Gluten-Free: Not You Too Santa!

While this time of year might be all JOLLY OLLY OLLY… I do however, have some rather unfortunate news to disclose. And yes, it’s worse than finding out “stick her nose up your booty” Aunty Marie is crashing the festivities this season.

Elfie is scared!

GAG ME WITH A SPOON! Not Auntie Marie!

In a few years time… Santa Claus may not actually be coming to town.


Let me explain. You see, Santa is suffering from multiple ailments including diabetes, congestive heart failure and if you must know… constipation. On top of those maladies, Santa was also most recently diagnosed with CELIAC DISEASE!

Grumpy Cat and Santa ClausSay SO LONG to your Christmas Cookies Mr. Claus!


When Santa’s daughter Santana got wind of this news, she thought it to be a good idea to enlist the help of Santa’s favorite elf named Elfie, to help her come up with a cookie recipe suitable for his newly diagnosed condition. After all, Santa gives so much to others, why not try and give him the gift of health?

Tara and GiGi make Christmas cookies

What exactly did these two come up with…? Well, you’ll just have to watch and see.

Santana and Elfie certainly consider Sarah from a saint in the allergen-free foodie realm for coming up with such a SENSATIONALLY SCRUMPTIOUS and SINLESS treat. Here’s the recipe for these miraculous sugar-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, wheat-free, nut-free, soy-free and fruit-free cookies…

Uh, recipe, what recipe? It sounds like they have NOTHING IN THEM!

Soft Coconut “Sugar” Cookies Makes (15 cookies)

Sugar-free sugar cookies

Wet ingredients:

Dry Ingredients:

If you want to make these sweet treats in your own “workshop” check out how to make them here!

Would you look at that?! This COOKIE recipe couldn’t come at a better time considering Santa will be falling down the chimney TONIGHT! Cook up a batch of these ASAP, but try and do your best NOT TO EAT THEM ALL prior to Santa’s arrival!

Santa Falling Down Chimney

Whoopsie Dasies!

This mouth-pleasing creation is part of the 12 Days of Allergy-Free Christmas Recipes, hosted by Madison over at Eating4Balance! Check out all of the OTHER SCRUM-DIDDLY-UMPTIOUS meals, snacks and treats that other contributing bloggers have WHIPPED UP!!

Do you have an allergy-free dessert recipe you’d like to share with the rest of us?! WELL THEN LINK UP!

‘Tis the season of GIVING and SHARING right?



  • Do you suffer from any food intolerances and/or allergies?
  • What would you rather give up, gluten or dairy?
  • If Santa had genie-like powers, what one wish would you ask him to grant you?
  • What health advice would you give to Santa?
  • Have you ever made coconut flour cookies?
  • How perverted is Santana? I mean seriously, can you believe what she did in this video!!
  • Are you getting COAL this holiday?



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GiGi Dubois ElfStrange But Good



  1. What a freakin’ awesome recipe! I can’t wait to try :)

    • They’re almost TOO GOOD to be true, but they best part… Is they are TRUE! lol! πŸ˜‰ Merry XMAS eve, and I cannot wait to hear what you think!

  2. Merry Christmas!
    My cookies are definitely not healthy but are a once a year treat!

  3. These look amazing & you know I love cookies!!!! It is early & the hubs is sleeping so will have to watch the video later.. YUM!!! I am not GF but who cares!!! :)

    Happy holidays to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I know you’ll watch! πŸ˜‰ You won’t want to miss this video -ha ha! I cannot WAIT for you to try these, I had you in mind when I was baking them because I know you love your COOKIES!

  4. I WANT SUM!!

  5. Super cute idea and super simple recipe! Shimmy on down that chimney, Santa. These cookies sound delish.

    • Ha Ha! Sorry Santa, but they probably won’t be around when you get here – I am totally going to eat them ALL before… NOON my time lol!!

  6. wahoo for some coconut flour sugar cookies for Santa :)

  7. You are nuts. Seriously. And I LOVE it!! Have a great Christmas, girlie!! <3

  8. Not Santa too! Although not surprising in this day and age, and after years of cookie after cookie. I have a gluten free uncle here tonight so we appreciate this!

    • Ba ha ha! I know right, poor Santa…

      I am thrilled that this cookie recipe came at the right time for you! Hopefully you and your Uncle approve!

