Strike A Pose

Today is probably the only day of the year when all straight men across the country will switch from Sport Center to CBS without putting up a fight.


Okay wait, I take that back, Shark week also tends to cause this shocking sight as well. 

Today is also a day where almost all women across the country will fantasize about flaunting their swagger in leafy bikini bottoms and pasties over their nipples.


(Of course I do this every day!)

Are you ready to see some hot ladies with massive wedgies?

miranda kerr in thong

Well tonight is the Victoria’s Secret Annual Runway Show.

Ladies, don’t blame your parents for not giving you the genes for mile-long legs, tight as a rock tummies and firm “cheeks” that could crack a walnut because you can still achieve these things! (Men, you can certainly gain some great tips TOO!)

Check out how BELOW! 

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  1. Damn! I was hoping to have a thick burger with bacon and onion rings for lunch today. There goes that idea. I guess I will have to settle for some quinoa and vegetables. I’ll shake my ass while I eat.

    • LOL! The only TVs in my apartment are in the exercise room (I don’t have a TV) so if I wanna go watch I have to work out, LOL – Oh the incentive to… go to sleep early? AHH HA HA HA HA!!!

  2. Ok GiGi it took me a minute to realize that the snow flakes are on your site, I thought I was finally crossing over to the other side :) I’m one of those guys who likes fast cars and working out being an Omnivor and also enjoy another hobby but can be considered controversial. I have not had TV in my house for 5 years, I use HuLu now and again. Never watched any ball games in my life on tv would rather watch National geographic.

    • Good for you! I too do not have a TV and would much rather watch TOP CHEF if I was given the option of watching anything on the tube! 😉 And yes, those are snow flakes, totally took me a minute too… Not sure WHERE they came from! Apparently WordPress knows the seasons- Kind of CREEPY! LOL

  3. hahaha I loved this post! Thanks for reminding me that tonight is the VS show! I look forward to it every year!

  4. Forgot to mention I think theses ladies look best when not all made up, never a big fan of glitter.

  5. I def DVRed the fashion show! 10PM is too late for this girl.

  6. Cute vlog today! Yes, The 5 Factor Diet is pretty popular!

  7. My dog ate my VS underwear. Sigh. lol

    • OMG mine did too!!! I remember I was at my family home & one morning I went into the kitchen only to see 3 pairs of 1/2 chewed up underwear! My mom just sort of looked at me and said, Well I guess Colter is a bit of a pervert! Ah ha ha! I don’t know what it is about underwear and dogs!

  8. Oh my gosh! You are so funny :) I think I’ll stick to running and biking to lift my booty; at least no one is eating baby food anymore, right??

    • We can hope so! I actually did a video about that diet, lol!! I tried the baby food and it was…. oh good god! LOL

  9. I usually don’t watch the VS fashion show but decided to check it out his year (thanks to you, haha!). I don’t have TV (!!) so I just looked at the outfits on the VS website – some were pretty crazy looking!

    • They ALWAYS have the weirdest outfits! Victoria’s Secret is SO not realistic when it comes to things to wear under your clothing or when it comes to seducing a man in the bed room, lol! Since when does planets orbiting your body say, “come to me!” LOL!

      • I kind of enjoy a tasteful lunar event every now and then :), but from this guy’s point of view a little is alot.

  10. Oh, I missed the VS show! I too never watch TV. It’s probably better that way; VS doesn’t make my bra size, anyway! *tear*

  11. sooo youre telling me that i too can become a victorias secret model? :’) aww thanks! 😛

  12. GiGi that’s an awesome video!! I always tell my clients you can never do enough squats and lunges!!! :) haha