaurant and saw the guy, I turned around and left without ever telling him who I was (he did not match his description in any way!!!).
    I’m not a big fan of sharing – I don’t even like to share off the same plate with my family – Chris thinks it’s perfectly acceptable to make me a drink and then drink some of it – I always tell him to get his own!!!

    • I HAVE HAD THE EXACT SAME EXPERIENCE! When I was in college, oh man, was a horrific experience, and funnily enough, after that, I swore off online dating and a week later I found my boyfriend – IN REAL LIFE! lol!

  21. HAHA love this idea! I don’t get too upset with sharing food with my bf- EXCEPT when it’s dessert and he eats faster than me so he finishes his “half” quicker and I’m like UHHHH NO just because you eat quicker doesn’t mean you get more! Haha, don’t mess with dessert :)

    • AH HA HA HA! Oh man, no – no sharing of the desserts, you two need to order those separate! You can certainly share an entree, but dessert – SEPARATE PLATES PEOPLE! LOL!

  22. Not THIS is interesting!! worst date? When I had to slip into the bathroom to have a girlfriend call me back so I could leave and say she needed my h elp with a flat tire HAHAHA

  23. YOU ARE HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And BTW, nobody wants to eat what I eat except if it is my treat cookie and NO SHARING there! :)

    I am Sally in When Harry Met Sally! I can’t replicate or fake orgasm though! 😉

    • Ah ha ha! NO ONE really likes the food I eat either Jody, so I don’t encounter this problem all that often either 😉

  24. This isn’t such a bad idea! I tell Hubby all the time that if he was one of those boring guys that ate only the same 5 dishes EVER, that we never would’ve gotten married. That would’ve driven me nuts! Live a little!

    • Ah ha ha aha! I love exotic eating – what’s the most exotic thing you’ve even sunk your teeth into?

  25. oh my gosh, that is genius! i love it! although, i like my husband to order what i want second, so then i get two plates to sample! haha

  26. Well let’s start with worst date ever, never had one I’m just perfect :) LOL I’ve made more friends than successful dating companions. I think chili and milk shakes is a rough way to start an evening, you’ll either bond or find an excuse to go home early. If I could it would be so much fun to have lunch with you, I’m sure we would be thrown out for cutting up royally, I love serious joking and public pranks. dating web sites are much like ( no names) a large on line buy it all site, the picture and description is great but the product is not what you expected. Come on let the cat out of the bag, how old in “99” I thought you turned 21 this year :) If I ever hit LA I’ll e-mail !!!!!

    • Ah ah ah! Our lunch would be EPIC – heck yes it would. We would prancercize there of course! 😉 😉 And we would NOT be eating chili and milk shakes! LOL!

  27. I would still love to go on a date with you GIGi:)

  28. We share the same crazy ordering habits so I would date ya… but don’t try to touch my food either!

  29. Haha, that commercial is great :) You always manage to give me a laugh whenever I visit! I don’t mind sharing food myself. Given that most of my meals and dates are spent with a certain 2 year old, I have to be okay with sharing. If I’m eating something he likes, he will literally steal it from me. An apple? He will run up to me and take it out of my hands. If an avocado is around? That’s his. Oh, I dare to eat a banana? Cue epic meltdown if he doesn’t get any [meaning if I have the audacity to actually have the tiniest of bites before handing it over]. Sigh. If I don’t to make my plate husband proof, I just need to add sweet potato.

    That dating website concept sounds really intriguing! My husband probably wouldn’t appreciate me using one though 😉 [not that I want to or anything] Oh, and worst date ever? My mom’s dentist’s son. It was weird.

    • Oh man, I don’t think I will be able to have children then if they’re going to steal all my food too, LOL! Ugh. And yeah, maybe refrain from signing up for this web site, lol – leave the single men to the single ladies 😉

  30. Cute commercial! I’m the opposite of you–my hubby and I order our meals so that we can share. Can’t decide between fish and steak? No problem! He’ll order one, I’ll order the other and we’ll share.

