So Hungry You Could Eat A…

Have you ever been so hungry that… Your shoe, your car bumper… The designs on a rug… Made you drool?

german shepherds begging for food

I’m about to bite your hand off if you don’t give me that treat right NOW!

You’re definitely not alone if you too envision a fluffy cinnamon roll as you stare at your bed comforter when you’re “starving”.

Down Bed Comforter             =             cinnamon rolls

Imagine napping on a pile of cinnamon rolls?

The problem is, is that people do not plan ahead. By now, you should all know when your body tends to want to eat. Bringing healthy snacks with you on the go is of utmost importance because do you really want to get arrested for trying to take a bite out of someone else’s newspaper?

Goat Eating Newspaper

Oh I’m sorry, were you reading that?

What exactly constitutes a healthy snack? Well Sophia (of Sophia Survival Food) certainly has an answer for you… Check out the latest episode of GiGi Eats Groceries, you will never again have food fantasies about cotton candy and sugary meringues when you stare at the clouds.

WHAT DO YOU EAT WHEN Mr. (or perhaps your hungry is a Ms.) HUNGRY YELLS AT YOU?

Mmm… Scrumptious! GiGi Eats Celebrities (or I guess Groceries today)!

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  1. Your funny…that is all…

  2. Sounds delish…not the part about killing cows…but the survival jerky :) Bring me some of the non-cayenne version! xoxo

  3. Not a big fan of beef jerky but I do carry nuts/seeds around with me … If I don’t plan ahead then I’ll get desparate and eat anything … Love your videos :-)

    • Yeah, beef jerky is definitely an acquired taste thing, I just love beef so when I found this… Well you watched the video, you know my reaction, LMFAO!! Thank you so much for stopping by too, means the world to me!

  4. This post made me laugh because it is SO TRUE. When I don’t bring snacks (like yesterday) with me and then I finally do have access to food, I’ll eat EVERYTHING in sight. And then feel ridiculously guilty for the next few days and it’s a truly vicious cycle. I’m beginning to regulate my eating better than ever before and I feel so much about about myself. Nobody likes to see me hangry, so I’ve learned my lesson. Bring a snack or face the consequences later.

    • EXACTLY! I am your identical HANGRY twin! LOL! DO NOT MESS with me when I am even the tiniest bit hungry, I will take a bite out of you. LOL! This is why I always prepare in advance 😉

  5. Can I get a vegetarian version please 😉 I always try to make sure I keep healthy snacks at my office and even in my purse. I’m like a boy scout that way – always prepared LOL

    • I know there are awesome vegetarian jerkys out there!! I know it, I am going to do my research and let you know… I am reviewing another product and that video will be out in two weeks – it’s 100% vegetarian, you will LOVE IT! :)

  6. Love it. I HAVE to find that!! I’ve been put on a really strict diet by my trainer recently and that would actually fit into my diet!! Last night, I was so hungry that I told my fiancé I had to go to bed early before I ate my hand. Ha.
    PS: randomness here, I typed “diet” and my phone autocorrected me to say “dirtbag!” Ha. Guess it knows my hate for that word 😉

    • Go to – It’s so inexpensive, you will be surprised!! It’s the cheapest way to keep you HAPPY, lol! Your trainer will be soooo pleased! What kind of diet did your trainer make you go on? And you working towards something or are you just working out and eating well for LIFE?? 😉

      LMFAO! I don’t think it would be a good idea for you to eat your hand, especially your left one… Since that’s where the wedding ring is supposed to go!! ha ha ah!

      AHHHHHHH I am surprised your phone didn’t autocorrect to something WORSE than dirtbag!!

  7. YEAHHH, I love the stuff, lean and healthy. Deer jerky is great to, yup I ate Bambi :(
    I like it on trail runs, like you said on the go protein. Come on vegans, vegitarians give into to your omnivore past give it a try. Thanks GiGi fun video.

    • I love all types of jerky but got so excited about this because there are no other processed ingredients in it!!! yeee haw!! I love deer too… Ostrich, elk, bison, you name it, I love it! LOL!

  8. I always have baggies of fruits and veggies in my purse. Nothing is worse than being stuck hungry with nothing but junk around!

    • No kidding right!! And I love when I whip snacks out of my purse and other people look at me oddly… It’s like I am Mary Poppins! LOL!! Just living our childhood fantasies, right??

