More From Your Core, Guest Post

Yep, you all caught me… I have been a tiny bit MIA because well, I went to a magic show and the magician called me up on stage and made me disappear…?

Uh, er, well, um, no, because then where on earth would I be writing this right now?

Really, I went on vacation (*GASP*) and now I am in Chicago for the Global Food Tourism Conference (currently making a video of my excursion, wee!)! That being saidI could NOT, NOT post an update on the blog this week (it felt so weird NOT posting anything last week!!)… So here it is… However, I cannot take credit for the awesome below… 


When I cruise down the street in Wolfie, but of course, and see the sign “Welcome to Beverly Hills”One blogger comes to mind.

When your #phone MYSTERIOUSLY takes a photo of you while driving! #wtf

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This is solely due to the fact that she shares the same name as the “ritzy” city within Los Angeles county. Other than that, the similarities STOP THERE… 

Perhaps you know who I am thinking of… 


You see… A majority of the women walking around Beverly Hills are the definition of skinny fat. They may strut their stuff in perfectly pressed Versace slacks and a paper-thin yet bank-breaking Dolce & Gabanna blouse, while rockin’ over-sized Gucci shades and a Fendi purse that costs more than your car… As they suck down, I guess at this time of the year, their sugar-saturated, diabetes-enhancing Pumpkin Spice Lattes… Thinking they’re the hottest shit since… Well, not sliced bread considering there are far too many carbs in that… How about… Since the hottest juice bar that popped up on Rodeo Drive last week… Sam-Faiers-Luisa-Zissman-shopping-in-Beverly-Hills However, the BEVERLEY I am talking about, is a rock-solid, bad ass bitch who could simply walk by in her booty hugging and python accentuating Lululemon gear (she does model for them after all) and close-line all these BASICS without even batting one of her sexy eyelashes.

Beverley is definitely… As Ronda Rousey would put it, NOT A DO NOTHING BITCH. NOPE. She works hard for her perfectly chiseled physique and this week on GiGi Eats Celebrities she’s sharing FOUR tips on how to get MORE out of your workouts

DROP AND GIVE ME 50 Beverley!!

I ate pizza three times this weekend 😳😳. I’m ready to get back at it! Happy #motivationmonday !!

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It is of little surprise…

…That everywhere you look, another workout is promoting it will “Shred Your Abs with 6 Easy Moves,” or teach you how to “Get a 6 Pack in 10 Minutes.” I hate to break it to you, but IT’S LIES, ALL OF IT.

I’m just kidding, it’s not ALL lies. Some of the workouts are actually pretty hard! But just like the word ‘fetch,’ getting a 6 pack in 10 minutes is never going to happen.

If you’re looking to really lean out your mid-section and start seeing definition, doing an abdominal workout at the end of a cardio session is not the way to go about it. Truth be told, I rarely work out my abs. Yesterday I did a HIIT workout, and decided I would finish with a short little core workout as I hadn’t done one in a while. I couldn’t even get through the first set without stopping! Despite this, my abs are more defined then when I WAS doing those ab exercises, almost 3-4 days a week.

Since that period of time in my life, I have learnt quite a bit when it comes to working out, and how to get the results that you want to see. These are my top ways to get more out of your workouts, so you can really focus on uncovering those abs and leaning out your mid-section.

1. Perform more ‘core’ lifts in your workouts:

By this I don’t mean to ignore everything I just said above, and do 1,000 sit ups. I mean start SQUATTING. Start doing deadlifts. Learn how to front squat. These exercises are full body, multi-joint exercises, and will target your core (and several other muscles) much more effectively than any ab exercise could. These resistance exercises will build more Fat Free Mass in your body (i.e. MUSCLE), and muscle burns more calories than fat, and boosts your metabolism.


Deadlifts are a weekly staple in my regime!

2. Perform abdominal exercises on an unstable surface:

If you choose to not believe me, and still want to go about doing your ab exercises 5 days a week, then change it up and do it on an unstable surface. Sometimes I’ll grab a Swiss ball and perform a 3 sets of 15 reps of sit-ups. The lower on your back the ball sits, the harder the exercise is. You can also use a TRX suspension trainer (hello pikes and push ups!), or a Wobble Board (those wooden boards with a ball underneath). Doing these exercises on an unstable surface is introducing a new movement for your body. Different muscles will have to engage and start firing, which will allow you to get a more powerful workout in, with the same amount of moves.