  31. HAHAHAHA OMG that’s made my day- love the commercial! I’d take you on a date so long as you promise to keep me laughing :)

  32. I’m more of an food stealer than sharer but now with kids nothing is my own. Even my dog tries to steal my food.

  33. Hahaha, that’s hilarious :) I will NEVER share my desserts. Even with my husband. NEVER.

  34. Super cute post! Thanks for linking up to Good Food Fridays!

  35. haha jonny and i both hate sharing food, too! though he’s usually more generous in giving me “bites” from his plate than i am lol

    • YES!! At least you found someone who hates sharing food just as much as you though 😉 Otherwise… It could be detrimental to the relationship! LOL!

  36. bahahaha!! love that commercial! The hubby and I always get something and share it. Just because I usually can’t decide what to get. Best of both worlds!

  37. Cute commercial! My worst date ever was I guy I was determined to get a date with my soph year in college, he was the “IT” guy on campus, gorgeous, body, football, right fraternity, etc .. .. when he came to pick me up, girls parted in awe to make a pathway for us as we walked out of the dorm lobby. Afterward, they were like OMG, OMG I can’t believe you went out with him. HE WAS THE MOST BORING PERSON EVER, it was the lamest, worst date ever. But . . . . .wait for it . . . .. we double dated with another couple . . . . and that guy is now my husband of 23 years!

    • UGH! Isn’t that the worst! When the CUTE ONE is either boring or CRAZY! UGH! It’s so hard to deal with. But I LOVEEEEE the outcome of this story!!! I cannot wait to celebrate my 23rd wedding anniversary – even if that happens to be when I am 80! LOL! I am picky, and I never want to get divorced so I AM NOT SETTLING 😉

  38. Ummm your face photoshopped on a femmebot makes me die!!! I love this! I am not a big food sharer either. If I want something – I am gonna eat it!

    • RIGHT? I cannot look at my Femmebot photo without cracking up! Man, why did I NOT book that audition! 😉

  39. Jeff IS a genius! If I wasn’t already wifed up this is the first place I would turn to after getting carpal tunnel from all of the tinder swiping. Also do NOT share my food. Ever. This doesn’t apply to when I would like something off your plate though.

    • OH TINDER – don’t even get me started…. AH HA HA HA HA!

      PS: I am not so sure we would have a good date… I would bite your fingers off if you touched my plate, LOL!

  40. Ok…so I may share a bite or two with my sweet fella. BUT…if he wants more he needs to get his own. 😉 And I do have a weird food quirk. I don’t like food touching on my plate. Mix it together and I may just freak out. See, your Mac n cheese shouldn’t ever dare mix with those yummy cream mashed tatters!

    • OMG I have always been so curious about the food touching quirk, I mean… They all touch together in your stomach. So are you saying that… You wouldn’t want to have a fork full of chicken and butternut squash? That fork full is so delicious!

  41. You are so funny! I would never share food with someone I just met, but I let my husband have whatever he wants off my plate 😉

    • That right there… IS LOVE! To be honest though, I only let the people I really love and care about have a tiny nibble of whatever I am eating if they ask!

  42. Awesome commercial! I’m so glad Josh likes to share food because half the time I like what he orders more than my own dish. ;p

    • Ah ha ah! You have plate envy!! A lot of people have plate envy over my food – and I literally just eat it in front of their face as obnoxiously as possible! LOL!

  43. LMAO That commercial is so G! It’s hilarious – you two look so natural in front of the camera :) That’s hilarious – I can definitely say my bf is the pea to my pod, he’s epic. We definitely love the same foods except he insists on ordering steaks rare from certain, more reputable establishments. Gross!! I already told him he’s not allowed to die first so slow his roll on that bish!! Happy Hump Day cutie! -Iva

    • OMG I want to find the P to my POD. LMFAO – AHHHH HA HA AH AHA HA HAHA! WOW – that is a totally sexual phrase I am going to use for the rest of my life!!!!!!! I give you FULL credit Iva! LOL!

  44. This article is too funny. I never share desserts :-)

  45. I haven’t thought of Austin Powers in years! Good PhotoShop job. 😉 And really really fun post — thoroughly enjoyable. Thanks.

  46. You’re HILARIOUS!!! Love the spaghetti squash picture!

    So have you had any successful dates on Same Plate?

    • Pam, I love my spaghetti squash! 😉

      As for SamePlate… Well, lets just say, I allow certain people to have a bite of the food I am eating… ha ha!

