Superheroes Making Salads In The Kitchen

If duck-billed platypi could talk… They’d probably tell you that I am a Shetland pony-sized azure-colored sparkling mystical unicorn who comes up with the most repulsive sounding and looking recipes that actually taste quite scrumptious…

Cause they’ve tried my concoctions before?



Does anyone know if Food Network is casting for a new show called: WORLD’S UGLIEST RECIPE MAKER… Because IF THEY ARE, someone alert me! HOT DAMN, I need to audition.


That being said, the latest repulsive-looking recipes my stunning unicorn-ass made, are comprised solely of the SUPERHEROES I mentioned in my last post… And if you’ve ever seen a superhero movie…  (Ahem, did you see Captain America: Civil War this past weekend?) You know, when superheroes come together to fight off EVILS… They’re not exactly about to perform in an elegant ballet.


Same can be said about me in the kitchen.


In case you were wondering… My mom is beyond proud of her INSANELY classy mythical beast of a daughter.

I drown my “sorrows” in sarcasm.


That being said, I THINK I am going to turn her thoughts about me around with one of the two #StrangeButGood (Laura, yes, you inspired me) recipes I am about to reveal to all of you, as she ADORES the main ingredient in one of them!


Thankfully she doesn’t care at all WHAT food looks like! 

Sure, you could scroll for DAYS through Instagram and Pinterest looking at CAPTIVATINGLY NAUGHTY FOOD PORN you’d like to shovel in your trap… But you should really be thinking about the HEALTH BENEFITS such porn will provide you if consumed.



Was found to CURE CANCER!


DROP YOUR CAR KEYS and instead WATCH the latest GiGi Eats that incorporates some SEXY SUPERHEROES (ahem, superfoods that could POTENTIALLY have the ability to ward off cancer) into what duck-billed platypi call SCRUMPTIOUS! 



When superheroes collide… 

Toss Those Salads…

  • Divide the spaghetti squash, vision, black panther and hawkeye into two (i.e. 1/2 cup of spaghetti squash in one bowl and 1/2 cup into another bowl, etc). 
  • Once you have divided all ingredients into separate bowls, add chicken into one bowl and sardines into another and mash combos up! 
  • Add salt and pepper to taste (you can certainly add other herbs and spices if you so wish) and chow down! 
  • WARNING: you may adopt some superhuman powers after you devour these! 


  • Have you ever seen a duck-billed platypus in real life before?
  • Is your mom proud of you?
  • What’s the grossest combo of food you’ve ever mixed together yet it turned out tasting delicious?
  • Did you see Captain America: Civil War? Thoughts?
  • Anyone else have weird chicken cravings, like me? 


  1. Love it! All that matters is the taste — and it looks like you are having a ball making all these great dishes! Thanks for sharing the fun.

  2. I have not seen a platypus in real life but I do know that they have a little poisonous spur on their feet. It’s not going to kill you but it might hurt a bit. That was the cause for a few good laughs at a gathering of ours many years back.

    I haven’t seen Civil War yet, I’m way behind and a little overwhelmed at all the Superhero movies. I may get to it at home eventually. The salads look delicious though!

  3. I haven’t see Civil War yet, and while my hubby told me I have to wait for him to go see it, I’m thinking of lying to him and going by myself so that I can have a visual orgasm without him getting upset. Nothing gets me going like men in uniform. Err, spandex? Metal? Whatever…

    • LMFAO!!!!!! You can go see it, come home and… Have a little fun with your hubs, thanks to the movie 😉 and then… You two can go see it again on another day. I think that sounds like a PHENOMENAL idea – hehe!

  4. We’re seeing Civil War sometime this week if I feel up to it and I can’t wait!! I love your humor, girl and I LOVE your recipes (gross looking or not). 😉

    • You should make these recipes and sneak them into the movie with you. Just sayin’… I mean, movie popcorn is just so OVER RATED ?? lol!

  5. OH yum! :) I think it looks amazing!

    Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!

  6. Ugly food is the best. Look at bbq, oatmeal, and nut butter. Not pretty, so tasty.

    • I actually think BBQ looks quite sexy! hahaha! But oatmeal…. Although there are some bloggers out there that can make oatmeal look FANCY AS F!!! Cottage cheese. That’s a food that will NEVER EVER look or sound sexy. EVER! lol

  7. Wow! I’m so glad that I found your blog, it’s so full of personality! My husband can’t wait to see Civil War, he’s a huge Marvel fan!

