A Not So Ribbiting Taste Test


Giving people a leg up… Now that’s something I like to do when I can… Especially when friends of mine come to Los Angeles. After all, I don’t want them to mistakenly wind up in a Korean porno… Or on a billboard in Hollywood for STDs… Wearing a sparkling unicorn costume. On a billboard for The Squatty Potty… Now that’s A-OK though!  So when Arman… You know that cute little Aussie over at The Big Man’s World (he and I made a [Read On!]

Rachel Ray Better Watch Her Back

A lemon football, Whitney and GiGi

Move over Rachel Ray! Step aside Paula Deen… Oh… Wait a minute! Because the Fit & Funny Foodies are here to cook up some mouthtastically delicious healthy grub! This past HUMP DAY, Whitney (my partner in defeating unhealthy cooking crimes) and I took on a new, rather tasty, venture… A venture that Bobby Flay (and Giada, of course) would be quite proud of. The Fit & Funny Foodies hosted their FIRST EVER LIVE COOK-A-LONG! As you may have read in [Read On!]