  47. I don’t mind sharing my food… just so long as I don’t hear you CHEW your food. Loud eaters (mouth breathers too) really gross me out. :)

    • AHHHH like my mom! LOL!!!! Well, no, she’s a quite eater, but chewing gum – OH MAN, that’s another story!

  48. Gigi you are hilarious!!!! But seriously – come out with me ordering like you – I will send you back to the car. Don’t embarrass me. LOL

  49. #wowlinkup

  50. Food sharing is a must in my husband’s family. The running joke was if you weren’t eating something on your plate quick enough, someone else’s fork might find its way on there. We share a lot of food. Usually if my husband and I go out to eat, we share meals now.

  51. I just love that commercial, you totally rocked that shit. I don’t like sharing my PLATE of food, but if I buy things sometimes I WANT to share…that way they are eaten and I can go buy more. Specifically treats, sometimes. SOMETIMES I HOARD THEM.

  52. So when exactly did you say SamePlate was going to expand internationally :D? The commercial is awesome.
    The worst food to eat on a date? Anything that keeps sticking between your teeth. Sexy… only not. Or beans. Depending on how much longer after dinner the date lasts if you know what I mean 😉 .
    For some reason I don’t mind sharing food at restaurants – if we’re talking taking ONE bite not hovering my plate – but at home? Yes, I do mind you taking a taste of my breakfast. Get back to your own.
    I think we could totally eat out together because unless we’re taking about those birthday balls we basically eat completely different foods. Not risking any of my limbs there.

    • I will talk to Jeff about SamePlate EXPANSION!!! 😉 We have to start sharing the site more in order for that to happen that’s for sure! :)

      Oh and girl, if we were chatting over Cake Balls, You would not have any arms! LOL!

  53. Well, I am a bit pleased to learn that I am no the only one who wants every morsel of food on their plate. Don’t even look at my plate., thank you very much. 😛
    Love the idea of this dating website! Better to learn about all my weird food habits beforehand. 😉
    For me, anything that I have to pick up with my hands to eat would be a bad choice for a date… Sandwiches have a way of falling to pieces when they’re in my hands.

    • DO NOT EVEN LOOK AT MY PLATE – Ah ha ha ah! You and I are TWINS!!!

      And yes, I agree about foods in hands on dates, however…. My lack of manners get the best of me and I wind up eating food with my hands – I mean, they are the best utensils, right?

  54. I say the worst thing to share on a date would be some with garlic and something that would stick in your teeth. EWWWW

  55. Hahaha, oh my gosh this was too funny! What an interesting concept? I’m a fan of sharing plates – I’m horrible at ordering and always end up wanting what my husband got

  56. this ONLY CHILD does NOT share. Except for my kids. When they are being cute. Brattiness will NOT get a bite off my plate~~!

  57. This commercial is awesome!!! I hope you find true salmon-skin-gobbling-love on here Gig :)

  58. You’re not so tough. I’ve eaten off your plate and lived to tell about it! 😛 HA HA…Actually, I hate sharing food too. It’s always someone who orders the same thing everywhere they go and then gets intrigued by my (wiser) choice and wants to munch on my portion. GET AWAY!! I also hate that “family style” nonsense. Everyone orders a bunch of weird stuff and again, I choose something awesome and it’s the first thing to vanish while that other garbage they order (and I won’t touch) has enough leftovers to end would hunger.

    • WORLD hunger.

    • OMG FU** FAMILY STYLE!!! I DO NOT KNOW WHAT THAT EVEN MEANS! NO NO NO! At sushi restaurants, I order my OWN STUFF – do not even TRY to share with me, NOPE – NADDA! F U! LOL!

      And wait, when did I let you have a bite from my PLATE! LOL!

  59. Worst date ever is any date with my ex. JK. Kind of, but not really. One of the last was a wedding with him where it was SO AWKWARD. Let’s go on a date, but not risk limbs, okay?

  60. Oh my gosh this is so funny! What a good idea! Man there are literally dating websites for EVERYTHING and this is the best idea! Zain and I have opposite tastes but luckily there are usually things on menus we can both like. You may have a future in acting :)

    • Acting, me?!?!?! Maybe I will win an OSCAR… If I don’t get throw in jail for ripping people’s arms off for trying to eat my food first though! LOL!!!

  61. Heehee. I never liked sharing food until I lived in China and realized that family style eating was cultural and sharing a plate with someone meant they were a close friend or lover.