    • I am thrilled you found my blog too Emerald – I love making new blog friends :) Will you go to Civil War with Mr. Hubs??

  8. I love spaghetti squash and eat it almost every week! I cannot do sardines yet though…just can’t get myself to go there :/ Love the creativity though!! Looks interesting :)

    • I used to eat spaghetti squash EVERY SINGLE DAY but my digestive system doesn’t really like it anymore, so now I only eat it at Fresh Corn Grill… Mmmm! Now I want FCG! 😉

  9. Loved Civil War and LOVE this post hahahahaha. Salad wars.

  10. I should make this with these super hero ingredients and maybe my boys will eat salad. That pie looks delicious.

    • If you tell your boys that these salads will give them super powers…. They will def. be more apt to eat them 😉

  11. You can’t judge the dish by its plating. Or something like that. Sign me up for that cancer cure btw.

  12. This is such a funny post – love the recipe. We are big superhero fans in this house :)

    • Did you see the movie yet?! You MUST make these salads and chow down on them while dress up like superheroes… Just cause! lol

  13. Too funny, love the ingredients list. And don,t judge a book by its cover. Of course I have seen a duck-billed platypus, who hasn’t?

  14. Weird chickPEA cravings are a regular for me. One of the grossest-looking yet delicious combinations I enjoy on the regular is them, mashed up with cottage cheese, shredded carrots and nutritional yeast.
    My mum should better be proud of me because I just prepared a batch of vegan maple-sweetened cookies for her. If not I might change my mind about sharing ;).
    … and awesome, GiGi, now I want a baby duck-billed platypus as a pet. Get me one!?

    • Well that is definitely one WEIRD COMBO… But if you saw some of my other combos, you would be coming right back at me with the same comment, haha!

      And whoa! You’re the best daughter ever!!!! Those cookies sound insanely delicious. I must see a picture ASAP! 😉 Ohhhh food porn! LOL!

      Let me get a DB Platypus first and let you know how they are as pets, then maybe, just maybe I will send you one!

  15. I had a lot of good looking meals with lethargic taste; I give more preference to taste instead of the looks. BTW, salad looks yummy and I am going to try it soon :)

    • I AGREE!!!! Looks are NOT EVERYTHING – the taste is where it’s at for sure! That being said, I am thrilled you find my salads attractive 😉 Cannot wait to hear your thoughts when you try them!

  16. DId you say Orgasmic and Spunk in one post…Or is it my dirty mind playing tricks lolol!
    That salad looks scrumptious, So go to Spec Savers gal and have them eyes checked…Ugly is not on this page…Now where were we about those ripped superheroes….

    • LOL!!! Well, I didn’t say those things on the LAST post, but I definitely blurted them out in the post that my fiance was in, I mean… He just brings those things out of me, BAH HA HA HA HA HA! OH MAN, uhhh did I really just say that? 😉 I need to shove these apparently NOT ugly salads in my mouth to keep me from talking, however, uh, food in my mouth has never stopped me from talking before! hehehe!

  17. Rats, I was hoping that Reese’s peanut butter cup laden desserts had “some” sort of health benefit! Sure would be nice 😉

    • RIGHT?! But just wait, in like 20 years, new studies will say that they are CANCER FIGHTERS after all, LOL!!

      Or… Not 😉

  18. Omg this is so fun! I also cook really ugly looking food sometimes. How come other people can flip an egg without ending up with a weird scrambled mess everytime?

    Nellwyn |

  19. So I’m not known for my art in the kitchen. Like you, I don’t care so much what it looks like, now I eat food for the quality and healthy properties. A few years ago, I was baking a lot of salmon and made an easy recipe for miso salmon similar to the miso black cod at Koi. It was really delicious. Love the salads. Will try soon.

    • Ughhhh SALMON IS MY LIFE LINE. Without it, I would die. I am dead serious! LOL! That recipe sounds kick butt too, mmm! I do love me some black cod as well though. But salmon takes the “cake”!

  20. haha, I like to think that as long as it tastes good, it doesn’t matter what it looks like! :] I would totally eat these! *-*

  21. Very amusing as usual! “super” creative :)

  22. Ummm, I like your “messy” food! I’m all about taste. Sure presentation is great and all but some of my favorite things to make look like a hot mess disaster. I also believe my boys would annihilate your Super Hero Salad–love the cool names for the ingredients!

