Coho Salmon, An Oscar Winner… And More!

If we truly were what we ate… I would be a…


Cute little fish

Or in other words, I would be one EXTREMELY WEIRD LOOKING yet CRAZY TASTY FISH.

Oh wait, I guess the saying IS true, because well… I just described myself (yes, I am CRAZY tasty… Mind —> Gutter)! 

GiGi making a fish face with boobs

ANY WHO… Speaking of crazy tasty (and no, I am not about to talk about myself some more), emphasis on the tasty

A sizzling fish company sent Santa Claus to my house (YES – IN AUGUST)…

Lets just say… Santa in NUT HUGGERS and Ray Bans… Not a good look…

Santa Claus Underwear

Not… A… Good… Look. But check out those curves!

If you want to laugh yourself into a coma though… GOOGLE: Santa Claus Underwear.

HOWEVER… He did bring something that looked MIGHTY FINE! 


Sizzlefish Logo

THIS FISH is GOOD. I am talking Denzel Washington (click the link and see my interview with the study man!) and Meryl Streep good… 

Actually… On that note… I decided to compare all the fish I was supplied with to great ACTORS and ACTRESSES… 


My video should be nominated for a YouTube Oscar… Am I right? 

But in all seriousness, stop reading depressing news… Stop bidding on Britney Spear’s hair on eBay… Stop watching porn Hulu… And head on over to SIZZLEFISH’S website so you can learn more about the company and how you can have Santa grace you with his presence prior to the winter holiday! 

GiGi licking Sizzlefish Salmon



  • What do you think a Sabhambassagi is?
  • Who is buying that Santa “outfit” now?
  • If you were coming over, what fish, excuse me, actor, would you want me to cook up?
  • If Beyonce was a fish, what type would she be and why?
  • Better yet, if YOU were a fish – what kind(s) would you be and why?
  • Have you tried Sizzlefish yet?
  • Why don’t you go on and subscribe to my YouTube channel!? 

I wouldn’t have a soul if I didn’t mention how distraught I am with the passing of Robin Williams. I am so shocked that I cannot even compare him to any fish in the sea!


  1. Hahahah I LOVE it! My mind was definitely not as far into the gutter as yours! Tsk tsk! By the way….side note, my autocorrect keeps changing tsk into tsp. Apparently it thinks as I am a foodie, all I ever want to talk about is cooking…..apologies, you probably don’t care, but I am telling you anyway :) Don’t remind me of christmas yet pleeeasssseee! Although you can keep reminding me to eat more fish, that is something I need to remember! Have a great day friend :)

    • LOL! Of course I care about your AUTO CORRECT!! I care about everything – Including Santa in NUT HUGGERS! 😉

  2. i want some sizzlefish in my life!! Too bad I live in Canada.

    It’s also too bad I don’t have any seafood recipes :( Sad day that I can’t join your linkup, Gi.

  3. um i have NO idea what a Sabhambassagi is! :) if i were a fish, i’d be arctic char – the best of salmon and trout combined and rare enough that it’s a treat to find in a grocery store :) i love seafood so i’m checking out sizzlefish!

    • OMG I ADORE Arctic Char!!!! ADORE IT! Trader Joe’s had the best Arctic Char for a little while there… But then of course, the second I fell in love, they discontinued it… Yet kept their nasty looking frozen salmon, YUCK! Sizzlefish is on the UPS! 😉

  4. ha! My mind is so far in the gutter, and has been shoved there for so long, that nothing will ever pull it out. Nothing. Even when I’m 90.
    No clue what a Sabhambassagi is, but it seems pretty awesome. Better than that scary Santa costume!
    Now I’m off to that website to see if I can order some fish to cuddle with.

    • Mmmmm cuddling with fish, wayyyyyy better than your husband or kids! LOL!!!!

      Oh and when I am 90, I am still going to be giggling when someone says “package”… Cause I am mature. MATURE I TELL YOU!

  5. Very creative! Your mind is definitely not going to waste!!

    I want to be your salmon dinner. A short life but very intense :-)

  6. I keep hearing so much about Sizzlefish. May have to give it a try. Sabhambassagi– what the heck is that? 😀

    • Bah ha ha ha! A Samhambassagi….. If I told you, then I would have to feed it to you – Ha! Wait, that’s not a punishment at all! Perhaps I will reveal what it is NEXT WEEK 😉

  7. I can give a personal award to the Atlantic Salmon… er, no, to Leo, to Leo, Leo the salmon… I like Salmon very much!

  8. Oh my gosh I’ve just seen your interview with the sablefish (well, Danzel Washington). You’re a star!

    • Aw thank you! :) He was pretty awesome, that video doesn’t even show 1/2 of our chat. We wound up talking about funny drunk YouTube videos! LOL!