Planks, Push Ups & Pikes galore!!

3. Practice what you’re BAD at:

This one is the least amount of fun, but the most amount of effective (English FTW!). Whatever you consider yourself to be weakest at when it comes to working out, is where you are lacking in strength. The reason you are lacking in strength is because you are lacking in muscle in that area. A lot of females find it hard to do a full push up, a full chin up, and even harder – a pull up. All three of these exercises are extremely important to building a strong core!! A year ago I could barely do 4 chin ups in a row, and about 1 pull up. Now I can do 10-12 chin ups, and 9-10 pull ups in a row. I worked on them every week determined to get better, and you know what? Not only did I get better at them, I also became stronger in both my upper body and my core. Seriously – work on your weakness.


Could barely do one of these a year ago. Now I can do them for an infinite amount of time ;)

4. Eat HEALTHY: I will not say it. I will NOT say it…

Okay, damnit. Abs are definitely made in the kitchen. Oh GOD I sound like an cliche Instagram fitness quote. But seriously – if you eat a whole lot of processed carbs, drink Starbucks vanilla lattes on the daily, and buy your lunch at work more than twice a week, I can easily figure out where you are going wrong. There is such thing as having a flexible diet and the 80/20 rule, but as soon as you start hitting about 60/40, you’re really not doing your body any favors. I post TONS of recipes of meals that I eat every week, and almost always they have some form of protein, vegetables, and grains in there. Check out the recipes page to find some inspiration. Go buy the ingredients. Make it at home. Bring it to work. Repeat. You will notice a change.


Seriously, believe it. Some person in a fortune cookie factory made this

I promise, if you start doing even one or two of the above tips, you will notice a hugeee change! You will become much stronger overall, which will add to your core strength and thus help you to achieving that lean, defined abdominal section that is sometimes so hard to attain. I hope that you liked this article, and if you have any questions when it comes to working out, please don’t hesitate to ask me. In the meantime, check out my workouts page for more ideas :)


  • What did you make in the kitchen for your abs today?
  • Are you an ass, arms or abs person? 
  • Do you ever get the urge to close-line DO NOTHING bitches? 
  • What are your thoughts on designer labels and expensive accessories?
  • When you think of Beverly Hills, what comes to mind? Have you ever been?
  • If Beverley were your trainer, would she kick your ass? SHE DEFINITELY WOULD KICK MINE!! 


  1. My stomach is definitely the weakest part of my body now that I’ve had a baby; however, I do believe I can get strength back. I had a bit of abdominal separation after having Charlotte so doing any kind of ab strengthening was a bit daunting (once I got the go-ahead.) That said, I love the idea of using TRX bands to strengthen the core. I think building my core through these exercises ^^ would be way more helpful than planks (whenever I remember to do them!) Maybe one day I’ll see some resemblance of my old stomach…maybe.

    • Diane, I completely understand! When I had my stomach/intestinal surgery, I lost all feeling in my abs, but getting strength, flattening the abs, etc is completely do-able as long as you are motivated to do it! And it sounds like you are :) You will see your “old stomach” — kick your regime into high gear 😉

  2. I’m an arm and ab girl obviously — have you ever seen my ass? That’s my point, it’s invisible.

    Don’t get me started on the juice bars . . .

  3. Compound lifts, anti-rotation exercises (like the pallof press) and planks are really all you need to do for core training. Though I like doing reverse crunches, bird-dogs, and v-sits because they’re FUN! Otherwise yes, abs are REVEALED in the kitchen.

  4. I love ab workouts even though my love of wine keeps the abs fairly hidden most of the time. Yoga is one of my favorite ways to work my core!

    • Ah ha ha! OH THAT DAMN WINE….. Alas, you only live once…. So I mean, I guess balance in key – Ha, it’s also key in YOGA 😉

  5. I had wild caught salmon yesterday for dinner to drown my sorrow over GiGi’s MIA, in Chicago of all places where I was raised.

    I’m into total body functional fitness.

    No, I feel sorry for them missing out on the pleasures of being physical.

    If you are fit, you can wear anything, even a Giraffe suit and look good.

    I think of the old song line, “and all the stars that never were are parking cars and pumping gas.”

    I think I would hold my own with Beverley, but it would be an honor if she did.

