This Recipe is ALL ME!

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After seeing countless episodes of GiGi Eats Celebrities, Dude Food and the Nicely Naughty Girls (or so they say!)… My brother and my future sister in law his girlfriend, Stephenie, have started to get a little jealous with the fact that I have yet to cook them up any grub! (Thanks for NOT appreciating my MAD SKILL of microwaving pre-made food from Whole Foods)…


That being said, I have however baked them lots and lots of cookies….

Coconut Sugar Cookies

But such events only occur after being HOUNDED like celebs are harassed by paparazzi!

One day, in between cookie number 9 and 10, my brother somehow, mustered up the balls to ask: Why don’t you make me a real meal. And NOT with your wing women… 

Seriously, bro?

My lovely brotherSuch a kind and gentle soul now isn’t he?

Stephenie chimed in too, saying: Ya, your cookies… Meh, they’d be better if… I MADE THEM… WITH ACTUAL SUGAR.

Stephanie Cooking

Devil horns sprouted out of my head at that point.

GiGi wearing Devil Horns

To prove that I can in fact take on the kitchen without my main squeezes, I accepted said DEMAND… And then proceeded to yank cookie number 10 from my brother’s hand and took away the rest of my baked goodness! Suck on that you two!

Looks like GiGi is about to say a bad word!Can you tell which BAD WORD is flying out of my mouth?

Even though I had an air of confidence when I took on the challenge, deep down, I won’t lie to you, I was a little nervous. You see, my brother and Stephenie, are pretty damn good cooks, and after watching 11 seasons of Top Chef religiously, they know how to lay on the criticism, Tom Coliccho and Padma style.

GiGi is nervous

Some of you might type into your search engines, but being OLD SCHOOL… I headed to REAL-LIFE FAIRYTALE LANDTARGET… And made a b-line, knocking over a few people on the way, for their magazine rack so as to find recipe INSPIRATION in all of those cooking magazines!

One in particular popped out at me… Screamed at me really…

All You Magazine

ALL YOU Magazine. The reason? Because: this recipe is ALL ME!

Crazy coincidence too… I had a coupon for this MAG! WHAT UP SON! Want in on this coupon, click this link (while supplies last): 

So what did I wind up making for Tom and Padma? Well, check out the video BELOW to find out!!

Sauteed Squid with Cherry Tomatoes and Leeks

(inspired by Sauteed Fish Fillets with Tomatoes and Capers on page 61)

Sauteed squid with tomatoes leeks and parsley

  • 1 pound of squid (I used carved, but you can use any type)
  • 1 pint cherry tomatoes
  • 3/4 cup chopped leeks
  • 1/2 – 1 cup chopped fresh parsley
  • 1 tbs olive oil
  • 2 cloves minced garlic (or 1-2 tsp garlic powder)
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • capers, optional

So easy… This imbécile can make it ALONE!

GiGi eating squid!

  1. Sauteed 2 small cloves of minced garlic with 1 tablespoon of olive oil for about a minute.
  2. Add 1 cup of diced leeks and cook until wilted, about 5 minutes.
  3. Then add the squid and cook for about 6 minutes.
  4. Next add halved cherry tomatoes and cook for a minute.
  5. Add salt and pepper.
  6. Finally, add parsley and cook for another 5 minutes, to make sure squid is cooked through.
  7. To Serve: Eat out of the pan, or be a little more classy than ME and serve it up immediately!

Being in the kitchen without my main squeezes, Whitney and Tara was a bit weird to me… Sort of like THIS PERSON! However… It looks like I CAN DO IT!

And you know what YOU can do right now?!


Giveaway ENDS: April 28th… SO JUMP ON IT ASAP!


  • Where do you get your recipe inspiration from?
  • If you have a sibling, what celebrity do they most remind you of and why?
  • What’s your go-to, always delicious, staple recipe?
  • Do you snack on your meal straight from the pan/pot/oven?
  • How many impulse purchases do you make when you go to TARGET?! Must get the BULK pack of TOILET CLEANER! $4, such a good deal!
  • If you were to cook me something, RIGHT NOW… What would you make? (PS: I cannot eat, wheat, dairy, gluten, sugar, soy, nuts & fruit!)

