The Deck of Death

The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of PUMA.


The weather outside might be getting a little frightful…

Well, for you at least… Here in LA, the sun seems always be shining! Whoops, did I just rub that in your face?

Whitney and GiGi Yay!

…But that doesn’t give you ANY excuses to give up exercising during the cooler and downright FRIGID MONTHS!

Now I am not telling you that you HAVE TO brave uninviting temperatures, but I am telling you to strap on your sneakers at least.

Puma FormLite XT Ultra Women’s Training Sneakers

The other day, Whitney (of to Live and Diet in LA and Dude Food) threw a deck of cards at me and said, “lets play”.

As I grabbed a mug of hot tea and an over-sized sweater (my Gin-playing uniform)… Whitney simply looked at me with a WTF face and then chucked a pair of Puma FormLite XT Ultra Women’s Training Shoes at me.

Thank goodness those shoes are as light as air, or else I might have gotten a bloody nose!

After putting on some workout armor (Puma Tech Performance Long Tank and Puma Tech Performance Slim 3/4 Pants to be exact)…

GiGi Dubois rocking Puma!

Whitney took me to the park with that deck of cards in tow.

Hmmm? Are we going to play Bridge with some of the older gentlemen at the park?

BOY WAS I WRONG… This is what we wound up doing….

While Whitney and I went outside to play this “game,” that doesn’t mean you cannot play it in the comfort of your own home, either by yourself or with friends!

Don’t worry if you don’t have a deck of cards in your house (yep, I am trying to make sure you don’t come up with ANY excuses), a deck of any game will do! And you know what? I am PRETTY SURE there is an APP for playing cards too.

Deck of Cards, Ace on Top

I have to say, the clothing Puma supplied me with was pretty snazzy!

GiGi Dubois Modeling Puma GearThe electric colors made me feel “electric”… Minus my spill in the video!

The shirt was extremely light weight (albeit, a little big), which I love. I REALLY ABHOR shirts that hug every nook and cranny of me (leave that to studly gentlemen!).

The pants too were really comfortable. They didn’t make my legs look like pork sausages! They were just the right amount of tight, to make my booty look phenomenal (however, I do think my pair are a tad too big as well).

As for the FormLite Sneakers… Lite in their name is an understatement. These sneakers should be named NakedFootForm because it felt like I didn’t have anything on.

I guess I too no longer have any excuses NOT to break free from my ELLIPTICAL TRAINER CARDIO ROUTINE and it’s ALL thanks to both Puma and Whitney!



  • Have you ever played THE DECK OF DEATH?
  • Do you think I should dress up as THE DECK OF DEATH for Halloween?
  • What are you going to be for Halloween?
  • What do you do when exercise is the last thing you want to do?
  • Do you like working out ALONE or with FRIENDS?
  • What exercise do you hate THE MOST?
  • Has anyone ever thrown something in your face causing you to get a bloody nose?
  • If you could have ANY celebrity trainer, who would it be?



  1. What a stellar idea! – and afterwards you can play spoons – sans liquor…sad face

  2. all looks really fab. I’m off on a bootcamp soon and on the lookout for some new kit!

  3. Although I don’t workout (sorry) my husband LOVES to exercise (weirdo). I totally sharing this with him, because he is constantly trying new things. I think he is really going to like the deck of death. And yes, I totally think you should dress up as the deck of death for halloween=).

    Visiting from UBC!

  4. My first good pair of running shoes were puma! Loved them! Looking fly in your new kicks and duds!

  5. Love your deck of death!! Ummm…might want to work on burpees?! That made me laugh!!!
    And – what was up with the dude just hanging out trying to be part of y’all’s video? Creepy!!!

    • LMFAO!!! Yes, I knew you would SHAME ME for my craptastical burpees! LOL!!!!!

      That dude was working out with someone else… Did you hear him when I fell and Whitney was yelling MEDIC? He was said, OMG do you need help? HA HA!

  6. Ah it looks like fun, athough I have never played it before!

  7. Burpees kinda suck, but sometimes I do them…actually only when I do Insanity and it comes on as the thing to do. Whateva hahaha. I think you should be a Puma for Halloween..and I will be a steak and you can chase me.