    • I had wild caught salmon last night to fill the void of not blogging and hearing from YOU Dr. J! ha ha! We are clearly on the same page here!

      And yes, I am in Chicago right now… But I am leaving tomorrow night. Hopefully my video will bring back some memories for you!

  6. LOVE this. Especially the ‘practice what you’re bad at’ part. I was the same way with pullups.. Couldn’t do one.. Now I’m up to 6 in a row!

    • THAT IS THE PART I LOVE TOO, even though I totally HATE IT as well… Because I mean, I am bad at so many things, ha! But this is a good practice to adopt in every aspect of life!

      AND UM, KICK ASS! I need to see your pull ups in ACTION yo!

  7. Oh boyyyyy I know what you mean about that ritzy city in Los Angeles. Agh, so happy my office moved to West Hollywood!!! These are great tips Gigi! I just recently stopped doing the IIFYM lifestyle so that I could practice what I preach, just living a healthy lifestyle and also applying to myself what I’m learning in my fitness nutrition course. I’ve totally become more in tune with my body and it allows me to focus more on making healthier choices instead of thinking about what I can fit in. I’ll take you up on that challenge to practice what I’m weak on too! Maybe, just maybe one day I’ll match you in a plank war :) Hope you’re having a blast in Chicago!!!

    • OMG I am thrilled you stopped the IIFYM lifestyle, it just seems toooooo tedious!!!!
      And girl, drop and give me a 5 minute plank, RIGHT NOW – at work! 😉

      PS: when I return, can we get our Ethiopian on? I haven’t been in ages!!

      • I am thrilled too! I feel FREEEEEE :) No more counting and it feels liberating! HAHAH my coworkers would honestly not be shocked if they walked past my office and saw my planking lol!! YES YES YES! I promise we’re doing Ethiopian when you’re back! Long overdue!

  8. Love this post!! I follow Beverly on Insta and girl is awesome! I’ve been trying to focus on core work a little more, specifically nailing that pesky side plank. Gosh, I hate it, but I gotta work it to be awesome. And yes, abs in the kitchen – I ate some healthy fats and protein for breakfast!

    • PESKY is a NICE adjective to describe the SIDE PLANK!! More like F***IN’ ***E(*#&*@*)#@*!! LMAFO! But you’re right, you gotta WORK AT IT if you suck at it!! 😉

      And yum! I want to know more about your healthy fat and protein breakfast!!

  9. Ahhh, I keep TRYING to do pullups and can’t get anywhere without my stretchy band(s) under my knee to assist me.
    However, I do squats ‘on the reg’ (who still says that?) and they help my running…plus I don’t have saddlebags anymore which is AWESOME!

    • Girl, I say on the REG all the time and it sounds like I am saying “I am on the RAG”… lmfao – which I mean, I guess would make a lot of sense considering I am a crazy.

      Wait, the funniest part about this whole comment is that I actually NEVER say “on the reg…” but I am still in fact crazy and this response comment confirms it.

      And um, leave the saddle bags… To the saddle bags. #nailedit.

  10. She totally would kick my ass. I used to kick my own ass, but I since the marathon, I just want to run cruise and NOT work!

  11. awesome interview! This made me miss deadlifting so much!! I used to do weight lifting a few times a week with my bf and now I do mainly boot camp (HIIT with kettlebells and dumbbells ). I need to go back to the gym lol. This week, I made a yummy beef soup with tons of veggies! Excited to have leftovers of it for lunch 😀 On top of that, meal prepped chicken for chicken salads the rest of the week. #winning. Also, as a native Cali girl, I’ve seen those “basic bitches” and yeah no. Not all of them are complete douche bags, but most of them deserve to be clothes lined lol. I say this as I’m drinking a sugar free latté #dontjudgemeitsfall Pull ups and push ups are so difficult! I can do full-on push ups now and pull ups, well, still trying!

    • Girl, boot camp is KILLER – but if you like weight training at the gym better, what’s STOPPING you?! 😉
      And um, beef soup sounds pretty BOMB right now! Chicago is COLD so soup = YES PLEASE!!! But when I get back to LA, yeah, NO SOUP FOR ME thanks to it being like 100 degrees there still. Ew. LOL!

      LMFAO! Do I need to close-line you… Or at least SWAT that sugar free latte outta your hand? 😉 DROP & GIVE ME 20 lady!