    • YES!!!!! Double YESS! Your boys annihilating my salads totally triumphs them looking PRETTY! hahaha!

  23. i have not seen the new captain america yet. it is on my must watch list though. love these salads! who cares if it is messy!

    • Exactly – WHO CARE!! As long as their tasty, and everything winds up in the same place anyways! I am sure our GUTS don’t care what they look like!

  24. My food NEVER looks good and honestly, I only care about taste. I never know what the hell I am doing when I cook or bake, I just hope for the best! :)

    You are soooooooooooooooooo fun!

    • Ah ha ha! Jody, uhhhh you and I are ONE IN THE SAME. It would be beyond funny to have you in the kitchen with me for a GiGi Eats… We would look at each other COMPLETELY CLUELESS! LOL! And then you’d just say… “I want to make cookies!” LOL!

  25. #TeamCap represent! You must be changing me because that chocolate peanut butter cup pie looks good.. but my stomach is growling right now for messy avocado and eggs and SQUASH and red cabbage.

  26. Absolutely, my mom was embarrassingly proud of me.

    I like these salads very much. They are definitely Dr. J approved, lol

    Sometimes I’m more in the mood for a superhero movie than other times, I need to take a break between these types of movies.

    • Our moms are opposites! My mom is embarrassed of me! LOL! Ohhhh Well!


  27. Whoah I’ve never had spaghetti squash in salad before – cool!

  28. Can’t say I crave chicken, being a vegetarian. I do crave eggs (chicken biproduct?) however:)

    • I always found that so interesting – vegetarians eat eggs but not chicken. LOL! But girl, just omit the chicken and sardines and these salads are RIGHT UP YOUR ALLEY!

  29. You are so funny! Love your recipe and video. I’ve never met a duck-billed platypus, although I’m pretty sure that would make my day :-)))

    • RIGHT?! It would totally make my day! I am going to SD next week, I think I need to head to the ZOO and see if I can find one! HE HE!

  30. Would you believe that I went to see Captain America: Civil War this Mother’s Day? It was great fun – but you might have overshadowed that with the fun in your kitchen. :)

    • Captain America CIVIL WAR sounds like the BEST WAY to spend Mother’s Day… Well aside from hanging out in my kitchen! haha!

  31. Hmm, don’t know mom but love chicken :) your salads look great !!! I’m not sure why but I mixed oat meal and tuna it was unique. Haven’t seen a platypus lately but was attacked by a hummingbird today, yes a 2″ bird almost chased me off the roof.

    • Did you pan fry that oatmeal and tuna mix? You could have made TUNA BURGERS… And then cracked an egg on top with a little horseradish… Ha! My brain just got a little creative 😉

      And um, I am thrilled that the bird didn’t ACTUALLY make you fall off the roof, although, if you chowed down on my super hero salads before this attack went down, you probably would have sprouted WINGS like FALCON and flown to the ground swiftly! LOL!

  32. Almost forgot, I liked the Skee – low reference in the photo, I makes me smile when I see you both together :)

  33. Elizabeth O. says:

    I would like to think that I cook some pretty mean grub, but I’m not sure about my plating either. Lol. At least the kids eat it though, so that makes me content.

  34. Wow, that IS a strange combo of ingredients! Bet it tastes good, though :)

  35. So entertaining! And great recipes to boot! Looking forward to trying them out.

  36. Rebecca Swenor says:

    This salad does indeed have a interesting mixer of ingredient. I am going to have to try the recipe because I have never made anything like this before. The Civil War movie we are waiting to see til it comes out on Blu-ray. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

    • When it comes out on Blu-Ray, then you can make these salads and eat them as you watch!! Best Movie Meals EVER :)

  37. What a fun idea!

  38. Balvinder says:

    You are funny Gigi, glad to meet you!

  39. Balvinder says:

    You are funny Gigi, so glad to meet you.
    The superhero salad looks wonderful by the way!

  40. Eh, I’m more Team Thor XD my sister is the biggest Chris Evans fan on the other hand, haha! Definitely loving the spaghetti squash, red cabbage and avocado combo!