    • OMFG!!!!!!!! best costume idea EVER!!!!! I will dress like a puma and I will attach a steak to my chest, label it BRITTANY and everyone will KNOW what’s going on!!

  8. I had fun putting you through the ringer!! You did a great job (errr, minus the burpees, haha). Loved your Puma look…I might have to borrow some of your gear :)

    As for what I do when I don’t want to exercise…I EAT A BIG BOWL OF ICE CREAM. J/K, although that has happened on occasion. When I don’t feel like it, I tell myself I’m just going to do a light workout, i.e. yoga, walking the dog, etc. Then I usually end up getting fueled up and actually complete a full workout!

    Abe threw Mr. Chow’s soccer ball at my face once and it almost gave me a bloody nose. He said it was an accident, but I have my suspicions.

    • LMFAO!!!! OMGGG! Balls in the face, not so much fun! Definitely had that happen to me before too!

      And you and I are one in the same! When I am feeling less than stellar, I always FORCE myself to get going and typically I wind up completing my entire work out!! The hardest part is starting!

      THANK YOU for kicking my butt!

  9. I love a good workout!
    Last night I ran to the track (2 miles), did a hard mile on the track, did 3 sets of pull-ups (slow, with a full hang after each up), triceps pushups, and mountain climbers (30 per set – ouch!), then ran home (another 2 miles). Sounds like a drag? Well, since I was all smiles when I got home, it clearly worked for me!
    And what is this I hear about frigid? You live in LA… Where palm trees can grow their coconuts all year… I call Major-BS on your frigidness!

    BTW: Have you tried barefoot? I did the first 2 miles completely barefoot, and the remainder in Vibram Fivefingers. What are your thoughts on Barefoot?

    • LMFAO. You didn’t read my post – RIGHT under saying the weather is getting “frightful” I say… NOT IN LA though.

      And nope, never done the barefoot thing, other than going completely barefoot in general πŸ˜‰ I actually did a whole NEWS PACKAGE in college about barefoot running… Would you like a link to that? (DON’T JUDGE my journalism skills in college LOL!)

  10. Oh GiGi girl if I ever come out to LA I’m teaching you how to do a proper burpee! Geez! I love that you had some guy come up in the middle of the video too. Weird. I LOVED this and I have a similar “deck of death” but it’s called Strength Stack and has all kinds of strength exercises. It’s awesome. Love the PUMA wear! I’m a wear tester for them but all I get are sneakers. What up with dat?

    • PLEASE! Set me in my place! I FAILED so badly, it’s almost embarrassing, BUT ONLY ALMOST – ha ha! I will own some complete face plant!

      I think if you come to LA we need to play Deck of Death… or Stack of Death (we can morph both of our games together)… And we will see who wins… Ahem… YOU! LOL!

  11. This is all new to me, but it’s great to see all the fun you two are having!!

    I don’t think I’ve ever had anything made by PUMA. You did remind me of my first pair of good running shoes made by Etonic and how they felt like gloves on the feet!

    I thought we are all going as foam fingers this Halloween, lol!

    I’m usually the lonely long distance runner, but have run with friends and of course, I do karate and yoga in a group.

    Does getting a fist thrown in your face count?

    Exercise is always the first thing I do :-)

    • Exercise is ALWAYS the first thing I do too!!! Now I know whenever I work out in the AM, I will think about how you are doing the same! πŸ˜€

      And ha ha ha! I do have a few Halloween parties I am attending so… Foam Finger will be one of the nights!

  12. Good job ladies, I want to see sand bag thrusters and burpee pull-ups next time and some mountain climbers :) That was a good variation, this is a fun workout and can be tailored to all levels. These days I workout alone but do like the drive a group workout can offer. 115# Curtis P’s or sand bag get up’s are tied for sucking in my book. I caught a wall ball in the face that sucked pretty good. I’d pick Mark Wahlberg as a coach, come on I’m still kick’N it old school to “Good Vibrations” Feel it Feel it
    By the way those are some cool sneaks

    • LOL! Because I did the BURPEE so well, you want to see me do sand bag thrusters and burpee pull ups! LOL! Oh and mountain climbers too… Ah ha!