      • I knowwww ! I’ve been going 2x/week with running in between. I like weight training at the gym as well, but doing everything is exhausting AND expensive. I may switch over to the gym again if my boyfriend wants to go with me. Working out together was more fun and he has better form than me. Also, the price is stopping me! I can’t afford to do every class I want. If I could, I’d be doing boot camp, ballet, aerial yoga, pilates AND have a personal running trainer person. And yeahh it was super easy to make and delicious! And yeah, I live in Riverside so it’s hot as hell most days, but thankfully today is a high of 76. Cold enough for soup lol. Doesn’t it always feel like we miss the nice CA weather when we’re out of town?

        LOL!! I need you in my life to knock like all kinds of shit out of my hand.Like, for real. There should be a trainer for that hahah. Although, I am looking to sugar detox next month thanks to your post on sugars (not this month because Halloween is making that impossible, though I’m trying to keep it under the RDI or natural options where possible!). So SEE – you are slowly converting my life. Happy? 😛

        • I guess you make a VERY valid point! All these work out classes can be super super expensive. Have you ever looked into Class Pass or anything like that?

          UGH! Riverside is so much hotter than LA! How often do you come to LA by the way?! We should get lunch! woo woo! And I will make sure to knock CRAP out of your hand left and right – LMFAO!

          And um, HELL YES I AM SO PUMPED that I am SLOWLY converting your life! 😉 Detoxing during the holidays is TOUGH – but you can do it!!!

          • I did look into classpass, but it’s not really covering a whole lot of places in my area. Riverside kinda sucks in that area; not as many options as in LA or OC. Yeah Riverside is so hot and crappy during summer haha. I feel like I’m melting. Dying for the heat to die off. I don’t come to LA too often, but yes we should definitely get together! That sounds fun ! :) lol I need that kind of guidance in my life 😛

            Haha you crack me up. Tbh, I don’t find it hard to detox during the holidays. I have divorced parents so I spent my entire childhood traveling around, hence; I tend to lose weight during the holidays rather than gain. Also, I try to keep portions small and eat 1 piece of pie lol. I was thinking of doing my own thanksgiving to avoid unhealthy crap anyway, but if not, I’ll just make my own pie alternative 😉 thanks for the inspiration! ♥

  12. Love this post! I used to do weight lifting, but not anymore! I’m gonna follow Beverley on Instagram. Hope you are having fun in Chicago!

  13. Eating healthy foods makes a better body all the way.

  14. Doing what you are bad at is a GREAT way to enhance your workout! Of course you can’t slack too much on maintenance for your strengths but I learned (because of my inability to do chin ups, ironically) that forcing yourself to do what is tough will give you the most noticeable (and useful!) results. It’s a great way to kick a tired training routine into overdrive, too!

    • GIRL you said it! And you said it so well too. I am kind of bad at forcing myself to do things I don’t like doing… However, I do push myself to the gym every single day!! 😉

  15. Yo, Gigi. I am on the side of the argument that abs can be UNDONE in the kitchen, but they aren’t DONE or MADE in the kitchen. Hormones, stress, and sleep habits have just as much to do with ab definition as food in and exercise. And of course this phrase also implies a priority for how the abs LOOK. A person can get totally strong abs and core musculature with a great exercise program even if fat sits over those glam babies (yeah, fat from too many calories perhaps). Now feel free to cook me something delicious so I have time to do some ab work. Oh and overall strength training too, for sure!

    • You definitely have some valid points Kymberly… I mean, genetics/sleep/hormones certainly play a role in how exactly your body will look/react to specific foods and exercises. That being said, exercise and food certainly contribute – and can contribute in a positive way if you do in fact live a healthy lifestyle 😉 So get your booty over here, I will feed you as you do crunches!

  16. I follow Beverly, she is one perfectly ripped chic who would totally kick my ass. I’m jealous! I love all her tips! Definitely going to give them ALL a try! You would think as a food blogger, the kitchen would be my weakness, but when I cook for the blog I only taste test everything. The rest goes to the husband and friends. *shh don’t tell* I live for egg whites, cauliflower, celery and carrots. Yes, I was a pain in every instructors ass during culinary school, because I want to be able to see my ass in the mirror. Not the cellulite covering it. 😉 missed you Gigi, hope you had a kick ass vacay!