  9. Best question ever… Beyonce would be a fugu (one of those Japanese blowfish) that you can eat but if it isn’t done right it can kill you. Her eyes are CRAY CRAY.

  10. LOL @ all the puns. Your brain might be unique but it’s hella hilarious haha
    And the Denzel description? Priceless 😀

    • Ha Ha! Why THANK YOU! Some people just think my brain is……. Uh…….. Yeah. LOL!

      And when I took a bite of the Sablefish Denzel IMMEDIATELY came to mind, and NO ONE ELSE! :)

  11. I totally want to try Sizzlefish!

  12. I friggin’ love Sizzlefish!!! And the word nuthugger. I do not; however, love actual nuthuggers. WTF are they things?! It’s like wearing a bow tie. It screams “I’m a giant penis… but my actual penis is teeny tiny.”

    Also, you should make this: and make chips with the skin as a side.

    • GIRL – LINK THAT RECIPE UP!!! What What!

      PS: Did I ever tell you that I make salmon skin “chips” every single day (when I cook at home)?!?!?! And I make Penis chips too……………


  14. Hmmm… I would probably be sea bass! I like the light buttery taste and I only get to have it once in a blue moon when I’m at a nice seafood restaurant. I need to try sablefish! I don’t think I’ve ever tried it!

    • I would love to take a bite of you… Oh is that wrong?? I just love seabass.

      AND YES YOU NEED TO TRY Sablefish, your life will change!!

  15. Sizzlefish discriminates against Canadians…just like emojis. Kidding! I actually wish they shipped to Canada because I only hear good things. p.s. you may not be 6’5, but damn you is fineeeee. If I was Leo I’d date you. For now you can date your omega 4 fatty acids…

    • You wanting to date me TRAMPLES Leo ever wanting to date me!!!! YEEEE HAW!!! Suck it Leo, Davida is ON THIS BOOTY! 😉

  16. oh you are too much, i love all the puns! REEEEELLY! and i’d say sablefish is like Tay diggs as well.. he’s so buttery.

    Email me any feedback. I so wish they included scallops on your order. Argh, sorry!

    • MMMM TAY DIGGS! I met him before, he was FAR SHORTER than I expect, but still GLORIOUS! 😉

      AND WHAT?!?!?! Scallops! AW MAN, I am obsessed. If ONLY I had them to sample and then compare to a celebrity 😉

  17. Ooooo I MUST try sizzle fish! And I must say, if I came over, you’d HAVE to cook up some LEO Dicap. My fave for sure, can’t go wrong.

    • Ah ha ha ha! I just envisioned Leo… Naked, in a pot of boiling water, on the stove, giving us suggestive nods! 😉

  18. You CANNOT have babies with Leo ! Have you seen how he’s let himself go lately?? lol
    You don’t have to sell me on fish, love it every day. Loved your Denzel interview – is he as amazing in person? Sexy!
    I’m very sad about Robin, too. I loved both his funny and dramatic roles and Dead Poets Society is my favourite movie of all time.
    I’m back from a short holiday and, though happy to be back, SO not happy to be working!

    • If I were to get together with Leo, I would SHAPE HIM UP and make him… Eat himself? LOL – Salmon, eat salmon! LOTS of it! 😉 😉

      And yes, Denzel was pretty awesome. We wound up talking about drunk people on YouTube the rest of my interview – that didn’t make the cut for work though, LOL!!!!

      And WELCOME BACK from VACAY!!!

  19. I’m thinking I’ll be any fish that santa wants me to be…is that bad since I’m married? NOOOO!!!! ha ha ha Love all of this oh so much…

    • Ah ha ha ha ah ha ha!!!!! So you have Santa fantasies huh??? You should tell your husband to dress up like him – if you haven’t… ALREADY! 😉

  20. HAHA! This is all so awesome i dont even know where to begin. #1- the first pun made me laugh out loud. 2- Coho Salmon IS the Meryl Streep of fish! To quote Cam from Modern Family “Meryl Streep could play Batman and be the right choice” And 3- LOL to poor Leo and his lack of awards :)

    • Bah ha ha ha! I AM THRILLED my really STUPID pun made you laugh! LOL!

      AND YES!! Cam is SOOO RIGHT – Meryl at BATMAN, I don’t know why casting directors didn’t SEEK HER OUT! LOL!

  21. Now every time I have certain types of fish I’m going to be thinking about the celebrity instead:) My oldest son thinks he is allergic to fish (not shell fish) – I’m trying to convince him otherwise!!!

