A Pie That Will Make You Cream

Pumpkin called me bitching the other day…

He’s apparently straight up exhausted from being used.


Used in pies, lattes, cookies, waffles, soups, chips, dips, sauces, cakes… EVERYTHING.


Perhaps Pumpkin needs a pumpkin energy bar…? 


Har… Har… 

My advice to him: “SUCK IT UP [pumpkin] CUPCAKE! It’s only the end of September… If you’re already feeling HOLLOW now… You’re going to be one BITTER MELON come November… And no one wants a SOUR PIE!”


Clearly I am extremely sympathetic and supportive (and the punniest person ever!).


Really though, there is no sarcasm in the above statement… Because, I made the conscious decision (the struggle was REAL) to give Pumpkin a break this week…

I even told him to carve out some time for himself…


So while Pumpkin gets “squashed” by a baker massage therapist…

I am going to show you a berry good time WITHOUT HIM this week… Check out what’s in my oven by watching the LATEST GiGi Eats! 

Strawberry Pie… That’ll Make You Cream


Get Creamy…

Mmmm Pie! 

  1. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees. 
  2. Mix all crust ingredients together.
  3. Press mixture into a pie dish.
  4. Bake crust for roughly 15 minutes. 
  5. As crust bakes, mix the coconut milk and protein powder together, until it forms a thick and creamy consistency. 
  6. Spread “cream” over partly baked pie crust and bake for another 20 or so minutes (depending on your oven’s efficiency). 
  7. Remove from oven and try your hardest NOT TO WOLF DOWN THE ENTIRE THING IN ONE SITTING.

So Tell Me…

  • Are you already sick of PUMPKIN?
  • What other Fall Foods are you fond of?
  • Have you ever eaten an ENTIRE PIE in one sitting? Common, tell the truth! 
  • What are your thoughts on VEGAN protein powders
  • Have you ever used a pumpkin spice condom?? 
  • What piece of equipment in your kitchen have you used only once?


*Some affiliate links are used in this post, so I truly appreciate if you do in fact click on/purchase products referenced!  

Waste Not, Want Not Wednesday


  1. UMMMM the pumpkin condom is out of control haha
    Love the this recipe! YUM!! I have been limiting my gluten and dairy lately to get my tummy on track so this is perfect!

  2. hahahahah i actually love your puns, and the ridiculous photos that go along with it. Poor pumpkin!! I also really want a slice of that strawberry pieeeee… mm

  3. HAHA! I am in stitches over the Pumpkin Spice Durex… poor poor over-used pumpkin!

    • LMFAO – right?!??! That’s a BIT extreme, but for all those Pumpkin-Lovers out there….. I guess that makes… A certain situation, that much more tasty? LOL!

  4. What about the pumpkin spice tampons? I wonder if they let off a heavenly scent…

  5. Your puns are the BEST! This looks super yuuuummy! Diggin the nuzest frosting.. love that stuff!

    • Girl, the nuzest frosting… ugh – I think I might make more of just that and eat it with a spoon… Or my hand….. Depends on how hungry MAUDE is (my inner HANGRY BITCH – lol)

  6. Pumpkin condoms? What has the world come to?…So are the pumpkin condoms to prevent the pumpkin from spreading his pumpkin seeds? Oh jeez, that’s bad.

  7. I’m still not over the pumpkin spice condom.
    And I am refusing to buy anything pumpkin spice because it’s all too damn much. Maybe halfway into October.

  8. That pie looks amazing:)!

  9. Am I sick of pumpkin is like asking me if I’m sick of reading your extremely hilarious posts every tuesday…NEVER.

    Also..I kinda have bitterness for letting pumpkin take a break. There is NO time for that this fall..

    hehe love ya <3

  10. I’m trying to pace myself, unlike most of the lovely people that are on social media, teheh. I’ve had one pumpkin THING so far – pumpkin french toast last Sunday.

    • Right? It’s all about pacing yourself with the pumpkin – sadly Starbucks, grocery stores and the like go NUTS starting July! lol

  11. I love pumpkin season, it goes by too fast. I could do without the pumpkin condom though.

  12. I feel like apple gets a HUGE shaft too. I love strawberry anything in June/July when they are peak season here. I buy 10lb and freeze them…they would be awesome with a few blended into the topping…yummm.
    No joke though I often eat coconut milk and protein powder, like pudding…amazeballs!
    Oh and last year I totally thought Pumpkin Spice Tampons existed until I saw this…apparently the pumpkin condoms were a parody too…who knew!?!?