    • YOU ARE SO LUCKY YOU HAVE SUCH SELF CONTROL!!!!! For me, I always make my videos/cook for the blog around lunch, because I KNOW I am going to eat, and eat it all – ha ha ha ha! So it’s “lunch” – bah ha!! I always invite friends over to share the food, but sometimes they’re not avail and lets be real, if I have something super friggin’ tasty in my fridge, it will whisper sweet nothings to me all day long until I respond! DUH.

      I do love your motivation though, no cellulite – PUH LEEZEEEEE! 😉 I am sure your culinary instructors have LOTS AND LOTS of the cottage cheese, BAH HA AH AH AHAHA HA HA AH! 😉

  17. Hope you’re having a great time in Chicago! Loved all of Beverly’s tips! I am trying to strengthen my core too and it’s always so motivating to see results from other people :)

  18. I wanna go to Chicago someday! :[

    + I adore compound exercises! 😀 (Deadlifts are my favorite lift, and squats are a close second!) I like the fact that you get more bang for your buck! 😛 These are really awesome tips! _>)

  19. I love Chicago, and i hope you’re having fun!
    Beverly’s tips are awesome. I have to say that after 2 c-sections, my abs are in pretty good shape because of my cross training routine on the days I don’t run. It’s full of planks, squats, dead lift squats, and burpees. And I hate that saying, “Abs are made in the kitchen.” But it’s so true. That’s where I need some improvement!

    • I LOVE planks!!! They’re my go-to ab exercise FOR SURE!! And, uh, I am embarrassed to admit that…… Burpees and I.. yeahhhhh ha ha ah ah! That doesn’t happen.

  20. Can I just say how unfit I am and will not claim to do any sort of exercise which I wish one day I would wake up and do it? Reading through the post and seeing the gifs made me lose some weight from jealousy :)

  21. I do worry that I’m skinny fat. That would be a disaster! I do eat better than it seems, although I do love treats, but I’m not working my abs very much.
    So you need to come out here and guide me.

    • I cannot stress how much I wish we lived closer. I seriously believe we would hang out ALL THE TIME… To the point that it might be unhealthy? Or people might think we were a couple? LMFAO!!

      • hah, I have no problem with that if you don’t! I’d be proud. Like.. “really, you all think I could get a girl like that?”

  22. Girl, where you been? I’m so glad you’re back! And OMG I totally follow Beverley! I would love to be as sweaty and fit, but sit on my ass in an office for most of my life, so I’m still aspiring! I love that Beverley is so helpful and not judgmental. I’m not really hip to the BH scene, but I remember 90210! Luv ya, girl!

    • Girl, I have been in South Carolina and right now I am in Chicago… But I am going back to LA tonight YO! Thank goodness, I am so ready! And girl, next week’s recipe – OH BABY YES! 😉 I will not be sharing it with any of those B Hill Bitches!!!

  23. “Practice what you’re bad at.” I love that so much! Everybody loves to do what they’re good at, so they don’t see the improvements as much as when they practice what they’re not so good at. And, cliche or not, abs are definitely made in the kitchen. Or at least finished in the kitchen.

    • The only cliche I really like is “abs are made in the kitchen” – because it’s TRUE. Although wait, now that I think about it, cliches are typically all true, as much as we don’t want to admit it! ha.

  24. I had a lean body before having a baby, now since he’s getting older and I can get back into the gym, I woke up and wondered where did all of these chiseled female bodies come from and how the heck can I get one (FAST)! and you answered my question! Thank you so much for the humor and details! 😀

    • WAHOO! I am thrilled I could answer your question :) And if you have any more questions, do email me! :) I am filled with lots of answers – he he!

  25. ooh THANK YOU for saying the kitchen piece too :-)
    so many seem to not agree any longer.
    here is is DEFINITELY true

    • Yeah, I don’t necessarily think people “disagree” with it… They’re just in denial because they want to keep eating crappy foods that they are addicted to.

  26. I love this post. Skinny Fat is definitely not where it’s at and I juiced some beets to help with elimination and bloating. LOVE IT!!!!

  27. 6 pack in 10 minutes?! I wish it were true. :) But you are right, all those false claims are just that – false.

