Snack Swaparoos

What are you eating and/or drinking… RIGHT NOW?!

Stop for a second (yes it might be hard to get your hand out of the bag of Doritos…) and look down at the nutrition label.

Do the ingredients list: clogged arteries, high blood pressure, diabetes complications and obesity?

Or in other words: high fructose corn syrup, corn starch, sugar, hydrogenated oils

unhealthy snacks

And you thought that snack was healthy… Really? Doritos… 

NOW is the time to TOSS IT! JAM IT IN THE TRASH CAN! Flush it as if it were DRUGS!

If you don’t completely ruin the snack, you might find yourself fishing it out of the trash around 4 pm when HANGRY rears its ugly head.

GiGi Dubois and Tara Redfield, the FOOD PERVERT fighting over food

Say so long to your beloved crackers that you thought were healthy. Say hasta la vista to those gluten-free rice chips… Gluten-free doesn’t necessarily give food a health halo… And you can say sayonara to those processed meat snacks…

Check out this video for some HEALTHIER ALTERNATIVES, with special guest:

Tara Redfield, THE FOOD PERVERT!

(She likes to get DOWN AND DIRTY with some rather pornographic foods)

Snacks in Question:

  • Trader Joe’s Vanilla Almond Clusters
  • Trader Joe’s Gluten-Free Rice Chips
  • Columbus Sliced Genoa Salami
  • Vanilla Non-Fat Yogurt

Snack Replacements:

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So tell me….

  • What snacks are you guilty of chowing down on?
  • If someone were to catch you in the fridge at midnight, what would you be shoveling in your mouth?
  • Have you ever eaten dog food?
  • Do you read ingredients labels?
  • Have you ever had any of the foods mentioned in this video?
  • Do you have any awesome junk food replacements? If so… DETAILS! 
  • If you could only live off of ONE FOOD for the rest of your life what would it be? 


  1. Im so so so so so BAAAD with the salty.
    Im now trying to, um, FIX THAT 😉 in my miniME.

    • I LOVEEEE SALTY TOO!!! Luckily, I just over salt my food, I don’t go for the processed foods, lol!! 😉 I like to mix salt with KELP seasoning though, it helps decrease my sodium intake!

  2. I am guilty of eating peanut butter chocolate chip cookies! I will go to hell for that sin!

    I’ve been seen eating leftover smoked salmon at midnight. Mmmm…

    Dog food? Nah. I have eaten ants, however (in a country where everybody else does).

    My junk food replacement are the Quest bars!

    • OMG Peanut Butter Cookies – SWOON! I cannot even remember the last time I had one, but I KNOW I LOVE THEM! aha ha! 😀

      And dude, can I join you for that midnight snack? YUM!

  3. OMG – best part of my day!!! I always love your videos but today’s was my favorite – you and “the food pervert” together are hysterical!!
    And, chicken fried bacon – really?! UGH!!!
    I really am trying to cut out potato chips – don’t judge!!!!

    • OMG Kim, LOVE YOU! Your comment just made my day!!! Well don’t you worry, another video will be coming out in 2 weeks! Keeps you on the edge of your seat, lol!!!

      I still don’t even know what chicken-fried bacon looks like… But I can only imagine.

      Have you ever tried baking butternut squash chips or eggplant chips? So friggin’ good – You can bake LOTS in bulk and then you’ll have them for the week :)

  4. LOL!!! the food pervert – seriously cracks me!! those pizza flax things look good – i need to find those!!

    • They really are GOOD! And I am a very harsh food critic! You can find them at Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s and even your equivalent to Kroger.

  5. Bahaha I want to make a video with youuu!!! You two are adorable. BAHA. I have in fact eaten dog food…a couple times. I guess that didn’t make me very vegetarian haha. If I were in the fridge at midnight it would definitely be for something smothered in peanut butter or sugar. Your favorite. I feel like the three of us would get alone really well because I am like the mediator. I get DOWN and dirty with kale and tree flavored cereals, but I also stuff myself with cupcakes..the three best friends that anyone could have.