Stephanie and GiGi eat!By the way, I was interviewed for Girls Gone Sportys High Impact Blogging PodCast series! Check it out:


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  1. okay, this recipe sounds DELISH, minus the squid :X I just don’t think I’m up to that level of adventurous eating just yet…or ever!

    I get my recipe inspiration from cravings, pinterest ideas, and sometimes other instagrammers I follow 😉

    And as for Target, IT IS A BLACK HOLE TIME SUCKER. Go in for one thing, come out with five. Seriously a dangerous place…

    • ps. EMAILING YOU BACK SOON. my apartment is in dissarraaaaayy

      • You can totally sub in white fish or chicken to this dish!!!! You don’t need to do the squid, think outside of the box 😉 AND OMG – when you come visit (yes, WHEN – lol)… We will just spend our days in the 50 billion Targets around LA! How does that sound? LOL – okay, maybe NOT SO MUCH… I’ll take you to the beach, AFTER we buy bikinis at Target but of course! LOL!

  2. Hey that sounds like a great recipe–I love squid and my wife hates it, so more for me! And leeks and capers are kinda fancy-ass yet not-too-weird ingredients that add a great flavor to things yet for some reason it never occurs to me to buy them. Will put on shopping list next to asparagus and 7,000 bars of dark chocolate.

    And next time someone COMPLAINS about getting home baked sugar-free healthy cookies from you, send ’em on down my way instead!

    • Ha Ha! I’ll send you my cookies if I don’t eat them ALL first! LOL!!!!

      Capers are certainly an ignored ingredients, however… I think I need to make a video about them because they are a health POWERHOUSE!!!! Go stock up on them IMMEDIATELY!! However, don’t pair them with chocolate. That would just be WRONG! lol!

  3. I always get inspiration from other recipes and then change the ingredients to things I like! Awesome :)

  4. I would never want to marry into your family or tell anyone I was related to you if you served me squid. KIDDING. No one would believe we were related anyway cause I “dye” my hair brown.

    I’ll take the cookies…just sayin.

    • LMFAO! My bro has DARK BROWN hair, so really, anything is possible 😉 And you could totally make this recipe with chicken, scallops -the world is your oyster! Snap, oysters could be delish in this too! ha ha!

  5. I’m cracking up about the Tom and Padma references!

    I like All You magazine because I once made (ok fantasized about making) a pot pie I saw on its cover. I still dream about it to this day..

    • Ah! So you’re a TOP CHEF fan then huh?!?! I cannot wait for another season, I am obsessed with the show! Have you ever seen The Next Food Network Star? Dare I say it’s BETTER than Top Chef? OMG! Who said that? LOL!

      Ah ha ha ha! You should google that Pot Pie recipe RIGHT NOW – I am sure you could find it on their site! Make that dream a reality! 😉

      • I do like Top Chef, but my heart belongs to Next Food Network Star. Have YOU ever tried out for it??

        And here:

        • It’s AMAZING!! YES! OMG we are going to have email convos about The Next Food Network Star when it comes back on TV this summer. I have never auditioned for it, because I don’t think I am a good enough chef, however, Tara (the Food Pervert) and I have been on the show sampling food!!! And we were going to do it again this year but they got back to us last minute so we couldn’t make it! There’s always next year. And when I interviewed Giada back in the day,she told me I should audition!!! So maybe… JUST MAYBE… I will! 😉

          And what do you know!! There is your POT PIE! Jump on that….. Perhaps use whole grain flour to make it a tinge healthy? LOL!

          • I can’t wait! I adore that show so much. I love that you and Tara were on the show. And Giada must have seen something in you because I can’t imagine she’d say that to just anyone! Some people go on the show and they’re not great chefs but they’re great personalities and their food skills develop. Other people are GREAT chefs and their personalities? Not so much.
            There’s less hope for them, I say!