      Can I join in on your work out with Mark Wahlberg, EVEN THOUGH you just said you like to work out alone? I actually much prefer working out alone too – πŸ˜‰

  13. You’re adorable and that video had my LOLing!! I have heard of the ‘deck of cards’ workout but haven’t tried it – looks intense! But fun with a friend :)
    -Sammy @

  14. We play the deck of cards game every so often in my boot camp class…Harder than it looks LOL
    You need to get yourself up here to the Wine country and hang with me for a day Gigi :)

    • It is seriously harder than it looks!! It kicked my BUTT (clearly).

      I WOULD LOVE TO come up there for a day and hang out. We could play DECK OF DEATH in the vineyards… One of the exercises could be… crushing wine? LOL!

  15. Don’t even know where to start! πŸ˜‰ You are too fun! No I have not played that!

    Me, I like to be a loner in the gym, I hate cardio but do it, I exercise first thing & I just do it.. :) I get cardio over first so I can get to the weights! :)

    Celebrity trainer – whoever does Hugh Jackman but that person needs to bring Hugh with them! πŸ˜‰

    • I wish you came to #FitBlogLA today!! We could have played, ha ha ha! You totally would have kicked my butt.

      I have to agree with you though, I am a HUGE loner when it comes to working out – Whitney really had to “force” me. lol. I get up first thing in the AM and get the cardio done just like you – we are so in sync!

      And I can tell you have Hugh Jackman on your Man Bucket List πŸ˜‰

  16. Your legs will never ever look like sausages! And I actually like the big look of that look like a ray of sunshine πŸ˜‰

  17. Deck of death is a brutal workout! It’s so much harder than it looks. And love the Puma shoes and outfit!

  18. Friends…group fitness of course! That gear was cute on you and looks comfy!

  19. You rock outside like a champ… so how about we switch it up with and whatever number comes up, that’s how many miles you run.

    • Oh yea? Did you see my face plant? That didn’t rock so much? LOL!!! But oh good god, your Deck of Death sounds far more miserable then the one Whitney and I played! LOL!

  20. That is a cute shirt! And yes, jealous of that weather!!!

  21. hahaha this looks hilarious and horrible all in one! I LOVE IT!

    • Seriously! It’s like you really want to die when you play the game but then you have your friend next to you laughing so you cannot help but laugh yourself!

  22. I’m so interested in this game now! lol

  23. You are so funny, I don’t think your legs could EVER look like pork sausages. When I really don’t want to workout I tell myself I give myself permission to have a REALLY easy workout- like treadmill walking while looking at a magazine. At least I am moving, but it’s nothing strenuous. πŸ˜‰

  24. Love, love, love the deck of cards idea and cannot wait to put it into action. I needed something new and fun to put life back into my workouts and this is it…Thank you!

    • I AM THRILLED I introduced you to something you have never heard of!! I cannot wait until you try out the game, let me know what you think :)

  25. This post is AWESOMENESS!! :)

    After breakfast is a great time to get my body MOVING!!!!
    I put on my favorite sweat pants and sneakers and head out for a BRISK walk.
    Even if it’s cold, wet and windy, the FRESH air always does me good!
    No excuses here!!
    When I walk, I concentrate on my BREATHING and I place my feet firmly on the ground!
    This helps to calm my MIND and banish all STRESS and WORRIES!!

    Woohooo – Life is Good!!

    Healthy blessings,

  26. What a fabulous fitness game! I get board very quickly with anything that is routine. That’s why I loathe gyms! I prefer working out outdoors, of course, when it isn’t a 95 degree steam sauna outside! But right now, the weather is perfect in South Florida! Maybe I’ll have to give this game a try, outside! It would at least give the neighbors some amusement, eh?

    • OMG do it!!!! And be really loud when you play, I would love to hear what your neighbor’s reactions are – and then you can invite them to come join :)

  27. i’ve played! it’s hard!! but at least you look cute in the puma gear. πŸ˜‰

  28. I love the deck of cards workout. I did it a few times at my bootcamp and got an app to do it at home. Awesome workout. Although I do usually avoid burpees as much as possible. I suck.

    • There is a DECK OF DEATH app? I just thought there would be a playing cards app. Wow, there goes my idea of inventing it! LOL!

      And I will from NOW ON – avoid burpees! LOL!