    I read every single label before I put something into my mouth. I really do. Milk hides in EVERYTHING.

    • OMG “We’re the 3 best friends that ANYONE CAN HAVE!!!” We should just sing that song as we shove our faces with “healthy” food – That would be a VIRAL SENSATION RIGHT NOW!! Wait no, not unless we were wearing bikinis and tutus or something – AH HA HA HA!! But heck yes, I need to make a video with you ASAP!!!!!

      Milk is one dirty bastard! Much agreed!

  6. The freeze frame of your face on the video KILLS ME! So Funny! We are a real piece of work! LOL Great job, it was obviously so much fun shooting this with you! Great Story!!! Nasty Snacks! XO

    • We are just too funny… Why aren’t the networks BLOWING UP MY PHONE RIGHT NOW with TV offers?!?!?! LOL!

  7. And thank you Kim!!! She loves it! 😉

  8. I usually go overboard on raw almonds and cashews. Or organic dried figs. Could be worse, right?

    • Definitely!!! That’s what I say too when I am sitting on my kitchen floor eating spaghetti squash out of the tub I have made for the week! 😉

  9. lol. I love this. The video is hilarious but very informative.
    I love peanuts, cashews and almonds. Whenever I eat nuts, it’s always hard for me to eat the recommended serving size. I also love dark chocolate chips…At least it’s not potato chips, right?

    • I am glad you liked the video! 😀 We loved making it… Because when we stopped filming, we chowed down on the healthy foods! lol.

      I stopped eating nuts for that very purpose (well that and my gut just cannot digest them)… But I remember I used to eat so many cashews, I gained like 10 pounds! LOL!

      The nice thing about dark chocolate is that it’s so rich, a little goes a long way! 😀

  10. You CRACK ME UP!! Except, I don’t know if I can forgive you for hatin’ on some of my fave foods ;).

  11. I am currently drinking a green smoothie (go me!) and I would eat spinach every day for the rest of my life. I love it prepared so many different ways!

    • Ya baby!!! Antioxidants GALORE in that smoothie – what else is in there?
      AND OMG – Have you EVER tried spinach & ketchup (sugar free ketchup of course)?!?! Seriously the BEST SNACK EVER!! ah ah aha!

  12. It’s always so annoying realizing snacks that look healthy are anything but! I would never have guessed the Trader Joe’s cereal wasn’t that great. I make a lot of my snacks- like Lara Bars and homemade popcorn. I’ll have to try the eggplant chips and guac! Yum!

    • Isn’t it so annoying!! I remember I was eating some sliced turkey a few years ago and I looked at the ingredients label and BAM… third ingredient – Evaporated Cane Juice!! I dropped that turkey immediately! PS: Totally remember buying it from Trader Joe’s!!!

      Let me know how you like the eggplant/guac combo!

  13. Oh gee, I was all excited when I read “Two Moms in the RAW ” for a snack,,,, yeah ladies my mind went in the gutter , sorry :( I’m not to much of a snacker but love trail mixes. I just keep cooking chicken, beef, rice and eat bags of carrots. But I will cheat on Pizza once in a blue moon, a place 100 miles north of me has the closest to NY Pizza you can get. Really fun video ladies , chicken fried bacon reminds me of that horrid family on the Discovery channel. Oh yea I do drink for a treat Bolt House Farms fruit or coffee protein drinks, whey and soy but their sinful.

    • LMFAO! I think of naughty things too when I hear about two raw moms… Not so much when I hear about raw grandmas though! Ah ha ha ah ah!

      I cannot remember the last time I had pizza, wow… FOREVER ago!

      Fried Chicken Bacon should ONLY REMIND YOU OF HORROR stories! ah ha ha!

  14. I was so looking forward to your Memorial Day Bison Burgers post, with the special ingredients list… When do we get to see those?

  15. I am a total snackaholic. I blame the marathon training, but it is mostly my fault. I try to snack healthy for the most part. No doritos or candy bars for me. I mostly snack on hummus, rice crackers or if I am craving something sweet I will go for a skinny cow treat.