            Yes, the pot pie isn’t exactly Gigi-approved. Boo to that!

          • Alright – maybe Tara and I will audition for NEXT SEASON! 😉 By then, I will have a little more cooking skill under my belt??

  6. I have never even seen an All You magazine… do I live under a rock??

    I’m all for this recipe except the squid… just saw a really gross episode about squid on Fringe and I will never be able to eat squid now…

    • Ah ha ha! You might live under a rock. Or maybe you just don’t go to Target? SAY WHAT! Now if that’s the truth, then yes, yes, you do live under a rock, LOL!!!

      OMG I will NOT be watching Fringe, that’s for sure. Not to worry though, you can sub in pretty much ANY animal protein for the squid and still have a delicious dish! :)

  7. Oh Squid!! Yummiiiiie! I love it.
    Oh, and your brother is just like mine – always soooo charming. Mine looks like Ethan Hawke. Pretty scary to be honest. I might make some money with this similarity one day.

    • Yay! Then come on over, I can make lots and lots of this dish for you, especially since according to a lot of the comments here, no one seems to like squid, LOL!

      Ethan Hawke huh? Perhaps…. You should introduce us! LOL!

  8. Umm squid? not happening. Love you but no not doing that. The cookies though? Ugh still a weakness. Aren’t there HEALTHY versions of this damn thing? I LOVE raisins can’t we make this happen? I have faith in you. Also, what about yogurt? I walked by it last night and just saw raw cane sugar but wasn’t sure what to do. Baby steps – bah! I’ve been bad these past two weekends although mostly meats and veggies not sweets – minus the cocktails but I couldn’t finish the cocktail I did down the Moscato – yikes! Anywhoo work in progress fo’sho! Happy Monday lovely GiGi! -Iva

  9. I find inspiration ALL OVER THE PLACE for recipes, when it comes to cooking though I usually just work with what I have in my house. It’s quite nice actually. Squid…scares me. I would not eat this, but that’s OK because more for you two. I WANT THIS GIFT CARD SO bad, but don’t have Twitter or FB shit that I will be able to enter with sooo I guess I will have to spend my OWN $50

    “I guess the flounder swam away.” I laughed harder than I care to admit at that….

    • You get all your recipe inspiration from me, I KNOW… Because you’re a closet carnivore, LMFAO…………………

      Have you ever seen the movie Sphere?!?! It had some very scary KILLER SQUID scenes that scared the shit out of me, however, when I eat it, I feel like I AM KILLING IT ah aha, I am saving the planet from the killer squids by KILLING IT WITH MY EVIL CHOMPERS! Okay, prob NOT a comment you really want to read – BAH HA HA!

  10. So you don’t need me anymore you say? I’m sad :(

    You’re going to have to make it up to me by making me some of this!

    Nice solo job my darling :)

    • HECK NO! I NEED YOU!!! I bet if you were there when I was cooking this, it’d be 80x better and I know for a fact the picture would be 3024983743987x better! ha ha ha! So come on over, I’ll starting heating the skillet 😉

  11. This video is awesome, Geegers! I absolutely love that your brother’s gf said to you “these cookies would be better with… realll sugar” because I get that same comment from my fam members just about every time I cook. Oh, and which celebs do my siblings remind me of… my brother looks JUST LIKE Joseph Gordon Levitt. It’s weird. And my sisters? Uhhh I’ll have to get back to you on that one. PS– why are you so hawt on camera?

    • THANK YOU Jordan!!!!!! XOXOXO – And I love the nickname, I really do! I think I am going to start writing that everywhere, LOL!

      Stupid family members not thinking our food tastes AWESOME – well we are on a mission to CHANGE THEM, and I think, so far so good – I mean, my bro RAVES about my cookies! LOL!

      Joseph G. Levitt huh?!?! Where do I sign up to go on a date with your hunk-o-bro?! LOL!!!!