    • When I was younger we used to go apple picking and make CRAP LOADS of apple sauce. I didn’t even know what pumpkin was!!! So back then, I never gave it the shaft….. Uhhh I don’t have a shaft? LMFAO!!!

      And I friggin’ LOVE the freezer- such a power “tool” that people tend to take for granted!

      AND YES – you know all about the coconut milk and protein powder, it’s so fu**ING GOOD!!!!! Yes, I had to scream the F word because GAHHHHHH it’s the bommbbbbb!!!

  13. You are totally the punniest person ever! I am squashed out of any pumpkin desire (see I can pun too!) Great pie and what a title lol. I bought coconut flour so long ago and never used it, may give this recipe a try.

    • I just used up ALL of my coconut flour on this recipe- which is crazy, never thought I would get through all of it! ha ha ah!

  14. Such a great post. I love all things pumpkin, but it’s definitely get overused! I can’t believe they now make a pumpkin spice condom – that seems a bit overkill….

    • RIGHT?! What next … Are they going to make Pumpkin Spice scented bed sheets… Oh wait, lol! That sounds pretty darn good actually.

  15. OMG, the condom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

    I am more gingerbread, spice than pumpkin. I like it mixed with the other stuff but not alone. :)

    That looks amazing GiGi as do you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My tummy is not the best with vegan powders but I do OK with the Skoop powders I represent! :)

    • My tummy kind of sucks with vegan protein powders too, but NuZest is totally different and super easy to digest! I FRIGGIN LOVE IT!

  16. HAHAHAHA!!!! I just bought my very first two cans of pumpkin today! I’m planning to make some kind of super powered muffins out of them and hope and pray they aren’t too sweet. After that – no more pumpkin anything!!!!

  17. Hahahahaha!! Thank you for giving pumpkin a break! Seriously, my newsfeed has been nothing but poor pumpkin since mid September. This pie looks yummy :)

  18. If I recall correctly, I think there are pumpkin spice tampons too (…why!?). And yes, you are definitely one of the punniest people I know. So supportive! <3

    That strawberry pie looks delicious! <3

  19. So making this. But I’m making a pumpkin spice frosting. Too bad, jack!

    • LMFAO!!!!! My name ain’t Jack, but my dad and brother’s names are Jack, so I guess I will answer cause I was definitely called Jack a whole bunch when I was younger – thanks to my parents always mixing up our names! LOL!

  20. Never will I get tired of pumpkin! Never!!!!
    Other fall love: pomegranates. A pain to cut up but so pretty.

    • Pomegranates! OMG everyone forgets about those! Those puppies are NUTRIENT DENSE BABIES!!! I have heard they’re a pain in the ass to eat though – ha! I cannot eat fruits so I have never tried. But I think you can YouTube some Pomegranate hacks!

  21. Hmmm at this moment in time, I think I could honestly say that I’d eat pumpkin every day, all year round :) BUT I do love coconut, vanilla, and strawberries too! I eat strawberries every day. NOMSSSSSS. I gotta try this one!

  22. Dy-ing. You know this makes me zesty with a capital Z.

  23. Pie look’s good :) if there’s a coconut custard pie around look out it’s all mine !! I have actually eaten one while driving, of course with my hands using a spoon would be unsafe. Would fresh berry’s on top be to much sugar ?? The crust looks good I love crunchy treats. Lucky NE were getting a week of rain and wind Oh yea the swing picture is great, a strong friendship means everything. :)

    • So basically this pie is COCONUT CREAM – you could use vanilla NuZest and add a little coconut flavor drops if you want some extra coconut flavor! 😀 Genius! There are so many variations on this deliciousness, but honestly, the crust alone is ON POINT 😀

      Make this while it rains! I am sooooo envious of your rain! SO ENVIOUS!

  24. Okay, I admit I didn’t watch the video. But, are there any actual strawberries in this pie?

    • HA HA HA! No worries Debbie 😉 At least you admit it, I find it hysterical when I say X Y & Z in my videos and what not yet people still ask me – I am like OKAY people, seriously? But if you come clean…. I will give you answers 😉

      No strawberries in it, although you could ADD THEM if you wanted!! This recipe has your name all over it (you don’t need eggs).

    caiiiint stand it.
    except for the gum.
    have you seen the gum?? :-)

    • OH I HAVE tried the gum… I am actually NOT a huge fan of it. The only one I liked out of those dessert gums = Mint Chocolate Chip, but they have since discontinued it. OF COURSE. Everything I love always gets discontinued!