  29. Ha yes this is a super fun way to workout! Clearly more fun with friends, which is now my mission.

  30. OO loving the colors. I so need a pair of blue shoes. Well I already have blue, but I need that shade of blue!

  31. Just the sunny weather alone makes me happy seeing this! It’s cold cloudy and… COLD in Wisconsin alreday. Or Im just a baby :)

    I used to do this deck challenge when I was in the ROTC program at school. I always really liked it :)

    • Aw! Come visit Los Angeles whenever you want! Even if the day looks ugly to start, the sun starts shining by 2 or 3 pm!!! :) And you’re not a baby, I FLIPPING HATE COLD!!!

  32. Looks so fun! But wait do you go through the ENTIRE deck?! What if I’m by myself lol. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun! I will be trying this. Maybe I can talk my boyfriend into it too lol

    • ENTIRE DECK BABY!!! That is what makes it a REALLY GOOD work out!!!! πŸ˜€ But if you’re just starting out, just do 1/2 a deck πŸ˜‰ But if you recruit your boyfriend – you will have NO PROBLEM doing the whole deck!

      Play this weekend! I want the full report as to whether or not you liked it! πŸ˜‰

  33. Oh Gigi – you are HILARIOUS! love this post – love the video! Too funny lady!
    I try to squeeze in a run no matter how much I don’t wanna work out – bout a mile into it, i start feeling pumped up!
    I so dislike planks – am terrible at it…my back dips…my shoulders sag…ugh!
    And if I could have a celebrity trainer – it would be Aaron Eckhart – ok he is a celebrity not a celeb trainer – but HE is adorable!

    • I would love to play this game with you in person, just so more hilarity can ensue – laughing too much to even exercise, but laughing is exercise, no?

      Aaron, mmmm! You like his dimple chin, huh?

  34. You totally rubbed that in my face! πŸ˜‰

  35. I have played the deck of death! I also have cards with different exercises on them and I just shuffle and go.

    I think that higher end brands tend to run a little larger. I’m going as a cowgirl with wings. I don’t really know what that’s all about but let’s just say that a 3 and 4 year old shouldn’t pick out your costume.

    • Oh of course someone came up with cards with exercises on them!! Seriously, everyone takes my ideas – LOL!

      You will be an Angelic Cowgirl – I LIKE IT! :) Maybe a Rodeo Princess? (Fun Fact: I was rodeo princess in Wyoming when I was younger!)

  36. Hey girl! So glad to have found your blog! I have never done that workout with the cards, but I would love to do that with a friend like you did! I like working out with my friends as long as they want to work out as hard as I do. I have worked out with friends who end up just trying to talk most of the time, so by the time I leave the gym I feel like I hardly did anything.

    • <3 THANK YOU for stopping by!! I hope you come back. This Tuesday - CRAZY ridiculous video episode!!!!!

      And I couldn't agree more. I think the reason why I generally like to work out alone is because my friends either go to the gym for like 10 minutes, or they go on the treadmill, walk at 1 mph for 5 minutes and then look at me like, "now what?" - It's a good thing I found Whitney!!!

  37. Love the deck of cards idea!! I’ve seen it before, but have yet to try it. I’m more of the loner type with my workouts. And running. #antisocialbutterfly

  38. Ah the deck of death would be less terrifying if it weren’t for Aces being burpees lol

    • LOL! No kidding right? Well you can certainly change the exercise to whatever you want, but in order to make the game just that much more challenging, burpees are necessary!

  39. Fun post! Love the pics!
    Have a great weekend. X

  40. Hi Gigi! I came across your blog on the Pin It Party. I’m so glad I did! I loved the “work-out” video and your outfit is pretty awesome. I’m following you via Bloglovin’. I hope you will follow me back. It’s great to meet you. Have a fabulous weekend!


  41. The exercise outfits and puma shoes are beautiful! Very interesting exercise game. I exercise regularly. I only skip exercises if I am too sick to exercise. I especially like walking and Yoga. I am a new Follower of your blog. Have a wonderful weekend GiGi!

    • I love walking, it’s the easiest yet probably one of the most effective forms of exercise and it’s 100% free! I used to religiously wear a pedometer it was like a game :)

      Hope you get in some good walks this weekend!