  9. Holy cow, I didn’t even know they made coconut flour! That’s amazing. You know, I’ll bet these taste great. We have to cook without egg and that can be a challenge, these cookies are a true feat!

    • I didn’t really know too much about it until recently! This was my first time EVER cooking with it and — SUCCESS!!!

      And I need to cook without egg too, and these worked out so well! :) Hope you enjoy and Merry XMAS!

  10. You are the cutest Elfie ever and Santana is naughty with her cookies!!!
    I love all of your fun videos – they never fail to make me smile!
    Merry Christmas, GiGi!

    • Ha Ha! I am glad you approve of Elfie & Santana! πŸ˜‰ I always appreciate you watching my videos Kim!

      I hope you have a phenomenal XMAS !!

  11. Making these today! AND maybe the Nutella too! hahahaha

  12. I don’t know, this is the letter I got from Santa!

    Dear Dr. J:
    I hope you have enjoyed the many gifts I have given you over the years! Sure, there were a few chunks of coal, but you have had your naughty years. Ho, ho, ho!
    Anyway, it’s like this J β€” I can call you J? Of course I can, I’m Santa! I knew you when you used to play doctor with that cute little girl next door. Got coal that year, as I remember.
    You have been preaching the health and fitness thing here at CalorieLab, and I like it! Just between you and me, I’ve been fit for years! Oh, I know they have this image of me as fat and jolly, but really, lifting with the elves and running with the reindeer keeps me in tip-top shape.
    So I wanted to tell you that this year, we’re breaking out the new Santa! It’s time to let everyone know that I am a lean, clean, present-giving machine! Yes, tell those people that they have done a fine job copying the old, fat Santa, but enough is enough. When they make those resolutions to be fit and trim this next year, they had better keep them! I’ll be paying attention!
    It may look like it’s all white snow and ice up here, but we have a large underground chunks of coal storage and I’ve got the sleigh locked and loaded. Santa may check twice but I only warn once. Oh yeah, and have a very Merry Christmas!

    • THAT WAS THE BEST letter ever!!!!!!!!!!! You are truly on Santa’s NICE list this year… I mean, to go out of his way and write you such a detailed letter, that’s saying something! Will he be coming over for dinner tonight prior to his jaunt around the globe? lol.

      (PS: that was a blog post in itself, ha ha – I should have just let you guest post again πŸ˜‰ )

  13. Wow this recipe could not be easier, even I could make these. I wonder if they were rolled in shredded coconut how that would taste ? We must have naughty and nice, it’s kind of like that equal but opposite reaction law. This was a 10+ on the cuteness scale. Thanks again to the three of you for a fun and fact filled year, be careful they fly by when your not looking. May the new year bring you health and prosperity.

    • It really is super easy – even I can make them! LOL. That is definitely saying something πŸ˜‰

      And honestly, these are NICE – not naughty, nothing guilty in this recipe at all!

      Thank you so much for always being so supportive, I truly cherish it! Merry Christmas!

  14. “Uh, recipe, what recipe? It sounds like they have NOTHING IN THEM!” << That's what I feel like half the time when I post a recipe too. Haha. These cookies sound awesome and I couldn't stop giggling at your video. :)

    Thanks for ending the 12 Days with a big bang! I just got the final days posted on the page including yours. Everybody did awesome! I think I may just have to try out these cookies on my family over our holiday break.

    Merry Christmas Gigi! (Oh, and I linked up my microwave cinnamon rolls for you dessert round up :) ).

    • THANK YOUUUUU for hosting hottie hot hot!!!! I hope you have a terrific XMAS EVE/DAY – and bake these babies up! They truly rock my socks off! πŸ˜€

  15. I am happy to say that I am food allergy free!! YOu can take all your left over daily, nuts, seeds, gluten, sugar and cream and send it to me in a care package! I need some extra weight after the stomach bug ravaged my body!!!
    Merry Christmas to my fav elf GiGi!!!

    • BAH HA HA HA!!!! I will send them ALL your way! My gift to you πŸ˜‰ And I am glad you’re feeling a bit better – Just in time for XMAS!

  16. Oh my dear, I’ve had Celiac Disease for nearly a decade. Long since before gluten free was a thing.

    I’m just made PaleOMG’s coconut coffee cake. Pretty sure my face might fall off from the deliciousness.