  26. Oh and I thought you couldn’t outdo yourself with recipe titles… So basically, over here in ye olde England, we have no pumpkin overwhelm. Starbucks PSL is about as orange as it gets. May be I should start importing pumpkin spice condoms and make a killing over here…


    Wanna be overseas chairman?

    • OMFG YES!! LETS PARTNER UP RIGHT NOW!!! I have a feeling this could be a HUGE HIT… PS: Greece is the most sexually active country in the world, perhaps we should market these “spicy” condoms to them?

  27. am i crazy or did i read/see that now there are pumpkin spice tampons?

  28. That pie looks so good! And yes, can we give pumpkin a break, please? It’s so good, but it’s a bit much now! I’ll have some of that pie instead.

  29. So I have a philosophical ban on pumpkin until Oct 1. Yes things have gone a little crazy with everything pumpkin. Pumpkin condoms hmm

    • THAT IS SO SMART!!! I feel like we should ALL DO THAT! All the pumpkin cannot come out until October. Granted, I eat pumpkin year-round 😉 WHOOPS! lol!

  30. YUM I am so happy you have pushed the pumpkin aside and are now introducing some strawberry deliciousness! I will have to try this protein powder out when I move back to the states! Lots of Love C

    • OMG it’s so dang good – SOOOOOOO dang good. I am obsessed and in fact, just looking at this recipe really makes me want to make it for lunch… And when I say make it, I mean make the WHOLE THING and shove it ALL in my face 😉

      PS: When are you coming back to visit?

  31. Hahaha! I have never cooked a pumpkin recipe – at home or on the blog! I’m not sure why, it just never occurs to me. When I see all the ZILLION recipes on the internet, I figure I have nothing more to add. Not a huge fan, anyway.
    This yummy pie is more my style. Looks delicious – could I add real berries? I’m sure I was a black bear in a former life cos I can never get enough of those yummy things!
    That was fun :)

    • I couldn’t agree more! Pumpkin recipes – HAVE BEEN DONE. I really have NOTHING unique to contribute at all to that department! HA HA AH!!!!! I was talking to my mom about how I really have to think outside of the box when it comes to my recipes and she was like – Well, you could always use SAW DUST. Sweet, thanks mom! lol!

      AND YOU could totally add real berries to this pie!! In fact, you should and let me know how you like it!!

  32. Are pumpkin spice condoms and actual thing? How hilarious. I am really noticing how much people in the U.S really do love pumpkin.

    • It’s ridiculous how much everyone out here loves their pumpkin! RIDIC! ha ha ha! I am going to Target today and I am going to find these condoms! 😉

  33. This looks yummy, but I’m not sick of pumpkin at all. The pumpkin fun has just begun!

    • Ha Ha Ha! Well I am glad you’re not sick of it JUST YET – I feel like I have been seeing PUMPKIN CRAP since June! 😉

  34. Not sick of pumpkin just yet!! I’ve only eaten it once so far this season though.

  35. I was thinking the condom would someone be an ingredient. Huge let down!!! LOL…

  36. I might be the only person around who really doesn’t like pumpkin anything (except for homemade pumpkin seeds)! I like Apple cider and apple other things in the fall. I do, however, love to visit pumpkin farms in the fall to take fun family photos! And, I like carving pumpkins for Halloween.

    • Actually Lucie, you’re not alone! I know several people (and some who visit my blog frequently) who aren’t actual pumpkin fans at all! It’s definitely not for everyone – I am glad you give Apples some attention 😉 I too love some pumpkin carving!

  37. This was extremely entertaining (as always!), and that strawberry pie looks incredible!

    • 😉 Thanks Marcie. That pie = SO DANG GOOD! I cannot wait to get more coconut flour so I can make a whole other one! And then… Eat it all myself, ha ha ah!

  38. There is something about Fall that just screams pumpkin! I’m not even sure that I love the taste,but I love all the spices that go with pumpkin recipes especially cinnamon!

    • You’re so right! All the flavor combos TOGETHER are what make pumpkin amazing. Alone – meh…. Unless you roast hunks of it, then the sweetness is truly brought out!