    • Marathon training can make ANYONE hungry! It makes me hungry just thinking about your marathon training! LOL!

  16. Sarah MomRunningonEmpty says:

    I am addicted to salty… And sweet… And especially salty AND sweet! It’s been a tough habit to break, snacking without thinking or reading but I am making progress and reading labels. At least now when I crave a trigger food I stop and read the label. Sometimes I still go for it but most of the time I talk myself down and make better choices! I’m still a work in progress!

    • Hey at least you stop and think for a minute – that really is progress! Definitely pat yourself on the back for that 😀

  17. Pass on the sugary sweets? No problem. Salty snacks are my downfall. I think I could live on chips and salsa or pita chips! I would probably draw the salty line at chicken fried bacon? Ewww…not the least bit tempting. I’m an avid label reader. Seeing what is in foods is often what stops me from eating it.

    Love the video!

    • SALT IS MY LIFE too! I love salt. If I really really wanted to, I would just buy a salt lick – ha ha, reminds me of my horseback riding days! 😉

      That chicken fried bacon sounds terrible to me as well, lol! But who knows… I also thought liver was going to be gross, but it’s actually quite delicious!

  18. I had to laugh out loud at this – last week a coworker brought in Joe’s Os (TJ’s version of Oreos) just because she thought they were “healthier.” Hmmmmm…

    • OMG SEE! Ridiculous!! People are blinded by outward appearances! Trader Joe’s is NOT HEALTHY as a whole. They might have some OKAY products but not everything is a health food that’s for sure! Did you say anything to your coworker??

  19. I hate to say this but I’m not a big fan of Trader Joes. I feel like people assume that just because it’s labeled “Trader Joes” it’s healthy. The whole store is full of prepackaged “Trader Joes” brand junk food. I know that they do have well priced healthy food but so much of their stuff is junk. Blah. Anyways, I think you need to do more videos like this! I love the alternatives! :)

    • I am not a huge fan of TJ’s either – I only go their to buy their spinach & other leafy greens because they are cheapest! lol! My friend is a perfect example of someone who thought TJs was healthy just because it came out of the store!

      And thank you, I will definitely be making many more videos like this one!! 😀

  20. Oh the madness…are you that tough on all perverts!

  21. If I’m looking to add or try something new…I for sure look at the nutrition label to ensure it FITS with my lifestyle. That being said, I do enjoy some sugar filled sweetness from time to time and I’m a-okay with that!

  22. I am currently eating 2 cooked eggs with a cup of coffee!
    My go-to snacks of the moment are strawberries {yum!} and Coconut Chips from TJ’s {yum, but not too healthy}. Hilarious video once again! :)

    • YES! best snack ever!!! — The eggs I am talking about! lol! 😉

      Coconut Chips huh??? Well I will be going to TJ’s a little later today for some spinach, I might have to scan that nutrition label to see what you’re talking about 😉

  23. People look like what they do.

  24. We recently got a Trader Joes, and while there are a few things I was really excited about, I couldn’t believe how much processed food/junk is lining the aisles above the freezer and snack aisle. I understand it’s probably where they make their money, but for people who assume TJ’s is a “healthier” store, they assume the same for all of it’s products.

    • So much processed junk! There are at least 4 aisles dedicated to made-over junk food!!! I only go to Trader Joe’s for my spinach & leafy green fix and maybe my sable fish fix too (frozen fish section)… Otherwise, no thank you!

  25. hahahaha love this! what snacks am i chewing on right now? well its 10am aka time for 2nd breakfast and not to toot my own horn for my awesome snacking abilities but i’m having one of those blueberry bars from 2 moms in the raw right this second!! i saw it at starbucks this morning and picked one up for the first time- these things are pretty darn delicious and so filling! if i could have one food for the rest of my life- cookie dough. raw and eggs and all :)

    • Breakfast # 2! That’s always something fun to look forward to!! 😀 How ironic – 2 moms in the raw bar! I am glad you like it and that it doesn’t taste like tree bark with cinnamon on it 😉 I actually met the 2 moms who created that line when I lived in Boulder – they were/are on to something!