      PSS: Hawt because of the LIGHTING BABY! 😉 I am a mess in person! BAH HA HA! Just ask Whitney!

    • PSSS: so pumped for you to move here this summer – VIDEOS BABY! Lots of VIDEOS!

  12. OMG so many questions! lol
    * I get recipe inspiration from what I have in my kitchen + google.
    * My brother reminds me of the local weatherman.
    * Warm kale salad with sweet potato, onions, dried cranberries, feta, balsamic & lemon zest-n-juice. Add protein and BOOM.
    * Of course.
    * I go in for 3 items and come out with 279.
    * Grilled grassfed steak from my farm + spinach salad. Yes?

    • Ah ha ha ha! Does your brother call you every morning and give you the weather update for the day? 😉
      And OH YES YES YES I would LOVEEEEEEE some grilled grass-fed steak with spinach! Wait, WHAT! You raise STEAK?! Do you sell it? I am dead serious. I have been buying my grass-fed/finished meats from Wisconsin for 12 years! I am always willing to branch out!

      • From WI? For real? I’m in IL – just 7 miles south of the WI border actually! My sister lives on and runs the family farm, we are down the road and “help.” Our kids are 5th generation on the family farm! We do sell it, but so far only locally. We haven’t delved into the realm of shipping – mostly because it sells so fast we haven’t had to!

        But we can for sure talk about it! We sell combo boxes that are about 25lbs of various cuts – great way to try our products. You’ve got my email (laura @ so we can chat about website maintenance, beef, and hooking you up with my son! (not like THAT hahahahahhhaaaaa) 😉

  13. my recipe inspiration comes from other bloggers (YOU!) or whatever i have in my fridge :) #lazycook

    • I know your new baby will love this recipe – 😉 AH HA HA! Oh yes, I am sure he popped out with quite the exotic and explorative pallet – LOL! Let me know what he thinks, jk! xox!

  14. That looks awesome!!! I have never eaten (or cooked with) squid – might have to try it!!!
    Why isn’t your brother in the video?!

    • My brother doesn’t like being on camera. I was shocked he even let me put a picture of him on here! ha ha! He is a pretty private person.

      And DOOOOO try this! It’s so good, I promise!!! You know I don’t lie to you!

  15. Sauteed squid?! I am so impressed! I am a Pinterest addict myself – I get all my recipes there. And from you and Whitney, of course.

    • But of course – 😉

      I am really starting to get into Pinterest…. I mean, I pin a whole bunch of stuff, now I just need to MAKE THEM! LOL!!

  16. You had me at squid… and lost me at leeks. I think for the rest of my fam, it’s the other way around…

    • Ah ha ha! Just sautee that squid up in some olive or coconut oil… With ONIONS (and the rest of the ingredients) – you don’t need leeks! 😉 And for the rest of your family, sub in some white fish or chicken! – EVERYONE is happy now!

  17. That was fun! Wasn’t it great to discover you can cook on your own? lol. It has been awhile since squid, maybe time to cook it again.
    I get my inspiration from many sources. I cook according to cravings, whatever is in my fridge, a cooking show, magazine, etc. 90 % of the time it is whatever kind of dish I can make with fresh, whole foods.
    My go to recipe is anything with salmon, shrimp or tomatoes.
    Yup, I snack from the pot but only as a taste test, of course :p
    I would make you roast shrimp with garlic and thyme. Simple, healthy and delish!

    • I think you need to try your hand at squid again! I inspired you 😉

      Mmmm Salmon, Shrimp and Tomatoes sounds OUT OF THIS WORLD. And look at that, you’d make me shrimp…. MMMM HECK YES! You won me over!! 😀

  18. PS Ever since Dr. Oz started telling everyone that flounder is good for you, it disappears off the shelf before I can buy it!

  19. i love squid. i love you.. ALL YOU! pressure is on! haha

  20. Interesting to use squid in the recipe. I personally don’t like squid (nor octopus). Well, I am scared to try it. haha. I know. That’s bad on my part but I dissected a squid once in science class and it was no fun!