    • OMG YES! And Barbara – I have been gluten-free for 12 years!! So when I made this cookie recipe, I was blown away that I could in fact eat cookies again! So good :)

  17. LOL! Just a little Nutella! These are so free of everything I’m amazed they’re actually cookies. :)

    • I know right, me too! ha ha ha ah! πŸ˜‰ They could be muffins too….. I didnt make 15 cookies, I made like 5 ha ha ah! πŸ˜‰ Go big or go home, right?

  18. Yum these look great– We love Gluten Free goodies over here!

  19. You’re so cute!
    I am sensitive to gluten…I can eat some, but then it takes its toll after a couple of weeks if I keep eating it every day. However, since reducing my gluten intake my reaction to dairy has all but disappeared!! Hooray!
    I hope you have a very Merry Christmas Gigi…I mean, Elfie!

  20. Too cute! These look DELISH! I’ll have to try them out, even though I do not have wheat allergies. One of my best friends does, however, so maybe I’ll drop them off for her! Merry Christmas!

    • You can enjoy these regardless of your diet :) They’re just delicious! You and your best friend can have a cookie baking girls night!! πŸ˜€

      Merry XMAS!

  21. Oh my Gee (gigi).

    You are a hoot. Go chuck a pie (a full gluten filled one) at Aunt Marie. If she’s worse, chuck a gluten free one, cos damn those are heavy as rocks.

    I have made cookies using coconut flour before- they were quite dense and really good- Also didn’t know you guys had Natvia- I thought it was Australian!

    Have a great Christmas my fellow seafood loving dork(ette).

    • OH AUNT MARIE IS GOING DOWN!! Bah ha ha ha! Good thing I don’t even have an Aunt Marie! And you’re right, you could make these cookies, or these muffins, LOL!

      Actually Natvia reached out to me, and I AM THRILLED they did! I don’t think you can buy it anywhere except Amazon at the moment if you want the stuff in the US – JUST ANOTHER BENEFIT of living in AUSTRALIA!!!!

      And you BEST BELIEVE I am eating SEAFOOD for dinner both tonight and tomorrow lmfao! πŸ˜‰ Merry Xmas MY FAV AUSSIE!

  22. I made Santa some gluten-free oatmeal cashew brittle but we ate it all …. I’ll have to whip up a batch of these quick!

  23. Well, I’ve already given up that kind of answers that question. BUTTT as I told you the other day, I am limiting my gluten too!! AKA WHOLE FOODS ALL DAY ERRYDAY! Make me these cookies, and then mail them to me..because I am too busy making fudge pies for Christmas tomorrow!

  24. oh yes, save santa! he needs a little allergy friendly GOOD food anyway. Glad you two came to the rescue, and mine! dang, where was this meal plan when i was cooking Monday? haha

    • Ha! SORRY I didn’t send this to you on Monday!!! :O But.. You have it NOW so get to baking this weekend – AGAIN! lol!

      Merry XMAS!!! πŸ˜€

  25. I haven’t tried making cookies from scratch yet, but these sound yummy!

  26. lol i love your videos. and this recipe looks tasty and easy (i think i have everything at home!) woot woot!

  27. LoooooL Gigi, you seriously crack me up.
    BTW Merry Christmas!

  28. Those cookies!!! I WANT ONE! Actually I’ll take all 15… sorry Santa, there’s not going to be any left πŸ˜‰ Merry Christmas!!

  29. They sound delicious! Thanks for sharing. Hope you are having a Merry Christmas!

  30. You are the cutest elf ever!!!!

    And as someone who pounded three of these cookies, I can vouch that they are AMAZING!!!

    • Thank you! And you better believe I am buying all of the ingredients for these cookies tomorrow and baking up a storm πŸ˜‰

  31. These look great.
    I have been #Gf for about 2 months now.

  32. Oh my Gigi, poor santa needs to get his act together!! I don’t know which one I would give up first–I love bread but I really don’t think I could live without eggs! cookies look yummy!!