  39. I’m exhausted by all the pumpkin themed product going on…but very entertained by your post :)

    • Tee he he he! Well, if my post can help you take your mind off all the pumpkin – themed products, then I did a job well done 😉

  40. Can I use granulated sugar though? Will it turn out the same? Thank you for replying!

    • You certainly could use sugar, but in a lesser amount. I don’t advocate anyone use sugar, but if that is what you prefer – knock your socks off! :)

  41. I am going bananas over the fact that you don’t eat bananas??? But boomshakalaka everything-free strawberry cream pie with that creamy layer sounds pretty fantabulous! I have recently jumped on the coconut flour bandwagon and it is EPIC! I could never ever be tired of pumpkin – though, I’ve never finished a whole pumpkin pie in one sitting – though it’s never to late to start trying too right 😉

    • Can you make this pie with pumpkin cream please?! HA HA – I easily could but I am fresh outta coconut flour after devouring ALL OF IT for this recipe……. BOOMSHAKALAKA yo!

      And um, please also make me proud by eating an entire pie in a sitting. A sugar-free one at least 😉

  42. I like the idea of strawberry cream pie, but where are the strawberries?

    Spaghetti squash and others like Acorn are good Fall foods.

    It’s still summer here.

    I’ve always enjoyed carving pumpkins!

    • Dr. J, you know I cannot eat strawberries or any fruit… So NuZest filled the void with their strawberry flavored protein powder. That being said, you can ALWAYS add strawberries into the mix! 😛

      And um, yeah… It’s STILL summer here too – Bleh!

  43. Yum that pie looks so good! Who knew they had pumpkin spice condoms?! I guess they really do think of everything!

  44. As I watch your video, I am enjoying a pumpkin spice latte (homemade of course :)), so no, I am not sick of pumpkin and not sure that I will be. But this recipes sounds DELISH!!

    Ps. I think someone has gone a little cray with the pumpkin spice condom, but they obviously know their market. Haha!

  45. I’ll admit to eating the majority of a pumpkin pie last Thanksgiving. I don’t like the crust so I just eat the pie filling…yes. It’s delicious.

    This looks delicious, too!

    • OMG the crust was the best for me! But then again, I loved ALLLLLLLL the pie – the funny thing is, I hate pie. The only pie I actually like is Pumpkin Pie… AND THIS RECIPE… Which was clear when I cleared the pie dish in a day! LOL!

  46. Please tell me those pumpkin condoms are a joke and not something that is actually made.

    • LOL!!! I can confirm… They are not a joke! LOL – whether or not they are good. I cannot confirm that, Ah ha ah!

  47. Amazing! Also you are hilarious!!

  48. You are so creative with all your dishes! And that condom? Holy canoli! That first pumpkin pic is hilarious! I’ve actually been waiting for October to start taking advantage of him! So I’m totally not sick of pumpkin yet! I’m just getting started!

    • IT IS A GREAT IDEA to hold off on the Pumpkin until at least October — that way you really don’t get sick of him, yes, I guess pumpkin is a him? — ha ha! Plus if you really want pumpkin to be a FALL FOOD – then don’t eat it year round… ha!

  49. I’m not sick of pumpkin yet but I tend to like REAL pumpkin and not things just flavored like people think it tastes! (rather than just like mild squash)
    Are those pumpkin condoms for real?? I have to go research.

  50. I do enjoy pumpkin but a break is good sometimes :)

  51. Such a funny prelude. I’ll bet that recipe tastes wonderful However, here in England, I haven’t even heard of many of your ingredients. Oh … my … gosh.

    • Aw bummer! I want to help you find similar ingredients so you can make this! You can use any protein powder that has a strawberry flavoring, baking stevia and coconut oil/milk! I certainly hope England has those things?

  52. OMG, I about died!!! Pumpkin Spice condoms.. I’m just.. wow. I said I wanted pumpkin spice everything in my mouth but damn… – http://www.domesticgeekgirl.com

  53. ROFL!!!!!!! Wow!!! The title grabbed me first – and then, ya, the condoms. What to heck? Great job. I can’t wait to try the recipe!!!

    • LMFAO!! I didn’t even put the title of the post and the condoms together – BAHH HA HA HA HA AH AHA HA! But NOW I did thanks to you Debbie 😉

  54. This pie sounds and looks delicious! I really enjoyed your post about the sad pumpkin :((…poor little one!

    • Ha Ha! Right now Pumpkins are sitting high and mighty in their throne… However, looks are deceiving and they’re already exhausted!

  55. I start eating Pumpkin at the very end of September until the beginning of December, so I usually don’t get sick of it. I love Vegan protein powders, Garden of Life is my favorite brand.

    • Is it?! Hmmm I have to look closer at Garden of Life! Definitely check out NuZest for a change of pace, you won’t regret it, AT ALL!

  56. Whaaaat?! Pumpkin spice condoms?! I just can’t even… I had no idea. Poor pumpkin, it really IS used in everything this time of year!