    • Don’t be SCARED! Give it a try! Squid tastes a bit like Shirataki noodles!! It adopts the flavor you give it! :) But if you really don’t want to… You can always sub in chicken or some white fish! 😀

  21. UMMMMMMMMMMMMMM, had a hard time getting past cookies! 😉

    Squid, not so much – sorry but I love you!!

    I just cook easy – you know me – has to be few ingredients & EASY!!!! :)

    • I need to send you these cookies, I always think about you when I make them! LOL! They’re so easy to make, and you really don’t even need to cook them, just eat the delicious BATTER!!! LOL!

  22. Ok I had to look at my watch twice then check the calendar to be sure I did not loose a day :)
    I have never seen calamari that shape before look’s cool. If I taste food I’m cooking it would end up eaten before anyone made it over. I have never been in a Tarjet, I just go to Walmart and stand there in shock for a few minutes, I saw someone fall out of one of those electric wagons reaching for ZEBRA CAKES I called for a spill in aisle four. Yes I will smolder in hell. Sorry off topic, I will cook you seared and slow roasted prime rib, of course a summer time salad :) and some firm fresh asparagus.

    • YEP! I posted on a Monday! I had to for this post, but don’t get used to it! Back to Tuesday next week… Oh but wait, I am posting something on Cinco De Mayo – so I guess, maybe sort of get used to a Monday post every once in a blue moon?? Ha!

      You need to find this carved style of squid! It’s the best – SO MUCH BETTER than just the “boring” tubes! LOL!

      AND OH WOW – that must have been a sight! I HAVE NEVER eaten a Zebra Cake before in my life, and I couldn’t be MORE PROUD of myself, lol! I would much much much rather eat the meal you’d cook me!!

  23. Haha oooo, I’m not sure if I could do squid! Never have tried it and not really sure I want to :) The texture! eeeek.


    • Oh no, you can do it! The carved squid (what I used) has an AWESOME texture. Sort of tastes like Shirataki Noodles! They really take on the flavor of ANYTHING you season them with. I think you need to try!

  24. haha I can’t cook in the kitchen without supervision, so kudos to you for pulling it off, albeit, a unique dish! even cooler that you used something like squid! :) and BAHA adult real life fairy land, hell yeah it is!

    • Ha Ha! Little do you know, the fire alarm went off…. BAHHH HA HA! JK – however, I have definitely been known to set that PUPPY OFF A LOT!!! LOL! Come on over if you want to get FREAKED OUT by the random fire alarm going off when you least expect it – it’s a GREAT TIME! lol!

  25. gosh I love ALL YOU, but why isn’t called ALL ME?

    • Ha! That’s a GOOD QUESTION – I should write the magazine’s CREATIVE department and ask them what’s up with that!

  26. Mmmm…squid!! That’s one I haven’t cooked at home yet, what a great idea! And you totally made my night with your awesome comment, I appreciate you girl. :)

    • I appreciate YOU Heather! My taste buds probably appreciate you EVER MORE THOUGH – lol! 😉

      And yes, GET ON THE SQUID bandwagon, it’s delicious and should NOT be neglected!

  27. Oh I really, really, really love you now! I love squid! People get grossed out but I grew up eating it and love it! Looks delicious!

    Hmm… my brother… he reminds me a lot of a cross between Will Smith and Vin Diesel. And do I snack on your meal straight from the pan/pot/oven? I’m single. I try to avoid washing too many dishes as much as possible, 😀

    • WE ARE SQUID-MATES… Instead of soul mates, GET IT?! LMFAO!!!