      And oh man, raw cookie dough, I am so right there with you. I cannot even remember the last time I had any of that!

  26. I just love your blog :) For some reason Little Debbie cakes, of any kind, call my name all the time and they are TERRIBLE for me!!!

    • Thank you BETH! :) I love YOURS too!!! And OMG I have never had a Little Debbie before in my life!!! They remind me of vending machines and summer camp though. lol!

  27. NO doubt when I first started healthy eating I was fooled in to thinking if they sold it then it must be healthy. I think a LOT of brands skate by under this umbrella…hence my current project to get us all focused on foods that don’t need labels!

    • I am right there with you. When I first started eating healthy, I thought anything that was brown was healthy. LOL! Must be high in fiber, right?? And it’s so true – so many brands try to pull of a healthy facade – but smart people like you and I KNOW BETTER!!!

  28. I’m a cereal whore. That’s what I prefer to shovel at the midnight hour. I lurves me some Peanut Butter Panda Puffs.

    • I remember those!!!!!! Oh my, imagine if I did an episode on all your favorites. You would hate me – LOL!

  29. Great post!

  30. This video is almost as perverted as the one we made…almost :) As a fan of Vanilla Almond Clusters I’m definitely going to have to try your healthier alternative.

    • Ah ha ha ha! Oh no, we took perverted to a whole other level 😉 I cannot wait to toss a salad! ha ha.

  31. I totally have a granola snacking problem. I mean, it could be worse…I make it myself and know exactly what’s in it, but it adds up soooo quick. I *try* to stick to fruits and veggies, but we all know how long that lasts… 😉

    • Ah haha ha ha aha ha! It’s so true. I remember when I used to be able to eat granola. I would GO TO TOWN!!! You think a dog eating his dinner is a fast eater, you haven’t seen GiGi eat GRANOLA! 😉 Portion Size BE DAMNED!

  32. My guilty pleasure is Pringles. 😀 Healthy? I had a salad twice this week, does that count? Followed by mini-magnum ice cream bars. But it was 100 degrees (literally) and it seemed like the thing to do.

    • Ah ha ha ha ah! Salad and ice cream, what a delicious combo 😉 How many did you eat, that’s the real question?

  33. I definitely read labels! I have not always been this way and in fact just started leading a healthier lifestyle last year. I love sweets but now when I get a sweet tooth I will grab some fresh strawberries or other fruits. Every now and then I give in and eat a candy bar! lol I think every once in a while is okay! Right? I stay faaarrr away from tons of salt, I was advised by my doctor when I was 22 years old that I had high blood pressure. Been juicing, eating healthy and exercising…now I’m like blood pressure who?

    • I am so stoked that you have adopted healthy eating this year!!! Better now than never! And fruit is perfect to curb your sweet tooth – people don’t give the naturally sweet produce enough credit, that’s for sure!

      High Blood Pressure – SUCK IT! lol!

  34. I’m bad. I don’t really look at ingredients of food, just the nutritional facts. I did however ditch Taco Bell and found a way to make it on my own, healthier and with ingredients I can pronounce – win!

    • WAHOO! Ditching Taco Bell is a HUGE STEP!!! Maybe one day you’ll look at the ingredients, but at least you look at the nutrition panel! :)

  35. Great post! I’ve fallen into this trap a lot lately, but I’m digging myself back out. Thanks!

  36. are their kale chips healthy, ’cause I’m loving them!

    • Are you eating their Cashew Kale ones?? If so, they’re actually pretty GOOD FOR YOU – However, the entire bag has 300 calories… (if you care about calorie counts) You might be better off making your own :) — This will save you $$ too!

  37. And two moms in the raw is sold at Starbuck’s, too. 😉

    We should start making labels like that: will give you fat ass, clog your arteries…

    You’d catch me snacking on rainier cherries and a handful of pretzels.

    • Ha Ha! I think if I ever make food products I will have labels like that… However, I would only make healthy foods so the labels would read: Will Give Your Heart A HUGE HUG! LOL!