    Hmm. Worst date? I had a guy pick me up, but we couldn’t really talk as we drove because he was so impressed with his navigation system…which was talking to him…and I wanted to jump out of the car.

    • I do allow my close friends (or lovers? lol)… Have a TINY TINY sample if they ask…. I am such a lover! LOL!

      Ah ha ha! When was this date? Clearly when navigation systems were all the rage?

  62. I have literally cried over someone taking food of my plate. It’s not that I can’t share it’s just that it’s food going into my mouth and for someone else to have touched it with their finger or fork is so gross I can’t handle it. I had a meltdown in a bathroom a few weeks ago over my MIL taking a piece of my hot pretzel. At least I didn’t eat the pretzel after that.

    • I used to be this way!!!! Luckily I am not too too bad any more, but trust me, I UNDERSTAND where you’re coming from!

  63. I don’t particularly like sharing my food, but with 5 kids kickin’ around, someone is always snagging something off my plate, lol! sounds interesting though! I love the concept! Who knew?

  64. Haha! Gotta love photoshop :-). I think it’s such a great idea to make eating preferences part of the matchmaking process. If I were looking for a mate now, I wouldn’t want to date someone who would eat baby animals. Or adult animals. So, good idea!

  65. What a cool concept for a dating website! And no, I will not share food . . . not even with my kids :)

  66. Friend… I gave up on dating looooooong ago. More food for me, biyatches!

  67. ahahahah (I know I always start my comment here with ahahahah but what can I do if the first reaction I have once I read your posts is ahahahha?). The video is super funny. I’m going to watch it again now. Besos!

    • I LOVE IT! You’re more than welcome to laugh ALL YOU WANT when you come visit! I will laugh right along with you :)

  68. great movie!!
    and the only person who I don’t mind sharing my food with is Michelle, sometimes I share with my husband but even then I am not a huge fan, as it’s my food 😉 xoxo

  69. Ever see that episode of Friends? “JOEY DOESN’T SHARE FOOD!!!”

    I always thought that taking food was a ‘girl’ thing, especially when they want to order something small and healthy like a salad, but they still like the french fries that came with my burger for example. My wife does it to me all the time, especially with drinks. Still, it works out well when we’re having trouble deciding between the same two dishes… get one of each and share!

    But still… get your own, dude.

    • OMG I LOVE FRIENDS!! Good stuff, I need to go back and re-watch the seasons, LOL!!! I have them all 😉

      And ugh, I do NOT fall into the stereotype of the chick who orders the small salad only to pick off someone else’s plate – if anything, it’s the other way around, LOL!

  70. awkward but I kinda thought we were dating…..

  71. Omg, you are so freaking funny! Love all the silly facial expressions! I am totally the same too, I am like the devil with my food….no sharing at all. I’m extremely greedy with my desserts especially, haha. I of course share pieces, but I don’t like to share my OWN piece!
    Let’s see…worst date ever? That’s a tough one since I’ve had a few, but I used to name all my dates….”Corn man”, “Lobster hands”, “Doctor Mike”….seriously, all real names I gave them. Corn man was probably the worst as he ate his corn in a nice restaurant like he was a type writer and his mouth was the manuever going across side to side really fast and butter flinging from the cob. So messy and disgusting. Then later while we were in the car he just plants one on me (a kiss) and then grabs my boob!! I’m like, what the he!! and pushed his hand off of me…yeah…he didn’t get another date!!

  72. I think the worst food you can eat while on a date would be ribs. I do love them, but they are way to messy. And by the way, you had me doing a double take with that photoshopped Austin Power picture. Ha!

    • Ah ha ha! There is something called a Hamachi Kama, which is the neck bone of a Hamachi and well, I order it when I go out to sushi, and even if I am on a first date, I order it … Because IT’S SOOO GOOD! Hey, I might as well show my TRUE COLORS on the first date, right?!?!?!

      And Whoa Baby! My photo shop skills had you fooled huh? 😉

  73. Hahahahaha! I adore your bat shit crazy sense of humor, GiGi! Your posts always make me chuckle but this one has me on the floor!
    Like you, I don’t like to share what’s on my plate – specially my dessert plate – but I do love to take food off someone else’s plate – such a hypocrite I am! GAH!