  33. I don’t have any ailments or allergies but I’m all over those cookies – yum!

  34. Adding this to my GF challenge arsenal. Will be sharing a link during the challenge if that’s ok :)

  35. Send me some please. Santa’s had enough cookies by now! πŸ˜‰

  36. That’s right.. Don’t let something like allergies hold you back from enjoying Christmas cookies. Let the power of the coconut into your recipes! In all serious, that sounds delicious.

    • I made the cookies again last night for the TRANS FAT LOVERS of the family and they ADORED THEM – so clearly even the non-allergenic people LOVE EM :) Making the AGAIN today, so you need to JUMP ON EM!

  37. Those look delicious!! I don’t have any food intolerances — but of course I feel better and have more energy when I eat clean!

    • They are so good Gillian!! I made them last night for the Chips Ahoy lovers in the family and they want me to make these cookies again tonight! That’s saying something for sure! πŸ˜‰

  38. give me give me give me!!! I do indulge in Christmas cookies but if I’ve got the ingredients and the patience I’ll whip up a healthier and allergy-free batch on occasion!!!

    • OMG I would LOVE to send these to you Davida… Except, I cannot stop eating them, so by the time I bake up a batch, they’re already in my stomach. It was really hard to share with others last night, LOL!!! but they want me to make them again tonight, so clearly I am not the only one who likes them. Scratch that – LOVES THEM!

  39. Yum, those cookies look amazing and I can’t believe all the ingredients (or lack thereof, lol!) Awesome.

    • There are seriously no ingredients!! It’s amazing and they’re so easy! I whipped them up in about 3 minutes last night! This could also very very dangerous! haha ha!

  40. Maybe newly gf Santa can replace all the crap in my brother’s stocking with these cookies. Seriously…12 candy bars…I can’t even…

    • OMG! WHAT ON EARTH! Who put all those candy bars in there?! I am shocked and kind of grossed out – LOL! It’s like Halloween, ha ha ha! You should trash them ASAP!!!! And then shove these cookies in his stocking πŸ˜‰

  41. Great post again Gigi! You got it going! :-)

    To be completely honest, I am a little bit unnerved by people who avoid certain types of foods “just because”. Don’t get me wrong, I have total respect for vegetarians (I was one for a while) and vegans.

    I also have total respect for people who have allergies/intolerances. If you have a real affliction, then of course you will want to avoid the problematic foods, and nobody has the right to judge you for that.

    But some seem to enjoy pretending they’re allergic when in fact they are not. Real allergies can kill someone. It’s not something to be laid-back about, and it’s not something to pretend you have.

    I totally respect lifestyle/ideological choices as they pertain to food, but I would like people to be more nuanced about it. Most people process gluten no problem. Celiac disease is another story altogether, and a serious issue.

    I personally am lactose intolerant (which I would never call an allergy, as uncomfortable as it may be), non-life threatening allergies to a bunch of fruit (peach and plum family mostly), and life-threatening allergies to tree nuts (walnuts, hazelnuts, etc.) with the exception on almonds and peanuts. I carry an epipen. Some people still tell me to just push the nuts aside and have the food anyways. Duh?!?!?!?

    Well, I guess I was in the mood for a rant today! LOL

    • I COULD NOT AGREE MORE WITH YOU! I could rant for days about this!!! I hate “posers” because they make others think that I am a poser when I have a LEGIT problem… as do YOU (I think lactose intolerance is a problem for sure – but in the title of the ailment, it is in fact an intolerance, thus it’s really just super annoying, lol)! Drives me insane. At least in Los Angeles people don’t ask questions, if anything they do ask: would you like dressing on the side, are you dairy-free, etc – so really where I live is very accommodating, however, I know for sure that in other places, not so much!

      I am not against vegans or vegetarians either – If that’s what works for them, let them! There is no one-size fits all and the only person who knows what works best for them, is THEM!!!

      I feel for you in terms of the nut allergy. Thankfully I only have a severe intolerance thanks to my lack of large intestine, which is why I steer clear (however coconut flour works for me in this recipe which is great). Can you not have coconut?

  42. I don’t need no stinkin’ butter, sugar or eggs!

  43. As always cute video!! Those cookies look really easy to make too! I’m kind of keeping everything sweet out of the house right now in the final leg of half marathon training. I need all the help I can get since I was down about a week and a half. Keep the videos coming!

    • Oh Tonya, they are so easy – so easy in fact that I made them in all about 4 minutes last night !! My whole family wants me to make them again today too – clearly a huge hit… And lets be honest, my family is VERY picky when it comes to food! LOL!

