Santa Claus, You Have Been Naughty!

Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas!!

Today, I, Santa Claus, have hijacked GiGi Eats Celebrities, while GiGi spends some time with her family…

Nah, she’s probably crying over the COAL I gave her!

Perhaps you shouldn’t have been so NAUGHTY this year GiGi!

Can you believe after the crazy night I had, traveling across the globe and all, I still have enough energy to make a video for all of you!

GO WATCH!! Or next year, it’s COAL! COAL I tell you!

I’ve got my list and I am checking it twice, to see if you’ve been NAUGHTY OR NICE!

Ho… Ho… Ho…! Santa Claus – OUT!

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GiGi Dubois as Santa Claus



  1. All your different characters and costumes were fab and I am actually currently drinking a cup of Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride!

  2. OMG I am dying laughing!!! This was hilarious!!!! Hope you had a Merry Christmas!

    • Ha Ha Ha! I am so glad you thought it was funny!!! Santa is currently working out right now, lol!

      I certainly did have a good XMAS :) Now we get to look forward to New Years!

  3. Damn that little biatch for telling you you’re putting on pounds. Bahahaaa. You look hawwwttt with that furry white beard. Yummm to that tea!! I live for seasonal tea’s mmmmm. OK but for’re my favorite. And I love you. That is all.

    • I’m actually taking some testosterone pills because I would love to sprout some beard hairs since I actually thought I looked pretty sexy with a mug full of hair… Hey, in West Hollywood they would love it – AHHHH HA HA HA HA HA!!

      PS: You ARE MY FAVORITE!!!!! Can’t wait to read up about your XMAS fun time!

  4. What the hell? hahaha. Loved all the appearances by “special guests.”

  5. Well Santa I see why your happy staying at the north pole for 364 days, Mrs. Claus is exuberantly frisky :) This is great, now you to behave and have a happy and safe holiday season.

    • Ha Ha! No kidding right, Santa doesn’t need anyone else except his Mrs… Although wait, no, he has his elves too – LOL! Okay, I could go somewhere I don’t think I should go right now, lol…

      Any ways, I hope you had a terrific XMAS and are enjoying your holidays in general :)

  6. Ha ha ha … Ho Ho Ho… 😉

  7. I might have an obsessive crush on Mrs. Claus! That’s a darn lie…go ahead and delete “might” from that sentence. Wowzers…

  8. I **might** have a serious crush on Mrs. Claus. OK, that’s a damn lie; there’s no **might** about it. She’s foxy and Santa better change his ways before the wife find another “chimney” to slide down. Wowzers!!!

    Funny stuff too!!!

    • Mrs. Claus is rather flattered. She does in fact have wandering eyes because Santa just isn’t working it for her anymore… And neither are the elves! She even told me exclusively that she may very well move to LA and find a new male suitor in specifically Hollywood!

      • I’m thinking that Mrs. Claus might not want to compete with the Gigi. I’m fearful that they’ll team up and have girls nights out and the boys will all go crazy. It could cause mayhem. Use your powers for good ladies…for good.

  9. LOL, your video was too funny! I especially loved the reindeer costume! 😛 Love the Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride tea too, yummo!!

    • The funniest part? That wasn’t even a costume, it was just a brown hoodie I happened to have… And those antlers? 99 cents at Target! AH HA HA!! Wait no, that was actually Rudolph, what am I talking about? lol

  10. hahahaha oh my god, I love the brown hoodie with the antlers.

    • Ah ha ha! Thanks! What I love more is that I already had those things in my house, LOL! – Don’t ask WHY I had antlers, lmfao!

  11. Now I know why Virginia wasn’t so sure about Santa!!

    If you look on Youtube, Eminem has a song about Skinny Santa, lol!

    Thanks for visiting my column, and for fighting the good fight for healthier elves…

    You mean I have to wait till NEXT YEAR to see you again :-(

    • You certainly DON’T have to wait until next year to see me!! I make videos every other week, 😉 And I do frequent your column quite frequently!

      Happy Holidays!

  12. LOL…that is all.

    Happy holidays!

  13. Lol this is f’ing awesome!! 😀 Loved it! Hilarious. And, I’m not gonna lie, that’s one hot Santa. 😉 Best Christmas post ever!!!!!!!!!!

    • Santa completely appreciates your comment, he needs all the motivation he can get to get his chunky butt on the treadmill and then off to CROSS FIT. LOL!! Santa is going to be one SLEEK dude next year! (ah ha ha, already coming up with Santa video ideas for next year, lol)

  14. Hahaha! I’m totally leaving Santa some healthy prune protein cookies next year. That fatty better not get too big to come down my chimney!

    • I have a feeling he is going to be ONE SLEEK, ROCK SOLID MUSCLED UP DUDE next year and will wholeheartedly appreciate your prune cookies – Wait, Rudolph will appreciate them more 😉

  15. Gigi- You are hilarious! Wow! Thank you. 😉 Hope you had a great holiday!
    Are you an actress?!? 😉

    • Ha ha! I am so glad you got a kick out of that video :) I hope you had a wonderful holiday too… Perhaps Santa only made it that much better? LOL!

      And no, I don’t consider myself an actress, I am actually more of a comedian. A lot of people call me the “Comedic Nutritionist” – LOL! Or wait they also call me a Celebrity eater, lol.

      PS: I love you blog and frequent often :)

  16. Love this! Now I want sugar cookie tea! Happy New Year!

    • OMG It’s delicious! :) If you cannot find it in stores, Amazon sells it in a BULK shipment of 6 boxes – TOTALLY worth it! I usually have enough to last through June… And on the hottest day of the year, I blast my AC… Drink the tea and close my eyes and pretend it’s the holidays 😉

  17. You always make me laugh! I’m going to come back to watch the video (it’s quiet time here, all the doggies are snoozing), but I’m ready for a little Christmas cheer :-)

  18. LOL!! This was awesome – you’re hilarious.

  19. You are too funny (not to mention creative!). I was in Costco the other day and they already have Christmas stuff out–you need to make a trip there!

    • I JUST got a costco card!!! It’s on!!!! Muahhh ha ha ha ha! Thanks for this tid bit, now my videos will be even better!