  38. aha ha ha….so many snacks in question!

  39. I just love this post! People just assume because it’s label healthy or “organic” doesn’t make it either of those! I actually have eaten dog food once, on a dare. Someone said “Pupperoni” tasted like Pepperoni and I assure you – it doesn’t! LOL SPA <3

    • Aw thank you!! :) And it’s so true! Drives me BONKERS when people think ORGANIC is healthy, or since it came out of WHOLE FOODS it such be healthy… Uh, no.

      Pupperoni huh???? LOL!!! I have def. eaten dog food before, don’t judge! LOL!

  40. I finally went to a Trader’s Joe and couldn’t understand what all the hype was about. Seriously, my Army commissary sells better products! Now on to your questions:
    1. What snacks are you guilty of chowing down on? Almonds…some times I go overboard
    2. If someone were to catch you in the fridge at midnight, what would you be shoveling in your mouth? Probably yogurt. When I embarked on my “eat better” journey, I cleaned out my pantry and refrigerator, so I don’t have any crazy snacks. Although I do have a pint of Birthday Cake ice cream but it has a sheet of ice over it because its been there FOREVER.
    3. Have you ever eaten dog food? Would it make me weird if I said yes! So I started my dog in the Honest Kitchen raw dog food and it says that it is human grade ingredients. It actually looks like baby food (its dehydrated and you add water). And I was curious…actually tastes like split peas baby food!
    4. If you could only live off of ONE FOOD for the rest of your life what would it be? Bananas! Love them!

    • Ah ha ha ha! I have definitely had dog food before too, so I am not judging you ONE BIT… At least you ate the good stuff, I ate the CRAP from back in the day, like IAMS (although that’s still around so I am not sure why I said, back in the day, lol)…. It was shaped in little bones too! HA HA HA AH!!!

      And I am right there with you, nuts are SOOOOO easy to over eat!!! SOOO easy!

  41. Gigi, also I am hosting a Total Fitness Wednesday Blog hop where we discuss fitness, health and nutrition and would love to have you join us!

  42. Currently I am addicted to Chobani Blood Orange Greek yogurt and Quest Bars (Cookei Dough, Brownie, or Cinnamon Roll). I am trying to squeeze more protein in my diet so when I am hungry and want a snack they are my go to.

    • Well those are definitely ways to add protein to your diet! And those quest bars are the best way to go in order to stay healthy 😀 I cannot do whey (dairy) but those bars look SO GOOD!

  43. I have to admit that lately I’ve been snacking on Quinoa & Black Bean Tortilla Chips from Trader Joe’s. They’re not THAT bad as far as ingredients go… and they’re super delicious. Though definitely not an every day treat :)

  44. Not gonna lie. We have been known to make Nutella Crepes from scratch at 11pm.

    Usually we don’t keep snack or junk food in the house. So, when that hankering hits there’s nothing to do but start cooking or baking, regardless of the hour.

    Speaking of which….I need to go get my banana bread out of the oven. Hey, it’s only 9:30!

  45. Great post! So many people think that if it says low fat or its from whole foods its automatically healthy! Drives me nuts! My late night snack happens to be celery with raw almond butter or maybe just a spoonful of the good stuff 😉 have an amazing weekend! Love + Shine Courtstar

    • Your late night snack is sinless, well that is unless you go nuts on the raw almond butter lol! Do you grind it yourself?

  46. I loved this vlog and interview. Now I want to try all of the snacks that you bought for her. My favorite part is that she’s so totally honest and it makes me really believe her on the things that she says she likes. Though I have to admit I still want to try the things she says taste like trees. I wish I had an unlimited gift card to Whole Foods. I think that might be the key to happiness that no one can find…

  47. I love to snack. Like, could and do snack all day long. I try to snack on healthy things but sometimes I just want nice and salty pretzels. I think salty snacks are harder for me than sweet. Fresh fruit is a great substitute for sugary treats.

    • Ah ha ha ha! I know a fare amount of people who are just like you! I myself am actually NOT a snacker at all… Unless eating a bit of spaghetti squash prior to dinner (when I eat more) is considered snacking! lol.