    This pie looks delicious! Go you! I like to bake with coconut flour too. :) And a heart-shaped pan for a heart-healthy dish = Win!

  57. Omg, you crack me up! I could go for that strawberry cream pie right now. I am getting tired of the pumpkin trend (bye Felicia to the PSL). That said, I still do love me some Trader Joe’s pumpkin ice cream. Delish!

    • Ah ha ha! TJ’s is PUMPKIN CENTRAL! Seriously… EVERY SINGLE THING IS PUMPKIN IN THERE. Even the produce… Pumpkin Bell Peppers… Pumpkin Onions… Pumpkin Spinach – I don’t know how they do it! LOL!

  58. Your post always make me laugh. You’re hilarious. Strawberry cream pie sounds so good. I’m not good at baking so I’m going to have to look for one in the store.

  59. okay sorry that i hate coconut… but i have to commend you on that introduction!! haha too funny 😀 and i love nuzest! and pumpkin :)

    • You can always try using almond flour? However, I have to say – I HATE coconut flakes, but adore coconut flour! And then swap out the coconut milk for almond milk… All about experimenting 😉

  60. Lol no we have not used pumpkin spice condoms that’s just.. w e i r d. You know I haven’t made anything with pumpkin yet, what do you recommend be my first recipe for the Fall season? There’s a pumpkin patch nearby I want to hit after this “hurricane” – you realize nothing has happened since yesterday. Lol. It was a heavy rain and not even THAT heavy. Exaggerados. That pie is too cute <3 Did you make for your boo? 😛 Have a great one GiGi! -Iva

    • But you’re weird… So I would assume you have? LOL!!! Although then again, I am as weird as it gets and I have yet to use such condoms too. Going to take a trip to Target today – lets see if the store carries them… If not, I will have to venture to Walmart, lol!

      Hurricane? MAN I WISH I KNEW WHAT THOSE WERE. It doesn’t rain here. Womp. Womp. I miss rain so much!

      • LOL yes, that I am, and crazy – don’t forget crazy. Did you find them?? LOL

        Jeez Is it just sunny all the time in California??? No wonder ya’ll get earthquakes.. Mother nature is like -“Hmm I gotta give them something might as well be this since the weather rocks all the time”.. No fair!

  61. This scrumptious pie was most viewed at our part last week! Congrats ♥
    You will be featured this week on Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop!!!

  62. You are so funny and I laughed throughout. Love your puns and this recipe..

  63. Not sick of pumpkin here, but it isn’t quite the rage in Europe as it is in the US. hehe The pie sounds delicious though, protein packed, may have to make it this week for a post workout treat!

    • YES! It would be the best post-workout treat. I actually want to make it again and use it as a protein bar! Just gotta cut it up into bar-like pieces. I cannot eat the whole pie again LOL!

  64. Yummy , great recipe

  65. Ahahaha you make me laugh so much! This pie sounds divine! I actually have pumpkin-flavoured protein powder to try with this.
    I love your heart-shaped cake pan. I want one!!! So cute =) You are so punny btw ;p haha
    I am sick of pumpkin already… except my new pumpkin flavoured protein powder. I love the sound of this pie though. I’m not sure I’ve eaten an entire pie in one sitting – I’m sure I’ve come close though ;p
    I would LOVE for you to share this at HVF GiGi =)

    • I think I got the heart-shaped pan at my Kroger market around Valentine’s Day! ha ha! I am sure they have ghost or Halloween themed ones right now, WHICH MAKES ME WANT TO GO BUY ONE!!!!!!! 😉

      AND UM – do tell me more about this Pumpkin flavored Protein Powder!!!! VERY INTRIGUED!

      • Oooh! I’m going to go look for Halloween ones!!! ;p

        ‘Ya know – I’m not sure it’s actually supposed to be pumpkin flavoured. But the protein is pumpkin based so I can definitely taste it. Most of the time I really don’t like pumpkin flavouring at all, but this stuff is really good. It’s the protein powder from the awesome tone it up chicks. I kept trying powder after powder trying to find the right one, I like this one. It’s a little more than I normally spend, but I splurged and am happy I did =)

        • Did you look at the nutrition labels of these?? The #s don’t quite add up, LOL! That being said, they do look awesome, totally something I would down!

  66. Oh I need that pie in my life! This time last year I was so over pumpkin but I did jump in head first, this year though not so much. This post is great! It made me giggle, therefor I shall pin it! Thanks for sharing!