  44. Yummy cookies!! I’d tell Santa to exercise more self-control; just because the cookies are there doesn’t mean he has to eat them ALL. Eat sparingly πŸ˜‰ I keep hearing accusations that “dairy is evil” (sugar too) but these ideas are preposterous! Cheese is heavenly and cookies are awesome. I can’t live without cheese GiGi!! I just can’t :'( Hope you had a great Christmas Holiday and have a great New Year! -Iva

  45. These sound great! The video is sooo cute!!

  46. Thanks for the smile this post brought me, these cookies look pretty delicious to me… especially the dairy free! Thanks in advance!

    • Oh they’re so good and I am thrilled the video made you smile πŸ˜€ Let me know how you like them when you try them! I have made them 3 days in a row thus far! πŸ˜‰

  47. Cookies with no butter? Awesome! I can’t wait to try these, GiGi!

    I think both gluten and dairy would be tough to omit, but I’d choose to give up dairy first. I’d miss my beloved Greek yogurt, though!

    • The coconut oil makes up for the lack of butter and they’re phenomenal! I have made them three days in a row now! But I am NOT making them today because they’re too addicting, LOL!!!

      • Yay for coconut oil! Then you can take a bit and do a hair mask. :)

        Haha, totally understandable!

        • Ba ha ha h! I made a video about the health benefits of coconut oil and I put it in my hair… WHOA mistake! It took me 4 washes to get it out! πŸ˜‰

  48. Great recipe! I just figured out a lactose intolerance… glad to know what has been causing issues, but still trying to adjust my diet.

  49. Thanks for sharing the cookie recipe. It looks delicious!

  50. Ha! This was funny and I love the recipe!

    stopping by from SITS…thanks for leaving your info on my comment there…glad to find your blog and connect.



    • Yay! I am glad you found my blog too – and right back at you!! :)

      I really hope you like this recipe and share it with your kids! I know they will love it, seriously – even the most picky of eaters in my family ADORED THEM and had me make them 3 times over!

  51. Yum, yum, YUM! These look great πŸ˜€ Never cooked with coconut flour. I need to get on it! I’ve had WAY too many sweet things this Christmas. I counted the amount of chocolates I got…6 BOXES!! Ridiculous. I’m trying my hardest to limit how much I have a day haha. Death by chocolate!!

    • It was my first time ever cooking with coconut flour when I made these! It eats water like you ate those sweets on Christmas, LOL – But when I made them, I just added more to make more of a dough consistency!

      AND OMG – 6 boxes!!!!!!!! Holy hell and a handbasket! LOL! I would give those away, immediately!!

  52. You always crack me up! That was a clever one and sounds awesome!

  53. I would be so sad if Santa couldn’t have cookies because what am I supposed to eat if not Santa’s cookies?!? I do have a bunch of food allergies since I was a kid. I don’t think about them much not but they can be a pain in the ass sometimes. These look great. Love me some coconut flour. Happy New Year!

    • You can eat these cookies while waiting for Santa, or just as a snack during the day, while watching movies….. for breakfast?! LOL! What food allergies do you suffer from?

  54. You are hilarious, and these photos are beyond cute! I am happy I found you on Marvelous Mondays. We’d love for you to come on over and party with us at Saturday Night Fever too! Happy New Year :)

    • Thank you Andi!!! :) I truly appreciate your compliments! I would gladly love to party at Saturday Night Fever! That was my favorite show on Broadway – HAHA!

  55. Barb @ A Life in Balance says:

    Thanks for sharing this recipe at Motivation Monday! I’ll be making sugar cookies for Valentine’s Day very soon, with no sugary recipe for me, until now.

  56. Thanks for posting this at the Saturday Night Fever link party. Hope to see you back on Saturday!

  57. How do you like that natvia? Does it leave a weird stevia aftertaste?

  58. These cookies really do look scrumptious!!

  59. I am not gluten or dairy free, but I’d put these in my mouth. Do you even need to bake them? I’d eat ’em raw…because I’m a total caveman hedonist.

    • Oh you can totally eat them raw… And I made 4 batches yesterday… Certainly ate one batch raw, by myself…. #FATTYPANTS lol


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