      AND HECK YES!! CLICKING GLASSES for being single and eating out of the pans! 😉

      Send me a pic of your BRO! I am having a hard time picturing Will Diesel! lol

  28. As one of your commenters said, this recipe looks delicious without the squid!. Actually, I’ve never heard of All You magazine. :-)

    • Ah ha ha! You could totally sub in some tofu or noodles of some sort for sure!!! I know it would taste delicious :)

  29. This looks SO good! When I come out to LA you’re cooking : )

    xx Kait

  30. You had me till squid. I don’t know if I could cook that on my own!

    • It’s so easy!!!! You just cook it through like anything else. I promise you, if I can do it, so can you!!!

    Im in :-)

  32. Squid? Really? I’m scared.

    • DONT BE SCARED!! Embrace this challenge! I promise you, it’s easy! 😉 You can alway swap it out for chicken or white fish!

  33. I love you for being weird and liking squid like me! A Chinese tradition!

  34. Target is a black hole of money spending. I went in to get slippers the other day. I left with a new placemat, a run, flip flops, gum, 2 mason jar glasses… and NO SLIPPERS.

    • Dude! When I went into Target to buy this magazine…… I walked out $60 down…… And no, this magazine did NOT cost $60 – LOL!!!!!

      LMFAO – I have definitely forgotten the one thing I wanted to buy at Target too before! Ah ha ha!

  35. Can’t do the squid because I am allergic but I am sure its good! I get most of my cooking inspiration from the interwebs like pinterest and blogs

    • OH NO! Allergic, that’s not good! But you can always swap in chicken, or other white fish, or even salmon! The world is your OYSTER 😉 – You can swap those in too but I have a feeling you might be allergic to them as well?

  36. This looks delicious- I love squid! Gotta throw those capers in. :)

  37. Aw GiGi I love it!! You did a great job solo – this might be one of my favorite videos that you’ve done!! (Well, aside from the chicken fingers one because those things were poppin…)

    • THANK YOU AMY!! Really, I appreciate it!!!!!! :) Maybe I will just have to get into the kitchen alone more often. I do have a recipe that my dad makes me whenever I go home that I would LOVE TO SHARE with you and everyone, so I think I might make that one alone as well!!! Maybe a Father’s Day tribute! 😀

  38. I never heard of that magazine before…you got me curious now. 😉

    New Blog Post: [Personal Growth] .How To Succeed At Work.
    Previews Blog Post: [Outfit Idea] .Rocking Neon.

  39. I sorta wanna be the Target Girl….like that one chick who lived in a Walmart and ended up delivering her baby inside the store without anyone knowing.

    • LMFAO! We can make this happen… I mean, the linen section looks like the perfect place to push out a 15 pound watermelon!

  40. I used to get All You magazine in the mail each month, and I had never subscribed. Go figure! I’m not a squid fan, but I’m sure you could sub in another protein. I do love Top Chef, and I think I would be an excellent judge and host when Padma steps down. Well, maybe not as excellent as Padma. Who could be?

    • LOVE when that happens with Magazines, however… I do sometimes get a little scared too… Like I am going to get a bill randomly, even though you never asked for the magazine!! LOL!

      And you could definitely sub in another protein! Get creative :)

      Ah Padma… I have a story about her. She is not quite what she seems…..

  41. You did great! I love squid and this looks awesome!! I would definitely add the capers :)

    • Seriously right?!?!?! It’s odd to me that Steph doesn’t like capers! They’re just salty deliciousness!

  42. haha seriously love your face expressions!!

    love you girl

    Our go-to, always delicious, staple recipe has to be our plantain bread, or if in the mood for chocolate we make protein thin mints 😉

    Every time we go to Target when end up buying way more than planned, haha

    If you were to cook me something, RIGHT NOW… What would you make? WELL we are looking forward to having a gelatin mush with coconut oil and chocolate if you want some haha

    • Oh my face has a mind of it’s own! I never know what kind of face I am making, LOL!

      AH yes, I don’t have to ask you two about your staple – PLANTAINS – I knew it!

      AND YES, please sign me up for that coconut oil, chocolate, gelatin MUSH! LOL!