  41. Girl, your creativity is everything. It is definitely an interesting combo, but it still sounds really good!

    • Creativity is key… Actually, it’s more about “selling”… So perhaps I am just SELLING these salads well? LMFAO

  42. Anything with avocado in it works for me!

  43. Some of the so called ugliest food is also the tastiest! Case in point is this beauty! I love salads and I love variety so this is definitely on my list 😀

  44. Cool stuff here! Your own superhero twist caught my attention and I might just try to use my own cooking powers for my own! Civil War was cool, even though there really wasn’t any “evil”, I dig both sides and their reasons.

    • YES! Get to your kitchen and use your powers asap 😉 Opening your wallet at a restaurant… Everyone has that power, ha – so it’s not all that unique!

  45. nicole escat says:

    wow thank you for giving me that idea i am sure my family will like it

  46. My son wants to go with his friends to see civil war! Perhaps I will make them a superhero salad afterwards to pair with the movie haha!

  47. As funny as you are, you are not going to get me past “spaghetti squash”. Or sardines, although I loved them as a child. (yes, really). And, oh dear, not planning to see Civil War either. Total cultural fail, fail, fail! Pass me the smelling salts, Jeeves…

  48. I need some super human powers from this salad!:)

  49. I love your page!! This salad sounds amazing :)

  50. Personally, i think your concoction of super hero superfoods looks delicious! :)

  51. I love all your posts they are always entertaining and you are funny! I love how you used the different names. The recipe sounds interesting.

  52. I’m afraid I am so very much drawn to that PBC Pie… Haha! Peanut Butter Cups and pizza are my kryptonites, lol.

    • Ah ha ha! If you asked me 15 years ago what I would rather eat… Yeah, THAT PBC cake thing would definitely be my choice!

  53. You are always a hoot (which is a very good thing!)! I love your blog posts and the video!!!! :) I can’t do the fish….but I do relate that sometimes chicken can just make anyone nauseas. >.< I hope you're feeling better now! :)

    • YES! I am feeling so much better now Kalee, thanks for asking! So much better in fact that… I could eat a whole chicken! lol

  54. Girl, I swear we could start an “ugly food” club because while I can make things that taste GOOD, they aren’t often pretty.

  55. You are too cute! You’re right, those aren’t the prettiest salads, but I’ll bet they taste good! And you don’t want to get into my cravings, I promise. Expecting twin girls in August. My cravings reflect that LOL

  56. Love how healthy all your dishes are-you are an inspiration x

  57. Yeah, sardines do take a bit of getting used to. I’m always making 2 (or 3 or 4) different dishes from basically the same recipe. Saves brain power. If I had a brain. Which reminds me, don’t you think the Tin Man and the boys were the first super heroes? :-) Fun stuff — thanks.

    • Hmmmm now you’ve got my brain working…. I wonder. I wonder. You could be right however, what powers did they have? I might need to go watch The Wizard of OZ again!

  58. I made a salad that looked awful for a potluck once and no one ate it. I was tempted to make it for everything so I can always eat the massive amount of leftovers but I can’t remember what I did now. I suppose my mom is probably proud of me, but I might drive her completely crazy, I’m not sure.

    • LOL! I KINDA SECRETLY LOVE making recipes I know people are going to THINK are gross… Because then I get to eat it all – HA HA HA! #greatminds 😉

  59. I still haven’t seen the new Captain America movie, but I want to! Love how you turned this recipe into a superhero meal! :)

    • You’ve got some time to see it! I bet it will be in theaters for quite some time cause it has been a HUGE HIT!

  60. Yum! Even though it’s not the prettiest salad I’ve ever seen, it does sound delicious. Love all the superhero names. Plus, love that hot dog sweatshirt. You crack me up!

  61. hahahahaha. question number 2 carries all sorts of weight with it. I would have to say my mom is proud of me. I hope? At least she’s got used to the fact that i run around in a sports bra more often than i do in a shirt!

    • LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am thrilled your mom is used to it. I bet my mom cringes every time I post one of those kinds of pictures on Instagram… Then again, she probably doesn’t know cause I would never push said picture to Facebook, haha! I don’t have as rock-solid of a bod a you!

  62. Yum!!! Sounds so tasty! <3

  63. I LOVE the combination of ingredients you have here! Some foods ain’t gonna look pretty no matter how hard you try and I have photo evidence to prove it! And the food porn out there with all that junk food makes me nuts! This looks delicious and I’m gonna make it soon.
    I’m going to see Captain America this weekend with the nephews. Looking forward to it! Fun video as always, kooky girl!

    • OMG PLEASE make these salads and then work your magic with your photography and send me pics! I bet you will BLOW MY horrific photos out of the water – ha ha ha h ha ah ah!