    • Ah ha ha! MY POINT EXACTLY! I am going to go to the seafood counter later today and ask for some Denzel Washington and see what they say! LOL!

  22. Well my UPS man and mailman do NOT look like that! Bummer!

  23. Santa in nut huggers? Well, that would be a surprise on Christmas morning!

    • LMFAO! OMG Imagine seeing Santa putting gifts around your XMAS Tree around 1 am… In Nut HUGGERS – I would call the cops, unless Santa happens to look like… Ryan Reynolds! LOL!

  24. O fish! Love me some salmon, sardines, trout, and tilapia! It’s all so good 😉

  25. I appreciate you sharing that photo of me in my Santa costume with your readers. It was actually June when the pic was taken. Salmon is my favorite. Love me some salmon. I also love pronouncing the L in salmon just for fun and to see if anyone will correct me. You should try it.

    What would I want you to cook for me? I dunno. I’ll still stick with saLLLmon. It’s an aphrodisiac.

    • LOL!!!!! I am now FOREVER going to say saLmon! AH HA HA! Love this. People might smack me, but I am all for it! And come on over, salmon is ALWAYS being cooked up in my house.

      And I apologize for not asking for permission to share your Santa “outfit” photo… But obviously, you’re proud of it 😉

  26. Never tried sizzle fish, the only fish I might eat is Cod or Flounder. If I were a fish my choice would be a Great White, always hungry. I think you would be a blue fin Tuna, a rare catch :) Beyoncé is a Grouper, large but makes a real statement.
    Very few things bring a emotional response with me but hearing how such a talented amazing man was so sad that he could not see how special of a person he is is heart breaking. I would watch his videos when I felt down and would forget why I was sad. He could take a bowl of water and turn it into an hour of laughter.
    He will be greatly missed.

    • Beyonce = Grouper – UTTERLY PERFECT, because she has such a HUGE POSE and loads of GROUPIES! I like where your head’s at! 😉 And hmmmm Blue Fin Tuna huh? A rare catch? I will take it! Perhaps I should put that on my resume/business cards? LOL

      And I couldn’t agree more with you about R. Williams :( I may just have to have a day of watching all his movies… Okay, maybe just 2 hours – a day, I don’t have! LOL!

  27. You are a hoot! Who knew we had Meryl for dinner tonight???

  28. Well…that is a very cute fish! If you were a fish I might have to compare you to a starfish because you deal with stars all the time! Thanks for visiting my site. I am truly enjoying yours!

    • OMG I love that comparison! I am going to take it, I am officially a STAR FISH!!!!! 😉

      Thanks for checking out my site! :)

  29. Hi Gigi! I recently tried Coho salmon for the first time and it CHANGED MY LIFE! I’m a huge salmon-lover anyways, but the flavor and texture difference in the coho is amazing. I’d love to try the Sizzlefish Coho Salmon! Yum!

    • Coho Salmon is so good!! Which is why I compared it to Meryl, for sure! I am glad it was so life changing for you – salmon in general to me is GAME CHANGING!! If salmon is involved, I will do anything – LOL! Definitely check out Sizzlefish, they do not disappoint :)

  30. you are hilarious. Very clever, but poor Leo, has he really not won an Oscar yet?
    I did a review for Sizzlefish a while back and LOVED their product. Was just thinking the other day I should order me a variety pack. You can’t beat the ease of pulling out a single serving (or two). 😉

    • He really hasn’t won an Oscar yet – how UNMOTIVATING is that?!?! LOL!!!

      Link up some of your recipes to your sizzlefish review here if you want, would love to see! :)

  31. You’re video…you crazy gaga.

    I totally added my Gigi recipe.

  32. I’m still thinking of santa in nuthuggers and ray bans….

  33. LOVE IT!! Love Sizzlefish!!

  34. Totally get that fish/actor pairs – and LOVE it!!
    Is Owen Wilson a fish? Cause he looks just as cute, doens’t he?
    Anytime I have troubles with my tummy I am definitely a Whale.
    WAIT, that’s not a fish, right? Well, you get it.

    • Owen Wilson! I haven’t thought of him in awhile, but now…. My fishy thinking cap is ON! lol.

      And I am DEFINITELY A WHALE TOO when I have stomach issues, whales may not be fish, but they’re sea creatures so it still counts!

  35. I love all the fish, and if I were one, I would be a dolphin 😀 oh wait…they are not a fish. Whatever! Need to give sizzlefish a try, though I would pass on that Santa in underwear, eek (don’t mind the curves though, lol!)

    Good thing I can link up my petite bites 😀

    RW passing has devastated me too. The man made you laugh till one had stitches on the sides, and so cliched that he was crying so hard inside.