      I am definitely a SALT GIRL too though!! Oh man, give me a salt lick any day! lol

  48. Great post! Since switching to a mainly paleo diet I don’t have the option to eat many snack foods anymore. My bad snack I have to limit myself on is nuts and nut butters. I eat so much sometimes!

    • Nuts and Nut Butters are soooooo addicting! I took them out of my life because of that (well also because my lack of a large intestine makes it very hard to process certain foods including nuts!)

      I am high fiving you for being paleo by the way! 😉

  49. Oh yeah, sometimes those snacks can get cha! We both love to nibble on salty and sweet things, so it’s a minute by minute fight to make better choices. :)

    • Ah ha ha! Oh heck yes it is!! But cinnamon is a good helper in that, because it can be both sweet and savory! 😉

  50. My hand is in the skinny popcorn bag currently!?! :) :) Thanks for linking up at our Gluten Free Fridays party! I have tweeted and pinned your entry to our Gluten Free Fridays board on Pinterest! :)

    Cindy from

  51. I love all things APPLEGATE farms! and moms in the raw! good stuff! just wish i can more $ to buy more. Quality wins though, yes!

  52. I subscribe but don’t seem to get these to my email – just saw this on FF thread. well, at least I saw it! :)

    I AM A HUGE label reader! Never ceases to amaze me that people think health food stores & TJs have all healthy foods – I read everything! I may allow more stuff than you do but at least I read the labels & make better choices! :)I see stuff posted on Instagram all the time like it is healthy & I say to myself, have you read the label & lots of TJS stuff posted there too. I love TJs but ya still got to read the lable! :)

    GREAT ONE Gigi!

    • Oh my goodness, we have to get you subscribed again, ASAP! Just type your e-mail in my subscribe box or if you have Blog Lovin’ you can always follow there! Posts every Tuesday :)

      I am a huge label reader too! I bet if we went to the grocery store together we would be there for like 5 hours reading all of the labels and “poo-pooing” almost everything in site! lol

  53. you are awesome… love this post! it drives me right batty when people assume because something is sold at Trader Joes (or any other grocery store) that the product is good for you. Bull crap, i say!

    Just an FYI m’dear – this post will be featured on the monthly Wednesday Fresh Foods Link Up Round Up this week! If you have a chance, feel free to stop by and check out the other featurettes :) Hope to see you again soon with more seasonal & real food posts! xo, kristy

    • Aw Kristy, THANK YOU! I appreciate that so much!!! :) I love these link ups! I love exploring everyone else’s web sites and amazing creations!

      PS: I have another video coming this Tuesday… My friend and I … “make” a smoothie. LOL!

  54. Well I started to make the Egg plant chips in oven, not cool so I changed over to the BBQ cut them 1/4 inch thick spread vinaigrette on them grilled till cooked thru and slightly crispy and Wa la’ perfect. Actually I used them as buns for the Applegate Hot Dogs, tasty. I have an indoor BBQ so it has more control over burning things.

    • I love using grilled eggplant as “buns” for those hot dogs! OMG great minds think alike!! 😀

  55. Love the alternatives. I am getting much better at reading food labels.

    Thank you for linking to Raising Imperfection.
    Please come back Friday to see if you were featured. :)

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

  56. My guilty pleasure is Hersey’s Nuggets. Like half a bag at once. I know, I’m ashamed.
    I’m visiting today from Mingle Monday. I’m following you and would luv a follow back!
    ~ Megin of VMG206 Google Friend Connect
    Follow on Bloglovin
    Join me for Link Up Parties on Tuesday and Sunday.

    • UH OH!!! Hershey’s Nuggets!!! LOL! One every other week isn’t terrible, however…. You’re obviously not doing that, LOL!

      And I am following you back! 😀 And I just linked up to your party!! Wahoo – I am wearing my party hat!

  57. I am trying to read labels more closely!

    Thank you for linking up to Raising Imperfection!
    Make sure to check back on Friday to see if you were featured.


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