  28. Been wondering where you were! Glad to see a post from you. Well, a guest post, but you made a cameo. 😉 I had no idea how expensive purses could be until Mrs KR clued me in some months back. Thank goodness she’s not interested, but I couldn’t believe it. Still can’t, actually. Anyway, terrific guest post. I HATE pullups. Need to do them. And squatting really is an awesome exercise. Good stuff — thanks.

    • I will be FULLY back next week John, just got back from my trips last night and I am now getting organized for next week’s post :) I cannot wait to share…… Gotta film the recipe this weekend, but my brain has come up with something quite… SPOOKY- LOL.

      And you’re lucky Mrs KR is not into purses… They’re definitely my DOWNFALL! ha ha ah! But I do hate clothing, so I guess it balances out 😉

  29. Everything is my weakest point, I am bad at exercise. but trying to eat more healthy and I have stuck to yoga for over a year. I like “Practice what you’re BAD at” best, even if one or two reps to start.

    • WAHOO on sticking to YOGA for over a year!!! I only stuck to yoga for 5 minutes. Yep, I laughed so hard I left the class. I couldn’t take it seriously LOL!!!!!!

  30. Great post Gigi I love following Beverly she is so motivational. Girl I am working on my six-pack and am on a mission to have one by summer. I may even be bold enough to show it on Insta! Thanks for another great post.

    • GIRL SHOW IT ON INSTA!!! It’s a great motivator – because everyone is sooooooo supportive and motivational themselves! :) It will only make you want to work harder! I am rooting for you, and your goals of working on yours, so as to make an appearance by summer next year = EXTREMELY realistic!!

  31. Oh. my. goodness… I love everything about this post… I am impressed, inspired, and totally intimidated at the same time! These are some fantastic tips, and I love the tough love. We ALL need to have our aBs kicked from time to time!!! I came thisclose to moving out to LA a while back, and while I love visiting, I’m definitely a southern girl at heart. Hope you’re having an amazing trip… can’t wait to hear about it!

    • Why were you THISCLOSE to moving to LA????? I am bummed you didn’t!! I love meeting blogging friends – All of my best friends in LA are from the blogging world! :) But girl, stick to your Southern Roots if that’s where you feel most comfortable 😉

  32. Haha this is hilarious and oh so true!!! I used to live in LA and OMG the desire to just be “thin” is huge and so unhealthy! As a personal trainer, I can vouch for all of this! Get in the gym, kick your butt, and eat well! There are no quick-fixes and even the one’s that “work” just set you up to binge and gain all of the weight back… maybe more! 😡

  33. I have always done a lot of core work no matter how many times thru the years, lifters would say you don’t need to do it… get old! :)

    I do it all! :)

  34. Uh. I hate to admit this, but I’d rather not eat anything unhealthy than workout. SO basically, I eat 3 eggs for breakfast each morning. An apple for a snack. And plain chicken with steamed broccoli (with garlic, ya know!) at almost every meal. I’m not kidding because if eating pizza means working out. Then I’m out. And no, my abs don’t look like this pics you show, but there’s no fat on them either. And after having 2 kids, I mean, that just kills your abs. So ok, it wouldn’t kill me to work on my core. So I’m gonna give it a try. That’s what I”m saying here. Fun post.

    • Oh girl, I would much rather just eat VERY CLEAN than work out too, ha ha ah! But at the same time, I do believe working out is where all my energy and happiness comes from, so that’s what keeps me coming back for more – even though it’s super painful DURING. You will be thrilled you did it AFTER. I don’t think I have ever met anyone who REGRETS working out! ha!

      Having kids definitely kills your abs, but you can revive them!!! I promise it can be done 😉 Give it a try for sure!

  35. Holy Crapoli. I have hardly enough strength to type! But I did go back to Pilates and that’s a start!

    • Crapoli – HA HA HA HA HA AH AHA HA HAA!! New favorite word!! 😉
      And I ADORE pilates too!!! It’s definitely a GREAT core strengthener!

  36. Thank you, thank you! I was skimming through the links in this week’s party looking for a feature to pick, and I saw your post. So glad I clicked because this was the kick in the butt I needed to work on my core again. I’ve been struggling ever since I hurt my foot in June. I let my frustration with not getting better stop me from doing the workouts that I can do and know work for me. No more! (That sounds like a battle cry!) I CAN do this. (P.S. I shared this with my FB readers. I’ve been doing ab workouts for years, and know their value. I don’t look like a mom of 5 kids because of my ab routine.)