  9. Hi Gigi:

    One question that popped up right away was “Is this genuinely grass fed beef?” Many health food stores, not mentioning any names, say “grass fed” when it can be 30% grass fed and the rest corn and soybeans. Not to say, of course, that the real deal doesn’t exist. It is hardly difficult to find genuinely grass fed beef farms out there when thousands of farms are doing it throughout the entire country. A whole bunch of farms produce 100% grass fed beef. A number of companies sell grass fed beef jerky without any of the crap you briefly mentioned in the video. You can buy in bulk, wholesale and save a bundle, or maybe even several bundles.

    Lots of grass fed beef today tastes like cardboard. The jerky will mask this, in part. This happens to be because many farmers don’t know how to create a tasty end product. Many factors play a role in this, including breed, pasture irrigation, knowing how to grass fatten an animal, etc.. A major part of the issue of inferior flavor is growing cattle on depleted soils. I am actually working on a grass fed beef product on high brix nutrient dense a pasture, i.e., pasture grown in fertile soil with much higher content of vitamins and minerals, a rarity today. I am curious to to see how beef jerky comes out with such a grass feed beef with its superior nutrition and flavor.

    • This is a PHENOMENAL QUESTION because I too asked these very questions the second I saw this beef! I do not TOUCH grain-finished beef, but this beef, I can assure you is grass-fed and grass-finished 100%!

      Wow, this is extremely interesting. I had no idea that soil made the difference, although now that I think about it, it does make complete sense. I would be VERY interested in trying this product you’re creating… Everyone could use more vitamins and minerals in their diets these days… Instead of ingesting chemicals and processed garbage! Please keep me posted on your product, I will definitely need to get my hands on some.

  10. Brad Gouthro says:

    Best visual: you eating grass like a cow
    Best message: jerky is a better version of a protein bar


    PS. If things fall into place I could be in LA in 2-3 weeks.

    • SERIOUSLY right? Beef Jerky = Protein Bar… A chewy one at that, but then you think, OH SNAP, I am chewing, which equals calories burned, which means… Calorie Free? Ah ha ha ha ha, just kidding… I am MUCH smarter than that! LOL!

      AND UH PLEASE DO tell me more about your potential LA move?? Is this a move or just a visit! Details :)

      • It’s just a business trip for now…have a few video shoots planned with others as well as for Live Lean TV…although I’d be down for staying if the right opportunity opened up!

  11. Too funny! I can definitely get “hangry” 😉 I always carry an emergency pack of almonds haha

    • Almonds are SUCH A GOOD go to snack when in a bind! I am thrilled you keep em in stock! :) I always heard the perfect portion size is the side of an altoid case, so you can just pour some in there and GO… that is if you have a problem with portion control, if not then (I am jealous of you, lol) have at em!

  12. Ohhhhhh!!! You always crack me up! I am finally working to transition to GRASS FED. Your reasons are quite enough to DO THIS NOW. 😉

    • YES!! I am stoked I encouraged you to make the switch starting NOW! LOL! Whole Foods carries it, so at least it’s a bit easier to find… Although online retailers have it down to a science on how to get their product to you in PERFECT condition! I am obsessed with (I am actually going to make a video about them soon, lol).

  13. Great suggestions!! My Mom’s favorite saying was “If you fail to plan then plan to fail!”

    I had an Alpha Romeo Spyder sports car (in red of course). One day, my German Shepherd dog must have been very “hungry” because he gnawed half of that black rubber bumper off the car!!! True story :-)

    • I have German Shepherds too! Ha Ha Ha! I learned early on that they cannot be trusted… especially around your prized possessions! Obviously you learned the hard way, lol!! Perhaps leather seats taste like jerky to dogs? LOL

  14. I was so effing hungry on my run yesterday that I exclaimed out loud, “I want a fuc($%#ing steak right now.” I was so crabby and so hungry. It was awful. Other than that, I ALWAYS have food with me. I cannot go more than a few hours without food. I just can’t. My head is back on straight now and while I wouldn’t eat these snacks you have, I have my pantry on the go in my bag.

    • OMG you screamed out you want a steak? If I was with you I would have dragged your ass to Outback Steakhouse – LMFAO… Actually no, I would take you some place DECENT (for the record, I have NEVER been to Outback, LOL)… Get ready though, my next video is about a snack YOU WILL BE ABLE TO EAT AND LOVE and EVEN JUMP INTO ! LOL!