      • LOL, thanks for your vote of confidence but there are some foods that just don’t want to look pretty even though you know they are delicious, lol. You’ve seen some of my disasters, hahaha! It’s a wonder we keep going back at it! Thank god we love food!

  64. Lexie Lane says:

    It looks delicious, I love how you do this, and the combination is fantastic! Salad is my favorite so glad that I found this.

  65. I am totally honored to have been thought of by you… you might be even more strange than I am!!! I mean that as a high compliment.

    In other news, I think my mom is proud of me. Maybe not the purple hair, but whatever. 😉

    Weirdest food combo… people thought I’d lost my mind when I made beefy oatmeal. Savory oats are legit though!

    • Being called strange is above and beyond an honor – so I take it, and wear that title PROUDLY AF! LOL!

      Oh and my mom HATES my purple/blue hair, but eh, whatcha gunna do?! We are adults??? 😉

      And um. Beefy oatmeal huh? Kinda reminds me of HAGGIS

  66. Oh yea, go on with your superfood ugly cooking lady! Ha.

  67. Heck, who cares what it looks like as long as it tastes GOOD! These combinations sound amaaaaaaaaazing, my friend!

    Weird food combo? Goats cheese and nutella. Don’t knock it til you try it!

    • OMFG what!!!! THAT COMBO sounds…….. GAH! LOL! But hey, I cannot knock it til I have tried it. So I guess I just won’t ever be able to knock it as I cannot ever try the combo! LOL!

  68. We rarely go to the movies, so I haven’t seen any of the super hero ones… I HAVE seen a platypus though while in Australia :) We should go back there together. or somewhere new. I haven’t been on an international trip yet this year…

    • OMFG …. GOING TO ORBITZ TO CHECK OUT FLIGHTS RIGHT NOW! How friggin’ cool would that be! Would baby come with?!

  69. We are about to watch Civil War anytime soon, as mys husband is so crazy about it already. Between such a funny post with lots of humor & I love that salad wars so much!

  70. Ha ha ha…that looks like some of my concoctions! No point in sharing those photos on instagram, but you’re right, they taste so good! Thanks for linking up with us at Creatively Crafty. I enjoy your videos :)

  71. I’ve never seen a duck-billed platypus in RL before, but Psyduck was one of my fav Pokemon from back in the day 😛

  72. I think your salads look delish…not ugly at all, lol!! I really want to see the new Captain America, but haven’t yet. Maybe this weekend!

    • Aw why THANK YOU Melanie :) Do your kiddies want to see Captain America?!?! What’s on their MUST WATCH list?

  73. Okay seriously, I think you might just be a great fit for the Food Network. I can even see you having your own show, me watching it, laughing my ass off, then getting hungry lol. Yes you need your own show lol. Have an amazing weekend.

    Kia / KTS

    • GAHHHH THANK YOU! I am working my TAIL off to get the FN to get on the GIGI EATS bandwagon! 😉 HAHAHA! MOVEEEE OVER BOBBY!

  74. Ypur salad looks delicious to me, seriously loving it! Thanks for sharing superhero superfood salads. They are fun indeed.

  75. HI GiGi,
    You never fail to amaze me with your funny words and fancy. You Mom should be proud of you. Both of these recipes sound great – I am a spaghetti squash lover. Thanks for sharing on Real Food Fridays. Pinned & tweeted!

  76. absolutely love reading your post especially the recipe! Thanks for sharing your link with us

    • Well THANK YOU for hosting the link up! And I am thrilled to hear you “absolutely loved” reading my post!

  77. Girl you crack me up! I need to watch Captain America soon!

    • Yes you do! 😉 I don’t think the movie will be making you crack up… Unless you have an odd sense of humor, but… I am glad I could do it to ya!

  78. Oh my gosh the weirdest thing I’ve ever tried would definitely be canned tuna and corn together. I’m not going to say it was goooooood, but it was better than being hungry?? Haha. I love ANYTHING with spaghetti squash

    • I actually LOVEEE mixing canned tuna with things!!! Ah ha ha! I love it mixed with avocado or green beans or sun-dried tomatoes, so honestly, your “weird” combo is totally up my alley! :)

  79. I LOVE this salad recipe!! It seriously includes so many of my favorite foods, that I eat all the time, yet never before put them together in such a creative way! I AM MAKING THIS SALAD ASAP.