  36. I would want some salmon…which I’m gonna say is the George Clooney of fish. It’s classic. It’s versatile. You know what you’re getting with it. Plus, it goes well with wine…like George.

  37. oh my gosh that santa outfit.
    i dont really like fish, womp womp.

  38. Fish Cakes for me. DUH!

  39. You crack me up – Sizzlefish and Santa! Only Gigi!! :) When cooking fish for company, I always reach for the creamy ones – sea bass, black cod, salmon – yum. Now I’m hungry – good thing I have fish packed for lunch!!

    • Yes! Reaching for the creamy ones is SMART because… They’re hard to mess up! LOL!! My dad makes THE BEST salmon/sea bass dish EVER…. If you ask nicely, I will share it with you 😉

  40. How have I not found you sooner?!?!?!?!

    I. am. obsessed.

    I do not eat any seafood at all. I can’t stand the way the creatures look, smell, taste… *%%*#*@(*!**%! I can’t deal. And that little Sambah-thing… you’re a braveeee woman 😉

    • AH HA HA HA HA HA HA! First of all, I AM THRILLED you do not eat seafood because uh, MORE FOR ME… LOL – Secondly, I AM OBSESSED that YOU ARE OBSESSED! 😉 Better late than never to have found me, but really the best part of you finding me? Is that I FOUND YOU!

  41. I have no idea what a sambahammana something is. You are right. I shall continue to watch Hulu. Is there anything better (except netflix?)

  42. No christmas references! People are already hinting at pumpkin lattes and I cannot handle the idea that my beloved summer is almost over. But, I know I am DEFINITELY getting BL those Santa undies. So, thank you for that! I LOVE your videos! You crack me up!

    • OH I LOVE these references because I am OBSESSED with the fall! LOL!!! 😉 But okay okay, I will NOT talk about Santa… Although, those nut huggers, though, ah ha ha!

  43. I’m with Abbe – you’re a star fish! (And yes, I read all the comments — your responses are always fun.) Love the video — you’re soooo entertaining. Thanks.

  44. Definitely Oscar worthy!!!!! Fun post.

  45. I’d be a puffer fish, cause I am naughty and eat cookies too often. I don’t eat fish as you know, but I can give you all my portions. Except my Leo fish, I want to swim the Atlantic seas with his sexy ass. Lets say for the sake of me not eating fish that these are roasts of coffee (bahaha) and I would want you to brew me a BIG, strong cup of GerardButler/AdrienBrody/TOMHIDDLESTON MY FAVORITE EVER.

    • BAH HA HA HA! I love your explanation. People have been saying I am a starfish, do you think puffer and star fish would hang out??!?!

      When you come out here, I think….. We are going to need to stalk GB, AB & TH’s twitter accounts to see where they hang out! LOL!

  46. You are too cute! I love your reviews! I would really like to try sizzlefish! I kinda suck at buying fish so I usually don’t do it.

    • Well the great thing about SizzleFish is they can select the fish for you! You can just order a sampler pack and BAM – it will be at your door in NO TIME and you don’t have to do any of the selecting! :)

  47. Is Sabhambassagi a puff fish or something? I have no clue what that fish is. I do like eating fish. I enjoy rainbow trout, salmon and many of the fish you mentioned. Hmm, I don’t know what type of fish I would be – maybe flounder or tilapia? That Santa suit has GOT TO GO! #wowlinkup. LOL

    • Ah ha ha! I will reveal what a Sabhambassagi is on Tuesday 😉 Keep everyone thinking!!

      And NEVER consider yourself Tilapia, Flounder is way better. I actually made a video about how yucky Tilapia is! LOL!

  48. Hi GiGi! I love your YouTube video. Beyonce reminds me of my beta orchid fish. She likes to be in control and is very entertaining and beautiful. I would love for you to cook up Kevin Spacey! I think he would be so much fun, and he’s one of my favorite actors––ever! 😉

    • Ah ha ha ha! I have NEVER heard of such a fish but I am going to look it up RIGHT NOW!

      Hmmm Kevin Spacey! See – so many actors to compare to fish, thank goodness there are plenty of fish in the sea… HA! Yeah right… Not when it comes to me finding a man! LOL!