    • Oh I am glad SOMEONE enjoys the bat shit craziness of mine! 😉

      And ugh, I can def be a hypocrite sometimes too…. Shhh, lets not tell anyone!

  74. Hahaha I do NOT like sharing, unless it’s on my terms 😉 (I’m such a foodie brat!) I always make my husband split desserts with me, but when it comes to my french fries…. NO!

    • I am a FOOD BRAT too, that’s for dang sure!!!!!! I felt kind of bad over the weekend though cause I downed my food and didn’t offer the person I was with a sample… And he paid. Whoops! LOL!

  75. You freaking crack me up!! I am one that doesn’t like to share food, but will steal a couple of bites from the BF…I know…I’m terrible! I’m okay with splitting a meal if it’s agreed upon beforehand, but if I portion out the amount I want to eat and someone wants me to share I definitely have the inclination to snarl at them!

    Food = serious business.

  76. Hi GiGi! I dated a guy once who looked like a young Pierce Brosnan. I thought he had the personality and class to match. Boy was I wrong! We went to a restaurant where he proceeded to eat like a pig. I mean––finger licking, weird noises, talking with his mouth full––it was gross! Then he tells me that he’s turned on by a woman that enjoys her food, and then began to stare intensely at me while I ate. Needless to say I completely lost my appetite, and by the end of the night he wasn’t looking so good anymore. :(

    • OMG GROSS! SO GROSS! But maybe some women are turned on by that??? Ah ha ha! I mean at least he is putting all his colors out on the table! LOL!

  77. Hi GiGi,
    I know just what you mean. My brother would murder anyone who tried to stick a fork in his plate. ‘Enter at your own risk’ truly applied to him. Now as for dating, I think it would be fun to date someone who shared my food preferences. We could have marathon food dates eating at our favorite restaurants–how much fun that would be. Thank you for sharing SamePlate with us at the Healthy, Happy, Green and Natural Party Blog Hop. I appreciate it! I’m pinning and sharing!

  78. Gluten is a no for me so when a guy tries to take me to a pizza place on a first date…

    • Oh I am RIGHT THERE WITH YOU! I was just taken to Pizza tonight, but he knows I don’t eat pizza so he ordered me a chicken salad 😉

  79. Oh no no, sharing food is a no no. I am not a fan. Like Joey said on Friends…”Rosi doesn’t share food!” One of the first encounters I had with my mother-in-law (pre MIL days) we all went to a great BBQ place and she asked if she could have some of my ribs. I straight up told her no, if she wanted ribs she should have ordered her own. At the time I thought maybe that wasn’t nice but at least now my husbands family knows where they stand on getting any bites of MY food! 😉

  80. ohhh THIS. I hate sharing food too but I feel incredibly guilty when people ask for a taste. WHY are so many people SO OK with this?? UGH! how do you respond when someone asks, “can I try your … ?” hah!

    • I don’t even feel GUILTY when people ask and I say no… Because I literally have a disclaimer on my forehead! LOL!

  81. Love the Austin Powers movies. :) YEAH BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  82. Holy moly at the comments :) Lol! I was enjoying reading them! The commercial is hilarious and definitely think Jeff is a genius for that! I’m always sketchy of dating websites haha; but this one…hmmm I might actually go for that.

    I will actually eat just about anything; but my hubby is pretty picky! It has taken some work to get him to eat all the things I like. And we both usually stick to our own plates, unless it’s the occasion we dine out to a new place and either of us orders something totally different.

    Definitely, after meal prepping and being particular about my food and cooking preferences for so long I would tend to order more like Dr. J above lol! This seems perfect for you!

    I did have a date one time where the guy ordered calamari (now this was a pretty fancy; white table cloth restaurant); and said guy proceeds to put an octopus (yes a whole one!!!) on my plate – BARF!!! LOL. I freaked and so threw the thing back on his plate. Yuck! :) that’s about as good as it gets for worst food on a date.

    • AH HA HA HA HA! The funny part about your date Rachel, if it were me, I would be so stoked because I LOVE Octopus! I probably would have married the guy! LOL!!

      • LOL Yep! I could so see that then. That’s so funny! That’s one of those foods that I can eat, but it still freaks me out sometimes…things like sushi- I can eat all day long no problem but it’s something about the calamari haha. You’re too funny!