    • You learned from last year not to go toooooo crazy just yet! 😉 Sometimes we don’t learn from our mistakes, but I am glad you did!

  67. Ha ha..that’s a lovely recipe…and totally loved the sarcasm…..

  68. Your title… I can’t!

  69. I’m not a pie person. Even in my big sugar-laden days, I rarely ate it. Occasionally, we went to a diner and I would order lemon meringue. But, I wouldn’t eat the crust, just the marshmallowy cap. I wish I could find a vegan, low sugar equivalent of that…

    • Caryn. I actually HATE PIE TOO! I only liked Pumpkin Pie -but this creation of mine… OH HOT DAMN YUM!!! :)

      And your wish for that marshmallowy cap…… CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!

  70. Pumpkin condoms?! Holy ridiculousness. I actually have not had ANY pumpkin yet because I was refusing to eat it until San Diego got cooler… but, now that it rained out today and was 70 degrees, I think it’s time to go nuts and buy a dozen cans of pumpkin puree! Ha.

  71. What a hoot! It’s that time of the year! Perfect timing for some healthier snack options! Thank you so much for sharing this healthy and delicious Strawberry Pie… That’ll Make You Cream with us at the Healthy Happy Green and Natural Party Blog Hop. I’m pinning and sharing.

  72. Your post made me lough! 😀

  73. Saw you on Vegan Friday’s and just HAD to swing by and say how awesome that pie looks and the pumpkin jabs made me laugh! :)

  74. Your Strawberry Cream Pie looks fabulous we will just love it! Thanks so much for sharing with Full Plate Thursday, and hope you have a great day.
    Come Back Soon!
    Miz Helen

    • It’s so good that I am making it again, RIGHT NOW! This time… In cupcake form so I have some “portion control” – ha ha!

  75. DUUUUUUUDE you are awesome. I love me some nummy pun’kin!!! Once again I LOL’d throughout your post. And then I drooled a little over this pie. Then I pondered your questions….I am also obsessed with gingerbread/ginger spiced fall flavors (I know that’s more Christmas-time, but whateves), and I haven’t had an entire pie in one sitting BUT ice cream on the other hand…

    • I just made this pie again… In cupcake form, and once again – DONT NEED NO STINKIN’ PUMPKIN, that’s for sure!! UGH so amazing. I stuck the cupcakes in the freezer for portion control purposes… But I am thinking I might eat 6 for dinner and call it a day! LOL!!!

  76. This really sounds delicious, Gigi!! :) I am a fan of all things Strawberry (and pumpkin…ha!)

  77. Never seen condoms like those :)
    But yeah those pies really look amazing, I bet they taste awesome too!

    • OMG yes they do!!! In fact, I made the pie in cupcake form for… Portion control purposes because lets be real, I don’t need to eat another WHOLE PIE… All by myself, in one sitting!

  78. Gurrrrrrrl, you are out of control! But in a good way. lol! I don’t know how missed this post when you published it. Really like the recipe and love the healthy “cream” topping. Yummy!! :) Please tell me that condom was photo shopped!! There is no way they did concept testing for that and found out this is something people need in their lives. Totally over all the pumpkin crap all over the place. I was fine until this past Saturday, shopping at Fresh Market, where they were handing out samples every kind of pumpkin flavored food you can think of (and some you shouldn’t). Never ate a whole pie in one sitting but I have eaten a whole bag of cool ranch Doritos in one sitting (my excuse is I was in college and very drunk). I’ve heard of vegan protein powders but never used them. I have a fancy dancy Mauviel copper crêpe pan that I just had to have in my life or I would die and I’ve only used it once in the 10 years I’ve owned it. Buying a really expensive crêpe pan is about as stupid as buying a pumpkin spice condom.

  79. ok, YOU are the cutest!!! loved the video! and love that you are giving pumpkin a break today!!!! pumpkin spice condoms?! for real?!!!!!!!

    • Tee he he! The cutest huh? Well that’s a HUGE honor! 😉

      As for the PS condoms… I can neither confirm nor deny whether or not I have experienced them first hand! BAH HA HA!

  80. Hahaha oh my God, this blog is iconic! I love it! Between the colors and all of this exclamations! I’m pretty sure I’m the only person in the world who doesn’t dig the hell out of pumpkins the way everyone else does. >_<

    • ICONIC?!?!?! Well helloooooooooooo FLATTERY! Are you placing me up there with the Iconic: BUZZ ALDRIN, CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS, MARIE CURIE and… The DALAI LAMA!