  43. Wait, I’ve never seen that magazine either! Recipe sounds delish and I like the idea of subbing fish for the squid (allergic to it). And you can send ME cookies anytime! haha.

  44. That SQUID you have is called calamari! They are super chewy and delicious, although sometimes I wonder if they’re made of 100% squid.

    • Oh no, calamari is a fried preparation of squid… This is just straight up squid, nothing else – it’s carved and awesome :)

  45. And whoa hey ho, the giveaway ends on my birthday! 😀 crossing my fingers for extra birthday luck.

  46. yum!!! And I absolutely taste and re-taste before plating a dish– too much in fact. And as far as my inspiration – I have to say that lately I have been finding recipes on pinterest or in magazines.

  47. You did it! :) I’d totally come over for a bite! 😉 I am obsessed with leeks lately- got them two weeks in a row in my CSA box.

    • Leeks are just TOO GOOD to be true, right?!?!?! I cannot get enough of them, they pair really really well with salmon too!

  48. Your recipe sounds so delicious, but sadly I’m not a fan of fish. :-( I wish I was. I would love to sub chicken in this recipe though. YUM!

  49. I love All You because it has all the things I want to read and it’s not a bazillion dollars an issue.

    • Isn’t it CRAZY how EXPENSIVE MAGAZINES are getting! I bought one the other day and it was $6!!!!! WHAT IN THE WORLD?!

  50. This squid looks so fancy but so easy to make – my favorite combination! Annnnd my brother looks exactly like Shia LeBouf, which means any movie with Shia and kissing/sex scenes/anything really make me throwwww upppppp on myself

    • OMFG – Did you hear about the whole Shia LeBouf – going nuts and wearing a bag over his head and having a weird “art gallery” in Los Angeles where he would sit in a room with the bag over his head and not say a word – but allow one person at a time to enter the room and tell him anything they wanted!!!!! LMFAO.

  51. ok NO ONE can walk into Target without buying something it’s really dangerous! Lately I’m obsessed with Pintrest for recipes. I change them around a little but they inspire me. First time on your blog-fun!

    • Never check out the displays on the back of the Target aisles – they’re ALL ON SALE! 😀 HA Ha! I totally want to go TOMORROW, or… RIGHT NOW?? 😉

      And thank you so much for stopping by Deborah!!! I am off to check you out – haha!

  52. I wish you would have made that meal for me!! I don’t eat squid that often, but have had it several times. As long as it’s not bigger than a submarine, I can handle it :-)

    A meal for you would be easy!

    I would make you SALMON!!!!!!!! On Salmon, with a side of Salmon of course!

  53. I love all you magazine for the yummy recipes! I’m not sure I could eat squid, but I ‘d love to make other delicious dishes!

  54. Not a squid fan but you know I <3 YOU!

    • And I love you!!! You can always sub in something else, I know your creative self would come up with something delish!

  55. My kids love squid! I just may have to try this, WITH capers 😉 Thanks for sharing at Simple Supper Tuesday.

  56. Mmm I love squid but have never cooked it myself! This looks amazing thanks for sharing it on the #wowlinkup :)

  57. My go to recipe is anything Mexican.

  58. I’ve never red ALL Magazine. Just being honest.

    • It’s not one of the most popular that’s for sure! But I have a feeling the next time you see a magazine section, you might notice it 😉

  59. Such a fancy squid dish, being veg I am not expert but it looks gorgeous 😀

    Choc Chip Uru

  60. I get a lot of recipe inspiration from other blogs like yours.

  61. Gigi, I really but really do not like squid. Sooooo, how can we make this relationship work? 😉

  62. Girl, you are so funny. I have never had leeks and I thought that was corn in the picture. I will subscribe to your channel. Visiting from the #wowlinkup.

    • Ah ha ha ha! I tricked you 😉 And you need need need to get on LEEKS! They’re a type of onion – and oh so healthy. Let me know how you like them when you try!