    • OMG I AM SO THRILLED YOU CLICKED too Barb!!!! If this post could motivate you to get back into the work out game, I am beyond thrilled and SOOOO happy I posted it! :) Beverley is such an amazing motivator, I would certainly check out her site and work outs if I were you! I really am so so so so so happy that this post could motivate you. Getting injured really just messes up everything, but we have to remember that if we give ourselves enough time to heal, we can be back in the game in NO TIME!

      And um, yes! You are in fact incredible motivation to so many as well, for so many women who have had children say their stomachs will never be the same….. But if you work your core, it can be even BETTER than before you had kids!

  37. You know I am a HUGE advocate of abs are made in the kitchen!!! I’m always cooking up sweet things for my abs…ok, so I’m ordering out or having other people make them but whatever…it’s all good.
    LOVE the shout out to RR and #DoNothingBitch HOLLLLLAAAAAA!!!!!

  38. Completely agree on ab strengthening and I try to work hard on them for running too. Great tips in the post to get more out of gym time. Thanks!

  39. Love the “practice what you’re bad at” for my new mantra. It’s so true that what I’m bad at are the weakest parts of my body. My core looks good because I make my abs in the kitchen, but you are so right with the “skinny fat” look that happens when you don’t work out. Deadlifts and pull-ups here I come!

    • Oh I make my abs in the kitchen too!!! My abs are super weak though because I had stomach surgery that screwed with all my nerves so I cannot really feel my stomach, very weird, but oh well, I make do – we all have to make do with what we’ve got and WORK IT! 😉

  40. Great tips & post! Wow! I feel like I’ve been eating pretty healthy and working out hard – but I hit a plateau. I definitely suck at pushups… I hate upper body work. I can squat like a freakin’ machine though ;p I’m definitely willing to give your trips a shot and see what happens. I only do core once a week – but maybe my body is too used to the exercises and I need to switch it up. My obliques look pretty good – but I’m looking for more tightening around that belly button.
    Good pep talk, coach!

    • OMG IT IS SO INTERESTING to meet people who love working their lower body!! I LOVE working my arms, but my legs – OH HELL NO! I do enough cardio for 5 people every single day, that my leggies get tired, ha ah!!! My arms are PYTHONS though, LOL!!!

      And yes – SWITCH IT UP!! You can thank Beverley and I later 😉

  41. Great tips. Does this mean I have to give up cookie dough???!

  42. oh see?
    and I thought we were supposed to say what we liked in others.
    Ill like the FITFORKS INVISIBLE ASS :-)

    • AH HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! I’ll like it too! 😉 Although, if it is invisible…. How can I like “it” per say?

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  46. This is giving me inspiration to do the physical therapy exercises I am supposed to be doing. ..

  47. HI. I LOVE this post. As you know from my tweet last week (and yes, I can’t wait to email you about it), I would love to know more about your workout regimen. I’ve been doing hot yoga for awhile but want to step it up. This post has so many great tips. Enjoy Chicago and look forward to your video soon.

  48. This is literally just the inspiration I need right now! I’ve been slacking so badly on my fitness since college started again.

    • I am THRILLED beyond belief that this guest post by Beverley could inspire you to GET GOING :) Feel free to keep me posted about your success!

  49. Beverly is awesome!!! Abs are def made in the kitchen, right now i am eating oatmeal with pb, pumpkin and applesauce for mine :) I went to beverly hills last year and it always reminds me of basic b*thces lol

  50. Hi Gigi!
    I don’t think I’ve ever visited you before. Impressive! Inspirational. You made me want to tighten my abs in the kitchen while reading this! I am like you. I feel I must adhere to my publication schedule or the world may stop spinnning or something.
    Nice to see you.

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    Kia / KTS

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  56. Very effective tips. LOL at the cliche. Abs and the kitchen. I hate using it too, but it’s the truth. Those darn cliches!

  57. As a fellow personsal trainer and marathoner I couldn’t agree with this post more!! Deadlifts have long been my secret weapon to my abs of steel. The secret is out!! 😉 high dollar fashion? Way overrated in my humble opinion. Beverly Hills? Glitz and glam! Enjoy your vaca trip!!

    • UGH – high dollar fashion is so stupid in my mind! Marshall’s please!!!

      And I am glad this post resonated with you! Beverley knows what’s up and clearly you do too!