  15. Entertaining video! I rarely let myself get that hungry anymore… I’m a grazer, and always have snacks with me… partly because I always have something on hand for my 2yo. String cheese, apples, etc.

    • I envy you. I wish I could be a grazer but I am totally an all or nothing kinda girl, so I only eat twice a day… AKA: I will eat the whole bag of jerky (or 2) and call it a meal, AHH HA HA HA HA! 😉

  16. I always make sure I have something with me on hand…I plan ahead…although, if you talked to me 3 years ago…I didn’t do what meal prep consisted of!

    • Plan ahead is essential!!! I always have hamburgers, eggs, something in my purse – and I am totally NOT kidding about the hamburger, LOL!!! I have a drive throu in my purse, LMFAO – but it’s a healthy drive throu, promise!!

  17. I’m so glad I met you. Thank you for making me nearly pee myself.

    Meal prep is #1 for me. I panic eat if I don’t have food when I’m hungry. And we all know desperation is unattractive.

    • AHHH HA HA HA! I think in one of my videos I should pose a give away for ADULT DIAPERS if I am making you and maybe others pee in their pants! LOL!!!

      And what are you talking about… Desperation is the hottest thing EVER! LOL!!!!

  18. I always have almonds or cashews or hazelnuts in my bag… renew when I eat them.. and usually am toting around fruit of some kind. I am looking for a good jerky.

    • Look no further, Sophia Survival Food has you covered! Sophia just informed me too that there will be a NEW flavor added to the mix, Chipolte! Go check out her web site :)

      PS: Cashews are the BEST NUT (other than chestnuts of course), hands down! 😉

  19. Mmmmm jerky….I wish I had your salt tooth and not my sweet tooth!

  20. Another awesome video GiGi! I like the sounds of this jerky too. 😉 Good point replacing it with a yucky chemical-laced protein bar.
    Great dance moves too. 😉

    • Ha Ha! Thanks Moni!!! :) You should def check out this jerky, it’s definitely a life saver… Hence the name, “survival food” – LOL!

  21. Can the answer be everything? I just love food 😉

    • Ha Ha Ha! Yes you can certainly say EVERYTHING! I love food so much too! Man, if we lived near each other we could be eating buddies, lol!

  22. homemade trail mix or roasted chickpeas are some of my favs!

  23. You’re right, finding good, high quality beef jerky is hard to do! I actually started making my own! But it would be nice to know of a back-up that’s worth buying. Thanks!

    • Wow! I give you a lot of credit for making your own! I don’t think I have the patience and lucky I now don’t have to with Sophia on my side, LOL! You should definitely try her stuff out, it’s great :)

  24. Funny, I’ve never had a piece of beef jerky but the other day I was in the store and had a strong urge to try it . My stomach was growling! But I didn’t go for it because of all the artificial stuff in it. Might have to try this one. How is the sodium content compared to other beef jerky?

  25. Mmmm, cinnamon rolls. Though I’ve gotta admit, lying in a pile of them instead of pillows sounds rather…sticky! I love to snack on whole fruit, Greek yogurt, and veggies with hummus.

  26. Shorty Awards , VOTE for GiGi, all the cool people are doing it.

  27. Ha! You always make me laugh Gigi!
    My favourite portable snack is single serving cans of tuna. Love the hot chili flavour! Just have to remember to have a spoon; don’t want my fingers stinking of tuna… LOL!

    • Ha Ha! I am glad I got you laughing a little bit – new post tomorrow… Wear your DEPENDS, lol! 😉 I love single serving cans of tuna too :) I am obsessed with Tonnino Tuna in the jars, have you ever tried? YUM!! You should keep utensils in your purse &/or car – that’s what I do! ha ha.

  28. I love jerky, dried fruits, or Greek yogurt for snacking.
    However, I must admit one of my new snack crazes id TJs Herb & Spice Popcorn. Heaven!

  29. I definitely don’t do jerkey, but I do try to plan ahead. I keep something in my purse for emergencies, keep a stash at work, etc. I love a small handful of almonds. They are really pretty filling!

    • Planning ahead is so important! While you might not be hungry then and there, you have to think about YOU 4 to 5 hours from then! 😉 Almonds are a GREAT go to, if you’re not allergic to nuts!

  30. I’m not really a jerky fan, but if I were, that would be the perfect snack! Another fun video 😀


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