  49. You just scrambled my brain (see what I did there?) I like your divergent sense of humor! If I were to come to your house for dinner, I’d demand some simmered Gael Garcia Bernal. I bet that would be tasty. When’s the invite coming?? (I’m from the Ultra Blog Challenge)

    • Come on over this weekend – I will season your mind with some deliciousness, ha ha ha! See what I did there too? 😉

  50. Yum! As a seafood lover this looks amazing!!! :)

  51. Great video. Fun to watch your comparisons between the fish and actor/actresses.
    Visiting from UBC

  52. You are hilarious!! Love the video & all of your humor. 😉 I’m not a huge fish fan (eating wise), but I think the top pic of the pufferfish is adorable!! I always wanted to get one just like that (for a pet). 😉

    • Isn’t that fish so cute! I googled FUNNY LOOKING FISH and they were all so hideous until I found this cute little baby! 😉

  53. You are so hilarious! Those underwear are hideous! Excuse me for needing to say the truth! Hahaha. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us at the Creative Style Linkup!

  54. If I were a fish I’d be tuna shoved into a sushi roll…yum yum

  55. Just popped over to see your interview with Denzel. Amazing and congrats! Take Care, BAM

  56. I would be a sunfish. Cute, small and nobody wants to cook me.

  57. I dont’ cook with fish NEARLY enough… so sadly I’ve never heard of Sabhambassagi or Sizzlefish! Man, I’ve been missing out apparently!

  58. That was a super creepy photo of a fish – you owe me an apology. Lol jk Yo google the penis fish – it’s HALARIOUS! I think Salmon is best cooked and eaten simply with a squeeze of lemon and some salt + pepper – no need to fiddle iwth spices on that joint. :) Happy Friday lovely GiGi! -Iva

  59. Haha seafood I suppose is just as classy as some actors and actresses 😀
    Love your post!

    Choc Chip Uru

  60. I would have to say that I will agree with what you said, especially since I’ve only tried half of the types of fish. I agree with you on the ones that I am familiar with. First time here. Hilarious video! I’ll be subscribing!

    • THANK YOU APRIL!!!!!!! I am giving you a virtual hug for subscribing, means so much to me! :) And I am glad you approve of my pairings! Happy Friday!

  61. I keep hearing so much about this Sizzlefish thing. May have to give it a try.
    But Sabhambassagi, seriously girl, what the heck is that thing?

    • Ah ha! I will reveal what a Sabhambassagi when I post again :) But I AM SHOCKED – SHOCKED I tell you, that you do NOT know what it is already! 😉

  62. LOL at bidding on Britney Spear’s hair on eBay. You totally caught me. And because you asked… if I were coming over, I’d have you make SALMON. In fact, I am coming over ASAP and I am having you make salmon. I’ll bring a yummy side dish…. #tummyprobapproved obvi.

  63. Um, wow, Santa baby! I just placed my sizzle fish order today and I am so excited. Sambassamiagi? Wha?

  64. I once heard that goldfish can remember things for only 3 seconds. If that is really true then I am a goldfish! Oh look a sandcastle……oh look a sandcastle!

    • Ah ha ha ah aha ha ha! OMG so funny! 😉 I would NEVER be a goldfish, because I actually remember A LOT – thanks to the omega-3s in SALMON!

  65. Omg. Rainbow trout. BWAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA.
    And salmon… My fave fish of all time. I would have to name it….Dustin Hoffman.
    C-ya, GiGi…. Mmmwwwaa!!

  66. I’ve never heard of sizzlefish! And I don’t want to be a fish. Do I have to pick? I’d rather eat them and I don’t want to be eaten. Now I am feeling bad for fish. I just can’t go there. I linked up a seafood recipe though. :)

    • AH HA HA AH AHA HA! Noooo you’re making me think too much. Now I feel badly that I just shoveled in a pound worth of salmon! lol

  67. We have heard great things about Sizzlefish. We have not tried it.

    Santa outfit…hot 😉

  68. never tried Sizzlefish and I love the laughs! Great post!

  69. Word that I wasn’t expecting to read today: nut huggers. Thanks girl! <3

  70. You’re an odd duck–err, fish. :) I really like salmon…and coincidentally, Leo too!

  71. I think Beyonce would be Chilean sea bass. It is a delicious white meat that has a firm texture and it is expensive. I guess I was thinking about her and her husband’s concert tickets. #wowlinkup

    • Ah ha! LOVE THIS comparison! I ADORE Chilean Sea Bass though and I don’t really like Beyonce 😉 – Shhhh!

  72. YOU ARE TOO FUN & AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I so wish I liked fish now!!!!! One day when we meet, you can cook for me… 😉 NOT – cookies for me! :)

  73. Hey Santa Baby! Thanks for linking up at our Gluten Free Fridays party! I have tweeted and pinned your entry to our Gluten Free Fridays board on Pinterest! :) I can’t wait to see what you share this week!


  74. Girl you da punniest!! I gotta try me some Sizzlefish :)


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