  80. I don’t care how it looks I loooooooooooooove salads, and I love spaghetti squash :)
    I always(!) enjoy reading your post. You crack my up LOL

  81. Pinning and stumbling:)

  82. It may not look like the idea Instagram picture but with those ingredients, I’ll bet it really was delicious! Thanks for sharing your recipe with us at Share The Wealth Sunday! xoxo

  83. OMG that peanut butter cup pie is the porniest food porn I’ve ever seen–I’m dying over here. PLEASE oh please can that pie cure cancer?!

    That said, your salad looks divine–I’d love to try a vegan version. (Maybe roasted sweet potato chunks for the eggs??)

    • I guess I am going to have to try and re-create that porn … To include ingredients that actually “help ward off cancer” – ha ha ha!

      You could def do sweet potato instead of eggs, or tofu if you like that stuff?

  84. Now that’s my kind of superhero! I am a huge salad lover too! Thanks for sharing this fun and fabulous post with us at the Happy Green Natural Party! I’m Pinning and sharing this!

  85. I literally blacked out after seeing that chocolate dessert looking thing. zomgggg

  86. Wonderful blog ! I like your recipes ! Thanks for sharing :)

  87. LMAO as I always do when I head over here! I’m totally loving this recipe! I’m not gonna blow smoke up your arse and say it’s the most beautiful dish ever, but who cares, right?!

  88. Sunnycovechef says:

    Great job and what a salad, I love it.

  89. your posts never fail to make me sit here and laugh, in a room all by but FOREAL, I think all of us recipe makers out there can relate with food tasting great and NOT looking great…until some serious thought and time goes into it to make it better. I know the struggle was REAAAAAL for this girl (and still is bahaha). Let’s cross our fingers for our food together to turn out good 😉


    • WAS REAL – now you are a sexy food making PRO! 😉

      I have NO DOUBT our food is going to LOOK and TASTY friggin’ phenomenal…. Whoops – did I just JINX us?

  90. Ha! My mom is proud of me…but only because she doesn’t know about my blog and I regularly fix her computer (turn it off and turn it back on again mom usually does the trick).

    That food porn is making me DROOL.

    • BAH HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! SADLY my mother knows about my blog – but she PRETENDS it does not exist.

  91. Hi Gigi,
    How creative to connect food and super heroes. I loved the phrase food porn!
    Thanks for bringing your creative post to Blogger’s Pit Stop
    Janice, Your Pit Stop Crew

  92. You always crack me up. Love the super hero ingredients. Out of your questions, the mom one resonated with me. I know she would be, she was the best and always so supportive of me. She passed away almost 3 years ago, coming up in July and it still feels pretty raw. Thanks for sharing this with us at Savoring Saturdays linky party!

    • Aw man, Emily I am so sorry to hear about that. I would be devastated, if well, I don’t even want to say it. I am positive she was proud and supportive of you, even though I don’t know you personally or her for that matter, but a mother-daughter bond is like NO OTHER!

  93. What a pleasure it will be to make this healthy and delicious Superheroes Salad in my own kitchen!
    I am so delighted that you shared this healthy and delicious recipe with us at the Plant-based Potluck Party. I’m Pinning and sharing this!

  94. Recipe looks amazing dear. My brain could never have wired such a recipe. Cheat for every ingredient is incredible. And you make awesome food.

  95. Hi Gigi,

    I love unicorns and delicious cakes. Oh and your video is amazing! Super flavored post with a crazy doze of humor. Love it!


    • I love thatttt! I am going to USE that “tag line” if you don’t mind – ha ha ha! Zaria, you made my day! 😉

      • Sure, why not! As far as you credit me for that “tag line”, it should be fine. I am glad that I made your day. It is one of my talents, making people laugh. Cheers! 😉

  96. You’re too funny GiGi!! You are most definitely a magestic unicorn!
    The beauty of a salad is in the eye of the beholder after all – who cares how pretty it is as long as it tastes good???
    Have a fabulous weekend my dear =)

    • GIRL YOU GOT THAT RIGHT x 100000!! I think the food I eat is beautiful, even if it truly is just a pile of MOOSH! 😉

  97. OOOOwww. I love the fish. You made me hungry by the time I got to the end.

  98. Loved Civil War. Team Iron Man for sure. Some of my best tasting meals have looked gross lol Also I think my mom is proud of me lol