  42. Haha! Cute video! I love the yellow top and blue sneakers too! I’m not dressing up for Halloween this year, but I’m making an Audrey Hepburn costume for my 2 year old little girl! Oh, and I remember seeing Jamie Eason on a video do a card workout thing…it was pretty cool!

    • OMG please take 10 trillion photos of your daughter as Audrey! How adorable!

      I have to look up Jamie Eason’s video! I love that woman :)

  43. Yes you did it, you made me really jealous of your weather!! It is meant to be Spring here in Australia and it still really really cold and just not nice weather!

    I’ve never done the deck of cards workout but I’ve heard it is all kinds of tough!!. Love your top!

  44. Erin from Long Island says:

    this is pretty fantastic! I wonder i I still have a deck of cards????? I m always looking for new workout ideas, especially ones that aren’t boring! I had the worst time with burpees at first. Now they are one of my favorites. I think it’s just getting your body used to moving like that. I still can’t do anything that involves jumping from side to side though =P

    • Yeah, my body is DEFINITELY NOT use to burpess at all! It’s used to pilates moves on a reformer and the good ol’ ELLIPTICAL. I have to thank Whitney for getting me out of my routine though πŸ˜‰

      And if you don’t have a deck, I am pretty sure… Good ol’ CVS or Rite Aid will have one for you! πŸ˜€ Then after you can play some poker or gin!

  45. Ooh, never heard of this game before! It looks like hell, yet fun at the same time haha. Loving the cute workout gear!

  46. yeah this game actually looks like death!!!! Cute vid :)

    • OMG you know what was death… I did this crazy stairs charity run today! It was totally worse than the deck of death! LOL! – But worth it πŸ˜‰

  47. Hehe you are such a cutie! πŸ˜€ And I’m loving that 1st picture and how you’re teasing non-californians about our weather. I’m in LA as well!

    I love love PUMA’s gear and they seem to have improved with more stylish designs! Not that they weren’t stylish before, but I guess now they’re a bit more current in terms of “fashion” for women. I used to wear so much PUMA stuff in my high school years and thought I was so cool wearing PUMA soccer shoes around, but not the actual soccer shoes, just something that looks like it. πŸ˜€

  48. I so love this idea, prefer to work out in the privacy of my own home, just because I feel like I get a better work out. Don’t care for the machines prefer free weights, I would love to have Billy Blans as a personal trainer.

    • Then this game is so perfect for you :) I hope you enjoy! Let me know after a few days of playing, just how sore you are!

  49. Ugh the Deck of Death brings back memories of my crazy high school coaches… But I was never more in shape in my life, so maybe I should bring them back, lol.

  50. When did “squat thrusts” get renamed “burpees”?
    Y’all should have involved that guy that walked in the shot!

  51. OH yeah…you were rockin those pushup, Gigi! One day, I’m going to have you come to my Spin/Sculpt class!

  52. This is such a great idea!! I have to try it! <3

    New Blog Post: How to Save Money This Holiday Season

  53. I’ve heard this idea but never tried it before… makes a great at home boot camp. Great suggestion- and yes, I’m totally jealous of your sun!

  54. I am in florida and the weather is insanely great here too… and yes burpees suck! :)

    • :) Yay for good weather. I am actually in Wyoming right now for the holidays though… And it’s cold and depressing, lol… But COZY !

  55. I vote for a deck of blank cards. That way, I can keep sitting on my ass doing nothing.

    • AHHHH HA HA HA HA HA!!! I am sure they’re sold SOMEWHERE – I mean, everyone’s trying to make a buck, lol!

  56. Looks like a fun game to play with the kids!!
    Now for the guy in the back that was watching… where did he go? I assumed he was some stranger that just walked up to check out the hot girl and you cut out and I was hoping to get a couple laughs from him standing there checking you guys out. Haha

    • Ah ha aha h! When I did my “burpee” he was legit concerned I hurt myself. He was just a trainer working with someone else – probably checking us out too, I mean… WHO wouldn’t?! LMFAO!

      • Good to know he was concerned and not a creeper. I was totally waiting for the words and voice over comments from him checking you guys out though, cause really why wouldn’t he? Haha