  63. Sauteed squid? This is marine animal abuse. Just reported you to PETA.

  64. I have never heard of All You magazine before!! Ok, I am loving the leeks and cherry tomatoes in this recipe, but I’ll have to pass on the squid :(. Way before even going vegan, I was really squimish about certain sea creatures. I’m a total wimp, lol! Love your posts…they always make me laugh girl!!

    • What if you swapped in some tofu for the squid!! That’d work out perfectly and taste just as GOOD :)

      And thank you for visiting, despite not always catering to your diet – at least I can cater some laughs!!

  65. Mehehhee yes….a girl after my own heart, you are! I looooove squid and ummm anything that swims??? Except for Nemo. (sorry, been watching that everyday because of Baby Selah, lol) I wonder what other foods we both like. 😀

  66. snacking from a pot is STANDARD.

    Any other way is criminal. I get meatspiration from you. Is that dirty? I hope so

  67. Yes! Go GiGi! I knew your recipe would be something cool and original, and squid is pretty high on the unique-ey-ness list! I would try it though!

    I definitely use Pinterest for ideas a lot, and my go to recipe is usually one of the grains and throwing vegetables in there and random spices to see what comes out….pretty boring, but I need my nutrition for my training! Have a wonderful weekend!

  68. My recipe inspiration comes from… the fridge and the vegetable garden!
    I don’t snack straight out of the pot because I got in trouble too many times for doing it as a kid! haha
    Target? They just recently arrived in my town. I like their cheap jewelry. LOL

  69. You cannot eat “wheat, dairy, gluten, sugar, soy, nuts & fruit”???? so dark chocolate is out? YIKES! Now I am in awe that you made it this far without chocolate! And Congrats on your Girls gone sporty gig! AND Congrats on making a rocking recipe without your sidekicks! AND thanks for the chuckle this morning! :)
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

    • No chocolate for me, however, I was never big on chocolate to begin with so……. I don’t miss a thing 😉 MORE FOR YOU!!!

      I am glad I could make you chuckle this AM!!

  70. GiGi, this looks delish! I have never had squid but would totally try it!

  71. This looks AWESOME, Gigi! I lurv squid and capers, just never had them together. I’m definitely going to try it. Thanks so much for sharing this on Waste Not Want Not Wednesday, I’ve pinned it :)

  72. You’re adorable. And that looks delish.

  73. Target carries squid? Who knew?

    Thanks for linking up to Real Food Fridays. Have a great week!

  74. I love this recipe! It looks so good! I would say that this recipe will teach your brother and his girlfriend but they will probably just want you to make them more food, more often!

    I get my recipe inspiration from Cooking Light. It is basically my food bible!

    • Ah ha ha! Well if that’s the case, they’ll just have to PAY me! LOL!!! 😉

      And I too love Cooking Light!

  75. I get my inspiration from anything and everything. Usually a combination of seeing a food at the market and combining it with some magazine article I saw for an unhealthy food. If I were to cook something for you RIGHT NOW, it would be spicy jicama fries.

  76. I’m not super adventurous when making food. But I do modify almost all recipes. Not sure if that makes it my own or not. I usually get recipes from books, magazines, and blogs. Okay, really anywhere.

    I’ve never had squid and I can pretty confidently say that I don’t think I will be in the future.

    • I think modifying recipes sort of make them your own. I mean, if you add in 3 ingredients and take out two, then yeah, it’s a new recipe!

      Why wouldn’t you try squid!!! Seriously, it doesn’t taste fishy or gross at all!

  77. Hi GiGi,
    Glad you asked: my brother actually reminds me of Denzel Washington. Too bad he can’t act, though. As always, your posts are such a delight! Thank you so much for partying with us at the Healthy, Happy, Green & Natural Blog Hop! You’re the life of the party!

    • I interviewed your brother!! ha ha, just kidding, I’ve interviewed Mr. Washington though, he is phenomenal! :)

      And thank you Deborah, you’re always so kind to me!

  78. Wow yummy! Come link up to #’tastytuesdays too if you fancy

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    weight loss.


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